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g.60 a Year invariably in Advane
atered at f ickens, S. C. Post
Se'wond Cas Mail Matter.
GARY IMOTT, Editor and Mgr.
I wish t't thanIkl" you, one and all,
for the vote y(ou gave me inl the
(le-ti11 in 1918. when you elected me
your Supervis'r. I have served you
honestly an( conscienitiously and it is
I or you to ay whether or not I have
.ade tre d. I have vivenn he ofiTce
my full time anI un 1;vi-d attention.
If you approve of th:e service that I
hhve reltr ( Iu'. t -e re: and
n half yewr, I xm h)a (ur sup
ervisor, I will apnree~ak your vote
and supp.:."t f-' :v v:ti-n1 <. th
29th da.N f Au::ust.
I ret":rt that I Lan bn unable
te call up:>n cach (i ya in p2r:en,
1.ut owing to v1n aCcitident n th' e
2-th day of July. in whieh I fi.li fror.
a bridge on whirh I was wcr!ing and
Itislocated my kree. fI'-inz me to
use crutches, I have been unable to
get around. F(. this ason alt.re I
have been unabtle t' F(e you ml will
ppreciate Il l vy ic reih --e-1 in In
behalf en the 2th of Augtust. Re
* gardless of any inf rmation th1a. you
may have hitd fr-m any soure.. with
refrree. to the fl'ai-r; of the c.1u.
tv. w:ll say that i'iekene c-nty is in
the best shape she has hedn in in a
long tine and nor:e work has L. en
accomipishod 11his :.ear than ever be
fore in -n sta)->nl suf:iciem furds
in sight to carry the vork up to J.ar..
The boks ar irpen ft,:. i..nspee1on
ly ANY130DY ANY TiM 1 and th
C(lerk1- will be glad to gi-:e you eny
infornaton yru may desire.
Respectfully yours,
J. T. ile.Kinnley,
The following geteral informatior
of Pickens county may prove of in
teres-t to our citizens:
Picke'ns County is situated in th<
nior'thwectstern part of the State. I
has an ara of 529 square miles an<
1,polat' of 28,329, jpf whicl
21,761 is classed as rural. Tie por
ulation p.r1 scujzr mih. equais 53.
v-hich is sligh ly below the averav:
of 55.2 for the State.
The surfale(' of the land is rollii
ic hilly and t i. mmis., a
fairly w cultivate . 'The chief ir
d stiy is arieu ar<. (. ! c t n
the prinii al r-ie
Ias1ley- is tly rinci -I t~ anI it
popitlation i.- ,.5 . ' I-s:e w ih
VSevt. I.ilo ert'. w. Ih a p:. :i!al...
1,7(1, i5 the -- ud t w I in I it i~
(Calhoqun. N"Zon is : I :.ile ari
eoetod smal twns.~ t'-.silt
The to I et e-e fe:t t aii:o: rtadla
'the ICad l~Ii :'. le17. ieltou
wit tnds weril:.surac e2 fets tin
and is eimaoecditi. Th-, :.ed.M
wler of i uiS rodc, iNo 0, wat
ofwhColina m'. Th:e St roa
*L*These conty fores awtI had con3
eeption Jaryo 1th2 tpe sil typi
road arc iut sona'o -rang. ~sei fron
Thletn r e frunligy l t, ikn
N.9 162e, was3 eilpleed in 192t
164, 6.98 moile tufae Federal Aid h
i nd $31in26.42 cndition7.58 TheFedt
ealy AdOn thise to ect, No. theyw
$31,e37.4. grdect .76 wals, a .
miles havte bead sfacens to Jth
d Nth tCaroclinao'n. ofThe roar w
Grenville County forces and as, comf
plte in Jalnsuty i922 teieer
* . ~Iyrd einge22,16.68 View of tehie
oaarhwin this'alo'rSald 'e.: Tl'i
Bullmaetn Tha he radinieaiek
* en othe North Carolina line Proje
vbNo 6, 4l93 ml,car an ProjcN
164, 6.98 vileso ~t~e Fedra Ad he
peldy. ocales tafcwill'preser
with, th1922. toiwic o
pWint the rteto of te ra frn
lech tn Picears.Cut s xrm
light TraficJo The GreenleEa
per da. A ne brid evisopr.ps
Mrs. W' N. Gantt has return
to her hone in Hnze!.Lurst, Ga., aft
visiting friends and relatives for tv
weeks. -
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Cartee visitt
'at the hc-me of her niece, Mrs. P.
Mr. and Mirs. Samson Jones ar
faniiy kof Easley were spend-ti
(lay guests of Mrs. N. E. Hughes.
lliss Annie Mae Crane of Libert
was the week end guest of her cousi
Miss Early Rogers.
Miss Li!a Grc.cei of Greenville sper
last wveek with relativcE and friend.
31Ms Iessie G~antt is on a visit t
h-, Cunt 'Vlrs. C. J. Bull or Qreen
3Miss Dorscy Hughecs and sisters o
PieRers were week-cnd visitors at th
home of 'Mrs. Sam Hughes.
Mr. ariA Mrs. N. W. Masters an,
family were dinner gues of Mr. ani
Nirs. Juko Gilstrap.
Mir. a:;,l Mrs. D. Z. Pressley visita
rebttiv ;'in Pendleton last week.
Mr. and Mirs. P. T. Nelson v'-site<
in th< .Mountain View scetien during
thec week end.
Our B. Y. P. U. , still progressint
v:th 1ir. Frank Hughes as president
.ti; Miss Early Rogers, Mae Car
jin'(. Bllnehe Simpson and Mr
Aubrey Rgeers as group captains
Mleets every Sunday evening begin
r at 5:20.
R'.viv. service's begin here the 'l
'u:lay in August. Rev Jack Stanell
11will ,sist our pastor,.J. A. Davis.
Will st-p. Hoping that not any
cf our writers will get bitten by
th Ie'aful' snakes of Pickens coun
t I
All p):rsons interested in the come
tzry at Friendship church please com,
Saturday morning, August 19, witl
'uitable tools for clean'ng off th
e nn.te' ry.
CARBIDE for sale at A. A. Moon
store cheaper than you can order i
FOR SALE.-One Ford Tourir
Car, 1919 model, in good conditioi
One second hand buggrv' and harnes
Will consider trading Ford for gor
horse or sell chean for cash or got
rvpers. C. E. Robinson. Peiken.
C- 4t
All persons holding claims again
the estate of the late Clarence
Craig, must prcsent the same, du
F roven, on or before the 1st day
September, 1922, or be debarred pa
Ilent; and all persons indebted
said estate must make paymtent
b(Ifot the ab(.-e date tf 0.
0. C. Kith,
* IN f.\NN(!:E'TCY'
I:' the n.t 'erj of .John F .Allg
T1 the credLi to.s of 'J ohn F". Alia
of Ensk y in thei. Ceunty4 of Pice'
an i i ) et ni('.erli, a hankrupt:
N'.e is i h.:ehi'. given that onl I
liathlay of A ugust A. D., 1922,
aMii Jilhn F". A~igoed wasI duly adjiu:
cat ed bankrutt ;; and that the 1ir
- mo'itng c.t his credlitorts wji he he
in the (l e cil'co the referee, :n Griee
v'ille, S. C., on the 24th day of Au
o.st AX. D)., 122, a~t 11 o'clock in t1
fC enicn, at which timc the sa
claims, api:aint a tr'ustce, exami
the saidl bankrupt, and transact su
- te bsns as may pr'oper'ly cor
beoesaid meeting.
E. M. BLYTH10,
Referee in Bankruptcy,
Greenville, S. C.
August 9, 1922.
InteDistric't Court of the Unit
.For the esterni District of Sou
.. Carolina.
- In the matter of Nna Fay Alilgoc
l Ennkrup:.
To the credlitor's of Nor i F"ay A
good of Easley in the Couin' crigi.
ens, and/ Distict af' r'esaid, a b~an
Notice is hereby given that on tl
4th dIay. of Auigust A. D). 1922, i
said Nina Fay' AIlgoodl was (duly a
judic(ated bankrutpt ; and1( that the fir;
iuceting of' her ('reditor's will be( hel
in the oiffice of the 'eferte0, in Greer
us A D,1902, at 11olockh nt
forenoon, at wvhich time the said ed
itors may itend, pr'ove the ir claim!
aprpoint a trustee, 'examine the sait
bankrupt, and ti'ansact surh othe
busines~s as may p~roper'ly come be
fore said meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy,
Greenville, S. C.
Augrust 9, 1922.
ed COUNTY OF PIOKEN8S1.. .. _.
er .We, S. H. Lusk, J. T. Lusk and
?o Guy D. Kelley, hereby give notice
,tat we will apply to W. Banks Dove,
,d Secretary of State, on- the 22nd day
-. of August, 1922, to be incorporated
id for .the purpose of carrying on a gen,
ie eral contracting business in the City
of Piekens, S. C., said corporation to
y be known as the Lurk Construction
n Company end capitalizcd in~ the sum1
of $10,000.00.
t . S. H. Lusk,
J. T. Lusk,
0 Guy D. Kelley,
- August 15, 1922. It
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application trN. A. Christopher
Esq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
County, in the State of South Caro
lina, on the 26th day of August, 1922,
at 11 o'clock, in the forenoon, or as
soon thereafter as said application
can be heard, for leave to make final
settlement of the personal estate of
Julius R. Smith minor, and obtain
discharge as Guardian of said estate.
R. L. Smith.
(Complaint Served)
Abe R. B. Stewart and Jo;dy Dee K.
Stewart, Plaintiffs,
L. S. Griffin, R. P. Prince, Margaret
Elizabeth Elear.or Burten and Pick
ens Bank, Defendants.
. To the defendants above iamed.
e You are hereby summoned and re
o ouircd to answer the conplaint in
e thik action which is herewith serve-]
up'cn you, an(l to serve a copy of
--vur answer to the saitI complaint,
s (n the subscriber at his office on
t. the publ'e rquare at Walhalla Court
House, South Ca olina, within twenty
de dys aft.!r the service hereof. exelu
sive (f the day cf such service; and
>d if you f-dl to answer the ,comipiaint,
d within the time aforesaid, the plain
S- tiffs in ths ae-ion will aplryr to th'2
Court for the relief deman-ed in the
Dated at Pickens Court House,
this 10th day of August, 1922.
R. T. Jaymes,
Lt Plaintiff's Attorney.
l . S. Stcwart, (Seal) C. C. P.
of -
To the absent defendant, Margarei
- Elizabeth Eleanor Burton: Pleasq
to tke notice that the summons am
Oi complaint in the above entitled actiol
v. ere filed in the off'ce of the Cleri
of the Court of Common Pleas o
Piel:ens County, Scuth Caroliia, Gi
the 10th d. of August, 1922; tha
~ Ihe pur:'-:e of thiL- atti n is the par
ton ( f theV re-3 estate described .it
th" er min'iint. belong..in to) the es
I te c f Partben-y Stewart, deceased
'he noper iir (1emand is mad'
agins yo(u n ..I en 0fh heirs a
DiTatedi Aug:u.-t 1. e.2
he('' pini.-t Ser .-ed.)
be E- .: OF ?OUTH C \ROL1I-NA
11 D) P.. Taylcr, Plaintiff,
n- .agains=t
g- Susan L. Hleo ',be, indiv'dually~ am'
h s execuIn ix ef the will of C. A
id Holeombe; Susan L. Davis, Corri<
M' Tay!o r, .J. B. Holecmbt a~nd S. R
ne Kollev, Defendants
oh To the Defendants above nam'ed:
noC You are hereby summnicd and re
ciuiredl to inswer. the comphal&'in'. in thh~
actioni, of which a copy: is herewiti
served upcn1 you. and to serve a copy
of your answer to saidl Compla':nt or
the subscriber at their office Pickens
South Carolina, within twenty days
after the service hered, exclusivt
of the dlay of' such service; and ii
you fail to answer the Complaini
within the tinme aforesaid, the plain.
tiff in this action will apply to t
Court for the relief demandedl in the
Carey & Carey,
11 Plaiattif's Attorneys.
0.5. Stewnrt, C. C. P.
-Dated Auut14, A. D. 1922.
e T the Iabsenlt de(fenidant, Susran L.
- TaI otc t hat Lie summomrs, of
t hieh ti e above l.a r. cpy, and the
dcomnpI:innt in thd' above statedl case
-wa~ file I in the office of the Clerk
~- of Cour't. for Pic.!enis County onth
a i itk (day of August. 1922, and bcth
I- the said summions an-l complaint, are
new flWn file in that office, and you are
ri hereby required to answer the same
-heundersigned at their ofiei h
town of Pickens, South Carolina,
within twenty, (lays r fter the service
of saidl summons upon you.
,Carey & Carey,
Flaintiff's Att, utefs
Good News A
Notw-ithstanding the Net that
higher this fall, and in most Cases
Don't be sared about hir
We bought 'most of our fail goods
fall than ever before,
Griffcn. Clothes. Stetu l ,
Eid:ott Shoes, Carhart *is,
ing Machines, Chnse City iagew,
Oxfords for both ladies and m
Our walk-Over Oxfords for fall and
$3.00 and $4.00.
- The home of Walk-0
Stetson hats, Inter-wov
Home Sewing Machinei
Lady Corsets.
Clotliig, Shoes, I
Candidates' cards of the ordinary
length run under this heading unti
first or second primary for $7.50 each
payable in advance.
I am a candidate for re-election t<
Congress from the Third Congress
ional District, subject to the rule!
of the Dfnocratic Party.
I am running for Congress Thir<
wongressional District, subject to thi
rules of the Democratic party.
Subject to the rules of the Demro
cratic party, I am a candidate for th,
nomination to Congress from th
Third District. Am thirty-six year
old. A graduate In Agriculture fror
Clemson College. Educated mysel
on money made working in the Ninet
Six Cotton Mill. Am endorsed by th
Gr(eenwvood County Democratic Cor
vention, by business men, labor an
by farmrers. Sam H1. Sherart
J. S. .EOP.ARD is hereby annour
c el as a candidate for the office
State. Ser~ator' from Pickens Count
in the a pproaching primary, subjet
to the rules an:l regulations of th
JOJTN E. CR~AIG is herebyv ar
nouce as a candidate for' Stat
Sena~te fro Pic'e's county subjeet
to the rules of the Demoernatic part
n. tr~e approcthing prima.ry elctioi
J. O. WILLIA~sS is hereby a'
Oounecd c as a (4andi'late for reelIectio
as representative~ from Pickens coun
y in the State House of Representa
tives. subject to the rules of the Dem
ocratic party in the appr'oaching pri.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the House of Represen
tat ives from Pickens County, subje~e
to the rules and regulations of th
Democratic party in the approaching
primary. J. M. GARRETT.
The friends of A. B. FORTNE.
hereby announce him as a candidat
for the house of representative
from Pickens county, in the ap
proaching primary, subject to thi
rules of the Democratic primary.
ar nouned~ as a candidate for H ouse
of ,I.Rpresentatives from P'itken.
County, subject to the rules of the
Democratic party in the appr'oaching
primary elections.
IW- E. FIND)LEY is herthby an
nou11ned as a'ecandIidat( for meminbe r
of the State House t.f Re'pr snta
.......rom Pickens County, subj(.et
to the rules and regulath)e of '1w
Democratic party in the approaching
primary election.
I hereby announce myself a c'andli
date for Probate Judge of Pickens
County, subject to the rules and recg.
ulations of the Democratic party in
the approalching primary.
R. A. HUDSn.
Than' Last Fall
o tton is brineing much. higher brice
w ,l be char thant a year ago.
pr ices . They will no. be higher at thl
, basis of 15e cotton, and will be
er s-ewi ana inte~rwov'en 11sic
ver, Red Riding Hood 'and
en hosiery, Gr'iffon Clothes
, Iron King Stoves, Chas<
l[ats anid G ents' Furitish in
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
I hereby announce myself a cand
date for reelection as Probate Judg
of Pickens county, subject to .the rule
and regulations of the Democrati
party in the approaching primary.
CAPT. ELIAS DAY is hereby al
nounced as a candidate for the offic
of Probate Judge of Pickens Count
a subject to the rules of the Democri
tic party in the approaching primar;
I hereby announce myself a cand
I date for Probate Judge of Picker
County, subject to the rules of thl
Democratic Party in the approachin
primary. W. D. GRIFFIN.
W. E. STEPHENS is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for the offit
s of Superviior of Pickens County, sul
ject to the rules and regulations <
the Democratic party in the approacl
y ing -primary.
0 J. T. McKINNEY is hereby ai
nounced as a candidate for'reelectic
to the office of Supervisor of Picker
-County, subject to the rules and r'e;
-- ulations of the Democratic party
tie app)roaching pg'imary.
L HENRY M. PHJLLIPS is he,-el:
n2(UI teed as a1 candid-ite for~ S~upe
"f PI-cke;ns co~imty, subjiect
t e 1:s.f the Demr:.rat': lparty
he nnproaching prhrary election.
Haver~ a de:nte to be the: he:
Superigior Pickenfs Count:. Ever ha.
ndht~e-org:!by mn reifo
flrtpart.. of the e. unty to ru
e thte ofliec. I hereby* ann ami-e nny
-ts:a candtiida te for th~e tWiee er su;1
y ervor of Riclens C.ounty. r'ubjec't t
he rules of the Democratc parts
No~w ifvyou vwant the biggest and bes
. uevorthe county ever ha~d vot
-for n'e ia the Augu:st primar'y.
- W. S. MASTERS is hereby annour
- cd as a candidate for County Comn
r issioner of Pickens County, subjec
to the rules and regulations of th
Democratic party in the approachin.
- primary.
e G. WASH B3OWEN is hereby an
n founced as a candidate for Commis
sioner of Pickenas County, subject ti
the rules and regulations of the Dem
Socratic primary.
0JA MES JT. HIERD is htreby.annn
ee cblly friends as a candidate foi
- Ommission'er. of Pickens5 County
a sub oct to the rulks of the Democratic
party in the app~roc.ching primary.
J1. A. FINLEY is hereby annouinced
as, a candidote for reelectioni as Com-.
missioner. of piekens County. subject
to the rules and regula~tions5 of the
Democr~atic Party in the approac hing
.1- I. J. ANTHONY is hereby an
nlounrced as5 a canldidate for' the( offhe
,f County Commissioner.~ o Pickens
'oupty, suhfiect to the rules and rec'
I laiti(:rs 1of the Demoncratic party in
the appreac*hing pr'imary.
I'rie'nds of JAS. A. SMITH hereby
a'miounce him as a candidate for
County* Cenm issioner of Pickens
county, subject to the rules of the
Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself as a
cendidate for county commisioner
in the approaching primary, subject
to the rules of the Democratic party,
t han a year ago, goods will be no
1 store for the next six 'months anaway.
i a better position to serve you this
r y, Walk-Over, Red Ridding Hood and
I s, Iron King Stoves, New Home Sew
a great many cases, in place of sho.es.
Also cheaper nes io retail at $2.50,
Thwre's a reason.
rs & Co.
Endicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New
City buggies, American
Goods a Specialty
e W. L. DICKSON is hereby announ.
ced for Magistrate of Central Town
ship subject to the rules of the Dem
ocratic party
J. D. MAU-LDIN is hereby announ
ced as a candidate for Magistrate oi
Central Towni'p, subject to tli
rules of the Democratis party in the
approaching primary elce.i..n.
J. M. BRAZEALE is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for cotton
weigher at Pickens, subject to the
- rules of the approachine; :.:tion.
- J. C. JENNINGE is her2L, an.
I neunced as a candidate for cotton
- weigher at Pickens, subject to the
ules of the approaching election.
n1 State o
is Dawson
After -a
n aw, a -
'rn to t:
T tnTo thelH-n. J. I,. Johcn J.:d.o o
- .e Supeir C(.of' Said County:
lhe petition U 'e L. Looper-, of
S s t. That he is t;e Guar'dian of
e ill T om~ Looper, Lucile Looper and
Jn Franksil Looper, heretofore duly
app~lointedl as. sucha Guardian in the
County, of Pickens, and the State of
South Carolina.
2ndl. That he desires to sell for
- resnvestimnent !at. priv'ati -sale thel
-following real estate belonging to
saidl wards: The undivide(' ':. 4A&
inlterest in and to the Dorca
lcey lan:l necar the Etowah,
Da.wson Co., Ga., compost
acr'es, more or less, con
Dorcass A. Bailey by Wmi.
and] being in thie 4flh Dist
-first section of said county.
3rd. Sa'd property has p~aid no
rents or' profits.
4th. Petitioner. desires to invest
the proceedls from s'aid sale in Liberty
Bonds, or Treasury* Certiictes, cr in
a small farm on th" public highway
near Silver Cliy in Forsyth County,
5th. Petitionecr shows that notice
of h>s intention to make this applica.
tion has been p~ublishedl for four
weeks in both the Cosmopolite in
Dawson County and the Pickens Sen
tiwel papler in Pickens County. South
Carolina. Be ing the news paners in
both ecunties in wvhich c unty aver
ti e~ments are usually published as re
cuired by law.
Joe L. Liloper, Guardian.
Sworn to an:l subscribedI before me
this 26th day of July: 1922.
Sam B. Craig,
Notary Public for Pickenq County,
South Carolina. My commission
expires at the will of the Governor.
Sell the Jriginal Watki
Goodl city territory stiil
our wocnderful Uecer and fr.
Wr':te + vv. Ti-e J. R. Ws
Dept. 70, New York, N. Y

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