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Mrs. Sherman Helped by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
Lake,Michigan.-"Aboutone year ago
I suffered with irregularities anda weaR.
obliged to stayoffMY.
feet. I doctored with
our family physician
and he finally said he
could not un derstand
my case, so I decided
to try LydiaE. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound. After I
had taken the first
bottle I could see
that I was getting
better. I took several
ottles of the Vegetable Compound and
used Lydia E. Pink ham's Sanative Wash
and I am entirely cured of my ailments.
You may publish this letter if you
wish. "-Mrs. MARY SIIER.\IAN, Route 2,
Lake, Mich.
There is one fact women should con
isider and that is this. Women suffer fromn
Irregularitiesand variousformsofweak
ness. They try this and that doctor, as
well as diflerent medicines. Finally they
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound,
and Mrs. Sherman's experience is simply
i another case showing the merit of this
well-known medicine.
If your family physician fails to help
you and the same old troubles persist,
why isn't it reasonable to try L dia E.
pinkham's Vegetable Compoun ?
Profiteering by a Doctor.
A mu'iical inin in N'a-ykoros, near
11, 4n1,1iY l el 5,000
croiwn ( n-l at %al0114 C2. but p1r11
for a .in:.l risIt to a imtient who
vidl ntl far lran ti ' dl ctvr's resi
dleiin. Th'i-pa b'mf iut'd' Ithe doctor
" 11 .1 o a hier cut
wijtbilvi ..nn 'al.inst tie do(.l
til, f il irniid IItI the demnnnd.
liiIt isf all exo'Srbl~j l t i 14' l' oros.
.im i s Irvi.es was %%:I., lto he rlt oleld its
pro'" or - l"'I . was thlerefrwe illegall.
31 na:s elwoei ri unalumkerj
conhlfairy IT n~miiered, profiteers4
III sliwh ca.-ws: n1o vxfotilonl cold hep
innidt sunrnini <loetor, fr4 iilthouigh
the14 linesir dfid not technltlly receIve
"w . their servivcs ('i1im1 within
flie al, ted mninig f '" wrk.'
Small Saintly dongregation
lirillch Ni liee-- -%endiII Ise wIl
be a lent 'inr. otie' Carly. All sinner
ifu m I to it slst in the el ,1 r."
lie t halit i i te worst c:ls111 makes
Hie itiuost nike.
Makes Hard Work Harder
A had back makes a day's work
twice as hard. Backache usually comes
fiom wveak kidneys, and if headaches,
iiiness or urinary disorders are added,
diii't wait--get help before the. kidney
dise~ie takes ia grip---before dropsy,
gsiivel or liright's disease sets in.
)lan's Kidney Pils have brought
newk life ad new strength to thousands
V :lnot nncmeniand w omen. Useud
andi reconniniieiiledl the world over.
alskA i/lor neighjlbor.'
A North Carolina Case
.\lionpro . if
t ire 'io p, "ii. 8. c i~ 'ryie.
tr St., 81tatesvilb-, ~ ~ keley
N I'. says: '.\ly
ld y wer. lhft in
the "iii ' There wvas
a steady. duill ach
in the smal~il of my
st) ii-d I haud -ha rp.
aeted too) often. [
tisedl 1)an's l( dney PIlls and they
Put miy ktineyis in goodil orderi~ and my
CGet Dan's at Any Store, 60c a Box
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid
troubles are most dangerous be.
cause of their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
The world's standard remedy for these
disorders will often ward off these dis
eases and strengthen the body against
further attacks. Trhree sizes, ail druggists.
Look for the name cold Medal on overy box
and accept no imItation
(ickly relie'ves the distress.
ta paroxysmns. l'sed for'
bM ye'ar, a nd result of long
- experience in treatment of
throat andl lung 'iiscases by
Dr J. HI. Guld. FRtE TIA I.
- BO0X, Treatise on Asthma, its
causes, treatmnent, etc., sent
at druggIsts. J. I. (I'J91iC.,RPEt, T
Mitchell .^snd u~f
Ba Iv~ Od 4Ug$im orbN-n1.
7 md.. -he -k
Railroad Commls'slon to Allot and Die
tribute as Well as See tq the
Governor Harvey and the state rail
oatil commission assumed charge' o
h1e coal supply in South Carolina al
the request of Herbert Hoover, actinj
for President Harding. Mr. Hoovei
asked the governor to appoint a com
nittee to have charge of establishinj
and seeing that eqnitable prices wert
obtained by the ultimate consumer.
The governor announced the ap
pointment of Ben E. G(eor of Green
ville as chairman of this committee
other members to be added by the gov
ernor and by Chairman Geer.
Frank W. Shealy, chairman of thi
railroad commission, announced tha
the commission 'would take charge o
the distribution and translportatioi
throughout the' state. This distribu
tion will have nothing to do with th4
price, which is to be handled by th<
governor's coninittee. The commis
son will have charge of alloting tho
coal to different towns, industries, etc.
something similar to the old fuel ad
After a conference between Mr
Shealy and the governor it was an
notinced that the two authorities hai
agreed on the Nyork to be done by cael
and they would co-operate. The gov
ernor wired Mr. Hoover of the ail
pointment ofMr. Geer and told him ev
erything he suggested was being don
as rapidly as possible.
C.hairman Shealy announiced that h
would call a meeting of the heads o
all utilities, cotton mills and whole
salers for Columbia one day nex
week, probably Weditesday or Thurl
(lay, at which time it will be ascer
tained how much coal is on hand an<
all conditions as now exist will 1)
gone'over. The work of the con milsslo
and the governor is made necessar,
by the shortage of coal and the con
tinued strike of the miners.
Mr. Gecr, the chairman of the gov
ernor's committee, was former fiue
administrator in South Carolina duri
ing the war and Is familiar with (i
work. The governor is very mue
gratifi-ed at his acceplalice of th<
chiair us1.hi p. Governor .larvey sakt
lhe was not exactly certain as to th<
$(ope of his colminittee. but hlievq,
additional Iembers are to be named
Just what power this vcomimittee wil
have is not. %cert iain, lbut definito in
st ru(ti)ls tions are expected from Mr
I 1oover.
Dove Shooting September 1.
I ove shootinug ini South Carol itu
v'ili begin Sept embher 1 this year, a e
co rd in g to a rumlig of A. A. iiha rd
son,. chief game warden, who har
reachled anl agreeenit with 'federa
authorities for tils date, also uinde:
t he federal migratory bird treaty ac
Mr. Richardson wvill allow shooting ti
begin on that (date.
Tihe open season1 for all game 'bird
anid animnals in the state is as fo]
Deer, bucks only, Septemiber 1
hear, miiink, muskrate, Opossumns ,ott'e
rabbits, raccoons, skunks And squil
reis, October 1; fox, September I
blackbirds, October 1; wild turkey
Thanksgiving day; dloves, .3eptembe
1; wvood or summer (lucks, no ope1
season; migratory (lucks, coots, gal
liinules and snipes, November 1; rail
andl marsh hens, September 1; plove
and yellow legs, September 1; wvoot1
cock, Novembh'r 1; reed birds may b)
shot froxfr August 15 to proteet ric
cr01ps: me'adhow larks may be -killed t
protect crops from November 1 t
April 20); partridges (bob wvhite)
Thanksgiving day.
Sumter to Award Contract.'
State highway officiails have rt
iu(estedl the Sumter county road at
t horities to execute the contract to
the WVateree rIver bridge approache
in Sumter' (ounty, Sinmmons & May
rant, of C'harleston, having submitte,
t he low 1b1d last week. No contrac
hias yet been award(edl, but the dlepari
ment belIeves the Sumter official
will go ahead with the work.
Tihe (Columbia Chamber of Com~
meorce guaranieed $10,000 of the mer
Py, but no (ash had been' receivei
from that bod(y. However, it was' ir
dicated that the Sumter official
might go ahead ith the project an
acceplt the pledge of the chamber.
Mrs. Vanderbilt to Open State Fair.
Alrs. George WV. Vanderbilt of Asht
ville. N. C., president of the Nortl
Carolinai state fair, has accepted al
invitation to formally openl the Soutl
Carolina state fair here on Monda3
October 23. A program of somtevha
elaborate scope will be arrangdd fo
the occasion,
Mrs. Vanderbilt is the only womia
,resident of a state fair and it is ri
garded appropriate that she open thi
faIr hero as the women of' the stat
are to have a big part in this year
tall festival,
Vtton Meh Meet ilt Columbia.
Chairmen of the *arious county
branches of the.South Carolina Cotton
Growers' Co-operative association met
in Columbia, heard reports from the
board of directors as to the progress
made in preparing to handle the 1922
crop and resolved to go hoio and
sign up 100.000 additional bales, aid
thus make the South Carolina asso
clation the largest in the belt.
The neetig , was an enthusiastic
one from beginning to the end. The
chairmen expressed delight at the pro
gress which tle board has made and
iledged the full loyalty and support
of their members to the association. -
"This is one of the happiest days of I
my life," said Clarence .1. Jackson of
Horatio, vice chairman of the Sumter
county branch. "To see thin great h
organization that we have all worked
for during the past year organized and
almost ready to begin the marketing
of our chief crop in a business like
manner thrills me. I see In if the
dawning of a new day for South Car- 11
olina." 9
-1. G. Kaminer, president, and L. D. ti
Jennings, director from the .ninth f4
district. told the county chairmen of h1
the activities of the board to date. Mr. 'I
Jennings also made an eloquent ap- r
peal to the chairmen to return to their t1
home and to' work to the end that c
thoso farmers who have not yet signed t,
- the contract may 'conie into the fold. it
He declared that co-operative market- c
- Ing was built upon ia rock foundation
and that it had conie to stay. 81
P. R. Shanks of Texas and C. M. o
Morgan of Arizona told of the opera- a
tions of the. Cotton co-operative asso- C
c cations in their resi)ective states. Mr. g
- Shanks said that i caiimpaign for iiem- t(
bership was now being conducted in
Texas and that many farmers who iad a
- refused to sign whien the association w
was organized last year were nlow t(
ready to comie in.
Dr. V. W. Long pledged the con- p
tinued support of the extelsion forces d
of Clemson college to the associa- w
tion. le said that their he arts were eI
I in the movement. A. A. lcI~eown and gi
Henry S. Jolhnlson, of the extension
forces, also pledged tIhe aid of the N
forces to tlie llovement. L
- 'T. 11. Viotinig of Florence brought a ol
word of greet Ing irom the tobacco 11
co-operative association and also tL
pledged his supp1ort to the cotton as- at
fso(.ia. t lonl.
- 0thers who spoke iwere Alfred Seir- If
t ioroumjgh of i'astover, J. 11. Claffey (f pl
- Oran gebuir, J. 13. Guess of Denmark, L
-. C. liminer of i'astover, .J. Wad.i cc
Draike of Anderson, .1. 13. John mison of
Htock' I1lii, 1'. J. Browning of Union, ty
I Douglas JlcKay of Columbia and 11 U. N
Booker of Columbia. d
Many Automobiles Registered. g;
AppIoximately 1.500 new autono- s
biles were registered with the ntate a
- highway department during the imoith IT
of Jiuly, which is one in(lication thait a
i te people of the state have "not as c
.et been reduced too the proverbial
I thin (lime.'' To ie exact the number i
1 "brand new" automobiles registered i
was 1,477. These fIgures indicate that 1
(lie pecolIle of the state aire determined p
I to ride reg4trdless of the boll weevil, r
-political races and a few other evils. ti
In the iew registration Richlland
leads with 198, while Greenville is e
seconid wvith .152. Spartanbumrg regis- pi
tered 131 anid Charleston 108, while a
Anderson re'gisteredl 93. Seventy, a
-eight,niew trucks were registered du r- f
laig the month withm Charleston lead
luig with 11. Greenville wvas sec(onid
I with eight and1( Spartanbufg and Ches
ter' third with -seven each. Rlichilandn
L llegistered flive.
Aniothier interesting fact gleaned p
from the 'figures of the highway dle- a
par-tment is that 1,142 more automo-. n
-biles were registered in July than in X
*or the first seven months of this
r year approximiately 1,500 miore auto. n
mobiles have been registeredl than y
dur'ing the correspondling period in a
,~ 1921 with about 100 trucks more than t
r in 1921. Despite this lar'ger regis- y
i tr'ation the total license tees collect- n
ed0( have been about $5,000 lower than h
s last year. Departmegt officials ac- d
r count for this in the purchase of E
lighter machines than last year,.l
a Governor Checks Up Paroles.
> Governor Harvey started an inves- t
a 'tigationr of the temporary parole sysq- t
,tom in the' state with the view of la
finidinig out how many p~aroied1 pris- 12
oners have retur'ned to cuistodly after
execution of the terms of the xla
Jack Schumnaker, of Elloreo, t
r Orangeburg county, wp~s convicted 1
s of assault with intent to kill, the 1.
-gover'noir was informed, had failed 's
I to return to the state prison in spite t
t of the fact that Governor Harvey v
-had refusedl to extendl the man's pa- o
s role and had personally told him to 1;
return to the penitentiary. The Gov- I
-ernor wiredl Sheriff D)uke's to Jbring
the young mani hack tp prison. ~Schu- I:
I niakei' amid his father called,. on the c
governor. The elder man. wanted 'a e
s full pardlona for his son. The gover- a
I nor immediately dleclined to extend c
the parole to Schumaker.
Court Dismisses Mittle Petition.
-The suprenmo court handed down ant
i order dismissing the petition foi' a E
i' rehearing in the E. N. Mittle case
and revoking the stay ordler. The 1
,court orderedi that the reniittur 1)0 a
t forwarded to Orangebnrg county and t
r this was done by Harry McCaw, clerkC t
of the court.
n1 The court recently affirmed the low- 1
e- r court's conviction of Mittle and a
e |under this judgment he is, to servo (
e ni'no yers in t~he penitentiary for man. e
's slaughter. -He was cdnivimted 'of the t
killing of'J. H.1 Paterson,
leekingoPresided Over by Mrs. J. B,
Bennett, President of Farmers'
Civic League.
Iaurens.-For tit purpose of arous.
ig interest iII the, eduienational pro
rai, and as an11 expression of the at
tu1de of Laurens county iI this bip
)rward step, an educational rally wa
eld here at the county court house
'lie meeting was a success in er
3spect, being atterided by the distrief
'ustems, teachers and ministers of tl
Dunlty, these being especially invitedl
) attend the rally, which was behl
nder the auspices of the federate(
111i) of this city.
The crux of the meeting may b
inmmed up1) from the tenor and toll
t the following resolution which wa!
lopted un iifanilmously. "That Sooti
arolina is able to give and shIouli
lye to every child a seven months
trrm in school.
"That the members of the genera
aseilbly of South Carolina shoul<
ork and vote for ant appropriatoi
I carry out tile law.
"That the legislature should male
rovision for cal and other inci
ntals, and that we assembh)led ar(
illing to pay the additional taxes in
dnt to the carrying out of the pro
'I'he meeting was presided over b.i
r.s. .1. B. Bennett, president of tht
Iurels Civic League. The plirpost:
the mieetiig was stated by Jaie:
Sullivan. former county superin.
ndent of vdutiicationl, now postilaster
Then followed a full and compre.
,nslve statement of the practical ap
iclation of tile state school laws to
turens county by ralph T. W'ilson,
unty superintendent of education.
y iivitatlon. Col. 1E. FT. Atill, coun
sIperinitendent of education of
owberry county, waa present and he
scussed in ani informing manner the
iestion of relieving the situation re
irding school defects. He empha
zed the need of the state acting a,
unit. educationally. and the stab
imst. take united, forward steps t<
ehieveo its place in the matter of edu
ating the children of today. .
Surin'm'iotenlent Wilson, speaking 0
to local situation, 'xplained tha
many school districts were now 11
edt heaulse of the fact that the aj
ropriation was not suifficient to em]
y oit t he law, though the seloc
irms wert not curtailed.
The, meeting as st was consiI
red as a1 friward~ miovemient in a can
a igo for impl i'rig school1 coniditiont
nid foir inforinug the b oards, teacher
nid plreachlers of existing 'oindlition
Colleton Agent Gets Appointment.
Rock ilill . Alias Julia Siehbbins, 'o:
wriy county hlomle demionst ratio
gent in Colleton 'ounty, has been al
Oinlted assistant state mnarketini
gent. ini coinnect ion with the hiome di
ionstration work of Winthrop an
lemlson colleges, with headriuarter
t Winthrop college.
The marketing worik of tis diepar
lent has grown so rapidly within th
ear that it 111s become nlecessary I
ppoint a seconld agent in charge<
his work. The first mlarketiing agei
ras ain~~tedl just a year ago. Th1
aiarketing work wvithlin the last yeri
as amounted to miorc than hom
Cmonlstration work cost the state <
outh Carolina last year. it is i
eyed that b~y adding to the facilitic
or handling the products of th
outhl Carolina farm home tile r'
urns can he mutltipliedl by3 more tha
wo. Deep interest has been show~
y the womenB of tile state in thi
iece of home demonstration work.
Weevils Playing Havoc in York.
York.-That the boil weevil activ
ios andi numbilers are rapidlyv inicreat
rng was the inlformlation brought her
y represenltptive farmers froml ever
ection of westernl York. They repoi
he post as simply playing hiave
ib cotton that has reached anl at
ancedi stage of fruiting, It is oni
rite cotton on which few wveevils ar
nurtd, aocording to their statement:
Poisoning is being tried by3 some1 an
a finding favor wvith those who hay
bserved its rosults. Adverse weath(
onditions, however, have inilitat e
gainst the efficacy of poison. Ca
iuie arsenate with molasses is th
lixi-ure used.
Public Utility Sold.
Spartanbulrg.-The prop~ert y of th
outh Ceroina, Ljght, Power' and Inut
vay company,' Spartanbuirg's 00ubli
tilitios company. wast sold at pu)11
utton by Receiver Gleorge it. Trrir.
nder orders from Juidge ii. Hf. War
inn of tile federal district couirt to
restern South Carolina. The proper't;
las5 bouight bly H-enry 31. I':arle, repre
enltinlg the b)ondholders, w"ho hid $1
00,000 for the property. His was th
nly bid submitted. It is umnderstoo
bat tihe conmpany Will be reorganizei
t one. '
in saying t!
and misera
but am on 1
you too ml
A letter
of health t,
haps you I
duties a ml
doror.ged, I
of the tim4
The Salary of M. P.'s.
.lThe Salary of an M. P. i s A() (nom1
nally $2,000) a year, on which ht(
inas Jiltherto pald licome tax. As uti
inentnei til s. in de1ul, b tit
diays of aiti-waste nmllimilgis hotli
iniIIilstry and house of cominiions
sin! uk frot incrensing It. But the lan
oilieIr or the crown siutenly dis
covered that flln M. P.'s ' expelses aIIy.
leglit ilonutely be reckoned agallist hh
tI.coie, so that the poorer of theml
wIll noi)w iy io (ax at all. A haippl)
issue. relieving the poor M. P., en.
dnaring the governieit to his grate
ful heart an(d throwuing no odtium o1l
iti hi ieh ilt ministry, since It seemu
that this is the ordinary lmw and al.
waNysi was, Ithuough no oie lsi4pected
It till a f1"' weeks ago.-New Re.
Important to Mothers
Exainiiie carefully every bottle 01
CAST'l'ItlA. hat famous old remed
for infiants and children, and see that ii
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 3) Years.
Children ,ry for Fletcher's Castoria
"'(1u1 are strtn.' in youl.r p1rauise1(' o
the IBtrokrs and Stokers' magazine."
"I am.n"
"Yet the ihve nvrprinted anII,
of your loetry."
"No. but It doesn't take Iliem, tw
lioiis to ieelle tha.1t mly si1l1, won
do. Th'ley get It baek to mle in ti
next iou il."-Loisville ('urier-J41our
It Is mnueu vasler to go to law tihat
to get back.
or Economs
@ -
o .
n -I
Ever conr 5 2hn eesi
c Complerison
pia Theve Greatest
Sspedsforar nd thie rver.
etr service toke handtemerecybrk
Co rstsoage toeryan keepri h.
to and a ne rvr
i. ituring extr seatsmksaieb
C e haedometh ammecial panl prsu
DtviCompa rs
y WoRld'sTargN. Stangu
- StAndard Aomiesi - tr
d spesfradadea eersen.P
S nadBingl terrtry-notod
torWhandt fan.
FIeeoliribute of a Woman to
It ha, been a Godsend to me. I tool safe
ble iwaved ny il1o. I was all run down
when commenced taklug P0-ru-na,
~lar Foa to r du! na
ich." o rovery now. I cannot thank
U.. D. No. '7 ane,aIdiana.;
like this brings hojo and the promiseL
D every slok and suffering wonani Per.
fnow what it means to have you dally --
sery, vory nmovement an offort, stolnach
mnins In tho head. back and lotn Most
, nerves -raW. and quivoring.-not mO
W nthat free from suffering.
a. Anspaugh did. Take Pe-ru-na. Don't
art right away.
Complete Abserption.
"Flow was the lecture?" naked Mr.
(h)I, it wiat woniderful !" exclaImed
Mrs. Gadder. "The 8palker discussed
thei constelousliess of the stbcolleous
"DI)Il you 111111 ou1t 'What It was
-aill about'?"
"Ni, I lidn't, but I got so initerexted
I don't believe I could tell yout, to
silve nly If1e, how filny WOluunl) present
Wits Iressel." - lBirminiligham Age.
I leritd.
If you suspect that your child has Worms
a single lose of Dr. Peery's "Dead Shot*'
will settle the question. Its action upoll
the Stomach an'd Bowels is benelicial in
either case. No second dose or after purga
tive necessary. Your money back It it
Roll Butter.
The yotinig louIsek(eeper'l' who told
the fishinlan Mha she wanited somei
els 1d1141 whent he IskedI her how
.u11ch. reiiter, "Aholit two yatrds and a
,ihaIf" hts a rivial In a Btulthimore
"I wish to get somet' btiler, please,"
she slild to Ih lidealer.I
"Itoll bluitiier, imt'nin?" eli asked, 110
'No; we wish to e(tt It on toast. W4e
selhioan havet ro ills.'
The Dress Is the Thing.
A wvriter inl tle 1)11iis Ntws says
that peOlde will Soon have to aigree
with I11hi1 on Ilit sbjtect (01 dress. "The
dress is lite thig," he asserts, "wheth
erI it he undress. I'ull drtss. or Iair
Henlth is not Just IhLe absence of
disteaste. It is the ahIlIty to resist dis
cal Transportation
Lowest Priced -
:ht Delivery Car
Mich. -
ht Body,as Illustrated
ollar Value in the
Il Car Market
nilk, garden truck, feed and all moderate
0 enlarge his trading territory and give
a team, but does the work of two teams
a or jitney for livery, hotel or school usea.
at very reasonable cost.
s Sell Chevrolet
- gauge, lighting and starting switch '
t and choke pull.
Standard Type of Carburetor, with
exhaust heater.
Power ful, Valve-In-H{ead Motor-.
t the same type as used in successful
.cars selling at much higher prices.
- Demoun table Rims-with extra
> Full Weather Protection--Water
- proof curtains for entire body.
Many Other Advantages which will
r be noticed on Inspection, comparison
1 and demonstration.
InveStigate the Differenice
Before You Buy
apany, Detroit, Michigan
if Motors Corporation
There are 5,000 Chevrolet
Dealers and Service Statio
Throughout the Worti
rts Depots Wanted
guately co'vered. Addres--.
otor Company
'eot, Atlanta. Georgi

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