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~ EErsir
Ilustrated by
SYNOPSIS.-To the Kentucky
wilder2.ss outpost conmnaided by
Jeromne F4inders, lin the time imrno
diately lrecedling the Revolution,
conies it white boy fleeing from a
tribe of Shawnees by whom he had
been captured and adopted as a son
of the chief Kahtoo. lie IS givenl
shelter and attracts the favorable
attention of Dave Yandell, a leader
antiong the settlers. The boy warns
his new friends of the coming of at
Shawneo war party. The fort Is
attacked, and only saved by the
timely appearance of a party of
Virginians. The leader of these is
fatally wounded, but in his dying
moments recognizes the fugitive
youth as his'son. At Icl Oaks,
plantation on tile James river, Vir
ginia. Colonel Dale's home, the boy
appears with I- message for the
colonel, who after rending It Intro
duces the bearer to his daughter
liarbara as her cousin, Erskine
Dale. h'rskine meets two) other
cousins, HIarry Dale and I1i gh Wil
louighby. Diuellng rapiers on a wall
at led Oaks attract Erskine's at
telitlon. lie taikes his first feniing
lesson from Ilugh. Yandell visits
Retl Oaks. At the comnty fair at
Williinsburg 'r'skin mets a
youth. itne Grey, anl there at
oive arises a bitter alitagonismn be
tween thent. G1rey, in linuor, in
suilts Erskine. and the fatter, for
the tuoment il Indinn, traws his
knlife. Yandiel I ii 1s41armls himii.
Ashu id ot' his coniitii't ti the af
fair witi G'rev, Erskine b-aves Rledl
Oaks liit tilglit, to ret trn to the
willieriess. Ymantl l, witi TiTrry
:ti ol Iinugh, Vhlo hmve been perin'it
te(I to viA.t the Snmidlers fort, over
t'iiCe hi n. At the pla tialoni the
hlv hild left a n4ote lin whivih he
gite tle prop-rty. whie is his as
1 e son or 'olionel iale's oiler
ioti-r, to lorlort. 'ITe prty is
ti t by three Shiwnces, who bring
V. wV top E-rsnlle (whos. Iniii:1n
i one. is Wiilt e Arrow) iht his fos
t r rather. lihtoo. is <iying 111
'Ares him to) cone to tlie tribe
I nil ecoime its chtf. Afti a brier
lisit to the fort Erskine goes to the
CHAPTER VI--Continued.
On the seventh;i dauy It! vais na(ring
'thevilae where the sie.k (.h114- laIy,
4iindii' wh2t1 he I'ghti iii iht o'th iee
1)1- IS inl a1 li1ttl creek h t1 m,( ) vh I v fired
Illhis r i, un putlting 'irely tinto ia
gallq) d \-l l w 1i1trg t lug h14,111igh, swept
ito thil village. Se-viit' i bi ks aid
*eug'ht ltl hotwi or rilIe ait hel report
12f tilo gtun . nd lhe 1h11tor f hoo1114s)8,
re::iion~ 224'ndtt 1reeting whn' heh
'ulled' 444 i thiri~ 1211tis t' The1212p of le
tthe chief'si ii get'smteiNl ande isi ster
Ad . ltrean yf t2 i ou lad tuirn quICk
eyes' wertei tilltinl ior hers tnd the
(lWh lite Arow It1 2'iuis we4l. sIt ill-n
Atirs tn hadi4'1 4wung fromli'itt his hfrse
he i frotn lndto footW-214 slowilyt' and is
tet'an i15'1'lith 2gesu haei tan In-I
horse'i ve t hr tut i eaut1if u ea
-ovr hisme' shitoule and' Ilooked21II
wavel1'd diin is stl lyiit lehg
"ou~le must( rie noth Ioott'err
Qthe white at wns peaceu' tlk.
Andte n y u ate youtt-l mu s urryi bitk,
fteory on th su (iys hi111ghs on14 t'
And therep on the ptrne i (fnee41C~t
.an wlehntn' bO, intok sloeep. o i
ut befor ag unselt rimslfso. oud
- ed i theOO~ d ie thetVl hunte tire.
'ColningIt ig - hIan 1W11d the 112(1anin
Wootw tent trhat stccess. on ah itf
thre bucs forarrlie nt der( tover hi's
.thundwitlnd oeoto h he
1m hosId hatn he saw skin am
tud i ne proed2 hIs e aut t'e
feet hof bensqunws.Te boy'0 s heand
Fox,#& '
R.H.Livins tone
hits nuitich power Over our youiig mei
An armful of pine fagots wis tossed
on the aIiize, anld in I whiter leap of
light he saw the face of a womniat m
the other tent--saw her face and for
it moment met her eyes before she
shrank blick--and neither face nor
eyes belonged to an ntiin. Startlied,
he (aught his niotier by the wrist and
all but erlel out :
"And that?"J Tbe old woman hesi
tated and seowled:
"A paleface. Kiilitoo bought her
and aIopted her but"--tihe old womtian
gave a little guttural cluck of trl
uIhii-"she dies tomnorrow. Kahtoo
will burn hier."
"Burn her?" burst out the boy.
"'hlie pllefaices have killed many of
Kahtoo's kin !"
A little later when he was passing
near the white woman's tent it girl sat
in front of It pounding corn in a mor
tar. She looked up at him and, star
ing, silied. She had the skin of the
half-breed, and lie ntoptped, startled by
that fact and her beatuty-anad went
quickly on. At old Kahitoo's lodge lie
Could not help turning to look at her
again, and this time sie rose qluickly
and slipped within the tent. lie turned
to find his foster-mothe. watching hin.
"Who Is thit girl?" T'h'ei old wom1an
looked displeased.
"Daugit er of tile white woman."
"Does she know?"
"Neither knows."
"What is her naie?"
"EaIrly M1orn1."
Early Morn and daughter of the
while womni--he would like to know
milore of those two. and he half turined,
but the old Indiani woiai caught him
by the aIrm:
"Do not go there-you will only
man k e iore trouble."
lie followed t lie flash of her eyes
to the edge of the firelight where a
young Indian stond watching amid
"\\'ho is that?"
"lihtck Wovlf, son of Crooked Light
"A h !" tihought Er'skine.
Withinl the old chie calledl falintly
and the Indian woman motioned. the
The Squaws Gathered and There Were
Grunts of Recognition and Greeting
When the Boy Pulled Up in Their
lad to go~ within. Trhe olhl tian's (limt
eyes laid a new fire.
'Talk '' lie (commanndedl, and imo
tionedl to thle ground, but thle lad dhid
not squait Indin fatshiion, liut stood
sitraighit with airms foled. and the
chief knew thait a contillet was ('omin mg.
Narroi'iwly lie watched White Arr~tow's
face antd lhearing-uineaslily felt the
strange new ptower of himt.
"'I have been with miy ownt petople,"
soa1( thle lad simply, "I le pa lefnees
who havi e comie over thle big moult
tatins, on andl on almtost to the big wa
ters. I found mty kin. Th'ley are many
tand strung and riebi. 'They, too, were
kinid to mae. I eaine hectause you had
bteen kind tand heca use you were sick
and hierause you haed sentt for' mei, andl
to keep mty wor'd.
"1 have s'eeni Vrooked ILighttning. Ilis
heacirI is bad. I have seen the new
prophelit. 1 do( not like him. And I
have seent the white womtan that you
are to burn t omorrow."' Thie lad
sitoppledl. llis every word htad been of
defe'nse or hitdictmtent anad mior'e tihnn
ontce thle old chief's eyes sifled uin
Thle da'mitliess miien of thce bony, his
stenda'y eyecs. anld Is hold(1 tthIifulness,
pleased' the uld mart. 'PT' la' mitlst
takhe his pl ace cas chief'. Now White
Arrow(i*' ticrnred qu estliner:
"'1ItlII yout I would (c(ite wvhen the
leaves fell and I am here. Why is
Crooked Lightning here? Why is the
new prophet? Who Is the woman?
What has she done that she nmust dlie?
What Is the peace talk you wish me
to carry north?"
The old man heslitted long with
closed eyes. When he openeti thei
the fire was gone and they were diin
"Tie story of the propliet and
Crooked Lightning Is too long," he
said wearily. "I will tell tomorrow.
The wonian must die beituse her
people lve shkiltin mibne. l"'shles, she
Is growing blind and Is it trouble. You
carry the white wnmpumi'to a colunell.
Tie Shawnes iiy Join the Biritish
against our enemiles--ie pailefnees."
"I will wailt," stili the hl1. "I will
carry the white wnmptiu. If you war
against the pitlefilve on this side of
Ie loultail-I 1111 your enemy. If
you wiar, with the liritish against them
all--I tni your enemiy. And the wom
an must not di."
"I hvie spoken." said the old man.
"I have spoken," Xald the boy. le
turned to lie down and went to sleep.
The oll rnn sat on, staring out at tile
st a rs.
Just outside the tent a figure slipped
iwy its noiselessly as it snake. When
it rose and emerged from the shadows
lie firelIght showed the tmalignant, tri
unipalint fite of Crooked Lightning.
The Tndlan boys were plunging Into
the river when Ershine appeared at
the opening of the (old chief's tent
next morning, and when they came
out Ileles were clinging to their hair,
lie had forgotten the customn and he
shrugged his shoulders at his mother's
inquirhiig look. But the next iorning
wheni Crooked Lightling's son laek
Wolf plassed hin Willi a taunting
sinile he cl(hangedl ils min(d.
"Walt !" lhe s)1(. lie turned, stripped
qtickly to a breech-cloit , point(dti to a
beech down 1n11)( across the r'iver, chal
lenging 1icik Wolf to a rtee. To
gethier they plunged in and lie boy's
wilte hotly clove tlhrough the witter
like the a ...... that he was. At tihe
bletechi he w 1i ed tihout to II'eet I tle
anngry face of Iis coimpetitor ten yairds
behillnd. lIalf-wiy back he wits niore
thiin twenty yards alend when he
lea-rdi a sli*tingild cry. 'erhaps it was
it ru1ocv to eover the hiumiiiliatfion of le
feat. ilu wihent he saw hiucks rushilng
for tle river hank Ie knew thlat the
Ivy waler hold broualit a erainp to
ihack Wolf, so he Ituretl, calight tile
inl by his topknot. towed him shore.
war, dopinut h111111puo sl
'Ind stalkoll iick In his tent. IlC
lit 'ber lund built a lire for lin, and
tle oild chilefr tlooked pleasted ani1d prouid
"My spirit shall not piss." le sil(
and str ightwilay he rose and dresse'd
n11(d to the iist1iionihinetit (if the trilIb
('iiein rgel frtii ll.4; it-tt, and walket
tiruily abilt the vilh~ige until le fount
('i-cked ighiii lng.
"Ymu would have Macnk Wol()f chief,'
Ie sai. "'Iy wel. We shall se
who n shw the 4 bettIr ii ht--you
son or Viit. Arr1w1- chalige tha
sent I'rootked 1,l itiig to broom
iwlile in his N111, nid thei secretly it
conlsult (lte pr-ophet.
Liater l iii' ld chlif fillkt-d long I(
Wh ilArro The i-ophet, he sid
hasd I ben f ilt thein but a lillife wtIr
"Wh aiiid ht lie (Te t Spirt picl
(litn ofi'i inan1 t a or?'' hieisnedh
iiii gis l is salidtt tip fit'. "vlin
owa~ s te'is sign iif hr i s n li tr
rin ithifin hi.,fr ht A'o
''rWhii shiould thei' ient111 S ii't lek;
1113 isuch03 ye in o favotr?", hei tie
liiThe chft shook h vis wosind.h
fvwith hloiiit l a initus'rc ist h
wi( rtttkt telli rokdghningda that hev'
mlsd his niili. le boire utt t young
mhren, sinnst~ ae yin aitiniste yu
heylt wreiting frr me' St'di The1
argld. tt' lie had lit r(1(ea d ithe 3 iin'
o hid spechandit hrt' was not neft
the ib, it' lord, fit'orW'hit nrot
lieI wiow them,"li h1 sarhl ciulwoly
Whebgrn th two'.' appleart ey (otide, t
man t rvoea atee, for nvrithhhsty(ll 'ithe
rwhl vitihseksw.a asi h
wh Wi.hbith a hr ontia bae ist
rooke ~iitnng seak."ebo'
horit''hbrid and hio k hnsii"is he.
fIndin I lies kidoh ar etr io iout,
AO loot-rn 'e Th~i~e ol chii smiled
realit beni nobrae by the triven
Flapper Love Sends Evelyn CoL
ture to Death and Kenneth
Gumm to Hospital.
Marriage Festivities Turned ini
Tragedy by infatuated Girl-Bride
Tells Story of Dead Girl's
Toledo, O)hlo.-Filpler love, violei
Anl pa11ssonate, but 1111low and iI
lIotelit, spint Evelyn Couture, nilnetet
ye'rs old, of Sylvii, to her idet
by her own han andl put Kenneth I
011in, twenty-one, of Toled o, iI
hos)lt al with I a bullet in lhis lung.
5irs. Pearl Thomia (iuili, wife
the wounflel nmn11, is a emnntdhlbate fc
the stitte Senate InI the Iprihnary ele
tionI. S.he hasi epsl4 the( enuse' c
short sk irits, holhhed hall anl ot h
featires of a liberal platform.
Wedidling festivities of young (G1ur:
andl his bride of a few hours wer
halted by an insistent knock oil ti
/' -
Pulled the Gun and Fired.
dnor oIf t le I 's aparnn1111114t oi I
('veiig of tlhe. wvhling W.lay. \\l''u
wa is :n. er'(il Evelyni 4 ' lit'ure, I
sinister simluow of thr ' Gtuis' emu
Ship. stool il Ihe hall. She form*11e.
Iuu ba eld n yhtee In (;uimn's favor.
Asks Girl to Depart.
Mriis. (Itani, reailizinl that tiii g
fwais ag.Zitltel aver the n',ws th1 ylIii
'11t1111ur <1 niii' gi o g iwy nul le
50)illt to t ~ bri lwhofonirlw
''uo I') 2 e 4Wl. Alrs. <; in 't ineteill Io p14
stuwle thfrir to o tnway Till ni
"(h, lo walt' tho se,se repn'i,''I
T1Whe,. neror.9ln1 to 'ar. h;m, We'
Coture11)1(1 gir sl1tha)t :u rs. (atoumii
Itep Vut int the 2g111 halafy. ll
I211. was)1 afrnb('i 211d th shot. s1
laud Ih wisheW11 to ' 211 e Kenneth,"llu 11 i
nIar('i'14'. Lt' 4us(l n line' ~~sI:iii~
tile tisiSte thnt she wanted hi.'s
sen him fora Inet and 0:ule ii
(1nth om e. Sr hen al flafb hlt Vin h)(e
Ioul Ighl)t asWil wli shot 'I Wea hdu'lletf2i
")' Oe e tse hee dhan' think1 )1 404
wouhOlt shr, bufetse oiki.u
ht a nl 1fired. I liinstarfei wewl
alrs a ng turned'11at 11th h. I i
thoe thrwn her~ arl amui i~hiy Co
even'e hugh woundzetod he hlungwh
f~romlg whth toward. one.T
A lechdte adotr niht ws ling lb
tQh floor Sh hiaitI d to k 'iled121 'ie
WhensIp saw herlVPh'~(lI t oee l er
up' ane tonnet tonte, 1II faintedr
infa'tutdhwhat W1 would h nil f4)inI
aboutnfl her)wIl hfertion. 121lI' ~4''
Iruly lvek myhli hush141 n44 i'wh
l''it isly eten ti thandt fw week4
thai~towethae beaintgte n
aft')a Mlong O etrnemhtent'e. 11ri
4thesel weeks this' girl cotiully rs(to1
"Alat asi I two. niti before tih
friens.Ilhii andov henel to her w
Utmost in
Pure materials, sci
facture, absolute i
then sealed against
That is Wrigley's
e--fresh and full fla
Aids digestion,
white and clean -
and disposition sun
Have you
tried this
Wrigley's Adds a Zesi
Checkers Only One of the Many
Amusements That Lend Them.
.elves to the Wireless.
' 'layilng gains li raio Is 014, lw
r('st .1tr,"' wr~tis \\illintn Tellln'rin
thJly' 11 S . N ichoela,.s. ''lle itnlys III
Nn 4run N- Yor ,fI -k ( ItIy wh have)II %
s i n ll r ihs-lcilIgraIph s tI. I avin I
a great eal of untrowtlatys inll r
h:-iu2 h the i. - ks win1 are li s1alen
ing in hear. on ..t..ions like tis
~'IJttrn p.l frI tweny; to twently-seven.'d
- '" .\ll -rightl. T' rn ;t 1'ti 3linvin frin
I''e 10' 'ta-I t-n.'
I his, wi' shoiuhat onc'iie know'~ I hat a
Iti tnte- of eheIl-rs wats bteing layed.
r- lhieei'-s is nly on ~he ofE ie, tiay
JZ:ntn's tha1: 1 91 il itself' ' t o l'. la-t -
in rad'ii t''.i'eke-rs is .*uts easy and5V it
th tiorl sinar intiner.t~fl In lo' , Iit ils
n' I Itr eei'ling~ ttt tan the i usa-lI gi
het'tugsi' wei ny' liays playilng aln in- I
~'Cuticura Soap for the Complexion.
No tinig hler '' than Cuiieurn'i Stal
iidally andti liuinent new andit theut ns
'ntueeel to innke th le ctoiplex urn elear',
seal p ei('nn a nd lud I soi1t ~ft anud whtit e.
SAtihi to t his t he fatsinating, fria griant
Cu Itiiurn t Tll 'IpTi.--Advert isettt't
Exposigig the Paragon.
Sushti' finlly, e and htt'Ist th eu
andhouekepe. I wats, :t'errdin-dyv.
3tl1tne tf th o usn 1 . d e - c c
.Iitsl :s I h''3tt lreparnltins, it .
ural114 I hurttriedi lto ft' nt' isltunt-t of ft' I r
I relltoue, 11ny guetsts bitatti riveil. .\ ii
h'adnt been pett'4'h - irelessiy, a11 tal apo.
dhin:'t dte Itin-ini; I dhl."'---Chi"'ag.,
Old Grads.d
-I' a 3 girl', ytu k now !"'
SA fuill yer' weatr oir rnorn guarnntreed (75r and .',0')
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