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&'.6u a Year Invariably In Advance.
;atred at ! ickens, S. 0. Postoffice as
Se-ond Class Ma! Matter.
GARY 1iIOTT, Editor aid Mgr.
(reenville News.
The elitr of The 'iekells Sentilel
-ays her ty tene a1 mleetinim
(f the lural mail arci.rs f l'ik:ens
coulity atl"I ftcunld the) t') I- "al fille
dy of " e !eel that
. v 'i eldolo !top to thir! A
Lten ot"Mi. IC w\.il takt alnf
rticle i( 0I . faithfuli
Ma il l e'
Usel'ibed~ ~ I w .-: .3' e ' o of
llt. - lie I ir a I a peeit"L
full tril ute I' i we4 ' , carry
mail. T1- . .i -- i t e lievh.,
wordinit et 1 aut the tub isiuod
]1 sit'i she 11a.l r~i.ut1e Li rie~l
S1 lly Lilli Ct l del t i 1he I (lmeSte
.elsil l i l ,;eti l f thaI eir lap
Pointe(I tiske.
Dwellers (.n rulral r1--m . apprecialt
fully the h rvics ren-ife-I by the
mail carieale. The Nes bisees,
tor ill etM Weailir lil h1.1, ill gook
spirsits o.i14 t Uilo r t man t ho briml-s
tIhe n11 il lust I. ' .-; "ai ppoint
d tak." Lik e the. circus 1' ll0wh.
inl spite of her fall att 1pted to ride
b eause "the 1h1w1ms. tro onl," thle
ImIail elniaer cannot h-t anl Y inciden.
01r' eensditioll inte lr wel it.l the deliv
cry (if le te :'n!I pIlt ls
fiut' unlil ' the ll-t i tile riur1'l
inail car .ic I .. ; r pittare
for his coi~nst hy wtti ( 4l1e*ellv-y. The
-T.0 tlimt his s i sar. alpci. al'te ,
: nl smtlt!,( h.y 'Ir.. nt, 1-. ll'.s
41. ria! Y- Ifwr . w 'l is Omw
in ltl kid* an'or ym a
i .I I itI- ;i I -10 l I I !hI) I - (I " (I
1thetic to the_ y*eomen whoi, inl all walks
of lift .xecut1 their daily work loyal
ly and as he., the I emw, -I- that is
a sur-e - tal, the world
girowiitn lhiess 1tr.
Thel~m.ntAssoc)-ialien met Au
hs it .\l4limt. ping b Church.
'.1e churcb i. we\l n omelle for a beau
tiful f untainl :- I 1 f purest, Cool
st wat tliew frl Il l ndr the hill
nerhy t --bennul aMm
cia! Spr1-ekl< (oit i a Oettin
of m rble < r --m : 0" witl h r.ppro
6hr inser fo t. Te che has
bolt 1! '11 \h\.(e w.!I adlapted to
1.* ~IAM'3S ..i TC. .i E,
fr44o e atr .E
ON h t~ hEA. AN'tret
* PALM ar WANfu R srmEnwa
MAHiHA., oSEEnerty.
~UT SHnChStiAn Tof h
MAH LFT i thNugh Le
hOMhN$ uhaN' ,. du
~k41j~ni inrkint
1i. 46 i A 1; 'APA.
1.vtcst a-d 1 e 1t 'info1mation ,on
t_.,e, pu'i.: Du'6d t
As is the soil, so are the people.
Building up one builds up the other.
If cooperative marketing is not
boosting the price of tobacco, what
is doing it?
AMrlny farmers have found good
poultry good insurance against hard
A tip to th- (<.tton falrmt r. Don't
let the wveevil dc-tro'y 'Ou'. ourage
nd y-Our- cottenl.
Nitroen ~Will be high nxt sISon
(E~cy sa. Beter establish v nitrotren
factUry r't hom1e by plantig wit r
kio-uine cover crol-s.
C < the farm wNvuc.land Wn..
make it p'r(oductive.
Re'aing!V~ strikc: Wliy ' shul
tlhe farmer iee'i to wvork longer
hours than any ether class of people',
A South Cr-rlina farmer who <.wn-:
five faims says that the on1ly 1nev.
whi- n made him pay income tax hI;.
year was his dairy farm.
Ohio investigators tell us that the
cost of feeding a cow by the silo
imethod is hardly one-third that of
the pasture and hay Iethod.
There are 565,853 scrub or grade
dairy bulls in the United States.
That is well over a half nmillion too
Pulling fodder is the order of the
(lay in this see-Lionl now.
Miss Mae Stone and littlc sistl'
Opatl were spopping 'n Greenville Sat.
Sorry to report Mr. Heibert 1lol
ecmlbe is in the Base hospital iear
Greenville but glad to' report he
doing better.
Mr. Ben Smith has purchased him
self a "Joln IHenry."
Little Frank Suddeth has been con
fined to his room for a. ew days hut
tflad to report he is better.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold D1urham of
Pickens spent the week-end with the
latter's parentu, Mr. and "Mrs. G. C.
The baptizing will be at Georges
C:Ceek Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.
li'pe a large Crnwd will attend.
Mrs. 11. C. 11olcombe and daughteri
Il.ar.!iIt, Rese. Cecil Mae, Mir. a1l
.!s. C . C. (rant vas a mionig thoso
who spen l the day in Gieenville with
Mrs. I. . I Hlolibe and1 family, it
rem.11 a soupiiso hirthday dianer for
\lir. . ' llule''mle and Mrs. C. C.
Griaint. Amo tiia those otheris laweseni
wv: i: \lr. aun! \Als. W. 1R. Anv.h-risoni
nn I twxo e.hlildren W illiami aind Lois.
.\i. ial .',!rs. E. TI. Willinigham.,
ix. er( n: ' i rs. li r 2 ic le
id awd chien l'iior on~*;d!aro.
. . ( ' ra l 't'; an.1 at x'sit'i Cu
Th renva ill latIiioIsdav o adI iz.
.i. (r. :(v. Jait'' Sm'i~the ofSet -or
M. -C :Ie. S-lV :rda whnd Sun~iday
.M- s (olye toet a flw dayuest o
1101r. fti'u spendin ta vieit ini
Graeenv'ille wasth Mhrsday.F; an Frcoiay
Mir'. All. Woodil'i ofr~ t h 'tagut'
ha eu'c oeaftersped
xvek ithClyeltive s in nds aof
Miss R. :<e Ilolcombe has rieeunedll
Grenillednsn' with i .loleomb
andT facmly. l ni iy
oM. AOn W'oi''so iot Spatanhurg
hasd leturned fom after speatn ha
becoe wit reMatanives. inand Eround
Mr.1( ardye ''s v Iemb ome Grenville
hCl maklembe ''(d famiely. hll,'
C'omeh rsondet, Pa'wake up
antles hear' from y.iv' that hasil
a' ' nnal t ret i : of ycu. Come o a-1
help) mak e thea"Gem fni'lehe oothills
fnl(tliiito'the be'ttownarand .
ciasci o "omebd'share ang."
etreo sid hertebygvnthtIwl
make arlientin to. .\.tCri to
i~her Es~i., Judge u Prbteor
J. F. McJunkin, Plaintiff,
Mrs. Grace Poole, Defendant.
To the Defendant Mrs. Grae Pole(:
You are hereby summonned and re
quired to, answer the complaint il
this action, which was this oay filed
in the office of the Clerk of Court
at Pickens, S. C. and is now cn file in
Said (ffic.e, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the sai(l cmplaint
on the subscriber at his oice at
Pickens, S. C., within twenty days
after the service hereof. exclusive of
the day (:f such serviIe nd if you
fail to ans-wer the complaint within
the time aforesaid, the pla:ntiff in
this action will a-ply to the Qourt
for the relief demanded in the comi
C. E. Rkainlson,
Pliitilf's Attorney.
0. S. Stewart,
Clcr'k of Common Pleis Court.
(Complaint Served)
Abe R. 13. Stewart and Jody Dee K.
L. S. Griffin, R. P. Prince, Margaret
Elizabeth Eleanor Burton and Pick
ens Bank, Defendants.
To the defendants above named.
You are hereby summoned and re
(uired to answer the complaint in
this action which is herewith serve
up1on1 you, and to serve a copy of
Your answer to the said complaint,
on the subseriber at his office on
the publc square at Walhalla Court
louse. South Carolina, within twemyL.V
days after thy service hereof, exclu.
sive of the day of such service; an(!
if you fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, the plain
tiffs in this ac'.oln wiill apply to th'
(Court for the relief demanded in the
Dated at Pickens Court Hlous'e
this 10th day of August, 1922.
R. T. Jaymes,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
0. S. Stewart. (Scal) C. C. P.
To the absent defendant, Margare
1.lizabeth Eleanor Burton: Pleas
take rotice that the summons an
complaint in the above entitled actioi
ve re tiled in the offce of the Clerl
of the Court of Common Pleas
Pickens County, South Carolina, r'
the 10th day of Auust, 1922; tha
10.e purpose of this action i., the pal
titi of the real estate descrile 404
te omplaint, beloneine~ to the' e.
tale of Pa3rtheney St'wa:-t, <ieas.a
that o pesonI denumdii is w~
ains lt you. :( !ne 4.f hu r he i..
PL. Taynes.
D)ate i Au\*'' 1n, 1''22.
a'onaint re.
D 1 1.. aylo . i!! .a!
a's ex'cuti e f the wil ! - I C . A
Iloleomnhe; Susan I.. D~avis. C'orri
Tayplor, J1. 1. loleombe an'a d S. 11
Ke(lle::, Defendant~s
TJo the Defendants aboce named:
You are hereby so umor~ud awl re
qulired to anlswer the comp'ilainI in tba
act ion, of which a c~o)y is hierewit
servedl uponL you.,l~ an t.> serve a cop;
of your answer to said C'omliant o1
the suberiher at their office P'iekens
South Carolina, wvithin twenty (lay:
a fter the service hereof, excl usiv<
of the day of such .service; andi
you fail to answer the ('omplain
within the time aforesnid, thie plain
tiff in this action v-ill apply to Lti<
Court for the relief dlemandled in th<
Carey & Carey,
0. S. Stewart, C. (C. P.
Dated Aui.ust 1-1, A. D). 1922.
Toy thIe absent (defendan !t', Su:s:an I.
D avis:
'Tak'e Not ice that the. :su'mmions, o)
v hi- the abov' i8 Cupy, aind tha
coml:-ntin th. - cho'e stated I aSt
w4 file~ in f::e office of the (Cirr
of Court for P'iu..ens ( ounty von th:
YL (!t. <by)f A ugust, 1922. and both
the saidt summons an'd enm' aint are
nowV (n fi le in that otfice, and you are
he'reby req "uired to answer thIe same
and( ser've your' answe)r t hereof oni
the undersigned at their office in the
town of P'ieken , Southi Carolhna,
within twenty days after the service
of said summons uponi you.
Carey are.,
Fl and Witer Oxfords for Fall
Oxfords for this fall and winter
a back seat.
We have just received our flew 4
All the new cuts inl Brougues with
Brown, Russia Calf, reasonably pric
always be a member of the Walk
Cheaper grades in womens Oxfor
'The Red Riding shoe for ch:!drei
rhoes. 'The Red Ri(ling 1lood sho
miachet. IverY pair guaranteed.
Werk shoes. for boys, men, wome
We have always had a reputation
howe-ver we are going to open you
stock of work shoes that has ever 1.
ewnt. See us before you buy your
The home of Walk-0
Stetson hats, Inter-wov
Home Sewing Machines
Lady Corsets.
Clothing, Shoes, I
Nowhere else can Pickens county
citizens get as much reading of in
terest to them as they can get fron
The Piekens Sentinel.
County News
The Sentinel prints more Pickei
county news of general county in.
terest than any othlr paper. It
gives the county seat and other new.
from all sections of the county. Thi!
local news alone is worth the pric
of the paper to any good c.itizen1.
Political News
This is campaign year in botl
state and county. The Sentine
w ill keep its readers informed aiJou
political happen-ings and will givi
lair an i mpartial new.s concerIing
the cipahigns.
General News
Each week The Sentinel prints
t neVs rIeVIW 0f oet.e una toreig.
hapejin.;s which is tie best featu r
n i n .:Teip)ndt 1. and( one malul
'.:hiii*, by i tadUing1 this alone
:and now; .ere (eh-P . an a
h r-atur '1n ZIPSZ'tinel p~ub
a - at t1. m about theno
I i .Re i.rs Headin lul~\C
\ - d L nA 1 V of samither w'ee':
tues religiu~As nev:s onl readin.
or.4 mni~nes in merica. W\e pub
1a every wevek a buada~s :choo;
leen ILe ocasionally pul)i'h rec
ig12.ius articles bylocal~ peLopit. B3e
sides this we? publish retliijous new
of di tfErent kid aol meeIin'tinigs a f
feeling m~ore chureches and commiuni
ties than any other paper in th<
county. This is another featuri
wich alcneu :s wVorth more than~ tht
-subseription to any church worker.
For TIhe Women
Each wceek The Sentinel publishes
much readling: of especial iLnterest
to the women. We p~rinlt illustra.
ted fashion articles, household hints
Scooking receipes, etc.
Other Features
D~esides the features mentionedl
above The Seitinel publishes in s-r
ha or ooks of the best andhi
bokstore, would cost from $1.50 ti
.2.50 each. Occasionnl iy we print ai
short story.
The Seuntinel also publishes theP
legtal advertising of l'ickens coui:i
ty, which ;s of interest to everyV
tax p~ayer.
T he S-ent in I alsot esoflilIA
('nougih hu mor each we odv
the lu(e away.
whiho re:.r will lt' n '~
tm*:ri es toa bis
mnntvhutstrvestowere toe driv
tnote eoin Ti
And iI E <I EtN-' SaraIl N nnI.
wOR-k. "Ear. bS:, it 9"guon
Them 1enine is frmnotrl.ishen
mnitys. butd sris osev theten.
.Will sell at a bargain. Mrs. S. 1:.
Fere-tasan. C'nenta S. C.A..g2
'o Manl, while h gh cut shoes have takun
Al d are showing many pretty fall styles.
at tent leathers, Blk & Bro Kid, and
n pair of Walk-Overs, and you will
d ded to our already large stock of
o f the best shoes for chiidrc --n the
)r k shoes in the country. Th's fall
mii ost complete, and we think the besc
ic e than last fall from 10 to 26 pv
There's a reason.
(49 & co.
Endicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New
a City buggies, American
ig Goods a Specialty 4
By N. A. Christopher, Esquire, Pro
"~ bate Judeve.
n- Wheras, Thomas Durham, made
a- suit to me to grant Him Letters of
Ad.'nistraticn of theEstate of and
Effects of Mary Hannah Durham, de
Ii-Tese are tCerefore, to cite and
- jadmonih all and singuTar the kindred
tard Crediters of the said Mary Han
nah Du rham. doee ased, that they be
and appear before me, in the Court
c;f Jrobate, to be held at Pickens
Court louse, S. C., on the 2nd, (lay
of S1 rtvilber 122, next, after publi
eatill hereof. at 11 o'clock in the
foreno:1n. t-, Shr:w causeu2, if any they
have, why the said Administration
s-hould not be grailted.
W(vena under my handnd d ea! this
22 n.1day of Aurust 1.22. in t.. ;
N'. A.
-j-(,!--v " !,r " C.
- TO
-\ . Pik n RI
j(. (O ~l Fr knw. a h
Piek)ens, i85OU)jsj )~ acre, oo 1-rmabun
g alow, 4-room tenant house. Will sell
at barenin on easy' terms. J. S. Far
Oh Yes! Oh Yes!: We have .iust in..
eta!ledal c(omplete roll-ir m21 and are
now re:'dy to grin'! yo. ar wheat, and
::e .en promI~Pt serv'ice. L:xle Roll
ci M!lls, Gr'eenvile, S. C. 2t
FOR SALC-Fordl one ton truck,
'H' I'-n ru abouIt one month. WVill
er. iri ce foer cash. a'!driess IR. L.
I or--~~r' wwr fu (Ee~r :and frre 0 sa'>os
ws '.t od'-- ThIr. .J. IR. Waotkins;, Co.,
Dept. 79, N--w York, N. Y. 5t
CARBIDE for sale at A. A. Moon's
store cheaper~ than you can ordor it.
FOR SAhLE.--One~ Ford Touring
Car, 1919 model, in good condition.
~One second han-I hugge' andl harness.
Wilconsider trading Ford for good
horse or sell cheap for cash or good
naOper's. C. E. Robinson, Picke.
a nd Winter 1922-1923.
a re the style for the well dress-ed v
all and winter Walk-Over oxfords, q
p lump heavy soles for fall wear, in 1
'e d at $6.50, $7.50 and $8.50. Try <
: ver family.
d s for fall at $2.50, 3.00 and $4.00.
a nd growing girls. We have lately a
f ur chidrien and growing girls. On,.
n and children.
o f selling one of the best line of wi
ir cvcs. We have bought the largest,
Cl en shippcd to Pickens. Lower in pr
f all and winter shoes.
ter, Red 'Riding Hood and
en hosiery, Griffon Clothes
1, Iron King Stoves, Chas
laits and Gents' Furnishui
Call for Pictorial Review Patern
J. 0. WILLIAMS is hereby a
nounced as a eandidate for reelecti
as representative from Pickens coru
tY in the State Huuse of Represent
tives. subject to the rules of the Dei
ue'atie parLy in the approach'ng p
ma ry.
I hereby anilnoun iice myself a cant
date for the louse of Represe
tatives from Pickens County, subje
to the rules and regulations of t
Democratic party in the approachi1
1)rimiary. J. M. GARRETT.
I ht-reby annouic.e myself a can<
I date for Probate Judge of Picke
0 County, subject to the rules and re
dlations of the Democratic party
the approaching primary.
I h-reby a1nno(unce myself a cand
dit" for reelect .ion as Irobate Jud .
(r Pickens county, suhjee)t to the rIu
nu ' U l : ruat ions of the D~emocra~nl
aryin the appre:n"hin iprhnary.
FO () (OUNTiY (P CO1.1Ssio:'; i
G. WA[ lOWE*N is hereby a
T A. FINdiIY is hereby anne-une.,
p andi t( for r(e-.ptI'l e ion (s (
-J t'or' o(fs Pickn CQ'flout,J 2u
I )mmorati party' in t he aippr'oachc
I he'reb~y announce myself ats
cc ndidate for c'ounlty (comis-tioml
ii t he approaching primary, sulbje<
te, the rules of the Democratic p~art~s
Dr. Glymniph of Aniderson, S. ('.
m'I'R IC F .iW E JIa i g g
One D~ay Only, Fridayi September 8th,
D~on't neglect your eyes when you
enni get expert service andl~ the very
best glassos at the lowest prices.
Examination Free Satisfactioni

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