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.5 a Yeaur invariably in Advanco.
ntered at I Ickens, S. G. Postfoflce as
Sewond Class lauI Matter.
GARY HMOTT, E11ditor and M~gr.
III the.ze 1re tilP of tre..3 n:
te if a man :dai'tot od( ie lui
- have ph ity o brass.
'a r.a.. the unin m1 a enl speCC.
I Deft(a .'d vanididaites a re not the
e:l n s
ehle supek in hI 'ik
44kens. I
il. M-ds uth
Sdidn't -(cwm to a e: Qt hi. r 4 nin
Well, it looks lil.v the Wolfe w.i"
at 0he A.tt hou1se d-Oor twoyea
Thc ar, phy ITi .rt I
ven ile. 4401!h of, Pie en1S (nM t
11thern Iilway.
H Ot I . e r- in thi "I.:uul c:!' th
y" 1 h- i n. ;. er \tho 111.d of
L. s y limit for pr 1s.
If the su47rvivnd I t t n t
WIl. Ilh In
areor : w r~ ihn w
dupin~ IIC i w b he d . i'L -
-u4t it ht. t tpr Iin- th
atIulr.vr she COul vt one
erItva I It .sh u i: M
'.CVl werkers.- hi ho4;)d bi \ ht-r. All
-e've got to ->y 11 1.t that *.; that
his idca is cakrried out, so far. as
ie st.eel companies, are ConCernCd,
h strike (Iuestion is set.led. -
We' suppose that if (ol 'Ic -o '
iected( g~overner4 and the Columhiai
'titate isI able4 to come)4. ou0t the morn
ng after election all the column rules
'ill b e t urneid u side down wi~ith a
IDunk Bt t a, nere mpan)U~iedI by his
- 1'own) one4 <uav last wee.k. On his
-aiiy t he sturb: h's head ini our
flic' loni' (enou)gh to sing a littie
.me:: "'m'i a Eastmani from a wa
aick, when('1 I talk about money I
al1l it ele i.ink".
Poo ol P'hil D~ouglas was banished
'01m or'gan)'.zed baseball because i
'as alleged hie offered to throw
ames14 for pay, but Manager McGr'av
d1 a)ssociates are winkledl at whei
icy buy a plennant. But ,what w<
tar'ted to say was that the coin o1
le. re'alm haa A very mecllowing in
tience uponl some people of thi:
I4OME wlD ME -~-gg
AM's JES' Mo 'FAs'ER'N
KM1 L-Y'S TLL Io ain i o
ezatidS and reagy to 461e h' pub
lie. All who wish grinding dohe call
and We can serve you promptly. B.
P. Kelley. 1
Sell tho Original Watkins Pro
ducts. Good city territory still open.
e(tc (ur wonderful offer and free
. Write todvy. The J. R.
Wat .ins Co., Dcpt. 80, New York,
N . 4t
eI iward. Ret urn to W. C.
Nov% ton.
Isolin'e engine in good condition,
nl tor ~i n who!.. SuitalIe' fLr
* - I.! :.aw ~ mill, shin'de iri'
::;-:, e.,ton g:.1, etc. C. E. 1:b
....'.T.:Y (HARGING.-I am
-a n :lm!.-iUnnw and preepared
h cr --Ar~ter-ies. C. W. IHunter,
Sic... Z?2.
FOR .\ OR y.-Fr known as th- r
i : t - .y place. six miles we.-:. of
': : . .' ieres, .good D-roomn uni
:-:.o im tenait house. WJl SO!
: e. eay terms. J. S. Far- bi
- 2. Gn vi!le. S. C. 2t t
FOR S.\ILE.-l'od ole ton truck, Ii
mm t- nn~t.ene mlonthl. WVil H
Sf ash. address R. L. C
p .: 8, Gw Ilville. S. C. 8t .
CARID for sale at A. A. 'Moon's
vhtr ehliger than you can order it.
St:dte ofl South Carolina,
u-1miiy of PickenIs.
\\ her4n a . petition has bel filed
with the trust&s of Synmes Scho:l
1iL-tr ic: No G, in said county and
.1tat signIl )y nore than one-third
:e resiAt frreeiol'ders and a like
Iii- of resident electors of the
. twenty-ure years of said
h. district as appears by the cer
tift c's et the county auditor of said
munty attached to sa i( petition.
praying that the trustees of said
school district order an election to
determine whether or not bonds in
the sum of Two Thousand Dol
!ars (.2,000) shall be -ssued
by the sail school district..for th
purpose of school improvements;
And it further appearing by the
certificpte of the -ounty auditor of
said county that the proposed bond
issue of Two Thousand Dol
lars does not exceed eight per
cent of the assessed valuation of
property for taxation in said dis
trict, includling outstanding bonds.
It is therefore ordler'ed by the
board of trustees of 'Symmes School
District No. (1 that an election be held
n the said schlool dlistrict at the school
house On the 16th da~y of Sept. 1922,
on the cjuestion whether such bonds
shuall be0 issued or' not, saidl bondls to
beC issued inl denomination of One
Hlundr'ed Dollat s each to run for a
period of twventy years from the date
of issue and1( hearing six per' cent
interest, payable annually. At suchu
election only qualified votdrs residing
in this 6chool district shall be allow
edl to vote.
The pol11s shall openl at 8:00 o'
('lock a. mn. anld close at 41 o'elock p.ml,
T1he ballots to b~e voted must have
rwritten or lprinted on themi tile wordls
"For Bonds" or "Against B~ondls."
The following named are nereby
appointedl mlanagers to hold( said
Walter D~obson, Robert Whitlock,
-Jamles Sumlmey.
4 By order of thle Board( of Trustees
of Symmues School District No. 6
0. D. Epps,
W. T. Earle,
T. T. Arnold.
Board of Tru..tees of Synmmes
School District No. 6.
At my residence, ill Liberty, S. C.,
atI tenI O''eloc'k a. ml., Wednlesday, Sep
t( mbecr 13th, 1922, 1 will sell for cash
to the highest bidder, all of my ~house
huold and kiteohen fuirn'ture, consisting
chiefly of one cook stove, on1e kitchenf
Iv(ahinlet, one bu ffet, 0one wash stanl~,
one' oran ('ne parlor suite, jot of
ohiron bedl ail various other ar
I e.Mrs. l';va Cooley.
'10 th. st ockholers of Central Drug
Comnpany', ai corpo1'ra tion. (10i ng busi -
nless at Central, South Carolina,
That onl the 'ih dayv of Octobr.".
1 p22, a steekholderis' mleetine of th'
above entitled cor'poration wvill b? hel'!
at Central; S. C.ifrr the purpoe er
'et of saidcrorat.icnI.
4 aid P. L~ EelL, Ptc'e:t,.
J. F. McJunld, Plaintiff,
Mr# . Grace Poole,, Defendant.
To the Defendant Mrs. Grace Poo!e
You are hereby summol neI and re
fulred to answer the comlalnint i:
this action, which was this ay fiI(
in the office of the Clerk of Couri
At Pickens, S. C. and is now on file ir
--aid office, and to serve a ctopy* 1
'otr answcr to the said (omiplaint
)n the subscriber at his o i. e ti
'ickens, S. C., within twenty days
tfter the service hereof, exclusive 0
he day of such service; anu1d if you
ail to anlswer the conipaint withil
he time aforesaid, tL' r;hint if in
his action will apply to the Court
or the relief demanded in the com
r:u t.
C. E. Robinlsonl,
Plaintitffs Attorney.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Common .Pleas Court.
Notice is hereby given that I will
iake application to N. A. Christo
pher Esq., Judge of Probate for
'iekens county, in the State of 4,uth
'rolina, onithe 23rd day of Septei'
or 1922, at 11 o'clcek in the forenoon,
r as soon thereafter as said appli
Ation can be heard, for leave to make
nal settlement of the real and per
mal estate of W. L. Entrikin, de
.a.sCd, and obtain diseharge as ex
cuter of said estate.
Jason M. Entrikin,
J. 0. WILLIAMS is hereby an
Oue as a .ndidate for reelectior
. repre5ortatcye from Pickens coun
Y in the State iouse of Representa
ives. subject to the rules of tile Dem
.ratic p1arty in the approach'ng pri
n ary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
(late for the House of Represen
atives from Pickens County, subje.
m Man I -u ' i 5 da iU.
Shall Sc
For generat:ons Decmocra<
lina. Born in (lays that tes
fires of war, and p)urifiedl thr<
the heel of Republican negrc
S and (laughter of our soil sh
It is our birthright, breatther
and( mingledl with the milk ti
rgKht of Hampton, Butler,(
mn who su pportedl them in
sellit for a mess of pottage
Cole L. Blease is again a
the State. It is the highest
shouldl not be given lightly.
set on a high hill, on whom
of the people who put him
This spirit is nec ejsary t<
white race. To uph< d and a
the honor andI safety of our
be betrayed ? Can we submn
should have stained or. trifle<
political freedom at its core
Has Cole. L. Blease kept
which no man is held worthy
ed it by dealing with our po
firmness of the white man's
Do wo not recall his Alle
he told the assembld audiec
their rights, which he explair
r'emember his bitter abuse o
Did he not attemipt to run foi
-an individual denounced b
Republician ? Hoe stal: "Let
]There are fewv Democrats
1of Joseph WV. Trolbernt. Hie is
S patronage, on whom the han
I'd ini approval and blessin;
ruler of "The Black and Tam
S who has at heart of good of
fl relat ions with this mlan in po01
Cole. L. Blease wrote TIolb)
proval ct Tolbet'~s leadershi
I Con
To Every MaE
Kahn Tailoring Company of Indi P.
d brings with him woolen dis pi
seen. The finest loomings from A ::
Clothes or(lered with his assista n
Ieady wheni you want them.
Ordered now they will be given t ha
height-of-the season rush. The pri c;
ing service and style.
DoP IN! It's worth coming in an
hear you say-Show me through th e
Remember the Days and Dates. -
The home of Walk-Over
Stetson hats, Inter-woven
Home Sewing Machines, I
Lady Corsets.
Clothing, Shoes, 11
to the rules and regulations of the of
Democratic party in the approaching at
primary. J. M. GARRETT. pa
I hereby announce myself a candi
(late for Probate Judge of Pickens
County, subject to the rules and reg- p
ulations of the Democratic party in si
the approaching primary. h
I hereby announce myself a call(i (C
,date for reelection as Probate Judge C
luth Caroliniai
of their I
y has been the faith of South Caro
eud the hearts of mna baptized in the
'ugh shameful years of suffering under
rule, it is a faith that every true son
ould be as jealous of as honor itself.
into us in the wombs of our mothers
aat fed our infancy. It was the birth
;ar'y, Trillmnan and the hosts of lesser
their struggles. Shall this generation1
yandlidate for the office of governor of
honor in our gift; it is an honor that
The governor of a State is as a light
all men look, seeing in him the spirit
our veryt being as a self-governi-ng
eep it pure is a trust that we hold for
wvomen. Can we bear that it should
t that any man who seoks our offices
Iwith this faith that carries our very
~his faith of pure Democracy wi'hout
of our public offices? Or has he stain-.
litical enemies who would weaken the
government of this State ?
n University negro speech, in which
Sof negro men and women to demand
ed in detail to them ? Do not all men
f Mr. Wilson during 1917 and 1918?
Congress, in 1919, as an Independent
y Wade Hampton as worse than a
my friends stay out of the primary."
in South Carolina who do not know
hme "boss," the overlord of Republican
ds of Warren G. Harding have been.
.He is the giver of all power, thi
i." Is it thinkable' that a Democrat
his party and peoplu wvouldl have an:,
c'rt, on May 21, 1921, a letter of an
p of the Republican partly in t-b'eth'
triluted By~ Dj
Who Wears (
mapolis are sendiig a Personal Re i
ayes so appealing, so distinctLve t i
crica, England, Ireland, Scobland ,
e fit, serve and satisfy to perfect i
t fine attention to detail, that car c
s quoted are the lowest that can b c
y miles just to see the fabrics. I t
Kahn line.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, S c
Red Riding Hood and I
hosiery, Griffon Clothes,
run King Stoves, Chase
Ls atid Gentis' Furnizisiing
3all for Pictorial Review 'Patterns
Pickens county, subject to the rules
Id regulations of the Delocratie
Lrty in the approaching primary.
G. WASH BOWEN is herbiy an
)UlCed as a caldidat for Comi.hiM
ner of Piekens County, subje.t to
e rnles an rIeu.'LIItioIs of the Den
raztie primary.
.JA )T!MES .J. Hi ) ?s hereb.. InII)run._
d by friends as a ciInt for
van issiwler of* PickensCuny
as Betray t
Caoina a letter strongly cour ii
and deLvotion to his party; a letter int
lpesition as Republican le ader, which
Trhere was nothing seret, nothing p
lowing his indlorsomenlt of Tolbert, Cc
"You are at liberty to read this la
p~ublish it if you wish, as I presumie <
what I think, regardIless of conseqt
freely as you rcquested me to (d0. I
so-calledl Demnocrat, but a Jeffersonii
Harding's election and1 t~hc dowvnfall of
of Cole L,. Blease in Joe Tolbert?
Democr~at showing the same interest?~
No wvord of that letter~ has ever he0
Hie can not deny it; he meant it. "I pi
I speak what I think." What (do the
thinketh in his heat , so is lhe." Vt
Blease when he wrote that letter ti
true Democrat? It stands in coldl ty
ment ever written of the Democracy
wrote it himself!
Aro the white peoPle of South Ca
Hampton and Tilinman, prepared to
a man who is the confessed approve
Joe Tolbc~rt, the political heir of the
Shall a man sit in the govgrnor's s<
the direct, simple question wvhether or
nominees of the Democratic. party?
Shall we lift to our highest office
heart to rejoice wvth Joe Tolbert, lea
the "Black and Tan" Politicians of
of Warre n G. Harding andl che dowi;
The Governor of South Carolina is
of the State's Dcmrera Ii ferees. De
want to set up a Democracy that is e
Thrse are qutestionls that (every 10,
41r his State shouild an.:wer honesth~
pg r he voe in t.hcecoming prim
Pr'oof is held of Le:vr statemient he
emo10rTts of
;d CI~
00l 0te
resentativo to Pickens.
at their like has never before-been 4
Franeo and Belgium are included.
-n. Order Now-Have your clothes
in finish, not always possible in 4
nalmled without robbing the tailor
is music to Mr. Sloman's ea
pt. 14th, 15th, 16th.
:ere's a reason.
S 00.
ndicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New
City buggies, American
(1oods a Speciality
subJect to the rules of the Demociatic
party in the approaching primary.
J. A. FINL.EY is hereby announced
as a 'ididat !o' re!vetion as cim -
m1i.<lnerof Pi kenls County, subject
lo the rus n:(d regIlat ions of the
Dn'rat ic party inl the appircaching
I ierbc)y announce my:elf as a
c:nIldidate fix county commis4ioner
in the proah ing pri mary, subject
to the rules of the Deniocratic party.
9 -
he Faith
ng ',lber't's years of service
ended to) strengthen To!bert's
then seemedI to be in danger.
'ivate about the letter. Noi
Ie. L. Blease wrote:
tter to whom you please, or
verybody knows~ that I speak
enees. I have written you
Lim a Democrat; not a1 Wilson
n Democrat, who rejbiced at
idealism." Why this interest
Dani you point to any other
en denied by Cole L. BlIease.
eCsume everyb~ody knowvs that
Scriptures say? "As a man
'as the thinking of Cole. L.
ie thinking of a sound and e
e, the most complete indict-,
of Cole. L. -Blease--and he
rolina, the political heirs of
mtrust their government to
r, adviser andi comforter of
Scalawags and Carpet-bag
~at wvho dares not to answer
not he voted in 1920 for the
a man wvho found it In his
ler and political comrade of
Lhe State, cover the election
11 of Democracy ?
presumed to be the leader
the people of South Carolinat
>irruptedl at its soucec?
-a Democrat wvhose love is
at the bar of his con sciene
rein r.33lad.

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