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1-International rtte Spec
the first train ever started b)y
York. 3-Mabel Strickland, win
rospect Considered Bright
Early Settlement of the
Coal Miners' Strike.
resident Harding's Final Sugge
for Ending Railway Strike On
Consideration-Brotherhood M
Are Restless-French, Plani
Concerning Germany Op
posed by Other Allies.
NL.ESS the coal (operators, thi
(h11s of the miners' union II
ithorities in Washington are bat
their guessing, the coal strike
ost over. The four-state conft
tiAt by President Lewis in
td was considering favorabli
1. A "four state" basic coi
rhaps expanded to include
-n Vest Virginia, under whic
d wages and working conithlilt
te contract which expired lst
will be continued until et A
2. A fact inding tbdy to be
ider napproval or by apointm
redent wharding to tind out wN
te natter with th e coal indgti
hant Ce hde of to striaightl
D~elhtite action Is being dlela
)Ile that thle Illinois and
-in oplerators will change their
ud prtiec ipiate. Ilithierto the
tors have sought to break aw
ie idea of t central ompetitv
'itct n wich te ininrs onsls
* I~ttse igpodr frllu Iji
theor state in the tage
* arepeie oyafew smalld~ asi;
f "nprotio the mayrepeen
lniteeralie orers at the;
ertheerwcontentione bygtinsg
aetegi n a forsen ba. thr1'
-ract wil the pathIdini ona
hosemm whodnsi up, ansiois
Iroue Wabimot thie asvrmh
t er ae reitm the entrlyel
eeca tha tione mtikes U
atein o ope up Ctheren IS
*sweeprcting the fearey
of last year's
\Marchm, wvith cori
"ff system.
C. --mmisslon
*stig.. 'id to 1
til next spri. ehi tini
lposedl investiga. will be
it was reportedl that l'resid.
Ogle of thme National Coal a
n was faivorable to this pha
it Senator McKinley hmad a
*t the lilinois ope'rators we
ted to enter such an agre
lovemrhotr MeCray's effort to
iana mines uinder mnilitary
ved more ot' a gesttre than
a iplishment. Very little con
I, dluced during the week an'd
,he mmuenm employed dleserted, f
-their lives. The governor iti
. tt if all other plans for as
'r hand, the impe)(achmenCt
y for sending troops into th
1 wats demandedi~t'( by a aiss
oif strikers5 and union laboe
Terre llante.
twas the general helief ti
setnegtiajtionis fail to en
t ,~~!::inr~(es an operate thmem
F y 3rdl of federal troops. Thi
ght await the sanction of cor
* such a course waus indicatt
Sfact that he suggested to th
blican leaders of the house ti
ability of mnaintaining full me
al, from Pittsburgh. loaded with electrical
radio. 2-A draft of new men just arrivet
tier of McAlpine trophy as world's champllio
ship attelndalnlce wheti the house shoul
reassemlible this week, instead of ti
F taking of the usual three-day reces
Democratic Leader Garrett wired it
Denocratic members to be in tle
s seats Tuesday, but the lepublict
leaders took no such action.
for pSIEL:NTiIHARDING'S desire f<
congressional hlp applies equal
to the railroad strike, which if an
thing is becoming more serious. 11
latest and, in his own words, last su
gestion for peaceful settlement of til
controversy was that the shopmen r
lSE turn to work aind that both sIdes si
tulit the qulestionl of seniority to t]
railroad labor board. This was insta
stlon ly rejected. luformally, by the lea
cier ers of the shop crafts, who called I
en a general conference of all the railro
labor organizations in Washingtin
Friday, to consider a formal reply i
to adopt measures to make the stri
more effective. Mr. Jewell said t
answer to the President night not
ready for several days.
e ofill- The shopmen are trying in varit
Ltd the ways to obtain the active support
Ily etT the brotherh.oeeis. and in a meast
is al- are getting it. Eli;ineers. firemen a
rence tralinien are ordered by their chi
Cleve- to take nll's llcani-s with defect
tis ettuiinill. 1Desidte the denials
railway oflicials, the union lead
itract. declare that engines and cars are
nort1h teriorating ra pidly. and more than
11 th titnate that this is the cause of ree
'Ils ill bad wrecks.
March Another serious tlreat by
pil 1- brotheriLoods developed from a cli
,(t np In Joliet, Ill., between strikers
Nit of a sheriff's posse, in which a stri
hat is iand a railway detective were ki
'y and and the sheriff dangerously wount
it -ut. I State troops (rom Chicago were 1
l in ried to the stene and some of th
Indi. being stoned fron imbush, tired
illinds their tolrlllntors. Brotherhood i
oper- i on the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern r
from road to the number of 1,300 promi
v dis- quit work, saying their lives w
.By fend angeredl by tihe bullets of the trc
ch of ers Their action was aipproved
mn'the brotherhood heads and Presbl
oty Slone of thle engineers said: "Th
ttewill be 100 suchI cases soon If coi
tions are not changed. We are
t e going to hlave our men shlot up
theaCltenl up or threatened by arr'
upo gtmards at railroad shops anti yil
vhicht When t.he men cannot go to work w'
sn out having irresponsible aramed ga
sWthe e.ndangering their lives, they may
thethr home and stay thlere until the coi
tirtion is remnoved."
ery If theseC remarks were aimned at
teprivate foirces of guardls manintal
nl tbe by railways they may be to some
tent justifiedl. If Stone meant to
Id11ply that brothlerhood men are abu
t bfi-ly state troops, in Illinois or e
ttle- wihere, the best hnformation obtainm
roughe is that his implication is false,
fHICJAGOs stret ar and een
wage ~'trains were running again Mon
tiu-after the six-day strike wvhich<
thle employees and comipanies s5
to in- $1.200,000 and the business indust
Teoml- of the city many millions more.
compromise reached provides foi
oversy reduction of 12%~ per cent in wra
Ie thle
coml- Q EERTAL important chlanges ii
m tade ini theC McCumber tariff
'lnt A. by theo senate la1st week. After
asocia. tening to charges by Senator Sn
n and thatt Amer'icanl sugair retilners. whio
dvces trol tile bulk of theC Cuban sugar
re in. ducltlionl. are trying to dlest roy Anm
emuent. can producers, the senate adopted
venpen amilendmlenlt by wrhicht the (duty is rajl
guard to 2.30) cemnts al pounld on ftulli
an ae. sugalr, alnd to 1.S4 cents on Cu
I was suigars. The McCumnber bill ra
mlost wiere 2 cents and 1.6&3 cents. resi
euning 1tively. At thue demndl of the a
tiimat. eltural spokesmlen, thle senators
'erting mnost uinanimously voted to rest
I, conI- potash to tile free list. Xext the
to get ilte, despite the argumlents of wvest
li tile agriculltumrists, voted to keep hIdes
>f Me~- the free list and placed in tile dII
e coal free column boots and shuoes, leat
mleet- of cattle bides, harness and
*O~ melIery anid gloves of cattle htides'.'
duty on satchels, belts and boxes
tat if eases of leathler was madle 30 per c
LI tile Instead of 40. as in the McCum
seize bill.,4
it he JN THlE Ohio primaries the R~ei
igress Ilicans nominatedl Carmi A. Th~o
'd by son, choice of the Harding admlinis
e Re-. tion and thle Anti-Saloon league,
e deC- governor. Tile Democratic -nomi)1
mber- is A. V. Donahey of New Phtilaen
U. S. S. Wyoming at New
ac'ow girl, at CheyVennle Frontier Days,
dI Demlocrats of Arkansas renominated
e Governor Mc~tae, whlo was supported
.by o rg anized lab~or and thle Ku Klux
11 KMan, defreatinig Judge Toney. In Alat
ir ham~a Judge W. W. Brandon won thle
it Democratic gubernatorial nomination
by at large majority.
ir TO THE allied premiters and other
ystatesmen assembled In London,
P lremier loincare submitted France's
Is plann to compel Germany to pay rep
:- arations or to get the money from the
iq country In other ways. Hie declared
e- France was In a desperate financial
h- condition, and threatened to act alone
Iv againlst Germgiy if the allies failed to
kt- suppo)(rt hepr rlust claims. Poincare's
d- demands, brietty, were for control of
Or thle following: First, l-icises of ex.
id ports; second, finiancial exploitations
M" I(f mines : third, state forests ; fourth,
Md participation in German industrial
ke comlpaie.
hie Lloyd G-eorge, with thle support of
hethe Belgians, Italians and Japanese,
foreed the s-ubmission of the French
uts phan to a committee of experts, sny
Ofing: "It is aill a question of thle
re mlethod of getting everything from
adGermany, whether the mnethod bring
'ftrouble or cash, andi every sanction
VVshould be subitted to a test."
'r H experts fulfilled expectat Ions by
rejecting the French propositions,
In- all but the Fruech members being
!nt -nzgreed In opposition to them on every
tomajor point. Thle situation becamne so
Sneute that both thle BrItishi and French
ihcabinets were called together, and eachi
ind ga.ve full support to the stand taken
ker by its premnier. As neither side showed
led any signs (of yilelding, it appeared as
led- If the entente wvere soion to break uip
utr- leaving- France is;olated. The Britist
L%'1 posit in may bie suimmarized thus:
'It tCermany is umable to pay:; she is
tenl ruined, and an effort to squeeze large
au-t suims frqm her would merely add t<
yher difficulties without protiting thg
er lisad eids ol ea h
rean nhrl, atoayagetdabtht
n ovcmrtnrces. hoa as suedorned
r eamancde of weakn ch won fth1
e esnt exist. Peieares wiloine
dsy ttgran Germyea bif ontorn
t- 1rt eewterl'icr seittedilrince'spr
rs mote t nacmal Gefrmandt apy ro
id- tits otte money frto Bt he
hasutr n confidec wans the godclaed
th- fra Geras n (Oleat iac
e- 4liISreestilnl hratnd the run, alr
1m- doaing as.~t~ iuc time as faied can
t-set* tht cit af ible upia rlro
b1 l ti~s bridgean wlcedrte fe cntrolc of
orthCollharbo Fistnkinares of th
ted1 portd sonth attaciaf tepniational
Sief oins tand the fghort forthwa
l'he peartst aon sn(eriusl indterupte
' cabtl:esmuinin.ewe mr
11s. ca and (Euroe byt tiezupngt of
h coast P~landn ptliaces ant teaneofth
re sevente lsubbetweeno the contic
is-pa to ahs planmts. fepetsy
orf ing London, all aple sin o thel
.re mhvin oee enge yth nglfrst
sed~ tcourtsorcsi and everycaiats.
'rn P* RTUGAI, exers havingle a gettinern
te. retring taued Frythe rositpics
In- all food.h Marialt lausbeende
ltri 'ared, ciostitutionatoleuarneeryus
al peaded pon. he giutoneamen hs
ore lmovedto wereCaentoethr an. c
et~ nn v igA " of yeldian, itek apearoeda
t -;r in~ the duabln tof pae shop
merie', strike, tefort tosuee nergSt
a Ilm51111 Mr.. he wol steely add pas
itl ner (lftfr wntho prsoritn Pcthe
rmningie at he bcksinas, wolddeay -h
nt ,eonmichth resrction oa Eurpe.
by hrt-evenh cnetion er ile hand
L^ an t"ll00is eonomicwal owerfut
u-an Chbna topayt sho great teau tyhot
1(1parwhly bytruckg tandit prtly byas
r oneeofthe wors ivanehstory.c Esinmae
thr o the number ofdehe in tofro
rde mot0e flt ')0and efors ad pplr
li. 100(n1...
4atkred From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
Reginald Dunn and Joseph O'Sulli
van, the former a member of the Irish
republican army were changed for the
assassination of Field Marshall Sir
Henry Wilson June 22. Both men sub
mitted quietly- to being pinioned.
They were escorted simultaneously
from their cells to the scaffold, where,
as they met they smiled encouragingly
at each other. Both met death un
National forces entered the city of
Cork, according to ap official an
nouncenient. Patrick street, the Vic
toria hotel, the military barracks and
the newspaper offices are aflame fol
lowing dynamite explosions which
blew up many buildings.
M. Demuyter, pilot of the Belgian
balloon Belgica, in the James Gordon
Bonnett cut race, has been declared
winner, says a dispatch from Geneva,
starting point. He was credited with
having covered a distance of 1,300
Germany, says a dispatch to the
Havre agenc' from London, will be
granted a moratoriuin until the end
of this year.
Manuel Padres, under secretary of
the treasury, has resigned following
disagreements over policy since finan
cial Secretary de La Hureta's return
from the banker's conference in New
Tailor made suits worn with fancy
shirtwaists bid fair to be the most
popular mode for fall and winter.
Practically all of the Paris houses
have reurned to the simple lines of
the comfortable tailor made originated
in America years ago as the "style
most adaptable to the modern woman."
Japan has replied favorably to the
proposals of the United States regard
ing the future allied interest in the
Chinese Eastern railway. The reply
has been cabled to Secretary of State
Harold F. McCormick, multi-million
aire manufacturer of Chicago, and
Madame Ganna Walska, beautiful Po
lish 'grand opera singer, were married
at Paris.
Former Emperor William has won
his suit brought in a Berlin court to
prohibition the presentation on the
stage or the sale of Emil Ludwig's
Bismarckian play, "The Dismissal."
Congressional leaders at a confer
ence with President Zayas and Major
General E. H. Crowder. President Har
ding's personal representative, accept
ed in part the American program for
bringing to normal the Cuban govern
ment's finances.
China's parliament resuming the sit
tings begun August 1, after a lapse of
nearly five years due to internal dis
orders, faced strong representations
for the adoption of a constitution pat.
terned after that of the United States
as speedily as possible.
ICasualties in the typhoon and tidal
wave which recently swept the port of
Swatow, Chinai, are estimated at ten
A will written in short by Charles
S. Orrin, whom the doctors told could
live but a few -hours, has been admit
ted to probate in the English courts.
W ~ashington
Stones placed on the rails were the
cause of the wreck on the Boston and
Albany railroad near Worcester, Mass.,
which resulted in one death.
Excursion boats of the near future
Iwill be large dirigibles which, as they
sail among the clouds, will receive
music through radio to which the pas
sengers may dance.
With the races for the gubernatorial
and senatorial nominations on both
the republican and democratic tickets
definitely settled, interest turned to.
wards the attitude of Ohio voters on
prohibition as shown by their ballots
in state primary election.
Nearly one-third of all the deaf per
-sons in the United States. lost their
-hearing after suffering from some spe
cific disease, the Census Bureau an
nounced. Scarlet fever accountedl for
10.3 per cent of all deaf persons enum
erated in the 1920 census. Meninetitis
together with "brain fever" accounted
Ifor 14.0 per cent; typhoid fever, 2.0
per cent; measles, 3.3 per cent; whoop
ing cought. 2.0 per cent, and infantile
paralysis, 0.7 per cent.
A "prohibition nav-y," cornposed of'
converted submarine chasers in large
numbers, is prepared to take to the
high seas In search of rum smugglers
as soon as treaty arrangements cnb
concluded with Great Britain, accord.!
ing to Prohibition Cmisoe o
A. 1Haines. ComsinrR1
Decision to call head off icials of
many of the greater oil ecmpanies who
can "talk about the inside of the oil
industry," has been reaching by Act
ing Chairman McNary of the senate
manufacturers committee as the next
step in the senate investigation of thei
gasoline price situation.
Governor Thomas C. Mcl~ae. nomina
ted as the democratic gubernatorial
standardbearer in the November elec
tion, equivalent to election in Arkan- t
sas--had piled up a majority of more j4
than 41,000 votes over Judge E. P.t
7oney. of Lakevillne.
ofAce oiperts that-"hy. 4 o'aa
antenna for' wirele#s r4. 60O1bg -has
passed. According to Setintendent
J. C. Edgarton, of the radio' section,
the department has bedn using "large.
vertical-outside-multiple turn loops,'
"underground-antenna.p," and eliminat.
ing much static interference. - "The
horizontal buried loop has been very
successful," Superinteqoent Edgarton
announced, "when well insulated and
buried in water or very damp earth."
A hope that '-good undezitanding"
may attend the fortunes of' the Ger
man people was expressed by Presi.
dent Harding in a message congratula
ting President Ebert upon the anniver
sary of the founding of the German
More than a million American thil
dren between 10 and 15 years of age
are ,engaged in gainful occupation, 1,.
060,858 being the exact figure, accord.
Ing to a census bureau report. Out of
every thousands boys between those
ages 113 were recorded as employed
while 5.6 per cent of the girls were
During July, under strike conditions,
the Southern railway system did not
annual a single passanger train, but
operated 15,233 such trains, of which
74 per cent reached final terminal on
time and 84 per cent maintained their
schedule while on the Southern's rails.
Announcement to this effect was
made by Vice President H. W. 'Miller,
In charge of operation.
Investigation of charges that "undue
methods of practice are being employ
ed by the trade in restraining natural
operations of the law of supply and
demand' and depressing cotton prices,
was proposed in a resolution introduc
ed by Senator Smith, democrat, South
Carolina. The resolution was referred
to the agricultural committee.
A battle over a moonshine still be
tween muntaineers and prohibition of
ficers in the hills north of Stephenson,
Washington, resulted in the death o:
two men and the serious wounding of
a third.
Mirs. Annie Enger, 60. of Detroit,
Iich., is near death as the result of
an attack upon her by a man named
Witt, whom, it is said, engaged in an
illicit love affair with her daughter.
The police also claim Witt killed Mrs.
Engel's husband.
. Death claimed one of the eight men
shot down in a crowded lower East
Side street when they tried to halt
four gunmen fleeing in an automobile
after an attempt to kill Joseph Kas
For a second time, the joint inter
state conference of coal miners and
operators delayed action to permit the
holdout Illinois operators to decide
whether they would participate in
negotiations that may end the soft
coal strike.
Cable communications between Great
Britain and the United States were re
cently delayed from ten to twelve
hours, putting the foreign exchange
business at the New York bank at a
standstill and affected other trade In
that city and elsewhere.
The "arsenic murder fiend" who slew
six and endangered the lives of 100
in New 'York City ten days ago, found
five victims at Pittston, Pa., who had
puchaed cakes baked in New York
Scoee a~rdman, 2?, farmer, was
arrested at Winchester, Ky., on a
warrant charging him with the nmur
der of Leon Renaker, wealthy produce
merchant, whose body was found in
his home July 26, by Mrs. Renaker,
on her return from a visit. Renaker's
skull had been crushed with a blunt
instrument. Rewards totaling $5,001)
have been offered for information lead
ting to the conviction of the slayer.
Edna Fhnsheld. of Flint, Mich., was
told by her mother to go in the yard
and kill a chickeu. She replied that
she had rather kill herself than her
little baby chickens, and trIed to pol
son herself, but was saved by an older
Three were killed and one hurt in
a collision between a passenger train
and an auto near Wister, Okla. The
driver of the car was not seriously in
George D. Cooper was instantly kill
ed by Charles Hundershot, deputy
sheriff at Masked Tree, Ark., after
Cooper had fired three shots into the
body of Deputy Frank Manker in er
sisting arrest.
Wiscconsin and Chicago bankers will
meet at Madison, Wis., with directors
of the Wisconsin Co-operative Tobacco
Marketing association, in the state mar
keting dlepartment, to lay plans for the
financing of the tobacco placed In the
It Is announced in Cleveland, Ohio,
that settlement of the soft coal strike
under a definite plan may result In
the making of wage agreements on
substantially a national basis. In the
main the plan provides resumption of
coal production by union miners under
wage scales that existed when the
strike began April 1, and for the ap
pointment of an advIsory commission
of Inquiry within the coal industry,
the personnel to be approved by Pres
ident Harding.
"BIig Tim" Murphy, Chicago labor
leader, has been freed of a charge of
murder made In connection with build
ing trades outbreaks of two months
Frank Kensel, 18, gave his, life to
save three women near West Orange.
iJ. J. He could not swim, but he
iea-d the women in a whirlpool yelling
or help. He loosed his bold on the
-ope hie was holding and threw it to
he women, who were rescued by two
Ixpert swimmers. In a few moinents
he dead body of the boy washed in
rith the flotsam and tstam.
NO .AMfr
Nervous and Dizzy, Eve. E
thing Seemed to Worry Mee
How I Got Well
Larwill, Indiana.-"My back was so
badgI could not do my wash I wasal.
n w a tired out and
ha noambition was
nervous and ditzy
and everything
seeme d to worry e
andIhad awful pains
in my right aide. I
felt badly about four
Years and could not
do work as it
eshoull have been
done. I saw Lydia E
Pinkham's Vego.
tle Compound ad.
vertised so much and it did so many peo
ple good that I began to tak anm
am feeling fine now and everyone tells
me they never saw me looking so well. I
live on a farm, do all my work, and have
three little 8la to take careof. I am
recommending this Inedicine to In,
friends and know it will help them f
they use It like I do." - Mrs.HERBERT
LONG, R. R. 8, Box 7, Larwill, Indiana.
Many women k about thek work
when It is a great e rt. They are al.
ways tired out and have no ambition.
When you are in this condition give it
Prompt attention.
Take dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compoun , for it is especiallY ada 4
to correct such troubles, as It did for
Mrs. Long.
Death only a matter of short time.
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incurable diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
The world's standard renedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles--the
National Remedy of Holland since 1696.
Three sizes, all druggists.
Lok fFr the name Cold Medal on eae bo
and accept no imltation %
o. burnje or scaly lhh.
and to Me10e" Inflamma-.
S tion andesorenese se "Mitchell
Eye salve becord(nir to dfrse.
tin.S e. healinig.
141 Waverly Flace Now Taft
Cuticura Tal
is Fragrant E
Very Healti
Soap 25e, Oiamt 25 and 50c, T
Going Some.
-A darky wans on the witns..
testifying as to a shooting scrape.
Graphically he told how thle prisoner
drew a revolver, shooting at one
George Henry andl~ himself, and of
how they ran to save their lives.
"How fast did you run'" he was
"Fs as I couldl, sur !"
"And how~ fast (d1( George Henry
"How; fast? Boss, if dat boy had
eat eggs fo' breakfast he would of
flew~ !"--Amlereanl Legion Weekly.
Bomne folks think cantor oil should follow
a dose of Verifug#. Not necessary witb
Dr. Peery's. it-a a "Dead Shot" for W'.orms
and Tapeworm. One dlose cleans them out.
372 Pearl Street, Newr ork Cty--Adca.
The Proof.
The Flitterbys had but recently re
turned from their honeymoon aL'd.
taken possession of thleir new home~
Said Mr. Fitterby one evening, s
he glanced about tihe (dining room: ''I
y'ou know, my dear. I canl scarcely real
ize that we are really and truly mar.
"In~ that case." returned Mrs. Flit
terby with a wicked smile, 'just loob
over these bills, darting, and you'll
hav noE doublt whatever.-"-hilad(ek.
pia Pubie Ledger.
The Tie That Binds.
Krlss-"Is the mnarriage contrae
binding?" Kr.'ss-"Yes; 'it keep's a
man strapIped for lif."
Nevada has the fewest womien ii
proportion to total po.pulatio'n of an:
of the states.

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