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too''s an Personals
Airs. W. T. Jeans has been very
ill for several (ays.
Guy Cantrell is -.Rpending this
Dionth inl Clayton, Ga.
Marion Lescsne commenced the
Schcud at Rocky Bottoml last Mnd01ay.
Mr. and 311s. Ebb H-. F'elds of
- Senen spenit Sunday with friends
liss L.eda Brazeale is spendini a
few days with ice sister, Mrs. W 11.
Mrs. W. R. Cantrell and small ch'l.
drell are visit ing in Brevard anad
Miss Lethin -thrker of Westminster
was a busntSS yisiter to our city
last Saturiy.
M)1rs. Frank Nailey who has been'
qu.te fck'or n week or m11ore, is
greatly improved.
James 11. Priee, 4r., of 'Greenville
is spending this week with Mr. and
Mrs. H1. E. Scaborn.
Mrs. J. B. Hester of Easley spent
last week with Mrs. Jerry Looper,
who has been quite sick.
Mrs. N. E. Thornley has returned
homc after a two months visit with
her aiughters inl Anderson.
Messrs. Claude and Eugene Alex
ander from B3irimineham, Ala., are
visiting Mrs. T. J. 'Mauldin.
Ingal Iarrol at worthy young man
who lives w:th hi Grandmother Cau
ley at this platce, is quite sick.
Mrs. v. I.. Stallilins has returned
F to Atlanta after a visit with her par
S ents, Mr. and Mrs. Al. F. Hester.
Mrs. Hattie Gritfin Bruce of Green
Ville ws here last week to see her
sister, Mvs. Baker, and other friends.
Mlr. an11d Mrs. 1. F. Bigby and baby
of Willivmston spert Suuday with
her ptarents, "Mr. anl Mrs. M. .
Welborn, near P'ekens.
A lIvrge aindi nee it the Baptist
ehureh last Sabbath enjoyed the sinu.
Ing l by Pref. Rnebush anld th
good 'ermon by Mr. Cox. Four no,.
memibr were received into t h.
church by letter.
Faee Powder .'1m jaCtwith irror t.
Talenm Pew ler.. .15 0.
(Cold Ci am .. -.- .- -.. -....__- ..- - _a e
* R. E. Lewis, Prop
You Will Find
iness at the S
And paying the
foi' produ~ce.
Hams 15 to 25
- Hams over 251
to size and quality.
Your trade is a
Yours f
~. W. H E
'tittle Olar T.,Hinton Jf., who has
beeh quite sick, is somevhat better.
Miss Christine Clayton of Central
in visiting Mr. and Mrs. Van Clayton.
Miss Mabelle Finney is spending
this we%,ek with Mrs. Zena Brazeare.
Miss hoe Broyles of Anderson is
the attractive guest of Miss Ora Me.
Miss Mattie Eutherland of Easley
was a visitor to our town 4ast Sat
Miss Margie Smith of Liberty is
'the chaiing guest of Miss Nell
Ladies will be ospecially interested
-i the Keowee Pharmacy's ad this
The county campaign ,vill open at
Easley next Tuesday mn iLia;, at tn
O' clck.
AIr s. 11. E. Seabord1 spena, '1.st
week in Greenville with relatives and
Miss Mayy Morris is visiting rol
atives in Hautwell, Ga., for a couple
of we'ks.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. -E. Nalley of inr
Easley spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. C. N. Duirham.
Mrs. El'za Mauldin Grandy. of At
lanta is visiting lher many relat\ives
in Pickens and the dUrroundiri coun
try for several (lays.
Mr-. Charlic Durham is nursin , t
Mr. W. It. MIcKinney onl Bi. E.asta
lop i luh having the misMi tune of
ett'ng his leg broken laist week.
The P'Lkens LeaAue' of Wol;. V'.
ter'; w%\ill hold o ree-ular . n1i
the court hans.,' Thul"rsha ae..on
August 10. at 5 'clock.'
Mr. an' Mr s. A. - !. Uin' r \ ,
er'abure ad Mir. and 'MIrS. S.
11. Gr ofcs I .iherty wt re em4 5t f
Al.and . L.i. Chayton last wk.
Last Sun11day wvas the 'irst iay in)
the last ten y ars that Aliss Flrance.
Cvx has1. missed freml Sunlda. .chool.
-1n.l this albsenet was causcl hy her
M!r. Thomas Wuibe-rn wasI inl
Grenville last w\-k with his son
I. nit elbern., who is :n the Green
vi!!e city hospital. 11is many friends
wi!) bt lad to knew his health is
mc1h imin proved.
oilet Articles
Nail Cleanscr--_.. - ----.....-0..5
Rouge__-- .. _.- __................50 ,
Lip Stiek...-----------.......--.25c,
Teilet water............_- .- __..---1.75
:\Ahnnd Cr' am...---...-----.$1.75
1iflFS----WONT RI'l OFF. :25e
Phone 24
Me Doing Bus
ime Old Place
i Greenville mnarket
lbs. 25c,
bs priced according
01r tr'ade,
M. C.. Smith and children will
leave this week for New York to
spend several weeks wih Mir. Smith,
who is a cotton broker there.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Baily, Mrs.
Lawrenec and Mrs. Pbole of Ander
son were guests of their relative,
Mrs. Troupe Partridge Iozst Sunday.
Rev. J. C. Diggg and family came
bdek to Pickens last week afttr a
delightful sojurn of three weeks at
Junaluska and other places 'n North
The colored people of Pickens held
their annual slavery reunion Friday.
Quite i crow( was preseit. Captain
Janies H. Griffn made a short talk
for them.
It is expected that a hir'xe crowd
of U. D. 's and 1). A. R's will go
to the Kirkscy home seven miles
north of.here. nex t Friday for the
August meeting.
A large party of our town people 0
a're ealmpinig fcor two or threce day3 >
at Gauley, where there is no lust or
heat and where there is plenty of
fresh a'r and water.
An election for cotton weiherl at
Pickens will be h(ld August &9. These I
wisihing to.vote in this electionl mut
obtain certificates from ' .G
Chi:stopher on .or before Wedis y v
August i.
Cole Di'bson, a former resident of
Picelens county. is in the Greeniville
conility jail chargcd with shootinqr to
dkath a Greenville mi.i by the name
cf iulh r in West GrCenville st
1-tiday nih .
Among then man. ladieo who attal- x
edl the Annual Grneup Cnsw
tht \ inaln's AuNiltivI
b y .I !ien chur h :.t a- -I !.
-id:' y wort, i0l mt s R. .Le .
I Ii ,Id Is "ru 2e I It. Ia ho i. W . -
l'. .lm hiin .. I and it E
O4.wisii th~ssis he. 'ec~ ..c
w,-e Tvrsdk y -id ferwn y t ic
-m S- vtth k-me tn t h . nvk In the cou1 -
tY m.uditr : t ! tr Isurlrc . 0Our O'eal.I
fie Wt iO ck11 h hy e mpli ml:n:te' I ~
an1d en-!tctu:e-Ss of their reper-S. O..e
The hurdayAfter.noon Bridur-e
club .had as its hostess last weAk
Mirs. Alack Christopher. The spacious
iporlh was a coCl and inviting spot
wtihl lovely dvhlias and pot plants.
I Punch was served to the guests on
entering an(l a l(elightful 'e course
at the close of the gamnes.
The county tax books are se!ll !
open and remain so until September
1. Executions, however, have been
written up and will be turned over
to sheriff for collection September
1. Taxes collected by the sheriff will
(arry considerable more penalty than
if paid in the treasurer's office by
September 1.
The large concourse of people who
were at the Baptist church en last
Sunday night enjioyed th. addr'ess
given by Hion. J. P. Carey', Jr~ from
start to' finish. He took for his sub
ject, "Do Better," and opened it by
reading the story of the Prodigal
Son. He gave good sound advice -to
all; particularly the young men and
women admonishing them to refrain
'rom bcing disobedlient to G od and
parents, Hie wvained them agtainst
ge tt'nig money and using it for self,
andl~' e'ited instncs * i erime causied
thru evi e'm' miwor., hti'p aaI u,-a-ed ii il
to hnv for G(.
The y. ungter st of this and the|
ft :gihbring ti was had a very en.
I 'yae:.X parity at thle be'autiful home
ef NIlis. 31. I. Smith on M1enday
n~ nig. Ui:ue inv'.it ations had been
seat out thrc e or four days previous
readimg thus.
"C.tome to my home .August 7,
(01 ome dressed ats a child 10 or 11.
'The byre'-fcot trail of yester-year,.
Thait leads to lands we knew so well I
And in our childhood held so dear."
Theo and Nell Smith. .
On the front door w;as this pla- I
card, -"This way to the nurserv--- j
take your Imag'.nat ion with you." -
The young childlren were met at
the deor by a nurse wvho tied a pla--I
card bearing the child's name around
his neck. (They engaged in games.
suitable to their ages. Little Elinor I
Boggzs from I ierywas winner of (
one prize, Fi'ank Smith from the
samte place ano:her, and James Par -L
tridge' the* third. Jeninnis Jones f rom
Liberty TIlayed on the piano and deC- L
liius ice cream cones were 'servedC
to thle delighted little ( ?) folks.
Their mothers (lid not like for
them to be out too late, so Mirs.
Smith sent them home at twvelv e o' -
A marriage that was a complete
suripinse tc the many friends of the
contracting parties took place at the
residence of the officiating off:eer
near Cateechee on Saturday', July,29th
about 8 p. in.. wvhen Mir. Deforest
Sat tertfield .and Mliss Julia 'James were;
united on the holy bonds of wedlock'
by J. Alonzo Browvn, N. P.
The groom is a son of Mir. an-1
Mirs. Sam Satter'field of Central and
holds a responsible position in said
town, white is bride is the youngest
daughter of M1r. W. (C. ,James of Cen
tial, who lost his wvife some time nee.
'rhe bride is a lovely young giirl and
we predict fur the happy young cou
ple a bright future.
Mfay peCfil, hiappiness and pros.
per ty be theirs ig the wvish of the
writer. - p,,
As the summer senson advanvcs n
that we wil only be able to use for a
another season. To help our custome
wvant wve are malkingp sp)ciall prices Onl
We are ecrtainly adding to our ba
i rreeate the real money saving purch
0 RE31NA
We lse have a large table of rei
eril for a waiiste. skirt or dress and
Our ste'k of ready to wear is larg
1e y4r war: anld at reasonable r
Te Globe Fur
* Of Greenville is C
furniture bar~
month C
We extend a cordia
tomers in Pickens County
offerings we have for this
ly do we invite all youni
and see ont complete line
We have experienced
to help you in your selec
124 South Main Street
0. al hesitate to buy expensive tbings
!short time, and then put it aside for
As out in getting such articles as they
voils, organdies and aney (rOs goods.
rgain Shoe counter and you w,ill ap
ases that you can make from our shoe
nants from which you can select ma
at a bargain. Don't forget to see
e and complete an(i it is our aim to
niture Company
ffering some unusal
ains (luring the
f August.
invitation to our 91d cus
to come and see the special
-month, and most especial
married couples to come
of household furnishings.
salesman who will be glad
tions. i
Greenville, S. C.

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