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ibuied' Steel Train Crashe. Full
'peed Into Local Taking Water
at Tank Station.
Sulphur Sprinigs, Mo.-Failure of an
engineer to hood a block signal eaused
the rear-end collision on the Missouri-.
Pacific here in which 38 person1l were
killed and about 137 injured,' 25 so
riously, according to John Cannon, as
Blatant general manager of the road.
Train No. 4, afast passenger ves
tibule steel train, running at full speed
crashed into No. 32, a local, composed
of five wooden day coaches, a bag
gage and express car, as the engine
was taking on water with the coaches
stretching back on a trestle over G.1ase
The impact hurled two of the local
coaches down a 50-foot embankment
edging the Mississippi, and telescoped
four other coaches, crushing a number
of passengers to death in their seats.
Both trains were behind thie, the fast
passenger running from Fort Worth,
Texas, to St. Louis, carrying 180 pas
sengers and the local 100 persons.
According to Mr. Cannon, Matt
("Ginger") Glenn, of St. Louis, engi
neer of the fast passenger, failed to
heed a block signal warning him the
track was not clear. Glenn, 57 years
old, an engineer for 35 years without
a black mark against his record, was
killed, when he jumped from his cabin
.just before the crash. Edward -Tins
ley, also of St. Louis, fireman of No. 4,
remained at his post and was seriously
Engineer Glenn, shortly before ar
riving at Sulphur Springs, received or
ders on the "run" to pull over on a
siding at Cliff Cave, ten miles north
of here, to allow "Sunshine Special
No. 1," en route from St. Louis 'to
Texas points, to pass, and, Mr. Can
non explained, the engineer failed to
heed the signal because lie apparently
was reading these orders when ht
passed the block.
Ghouls appeared on the scene very
shortly after the crash and robbed the
dead and dying., Only one was ar
rested, and he said he was William
Hall, of St. Louis. Several pieces of
wearing apparel taken from the unfor
tunate were found on his person. and
a pn -,.. w- -,aist. The Bible,
i the property of
Aley of De Soto,
red were spread
over aun are ut several city blocks,
and chicken crates, automobile cush
Ions, baggage and the railroad tracks
constitutedl their couches.
The little village of 50 inhabitants
was ulnable to enre for the injutred and
they, along with the dead, were taken
to St. Louis and Do Soto. Dr. W. WV.
Hull was the only physician admilnis
tering to the injured for several hours
until relief train, arrived.
"Had I had s0ome assistance we
ipight have saved some of the (lying."
Dr. H-ull told a representative of the
Associated Press. "At one time 1 was
trying to treat 25 persons simulta
China Facing a National Disgrace,.
Pekin-That China's apathy towards
the restoration of Shangtung, the crai
die of her culture andl religiodn, and
particularly her failure to resp~ondl to
the ap~peal for funds to pafy Japan
S for the Shantung railr'oad, threatens
agrace to the nation, is the keynote
-message issued to his people0 by
oral Wu Pie-Fu, original leadler of
reunited Chinese government.
oner'al Wu's messages points out
that China, by signing the agreement
at Washington for the restoration of
Shantunmg, pledged her-self to r'aise the
funds faor tile medempi)~on of the rail
roadl by populam- subscr:iption.
H-e declar-ed that thme natllion has
been urem-sponslve to the -ni Ila (oluty
and faced humliliaftioni if It failed t(o
provide the nec-ssar'y funds.
Food Prices Take Another Boost.
Washington.--Retail food pr1ices in
15 out of 20-foumr reprenc'ntatIve (-itiem'
iln the United Slates showed an in.
* crease durlling the month fr'om June1
15 to July 15, the departmenlt of habor
statiatics annouricedl.
Icreases Included Atlanta, Bialti
subde ad aferaksovleone stue byn
.D ease incl wae heldmnd thwe
percend; Nowfor assistasn.on,
D.oC. nees tha fleeth foe awful
Blc acutand his 'r.-Mars Josi
phine Lyld ws elcome oth Thie
wouds nflctd 2by her survivedd, thee
eldst nding eihrers
i3ethesda Prcsbyterian Church, Sit.
uated Nine Miles from York,
Offers Religious Training.
York. - Tho.daily vacation Bibli
.3chool of Methesda the lresl)yte'rtf..I
church, situated nine miles souithelast
of York, is now in session. The el.
rollinent tfius far is increasing fron
day to day. Much dnthusiasn is he
ing manifested by both pupi!- a'd
teachers as wpl as by the pueople of
the coinmunity generally.
Joe P1. Moore, elder of iethesda
church and superintendent of tli Mc.
Connellsville schools, is the suiperim
tendent of the Bible schoql. The 'n
tire faculty of 18 comes from the
membership of the church, wiich is
rich in teachers and college studlnt.
All the teachers are giving thei. time
and services without remnieration.
Wagons are operated to convuv the
children to the school. Attractive out
door class rooms are arranged under
the 'trees for the kindergarten, pri
mary and junior grades. The daily
program consists of ilemory work in
the Scriptures and hymns, Bible study,
craft work, missionary stories aal re
creational gaines.
The school is a community project
to give Bible instruction to everyone
in reach of the church's influence.
The organizations supporting the
movenent are the mien's Bible class,
with a membership of 45; the woman's
auxiliary, of 76 members; the Chris
tian Endeavor, with a nembership of
115, and the Sundry school of 225
Bethesda is one of the oldest and
most historic churches in the state
and has always weilded a powerful
influence for good throughout York
county. Under the spiritual leader
ship of the Rev. Frank H. Wardlaw,
the present pastor, the church has
been thoroughly organized and is go
Ing forward in every departmnent;
Easley to Vote on Bond issues.
Easley. - Easley citizens will on
September 2 vote on the question of
the issuance of $80,000 in bonds, $50,
000 of which will be used for the fm
provement of the town streets and
sidewalks and $30,000 to cover past in
debtedness. The two issued will be
voted' u pon separately.
The election is to be held under an
ordinance adopted by the Easley town
council. Registration certificates will
be required for participation in the
election and the registration books
will be opened from August '12 to Au
gust 23.
At the same meeting of the council
an ordinance was adopted creating a
paving commission and defining Its
dutles. The following members of the
paving commission were mrmimously
elected and if the bond election car
ries they will have charge of all funds
and imnprovements: M. E. Garrison,
A. B. Taylor and D. P. Woodside.
Their duties will in no way conflict
with the duties of the commission of
public works.
Double Prize List.
Florence.-Plans and prizes for the
Florence County Poultry association
to make the poultry exhibits of the
Pee Dee fair tis fall the greatest
poultry 'event ever staged in this sec
tion were taken up in the regular
meeting of the menmbers. rTe prize
list is going to be dloublledl this year
and probably cash awvards will total
as much as $1,000 in this exhibition
alone, accordling to present plans. Al
readly some of the biggekt backers of
poultiry enterpr-ise in this section have
given substantial prizes for'the fair.
A Iprice list of displays and awards
is being framed now and will be an
nounced very shortly.
Will Hear Governor.
Gaffney.-Limestone lodge, Knights
of Pyt hiais, has arrangedl to have a
pub)1 l eetinig in 0ne of the churches
of the town about the middle of Sep,
tember. Gov. Wilson 0. H-arvey, who
is a inenmber andl official of the grand
lodge of the state, has accepted an
Invitation to 1be present and d(lllver an
adldress on -"Benevolence." Other
pr-ominent Pythians inathe state have
promised to attend, and the members
of the local lodge are expecting a
v'ery enjoyable time.
Needing More Room.
G3reenwood.--To relieve the congest
ed cond~itions in the Greenwoodl high
sc'hool, the trustees have deOcidled to
'uroct a temptorary building for the
lomestic science dlepartmenut andl to
muse the roor;is now occupied b~y that
lepartmnt foi othey class* rooms. The
entrollmmenit in the Greenwood ei'
schools liar shown a rapid increase in
rec-ent years and the enrollment this
year. is exptected to create a serious
p~rob~lem. To meet this the temporary
structure will 1)0 erected.,
A strip of land adjoining the
grounds of Magnolia high school was
recently donated to the schools by
A. C. amid R. J1. Stockman.
Drowned in River,,
Ware Shoals. - Edward White, a
young white man of Ware Shoals,
was driowned wvhile swimming ini the
Baludeo river near Ware Shoals, about
i mile above the clam of thie Ware
Thoals Manufacturing company.
Friends attempted to rescu~e young
White, but he was caught in the swift
murrent. and( carried down the river
Iieyond their reach.
White wvas about nineteen years old
3nd had been living at Ware Shoals
anly about six months, having moved
there - from Gneria,
Sunda kSchoA
(By 1REV. P. B. 1vTZWATIKit. D. D
Teacher of lIngilih Hible in the Mlood
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copy.right. 1922. Western News4paper 1ni1
LISESON TEXT--E.sther 3:1-9:32.
GOLDSlfN TI'XT-The righteous eri
atid tho Lord heareth, anid ditlveret
thoen out of all their trouIle.--Psali 3:l
RElXl11K.mNC1E, MATHIlAL-Aatt. 20:',
28: Itont. G:6-10; 1::1, 2.
JUNIOR TOPIC--Cuther, the Brav
-A Heroine Worthy of Imitation.
-ItenderingSucrii lal Service.
I. Haman's WIckPlot Against th
Jews (3:1-4"3).
I. The occnsion of (chl. 3). Mo
decil refused to how dowi to I,iia
Whon the king i thad elevated to th
pht1ce of prile iiilister and coill
bianded that reverence should b
shown h1it) byt all the prinlt-elti ln
se'vants. In order to get rid of Moi
decti Hainn ' formulatedt a scheni
and secured the king's endorseinent t
(Iostroy till the Jews.
2. Fasting and niourning among tih
Jews (4:1-3). In their distress the
sought the Lord. They did that whie
all those who bellove in God had
right to do (Jns. 5:13).
II. Haman Checkmated (4:4-7:10:
1. I'ot inade known to Esther (v
4-8). "Mordecal appeared before th
king's gate clothed in sackeloth. Th]
Co0idition wits reported to Esther b)
her inaids and clanliberlains. Upo
his rtfIsil to put itvny inournin
Esther seit Hatach, her special a
tentdlint, to iild out tile cause of 1
2. Messaige to Esther (v. 8). Th
wsItsn the Iforl of a charge that si
go unto the king and inake reques
for her people.
3. Esther's hesitancy (vv. 9-12
This wis on the grouit of a certel
latw which illde it it <apitali offein
for anyone to collie Iito the klig
presence unbidden unless tile kin
should exteld cleniienicy by holdil
out tile golden scepter. Tie fact til:
Esther had not been cailed to con
in for thirty days would seemi that ti
queen was in disfavor.
4. Alordecal presses her obl)igtth
(vv. 14, 15). (1) Her own life w;
involved (v. 13). Sihe Inight Ile
death it sile went to the khlig unbidde
but Illos't certainly Slie would ie
death if she inntide io effort to ave
the datiger. lIeitig in tile kiig's h1ou1
would 'ot saive her, for the decree hi
heent inde tgIllist the race of wii
she was a part. Her silence ot th
occaisiol would lien (lentit. (2) Si
was not G(od's last resort (v. 14). 11
argtt*es that deliverince would coil
fro llother source. (od's work git
Mn11 id His purposes are fulfilled r<
gairdlless of tie deelsiolns of nien. (:]
Reilinds her that she had probalh
heen railsell up for this very% wor
(v. 14). Every one ias been horn till
prepatired for sotrne deIinli te worn
Giod's provideince brings us inito tih
(4:15-5:3). (1) Il'reIarti on by faus
lng (v. 1(1). She 'Inlstru'cted Molrdeen~
to gat her ttogerber al lie Jews ini Slim
han1 iid fast for iher for thre.e (lay
and1( nights5. Shte withi her ialds di
the stinte. (2) Wenit into tile lpre!
enc~e of tihe kIng (5 :1-3). 1 havinig innd
the decislilto do her' dhity3 regardlies
by fatstinug an ld pralyer, s10hte resetei
heltif iintroyiialtppael in the pres0
elite of tihe khlig. She l ce tl''((1Ihat thi
betst thling shte ucould dho wams to lay lie
perl'1ih" ought to be ourV I wtchiwort
when01 face to faictIl ilt dut. (3) ing'
prt'isl1e to Est her ( v. 3). lIe aissurne<
lien that her dei'ire would be grtlntei
evenl to the hlif of hi1s kinigdomi.
(1. 1 linan htanged (5 :-l:7 :10))
Est her wais shriewdl as w~ell its ('ourage
ouis. Slit invi ted thle k ig andit hh
plr ilne liist11er~ ( to a11( banque. At t hI
fol lowinjg db:y, ait whiiichi tim 11 ht11
her request 05. 111aman11 wen'It hota1t1
kin g d.isc)oeed tha st -n1 rewairdi hlit
ttIvedt hIs life. Ihnnan~tt I isiiompelled te
e'xalit Mordleti, I nd a lit the setlomi
feast tilt quilen revo etd is wict'h
i'trechery' and1 lhe Is orderied''t liangta
for MoltrdIecaI.
liI. The Jews Delivered (chs. 8, 9i)
Hilaman11 wtls dead,( but thle detrt
nlgnlinst the Jews stIll s1Itoo. 1Es1ihet
lendli /hat It be reversed't. Wilie Il
coldl not he rever'sedt, Ithrou~lgh bit~
ldfluece anothler ditere wa1s stent tl
wthich inl 1a age mea'usure counter. 110
itedts tile first. Th'ie .1 ews~ 'eerywhier'i
wer'e granltedl the pivilege lo dhefetnt
thiemiselves andu dlest roy Iteir' eneies
The Parting of the Ways.
And If it aeemi evii un111o .oul to serve
tilt Lord. Chloose you1 11his day1 whlonl
ye will seirve ; but its for i'tie and1( mil
housei~, we wvill Iterve t hie 1.ord.-,Josti~i
For Coiwards to Lie.
Lie nlot, netither to thyselt'f, nor mar
lion God. It is snot for cotwar~ds to lie
Tile playthIn~ of our eldersq ara
walled husinaass.-aS August.,.
Weight increased 39 Pounds and Nine
Years' Trouble Ended.
"I hardly see how I endured such
y awful suferilng, and If it hatdn't been
for Tanluc I don't believe I would be
here today," Said 1Mrs. Mollie Abbey,
of Jennings Lodge, Ure.
"Foor nine years everything I ate
caused gas to form so that it almost
drove me distrneted. 1 didn't dare cat
any fruit and for four years if I even
drank a glass of cold water I would
s'uffer dreadfully. No mne who didn't
see ue caln imagine the awful condi.
tion I 'was in.
"But Taniac cliainged all thi.; apd
now I'm siiply feeling line. ly tp
e petite Is splendid. I eat anything I
wint, haive actually gaied thirty-nine
C pounds and have so much strength
'n elergy I easIly do all my hIous
work. Taniae is a wonderful medi
S Tanilac Is sold by all good druggists.
Little Bobby's Essay Showed He Knew
e Practically All There Was to
Know About Doors.
ILittle B3obbly .lnes wVa., tol to write
finl essay onI "Dbom.," and the effort
whlel lie sent iII was as follows:
"'Most houses hav1m all the doors
that they need, unilii no4i)huse is tom
pliete without lit least 41neo. The two
n 11111ife ( rilTAie(es hetween a door and
. a gate Is: first. their opposite loca
.tion; and, secoid-, that peophl have
mucIh less respect for it gate, and
would ratheri kick it thani kaock on it.
y "Iut a gate Is more msefil thani a
I toor herause it does everythlitg that
g at dtoor, ennl do, iltid, besides tha11, It
can Ie eilimabed over, nind ofiein is.
t. "I'he door hiaidle Is a sinIa ill lut lint
s portalt part of the donir vhili leo
e ple never appreclatie until it collies
t off. Most people never not ie the door
handle uniess it Is brought to their
. notice oil account of haviug jam
n1 spread all over it.
e "1)iors are great things to give peo
s pIe privley, and would give tiei still
g more if It wasn't for the keyholes."
g IExcange.
it --
e Shave With Cuticura Soap
Ite And double your razor eflielency as
well as promote skin purity, skin com
min fort and skin health. No mug, no
i- slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no irri
et tation even when shaved twice daily.
n, One soap for all uses-shaving bathing
et and shampooing.-Advertiseuent.
rt --
40 Evidently a Good Riddance.
it "Oh, dear !" excInIined irs. .1ilway,
.h1 "Mrs. ( ilppling next door has lost ler
is little poodle."
ie "Are you sure it's. lost ?" asked Mr.
e JIibway.
0 "Oh, yes. She's lookied mverywhere.
s And when you go )it you might spelik
-a word of oll(olene(q to her."
) "I ein't (1o that," said Mr. .ihbway.
y "but I'll try to keep imy face straight,
k anid I promise not to Ju1mp11 in the alI
i and (rnek iy heels togetther uitil I g('t
a ; roumd thle cornier."-lirminghami Age
e ' Herald.
' He Admits It.
"Wha'liit did( the fortune tellecr tell
"Oh )l, a lo of (f foolitishneiss. MulId I
wouild lie ilucky in hove.''
s "Wi'ell, a ren't youii?" deiiinmded hiis
I w' ..
"'I-e----sure'(."-1 oilsv il e C'ourier
IHe Gets Full Benefit.
s houildl alwaiys sho(w suchl a menniil and
craniky dissposil tion in thie maorin3g.
' *Wife-At whait othter timeii shiould I
showv it, may I ask ? You're lnot here
Iduring the rest of' lhe dhay.
No heat'
this si
ADIH of cr
or milk (G
Iike) is coolin
to digest-wit!
rouses appetit
cooking-no h,
' starchy meals
for every bodi
There's a r
fort aftcr such
,Try this way
that usually go
Order Grap4
Made 2
What Is It Worth t<
On the road changing a tir
pleasant task.
The dust or mud, the grease
delay-all are things we liki
But the time to think abot
you buy the tire-not after
For some tiresblow out much
Outward appearance counts
It is the. material in the tir
of it that determines its str<
Goodyear recognizes these
Tires are made of long stap
Take the 30 x 3% Cross Rib
trated, for example.
It is made of Egyptian al
fibres of which average 134
Many 30 x 3y2 clincher t
staple cotton from Y2 inch 1
This means less strength
blow-outs-more tire troub
Yet this high grade guar
costs only $10.95.
You canbuy some tires for ev
with the fine materials and
Can you afford to take a c
tire troubles for the sake o
of cheaper tires?
Changes Last
Putnam Fadeless E
New Yorker Saw Fearsome Possibility
of Near Future and Gave Wife
Due Warning.
Visit ors to Cetrail iark the otlier
<ily saw it new iigl'e ofi the faitally
liet oilt for aln airing. reports ti( New
Yiork corresporient of the Pittsbulrgh
1 ispatch. A youig wotinan \'ait% out
W0ithl her vilegatel parrot. Tle( hird
wtalkeel taaje.stiently aboutl theitw,
I lit <quickly calm, balck 3n111rd el onl
the young wo's finger wheni ever
shfe (.nfleel. His voingll-s anld going.'
to antd from the finlger gave the Pialrot
1it prescrihed exmercise, whet It
wanllted 1( or, not.
Thte young wollunnl (1ldn .weml to
11111) i the Pr wcl 111111 gllth reil bui t
to winlelh. Iln fact she seeilet I rathier
proliud ofI the littntion sIt and tihle
rdh were it t raelg. Jiggers, whoste
f.1unily 1111e .- it a og, happen1 ed.114. g
withh hits wilfe ndit stoppedt' to look1.
"1Ijiupose ft net' thing" hei re-*
eiurked't to his wife. "wVII it b that I'um
to, takt'e lie entmri iy upi Ito te park for
ni waulk. lIit here' I announcille thet
nnswer'i: ~Nothing (oing!
Befogging the Jury.
"1 It Seemuis to lbe." 51ah( Mr'. ('obbles
manil toi help met wIth miy haw~suiit or
"hti s th.n'' ih i ?
"O\hi~ it'1powerfutly shribt iiilii'
dtoii' s'eeany uist' oif (<uog famiioiis
(Greetks ande itoimans anud a lot tof othetr
peopilt iitevter heauurd of lutfoire simplyd~
hel usta'tri ~~'UIia in rnl ovter miy .Jer'is-y
immer meal
isp, delicious Grape-Nuts, with
omeC herries or fresh fruit, too,
g to serve, cooling to eat and
a charm of flavor and goodn<
e enthusiasm. No preparati
.:ating ofdthe body afterward, as
do-but well-rounded nouri
ly peed.
toticable feeling of lightness ar
a meal.
out of the heat, bother and unc<
es with the midsummer food pi
~Nuts from your.gocer today
9here's a Reason"
y Postuim Cereal Company, Ino.
Battle Creek, Michitan
:Change a Tire?:
e is not an especially
and grime, thc4edious
to avoid.
it these things is 'when
the blow-out occurs.
more easily than others.
for little.
e and the construction
facts and all Goodyear
Le cotton.
Clincher Tire here illus
id Arizona cotton,'the
inches long.
ires are made of short
:o 1j- inches long.
axnd greater danger of
anteed. Goodyear Tire
enless thanthisbut none
-onstruction of this one.
hance on more frequent
'the slightly lower price
Year's Frock to New
1yes - dyes or tints as you wish
Method Employed in France Is Said to
Be the Most Successful Yet
The thiliger1 (if voinllgioan fronm books
that Itave btvii n iiie hiis (o per
soins tifig.iii from varlon tllsentses
lis lett to it-h vivent1ion ll ( uelithod's of
<hsinctrling, tfi ch n\I otte1411( appe rsto
he VIuOOre 11f,1tiv 11han that lviseti
ai t e r of lie tillitle(ipal 131 :1i0l
ofi l'aris.
This prtess consists of two Ifel,
inres. Ill fi t sI 11.8 ( , th Iook34
re htleid in It "elier, er re a
trolig ei'rel of air ope evrs i rlef,
)and :ill ir I latrII sncks )ti t 11e duost
luni de4posits it fin alsvpti walter. Then(DI
ley- atre suispenided fin it disinfevior,
he( evers beinig het boeck anld beld
>y Olps, so 11h11( the lenves Ilr-( wiely%
ene0d, and PtIed over i lienter,
vhich filr i long tiIune su bjeets Ilill
(I a t('ingern'inJ Ire of 1(7T degrees Fah-li
iii1913 'he li(ien~cy (if thei jpriocess Is
id toi blle w'el Il d tt' )istra'3ted'.
In Generous Mood.
Firsl Woriikinigiiani-Whnli sort of a
Sond'li Work liti --Oh, T Il coet
iin S ona 1131' Unitrenn'1 lx bidge IL be(tween
r:tiililarli'y gene!l'o3s the're ni lhat
Secuini Wb'ork Ingniani-Yes. iIThey
neall': iy gi ve nie* ('very*tin lg t hey
Uy oI un them'I3.-ParhtisTa L I ialnnet te.
Sny whiat yonl will, if 11 m113n 13as a
if you
:ss that
on, no a0
~rta inty
A FOO * -

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