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Mammoth Display to be Installed b
the United States Department
of Agriculture.
The 1922 state fair to be held i
fColunbia; October 23e28, will be r
Iplete with many educational featurei
Of especial interest to the agricultua
lists will be the mammoth display to b
installed by the United States deparl
Iment of agriculture. This exhibit wil
occupy approximately 5,000 squar
feet of space and will be found in
promintnt location in the steel build
ling. In adidtion to a wide variety c
:displays of agricultural products, a(
itual working models will give a real
1istic presentation of the subjects the;
illustrate. A feature is the one Illue
trative of the radio news service noN
employed by the government in di
seminating market news throughou
the country. Exhibits showing all th
phases of the cotton industry will alsa
:be featujred. The combined exhibi
will be of such educational value tha
it will appeal to all progressive farm
R. M. Cooper, Jr., president of tht
state fair, has announced tilat plan
were being perfected to honor thf
Confederate veterans at the fair. H(
stated that arrangements would b
made to admit these veterans withoui
charge that they may view the prog
:reas of the state they love so well
"This is a duty that the state owe.
her valiant heroes." said Mr. Cooper
"and it will be a distinctive honor tc
the state fair to have these men as iti
-guests. The exhibits this year wil:
be of such magnitude and merit as tc
truly depict the growth, progress ane
resourcefulness of our state and non(
take greater pride in our advancement
than the beloved gray-haired veterans
'All honor to them and may thqir vial
to the state fair scatter sunshine ant
lighten their burdens. I sincerel3
trudt that every living Confederat
veteran will honor us with his pros
-ence. The gates will swing wide oper
to him. 'Welcome' in capital letter
vill blaze forth over our gateways an
Avith hearts flusled with pride we shal
vneet and greet our heroes."
.Will Get Reports From Constables.
Governor Harvey has issue'd order
,to all state constables to make weolk
ly reports to him in order that he ma,
,see what is going on. The chief exe
cutive wants to keel) close tab on hi
constables and to this end will requIr4
every m11 pber of the constabulary t
:file with him every week a full roeor
as to the activities of the constable.
This rep~ort will 1)0 in detail, the gov
etrnor said. Heretofore some report
hanve been1 rather vague, the state
inents mere?y saying that ten mei
.wore arrested. The governor wants tc
know the names of those arrested an<
all detaIls in connectiou with thi
In his connection (directing the con
stables to report to him lie calls theli
attention to the need of getting th<
~"men higher up" in the bootlegging
game. The small fellow shoulti no1
be overlooked, the chief exocutive
iHunting Season Will Open Soon.
-Hunters in South Carolina ma:
~again grease up the old gun and pu1
It in readiness for the dove season anm
other shooting as the season is nol
far off.
The open season for doves will be
gin September 1, and will close Ser
!tember 15. Through a special arrange
tment between Cief Warden Richard
son and the United States game au
~horities, hunters will have the privi
doege of eniterin,< the fild for dovei
September 1 in iit Carolina, wvhere
'as in other states the (late is muel
iater. In Georgia the dlatet is Novemi
1)er 20, and Chief Richardson has beer
advised that some cases have alread:
been made in that state. None willl b<1
miade in South Carolina If the hunter
observe the law, Mr. Richardson saidl.
Names Three Men.
Gover'nor Harvey app~ointed D). R. Co
*ker of Hlartsville, R. C. liamner of East
over and W. W. Long of Clemson Col
lege as commissioners from Souti
Carolina for the Cotton States commis
'lion conference at Memphis. Tenn. The
three men are to be0 permanent memi
bors of the conmmission, according t
the letter adldressedl to Thomas 13
King, se'cretary, by the governor.
Pardoned Negro Not Doing Good.
j ~ Governor Harvey was advised than
Hlamp James, negro, who, acoredin.
to the records, was paroled durn:
good behavior b~y Governor Blease, "1
acting very badly for a man out uri
der parole." James, according to th
information furnished the governor, I
in Dillon County.
The recordis show, it wa's announce
-at the executive offices, that Jame
wvas convicted of murdel' and senten<
edl to bo hanged, Hie killed his fathel
ilaw, accordhing to information rt
Veterans' Clinio In Near Puture.
Plans have been completed by the
United States VeteranX' Bureau for
the remodeling of the Koon building
at 1322 Taylor troet into- a medical
dispensary and clinic, according to an
announcement given out by S. C.
Groeschel, sub-district manager.
The Alzst floor of this building is be.
) Ing used for offices and clerical work
and the entire upper floor will be do
v6ted to the clinic. Mr. Groeschol
maile4 out letters to a number of con
tractors and also placed a set of the
plans at the Builders' Exchange. Bids
for painting, plumbing, carpentry, mill
3 work, electric wriing, etc., will be ac
cepted up until noon, September 14.
The plans call for a clinical labo
y ratory, dental room, dental laboratory,
pharmacy room, two medical rooms,
an orthoepedic room, surgery room,
eye, ear, note and throat room, xgray
room, cystoscopic and neuropatig ex
amining rooms. All of these rooms will
a be completely equipped.
- This will be the only clinic in South
i. Carolina under the veterans' bureau
- to which ex-service. men, suffering
a from any disease contracted during or
as a result of the recent war, may
1 receive treatment.
Rifle Team Off to Camp Perry.
South Carolina's National Guard
rifle team left for Camp Perry, Ohio.
. Capt. Witt S. Fore of Union in charge
and Lieut. Kershaw DeLoach of Cam
den as coach. The team will partici
pate in the national matches. Mem
bers of the team expect to make a
t good showing at Perry. Some fine
shots are on the team, Captain Fore
being rather "wicked" with a gun him
t self.
On the team are. Capt. Witt S. Fore,
. Union, in charge; Lieut. J. B. K. De
Loach, coach; Lieut. Gary E. Byrd,
Hartsville, quartermaster; Lieut. Jo
seph E. Bates, Orangeburg; Lieut. Joel
J. Padgett, Walterboro; Sergt. C. C.
Carrison, Fort Mill; Sergt. L. I. Bell,
Charlesto?,; Scrgt. G. N. Buchanan,
Greenville; Sergti Padgett, ' Walter
boro; Sergt. Furman Johnson, Rock
Hill; Corp. J. H. Hovis. Rock Hill, and
Rt. V. Brannon, Union.
Harvey Wili Make Several Speeches.
Governor Harvey is scheduled to
make a number of addresses over the
state within the next three weeks.
On September 8 he goes to Blackvillo
to speak at a district convention of
the Pythians.
September 15 he will address the
Spartanburg chamber of commerce
ancfriends of this organization. This
will be at night. Sunday night, Sep
tember 17, he will be hi Gaffney to
- address a district convention of Pyth
I Saturday, September 16, the gover
I nor will be in Greenville all day. ie
I has been invited to Greenville on sev
eral occasions and although he is not
scheduled to make an address on the
16th, the chances are he will be called
upon while in the city. The governor
will make all the trips by automobile
and Mrs. Harvey will accompany him.
Malls Out Blanks for Tobacco Sales.
Tobacco warehouse report blanks
have been mailed by B. Harris, com
missioner of agriculture, commerce
-andi indlustries, to all warehouses re
ported so far as operating this season.
Last ycar there were more than 60 but
this season, under the co-operative
marketing plan, only 21 have been re
Sported as operatinlg.
Section 26(N, civil code, requires
these reports to be made to the comn
-missioner of agriculture, commerce
ajid industries on or before the fifth
6f the month for the previous month's
The following warehouses have been
mailed report blanks;
Oid Tobacco Warehouse, Andrews;
Planters' warehouse, Conway; WVat
kins' warehouse, Dillon; Big Brick
warehouse, Hemingway; Star ware
house, Lamar; Big Brick warehouse,
Liberty; Gravelet's warehouse, Liber
ty; Phoenix warehouse, Marion; Big
New Independent warehouse, Mullins;
Planters' warehouse, Mullins; Brick
warehouse, Mullins; Central ware
-house, Mullins; Nichols warehouse,
Nichols; Casey's warehouse, Loris;
-Sumter or Blaner warehouse (two),
Sumter; Farmers' warehouse. Ohan
to; German's warehouse, Olanta,
Greeleyville wvarehouse, Greeleyvillo;
Farmers' warehouse, Lakeview; Plan
ters' wvarehouso, Johnsonville.
Any warehouse that has not re
ceIved a report blank cans obtain such
by requesting the department to for
ward it.
Much Cotton Being Delivered.
Officials of the South Carolina Cot
-ton Growers' Co-operative association
-said that several hundred bales of old
- cotton had already been deliverer!
to the association and that ie-tters were
- coming in by every mail from memn
hobrs asking for shipping instructions
-and stating their intention of deliver
> ing all old cotton they have on hand.
.Delivery of 01(d cotton undo: the terms
of the contract is optional.
Three New Charterab
tThe Luak Constraiction. company of
g Pickens was chartered b~y the~ secre
g tary of 'tate with a capital stock of
a $10,000. Ofleiers are S. HI. Lus5k, pres
.ident. and treasurer; J. TI. Lusk, vice
a president.
s The Raley company, of Jefferson,
wns chairteredl with a capital s-.eck of
dI $10,000. Officers are: L. E. Raley,
s preside(nt; WV. W. Mungo, vice-presi
.The McClamrock Plastering corn-.
,- pany, of Columbia, was chartered with:
a. capital stock of 12.000.
Erskine Da
By John Fox, Jr.
Copyright by Charles Scribner's Sons
eYNOPSIS.-To the Kentucky
wilderness outpost colimandiet by
Jerome Sanders, in the tine Imie
diately preceding the levolt ion.
conies a white boy fleping fron it
tribe of Shawnees by whom he had
been captured and adopte( as a son
of the chief Kalitoo. lie i given
shelter and attracts the favorabln
attention of Dave Yandell. a leader
among the settlers. The boy warns
of the coning of a Shawnee war
party. The fort is attacked, and
only saved by the tinely appear.
ance of a party or Virginians. The
leadter of these is fatally wounded,
but in his dying moments recog
nizes the fugitive youth as lile son.
At lied Oaks, plantation on the
James river, Virginia, Colonel
iDale's home, the boy appears with
ta message for the colonel, who
after reading it introduces the
bearer to his daughter Barbara as
lr cousin NErskirle Dale. E;rskine
ir.eets two other cousins, Harry
Dile and llugh Willoughby. Yan
doll visits lied Oaks. At the coun
ty fair at WVilliamsburg Erakine
neets a youth, Dane Grey, and
there at once arises.a bitter m.ntag
onism between them. Grey, in
liquor. insults Erskine, and the lat
tez, for the noment all Indian,
draws his knife. Yandell dIsarnims
him. Ashamed. Erakine leaves Red
Oaks that night to return to the
wilderness. Yandell, with Harry
and Hugh, who have been permit
ted to visit the Sanlers fort, over
take him. At the plantation the
boy hal left a note in which he
gave the property. which is his 9s
the son of Colonel Dale's older
brot'er, fo Barbara. The party Is
met ay three Shawnees. who brltg
newt to Erskine (whose Indian
name Is White Arrow) that his foi
ter father, Kahtoo, is dying and
desires him to come to the tribn
and become its chief. After a brief
vist; to the fort Erskine goes to the
tribe. ie thids there a white wom
an and her halfbreed daughter,
E'arly Morn, and saves the wornan
from death. le tells Kahtoo he is
with the Amerleans against the
British. An eneny, Crooked Light
ning, overhears him.
CHAPTER Vill-Contnued.
\"Tomiorrow," sahl9 the oldi chie
"they shiall hunt. Enchi shltii take II
bow anl(d the same numbiiilier of airrow
at sunrise a nd return it sunlwvn. . .
TI'e next day they shall do the sai
with the rille. It is enough for today,
The first snow fell thalt night, ia1
lit dawn the two Inds sI1trtd out
each with a how and a dozen arrow
Erskine's wooderift had not suffert
and the night's story of the wilderne:
was Its plain to Mis keenl eyes as
printed page. For two hours I
tramped swiftly, but never sign
deer, elk, hear' or huffialo.
And then nill hour later he heard
snort from a thiek copse an1d the er;
of 11n uinseenl body Inl flight throu;.
the brusli, an1(d lie loped after i
Black W1olf came In at sunset with
hear cub whleh lie had found feedir
apairt from its m1loher. Ife was tritu
phant, and Crooked I -gh tlilig wi
scornfu'tl whenl Wh'ite Arrow app11ear<
eamty-hiandi ed. Ii is lef't wrlst w.;
bri'ised anid swoih'ii, and there wa':s
gosh thle leiigth of (h iis I'morearim.
"'Follow miy t racks tack,"' lie sal
"tint It you tome to thle kill.'" Withb
whloop two Indians bomunded away an
ini an hiotur returnred withi a buck.
"I ran himn down," said White A
row, "aindh killed him wIth the knit'
lie horned mei,'' 11nd( went 1into Ii
The bruised wriist and wounded fore
arm imade no miatter., fori the rille wr
the weapon next daiy-hut W'hiite Al
row wvent -mte way to look fi.
game. Each had1( t welve hulleis. Blne
Wlf camne In withi a deer' and one hu
let. WhIte A rr'ow told themii wher
/ /
"Tomorrow," Said the Old Chie
"They Shall Hunt."
they could filnd 21 (leer, a hear, a tbu
fal10 and an elk, aind lie showed elgi
bullets in lie palm11 of h iis hiandi Al
he noted now ilhat the Inianii girt w:
ailwiiys ani intenti obser'ver of' eat(lchoe
lest, nnd thai she always went swift
batck to her iteni to telli his deeds
the white wiomin wi~~ithin.
There wals a ifeast and 1a( danhice Ith
night, anil Kahit oo ('ould( have gionei
his fathers aid left thle lad, youiig
lie wna, na chief, but nnt ne wit
le - Pioneer
ready, and Crooked Lightning, too,
bided his time.
* * * * . . *
Dressed as an Indian, Erskine rode
forth next morning with a wampum
belt and a talk for (lie councll north
where the British were to meet Shaw
nee, Iroquois and Algonquin, and urge
then to enter the great war that was
just breaking forth. There was open
and angry protest against sending so
young a Ind onl So great a Inission, but
the old chief haughtily brushed it
"lie Is young but his feet are swift,
lis arm is strong, his heart good, and
his hend Is old. He speaks the tongue
of the paleface. Besides, lie 1. my
Oie question the boy asked as lie
Inade ready:
"The white wonan imust not be
burned While I ami gonie?"
"No," prolse(I the old chief. And
so White Arrow fared forth. Fiour
days lie rode through the north Woods,
and oil tle fifth lie Strode through the
streets of a town that was yet filled
with great forest trees: a town lit
whi.h he had spent three witers
when the game was scarce Mnd the
tribe inid muoved north for gool. Ile
lodged with Ito chIef, hut Slept iII tle
Woods with his feet- to the (ire. The
next night lie slipped to the house of
the old prleiet, Father Andre, who had
taught hiin sone religion and a lit tle
Ferench, aid (th old Inan Welcomned hin
1ts a son). though lie noted miadly his In
dian dress and wilas dlistressed When lie
heard the ladt's mission, lie was quick
ly relieved.
"I amn no royalist," he sild.
"Nor tu ," Said Erskine. "I came
beeause Kahtoo, who seemed ilgh to
death, begged ine to come. I an1 only
a messenger and I slill speak his talk ;
hut my heart is with the Americans
and I shall fight with them." The ol
priest put his fingers to his lips:
"Sh-h-h ! It Is not wise. Are you
not kniown ?"
lErskine hesitated.
Earlier that iorn ing lie had s'een
thrll'e. officers ridilig in. Followiig was
I ycith not in unirorin, though he var
rieul it slword. On thle contrary, lie ws
idressed like lint Eil Islih dandy, and
then Le found hiiseif face to face
with Dime Grey. With no1 sign of ree
ognition the boy 111141 Iet his eyes
sqtaIrely and pased onl.
"There i hut Iaone man wih dies
( know inle n.fnl le did lnot recogniize line.
~ Ills naille 'bt Dine Grey. I aM won
- dering what he is doing here. Can
d you ind out for me and let 1114' know ?"
5s The old pfiest nodded and Erskine
a slipped back to the woods.
At sunrise the great couniell began.
On his way Erskinie Iet Grey, who ap
pairently was leaving wit aIit hali of
a traders for Detroit. Again Erskine
h niet his eyes and this tI ine Grey
di silled :
ts "Aren't y*oil White' Arrow?" Somne
hlowv the tole wil; ilich lie spoke the
1 1113 wits iln Insult.
ig "Yi's."
1- "Thenl It's trule. We heard that youl
is had le ft your fi lends at the fort 11141
'(I becoinle fil In<Hra.1 agi."1C
31 "'So 3'otu ar' inot onily going to lhlit
with Ihle Iniens;11 agaiiisi ihe' wh'ites.
:1, bu13t wih the114 liiih a zga inlst Amei#ric'a?"I
I 31ess of' y'ours,'" lskli 5:said (ilietily,
-side. We iiuiy im..'t aga in."'
3Grey's face wirs ialready red withi
"When you trIed to staoh me do you
s reniemberi(' whati I said?'" lErskiie nod1(
(-led conitemiptui1isly.
r "Well, I re(peat !t. Wh'1atev'er the
k 51ide, I 'li fight you ainywhiere at anly
ltim and'111( ill 3tmy wa.y youj please."'
"Th'ils is nr4 tile t ime for pivaito
quiarriels aind you know~ it."
l'~rskinle hoWedl slight ly-an act thait
('n lne oddlly froln an Itailianl head
"I canl w.it- and I shll not forget.
The11 da~y will ('ome1."
The old1 prIest tonehed 1Erskine's
shioulher as the angry youlth rode1lh
I can118 make' i'04t ot, hei g si "fi
coiliny'. Ills tailk is ri t ishi, but lhe
tohll one man-last ntighit whe'n lie was
dlrunk-that lie ('ouli have a1 coniis
sioni in the Amilerlean army."113
The1 counll fire wa'us bilt , theii
flhlinci ernl'e~Iid anid thei smio' r'olled
uiIwi'rd and1( swep't lthrouighi th l nt cless
trees. T1.hriee 1'ritishi uagents satl. lin
werie l'riged. All iy~i tile powwow
hilrted(. E0ach agent spok~e auil thle bur-3
den of his talk vaied'4 very' litl.
Th'le Anmer'le'n paleface had i~~ diveni
the lIndiani overi the greait wvall. Thei4y
wer'e killing his (leer, bll1 anid elk,
robbIing himi of hIs land anid ipushinlg
and1( they would hecomie im'ore. Th'le
lb'itis 1 wer~.(3e theI 1 Idan's friendhs
tile Amlerii'an~s were' his eneie'sl' andi
thieirs; couldl they choose)51 t41 light withI
thieirI eneies1I' 3rather t han wiiih thir3
friends? 10achi cief anl'iiiswered ill tun,
andl each cast for'war'd his wampum'331
'unt il only IErskliie, who had sat silenit,
it "'What says the son of Kahito,?"
10 1'v(en as he( rose,(' the lad sawl l'rep-'l
Is ing to thle outer r'ing his Pill-myi Crook
1- e'd 1,gghtihing, hbut hei appearllied not to
ly' see4. Th'le wiites loo1k('d suripis'ed wh'len
to is boy'3'ish figure stood st ra ighit, and
the iy werPe 1113'anze whenll lie addressed50(
it lihi t rade'rs In 1i'ench, tile aigenlts in
lo I~eih and spoke to the fentheredl
is chief's In their own tonlgue. lie vast
10 the hlet forward.
"That Is Kahtoo's talk, but this Is
Who had driven the Indian from the
gteat waters to the grefit wall? The
Hritish. Who were the Americans un
i11 now? British.' Why were the
Amnerlcans fighting now? Because the
lIritish, their kinsmen, would not give
themn their rights. If the I)rllish would
drive the Indian to the great wall,
would they not go on doing what they
charged the Americans with doing
now? If the Indians must fight, why
light with the British to beat the
Americans, and then have to tight both
a later day? If the British would not
treat their own kitnimen fairly, was it
likely that they would treat the Indian
fairly? They had never done so yet.
Would it not be better for the Indian
to Mnake tile white nman on his own
land a friend rather than the white
man who lived niore than a moon
away across the big sels? Only one
gestiure the 1nd mnade. lie lifted ilsI
hand high aind paus.ed. Crooked Light
nng had Sprung to ils feet with a
louarse cry. Already the while inen had
grown lineasy, for the chiefs had
turned to the boy with startled inter
est at his first sentee(, and they could
not know what lie was saying. But
they loodked relieved when Crooked
Lightning rosi', for his was the only
face in the asseaibly that was hostile
to he hoy. With a gesture Pontiac
bade Crooked Lightning speak.
"The tongue of White Arrow Is
forked. I have heard l11 say he would
light with the Long Knives against the
"The People Are Angry. They Sa
You Are a Traitor and a Spy."
Irltish antl ie would fight wihIII then
even maaInst his ilwn tribe." On Ie grun
of rage ran Ilhe round of three circle
a nd yet l'ontie slopipd Croodke<
LAightling and turnedi to (he inEl. Sow
13 thE hiy's upliifeei himai Eno down
With ai bollild h leaped I1hrough1.01 t1
lieti-dress of I elrItf in oh hiter rin
and sped liwny throligh t h village,
Soaneo slarled onf fot nilt er lin, $Eoia
rushiEdE o thir IlontIEs, IIndE 5liniE si'u~t
arrowEE~s anid bulleitts after luan. At Ithe
i'dge' Eof te village thet hoy gavt' a
1rn n. Soiiet lihing llack splranag snorta lang
fron1hi Ithe t'dg' Elf tihE wood~s wit h
I o~initid Ears and01( sEnrin iIZg ('yes'. Anm
Elter enail caniin aiund like* te swirling
Edge' Elf a huarrlinne-dlrivenam thunrtler
E'lE'ud ieirteiiy swept tafterP his aimaster.
The hoyl3 ran1 to mute't lhim, venughit oane
hioial ini his mitane bieforae hei stopEdi~tE,
swvunag himnseif tip, anad in a iil oft
'Te stund li f pu rsuilt s'oon dited
maay, buti I rsknine ketpt :'irtlly at haus
bestI' f ior he kntw thIat ('rookted ,Liht.
nlig wouEldi lhe cluiik iad fast. On his
alil. ie( glE'ssEd, tooi, thiat CrokEdiEE
Ilighinimng hal~ldl a lrdy tohld thie trilbe
inndeit aill use of the boty's thiremat to
linhtio in the0 Shaw~Vine'E town~i. li I
kcnew~ even iht lit iaught eosti him his
lifte if', he went hoek ihe'rE', and' Eoce or
w''lEiderness iandi go baeck ti he' IEort. It
w~*as thle thoulaght of thei wh'lite' womaniIf
gloing iiandl sint hlim oehnly not fe'ar
lessly into thlE towni. liII kniew. froma
te sulhlt'enlok tha li e hji m. iiii fromi
thme fear in thiE f'acEsE df is fioster
trueii, but all lhe imcore le'isuraely dlid lit
swing fromi his hiorse, all Ilhe imore
liighta ily stalk to Eliah t oE's tenit. And
Ih ld~l o'hli loo 111k 'd very gr'avye whier4
Ih hi li d Eold( thle story oIf thle !oinei[
andt iall that lie hiad~ snildind done.
"Th'le peopeit ari a''thngr'y. riThey say
you mare' a Itraitora amntd ai spy3. Theaoy any
y'ou must5 dlIE. And I cilnnot hElp, you.
1 am1 to obE (h l i lie prophlliet is too
si iohng."
"Aivl the whlte w~omflnn?"
I"They thought you'd turned.
IInjun agin," he said, "but it's
all right now."
Uncle Eben.
"'Ilara ain't no ketchin' up wif soJmI
folks,"' sa id Unle Eben. "'I inili
'Itaistus lnklt'y's 'temin to1E do faei
dhat hie was' hhlijn' his- book uplside
down, anm' all he saidh was Int it took
a mnigh ly smaahat mawn to do hisi readily
dhat. wiam."-Wnniman staj.
Page t,
"Mothers of
the World"
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The Lloyd Mfg. booklet."Mthers ofts
Company World."
Mich. .t................. ...
The leading range on
the market -Tested
by twenty-five years
of constant service.
Ask your dealer or write us for catalog
and where they may be bought.
Nashville :1 21 Tennessee
Direct from maker to you at re
duced prices.
Write for special prices and beau.
tiful illustrated folder.
Lincolnton, North Carolina
wiU ted A
Best college in the South. Write
Charlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N. C.
Do' reat
uore. inflamed, smart
lysae remey is
heL A5 c sohn- fet
.all druggists.
The Men Closed In.
"Your window exlhibit of hathing
sits worn by lihe mnodelsi made a hit,
I hienr."'
"It was* p)oor bus~ies" r'eplied the
tner'chanlt, gloosuily13. "Our object wats
to sell t ho suits to wninien. No wornan
;of wIthin forty rt~i of' that. wind(ow."
YBiringhiami Age-Ilerid.
Sure Relief
* cimal
-ni Hot water
.... &Sure ReiRef
25 and 7% akgs Eeyhr
Cuticura Soap
Clears the Skin
and Keeps it Clear
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50, Talcum 25.9
Suffernr. from this d stressing cn taint )
can secure quick .rellfo by using O1?JEN
OUNDI. Usedt' fo 66 COar.
.and result of long experile.
S in treatmaent of throat and
.. lng(iseases5 by Dr. J. N.
(u'it. retio a $100 at dru
NEU DY ade hbir to 1g 4
mtaa color, don't, ue
a dyeO'--WM, danger
U-Ba Haecoe o ..*us-OeI a bosttie of

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