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Exte'ialon Departimont. Mpody
Uible Instituto, Chicago.
TPXT-Gotl is not the author of con.
lfusion.-i Cor'. 14:33.
.1y noriialcy is meant n conlltion
not extrente. Now when Is the soul iI
it Condition nRot ex
trene'? A lost soul
Is am)110a1111. Sill
vatIon Is nioraIRIlcy.
And Its characeter
Istles Ilre not djIli
etilt to Irice.
1. Spi rit till n lor
runtry hans not, and
111t ears o t JOINig
11.tion.t Ifr yotur
sills bil\'e 1141011 I'e
niii td 1ten there
is nII judilleilt. till
16t o v )t l itt'Tit .t ion
"verily. verily I say unt114 you. li that
1hearethl 11ny wordi and hivethl I'n himn
that sen it', h lit everbistiig life
$11i h1111 111. t 4 1 tt n int II4 .i11dginIi t ." ,
4.1101hn1 5:2-1). "There is, tlihrefore now
no votiting14 into Iht l oin viel'tu ilg ItuLg
2ent to Itlln whi b I iti (' rist
The sensl of' guilt ori ol' re: I Is
Al proof of, abn rnlity o' 1t' sluit .
All d14ssss til abl.'lf is
rured ill i t'ri. fior ii li i fi t- th -I.
e l'ig fIr ' eryg sii ding theI'1 tiht,
Word :11141 e,1
2. Spiriii im inti sv clio tiliot Rit
iio1' ulv sp airitu 'l life. N ' int' Is it
Pi b-iI' tI l 4 u blIit t hil I i r y'ing
processes tof' le a44 tl. ir u11i inn
Ri rs for Npiril11 life. 11h111 If wouh
-4. la'SNible (o I lItiiu I siness pros
pf'rity bly plolishing the knoilhs tad
s1tliges f ti n - ha11 I [111 ll t e , i t Is
thttor lo l it' a sClil 4t1 lbt' "ol' in
timpos(it and .sil.
t . slirii 1i4l l lirliiIl'-ty in t t '.
iith t I . r '. 11 jnituan
'114 i r ti ' derIt litb savedil . F'r
slivtionl l i - a iiplyu t11 1:trulist. ull t
'in " li e" unt a in iy (;twt ali
(l ilig 1h1l |11 his got141'iilt'ss or sit -
Itit'i is in hin , h't"'' w sI l 444 it niot
ask Utit l t11t' a'' wer! fr'lt'tuIlhit
ut'i'ly 1 ;41 a1 hI n4 i' l "th e I lo gt's
id~vtR4 o 'it" he Will be saying "our
Ettitr.".\prayerh-vss lIfI'( is eitherj~
Aptie fIl s h vai s self-sullhilcy, r
els1 Of th' 1141ll' of despa141 i,'t l wit al
X.ucht is 1111tirl 5;RII.
4. Spirlittliat tiortuit1ley has spir-itual
tielightls. Youl titust.; expect i a t 11 t)
Pdfer ittshly eliglit's if he It'l Ilever
b 11 b1or tii gi. Ile hlus lot lklow
Whait Npliitual delight, jr. s w%.(I
mit i nt tal b1r.l nt''l or bliit hlk!
e to dt%tt to k 'ow instlt 1i114. and slI:
S li. i it 11u 1411 l i s 1'Sit '
9Afthe b a (le. rrtun441's, of :' nor theIlr
Wlitor into 1the fru't'itfuhties of inli
unitiner it would be. limoret iIn on
trust than' for him t) sl o ut ti'of IOR
d it'y delights, goIod 1111(.i 1111111 ligh
rn toe "theQi JIy of the t 1.ori:1." AhRR it
t 'eI he r '1,r al I wayv" is
SS" pvir nia I lit1ina l e ty,
5.u S iritual or Staily 1-i I bll 3hab .
olnieng buinessli isphere onsidered
Rthe' ; oul to t(ll -in toraey tutiihls
of garae, flis spiitullrly.opeos
Wha is gis I ret .r"h
iThes of111 ircieIlet ino thfiri
R l iit o of ch 'urc 't lli'e t't lC ttfeolaiig*
a prpriott of tre, not, glif li' goe
wlth erie. willbe Clit'ugh glr ce) to'
tel ofh i1111 heof rceh invn ('hris
k ies." ogs ui fudtle
mih wha'te In thIs w'esc r un "All
tingsli are orge Ah.l 7the soulinr
1,o0rtuly must 11ever14 In iteur ith
hat 3n hpreistininhat the cu'b of
doorlned age.1 206Inthe heis'nl srceha
h e brmucasbtrate a3hl o' Riie' lgrlau
lodges0 s-ied. Iswllmre
muchs hegreu'eavewish th.and maiyo
th ~rdbes u nit"i t'ea
In Fail Undergarn
W HICN the subject of undergar. ol
mients comnes up for discusAlon e(
the first thing to be settled Ia what hi
sort of material Is to be used. The Ie
choice lies between silk and fine cotton. ti
In silks crepe-back satin, radium and ni
crepe de chine halve won the contidende g,
of buyers. In cottons there are tine In
smooth mu11siltis, balste, nainsook and si
eottoni erepes to choose fron an the to
lnst mentioned seeis to be naking an c4
alssutred )in1ce for itself,. so
The taIllored styles preval, whileh 11
means that trimmings, other than those ba
x- -Q#
madeo of the interials are very spar- fil
nI.nLly used. lin tucks in parallel rows It
and plced in groups, or box tucks el
are featuires of the decoration in the
tallored styles. FIreneh knots, insert I
cords and very nart1-row, stiur dy e(g- iI
ifrs play excellt'it parts iI them also. S4
('h1emilse -viih st ep-ini (ra wers, or with si
kniekers to ta1111lh. answer the demandl (;
for aittractive andt confortale under- i
WN1ia1. fA
Cotii ereines al ailored styles ai
w\iII interes it 5141sit.. who Ire.( providinug it
(1uttits for yoting women and yls' c
schtiool wear, for two good( reasons. 0]
Latideriig mui Ist ho considered 1111
silks retiuire ai liiihi sein'i care in
wvashuing-ajihithogh it is veriy eafsy to 0
do thletm. Them oilher reasn1(i 1s that. it
Is nettier for' thle school girl to lav e il
too little than too muiach of the lux- i
urlies in her wartdrobe and, to many ir
p1eopile, silk unidergatrmeunts are stIll pj
A luxury. At the right of the picture ~a
a chemise and kniekers are shtown, of s
pink cotton crepe, which aunswers per- I
fectly for schnooi wear.s
A very practical sllp is shtown at ti
thle left of the pIcture. Tflh hasa
provedl a ver~y convetilent garment, v
suIted to the current styles In drtesses, a1
and is often mfadle of saiteen. Ian the
sheerer miaterlals it usually hasq a hIm. ni
depth hemi or double paInels ait the ti
back and front, for shadlow-proof de- so
vices. Tihe slip lpictured IS Iitendedl
to be worn uinder slheer dresses andul
the body is irovided with a front
panel of lace.
Ono may turn the back on a iny.
p'" -ww--- -
me School Coats
Is suumer and Journey content.
Ily collegeward, outfitted with a
ndsonie coat like that shown at the
rt of the two illustrated. When the
ne comies to go, there is nothing
Ire consoling to one of the younger
ieration than i pilece of fetching
illinery an( a wrap that is ilp'es
; and here is the limilt of richness
be lIlowed the college girl. The
at halts the hn1ll mnarks of the sea
n's styles in its low. bloused waist
e. its trinmning of very narrow silk
nds and its loose straps. The fluffy
r-naittral op),ssum-exactly suitec
youth, imaukes inchainting colair and
There are miiny deep-plie fabrics
Vith n1111nY now name1ls) inl continigs,
:11v tip lunto garilinits of the dressler
ort. Cots are hmse with full
voves :ancd furl telmnnings are- abun
liltly used', huit soltme of t h atil live
'1p rolling collars of the mtaterial,
lled a little at the hack. Linings
'v utinlly inade of silk (re1e, often
a color cttI 'zrat Inug with that inl the
mt, Uan1d this gi ves tho designer Un1
>port1liiy to) add n1 thivor (if youth
a richi gairiteilt.
thie lpi iture, reveails the fine ha nd
lie expert' designer of vilothI es for
IC young, it is ai st raighL~t-line milel
mt zldvi icintes thle ret urn of the nor
ai wa51is line and] z neetinptlishies its
iirliost adr4 itly wvithi a ioose belt in
contrstin matrbd.The ngla
lvsarethsIze wih nve
s(ff rithe lrge cloath-covie rabut
mi. TJhet collar may13 be fastened up
bout the nleck, andl~ this coat looks
.lry Cilpule as a barricadle against
I1 kinds of winter weather.
The hat If' wool yarn is crochlet'ed
141 trlimmled with n braided hand of
in wool, end~inig in two short, ftull tas
A cvmra naa.vna..
CThe Kitchen
(@. 1922, by western Newspoaper Union.)
Dates are readily digested and when
eaten witl nu3ts ito furnish nitrogen
and fat, the c)nItinaItion l is In almost
Perfect food.
She alone Is mistress of her art who
has nothing left to throw away.
It IS pienstant to try s1inue well
recominended reelpes, without slight
Ing 1t141se whllehl
- ave long been
- use in the 1at1
0 ily, for somletimles
wet find oin. which
welke .4o well
th t t i Is tiulfdell
to) the .nwrtill fam11
-' Ily cook hook.
Plum Catsup.-Tuke one-half peek
of bitte plunms, ole pint of vinegr,
.hni1f thle we-iight of the plumIIS In suigar
--less if lIked less 'eet. Ad at table
Spo1fulI each of cloves, einnaInO1l aiul
alulSpee, tIed in a m:urslin cloth.' Boll
togetheri, strain through a cohinder
Alnd boll aIgin untitil of the right con
Apple and Pepper Sauce.-Cl iin
ripe, turt apples In thick slIces, plie
in layers wIth sliced green pe)eI1'rS,
11sing onile-Iif dozen peippers to one
dozen apples; and ove. erch layer
tpriniikle salt, using one-hartlf cupful.
Tie int it inusill cloth one teaspoonu
Of Ce1rtshed cloves, Iiace. peppercrns.
aid nasturtrtim seed, one etipllll ot
sigar and tiiee pints of vinegar:1 pour
bolling hot over the apples six mtn
ings. Then senl.
Chili Sauce.-oll to.gether five (-III
flls of vintegaIr, t tlofoonfuls of
stlt and( one cupful of sugar. Ilien :mid
twenty-four large rip tomato1s. three
red peppers, and seven onions, all put
through tht ment grinder. Cook tint!
hltir. hottle and seal.
Green Apples and Onions.-Silee
greentI lelis, usitg dozen pll les o1
three gool-sized 4io1ns, cI lok the
0tlonis iII a littie fit unt1l i sotnrewlat
soft, then I(dd the pples un11pt-lvedh;
conk until nlearly done, then add a lit
tit. sugar, stilt aindi a <hsh of enyenni1e.
Serve as t vegele With pork 4114ops
or steak.
Canning Young Peets.-Wash and14
triin, leaving two Inches of siim on1
each to kiiep them n m blding.
Cook until tedltir, skill a1ni1 place inI
Jars with two htespoon1fuls of sugar
to-enich qulart, an1d one 1(te1spooniftti of
salt. Met .i*rs linto a kettle of water
and sealn1nt tight ; COOk in the wvater
for an hiour. Senl aind set In the cel
br for winter use.
Tie best tings are nearest-breath
inI your nostrils. light in your eyes,
flowers at your feet, dluties at your
h3tan. the path of God just before ym.
ThIn (11, not grasp at t1w star s4, hot (10
life's 14laIn, i'(timo wo)rk as it Conmes,
c(.rta in that dal. y duties tnd( 41:411y
hiltniad ark tile sweetest. things of life.
1.41d l Ioughton.
to b lin iiLd' in 4414'.5ionally1,. Cut
from t'in to iine Ieaso wel an
he 1t3nder aind Juley with this, .>w
Stuffed Steak.--rinda a 1pound of
round44 (of beef4' thlr'quh th !inent4fl .rrin4l.
w~ii 'ith n 411.. l'repa:re a1 br'omI stt.
hng :4n1 for I" 'ultry. greaseI '' ern II anst1
Put in3 a layer of the bneat, thenti f the
dlresing 31144 Ilstly a1 layer 4.f the4
crushed'4 ip i' urran I'1 ts, one4'4t cupful (Ig
sugar, I' tto 4u ols ainch of salt
two4 tabh-spoonf4u1 itls 44f tlouri a41m4 (41
of enhl14 water 'l. ( 'ook until1 53mooth i
and44 thick. ('444l andii till a1 ha3ked4 shell.
('ove'r w~ih a1 mterinlgue 3143414 of if'le'
two4 4'g. wites', with three('4 tab~lspoon
tfuls of l)owdereI'd suIgar' diot with1 lf
11 do4zen4143 mrSirI:Ilows and14 bro'wn
lihtly inl tihe (oven, If (IurraI~n
cru'1shed i 44uI~t u p freshi withi stieari
ar' Ilsedi, 4one1 111d41 (4ne-ha4 I l tt'pf
Tomatoes d' Uxelles.-Suff toma131
t4)4is ,w ih any <leIred'4 filling til hmlk(
until tenlder. Co4~verl wIih bttered -1
crtunhas and4 jlace~ thI u1'ndhler the
gas flame to becoine31 3 goblen't brown.
Apple and Biaccberry Jeily.-Tor1
('achi la'4'k of red I~ astrakan4 aples4 aldd
three4 1pin)ts of blnnekherries. Co ok tie
herries and1( apples1 with iars lIttle wn
I er as5 posIble. 1raiun, but doi not
stignr' ts Julee 51nd1 ('ook unti1l It jgiis;
flrst cookling the jutice for t'n minuttes
before aldding the~ sugar I. If cajtrefuilly
maitde ft w ill be aI beati Ifut Ire~d. The
apples should14 be cored, hu11 1no4 paredl.
Cold Slaw.-Shred aI headI~ of cab
htge veriy flne, theni pour over the
followIng hllilng hot : one-half1 cupful
of vltnegeir, ai tabI0lspotonfut tf butter*.
Rlemov'e from thle het, 1dd 14aI beaten
egg 1a114 thre'e tabl~espi~oonflIs of sweet
cream11. Heno~ln with 1(al1 t nd muilstaird,
Depper4't and)4 sugtarI. Pou1r o4verI the cab)
hnge' hllineg hnt
4 {
-or Economica ransportatlrl
Chevrolet Seda&'
The World's Lowest Priced'
$ f.o. .
This car, with high grade Fisher Body on the celebrated New Ouperior Model
Chevrolet Chassis, is the most sensational value ever offercd in motoring.
Its artistic lines, harmonious two-color finish, refined appointments, mechanical
efficiency and four-door construction, make it the most desirable car for all who
seek year 'round service combined with small investment and economical
It is a truly beautiful car that offers the privacy and luxury of a limousine, at
less than the cost of most open cars.
Illustrations and description convey but a poor idea of this 1922 leader in values
and desirability. You must see It to realize what a wonderful buy it is at $860
f. o. b. Flint, Mich.
Comparisots Sell Chevrolet
Standard Rear Axle Construction. ometer, ammetk, oil pressure gauge,
Strong, Quiet Spiral Bevel Gears. lighting and starting switch, ad
Standard Transmission -throe choke pull.
speeds forward and one reverse. Standard Type of Carburetor, with
Standard Braking System-foot exhaust heater.
service brake, hand emergency brake. Powerful, Valve-In-Head Motor
Standard Electrical System-Start- the same type as used in auccespful
or, storage battery, electric lights. curs selling at much higher prices.
Standard Cooling System-pumpcir- Demoun table Rime-with extra rim.
culation, large, honey-comb radiator Many Other Advantages which will
and fan. be noticed on inspection, comparison
Standard Doors-two on roadster and demonstration.
coupe, and light delivery, four on
touring and sedan. Investigate the Difference
Standard Instrument BTard-speedy Before You Buy
Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan
oDivision of General weotors Corporation
World's Larest Manu. nhere arc 5,000Chevrolet
facturer of Low-nPricdd Dealers and ServiceStations
QUALITY AutomobileI Throughout the World
Dealers and Parts Depots Wanted
in all territory not adequately covered. Address
Chevrolet Motor Company
445 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia
S~lll~luT o ell YEARS
!"*T "'*" d'T'n. wrfa tan sach ucaldco.as Rins..te,
"T.tenirbue awith ors teodPesn ogv-laatt
t6ephen futnd" said the enr.taeGurtedDelvg
' u-." r foinr Snaor Hnogu inh ~n ulse
toakrnsoentl regI et "Yot udsoleanerso
wof1 utr yoap ry nd rub thos chaprslae
tlr Oin nirt.tl moe supleso
Oninm.n Iat ter popere to
thy obequ tetinvestcran." d
If SoupOinn an Tviinu. c s
"or'll toble ouo r teme m.is-__
Co."nadtepoCorrctdpTad. h
manm Feshio pnhnlhe b~os"~eween
the geyes. fAvnfnl Iqmme
"'o't it moiae wsth ayoi unr Necondt
h1md, asal theab fothadnkipng o th
-sthonwTrding rit." ATMR .o.Tu.40 .M
Cut ticura brohr, ot Hatnd!leo.l ndBrinlddono r
Swas probaln rtiinlg inte ht' su
of buefora Loapldr anldlto rub i - Cu-nrs
scriuta Ontm'nt.nRmoverurpsu
O Entmentlyt thing paper.Thss
Budy s lveyeas 1(1an ha a ansas farmerSfind tatfabuly
leaatif$l.come.month, otaer tay helen
was gongt(llethemtreecwith heor anre rbors
clgadaonn tlp 1m aig an veaI BAxgoheS, whe
"I'llg~ve ou $5 dortagt(lothson-roptore that axtnt.On
adl ulnake keep an ~gare freeo
"se, os," a~ Bbb, " 'oudnth pets T~nhe ulsnke s harmess,
fdsel tiatllorta.s~iDors nd mioun
barnor ran r, eevstepo
An ldbaheorsasthreIsl~teetono h famr
me ting weeer ttanlovIsnyungtIL' and idreas elator
Prlaaaadnthttosto wkee-plndaindantGSto
V~use~ sighe-.-I~otonTrascrpt. BETake. PCGate Aure LACg
Evey vek n onon t s st- 5n ItLIquicl vrcmsue0
plOO~oo arepawnd. bThA e opon published

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