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Erskine D
By John Fox, Jr
Copyright by Charles Scribner's sons
SYNOPSIS.-To the Kentuck
wilderness outpost commanded b
Jerome Sanders, in'the time imnn
diatoly preceding the lIevolutori
comes a white boy floeing fron 4
tribe of Shawnees by whom he hai
been captured and adopted as a sol
of the chief Kahtoo. lie is give
shelter and attracts the favorabi
attention of Dave Yandell, a leadei
among the settlers. Thle boy warni
his new friends of the coming of i
Shawnee war party. The fort i
attacked, and only saved by th:
timely appearance of a party ol
Virginians. The leader of these ta
fatally wounded, but in his dyin
moments recognizes the fugitiv:
youth as his son. At iRed Oaks
plantation on the James river, Vir.
ginia, Colonel Dale's home, the bo3
trpears with a message for th'
colonel, who after reading it Intro
duces the bearer to fis daughte
Barbara as her cousin, Erskin
Dale. Erskine meets two othe
cousins, Harry Dale and Ilugh Wil
loughby. Dueling raplers on a wil
at Ited Oaks attract Erskine's at
tention. ilo takes liis first fencing
lesson from Hugh.
CHAPTER V-Continued.
Forll an hou" or more they
driven and there was no end to
ilekis of obctco aind grain.
"Are we still on your land?"
li1Nh-1ra laughed.- "Yes; we e
41.i've nroind the )lantatlon ait(
'hack for <dinner. I think we'd be
~-tirlI) flow."
"P 1lan-t a-t Ion," said the Ilad. "Wh
- 'birbarn waved h'er whip.
"Why, all tihis-tle indl--the fa r
"Oh !" -
"It's 'l1le<1 1ted( Oaks-fronm ti
big trees back of the house."
"Oh. I unow onics well-ail of 'e
She wvheeled the poniles and y
fresh zest they scanpered for ho
.lverybody hin githered for the n<
(ay dlinner wen they swung ar1
lie great trees and il) to the 1)
.porchl. just its they were startlng
the Kentucky boy gilve a cry :
ll ( <(1 down the path. A towel
'iguire In voonskin ei nnl hunt
giaih was h1alteli at the stin-dial;
lookinhg toward theml).
"Now, I wondler wiio that is,:,
Co lion Dale. "Jupi ter, but that
nl Itill !'
They saw the tall stranger si
wolderinigly it tlie boy and tii
back iis heal ani laugh. Then
two (nine on together. The boy
still liushei but the haiter's face
"Th is I Dave," salid the boy shin
"Da~vo Yalniell," athded lthe stranl
silling 111i Iking oft his; enp.
heen(ii at \\'lllinmsburg to register s
1,11141 111(1 I lthought. ]'(I coline 11m1
how t lis young inn Is geliling lol
ColoneIIl Dale. wen.lt quickly to 11
hIiln w%.Ith outstret chil ha111.
"i'inl inigIlty ghad you did," hei
hear'ily. "Erskin hias' aidenly I
1 i ls biut yo'. Yo IIIr !just in t
folin iiudr."
Aii th hoii ilie aftir he~'' was Ipreg
ios!i''!yg ini igrak honteresiiit. lie
N'enut'kinnts wias br'oachei to Colh
Daile, antal to thle wointleriing iell
ol' the Iwto boys bothI ia thers s'eei
to~n wans goIng t0 J'nglanii for' a v:
the( silmmier' wa'is coinig oni, andl I
fathier's hiought It wonuIdbe at g;
heinellt to0 their sons. l'sven Mr's. I)
-1n whiomi the( hiunter' bad nide a n
-agr'eeatble imIpressloon, siled and
.she wouiil iilr'eatly lbe willing to t.
her son withI theli' new guiest a
'"I shall take goodI care' Of I
aaai." xailI I ave wi'th~ a how.
Colonel Daie, tot), wats greatly la
w'itht the strannger, 1and lie iasked im
quest ions~ of thle niew~ land( beyond
thiit night, and1( thle hun tter, towei
-zailing inuter'esi. lie even tookI
-loaghiby, ha ndl ig hiis great hulk i
aistonlishling gract(e and1 j lighnss
foot. Th'ien the el dei' gentliemien v.
int thle dr'aiwitng-r'oom tio lhir P
and1( huipes, antd the boy Etrskine slip'
aifter them'ti and listen'led eathIirall
the talk of' the cominlg wari.
Colonel IDale hind been't in llah
ten yearis bei'ore, wh'len one Illt:
I enr 1'voi(cd thle fiirst. inlium11lion
iiidepenitidence in Yir'ginilat; iilenryP
'e 0 t~l r. 3y Stor'ek ((eepe - b0ank ri
-a1 n ankr'iut agini ; ani 1(dler, hmt
ishier', and1( stor'y-tellr-ev'ena I
itpr, s Mr'. Jeff'erson once4 dl
him i, becaui ise henry had once't hei
Al~s father-in-law~ to keel) talvern. 'l
fiar back Colonel Diale hadt h
Heni'y dletnounce the clergy, stlgni
the king as a tyranttt wiho had f'or
(Sd all climi to obeOdience, and1(
seen te orator' caulght upl oni
slihhir of. the c'rowdi anid am1
shouls (of aplplause biorne artountdo
'outrl -hmoute greetn. He had1( seen
same nit' bry' ride into RIchmond
year's i ltr on ai loan hiorse: witht
per's in his~ sddlic-pockets, his
presslin gim, hiis Itall litre sI
bulule e'yes, hiis brown wig wit houit I
der', hiis coa. ipeac(h-lOSSOmi in c:
hIs kneohreechies of lent her, and.
4 stocklin~A of yarn. Trhe speakecs
the Blurgesses was on a datis u:
le -Pioneer
a red clinopy3 Supported by glIded rods,
and the clerk sat beneath with a
-nlace on the table before hini, but
1enry 'rled for liberty or death, and
the shouts of treason failed then and
Y there. to save Virginia for the kil'.
V The lad's brain whirled. What did
fill this moan? Who was this king and
what had he done? Ile had known
but the one front whomie 'had run
away. When he got have alone he
would learn and learn and learn
everything. And, then the yotuing
S peop e e1 aie quietly in and sat down
quietly, and Colonel Dale, divining
what they wavnted,4got Dave start.ed
on stories of the wild wilderness tlit
was lils honme--the first chapter inl the
Iliad of Kentucky-the land of dark
forests and cane thickets that sep3
rated Catawbas, Creeks fin(] Chero.
kees on the south from Delawiiries.
Wyandott..s and Sliawnees on the
north, whlo fought onle anlother, 111Nn
all of whoin the wlites n iust light.
How the first fort was built, anti the
first women stood on the banks of the
Kentucky river. le told o'f the perils
and hardshiilps of the first jouirnvys
thither--fights with wild beasts nd
Wild iiieni, ebases, hand-to-bian13d coi
hats, 0sen pe and massicres - fand
only the Irehi ling of his listeners
a could he lieird, save the sound of his
ta own voi-e. And he eame finally to
tle tie Story of the littliek oin the fort,
the ruising of a sin11l1I hand above tie
'nle, IaIhIil oltward, and the swift
ilnt dash'of a sliiaer irown body into the
get fort, aind then, seeing the boy's finte
ttei' turn scarlet, he did not tell how that
3aiie lad had slipped back into the
at s woods even wh1ihe the light was going
on, and slipped hlec withi tihle bloody
sealyp of his enemy, lint enlded wih
i the timely Conming of the 'irginians,
led by the lad's father, who got his
00Se degth-wound at the very gate. The
terfise breathting of his listeners cul
minated now in one general deep
"It' brealth.
111e. (i1-olonel Dille rose anll(d turned 10
)oil Generiti Willoughby.
I1)fill "And that's where he wants to take
a(k our boys."
"Oh, it's inuch sa fer now," said the
1111ter. "We have had 310 troulie for
l soe tin1e, and there's iio danger in
or's side the fort.'"
1nd "I eii ill Igie 'yo keeing those
Iomys inside the fort whllen there's so)
a11ii h going onl olitside. Still-'"
boy olonel Dille stopped and the two
hoys took leart again.
titl Colonel Diale escorted tile hoy aild
"Ow Dave to their room. %I'. Yaidell miust
the go with themn to tle fair at Williams
F . e
0oth - .
i4 .1
Maidens Moved Daintily Along in Silk
and Lace, High-Heeled Shoes and
'Clocked Stockings.
ken bur'g niext miorinlg, and( Mi'. Yandetlll
iiny wouldIIE go giladily. They would $11011l
anin nor's hail . The next dhay there was 11
'inig 'ounlty3 fili, 1and( p~erhaps Mi'. I 1enr1y
lirt ust 11 ome11 bac1k wIthI theln to ited
'VII- Onaks and1( 11ay the a331f vlsi t-n-o, t he
of ever.
'et. T1hie h)oy lhied D'ave with Iiquestions
0ort about thle 1people in thle wildernless aund
it'dl llasse'd to 510e11. D~ave lay awake a
I to long timle thinikinig tha 113w.ar was sure
to comeii. They wer'e Amienn'i':ls now,
>ver' said C'olonel Dale --nt1 Virigiinis,
riek Jlust as5 near'ly a eentur'y later the
of' same1 people1 were to say:
i ''We ire not Amrletans 11o v--we
p lt ; n re Vir'ginaans."
Eterl, CHAPTER Vl.
>Edl'E It was33. a mlerry cavleadle that
l 1e0( swnng inrioundl the great (Iaks that
hlat spinig mnorniing in 1774. Tw.EP coaches0
'ard' withI 13 '~~' ourier and p)OSt Iios led the
It ize way withI their priecious freight-the
felt- eler ladIles in the first coach, and
h113d the0 se'(ondi blossoming with~ flowerl Ike
tile f3aces133 and tarr'(ed withI daninlg eyes.
hi1st111 ('lo 1 11an spurre3'(d, the gent lemen
tihe rodle behind, and after them rolled
the tile baiggaIge wa'gons, dIrawn 11y 3mules0
two inl jinglinug 1133rness5. Harry. on a
1)a- chestnut sorriel and the y'oung Ken.
eIx- tuceklnn on3 ni high(1-Stepping graiy fol
001)- lowe'd the Second~ ('0n10h-1 lugh on
31331 Firefly' ('bampied thle lengi h of the
3(ow- ('01unm. Colonel Dale 13nd1 D'ave
)lOr', brought up the rear. The r'ond was
is of san.1 and3( thiere wans little sound of
'of hoof or whieei---only the~ hmium of
ider voiees, occasional n1alle when a
neighbor joined tilein, and laughte -
from the second coach as happy and to
care-free as the singing of birds froix -
trees by the roadside.
The capital had been moved from L
JTamestown to the spot Where Blicn
hadl(] taken the onth against Englnd
then called Middle-Plantation, and ..
nowr% Wliiaisburg. The cavaleade Il
whIeeled into Gloucester street, and
Colonel Dale pointed out to Dave the
old cnpitol a. one end and WV'illiam
find Mary College at th oiher. Mr.
lenry lad thundered in th old a(-il- In
Itol, the Burgesses laud their couniell h
chaniber there, and fit the hall there
would be, a ball thnt night. Near the
street was ii great building which the
coloni pointed out as the goverinor's
palace, surrouided by Plleasurn di
grounds of fill three hundred neesfr
aind planted thick with linden trees.
My Lord Dunimore lived there.
At this seison the planters caine with
their families to the caupital, and the
street was as brilant as a fancy
dress parade vould be to Its now. It
was filled with coaches ind fours.
Maidens moved daintily along in silk
and luce, high-heeled shoes and
clocked stockings.
The nvalcade lialted before a build
iag with a leaden bust of Sir Walter
Italeigh over tile mna1n doorway, the
old Raleigh tavern, in the Apollo room
of which Mr. Jefferson Intd,rapturous
ly diced with his linda, iind which
wis to hecoie the Fiailcll hall of
Virginia. Both coeaclies were quickly
surroumided , by bowing gentlemen,
young gallants, fiind] frolicsome stu
deits. Dive, tile young Kentucklhin,
an:d Ilarry would be put up at the
tiivern, d11(1, for his own reitsons,
Iuigh elected to stily with them. With
nll ull revoir of white hands from the
(tIeIliehs, tile rest went on to thle house
of rlatives aid friend,.
inside the tavern llughi was iy.ioi
surrouidti by fellow stiients ind'
hool (-I li ilnpaifonis. .-ie pressed 1 avo
It1ld the hoy to drink with them, ')ut
Jitve Ih ilighing ly leclined ind took thei
lad up to their rooln. Below tlcy
could hear Iliugh's te'rriiient r oing
(Itn, and when he ellie upstairs a
whilie later his fave was flushed, he.
was in great spirits, 1111 wis full of
enta liilusials over a horse race and:
cock-tight tut lie laid arraniged for'
the afterinon. With ha im eine a',
youth of his own %ge with daredevil
oye's an1d i slave ninnililier, on1e Dane
(rey, to Nwlom Harry gave sclint.
greetn111g. (ha' piVoillZing look froiil
lite st rllilger toward ile Kentucky
hoy and withiln the litter a fire of
anta1goisml wais inlstitly kin'dled..
W0ithi a word after the two WIent out,
lilarry snorted his -Xplhuiatat ion:
"Tor01y !"'
In the early afternoont enach and
horseiinen moved out to till llid.'"
Ilugih wats Inissiig fron the I)tale
P111ry, and (neral Willouglhby
froweid wleti hoel oted Iis son's all).
Then at crowd of boys ga thered to'
I-unl (tne hulai1red ande twelvet yards
for ia halt vorth Iwcelv shlilhigj.s, ani
I)ave ntiei l his yoing fI'end. A
1l)ontilt later 11arry criedl to to r
hara: -:t
"Look there!"I
Ther was t1ir yoing Inldhin lir-1.
ing ill w*ith ille ruIn'Irs, his fa-e
eninii, hut Ill e'aer light in his e
AL. thei word4 he' started off ttitst
'irly teln yardsl aheadU (of hitn, andiu
the4 crowvd. 'Te hoy was skciiining
the4 groutiiii onl winigs. l'nst one' aflter
anoliter he iiewv, and14 laughinig ane4
haridiy out1 44f breath hi le botloli o4ver
thgA finishi, wi1th 3t'he irsi of1 thei rest
Ihtoring wtith hitii'sting liuigs teni
yairds bhindiiit. Iluigh and1( 1311ne Greyv
had1 111Il apered arviniii ni a an11 were
luovinig t hrou41gh thle crowd withl gre'at
ga1yety 11114 soin1e4 hlst15.4'rousne4ss9, and(1
wvheni the4 hoy app~en ied wit ii ls hat
"(Gliod fr it little savage !'o
Iaskinie whee'iled furiously hut ]Dave'
caught bini by' theit arvia and led himu
batck to4 1111rry and1( IUnvrar, who'
loo~ked soI ileasetd t hat the lad's ill
limior paised ait onve.
H ughi and14 his friend had not up
proa)lchied thaem, for I lugh luuld seen
thbe lfrown1 on1 his fath ler's~ face, but
lErskine .9aw1 (Grey look long lit ]hr
h~iara, t urn 144 (question11 llgh, andli
aigauinll h began1 to4 burna withini.
forth1 1(o baittle for a1 Pair 44f siver
buckle's, anid te hoy ini turinl uiied
I )ave, 1but1111 unvaiin gly. T.ihe wres
thung w1as good ml lea:ve' watiched' it
wvit Il ee'in in tere'st. Onme hluge bull
netkedt fellow wa~ ~~ s easily thle wvinneir,
but wh'len thie silver bucklIes werie ini
hils haiinl. lit houstful11 liy i halged
aniybody41 in t' cro~wui. I )aive shoui
dceed thIurough thle crowdii ml~ laced'i
thle vic'torl.
".I'll try y'oui ((lce,'" lie said, and14 a
shout of' appIrovali 1rose.
muy lordl's conehiiilcil4i ppare In thei 441t
skirts andit stoppe~td. ,
asked thle vi41tor sneervingiy.
''A yo Y lea Itse,"' said1 )1 IbVt.
"He's hurt," said Dave, "and
he's gone home."
Very Much to Be Desired.
W~e aill shllik a31 31oo)4k suchi as
anl EngIlish. e14ergynnoI adver1tid for1 'm
in the London ThnelliS. In hiis n141vert Ise
ltlent he snid amonig (otheur Ithinigs that.
it was11 essential niot onily that his (9ook
shouldI have a senise' of lllinor' but aliso
that she should 'eipilIfy t he splrit
of Ganlatians, vervse 22. Now (lantins,
verse 22, readls thlus: "IHut the fruit
of the spirit is love', joy, IWence, long.
suffering, gnneiiesm, goonanem. faith."
j'V lingerie ludicnttes that Ivoi- I<
enl have Con1 to a place where in
ey demand style, comnfort and beauty bi
their undergarnints,, andI tinit at
ey favor siiple deomrations-or (it
in1e at all. Styles are iore varied ti
L not its stable am they were, chang- e(
g to suit the changing modes in outer it
rments. There hias been a steady I.
ifting towar& silk fabries and away t(
on all-white into ,Ilght colors. for n
Matched Set of
(th Si11k 1111d cottonl lingerle. Crepe
Le chine, crepe-back sit in, and radium
lk111 have a grisp on popular favor for
Alk under-we!Xr; baltiste and1 nain1sook,
millolg cotton w-*'., %v1h line (ottoll
,repes holdinig their own ainonolg themn.
Just no()w tIere is a I de03nan1d for sets
f Ste-in d. Iawr w i I hInIse I o
InIatcI. ThIeIv0 ste ( - ) S . I I a ie n111d1 11u
IlIly dre1d)(I at the sides IanI(Id the
beInse S hor(It and I) ( an3IIt. InII )I: I ner,
3 allIo1re1 s 1 ye Is, b lootnIers rehi e he I I e
t (.1 )-ills ad141 cot4tonl cre pes, siml5 ply
n33de 1u)p, a re of tenl chosen for
hI es e very praiclI 1 pieces. In1 the
ilerI silks or 11af i'e ga3men't33s mulich
estrint ill I he m3tir of01, 1 I nritiiuiihiig Is
ne of thi(! ouitst ain 1g feat r3esA of the
st-di hIII 1 of14 ii leht and4 Irish.
Inpetcot and. stm sip
k S'
Charming Cot
at1een- IS addedQ4 to the I4'C 31 Ilist1of vaabe;
vIth sha~dow-pro (of Panels, or3 hems4'3 for
reair with~ gown' of' thin1 fabri31. 1
Th'ie ma31tche(d set of cru'pe 414 chin 11(
11etured'3, ind (ing ('hemlis and131( Stl
335, illus ru1P3 (lie trn to14 I4wardP simple11
r33innings and1( gracefu1'l 41h'signs13. Lit
le rll Ie1s of 33 P Imrow 3 val1e(1ging aIC
-ount3 for' th de' 1corall1on1 II n thOee mod0(
-Is. Nalrrow head3(ing. t'dged wIth a1
-u114ti 11'e ami carring hah ribb iIIon heads1
he chem4I se and1( ruf~h'lieare f3stOOne~d
3(eross thle front where( tiny ribbon
)hossoms33 are set.
Tho34se uniha~ippy wVomenO who hav~e
ftingj worlh while to (10, and1( are
ot. '.o)k1ing for anything, may hnve
Hf e
25t and 75t Packages. Evayw)er
The Original Foninine.
Aiim camI wallig up the puth',
witht his liet %Iliosaurus.
"Hby" salti Eve, Wistfully,
"shinny up) that tree and get me the
golti an1( ple lear oi the top bough."
"Eve, for heavell's sake, awiay up
there? Whiy, I'l fall and break my-"
"Never mnind that, Adain,-' you shin
ny ! linm going over to Nod to a 'card
purty t-his af11trnooni an1ud I've got to
showi~ solie (laxs toi tat liunch of
s111k-iip hIlens4 !"O
And so, settintg the exntIple for all
tlint., Adinn took it chainee annlhn
Cleaned the Stream.
"('iight anything?''
"No. Ilave~n't'eveni hnad it bite."
I"'.'hutt's 41tueer. O)ld 'Man .lohnson.
got 8-1 outf of' that plinel the (lily he
fore yi'sterdilty.
"That so? IHe minlst hIlive got (hln11
iiliii illlililliill llill iiili i iilifll~hiIlllH
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Ilittle ailments
bumps, bruises, sores,,
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