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peration of Cuban Government le
hicited to Put an End to the
Dangerous Practice.
Was ington.-hRepresentathis have
been made to the Cuban government
by the state department looking to
steps to prevent further smuggling of
Chinese and E uropean aliens froin
the island republic into the United
In a note transmitted through the
Cuban legation here the American
government is understood to have ta
ken the position'that from the num.
ber of aliens admitted to Cuba, and
the fact that there is said to be no
employment available there for them,
it appears evident that entry to Cuba
is obtained upon the belief that even.
tually the aliens can be smuggled into
this country.
Creation of 'entry barriers" by
Cuba, It is believed by department of
labor officials, charged with the en.
forcement of the immigration laws,
would go a long way toward ridding
the United gtates of its smuggling
difficulties. IT is understood to have
been at the suggestion of Secreary
Davis, of the labor department, that
the representations were made.
Dr. Arturo Pardl y Akneida, sec
retary of the Cuban legislation, said
he was hopeful of closer co-operation
between his government and the Unit.
ed States as a result of the represen.
tations which he declared he had com.
municated to Havana with the "neces,
sary recommendablons."
Approximately 30,000 Chinese and
40,000 aliens from all over Europe are
now in Cuba awaiting opportunity
to enter this country surreptitionsly,
is the belief of Secretary Davis. Con
stant smuggling of aliens into the
United States, many of whom are
"bolshevists, communists and unde
sirable aliens," Mr. Davis said, con
stitute a menace to the government
and should be halted without further
delay. If effective remedy cannot be
applied at once through voluntary
co-operation between foreign govern
ments and the United States, he said,
"then conaress immediately should
registration law
aliens within the
ht Bonue.
lusiness organiza
he country were
asKe(l to neip oppose the soldiers'
bonus in a letter by Julius H. Barnes,
president of the United States Cham
ber of Commerce, who declared pro
posedl bonus legislation would "in
crease the liabilities of the govern
ment beyond any point reached in the
history of thne country."
"There is," Mr. Barnes said, "a tre
mendous campaign undler wvay at this
moment- to get veterans and all their
relatives to wire the senate at once
in favor of a bonus in anticipation of
the fact that the bonus bill comes up
for consideration this week. There
are thousands of veterans who are
opposed to the bonus, and their op
position, with your own, should be
made as vigorous as possible at this
Mayor Faces Impeachment.
Johnstown, Pa.-Mayor Joseph Cauf
fiel took official cognisance of the an
.tion of prohibition leaders
impeachment proceedings
executive told local brew
t oon keepers to make and
unae insisted that hIs prImary
purpose was to attract the attention
of 'prohibition chiefs to the "army
of bootleggers selling poison in the
city." He added that lie had told the
beverage dispensers they must "keep
withIn the law."
The mayor's statement did niot ex
plain how he expected them to sell
" ~real beer" and not violate the Vol.
Stead act.
Killed In Automobile CollIsion.
Pensacola, Fla. - H. T. Jones, 45,
station agent for the Muscle Shoals,
- Birmingham andl Pensacola railway.
at Kimbrough, Ala., was instantly
killed, nd W. D). Sawvyer, 40 section
foreman, and Zollie Salwyer. 22, hIs
son, are in a critical condition at a
local hospital as the result of a col
lision, between two automobiles near
Jones' Mill.
Officers Burn to Death In Airplane.
*London. -Lieutenants Aueradj and
uncan were burned to dleath when
thieir airplane crashed t~ "' -r'n
i1.n flames at Dardoni, British India,
jays a Lahore dilipatch to Exchange
ti I were as
d'.Iwith re
it '~ - the dlie
'Ii ' ''unable to
na *-Z eptosion
The Meaning of the
Master's Tears h
Diriector of P1ractical work course.
AMoody lsible Institute., Chicago.
TIEXT-Jesu wepst. -.lohn 11:2->. (Also (U
lieb. 7:5 and Luke 1l:41-44.)
These tears reveal a Saivior's love.
Only love weepls over the maisfortunaes
land( mijsery of
othler s; hatred
never does.
These teatrs re
veal the depth
anid genluinleness8
of '111s syipatly.
At the grave of
Lazairls, whieli 32
the hereiaved 8is
ters were lament- to
ing the los of
their h e I o c dK
brother, the M1as
ter w%*Is so affee- ta
ted that Ile
mingled Ills tears with theirs. The ~
friejnds of the family seelig this, said,
"Behold how lie loved him."
These teurs reveal Ills grief on
account of m1an's guilt, blindness and th
death, lie fain would have shielded
them as qi hen gathere(h her brood M
ieneath her wings, and they . vould ill
These tears reveal the divine esti
mate of sin. It was not AL thing to
be treated lightly. We joke about it, hi
laugh at it, wink the eye at It, cott- to
donle, excuse, compromise, and 1
tmporite with it; hut not so the.
Lord. Only? tears could express His at
thoughts and feelings about it. N
There Is a tradition that Jesus in
never smiled. That may be true or l
false. We know lie had a joy con
stant, deep, full and complete-"Who H
for the joy set before litu endured ba
the cross (lleb. 12:21) ; "'These things ial
have I spoken unto you that my joy I,(
aight re Ial In you" (John 15:11); re
"That they might have my joy ful- a,
tilled in themselves (Jolh 17:13); ti1
"Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"
(Matt. 25:21).
Thedh expressions do not present a d<
doleful, uninviting Christ. To many fi
lie is unattractive, it is true. They w
see Ills marred visage, a man of
sorrows, despised and rejected. View
lug lim from the outside, ie looks no ga
uore inviting than the Tabernacle In d
the wilderness with its rough, uncouth di
and uninviting exterior. There was G
no heuauty without; it was all Within. o
But to those who know Him, what tI
rapturous and ravishing beauty lie al
contais. lie is the Bright and Morn,- a
Ing Star, the lDayspring from on high, 13
the Sul of Itighteousiess, the one alto- s<
gether lovely, and the chiefest of ten pl
thousand to the soul. f;
Evun His tears at-e made a crystal ho
ndiuim to radiatte 'lis glory. For lie el
was here to save. a lost world ; and in
Ills great redemptive work, He was
touched with a feeling or our infirmity te
(Heb. 4:15). In order that Ile might in
have compassion on the ignorant and It
those that are out of the way, lie was m
himself compassed about with infirm- pl
itles (IHeb. 5:2), tempted in all poils n<
Is wa are; an1d99 afilictedi in all our a- hi.
ilictionis. W~hat a merciful and sym.~ .m
Ipathetic Savior ! if
lie wep)t over a worild's sorrowv. Thlis '
he (11( atI thei grave oIf Lazanrus. A
great hereavement had befallen Mary re
and1( Martha in thiat deathh; the great ril
eilemy of life hadt tragically dlisorgan- T1I
izedl their home, leaving behind torn sh
and bileedling hearths, needing comnfort I
and sympat'hy. This Jeanus gave not th
with is tears only but His subimne Hi
assurianctes of the rwsurrection. . wl
Hie wept over ai world's guilt. It p1
was in Giethsemae where the guilt
of sin ini all its awfulness, its dlreadi, pr
its terror, came upon Hlimi overwhelm- WI
iugly. In becoming the wvorld's sin th
bearer, lie wvas to suffer the hiding lir
or God's face, the awvful abandnment be
of the cross. Thus sin haas upona it,
from the divine side, the tears andI s1
sweat of Glethsemane---the blood anid sh4
agony of Calvary. (v
lie wept over a world's blindlness. wI
You can hear a sob in these wordls "Oh p)1
JTerusalemn,. Jerusalemn!-Hlowv oft en thi
wvould I have gathered thy children to
gether, as a lien dloth gather her biroodl 9)
uinderi her wings, tand ye would not !" c1
"Ye wi1ll not come to ine that ye might E
have life." It wvas Israel's rejection, ini
blidness, false security, blasted hopes, w
fearful retrIbution aind centuries of w(
mzisery, which threw hIs tears as lhe he. pr
held the ill-fated etv~.
1)1urinig onet of the ?t5b11oodly l'ari :1 1
comntunes, a godlly p~ri'st was exe- chi
onted'(. A ft erwairdls, ini searinig his - ar
it'll for vm ambles, aittent Ion was drawn re1
toI the window, which w~'as ini the form T~i
mfa cross, lby someii writig oin- theC
tushing sulroundhilg it. Upon i'x ami
nation. ilhe word "'height'' was found '
on the' liiitiie, "depth'' oni the sill b~e. pr
neathI, "hengthm and blreadth"' on the be
side's. So. the t'airs of the Master pre. li
sent to us Ithe length and11 depith, the k{i
height and1t breiadth oft th lo hve (of God. enI
Fcar Thou God. ki
Suiffeir not I hy mouthi to caIiuste thy by
flesh to s~ iin; nIther saay thlou before S
the aingel., thiat it wais an error : whefre
fore' shiuhl (o bel i( angry mit Ilhy voice,
and1( diestroiy te work ilf t hine hands?
IFor in the muiulitudi oif dr'eamns andl ha
miany words their' aire al so' divers vant
itles : hbut feari th'u (God.--Ecelesi
asties 5 :6-7.
Wealth. th
That which wve aci.itiie with most s1
dlifficulty we retain Ite longest ; as.
those who bhave earned a fortune are
commonly miore careful of it than
those by whom it may haave been in
1y REV. P. B. FITZWATEIt, D. D.,
reacher of 1inglish iBible in tile Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
pyright. 1922, Western Newspaper tinton.
UIESSON TEXT-Neb. 1:1-11.
3U fl!)N TEXT-Thle effectual, fervent
iyer of a righteous anit availetil nuch.
las. 5:10.
.EItIU I4CNCIC M ATIC,[AI-lEx. 32:20
I Sum. 7:6-11; Matt. 9:37, 38; Acts 1:12
Eph. 3:14-21.
NIMAltY TOPIC-Nehenilah Talking
IUNIOR TOPIC-The Prayer of the
Ilg's Cupbearer.
'rtyer as a Plreparation for All Undor- v
.rayer and Power.
I. Nehemiah Learns of the Distress
the Captives (vv. 1-3).
1. When (v. 1). Twentieth year of
e reign of Artaxerxes (2:1).
The nionth Chisleu corresponds to 8
r December. It was while perfoin- 0
! his duty as cupbettrer to the Per
tin king. While In this important
sition there entered into his heart
desire to honor God and do good to
s people. A young 1n311 can be true
God in any position 11) life if he
ts 1Ils heart on Jesus Christ and V
liiules with Him by prayer and ,
Lidy of God's word. A man miay a
elevated to a high position, prosper 1
business, and yet live a life un- i
otted from the world. a
2. By Whoin (v. 2). Ills brother I
anint and certain mnil of Juidail t
ought him the news. His inquiry v
ows that though lie wats prosperous
did not forget lis unfortunate breth
n. We should never let our success
Ad well-being shut out sympathy for
e oppressed and suffering.
3. The Nature of the Distress (v. 3).
ie wall of Jerusalem was broken
wn. Its gates were burned with
'c and the remnant of the capttves
are in great ailiction and reproach.
11. Nehemiah's Sorrow (Y. 4).
The news of his brethren's (listress
ently moved Nehemiah. le sat
iwn and wept and mourned several
tys.. lie fasted and prayed before
id. God's people ire so essentially 1
le that the afiletion andl shamlie of I
e one is tile ailletion and shame of 4
1. No one will ever (o much to help 1
distressed people who does not deep
feel their desolation. Noleeiiah's
irrow was not the khind that says "I
ty you" and goes On iI ways of sel
hness without making an effort to
III. True pity expresses itself in an
rort to help.
Ill. Nehemiah's Prayer (vv. 5-11).
He knew where to go for help. He
ok tile matter upon his heart to God I
prayer. The first and best way to
I) others is to pray for then. Nehe
lah did not merely pray; lie left his
Rce it the Persian court and jour
yed to Jerusalem and took hold with
1 own hands. Our prayers andl tears
ist be translated into (definite action
we would he of real help to othmers.
)te tihe characteristies (of tis prayer.
1. Its Worshipful Spirit (v. 5). H~e
cognized God1 as tihe great and ter
>1e One, tihe Lord God oIf heaven.
'tue prayer shlows that spirit of wor
2. Its Ground (v-. 5). It was on
P groundl of covenanlt relation1 that
Sbesought God(. On this ground all
io are in Christ JTesus can comie andI
~ad before God.
1. It Was Persistent (v. 0). H~e
alyed (lay and( night. Glod is pleased
100 Ills servants aire persistent in
air pleadinigs with Hlimt. T'hose wh1o
dlerstand1 thle covenant relation wvill
importunate in their petitions.
4. It Was Accompaniedl by Confes- t
mf (of Sill (vv. 6, 7). In this confes-.
Inl lhe me~ntioned( delinitely his sin
7). We should specify tihe sins
Ili we haove committedI. Most peo-.
Swhlen praying are too general ill
'ir conlfessions.
5. He Pleads God's Promises (vv. 8,
In our p~rayin~g we should remlind1
d of Ils own wvords. It is whlen
s words ablide inl us that we can
elligently pray (Jolla 15 :17). If
w1old be su1ccessful in our praying
should1( fill our mnds wvith CGod's
I. Ie Pleads fllaionlship (v. 10).
remiinds (G0( thIat thei(y were Ills
Iliren b~y rCeemptilon. Th'lose who.
SIn Chbrist are God's children by
lemption31 t~rhrogh Iilis preei(ous Ibloold.
(e child Ilas a ehtim upon01 its fat~her.
d's clhi ldren have a claI im upon 11111.
I. It wvas Intercessory P'rayer (v'.11).
Ill inltense5 earnestness lie deihiltely
'lyed thlat God w1old give 1hhn3 favor
fore thle kinig in ord(er Chat lhe miight
enablledl to help1 his ele((11. Th'le
ig's favor wvas 1needed( ini order to1
[ible him11 to help his brethlreni. God
able to miove tihe heart (If a hea'uthen
ig and1 thuts fulrt her is own (cause
meanlis of tihe prayer of a humlible
'vll t.
The Cunning Man.
A. cunnl~ing man overreachews noC one
If as much('l as himsi'ef.-HI. WV.
Gofd's Love.
Beld~~, whlat( mlanner (of love tile Fa.
rr hiathi bestowed upon us, thant we
0111( be0 called the sons of God.-!
hn0 3:1.
The Foot.
To he a man's fool is had enough;
4 the vaIn man is everybody*a.
Ore. Clarver Put Necessity for Eating
Far Above the Importance of
Table Niceties.
When ll ss Violet it,1hinsonl, a; col
red1L t(.1eher in Nlolift., was iniviled by
Irs. Clarvr, the ilnotirl f t wo (f her
ouplis, to sittly ani1d li vii. din(er with
Ie faiily, shlit ncepteti %liih 141 -1
leittion of whfat wIts bore her. llr.
airver huilg fair over his 11la1t., an11d
ttiled eiglgedl 11 r ace :lgai Ist tnhie
tii liabor its he lefil kn iel'or4iads of
htiiha4 to his mioiutlh. Illis wife anid
Ild(ren were niot much otlone.
"'le eIt cher wails lIt If I to IPI kee her Ii i
bloug~hts frolin her face, alialt*. Clar
er, Iaketd at It.r first wihll <listress
nd tIen w 9 grolwing wrai aits sie
eit the Iteer of comin g to her 11111in's
Finally she leaneid across the talble
ovaa rd ler -tiest, lilt 11i liled vily
,-lih the lhdle of it fork.
"I'ln tetin' yo' what it Is." slt saild,
mlphlatically. "-.a1er 1ai't nothin',11
:aitiig maust bo !- Aijwatwbte Seniinel.
Important to Mothers
Exaiiine elt'fully every bottle of
,ASTORIlA, thait fnusold rerniedy
ri' lufaits aid childretn, Uaini see that It
Bears the
Ignature or
a Use for Over 3 Years.
fhildren Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Just Plain Lonesome.
One day list week th1. yonliig lis
and had oeritsion Iiit) go ti-lo Ilit
Vest sidte. Oil tlit stre''et Ie saw a
ouing vomani and bin1ii4l ler it crying
bild of about thlre(- years. The wvoml
it turned and lin an limpattient Wilne det
ltnded: "What 1ae you crying
bout?" The tot, looking ip, reid:
I wantit tiss." The wotuai hent down
ud gavet.' the desired kiss. Thereupon
heo tears wvere dried and thle world
its again full of stinshine andl glad
es.--Ch'ienaigo , lurnaiil.
Cuticura Soothes Baby Rashea
['ht itch and hurn, by hot laths
if Cutictra Soap followed by gentle
molnioitilgs of Cuticura Ointment.
Cothilng better, Purer, sweeter, espe
lally if a little of ile fragrant Cuti
urt Talcum is dusted on at tl( fin
sh. 25c each.-Advertisement.
His Employment.
Whil ther is lino intention (if pok
lg it golf too muchi01. ',mnte (if tihe iln
'edotes along this line iare t too gotod ta
a. lost. Take te. st t.oif tile womanl11li
vlo had her young ii 1tservillt son1
mt for it valk. lTe niot it frieni tof
the family, ii Inan wh likes to be
)Ilasing to echildrenl. ]I(- proceedled to
luest bit flth boy, i bright little fellow
ibout five yetirs old.
"Does your papit work?" froimi tle
"S're., he does, all the ille.'" vith.
"Wh*fat does he do?" alinl( he hanlcos
tre the( youngster knelw that the gnies
loner knew tle( answer. Anyhow, te
aty spoke right Ill:
"'lays golf."
Dad Day for Johnny.
A Topeka doctor ealled to tf end a
wo-yeair-old boy wh~o haid flenfrom
tSecond( stor'y wvindon, foulnd no in.
urle's and gave thet'little chaplJ a paenniiy
0) qut crylhig. Ju lst as5 ft' dlotor
eaed'o hitmea the telephJaione' bell rn g
-(Iletlfy. It wvas te chlild's mlofter.
'Hurry bacitk, dotor I. Johnni iy hats
wtailaowed fte penniy.'' she texo' anii'.
tnd .Johniny suravlvedi teve'ln tha.---C.iap
er's Wetekly..
Can You Beat It?
Arriving home at I' three (o'clck in
he' maorning, lie wtaderedl inito te liv
rig roomii.
Ils wlfe. cameit to Ite hieadt of te
"W~iihit r you dloing up a t flas
our?" shet demanded04'(.
"JTust coansider'ing hiati-ng thel hiouist
/dred for' wireless," wits lte hiappya
Let's disai
.Nuts wit
-and tur
picte nou
- - Grape
- whoie wi
the vital
and it is r
-process b
in the cri'
food, and
meet sum
The most widely used rI
world to overcome theI
effects of catarrh. Cott
silent and Insidious In
ravages. invades nearly
every household and
- hovers like a peall.
- tence every.
and Pei
thousands (
I AGives Old'
10C Putnam Fadeless
Frenchman Predicts That in Near Fu
ture the Trip Can Be Made in
Forty-Nine Hours.
'M. ESn ikill -Il'lt of thel '
IAe4-ro clubI predicts thalt thle uitilizatiol
of the liltra-aitote teergy will eiibl
Ilen ii thie nerti futire to trav'el froi
tile .irth to the inoon in 4. Ithours. Tll
Ilfrt 31 minutes, it sveis, will he ver
agreenlil', but duIiring the 48 hours an
21) intes' of the illenocond part of th
course 0ne will alive the Sensa")Jttion (
a terrible i ul In the vold.
And thiis retninds one of the( chari
Ing Story told by Mark Twain:
One Imlornling whei stamnling at tih
window he pereived a hutninibodi
falling throigh the lir.
"llow do yona do?" asked Mar,
Twntin gracefully.
"So fiar-," te o(ther replied. "I'm ali
right. liut when I reaich lie ground
floor It vIll he all wrong !"
Fooled St. Peter,
"S8o t his is n sirI idiot ographder ?
snId the elhent.
speailking lI'ienss of youri ule, C'hris
topiher To'oling.''
"Ah lemii! 1ie must luitve sneaked( in
to hen vei ncmer' an ailhis."'---il i ig
His Waterloo.
"G(reat guns oif li'on, (ri !'" aist ound.
('lothleis iire ighity iilghi tore off'n
you. hti'in light In' with n ('nt amount 7"
der out oft some of miy ktI i for beling
'-assy~ to me."'- Knsas ( 'ity Star.
in the thernmome
TS and starches for the body are
I for the furnace.
lot adopt for break fast or lunch, Gi
1 cream or milk and a little fresh
n, oftf the internal heat? HeIre's
rishment, with cool comfort.
-Nuts contains all the nourishme,
eat flour and malted barley, inciL
amneral elements and bran "rough1
art ially pre-digested in the long bs
y which it as made,
sa wonderful charm for the app
p, sweet goodness of this ready-t<
fitness and lightness afterward, w
mer's heat with a smile.
Your grocer will supply
you with Grale-Nutsl
medy in the
urh is
It strikes at the root of Ca.
terrhal troubles by stimulating
the digestion. enrichiag the blood.
toning up the nervous system sad
soothing the raw and inflamed mucous
?mbranes. Pe-ru-na sets every organ to
Ing properly and gives strength, vigor
to the whole body. Try It. and like
it others, learn what it means to be welL
FAMOUS for its
perfect baking
oven - tested by
twenty-five years of
constant service.
Wrlte for our Illustrated cata
log andname ofidealer nearyou.
Capes Glow of New
Dyes-dyes or tints as you wish
Satistfletion guaranteed. Mail orders receive
prompt nteutioti.
The Charlotte Laundry, Charlotte, N. C.
We teach toy iautil I I i l e t Ioockeeping
11u9w 1s LaI Itaugh It in I ut 4 h s 111 4 IS 1 .m 11 da4il.
W ar na --ry u as youir 11nnti h ),I '11h11
1ost1wit 1-us imme tetel filr nill p rtuu
11OW1V N's lta ts0 111(1
('uIo lumbt,& . S .
Wanlded Young Men to Learn
Best college in the South. Write
Charlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N. C.
Up-to-Date Youngster.
Whether thl gn(r-ls . Ildvivne.
: or hot inny I todevirled. but thei('.y
cetaI it inly clhi ange. lIteentitly i t l'ort
(and hin(huier texIIIiil(l it ier eirly
Weln Wson thalt c(.r,111n gunls 1m11base
ball eiuIiiiIlit .11li raioIy'' ddenda
olic n w otiii heitI bougt, oase 1 the fami1y
exetouer l was tlimhitd an "lir
hnx to work, hardii ito et uthen moine
wei live 1)n1 ilandlu QI weS ho nitio' make t
theet tsihol books, of13 coue, theau~a hoy
''ninht, eti y nexl t suit e niade
TNext Ch erioshedn dear u nm
sllIldo ithEfot (olnipop" Kltths
luyNhk'' replied:-sUyni."aio
oieii iThre Cherised 13stLai iug t
Is the niext tig to tapplause.'"
it of
"There's a ReasonN
Made by
Posaum ereal C, Ins.

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