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iUevival Meeting-Marriage-Partie
-Oth crInteresting Items
Rev. C. F. Sims, of the First Bap
tist, was at his best on Sunday i
his efforts to rallying christians t<
the standard of the cross, this beini
the first services of this week's serie:
of revival meetings at his church
Rev. P .M. Bailes, of Greer, -came' 0
Monday to assist in this work. Fou
young ladies united with the churci
on Sunday night preceding this meet
Mr. Jas. A. Shirley and his daugh
ter, Miss Helen and nic, younk Mlis
Curtis Ballentine, of Andersofit spet
the past week-encd at the home of Ii
brother, Mrt. H1. C. Shirley.
Miss Eunice Lawrence, of Libert
became the bridc of Mr. Herma
Werner of Cenfral on Monday ever
ing, August 7th. The ceremony wt
performed by Rev. E. W. Mason
the Methodist parsonage. After
honey moon in their home sectio
they will reside at Odenville, Ah
Their friends wish thni much hal
Mrs. G. M. Bolding, of the S
MTkY- section, is with her son Melv
Bolding, who is on the sick list.
P. D. Smith and family return
Monday from a motor trip to Carter
Ville, Ga., Where they spent some t
days with his father's family, Mr.
D. Smith, who moved from Liber
to that place several years ago.
Mr. and 11rs. Wayland Hutchin
and little daughter, Claud'ne, of S
vannah, Ga., are with their fathei
family, Mr. C. T. lIntehins boyho,
homl)(., arnd a crdial welcome ev
awaits him and his.
W. S. Riehbourg and family a
1on am.notcr trip, with relatives,
Clarenden and ether points of lon%
South Carolina.
Ms Wilma Stcphens, of Anders
pent the week-end with her cous
Miss Sonhia Nell Welborn.
Oi .Crane accomPa1 Ined M il
Sclhia Nelle Welborn and Wil
S13cph'len., togetht r With 'Mr. and '.\
Tom O'Dell, by aute Imlobilt,
Brewn's Hecl, White Water Fa
on Sundkay last.
The "T. E. L." Sunday school el
cf Fist Baptist recently organi:
v:ith 1rs. Z. L. Chamblin toac
held thcr first btusiness meeting
last Friday afternoeni with Mrs. ,
Mills. Hearty g ood will and unity
g 1rp. oser prvail with this class, I
thir mt tinu u: was one. (if real pleas
as wd] 1a- inteiest. Mrs. Mills s(
d-(I delightful er an ca e.
dam.... D. 11. Kennicmur and J.
Nelley ard Mis Carrie Hutel
w( r the inlv itd visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Herton. of
dersnl), arc stcp1:ing at the Br<
Hlomc. These peeple are please
remenrhertd here as among Libhr
folier Citizens, he together with
brother,. H orace Iferton, being an
her first merchants, while Mrs. I
ton was ene of cur beloved se
On Friday a fter noon from 4
a lcvely birthdlay party was give
honor ef lit 1 Virginia Car
zevcnth birthlay at het granth
cr'.: homie, Mi~e I ub:' Craine.
Ie' w c vis I'.' ly in i rry if .
anc~d JarBo- a.l ut' wh
'Then unjiyinig this E: W1'
erid Memie HunAr, lla.d D]
Alice Virginia Davenport, Ruth
ey, Hattie Moore, RutlhGatt
and Leona Spearman, FElizaht th
*bcurg an,. R. B. Rohinsen1, (
Smith, Doyle Boggs, Werner
Stewart Davenport, Colic M
.Ansel Ellisen, Har~old G'antt,
Kenn( mur, Jr., Jlas. Spearmai
John Richbourg.
Last Thursday a mountain
picnic, to Table Rock Cove, wi
en by Mr. and Mrs. WV Tay!
Dell in honor of their large
connect ion. Besidts the el
gi an'debitdren, Eiid great -gra
dhen of this honor( Iedcouple,
inumber oif vi iiting relat'ves
the hospitality of this delight'
The f illowving boys are on
lighits c:' a hikle to Brevardl ar
p oints in the Blu'.e Ridg~e. .Jay
Rcsr. O'Dell, Frank and Reb<i
lehamn, Hleyward Bush anid
Mr.: I i M . A J1. Brown o
For fear the readers of The Sen.
tinel might forget there, was suck a
place as Catecchee on the map, We
thought the pgnehl pusher of said
village had better try to get his
thinking faculties in operation and
give a few scattering dots.
Ii days of yore the biennial issue
for the month of July and August
was politics but things have changed
and the lcading topic now is boll wee
vills. The sack and bucket brigade
. can be scen perambulating the cc:
ton fields daily. Some are picking up
. the l'unctured squares while others
- are not. One certain farmcr says
t there is no use to kill and bury one
s for if you do five hundred more will
Comfle to the funcral. Be that as it
y may they are here and the report is
n they are doing a goed deal of dam
- ilge !n platC:. Corn is looking fine.
s A good seasen is needed at this
t writing.
Rev. J. A. Davis, tile is(t.r, closed
, a series of metings ai th1 CatecheC
, Baptist church a few day'. ago. h'lere
- were 47 accessions to the church. It
was one among the best it' not thv
ix best meeting that has ever been held
in at this church. The pastcr did all
the preaching and Prof. M1c1). Boldi"I
d of Praters did the singing. Hrcthei
s- Bolding made some good music whilc
n te our (pinion was a gm eaI fact.)i
J. toward the meeting.
ly It was the writers pleasurc to at
tend the baptizing at Griffin churel
C. en last Sunday, August 13, and sa
a- 21 ycung convcrts buried w'th Chi
' 1n aptism, a fter which a large au
>d dielCe a1SCmblecd in the church an:
er first lisumnd to a short talk from1 D!,
. itchell, the preident of the Six Mill
r ljItist acadciy, in the interest (
at the sehCol afttr which tile pastoi
eI ie. W. ). Hlanmett, of Easley, de
Lvered o-ne of the best charges to ti
on convtrts and to the church in regar
in, t thleii respective dutic: it was cv
our I leasure to V-er.
es The writer iused to att(nd school
nI a the G;itlGin Secti(l in his boyhoc
rs. lays and whillte we had not been hat
to to ilat sectien for quite a whi1e \
is, met several of our old friends ar
foramed the acquantance of sever,
ASA n(.W (nS aid found tile sale host
;ed tality e xisting in that section that a
r, ways eNisted. No better class
on people canlI he found in tile sta
I.. than thSe wlho live around GIf
of churheli. They live at home, so
md speak, board at the samle place,
urc* when a v:sitcr elrls ill their se
rv- tici they do al in theii' powCI
es- n:lak' Iim feel welcom('. They ha
13. a nice church build ing and a ni
ins1 plIce' fob a cemu ter'::. While I
llissed .cveral faces in the Chrllc
An- visit to the latter plac'e teld us whc
)wn they 11( goe. Amng this nun l
ily were D). E. emd icks, M. Stewa
ty's F.q., Anthony, JI1ames Harris, Tho
Iis as Griffin, Thomas . Childs, Arti
ong Thomas aind sevcral otherais.
10or- Peace to the ir ashes. F
1001 . .- -
to7 1illc, are visiting their parents,
S and Mrs. J. 1I. Brown.
Mr. anid Mr's. WV. Ml. Niekolls of
ot~ n inday. Mtl . N icho1s is lh asar1
rememin redI P'~ here as conltrahcter
ar-the St'uthlei n R. R dIouble' trac'k w
('- a I(,w. yealrs ago.
\iss' Ola Re ynols, wvho has1 1
withl her brother21, Mr.Renh
Beverly, has returnled to Morr1ist(
Jale ,en
og, Mr'. and( Mr's. -.Jack Goodwir
as-Greenville, spent Suinday at
.0Browvn House.
Sanitary Wator Analysis No.
and of wvater received JIuly 25,i 1922,
Comml ~(disi"oner of Public Works,
n nd(rty, S. C.
Parts pt r mri
Igl.- . buini mona -
01' 0
lf(b- NitrloC'-en 11s Nutrautes- - - -
a TeOl I 'a~ il-- -- - -
.heof we <uali.ty an dd free
'ul out- .l E
t he ,i de .' * 1
u II~'I 1.. Umker,'
TheL foll wing highly inter'!sdi .
paper by Mrs. Frank McFall was read
at the recent joint meeting of the
Pickens D. A. R. and U. D. C.
Not only did our forefathers leave
a goodly heritage of. courage and
leadership, but the many thurches
which they organized stand as a nion
ument to their religion.
That they were a God-earing peo
ple, keeping the faith of their fath
ers, we know by the distances they
travelcd to church, usually on foot.
Major J. M. Stewart of Pickens,
who is now over eight., speaking of
his boyhood days, remembers a Bap
Cst Covention in North Carolina whln
th d(lagates from Pickens District
vwent in such crowds that they looked
like an army marching. To hear him
tell about it reminded us of "Onward
Christian Soldiers,'" and we wondered
how many of our people of today
e uld be pursuaded to go <.n a journey
like that.
IHe says that the year 18:2 was
mrkud by such a spreading of the.
as has never been known, in
the:.' 1arts, h( fore nor since. AndI
it was about this -time that many of
our1 country churches were organized.
The elder Baptist churches arc
O<.lency, Sceena, old Liberty church
Six Mile, Enin and Cross Roads. .
Th( oldr Mlethod ist churches ark
Antioch, Bethlehem, Zion and Mt
Olive t, where the Easley Methodis
ehCeh now stands.
L h M. I.orenza Duihami. ene of th<
- u1mh11r( 's who was bornii an(d reare<
I ne-.r Bet1h l-.m, givi s us the follow
ing skeh of that. place.
In Novem(b'r 1800, I nhop Ashur:
.and Bishop Whatc.at were c(s's mill
Stl. mountains onl horsebaCk fr~o
- North Carolina to Pendkiltol, S. (
v They asked for lodging at the hon
(I r.f a Mr. James niear where G eorg<
r Crek church no0w stainds, but wi
re1fusel1. 1pol heinlg told that
n daugh ter, PIlly, had died in the lion
d that day they made the:nsclv
k known, offering any assistaice th
e "culd give. They were then askCd
i spend the night. While the neighbo
xl aml friends wire together they (
i- ganizcd a Bible Class who.9e cutgrol
I- th was our early Methodist church
' I thilhe', or Tatem church, as
Le v.as then callcd, beiig one of t
n firs. It wa:. named for Miss Pat
L Tatem, a maid n lady fci splond
1 chri-tian chara(tcr, who lived ie
- ed was pr'obably 'r. .p:mible f
o its being there.
' F'r a I Lu' Or two 1 ligious 'er
e .(. were held ; a kind of arbor un
1( Mr. Char leD Durha.,rafther
a11 the liat Lorenzo D1u11im. devedc d t
'O aer' s ot graml fer elhurchl pmu
er, and the Ien cf th community I
itL up a rcugl leg church anid called
II- Bethlehem. The presenlt church
ul the fourth one that has bien hi
en that same spot.
,The Mr. Durham who gave the 12
-. was hiimllf a preacll(hier, although
was unable to road. His wvife i
thei Bile and the hymns to hmim,
h'e p'reached from memor'y. Once
. the e'cuntriy by w~hat wa'~s known
t he B lue RItdge M i'vioni to 1)1e
at t hese fari-ai-way chuiirc~h's,
asthey camel and1( went a1liem
wer A ppi db crui id
. wereC pid ~ ( mt ly in produItce,
membIlerhi1 be.ini assesd only 12
saul y. This rar ely aiver'aged i
uii th an $5 a vial' from each ehur'
iAccoid(ing to Mr. R. W. Picker
Andlersen ecumily, who is a dleseen
of Gen. Andrc1'w Pickens5 and1 h
great deal of data conie(ring
rmhistory, old Ca rmel, a1 Presbytl
.ib- chlurch, w as built in 1787 and
the firist churc1'h of aniy k'.nd1 in
n. enls dlistrict. It' was built by
O.00 .e:ettlers whlo cae204 here fr'om
(h.0) beville.
Heli says that th ii riinal si
Carme was where P ick t S Cl
0.Methodist (chm1eli, now1" stands(l
70gives a list of Revulttinary so1
who wereO buirit1 there, na
an,11 ."1 Benipamain "'mi h. Alex
D. dm1, Capt. ui -' I rhe,M
- \\hen Zicnn4 \~ 1
I'atien.i~ A i
its pl esent location, nearier its con
giegation. Several years later Pick
ens Chapel was built at. the old Car
mel graveyard.
In 1790 Hopewell or what we know
its the Old Stone church wits built.
It is also Presbyterian.' The first
building was of logs and stood a mik
cr two from the present location.
Tradition says it was burned, cttch
ing from a forest fire. And in 1797
the present stone church was built,
by subscription from the iiembers.
John Rusk, a Revolutionary soldier.
was the builder. And the stone was
hauled by a Air. Robinson, also a
Revolutioiv-y soldier.
Gen. Anrew Pick .ns gave the
seats and pulit iund:vidually, mnd he
an(] Gcn. Roiert Atiarsin were two
of the first e O s. Only thrt Rev
olutiona ry i lh(itrs ::l" b uried there
Gen. Amulcew I ick-. 10'.7 Ihusk, and
a ,Mr. Garvin.
However, maniy illustriits snS of
F. ut au ln. ev: l- 1:.-id (o res;t
in tile d churchi y(! d 'ni : l. in l l the
Old Stone..' church) ;11n(d ieIete vly as
,iu-o was i r for the. puips''
1 te-i 'v!r if tht hllings and
grounds. A st;ne wall, t hzt exactly
mat ch's thIe Chr:-h was built arotou(d
the bi'X graveyard, "nd they a at
teinl;6iig to presevrve l the hallowed
> IN 31F.10tY OF NIV1S. EMMA
1 0!n Siturday nighit Autgust Ft h, th<
leamhI1 auwel visite d the hemle of Mi
P. Gravlcy and claimed as its victin
e his loving wite. f:Thle ne ws of he
(eati will bring sMiness to he' man1111
a friends. She waS a member.of Holl
Springs churbc having joined tI
e ch0urch sonc eight years ago. SI
was a teachilr in the Sun:lay Fch,%
e' when taken ill. M lrs. Gi avk:: h:
S 'in ill d(clinitin hea lh for mm,
E years. For t' I veks s, he !-ufifer
e with typhoid feve. Two do:-tA
y ticlted hir1 but all :hat they anid h
to loved one.s culd do was cf I. va
r l rs. cIIvhi y. at th mille of 11
r- dleath was 32 yeairs cf age.
v .1rs. Gravley befoc her iimarria
,S. Was Miss EmaCantrell daugin11
it of Mr. aid Mrs. Amos Cantr ll. ;
)v KCeate the wife of Mr. Perr-y Gra
ty ly, a World War veteran. Tlt,
inI two with little Gladys have conti:
,r tuted a halppy hIie. Why is it th
or.od lieks up omliois and leav. litt
enles molther-le's We catumt u1Mh
i- .ti but the .erd ki tws best. I
til works inl a ittyiterils w'ny his wi
of' ders to perform.
to lh We- !I i. t ' te-s ,e le:Iv
S. hushend, a little dauah.#tr two yr
i old, her mothor, two brthers a
it one sistcr, to mourn3 her il.adath. It
is father pre.cededl he to tihe grvave or
tilt - few year s.
The funiteral vrvices werIe, doldu
mi -i ly Ret- ('- yde of Gre.nv i l
he 'inyv fc.llo w ing her dea th.
adl The hea:rt brok en housbandni hasi
ail symplathby of the ettire ciItiommu
or, in his heroavemen' lt.
up .A Ft iendi
-heo- was hori.al the day felwine
whoi Seriena. Ih r hu-Iband. 24'. TI
,a.-h IDurh am suriv' ht e r n withI thIe
1-.2 lowiing ch'hirn: Mrvs. Fannie lbn
'e's of Pickens, Mris. Fl ionic IIen i
ore son of (harlet te. N. ( .. Miss Mi
.h. Duriham and Mr s. -. 1. D u rhban
s of Pickens. All excet. Mr-s. H enide
dant were~ wit.h her during her last. Iih
is a It wvill be rememb~eredi that Miss
1(ocal Durham preceded her to the
rini five wveeks before.
was Fronm early life Mrs. Durhmm
Pick- a devoted member of the chuorch
frst her1 greatest, joy wa.s in theii se
Ah. (of her Master. Tlhroughout a
ac.t ive lifCe Mrs. Du rham rarnedl
unofOiinterutptedly (enjoyedi the high
ree jt and a ffecti onate0 er te iii (
:eighbtors anad frien. rd.
ad ir'One Who 1.es 4 fl
it It ( E ~Swans-;n nd 1Uudlp1h
I- -h. Andm'
h i' 1:1 he
A 3100T COURT -
At the requcst of some qf the citi
zens of the Piedktns Mill' village a
mooL ecurt waS held in the auditor
ilum of the school house last Satur
day night. Tihe object and purpose
was to show those who (10 not at
tcnd ecurts and know little or nothing
f how courts are conducted the judi
Vial administration of the law, espee
hilly women and children.
EIveiy phvse of a rtgular and oi
tierly / ial in court was carried out.
The popular superintendent of the
mill, -lr. A. .. .hwell was indicted
and tried for burgJary and 'larceny.
Le was charged with having broken
into the garage ci Mr. Sai I'dens
111d strtaling his Ford touring car.
The court eenveinled at 8 o'clock
.h Mr. C. E. l6obinsoni acting at
.ie. 7lesr's Sam 13. Craig and 0.
C. Keith were the p)rose.utmng at
torniey(s. white (,1essrs. J. P. C.Irey,
Jr., and (. G. Christopher repre.t
<d the dlefendlanat. Clelrk of Court
S .Stewart and Sherily Roark wer on
han(1 and performed their respective
court duties while Mr. Freeman Sti
erland acted as court crier and the
jury was comio-cd of B. R. Porter,
A. .1. (lark, R. R. Finley, B. E. . n
Iey, 1). 1. Deltossett; R. F. Parr.
The testimony for the prosetio'
tended to show that on the evenin-e
of the 19th 'Mr. San'. Adams put hi
:ir.tmikii in the garage about 7:31
mal securely locked it; t!at later
nlout 8:15 somcne. broke cpen th.
dwmor ani drov it (fl'. that abot t tl:t
heur Some ont was sten t! dive i!,
-ol, into the yardl of Mir. .lewel. g'
-alut amid go in the di irteticn af lI
1( .hwell's orchard near his luse ae
r the car was ftund in -h vard an
he was suspe:ted of being the thei
Y <( witness testitied that i. .1er
1til ha.l tri d to sell him a F<.rd e
e 1ml that he saw 'Mr. .]ewell go i:
Saii hiioni aw:I y f h.ini h<.mo abmo
S. o'clo'k that evening.
1 SlritY RIc:a k tes tkAl of hav'
q'thibeen ait'.lied ail getting on the trm
l oliowed eloem'11laniit down lown tie
to Reece's mill whr he wa s ce VI
i. ed.
The( defeni was an aibi. The I
fenliant said at the hur thte ar:i
vas broken into he was at the seh
house and provd that he was hy SO
en other witnese(s. He aIIso prov
V- his -..od c a atr for truthifulnie:
-:ml his cn stly la d a a < mu thatiul
1 that le hi Imm a trip downi ti
t r k or that he m'de ul y <f.irt i
I. 'e(t awIy or that hI hol In Kn in
the g:aage of 7il . Actns andi sN
I i trar.
A I I t Iw law yers ma'. 1 1 rtam
m'ents to thw jue y an the oih
nlod plibi m'Il th ie: it i ld
at I it . wiin(inut~e t . ndwith
;ti-lie t nt- gil ty o .~n~hit
\ v 1) 1'~ i * 11-A
Tl co auditoim w
enoyitve vmuh
hen it em* stati eec~
lie thi' (culebeha ve woubli
ht liful ad 1 10t 1. iir ia < pe il l
its. i ub bedi('i go o if su ::t cubi
i'ai~ in theow s:hil ada fi th ceuty
wa ;ln(ehi thtcih-- nT :-or-hn ah<
abiwl the spread afre adi 1.'(ii
Agtt an Is will idl" thei
--mi inha Srentie (((i(d f~t(
\it' D.a \ aTI'a.\o: an' \'(da
afC~nyt.elyCandtes~:Il havebee
'a an vied It . a oif i at.m .Aa n r e
tar isfethe sp' kigavDisvle
Large Cr.wds at Meetings-Ti'wo
Stato Candidates Fight
An audience of approximately three
thcusand pc.ople gathered at (the Pick
ens Tabei naele Tuesday and heard
the callidates for state offices speak.
An auditnce orly a little s'naller
iteard the candidates for congress
speak :i .the same buildng Saturday.
The audience Tuesday was described
by thost travelling withi the state
group as the finest of the present
'Thil(re are go manly Calldidates tlit
no weckly .newspaper ihas the spaco
tc do juo itie to tihe spec'hies. But
what is better thaln reading about
te 14 1teches in a newspaper is the
fact. that a gocd majority of the vot
(Is thieIselves heard thie different
specches. and dto not neved t.) readl
abot them.
The canldidialt<s for congress, nuide!
a'bout the Samnt talks as at the Mc
cormir'k ieetin imd recemkly pub
lish.td ill tle Sentinel. 'he State
e.:,ndidalItes Imade pI( Vaetically tle( sane
talks as fublish d in tl daily pa
pers during the enAt vertrall weeks.,;
One unerIunate featuI C of tho
nieting h IIe was' the fight h(tweeln
Messis. WIre and Wiiti.i. canldi
dates e a Itt i y n v eral, wh ich
CcdIed 1 (41 t( !Iut ithe
u owd. 'Mr. Wclfc nv ivkd : hadi,
\as u.Iei(tis by .-lut reni'a'hs INde
-l1v AI'r. WintlC I Ii h5 peech.' andI
which ti. Witt8 tk exCept il.
in warmilC tip dh',- y ab t sn'
thlt pivr A p l ,\ have !Al e lu h uI wit4 ill.:
ai urio~S lin' and41 iS h iing in
('F.NTR.\I. NiF\\S
fiL 1H'i'C 1' I iat I nd11 liii' 15 i N4 'V'l
ir d.W r . Zi-hari'
ofSabr.h..:r pn r
k days v.-ith M. n ~r. . h r11:e1k:
her t a tId in thl ml un ' 1
Theic wvs brnl un1tof \ir-. anidMr
P-( . l l.: li'i'on i' la t . I a lti t2i
Cv - 'C '1 Ii
I h C'W. . h C1t- Civ i, t w Il(-Si fron
- i. a Pin1son he w" still in hi( rig t
d M 'r. .1ndi Mirs P.W.I . of Will
stonl-iS.lm art. vi:ting11 th ir .arlts
h r I., 'M (r. and r . J. S. 1,lall.
W R(v. aid I \s . R osw l re
C., '14st SaIturday after .pendinfS!
i l iys wvit l .
.Mr. vnd .\rs. .l .9 ntn
M . Allen , ct' A11(1 r , is visitin 2. .
hecr F(II here, ;Mr. B1. I". Allenl, this
A W illi ('biyt'n, i;f Way S s. 'Iy
iis Cpm i : ' cation hiri w \\'ith his
il' nt( , ?iI lI . and l I ' . W . . Clay
t R'v.'W. S. Coodwin, Ernest Good
win amd Tom Folgecr, aititnded thle
14 -pth 1.eagu 11 Inst4Cp(itt, at We1s'
Ip nn 4lil :.tirt Wet t o A' l anta5 las2 t c
hew4kt hu hS fa 1 lle go'ds
to . R. ' Fa 1 and s on, a' . A. ' all
\r, . 14'. a.' t wi'' eh end an w

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