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ReV E' Foster is onducting a
revival this week at Pleasant Grote
Mrs. W. S. Donaldson, of Washing.
ton, D. C., is visiting her friendiMrs.
A. J. Boggs, Jr.
Mr. W. C. Newton had his tonsils
removed last week by Dr. Carpenter
of Greenv'lle.
Miss Floride Carey, who works in
)V Atlanta, is spending a month with
her parents here.
Dr. and MNrs. A. B. Wardlaw of
Greenville we-re visitors in our town
last Sunday.
Everybody is pleased with the good
work bcing done on our town ceme
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. McKagen are
now living in the old Richey home
near the depot.
Mrs. C. T. Milholland and two chil
dren are with her sister, Mrs. Guy
McFall for several days.
Mr Palner from Florence is a
guest in the home of Mis. Vcsta Mc
Mr. and Mrs. )ouan fr.m Wash
irhgton, D. C., are the vuests of Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Folger.
The free tubercuk:is c1inic at Eas
Icy last weck was largely attended
and much gool ac.complished.
Mr. J. D. Elloinburg of Liberty
loute : was at the county stlt
on business Tuesday.
Prof. MeD. Weems will begin a
twelve-day singing school at Antioch
church August 2. Everybody invited
to take advantage of the school.
Mrs. M. F. Hester left Tuesday
noiring for Atlanta to be at the bed
side rf her daughtcr, Mrs. Stallings,
w'ho i. su.ieu.ly sick with bWood poi.
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.Ii ig us:.y cu pr.j', I p tiolls ath1)
R. E. Lewis, Prop
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th btteNprodUCe.
good fight of' 1
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anley n~ever~ is so,
war wages hot test.
"Freerwt the ams over 25]
little word "Nore
applied to the ext
.o1n glory! Se andq quahty.
world belongs In I
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The small a'
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an index of t' . .Yours i
the people.
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Bad25 pr.
1,200 mneav'
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:Not 4iy is th~oU'
* nhfttn t his 4o4D W,
t hot," wIatever that is.
The regular meeting of the W. C
T U. will be held on Thursday af
terncen, at ive o'clock with Mrs. R
E. Lewis. The progiam will be "Child
Mr. and fMrs. E. B. Ligon and baby,
of Boston, Mass., have returned home
after a mbnth's visit to his brother,
Mr T. T. Ligon, and other relative.
.in this section Mr. Ligon 's a sub
marine builder for Uncle Sam.
Mr. Lige Chastain has completed
his new dwelling house on the same
site as his former home. The new
dwelling is one of the handsomest and
most convenient in the upper part
of the country.
B. J. Tucker, who has been with
the Keowee Pharmacy for quite a
while, has resigned and be, -' eucceed
ed by the old reliable Greg T. Maul
din who will be pleased to have his
friends call in and see him any time.
Work on the school house is being
rapidly pushed and the sund of
the hammer is heard early and late.
This will be a much needed improve
nent and will add a great deal to
our town and community.
Prof. T. H. Campbell, who taught
the school here several years ago,
was in town for a day and night last
week. He now makes his home in
tlie "Land of the Flowers," but at the
present he is visiting relatives at
Supt. F. V. Clayton informs us thai
he has recently had a hearing fron
the teachers examination which wa!
held last spring. Of those examine&
three got first grade certificates, nnz
got second grade and twenty-five go1
thirq grade.
Rev. H1. F. Wright of Sunset ha!
returned home from Ocoree, county
wheie he assisted Rev. C. R. Aber
er.mbie in a meeting at Bcthk hen
church. Mr. Wt ight state(. that the,
had a wocd meeting with twity-ou
aidlitons to the church.
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li rst--we wcn't guess at it and fill th<
n e~e has taught us that meicn is
I be safe.
Phone 24~
Me Doing Bus*
ame Old Place
]Greenville market
lbs. 25c0,
Lbs priced according
'or trade,
3earr zz4nd
ed twb gentleman,
!brought the di (ake to Pick.
naS to have it workon by a taxi
dtrmist. 'rhe snake measured about
four feet in length and had seven
"In Old Kentucky" will -be shown
at the Alexaider Theae, Friday and
Saturday. AniiA St"art and all
star cast are in this great picture,
which has satisfieA more people chan
than any feature picture produced.
This picture is packed w'th thrils
and heart intei-est and a fine love
story. Seven big reels of an inten
sely interesting production!
Mr. Louie Morris, of Hartwell, Ga.,
accompanied 6y his wife, is spending
a few days in Pickens with the fau'nily
of his- uncle, Mr. A. M. Morris. Mr.
Morris is editor of the Hartwell Sun,
one of the best and most prosperous
weckly newspapers in Georgia. .This
is his first visit to Pickens, but he
states that) it will not be his lasr,
as he was greatly impressed and
pleased with Pitkens and -um.
ing country.
The League of Women Voters held
an interesting meeting at the court
house last Thursday afternoon. Af
ter some discussion of women in
politics they got down to the ieal
business cf this organization, which
is to foster an interest in civic and
school work. A civic committee was
appointed and will begin work by.im
proving the cemetery. The committee
of ladies who were appointed by the
town council for this purpose last
year will be asked to ccoperate waTh
-rs. F. E. Armstrong entertained
beautifully last week w-hen she was
hostess to the Thursday afternoon
Bridge club. Lovely pink roses were
used for dcoration and tables were
set frx th- followinv. M sans
M1ae Chiii-itoirlher, G. G. Chri: topher.
P. E. Wroodruff. J. C. Carey, J. P.
Carey, Jr., B. A. Hagoed. H. A. La
Boon, F. V. Clayten, J. H. Broce, 0.
C. Foous, H. L. Bvcns, 31isses Emily
Thcrnley and Maiy Green. Mrs. H.
L. Bivens piadc the highest score.
Messrs. Earl Seabern ain( Diamond
Darscy made a ccmbined business
and 1:!easurc trip to Knoxville, Tenn.,
last week. They went in a Fcrd and
Eail claims to have made the 241
milcs from Picketns to Kncxville in
eleven hours. While in thc Tennessee
city they wcnt to see a ball gamt
between Kncxville and Greenvillt
tcanis of the A ppalachian league. th(
formeri winning :3 to 0. Ccley Sca
born ij jlaying widh Kncxville and
in this game he knec-ked a home run.
ColIcy is playing right field and hat
ting in the cleanul) position.
It seems~ to us that it wculd be im
possible for a plersonI to take a ti-ip
o Oolenoy fiom Picktns1 and not e-n
.y it and have his heart tilled wvith
i~ratitudle to our Maker for giving us
such a ecountry. All the way, start
ing with Mir. ,Jetr Holde-r's bottoms,
the coin is gr-eat. Tihe stalks are a
ic-h dlark green color. Mr. Frank
Hen~dricks has cight acres that is
sjlendlid. i. Smith has a sign
up by the roadside reding, "Stop
Look at tihe Corn". This is the con
dlaticn to the Oolenoy andl then it
wvould take a sure enough agricul
turist to describe this.
While it is "late in the (lay" t(
wr-ite of it we can not affordl to pass
by "Local Hlistory Day" without men
tion. .
It was hld here a wecek ago anda
repor t of it shculd have been in last
wveek's paper. The U. D. C. chaptei
lannedhC~ it for the benefit of the youne
people. A large crowdl was present.
Miss Nan Newton presided at the
piano, accomnpained by Miss Knight's
orchestra. The audlience joined the
choir in the sweet, o1(1 melodies of
by-gone (lays. Hon. James P. Carey,
Sr., deliveredl an add~ress on the hs
tory of Pickens county from the days
of 1880 up to the present. He told
of the 01(1 residlents living in Pick
ens then-the Leslies, Childs, Thomp
sons, McFalls, Alexanders, Folgers,
Ashmores and others, not forgetting
"Uncle'' Mike Kennemore. His wvords
brought back the scenes of other (lays
very vividly. He dwelt wvith particu..
lar pathos on the old school house
Svhere he taught, telling about how
ho managed the seventy-five wvho
were under him and him alone. Hew
they wvent early 'and stayed late and
"toed1" the mark all the time. At
that school they got the foundation
wvell laid upon which they might build
lasting structures. This hiouse still
stands back of where Mr. Hamp Craig
now lives. It is to he regr-etted that
the whole country-side dlid not hc..
As the summer season advances w e all hesitate to buy expensive things
that we w11 only be able to use for a short time, and then put it aside for
another season. To help our custome rs out in getting such articles as they
want we are making special prices on voils, organdies and ancy dress good&.
We are certainly adding to our ba rgain Shoe counter and you will ap
preciate the real money saving purch ases that you can make from our shoe
We also have a large table of remnants from whielt you can select ma
terial for a waiste, skirt or dress and at a. bargain. Don't forget to see
the reminant table.
Our stock of ready to wear is larg e and compTete and it is our aim to
keep your wants and at reasonable p rices.
Edwards& Darsey
Note tese.New Prices
Onl U.S:Tiries
QN July 29, 1922, the IGowest Bea~r in mind that these prices
prices cver quoted ca U, S. ap;-ly to the most complete
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yThese new prices should givc as you read the follow.
confidence to dealer3 and car.. ing table - that U. S.
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quality tire prices will prevail. tively maintained. .
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SIE od Nobby Chaiin Usco Plain
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31 x4 " 26.45 - -- -
32 x4 " 29.1 3 24.35 22.45 203.85 ~j i'L
33 x4 " 30.0 5 25.55 23.65 21i.93
34 x4 " 30.E 5 26.05 24.15 22.40
32x 4% "- 37.70 31.95 3. -
33 x.4% 35.55 33.00 3X.:. ---
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abscrbcd by the munnfac turcr
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