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for olicials of i'ost (Oice delmirtwien
Imlen's Cu11p races :It (Ilicester III C
Distribution of Coa! and Curbing
of Profiteers Are Press
ing Problems.
Senate Adopts Two Important Amend.
ments to Bonus Bill-Results of Cal
ifornia Primary Election-Italy
and Little Entente Near
Clash Over Austria.
ItEI)'i i0NS that the public \woulI
have to py for net tal and titg
nary losses due to tlie conli strike tn
iliready heing fulfilled. 'I'he( olerMtor:
mid dealers, mtnny of whotn nust tit
'lassed imoong tile conslenceless prot
iteers, are riising pric 'es of fuel, di
iplte tle efforts of public ollielints. IIh
:b1raents Of con gressoinl Inetlon an1d II
?rotests of the millers that the in
)%vners have sufered little, if any, los
>1celluse of tile stoplmage of proithletio
(n som1e sect.lons of the couuitry II
'Iuel shortage aIready is becoinii
teute; In others there is pleity c
.oa. The railroads, it Is asserted, ar
lot able to supply e nough ('a1rs, bu
:hn1t is always the Case as wvinter al
')ronches, which Is one of tlie result
If the wretched lack of organilzatioi
it the coal industry.
The coal fainiie is especlally rreat
*nilng In New York nnd the Atlatit
l onst region generally, because the ati
hracite strike has not yet been sel
led. Ilut at thils writing there Ia
laIr chanice tha t the haiird coa! ml net
b'ill sooni be back at work. Sena tot
'epper und I10eed of l'ennsylvaia dIre
p proposals for tesumpltionI of wvori
11d the plant was submitted to the oj
rattors anid the miners' senle commi
te att Sepa rate meei ngs9. It was int
erstood that the p)roposedl agreemet
quiredl the return of miners to wor
n the hasis of pay rates and workin
andit ions n I t hey were last A pri
hile the operaltors nt ituhl bie re(ItIlre
t ithraw~ thielr I isitence tha t na
tration be adopt ed as a met hod c
cing futur te wnige slea. Tis, al
irenitly, would be almost ats comlelt
vIctory for the miniers as was tha
on by the hittmilnous miers, and a
'ml)Prar'y a set tlemenit of the trouble
iud dliputes.
Dlstribut Ion of thle coal Is consk(
'ed by the uamintistration the grent
'esenlt probilem antd l'resident IIard
g Inten'ds t haItiall governmtienit ageti
es shlu Il be autiiz.ed to speed ua
liTsporttio o (1 (f fuel. Secret ur,
oover Is st udylng t hie capcity o
e rail ronds(1 to mieet thle emer'genc
eret ofore, lhe sa Id, thle best continu:
e rallroaids was on th bas lisa of 1.3
0,000x tonsti at weeki. Thletre are att prtes
* t, Mr. 1loiover delt'laredl, bItween'' 20,
gs thro~iughiotit the coumtry and11 om
thle greit eat probl letuisl i get l:
anl dellivered. Th'lere is, he am hledi
lo,000 on of(7 coni Clt adedi~tt undier spet
a11 Prioti (es for the Noib twest, whici
as11 not luioved iln three weetks.
FederaI coal2 commni ttee olecini 1ano
Iscassing withi thle inters5Itate com'
terce enlamisson plans for suipplylin
te Northwest wuith coal this winteu
I totatl fatelil Iles could be utIlIzed I
-oald be0 possible to mlove 1,200.001
ms5 a wueek to the Great Laukes befori
10 close of niavigaitlon, and(1 It wna
lanned to supplement the port du1mp
igs with all-rail shipments darIng thi
'lnter to turnIsh the necessary fuze
)r the Northwest.
)ASSAG10 by the house of the admln
- lstration's federal fuel dilstribultoi
tII was assured, (desplIe considerableC
pposltlon. Its costitutionality wvas
ttacked by Sanders of IndIana, Orn
am of Pennsylvania, Goodykoonts of
Vest Virginin and others, while flobin
Cin of Kentucky saId if the mines were
lven cars entolgh for tour weeks, the
'tiee, of coal Would tumble. Newton
-f Mtinneota scaid the meare was the
itdy practical way to prevent extor
iloonte Nibe, and Mondell of Wyo.
ains dediated he would vote- for thi
.residen of . i re.n .n .~bi.
lii ,111 ir lin II ~ul. .
. 3.--- 4eh(ooner lzilzbeth Hloward, New I
bill because of his desire to eurh
profiteeriig. though he did not believe
11,m1 kind of legislation would wholly
Ipeifortn its expect ed purposes. It was
kiiierstoIol that the CuinIuins bill with
the same objects would be taken up by
Ihe senate as soon its the bonuis bill
was disposed of.
II order to inake clear the adminis
Iration's polley iII the mntter of the
iiIiirir:id and anith rnecite strikes, I'resI
dOnt Iarding authorized the iniounce
Ieint . that he thinks it desirable and
iiecessary that congress, before ad
.loiri tunent, should 111uthorize him to
take over the rallroads and mines to
ifeeit a great national emergency
should one develop. Such legislationi
must come voluntarily from congress,
howevere. Mr. Harding wNi1l make no
formal request for it.
H NRY FORD has announced that
ils entire pliant it Dearborn,
Mich., will be shut down oil Septetuler
10 becaise of the coal situation. le
silys hie could get plenty of coal-If lie
were willing to lilay the price. But le
IctLCIres lie will not stand for the
Iroflleerinig of the dellers aIdI1 that lie
- feels he better than mostmniittfactur
ers can afford to Iiate this form of
hitibile protest against extoirtion. if
0 he- Is sincere the Amnerican public will
e be with h1im in this actIon. just its
s Mayor Couzens of Detroit says that
1. city will support lin InI it. Ford's
( venmies, ini Wili street and1( 1lsewhere,
g say he is blutling, or is planninIg to
t' shut down becenuse of decreiase of de
e Inmid for his cars, or is maiking a
t grand stand play becaulse lie hopes to
1run for the- presidency r some lesser
olice. lord earnestly denies all these
I charges.
FUTH " "'"S'"nes of violence and
! Fseveratl short and unauthorized
strikes of trainmen marked the prog
ress of the railway shopmen's strike.
STraiins of the Altoni were( tied( upi for
sevuerial days nit Rooi~dhouse, Ill., uintil
t~ Iheir (lharter, wen1t ba~ck to work. At
temipts were matde to blo(w tup severil
oif the Alton's btridges. 13yntnite and1(
b hoInbs wer~e used( by the strikers in
Floridn, Alinhama11, IlI inoi end else
*where, and1( in va riouis pilact a'lt temts
were maide to wreck piassenlger trainis
by ptiling up rau spikes.
s Striking shlopmuen undter arrest for
wre1'c(kinig it Michlign Cenlt ra traiin at
Gariy, Ind., have con fesseii, imlicati hn lg
others, aind have ndmltited thant the
e l iiniix (if thle reign of I error thait wais
t Islananed wals to hav ~e been the wre('king
of the T1wenitieth Xi Cetury Lhiltedi niear
. F. ""^"BTl"; r(irsentlni the
t B Jrothierhood oif Min ht enanc orC (i
. Way I'mpl~ioyees anRd lRailroiI Shop
.. Lab1orers, litst week Petitioned thew ra il
* way htibor lionard to establ)1ish n new
t'age scatle for railway worke'rs and lai
fdoing so toi recognize th rinc)1l3iple of ii
"vinig wage." 'Thie bour.3 refuised t o
(10 this, the majority holding Ithat a
"Just and1( reasonable waige," us con
. Ielve by the hon rd, is a "living wage."
- l'hereu~pon Mr. G rabhle wired ( hirIman
- Cumnminas of t he seniaIte nerstatiie com-.
. merce commiittee, askinig thit tine
transportation latws be 80 amii'iende us
;to insure raiiload emlployees a mlini
mumlil "living wange."
B 'ORI""'he seu""te p"ssed "the al
B d(ers' bonuts 1)111 it adiopted Iwo
fered by McNary of Oregon, Reptub
I ieani, providles for thle atpproprhation o (f
$350,000,000 for the reclamiation of arid
and1( swamip lantds to providte farms for
ex-service men. The second, by Sim-.
mons of North Carolina, D~emocrat,
provldes that the interest on the for
elgn debt shll be used to pay the
bonus. Bloth of these amendments
wili maike more dpicult the task of
atdjustmenit between th~e house andh
senate bilhis, and for this reasoi they
were supported by many seators who
are avowedly opposed to the bonus.
rThe Simmons amendment Is directly
contrary to the wishtes of the admliinis
tration as 4xpressed often by President
Harding and Secretary of the Treasury
Mellon., Probably the bill wvill be got
out of conference as speedily as ptos.
sible, as the congressmen who sup1port
it wish to reap the lRoiltical benefits in
the tall campaign, buat the feelIng in
Washington at this time is that Presi
ltent Harding Is likely to veto the
as e . O f .
q .7" *Z
-Newv "avriaii limious~ine" purchased
ork's entry In International fisher
C AlMIIORNIA13 primary election at
tructed the Interest of tile country
last week. On the face of Incomplete
returns, Senator Hiram Johnson won
his fight for renomination, defeating
(". C. Moore; all the incumbent conl
gressimen were renominated: State
TI'reasurer F. W. Richardson beat Gov.
W. D. Stephens for the Republican
gubernatorial nomination; District At
torney T. L. Woolwine was nominated
for governor by the Democrats. Some
of these results may be upset by later
In Montana partial returns indicated
that W. D. Itankin had been nominated
for senator by the Republicans and B.
K. Wheeler by the Democrats. In
South Carolina Cole L. Blease, former
governor, was leading T. G. McLeod
for the gubernatorial nomination, but
as he seemed not to have a majority
over the other five candidates it was
considered certain a second Primary
would have to be held.
A USTRIA, bankrupt and in every
way distressed, has become a bone
of serious contention between Italy
aid tl little entente. Plans for an
ecionic union between Italy and Aus
tria, which might result later in the
virtual absorption of the latter, have
been put forward, and are said to
have the approval of Great Britain
and France. The scheme would re
lieve Austria's most pressing needs
and give her an outlet to the Adriatic,
aind wotild satIsfy the growing Italian
sentilent for expansion. But Jugo.
Slavia, Italy's rival for control of the
Adriatie, doesn't want Italy strength
ened, and furthermore-she wants to
grab the Austrian district of Kagen
firt. Rumors that Serbian irregulars
were about to invade that region
stirred up a lot of excitement in Eu
ropean capitals, ani1d Jugo-Slavia was
constrained to deny any intention of
invading the district and to promise
to restrain the irregulars. The
Czechioslovaks wecre credited with a
hankering to seize the northern prov
inces of Austria in case of dismemb~er
ment of the succession republic. Buda
pest heard that both these little en
tente nations were planning to send
trooips through Hungarian territory
into Austria, and Count Andrassy,
cliut Irman of thle Hungarian foreign af
fairs commiittec.edcared Hungary
would resist this, addinig that Hun
gary, though weak, "may prove dan
gerous in case of such an insult."
PitOBAHL~Y hefore this reaches the
reader it will lbe known wvhether
the allied reparations committee hias
comel to a dleelsan oni the question of
a mtoratoiumwi for Germiany', hut dur
ing the latter days of the wveek the
sit ulation was deeidedly confusing. Her
lini madhe one oft'er (of guarantees which
i'ran(ce reject ed. Then new plans
wer'e sugge'std b'Ihy Britaiin, by France
ond by (Gerniiiny, all oif wvhich were
cast aiside by te commission. It
5Oietied( IIossilei thle scheme proposedl
by3 Deieirolx (of hlelgiumn, though ad
itte'dly at tempo~crary' compromise,
miiight he adopte1 id. This11 providled for:
I. sstue of shoirt-*t Ime promissory
ntes b' Iy t lie (Germansi gover'nmenlt, c (oun
I ersi gined by iihree big Ge'rman banks
iand iatyable to ieigiuma withIiin six
2. TIra n s fcj (If :300.000,0.000~f gold
mariks (8~7 I,.itio.00) from the
reilbsbank to thle coffervis or some for
i'ign hiank (litsi of10' Geritany, to be~
hld as5 Secuity1 for (lie paper notes.
1. Gutaranteves to Franciie for pay
mient in kind.
4. Convocation of another premtiers'
Coaference' in Novemlber to take tup
tihe whole problem of repiarations and
war debts of the allies,
S"'Et"^ great dlisastrs occurred
Ist week. An overloaded Chilean
vessel sank near Coquimbo and 310
persons weore drownedi, only six being
sav~ed. The Japanese cruiser Nlitka
went dow~n in a typhoon and it wvas
believed the loss of life w~as heavy.
In a gold mine at Jackson, Cal., 47
minilers were imp~risone'd In the lower
levels by a fire in levels above them,
and at this writing it Is believed none
of them wvill be rescued.
D " "'IT " the assistance ofiAmeri
can reformiers, the prohibitionists,
oif Swveden were defeated when the
question of wvhether the country
should be wet or diry was submitted to
a popular vote. The clties especially
Voted wet by hune. maaoxatI.
Gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told in Short
The Chilean Steamship, Itata, '2,200
tons, sank off the Chilean coast near
Coquimbo. All the passengers, num
boring 160, and the crew of 72 were
lost. First reports reaching Santiago
Chile, were to the effect that the vesz
sel was sinking rapidly, alhough no de
tails were given.
The menace of war in the old world
has suddenly appeared in two places.
The Kemalists have launched a big
offensive against the Greeks in Asia
Minor, in which ten divisions are par
ticipating. An equally menacing situ
ation has developed with the mobiliza
tion on the Austrian frontier of Jugo
Slav forces, which are reported 'to be
preparing to march into Austrian terri
The "drys" seem to have lost the
day in the Swedish prohibition plebis
cite, according to the latest returns
An American woman named Katha
rine Gray, 37, has been arrested in
Munich, charged withswindling opera
tions by the police of Brussels.
Many deputies in the Mexican con
gress hope that at the coming session
of congress a dry law modeled after
the Volstead law in the United States
will be enacted into law for Mexico.
The reparations commission met
again in Paris in an effort to reach
.a unanimous agreement regarding the
German request for a moratortium on
her indemnity payments. At the end
of several hours of discussion, the Briit
ish and French 'viewpoints were wide
ly at variance, with the Italians and
Belgians merely trying to find some
one of a number of proposals suggested
which would meet the ideas of France
and Great Britain.
With the gulf between France and
Great Britain as wide as ever, the rep
'Arations commission is working des
perately to find a compromise plan
which will give Germauy the economic
relief she seeks and, at the sam time,
prevent a spit in the entente. France
wants Germany to pay in cold cash,
and England favors a moratorium for
Statements made by proponents of
the Hawailan labor relief bill now be
fore congrous, at a hearing in Wash
!ington before the senate immigration
committee, that Japanese are attempt
Ing to obtain economic and political
control of these islands, "are grossly
pxaggerated if not wholly unfounded,"
jlccording to an official statement is
9ued by the Japanese Society of Ha
Attention is called by the press of
T'okyo, Japan, to the remarkable in.
iprease of dishonored bills in Japan.
t~he total amount of the bills dishon
ored by the end of June aggregated
830,000 yen.
Wash ington
More than fifty army officers on ac
tive duty at colleges, universities and
high schools throughout the country
will be relieved soon of their assign
ments and "from further active duty'
In the army.
The American Legion, through its
cemmander, Hanford MacNider looks
"with confidence" to Presidlent H-ard.
ing not to veto the bonus, now that
"the senate has fulfilled splendidly
their pledge to the returned service
men and wvomen."
Additional allotments from funds
appropriated by congress . for river
and harbor improvement work during
the fiscal year 1923, announced by
Brigadier General Taylor, assistant
chief of army engineers, included $35,
000 for Winyah bay, South Carolina.
Loadings of coal total 21,866 cars on
August 25, which was tihe largest num
ber loaded in any one (lay since the
strike of coal miners hogan on Apiril
Tobacco users paid almost nine per
cent of the $3,197,000,000 in internal
revenue received by the government in
the fiscal year of 1922. Income andl
profit taxes accounted for 65 per cent
of the total.
Immediate consideration of the
Pomerene corrupt practices bill, limit
ing congressional campaign expendli
tures in the general elections,, was
blocked by the objection of Senator
Shields of Tennessee.
The Virginian Railway company has
been granted authority by the inter
state commerce commisioni to increase
its dividend rate on $27,965,000 of its
outstanding prefered stock from 5 to
6 per cent,
The birth rate is declining and the
death rate increasing, accordhing to sta
tistics made public by the census but.
reau,. covering the first quarter of the
An offer to transfer to the United
States government all her alleged
rights to property which were declar
ed to embrace "practically the whole
of Texas," as well as extensive tracts
In Mexico, Lower California and along
the Pacific coast "from California to
bregon,-- was made by Mary L. Webb,
in a memorial sent to Vice President
Coolidge for submaittal to the senate,
All pending .amendments to the sot
diers' bonus bill were disposed of b)
the senate, but whether a final voti
would be reached depended upon thq
'number and length of speeches.
'The big question in the minds o
the friends of the bonus was whethei
the senato provision of paying it ou1
of the interest of the foreign lob,
would put it bepond the risk of presi
dential veto. Most of them appeare<
more hopeful but foes of the measuri
seemed undisturbed.
The death of Lientenant Commandei
Frederick J. Haake, of the Coasi
guard, commander of the Pamlico bas4
at Newbern, N. C., was reported t4
the treasury.
lailroads west of the - Mississipp
river were authorized by the inter
state commerce commission to giv4
preference and priority to the move
ment of foodstuffs, live stock, persh
able products atid fuel whnever thei
operating conditions become such al
to cause freight congestion or block
Secretary. Hoover sees no very grea
possibilities in the suggestion of Jame:
M. Cox, former democratic candidat
for President, that the commerce see
detary represent the United States oi
the reparations commission.
C. C. Hudson, Jr., 19, Jacksonville
Fla., is facing trial on a forger)
Aerial attack against the cotton boll
weevil was recently made at Scotts
Miss., in a test undertaken by the gov.
ernment supervision to demonlstrate the
practiability of the airplane as a1 poison
distributor to rid infected fields of the
The Canadian dollar touched pal
in Now York City the other day for
the first time since August, 1915.
Governor Hardwick, of Georgia, wh(
has been considering the appeal 'o
Frank B. DuPre, under sentence o
death, whether or not to commute h
sentence to life imprisonment, 'aftei
a thorough investigation, has declinee
to commute the sentence.
Twenty per cent increase in the pay
of more than 4,000 employes was an,
nounced by Sloss Sheffield Steel and
Iron company of Birmingham, Ala.
Will M. Jenks, 45, of Lottie, Baldwin
county, Alabama. was arrested at tile
bedside of his wife, Lemma Jenks, at
a Mobile hospital, and charged with
inflicting what physicians say is a
fatal wound.
Directors of the Coco-Cola company
yesterday declared regular quarterly
dividend of $10 a share on the capital
stock, payable October 1, to stock of
record September 14.
Advancing the date of the national
"Forget-Me-Not day" from Armistic(
(lay to Saturday. November 4, Nation,
al Commander C. Hamilton Cook, of
tile Disabled American Veterans of
the World War, made public recently.
The spectacle of a race across th(
country between an army dirigible
and a reconstructed De Haviland air,
plane will be witness on September E
and 6, according to dispatches from
San Delgo, Calif.
Michigan police are stationed at thle
state reformatory at lena, Mich., as
the result of an outbreak among the
in mates.
Seventy-five men, comprising tile en.
tire night force of the Argonaut mine,
Jackson, Amador county, California,
are entombed in the mine as the re.
suit of a fire which recently broke out
in the mine.
Two of the thirty-five men jaIled
in the wholesale round-up of alleged
confidence men01 at Denver, Cole., have
been identified by investigatrs from
the district attorney's office. Thley
are EddIe Schulltz of Knoxville, Tenn.,
and C. V. Wilson of Toledo, Ohio.
One manl was killed outright and 34
persons injured, some believed seri.
ously, when an auto truck carrying a
strawride party was ditched over a
steep embankment near Baltimore. Ma
Nine men are lb custody and four of
thenm have been implicated in an al.
leged plot dleclaredl to have been in
spired by radiicals in connection with
a wreck of a Michigan Central ex.
Dress train at Gary, 1Ind., several days
age. Further arrests are expected.
A tornado0 whlich swirledl through
H-enry county, Kentucky, (did property
(damage estimated at $600,.000, not in.
Cludinig tile dlestruction of' theo tob~ac.
to crop v'alued~ at $500,000.
A daring plot to escape from thle
feder al ponitentiary at Leavenwvorth,
Kans., by dlynamiting gates and shoot.
ing dowvn the guards was frustrated
by thle confession of a trusty.
County police questioned Mrs. George
ICline in an effort to obtain moro in
formation concerning the killing of
John Bergen, a motion picture actor,
by George Cline, the woman's ihusband,
just as a duel was to have taken place
in thleir home at Edgewater, N. J.
Twenty -three additional warrants
calling for a total of forty arrests, in
eluding five women, were issued in con
noction with the Communist conven.
tion by federal officers at Bridgman,
Dr. E. J. Maguire, weIghing 170,
recently proved at Warren, Ohio, that
a man carl maintain normal on fifty
cents of food a day.
A big crowd marched through the
city of Chicago the ether day demand
ing a referendum on the manufacture
of light wines and beer,
Lila and Madeline Wells, 8 and 8,
set out to meet their father, ons his
way home from a quarry. Half a
mile away they saw their father, 'who
saw them. He saw a fast approaching
train aend ran to save them. Hie lost
the race, and *11 three wore killed
In di-g e st in n a
Victims of stomach trouble, indige;.
tion, dyspepsia and their allied coim
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source of relief and comfort. Thou
sands of people halve refound the Joys
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else thley tried had failed.
"Tanlie helped me wonderfully,"
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Clifton Forge, Va. "For over a year
I suffered tortures from indigestion,
and hud to live on the simplest foods.
I I became almost a nervous wreek.
- Tanilne restored me to the be
Tainlae ielps the stomich.i
- the food properly and elimiinate
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) blood is purified anud the entire body
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At the( wedding there were three
happy persols:
The father, who pisSed the cost
of one daiughter to i perfect stranger.
The preacher's wife, who got the
weddlllg fee.
Tnhe best mani1, who ha(d been reje.
ed for the list tine hy the bride.
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Vaeine I
Feelings +
VSome time, ago, I was very
ir-regular," writes Mrs. Cora
Robme, of Pikeville, Ky. "I
suffered a great deal, and knew
I must do something for this
Condition. I suffered mostly
/with my bck and a weakness In
my limbs. I would have dread
ful headaches. I had hot flashes
and very queer feelings, and oh,
how mny head hurl! I read of
The Woman's Tonic
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have the same troubles I had,2
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betrIdidn't have any more
' troubie1 of this kind. It reg-.
/ulated me."
Cardul has been found very ,
'ielpful in the correction of many
c-aes of painful female dis
orders, such as Mrs. Roble
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p urel y vegetable, medicinal
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-years. it should help you.
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Reasonale Cnclusion.
"GoIng to lhump Smiather'1" i funeral,
clay aitter tomnor'?" hluiiredl anf aC
"Is funeral ?" Hlur'gin~dly returned'
Gap Johnson of iumlpusl Ridge. "Why,
he ain't dead, is he ?"
N"t l)J''snely, hut Dec Smith says~
heca', at anlother dlay.".
"Wlthen, I reckon p~ore Hnmp's
a gonlner. Doc proh'Iy knows what he
gavo iil."-Knn City Star.

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