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in Addition Several Hundred Thous
and Other Workers Will Be
Detroit, '\lic.- Industry the colin
try over "must throw up its hands in
surrender" within a few weeks, if Ill
rail and coal strikes contiue. Ileury
Ford declared in announcing tli dei-i
cision of the Ford Motr. omimny to
close its plants here and in inany otlher
cities September 16 hecaise of the fuel
ir. Ford held financial interes-ts re
sponsible for the industrial tie-up, de
claring the "mony haron were man
ipulating tho laibor unions ind the pith
lie officials., ta t e aid noatiornal. were iai
potent in the crisis.
The strikes would end. he cotin
ued, "whei tih ma jority of the people
are cold anl hungry enough to re
Hort to drsti. action.''
"Continuancie of thiew, disturbances
to the eclionmic life of the nation is
duo simply to the greoid and avarice
of Wall Street." .r. Ford asserted.
adding th:11 these interests "dominat
ed the railrol:, copi mines and public
utilities of the cointry."
The dead lock In strike negotiations
Indicated, hie decla red. the existenein
of a "plot to unloald the demoralized
and rundown railroads on tihe govern. I
ment at their own price and to mulh
the people throtigh excessive priies.
Eiployes of the Ford Motor coi
pany throughout the country to b
without jobs after Soptember 16, will
number about 105.000I.
In addition several I urnd red thous.
and other workers employed in the:
Industries furnishing ma"iteritals for the
Ford planis will be affecteod.
Ilenry Ford gave these figuires in t
announcing that it.s thrceo big moto,
plants located1 in Dtirolt suiburcbs- and 1
his asseniblyingz plaun's thi-oughont the
country wobili he cls-d on that (ate,
hecauise of Ilh(, (oIl shiortage.
The annotimnuermont was the most
severe blow thit inadua strial Dotroit (
has s-us-toinhd since the industrial de- t
pression of Iwo year ago. It. mens tl
ciordiMg to lir. Fold that 75,000 men I
employe(d In the Highland Park, Rivei
0ou0ge and Dearborn plants of the
coimany hero will bo without work. I
TI irty thousal ot erts are now work.. I
Ing in thi' arios- assmbhiling plants t
seattered th r1 otuglout thi -ountry also %
will be thrown out of omployment.
How long thll noachineiry in the
Ford plants- is to lhe stilled will de
pend entirely tipon te coal su)ply of a
the future, the DOtrott mainufaettiror
sid. The s-tateomentI issued by Mir,.
Ford Proposing the1 shutdown was thet
story of his losing fight during the f
last month to insure- a fuel supply suHf- s
fIt-lent to keep his workers at theirt
-Mr. F-or-d declared that he "had not
the remotest idea" when the plants
cotild be respened. It was announn-ed
that the anrmalI consutm ptIon of coalI
in the Ford iduit-h's Is 3.800O tons
and atlthiouigh de lining to state (ho
amount on hanil at thtis time~ offic-laIs
said it wouldi he imoposible to it mr
'than keep thei furnatce-s and ovens
French Ship Goes to Bottom.
L'Orien t. Frrnce. --- Thei hattles-hip
France, 23.000 tons, one of the prides
of the French navy, struck a rock oft
Quiheron haty in the daorkness of eat
ly morninlg and went to the bottom in
75 feet of water-.
All but threie of the 900 officers
and men of the crow wore resc-ued
from rafts and lifeboats launched
from the battles-hip beifore she took
her final plunge.
The wreckedl wars-hip. which was
one of four- French hattles-hips of the
first line, was returnting from night
mnaneuv-ers to her auncharatgc at. P'ort
Hlaliguen, whten s-le ran on a hiden
rock lyinig 25 feet below the suriface.
A great gash wat torn in the stIee'l hull
of the dreadlnaught. She remained
afloat an boutr, giving the crew enougn
time for- iscape in boats. Tihen the
doomed cra ft slowly -elttied, turned
on her side, and wentt idown.
Gunboa-ts Ordered to Yanktzl.
Peking. --(uinboats of the foreign
powers., inicluding the United States
steamship Irabel. flagship of hear Ad
miral W. HT. (1. llardl, 'onmandling
the Amnerican Yaitngtze riverpar,
have been ordered to tihe Yiangtze dis
trict, with instruct ions to externimnate
the bands of dis-organtized soldierts who
are firing on foreign mer-chant crafts,
Five Killed by Train.
Princeton. Ind.--- Five persons were
killed and one seriously injured when
a Chicago and Eastertn Illinois pas
senger train dlemolishedl an autotmo
bIle at a street crossing at H-aubstadt.
Ind., ten miles smith of lhere. The dead
are William Burris, 2S; James L. Bur.
ris, his son, 7; Mtrs. hutrries' two-yeatr
old daughter: Mrs. C. C. Sellers, 30,
*ister of Mr. IBurris, and Evangeline
Sellers, 5 years old, daughter of Mrs.
Seliers. Mrs. Elora Burris, wife of
William Btrris, suffered internal inju
1 ne or1 wrec'i o express tr
1 resident Harding addressing, joint
this .coinry of (eorge J. (ould and
Seniority Again Blocks Efforts
to Settle the Railway
Shopmen's Strike.
llinois Miners Resume Work and
Profiteers Boost Prices-House
Passes Coal Commission Bill
-Senate Acts Swiftly on
Soldiers' Bo n us
Slaying of Mi
chael Collins.
SENIOlt'LTY rights were still hiock
Ing a settleinent of the railwvy
iopinnei's strie as last week lrew to
clPse, and though peace elforts were
(liniitird, their sues('sS Wis wvOrPse
han problemuaticnl iI view of thie unll
np~roipsing stiand o(f both siles onl
he Cller point in dispue 1. (OIn WedniesO
ly the Associntion of WIllway I-,xecu
Ives, by i vote of 251 to 4, re.j'eted
he proposal of the chiefs of the
irotherhoods, neting as inedittors,
litl, tihe( strikers be reinstaited Vih
elority unlinpaired. Tihe brother
tood leaders, after conferring with
1nds (if other rail unions, suggested
he possibility of separate aIgret'lients
pith the ratilroias. anl tie exectiiIves
nid Ihey w.ould test ile siicerity of
hits proposal, but with tih( dllitint1
nlerstaidiiig that aly indivilual
eittIleient wvoid have to conformu to
tie tindeirstadifling of seniilority reached
lite general sessionl of thle e'xecu-.
Ives. Most of the railroapds ailso ie
uise to atgree to take bacpik all of thle
talkers, as5 conisistenitly denlande~itd by
he uion1.
Hert M. Jew'ell, spoPkesmanIY for the
ri ke'rs, wits p&essitiste as' toS a4 iitPiene
ul siettIlemuent. Ile 1issued ai state-C
lienit saying:
"The assoe(ilat ion of rilwny e'x.cui
I ves hats olosed( thle dloor. 'The uions11
uPVit'vei'terd everyQ conicessin withIn
'asion to end1( the str'Ik( and)4 to savef
li'e ~pile fromo nt breatkdoPwn of tra~pns
mriPtatlion, but the atssoclatllon hins
nuclet none14. Oni the 'ontrartiy It hais,
iiee the strike be(epnn, raised Pan eni
I rely tiew..' and I ireevan rt Issue of Its
>wni-senio4rI ty ;i ani by Its refutsatl toP
'ev'ede fromn its pitS ion hias made4k a
aPt t(emet'P impib5Sle ait thit s timpe.
l'hie resIponsIbIlIty for w..hat w~ill hap
Pen) now~' rests wholly upon It.
"'lThe shPop ('rnift emplo Iiyee's voctedr in
iPne f'or ai st rIk to4)(5 stbl ish a lving
wag ie andlc decenlt wor'king coniditliins.
l'he~ assO('0laton of ri'P lay' e'x'cut Ives
have' now'. vo'ted foir a lopckoupt toP
smiash51 unlonism on t he rai'ropads ando
to elunintte (ollectiv.e ba rgaininag
fr'oii thle indulst ry.
"Tihie -it1t0).4 sria'k Iing empjl oyees ne
eP'Plt thle challIIenge (of theP P55 issll ation).
WVe redoubphle (Pla efforts, conitlenttt or
inill Iion Piiuimblers to) give thIelir moraI
aind fianctial sua~Port to. thme strlkting
shoipmen~'l. IItatttibutotes to "'thae smantl
butt iipwerfulI g~routp of banik('rs w. hc
conitrol It the i Pinnces or the i'aitlroads"'
the adhpopin (f flI ' p lley by ite ri'nl
roads or "'hItter aitiigoilsn to th)elP
or1galnIiations of thle wiorkheris." 'eaas
sIPIs heII(ve, PPIPmely, Shot It''re Is a
deliber'ate4 plano to de~stro'y Ite unins,
MPst of thIe slprd Ic straikets (of
broPthe4rhood tu'n soan camt toia n t cnd,
but ist wee4'k t he Souithern ra'Ilroad
was badly lIed tup by w.ailkoutls of
tralin antd engie lnen. Th'le sluionlE
bQcame so4'5 ser'1ius thagt thet supet'in
Iitedent of maiI s In thae sotSher'n is
tict hpannIed to1 hantdle maths bym
toPrtrucik servIce, wi.'ththe11. IpossibuIIty.
of enlin lon the IOI army to) hand1e4 n iti
protect the trucks.
Secretory of War' WVeeks said(1 he
dId not helleve the audminuistrentlon
wouald mauke fuirther attempts t) set
tIe the railwuay strIke, atlnd aded
"The government Is not going to p~er.
milt tra~nsportaulti service to break
~i. M
.. . . .. ...
till at Gary, Ind., wh-Iich wase. saidl~ to b1
ssiott of cong ress on indlustrial situni
Is niew wife tit Denuiville, Franle.
C"^ """L ""les n operators of 11h
li10 vehed fin a1greeinlent onl the(
lines of that adopted at Clevelanti,
OhW III(n Winning all their Contentions.
Ilroducetionl waxl resulnel fit once, but:
inl thalt State its vlsewhere, and ats was
1t) he VXpe1cted, thle profiteers t1. alo
reosinnled anid prices beganl to C1111nh.
lo thle dismay of thle consumler's
Promn Various sources protests against
tIs revached thle authorities In Wash.
Ingtoll. Congress, having biven urged
It(- action by President IIla rd Iinig,
shlowell It was alive to thle Sittuntion.
T'he house took up the admfinistratilon
illi for at coal cornmission reported
rrotn the commtittee onl interstate mnd
foreignl Coml)rnerce and speediHly passed
it, only reducing thle salari-es of the,
-nnnlsloners fromt $10,000 to $'7.500
ind fthe appropriattion for Its expenses
Crom) $500,000 to $0.300,000. In a(n eord
11nice with the desire of the Pr1esi
tent, the hl prohhIbts the appoint
ment of any operator or miner as it
ineinhr. In the senite a sulnilar bill
Iit rod it (1ed by Semtur Borah was
passed, and the two measures went
to conference for adjustinent of the
sniiall ditTerences.
Negthittions for the sittlement of
the nthrlite strike were broon off.
their l'falure seemning to be comnplete.
0111101a1 statementsx indienlted thalt the
d11r1-1tioll of it contraet li d the Sul
Iiin to ar'bitraition of any differ
eneeCs were the 811tu1Inhlin blocks that
voli nothelid overvore by the neg1ola
torh. (Ipresentatives of the nine
wI vorkvrs insistv(I upon t l I t nta t it
thep oldl wnge, rate, to extend to April
1, 1024,. while the operator would
nlot agree to it continuntion of te
oli aetieong than iext April.
The iivs uintalined their stand
ninitst arbitiation.
J ( ) I IN SII[ANeK, seretary of th
tlIIs (an ithor asseibly of SiouIix
City, il ., Is uthority for the stae
Ien(1t 1that phis tIonr inntiIngI, for at
general 'o atio-il strik of Iaordn
1rgani: st the eed theel
lenctin th onill Ploflt the Apnt-a
Fledrtio of y eLb or tor call s a
tiele. Probabl thist nee snot he11
fearedQ(1 whlie the torflelcosiervatv
tolrnetrennin fr couitntl of the
otnell.i loweveor, the at iveictie of
the led trandt rIe were inreang.I
Lati wee thoe sI111h1iroi divsurbers
held1( a11 rater sver nreencehi tll IW~in
11err1(ie lco ut, tlicigan.I t Aederal
1,nd state agientsI( o just ter wtchd
othn arew toy and211 thelaIno ofd a i
how1ser andonlyr 171 were cApril.
JiiIX .FstAe, oertr of theed
('rt, wa, s aetedIny Chfo tesatuch
liedI prpgad ways seiedan tlihe
irgiitrs sai the hadbroken up1 ah
i'(Ctin wihi'i the irAiitrie.
has . 'erh befor been used was11 81i
rtok~ed .ginst allthpisoners. It las
feimore the tose Pasor' Stoke.Atle
pletedvt in t he'tiini ovthrow 1(iof the
(overnmer' hoedr tle es vtaient of
Si iETl who1 'l 1 CI are ppoede to the.
ivnuhoelast w eek, 10C i ror ls thiey'
merlywer(1 a hurryroeget thlfroughii
wi( t life hilen ; o home.I' Wi Anyhow,
themy fwer lospi tatthen sen1'a
broke(1 its' spreed2a records bn aoptig
the(' finfll commltte7 aeenugt.
andl Iaing up, onrs(ileroftir leaIdi
vIi idualtggstinf cango. MTht
)tleuer said he 0( dir not heplev
the Preslt oued vletit, since the1
gonietins tyhacausedi awr. Icin
to s.eek deforelbeenyesedawasbIn
moe. *ais t~mbe paoers Imphas
on d ther ranin s wat thennarreutehly
redeirchii igur tothaerthte pr iialr
sena ze in abIci lityl fhe( trxur
)1its be( VO('t rin lne ongehr~ ohes
goodrl Ii ('hat the efinanin i contiof
oft governmen and oppoe otyhe
giVlui t~ Inpabe lf ithstandingk t)'elehe yr
den whi the houbill no ohimp now
ther(y ongress untiil thtte Detmber
hre 118n Th('i tdelaythas in ltlirtIg
tby th ipu iecnn tlteers atiindinowl
Pres(1ident linig in ltter t11o Rel
resonrnti t sg l n-.s of .-..l ng...- Th
... re.l . . .a o tg pl t . -
tion. 3-Pi rst photograph to reach p1
Consent. fin til- letter the l'resh~lnt cc
refers it)ol thel unfakvorable effect of the .p
qutestiont ft the sole (i' lhlutor onl J11
American ships ()n the subsidy legris. A
Intion, 11114 al1so refers it) oppoi tion It
whieh hals arisenl to fthe fevature of' C
fihe hill which provblevs tax extinptiont N
to shippeirs of* freighdt onl Amnerienni
ships eriutta III a pert-elnge of the re
mloney paid 61or stiehl sh111ipets. The g
fatet that It wvIll be. fdilicult to) keep 11
full atitndane during fthe cnalIImi gn a
periodl, he( Indictles, also enters hnto c
fihe situaltion.
1110RE1 Is somne reasoni to hielleve i
T thalt the vivil war InI Chinail isp
a1bout over 1111d that thll countr11ly wVIl
ble united tIIIt'r ott'e or ainother of thet
strong mieni who have bieen lemdling I
the facetionls. The coinferences at It
-han1ha lead to the predictionl that 0,
this manI wvIll be IDr. Stiml Ya-Sen, ltate- W
Iy head Of the Sol0Ither governm111ent. b1
P'resident LA Yuain-lilung ha~s aI(he
will resign InI favor of Doctor stin If r
the parlininent approves, mnd General g
Wu, fthe north CiaI mtillitary leade~r, r1
haIs pltlgedm his support to) Stiml's [)of
Icy for reor;I-nnizat-ion (if the govern
mnent. Ife al~so hats the btekding (it
fthe labor araiainndu of 11lae
delegations from various cities.
TICt'LY nt nutrtyr to thle caulse hie ,a
setI'Vid, .Ilivchael Collins, hleut iof - i
the Ir-ih Free Sta.tv 31nd comtnllander t
of Its nr111icls, was slainl last wee-k bly
11he repuIenn rebels. In% his. death ,1
find that of Gr;Ipifthl Irelandi has lost
her two strongest lentIrS, but otfhers t,
wvIll endeao-vor to carry onl the worke
of est al ishingm. a pgovernmtient and rv-S
mtoring pevace. Collins wtith a gualrd9
* ~ f,
of it dozwn mnil is niking a our
eof isecl t. ionlii i Coulty Cork Iind was
i'ltnhushew by a1 party of several hn-it'
l(red lvigulrs. The fight Islasyed fill n
hour 1111til the .generial fell, Shot
through IIIh head. HI e livetd for 1i
Iif utll ., 111 erinl g d ri ill iiordeIIs4~g11
janIel~i li I his relver., LI( Collin4s wast
tseac y S t hiry y artol(a d w s.
soont tbe iried.11 lii a bloved s
by101 te'1 444 Free ttr andit h~4igh re.'~V I
sec14t byl Ialer44 tireat BrIti.'( Iliea
the fsctin of4' the Iish44t'l~ contu
tio hto wh(If they141i objected.illiam~ t1
T. Cslgrove I i now tig he adt of4
the I~arihproiioal overnm111(3en.l
PRti, it' i4t PI CARE, iinan ad-oer
Id 4)'ress at~1 Irle-Due,4) (ELe(it erte
andr. e asz ds the( itentIons of1
(lae cionceningiI:: Gemany H24 fle h
Francea waIs dete1 irie~ tiemak G r
wroeight4~ inteO war and4 hat h4I nee
44's r ish wu l n ant Iwe as
1(14rte4d4 that Frncet wroul not osnt
heto mt 4Ioiume ofl any~ hrat4)erso
Germany ti un(l4ess (the1 Germa 11In te id
mins1' I~5)'the iI R1ur t and k the ( naionl
fore141ss are ind i n 11 the hansI f t4V '1Ihe 2
a illis l 114' tlarat(I , 11nnd,''t( omar 10
1w1halt ('np4pensIti France wIill C01 n teat
14411om tis ogii i'ley l'. Ceounceds ais
falsel toh1e iclims'e thFre sought IeOtt
byti nle ermtteand revegelbut
gave('C4 figure to1 (show Brthat Germ any
nnd)ii( tha'nher faiur to 1l1ive up tli ihe
d)1 eans 141( theS repatlli~ o enn'(1nis.
exenuton of~ they treted thel pai-n
'rance, ie Isreat1 11(inin. 1(nding of
is IndIst rIsparalyz~ed ndiilts.en
"We re rBnly isposued rttoiid
Iothe natIos nl e fort to restore (hi'(
11he13 wold.Yoi tW e ko teatt on does r
not eigi n at liurwfron1i(1s.hWe wel. (
poley.Wemanty d1lesie'to rematn
mnes of tuhaes and14 Ofriethe ftour t
fo resumiie wi~i' Itheorienemis of etie c
dayiies at andl I'ort V s lt'n. oid 0114ae
whut wei wliIsh tor hae ~l Our ruis r-t
paoied-in ' they(will le " tllIlC(1O
fIls A i monhor soil IGriiiet sought,
to rnnee11 an4 Ital44iy 1a1reong to hold
a~O ''i)144 cofrec or theNr wnsta 11in5'
nodec and t he two Turke (ish lgovern
ments11(1 (if ten represenativs there1i15
lon present the(ir resl11(pectiv( e cilaims.~e
t'et Ionssib 1114'srition'befor( the me13'-t.
Ing,) thei Trkspi have heii almiv lgreat o
frunt'e ngnint the 11 Greeksn i Ain r
Mtsiior.s Soiet Iusi, yt( s1( Isd l~'Is
Igiven a~oid to' il the rkish naital Th
frien. W etrin notnen theu iiiii n
.. gi
lathered Prom All Parts Of The 1
Globe And Told in Short
Paragraphs cc
The hotel employees of the capital t
ave proclaimed a general strike fol- a
wing refusal of their demands for in. ko
lusion of a 10 tiper cent tip in all a
ills presonted to guests. The guests t
re being obliged to cook their own pi
leals. IR
The unionists in Guatemala have
verthrown the government of Presi- A
ent Orellana, and the president is ait
eeing tho country, says a dispatch A
rinted by El Universal Grafico, from of
s correspondent at Topachala, Chia- of
is, quoting advices received from Gua- is
imala. 01
According to a dispatch to the Van
mver Daily Province (B. C.), an ex- j
dition to Wrangell Island, for Vil
iniar Stofansson, sailed from Nome,
laska, on the schooner Teddy Bear it
I charge of Captain JoG Bernard. b,
aptain Bernard expected to be back in ke
ome in three weeks. B
Despite the efforts of both allied ti
)paration commissioners and German
Dvernment representatives to reach e.
satisfactory conclusion, negotiations ar
3 to Germany's reparations payments $
antinue fruitless.
Princess Mary who recently married
iscount Lascelles, is being harassed N
y camera men almost as much as
remier Lloyd George. ti
The report in Dublin, Ireland, that it
lichael Collins, commander of the Ig
'ish Free State army and the most al
utstanding figure in the entire Irish
Ituation, had been assassinated, has fo
een confirmed. MI
The federated labor unions of Havre oi
gion have called a twenty-four-hour
.neral strike in sympathy with the S1
ietal workers. c<
A German engineer named Reimann ui
as succeeded in perfecting a process tl
Dr coling living trees. It has been w
aund that a whole tree can be con- tr
letely and permanently colored within
arty-eight hours. Anilin dye is used
nd fifty grams of it tNgether with 200
iters of water are suficient for one
President Acosta and his daughter, o
ulay, of Costa Rica, underwent a tc
brilling and dangerous experience, but to
scaped injury when the engine of a
eaplane in which they were passen
ers went (lead at an altitude of 1,400
eet, compelling the pilot to make a
orced landing at sea. Sq
The beautiful pine forest of Castel r
lusano, Italy, twenty miles frci Rome,
ear Catia, was swept )y a serious a
Ire recently. The forest contains a 1
attle erected by the Marcheze Sac- W
hetl in the sixteenth century and for- t0
ifiod against the lpirates wvho infested of
ho Tyrrhenian coasts. A large section k<
f the forest wvas dlestroyedl, but the th
astlew as sevedl through a change in n14
he direction of the wind. 01
Representative Hill of Maryland has el
dd~ressedl a letter to Secretary Mellon bI
eqiuestin.g the immediate removal of
'eeral Prohibition Commissioner ta
laynos on the ground that Mr. Hill, Pt
e alleged, had been engaged in de- A
rauding the government by using and te
ausing to be used the official mail Y'
ranks of the treasury department for cc
ending out personal political propa- m
an da.
The day of the "flivver" airplane has S<
een brought near as the result of thie at
ecent succeessful experiments with Lti
notorless gliders, Glen H-. Martin, plo- rc
leer aviator and aircraft manufactuar- II
r of Cleveland, said hero, in an in- at
erview, the other day. L
A favorable report on the amended
somerene bill to regulate expendi- at
uires in connection with tho election pt
f senators and representatives was A:
rdered by the senate election comn
An amazing exhibition of fortitude, L.
esoltion and downright gameness on t
lhe part of 14-year-old Russell Miller, to
ras the main factor in his remarkable of
ecovery ftrom an attack of lockjaw, ac
ording to the doctors of a WVashing
an hospital. 0r
Secretary Weeks made putblic the he
indings of a special army board hold- at
1g that Lieutenant-Colonel Paul W. at
lock, armny air service, shot by for- at
ier Judge Jean Day in the latter's re
'klahoma City residence last April,
let his (loath "int line of duty." 51
The administration bill for crea. rt
on of a federal commission to oh- ir
tin all facts possible relating to the St
nal industry and on which miners p1
nd operators were denied represen- w'
ition, was pased by the house 219 in
Democratic leaders are preparing to
irry on their determined struggle to Sf
tain action by the house on the Muts- re
e Shoals proposals pending before it cc
tfore the end of the present session, at
Chairman Ilorah of the senate labor
,mmittee plans to call up his coal is
)mmission bill which the committee, rit
is decided to substitute for the Wins- hc
>w commission bill recently passed ari
p the house. The Borah measure pro
1ees a commission of five tmembers tu
investigate the entire coal induse. Si
y and make recommendations to con- in
,ess. 01
Lii a. - . . i ''"~~
The bonus bill was Januned betwan
mding strike legislation in the sea.
e, and hopes for passage before the
iddle of next week practically were
mnrdoned. The senate has suddenly
!cided to give its first attention to
rike legislation, temporarily laying
ide the bonus.
The senate privileges and election
lmniittee ha ordered favorably re.
orted the Pomereno corrupt practices
I, which limits campalign expendi.
ires of congressional Candidates in
e general elections. Under the bil
senatorial 'andidate would not be a*
wed to spend more than $10,000 anad
candidate for the house not n11
an $5,000. The bill also provides ti
iblication and audit of all campaig
Chairman John Barton Payne of the
nerican Red Cross left Washington,
ill will sail fromt New York on the
ajestic to attend a meeting in Paris
the board of governors of the League
the Ited Cross societies, of which he
chairman. The board sessions will
hen September 11.
Charged with erinlinal syndicalism
ider the Missouri state law Passed
the 1919 state legislature, 17 al
ged Communists, arrested in the
ridgeman raid, demanded an examina
In when brought before Justice Roy
'. Davis at St. Joseph. The date of
amnination has not been set and they
e held in the St. Joseph jail under
L0,000 bail each. The bonds were not
William Z. Foster, radical leader
as arrested here and held for Mich.
an authorities for alleged participa.
:n in the communist convention at
ridgeman, Mich. A warrant charg
g Foster with violation of the Mich
an anti-syndicalisi law was issued
St. Joe.
Van 11. Martmell, 72, of New York,
rmerly president of the Kelly-Spring.
Ald Tire company, died at the home
his brother at Springfield, Ohio.
Federal and state regulation of coal
(ould be abailoned entirely "unless
ingress takes immediate steps to set
a fuel administration that will have
e authority of the law behind it,"
illiamN W. Potter, state fuel adminis
ator declared at Lansing, Mich.
Approximately 500 persons formed a
ng recently in whoch two women,
lleen Clossen, 35, and Sadie B. Pal
or, 32, fought with bare fists for the
ve of a man. The man, a witness
the fray is said to have told the con
stants he would throw his affections
the winner.
Policeman by (lay and robbor by
ght has been the existence of John
Conners, member of a police auto
nad. according to charges lie faced
cently at Chicago.
Three persons are repo
ore injured and more ti
isihess district of Ht
mnt ip in flames. Te fir
have been caused by.
gas fumes10 by a cigarette. The Mus
>gee fire dlepartmlent was rushed to
e tcwn, ablout twenty-two miles
irthwest of Haskell. Six buildings.
I the east side of tihe main business
reet are compl~lete losses.
Two men were killed and a third in
red at Goose Creek, Texas, when a.
arge of dynamite exploded in a
acisnmithl shop1.
Major Ned Gaynor of Culver Mill
ry Academy in Indiana, in Is ca
city as one of the leaders of the
nlerican National Association of Mas,
rs of D~ancing, in session in New
)rk City, because thle long skirt dis
urages kicking and the erratic move
ents of the jazz step.
WV. T. Miller, pilot; Harold Thomp,~
n, nmechanician, and the lone pas
nger of the seaplane Ambassador Il,
at droped from Bight one morning
cently near New York, were picked
I bly a fishing smack nearly fro:
ad almost exhlausted, and landed
mig Beach.
The International Stewards' ass
ion, in session at St. Louis, Mo., -..
obably bar French from all future
nerican menus.
Six men charfied with beating W. W,
mech, 75, farmer, and his dlaughter,
rs. Frank Pope, 45, were bound over
tile Wake county, N. C., suplerior
urt after a hlearing before a justice
the peace.
'rie rising tide0 of prosperity has not
ly wiped out the unemlploymlent prob
rn of a few monthls ago, but has cre
ed an actual shlortage of mlen witir
Iaccomp~anyin~g increase in wages,
cording to Chicago employment and
ilway agents and mnanufactuirers.
The immigration law has cut of f the
pply of unskilled laborers from Eu
'pe whlich formerly drifted to the
in aind steel centers, and as a re
It three big steel corporations, em
Dying nearly thlree hiun dred thousand
)rkers, announlced a 20 l)er cent wage
crease for all clay laborers in their
mnufacturing plants,
William Bloldenweck, former United
ates sub-treasurer in Chicago, died
cently in Hamburg, Germany, ac
rding to wvord received by friends
Irene Castle, tile famous dancer who
now Mrs. Robert Treman, was se
itusly injured recently when the
rso she was riding failed at a jumtp
d fell.
Mdrs. Jane Elliott Snow, author, lee
rer, student and biographer is dead.
e died at the home of her daughter
Lake Wood, a suburb of Clevelanw.,
Lio, recently, at the age of 85.

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