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Mothers, watch you]
Health Is .
From the time a girl reaches the
age of twelve until womanhood is es
tablished, she needs all the care a
thoughtful mother can give.
The condition that the girl is then
passing through is so critical, and may
have such far-reaching effects upon
her future happiness and health, that
it is almost criminal for a mother or
guardian to withhold counsel or ad
Many a woman has suffered years
of prolonged pain and misery through
having been tho victim of thought
lossness or ignorance on the part of
those who should have guided her
through the dangers and dificulties
that beset this period.
Mothers should teach their girls
what danger comes from standing
around with cold or wet feet, from
lifting heavy articles, and from over
workng. Do not let them over-study.
If they complain of headache, pains
in the back and lower limbs, they
need a mother's thoughtful care and
A Household Word in Mother's House
writes Mrs. Lynd, about Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"My mother gave me Lydia E.
Pinkham's VegetAlble Compound
when I was 11 years old for troubles
girls often have and for loss of
weight. Then after I married I took
the Vegetable Compound before
each child was born and always when
I felt the least run-down. Both my
Lydia E, P"inkham's- Privat<
Peculiar to Wolen" will be sent
to the Lydia E. Pinikhamru Medit
This book con itins valuable info
Says the Cynic.
.in o bw.i lr's fri nd fieei
fotinth san, in buth'i ,nsefi..
Clear Your
witha This
Old Reliable
Por pimples, black-heads, freckles. blotches,
andtan, as well as for moreserious facc, scalp
and body cruptions, hives. eczema, etc., use
this scientific compound of sulphur. As a lo.
tion, It soothes and heal.;; taken internally
a few drops in a glass of water-It gets at the
root of the trouble and purfies the blood.
Physicians agree that sulphur Is one of the
most effective blood purifiers known. Re.
member, a good complexion isn't skin deep
-It's health deep
Be sure to ask for HANCOCK SULPHUR
COMPOUNID. It has been used with satis
factory results for over 25 years.
60c and $1.20 the bottle
at your druggist's. If lie can't supply you,
send his name and the price In stamps and
we will send youa bottle direct.
Blltimore. Md.
/inecd Wdphur Comunfd oat. < .
WMe't--..e anid .M-fer uA#u-ith the
I i um Yund.
Cuticura Soap
The New Way
IWithout Mud
*3 netino etn
'ultly revive it ahin ring baeck utill otiia
color it ilustariance-i. A ta go . d rui. t,7.,o
direct, frout iIFESSIG - E.2 hmt.MMHS EN
A man is as old as his organs; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
per-forming their functions. Keep
your vital or-gans healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric ncid troubles sinco
1696; corrects disorders; stimulates vital
organs. Ali druggists, three sizes.
Look for- the name Gold Medal on every boz
Dear Sir:
I have used 12l
years for my thrCe
Ii him Mrs. Winslow
for It cured him.
DIarrhoea, colic, flatu
teed non-narcotic, nona!
7he Infants* as
sister and sister-in-law take it ano
have only the highest praise for it. It
has been a household word in my
mother's house for years." - Mrs.
KATIIEnYN LYND, 2491 Gladys Aye.,
Chicago, 111.
A Little Book Helped Her to Decide
Milwaukee Wis - "My daughter
took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound as she was so weak and
did not feel like going to school. She
was like that for a whole year before
taking your Vegetable Compound. I
found a little book of yours in our
mail-box and decided to give her your
medicine. She is now strong and well
and attends school every day. We
recommend your Vegetable Com
pound to all mothers with weak
daughters. You may use this letter
as atestimonial."-- Mrs. E. KLUCZNY,
917 20th Ave., Milwaukee. Wis.
"I was always feeling tired and
sleepy, was losing in weight and
would faint at times. I had other
troubles too, that made me feel bad
ly. I read your little books and heard
frlends talk about the good Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had
done them, so I have taken it too.
'he results are most satisfactory, for
I have gained in weight and my bad
symptoms are gone. I recommend
your Vegetable Compound to all my
friends and you may make whatever
Use you like of this letter. "-GLORIA
RAiltEZ, 1116 9th Ave., Tampa,
Text-Book upon "Ailments
you free upon request. Write
Ine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
Peking Gathering Shows the Spread
of Christianity in Countries of
the Far East.
In early years of inissionary ioifer
1 On. tuio venients iII non-Christian
land-; were often represeited by work
'i-rS froin ChristI.in lands Who were li
r1in'hg in theIII iv foreilgi tield. To the re
* 4fut fe ienc l(id in I neking ft Ihe
Worli's Studn lent (I'Ii s tifn federatilon,
hiowvver, lite variois 1n1vemients sent
its diIe..gltes sons and dalughters ol' t he
soll' v. g. of the 24 .Japanese delegates
'only tw ' were n(InI-Japtinese. M,' the
nine 1r,in India -.l1 but three were
i11ins411.., oif thlie six rep1reseitin. 1op-;n
oinly n wast a foreign(er, oi .111 no
froIn Itijs/.sia utal 4 sb ria iall but fine!
werk.ecitizens- of ltese hands, and a
of the 12 relproesnting the l'lillilippie
sislnds wvro F-ilipinos.
"SnII ator li N-r. sai a PIlilm9e
-hia.11 .nn a nat way ft piftting
".\I till, Ilhih14olphia .11 c lub o e ovye
l .ng lh lelhii reor'rIii e'm111 inl
fo r .1 )1 ! d( al -. f 4 ' r.it-I i . I n thI e 1 11
'w vId , :11rth ie o w w9iii ai link'r
'h:r iitably. Li.'s --nlt his go ll p''ii ' ,
" ' s. said Il'e osC, 's 1's ;I porel
Self-Help Is Best.
i'i believe --hiit unts the b\el hralts
mHeo m Wqas istne.hsben k
dai~' lnnihe.orl to'l ta nokit, r9i1c
lA (lath 19yS9 gf he hiln' hadO1 l'n ind1s.
Toiu w*'.--- goiriginnii telied
yarti'. ItalyInon~d, and1( look for the
oft thoe "ticks of' thle tradh'" ('9me1 over
hdim .a141Ii hI aniouisI~ lyiquired:9
Curiosity Satisfied.
A\ nie'ihboing famlrily, witht relatIves
in I iheir re4t Ir n T as5kd thtIle father
it' they lun11 had14 an1 enjolIyab1le timie&.
Marshall, Mo.
ras nd ~It hprov nan
y babies had coi andY suc
aSrp tertainly was fne
Yours truly,
( Name on equesi)
ency and constipation are quickly
easant, efficient remedy. Guaran.
Icoholic. Formula on every label,
d Childrn'. Regulator
for/frae booklet of letters from mothers.
G CO., 215-217 Fulton St., Ne r YorkU
*: Haro Id F. Ritchi & Co., Inc.,U
Heresy and the
Ass4ita:it De01n. Moody Iiblo
I itatitrate, Chclaigo.
T'lid'-If t hre conto tiny unto y-U Unti1
bring Rot this ttoctrino. receive ini not
Into your house. neither [)II hin God
apeci: for he that bitheth hin1 Goti e41ied
ls pa11rttakitri% of his ovil deeds.-Il JolIn1
10, 11.
"i't not your hious li e mtie a
basis of operlations atgainst Christ."
Si sotys iti olit
wr1iterl, with our
text in niti1d.
"tiitt," ft may
Ie asked, "are we
I)(b so 111rro
thfit we cannilot
giv tilt orilnary
greetinig of court
teyto) suineone
who dlifers with
uts about somle
polint of dlo(tie
aItni cannot en
tertain such in a
social way?" This
leads us to set
forth wIiat we heliieve the text incuil
4 t11ts.
iotrst of Ill, it is evidint that it Is i
mllatter of false teachilng whilh is here
involve(l. It i.- iiiportIIt to ilote thi.'
in at <lty whenl it is supposel to tiatke
no <lif'erence as to what we helleve'.
For wtile .114hn1 is very Insist ent on
right cornittet, hie Is none the less- In
sisteit ol right hellef. He knew. as
all should realize, that errors ts to
"doctrii" prodtuce errors its to) life.
False Liberality.
Aga. in, the expression, "bring not
this loetrine'," oilits out the iper-son1
as a teniher, not a mt're I raveler
seeking hospitality. Dr. .111amtes Cul
ro4ss, lin Vxcellenlt linterpretr oi (f .lhn's
writ ingI , wel1 4 saays "The 1 1ha"rge
whih .ohlu gi ves is ian int itlote tu
that sio-i.lleti 'iherality' to willchl
trtith 11 4 i alshtliool atre alike, w-hich
genierally ethils In hintlng truth with it
Intnii'evrti lintruee. Wiatever mity lii
ciini ftroin Chrish lain (ieiipissioni of
kindhiess. lot it tie loeiv witiiou lesita.
tii tt'eear hut 1it It le)' ilene as
oliiuta ssin orl kiliiess-i the it spirl{
of tli goa Sttuaritin. .tilin 1his ie
i'aiult with it, at throws Ito hitirate
ill Its way. Utit kl.o the (listlnctiionl
4l.ear het lwei ' tding at f'eil of Chris.
1it1 lie'lleieelle tluI givitig help ti
ttilt i- 'ilirist ii ehl r r."
Thl fals tentelier I- not only i) )th
refusedl hosplitality, bult hev Is not. to) be
telentii 'Old stpet, ori as the levise(I
\'rsioii piuts it, we are to) "give luu lit
r'ea ill.'' ,1i1hin's iguttge Nield not
tititessarily prevliie I n ti or illnairy greot
in, '4 11ut,1-sy, lut it involves sym
Ilib anld a riv(it, so ats t ,iueeaie
a1 l'inrtakor eof the e'vit dteuetis of the
tE':u'lti '. Silhi friateri i iiite ireeetst i
dli.. a* s tinei irohiit eel.
We imst he eni refuil lieu lo e toissumiie
fits e'xasive atillit Iele toewaIrdis intei
wh. iII ei'llffer with uI f ..is tas lto si11in1
e2s,-nt mil o irt OfIoctrinie., fuor In
sich itters ie1re 1 s r Ioino Lr
it ii1 tieliiihiren. .lin hiai in
taijiiini ni' e eeilly tie eletc s 4o1
tha~i ltiy whoie ehiiihet thait ''.ti'sui
stha intl iitv invlvin' tfll I )elty~
ti1r1 l i'ue innhtiil oif ouri L morl, wei
itist hei ntlegethter uncomproi~tiinig.
The Incarnation the Center.
nli thist v'ery ittlet' ef the Itearita
.iien, lr'fssor <>rr hats sabile: "'Mant
I oiih-eies tire ait Iiresent in ojewratio4)
to wv'teala- this eluictie.-spaeenhutivi
met 'eiltioniairy' tieoeries, tloet.rinles i1
idet eaino (::nd utol mian abtove
leall, t tiwerfuil bt of the spirit uui
te'rtrettatien iif the facets to truthis o0
r'eltigtin. It is ai nle(eit51y of~ t he hi f4
if th(le churichl to resist thiese tendente
cie's andii to conitendi~ Iorn o('hrcist whti
iieirsonialty tas I Ic is humni In hhi
tforiit of mniife'staition-who is thii
veriy Word of hxl becomie tiesh (JTohi
1 :14)."
Jo' hn's drceetitons as to ourll aittitud1t1
many wvell lie appiedo to ima ny of thi
so-eli led uin in meet ings oif Ithese
Itiies, wvhien r''depsentativ(es of oethtei
lacesi' on the 'pJrogramt, as thiuigh snet
ilffecreinces of dotr~line were of noi mii
huti IJo hnl w'ouiltl doubitless descrnibe il
iTie "'el(ect lady,'' to whlomi thie wiordt
it' our tex'5t were first iidritlPese, wnm
in mlot hert itnd Jouhni .shows inuchi ini
terest in li iiened'f. lie woutii pro.
Se'et thiemi ats well ats tier, from thie in
IItluence of fals(' teach 'ters. Wh lat a sot
('mn1 ne'ed Is there at t hIs time11 foi
such proet ion of our chiiiren. Noi
oilty do fialse teaicher's ('omei ini persor
inI theiise <httys, but thea woirld (11 futi It0
bookils, wittenci ini an iihluri ng waty, cal
ciuttited to filltI t iminds of thle youn;
with soul-destroying (error. Let us.
thiose wh'o wiouldl gunard thieira hoime.
froim at deadlly peLstileniCe
Prayers for the Table.
I 1ere are.4 tive' praiyers tfor' thle tatle:
"We bless Thee, our Ileavenlhy Fatther,
for thtese and iill Thy mlerces, and
praty Thlen to give us tininkftit hetarts,
for Christ's sake. Amuen." "Bless, (j
Lord, this food to ourt 1use iind 1us te
Thy service, for Christ's sakte. Amilen.'
"Foir thlese nntd till Ills mercies may
tih ~ei'Lr makte us truly thankful.'
"We thanfk 'iThee, O) Lord, for T.hy
:htily' enr e iit gioodness. Teanch us ti
ilhrist's sake'. Amienl." "'Bless uIs, ()
Ii ord, and these ''Tiy gifts which we
are'4 abouit to receive, from 'iTiy boutyt3
tirrunth 'hr~ist oure T nrd. A .ime.,
Westrna Newspipa1ver Un1ion1.)
If I should b)e akied to natno tho
Quality lost ntcessary to tho best
ti of nilt, I sliotald un11h'esltating
b(o1s4 optimismI for with it are3 msure
to b associlteod ambition. entliusliail
ase e -
Fruit Cheese Salad.-Put six dittes
gs, one-half cupful of biaiched
ahnilonds, throuigh1
thle mneat grin1der;
(add at cup'll of
crean celse, a
-- /' tespoolfill o f
letnoia juice and
11 (ash of salt
and red pepper.
MaktCe InI halls,
serv ig four on hteIIrt leaves of lettuce.
Serve w ih nuyonlinaise dressing.
ThIe lMlwing r"e Ips inty not all
be liiketd, but s41in1e 1nly be tried often:
Chicken Jelly.--Cut uil at lairge
Chickn ino sm lpeces. Talke ealch
PIlece a1141 ioundl onI a i board until the
flesh enil hone is well mas113hied. Put
the chiken 11114) a kettle ani add a
talblesploIIfiul of salt to a quart of
Wtter. Siliuer gently 20 mInutes,
then1 aIIc i .n a Ilress cooker for eight
hours. ttrainlnd pour into at mold.
Serve ol Iettuce with imiayonnaise
Brook Trout Baked In Cream.-Ilut.
ter a halking (1Is11 and lay it freshly
aulight ill (Iressed trout or two in tile
pain. cove. with swpeet cream a111(,
cook slowly. dinIllg tile salt Iln(, otIler
Sisolillngs when it is nearly doli.
Peach Canape.--.ut rounds from
nice spollge en1 ke, sprinkle with peach
Jill"e anlld Jay on halves of juicy
I'cuhes; fill the hollow with sweet
en('ed, flivored Whiiped Ji-l(m and
-sprink~v-leihhpe amns
Crab Meat and Red Peppers.-Ite
m1iove til' y4lks of forhil aI-oked
eggs, IlsAsh 11110 111d two aleit'spoonifuls
of file bread (rI'll h11o p the wities
and (add nlt tableimonui lit i hIf
of chtopin'd4 reld peppetr. P'ut into at
Saulcepanfortabiinnfl of but
ter when luetted a1h4 the egg mixulre
aind cook ni ineh nlngaltl
alt aItil44 a (uil of 4r4'un, then add
at cupjfui of eirahl 14nent ; seasonI htighuly
and serve on 4ireh's f11 bttered t(ast.
Salmon Salad.a-.\d c'elry, a hlf
vupfrul of o Pnu with tho sugar re
Movedi, a little 4-hoppied piekle 141nd se.11'
sonling wilht i o4d dressing.
Chopped "'1tlnnonl giglier stirred Into
'whillped criv'4 I :11nd1 1 tithlesip on fill of
th si 'Up used fi'r flavoring, makes a
fine filling for enkce.
The ill we feen we ru.'er coulti do,
In thotght we drainati.;
What we should io'athe. we learn to scan
W ith Specula tive eye's.
A most a411 r:n-t ive sahad, at t he same
timhe 41ne that is some iowil 1unu11s11:1 Is
Cabbage Salad.-.Shred
wiIh 1a 24har4p' knlife a4
I (I~f wit 111 nbh4a~41ge, ad(14
four r'ilI Imnanas121 cuit inl
ai dah of v'inegar,11"Il sea
sonlings (If salt and1( 4ugar I. Ser've withl
czracker's and14 cheese44(.
Different Dried Beef.-1'ut thre'(e ta
ble4spoonfu ll s of1 barn' 4111t1 inl a fry'ing
pan11, a11( ldlone-hlif ioutiI of 4lr'ied beef
SsIis. 1'izzl.~e f'or thr'ee m11iutes,
then p)Ile 441 a1 h44t 1414ter'. Cuta thrl'ee
bananas45('' croswls and' 11n4 <1 lu'rters
lenigthlwi se, let 1them4 coo4 k in the fr'y
ing p1mn 1 lng enioulgh t) become1 thor-1'
Iouighily hot,1. Arran44I ge aroun44 ld It' beef
- aIfl ser've 14i1ping hot1.
Pecan Pi e.-Coo14k in a double boller
one14 (upfl'l oIf mil1k and14 a4 (Iupfll of
sugar. Tic(kenl withI one tal)spoon-11
ful ofI f111ur the0 yEIlks 441 two eggs, the
.luice' ofi 44 lemon,1 lhIke a ('rust aIs for
lemion pi4 and1( lill Withi the( culstarid,
broken,(l Inl hits. Co4 ver wtIiih 24 tmernguie,
uisinlg the e gg whlitles a~ndI brown1 light Ily
In ihe' ("venI.
Fig FilIling.-C'ook 011e cutpful of
chopped figs ini one-half ('upjfll of wa
ter', thle juilee of a~ lton, and1( wh'en
('o01 stllr inl po0wdered suigar unitil
t hici(k. t:st' on1 Iae en0' '1ke.
Lemon Fililng.-IolI ioget her fiye
mninuteos onel4 cup fui (If 4ugar 1, one-lf"II
cuitpfiil oftr and O 141(hle jioe (If t wo
I('1inons. Add two well-bI4etn eggs.
Ret ell ; ~( ')) cool bfor u12lsin4g.
Nut Dellght.-ll (line (upIfli of rice
- wet mold1(, then turn'i (out onI a4 d1ih1.
Wh'ile t still hot) 5('ason th1(e r'ice with
two taltespoonifuls (If bu11t'. If the
mold01( Is hollow liifill' eleter' wIth the
following: '1Tk (111 ('upfl of (2IioppPed
figs, 'o)ok Itemi In (Ine' ('upful ~f the0
rice wa4te'r for .'0 mlinutes, 1441d on
cupiJful ('ach (of apple14 pup1 4111( 'hlopp~ed
nut s w ih f'our Ialcspoon001flul oIf le~.on
juice. Cook unt Iilthiek. IDecorate
with nutls andl( wh4ip~e'd eamnu.
Honey Rolls.---isslve( si yeast cake
in a cupful or warm1 l'ilkI, add14 one
tthlf cuipfuil of buttebr, al tablespoonful
of sugar1 41(1I an a'11)11 tapnfit of salt. StIr
In a wll-1heate(n egg and14 Iihree( cupfults
ofi 11411ur. Knd and(11111i'1 (oli t one-hlfi
inls. 4'hopped'( nuts1 and1( 4411 cup flu ot
strlue hoey 'aeina oert
Thven.)' t~
M "I"I "' women, lie the Athen- v
inus, are always looking for t
sonnething new, and blouse makers are s
deteriined that this full they shall t
find liat they are looking for. Troops n
of lovely new costuttie blouses are i
passilig Ia review, ahnost no two of h1
themi alice, endlessly varied in design, If
many of then nande of novel materials u
that the season has brought in. These c
new materials finlIinediately gained a il
foothold find are industrionsqly clinmb. .9
Ing. They include satii-faced pebble li
reipes, crepe itttalasse., Vllrled rashat- a
nares, chiffon velvets and various blis- 11
e. 7:(.
A Ak
4... ...... ..
One of Coming Seo
:ered silks that ippear in comnpany
% ith fatuillar crepe-back satin, crepe n1
de chin1tk :11111 dg tt nin there are 11
:1 rew Iiiin'y Ipe oleti' n'he V
Yation 111s !in style keep p: I c with :1
thos iI fatbrics and (rimnmnings, anid 11
the costurn h111hm1sot is cast for th t
uist in terst in.: If -tit rdes in the r.
ne1w t eso1n' fm'-:bon play. Sl"eves
:1nA trinntiie..s leint theinseives to thw I
whins 1111d va'rarivs of the diSignier' t
fnli y, .1a iia t tI -hoii nhll1etar Iit I
tel arius,'-tl th oe tlt' a'merge froi
Spanh'Vt's i I\o the ohlr and it re tghg -
(;rapei(ry 4or a1 dee'p puffT tet ont nitE(ve
lhe 'lbow. Tin' putfed '.ieves atre gal-g
er'ed iniII to ibatl itt tihe wrist.
E~vterythI ig inlII li t igs bin gs grist u~
to the detsignetr's mtill, seqhtin.' of
covered buit tons, mlle l ' rows of li na
rowv fancy ribbons, pum~ip bows, bead
Headwear That S
atnd silk embihrohlery, I ticks, ins.ertedl i
medallIonus of' eiibroideredi not, fanicy n~
ornahinen'Dts, or' antythinig elbse tat hnp
pensH itlung. Fotr Ins~ttance, little tatg g<
eds~ of' i mt erlial are set, like sinuib (I1
flags, from nieck to elbow oni the al
sleeves of thle pre'tty crepe (de chine ai
bloutse plic ted. It aipprioplriaited, itlso9, t!
hetiistlichinbg about the nieck and1( bot- oII
tomi, nieedlewoirk mthdilllons iand ema- ol
buroldery of silk at the frotit and ani og
tuneen girdle fInished withI r'oset tes ei
pos~ed over the draIped sidhes. t
Alany costume~it hbouises atre very long er
waisted(, eninig inD hipi bands t hit Ien- (er
circle thle tlgt ir below theit hi p hione. bt
Others are niot conintedi at atll, hanging ec
st ra ight fr'omi shotilder to) biem, an DiIn
still ot hers aire draped. H~e Prepareld 1 to a~
mebet all sorlts of eccenCtr'bilties jDa n
TIhi shops iare displnying hi(adwenP~r
for school daiys, to suilt girls lIttle
anid b'g and thle preferencie of' thir
patrorYs hats a Irently decreedl simlple
~ltld soft hats. Th~e tam~l is th a -n
orite 1111( is shown in several varie
e1S, of which the polo tin, in ton.
hn1des, appears with quill or #lower
Ill of black velvet. The polo tnin Is'
nide to rna1tchl the polo coat, 11nd ail
lost ally cont ennl in ti its intehing
'It, either in a taini or i soft, round
at, with a1 brim that eint ho turned.
p or down. These hats are inn(1 of
mt fibrics, Us tweed or velours, but
lere are Sonle felts aunioig thern.
onlel of the tam1s ire innde to fit snug
by the insertion of anl elastle band
Lross tile back, which Iolds thenw
rily to the ieaid.
MM"~i ME4
/* e
son's Blouses.
Th'le sphty of ht's to till conts
I(h t he I littl ' I'1> wI:ilo in 1 iolor it
wore nlot for thw bright hats InI
tery rtiof lui or velvet .1hich
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