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I i|||||||IIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilii
for the I
U1 thoughts InILy lightly turn t
a number of things In the spring
Sit in the fail they must confront tih
%-inter and concern themselves wit]
'te substantial wardrobe it demand,-,
ast now mothers ire occupied wit]
tie matter of clothes for their daugli
I rs in school-frocks, blouses, coitf
ats .ifd all the rest tire to be prc
o older girls will have som
the choice of their belong
S. .
4. ~
2gs, but their young judgment iced
uidance hevre ais elsewhere.
Those who design andu manullfactur
--lotlies for the young have SimllfIlle(
iatters. They ire speclalists anil
- as a rule, garments c,
gned and fairly vel
chokce of fabrics 1111
- profitably followed b;
mnker, since they havy
-t to choose in, and i
view of styles.
r of wraps the problen
.selection, as these oute
arments are bought ready miade. Al
outs for girls this season are miuel
ke those worn by thleir elders, excep
mt they are sImpler and( far les:
'iimmed. As a rule they are straight
anging gairnients with ample sleeve
nd collars (if fur or fur-fabric. Ver:
imple bri ld embroIdery, hutlt ons anU(
cension~ally , bilk tissels make upI thI
umn of their de~corations and1( a typler
* oat for the young girl many be studle
n the aecomnpanying illustration. Sof
.naced cloths amnd other contings nri
ised for them.
Among the prettiest school suiits ff
Call are- those ha'ving plait'ed skirts
scotch laid and1( long-sleevedl ove
blouses of plIn serge. Sleevelei
> 4oats of then serge give the suits sull
ientowarmath for outdoor wear, an
he 0ntun straight over-blouse am
rrimmned with 'flat sIlk braid. Jerse
.ilothi is one of the mnost sntisfactor
'ab~rics for school (dresses, and it ma
)e had in many colors. It is usumali
nade up into stratiht-lin dresses wit
-en vnir ~r~nn log sleeves. Whit
* wash goods, pra
ong strap-belts c
4 .a at the front, finiali
ocks. Plaid! skirt
I - loubes, worn wit
* or the older girl
* 4 or knte 3..
s in Great Variety E
) for the younger ones are to be con
3 Like the mocking bird who "bor.
I rows his little music scores" and
"makes all minstrelsy his own," blouses
I look to every source for inspiration.
Variety seems to be their dominant
, feature and they are, thereforo, always
a anew story. Two of them, as shown
3 here, are made of crepo do chine, but
this is their only common ground. The
1 long blouse at the left shows the penh
ant influence and is cut much like a
1 smock, with pockets. It affects the
peasant sleeve and111 makes much of
p peasant embroidery. The neck is con.
sistently managed with its open throat
I and flat collar, and sIlk in two colori
I is used for the cross-stitch embroidery,
i Bugle beads and smaill steel bend)
a work out the curious and fascinating
t flower motif, with narrow border of
leaves, on the blouse at the right. It
is a slipover model, having the lower
r part nalrrowedl to a hap banad, with thu
I fullness uigder the armas gathered inte
I it. The unfamiliar nad fascinating
flowers that flourish :1u. the front of the
a blouse thrive so well in the sleeves
that they almost cover them. This
overhiouse is so simply made that thq
average needlewoan can undertake
,It. he bead work gFoes2 qui(ckly3 and
-vi whte heads are usedl on roun rds in
am tny of thle fashionable colors, as Ilin.
Idoo brown , Sorrento blue. alimondl
- green or black.
e liesides thie diressy blouses there are
some( inte(restinag nlew shlrtwatists of
r wvhite watsh silk amnd jonge(' that shouald
i enter into oneC's calculation. Tiuckt
-and plaited frills are favored for I helir
'5 simle( decorm ins and they are mad e
I- with long sleeves enmling in shirt-cuft's
dI or with (lbow 5l(eevesi with tutrnI-thne:
e (cuffs. School anad college gi ris and
y sportswomen have speeda nIneed for
y blouses ofC tils kind(. Strailght over-.
y blouses of serge, worn withI pini d
y skirts, are some'thing new. Thley nr"
trimmed with braid end bumt tonis. na'
a sloeveless coats to match fina h an
~. ideal outfit for school wear.
Sunda SChoo
1 - Lesson -
Teacher of English Bible in thjo Moody
Biblo Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright, 1922. Western Newapaper t'ntos.
LESSON TEXT-Neh. 8:1-18.
GO1)EN TWXT-'Teachi me1. 0 1.ord.
tle way of thy statutes; and I shall keep
It unto tho ent.-l's. 119:33.
RIF1'P.lliNVJ.; AA'tIAL--Deut. 6:4-9;
Acts 17:1-9, 10-15; Col. 1:9-11.
PRIMARtY TI'0IIC-The Joy of 1,earning
God's Word.
JUNIOt TOPJC-llow a Whole City
Heard God's \Vori.
-The l'ower of the Wordl of God.
-Coniunity Bifte Etully.
It will b(. of Interest and profit to
present this lesson its an ideal Sun
day school clasms:
1. A Model Bible Class (vv. 1-0).
1. The Eager Assembly (v. I). The
people gathered theInselves together
and "spike unto Ezra to bring the
hook of the Law." It wits not a iat
ter of the teacher i-ging the class
to Come together, but the class with
yeiVning hearts requestin.. the teacher
to come with God's NWord.
2. Thie Representative Assembly
(v. 2). Thie claiss wats made up of
men, women and ehildren. The men
then did not leave the church-going to
tAe women. "Neither were the children
left at home with irses or to pilny
on the streets. God's Word should he
taught to till classes, men, women tind
3. An Appreciative Assembly (v. 3).
Their ears were attentive from morn
ing to midday. So eager were they
to know God's Word that they did
not get tired although the lesson
lasted for live or six hours. There was
no pulling of watches in that class.
4. I)ue Iteverence Shown God'
Word (vv. 4, 5). When Itzrat opened
the Law all the people stood up. This
they did out of respect for the holy
book. The reason there is not proper
reverence for the Bible is that people
are not taught to belleve it is God's
Word. Reverence in the house of God
will only be when the Bible is regarded
as God's very words.
I. They Jolned IHeartily in the
Prayer (v. 6). AV Ezrn led thet in
prayer the people joined heartily in
saying "Amen ! Amen !" bowing their
faces to the ground.
11. A Model Bible Teacher (vv. 7, ).
1. He Stood Up Where the 'eople
Could See Him (v. 5). The position
mid hearing of the teacher has much
to do with the attention and interest
of the class.
2. le Read Distinctly (v. 8).
Teachers should take particular heed
to this, Much Bible reading is grently
to the ditredit of the Word and the
3. Caused the People to Understand
the Iteading (v. 8). The supreme
business of the teacher is to make
the Word of God so phlai that all, old
antd young, canR uniderstand.
Ill. The Impressions Made (vv. 0
The effect of teachinig God's Word
is most Important. In this case it wa
very encouraginig.
1. Conviction of Sin (v. 9). The Word
of Godl brings conviction of sin (Acts
2:37). It is quick and powerful (Heb.
4 :12). Th'le way to get conviction of
sin is by teaching the \Vord of God,
n1ot' b,4 appealing to the emiotionis by
telling dleath-bedi stories. 'he people
had read cause for sorrow--they were
far' from Glod. Theiiy not only had lie
comei worldly and the rich were in
I their greed oppiressi ng thle poor,
butt they wuem per'plexed through
their miixed nmu.riages.
2. Weeping Turne'd Into JToy (vy. 10.
12). When sins have been perceived
and11 con~fessed CGod would not- haive
His ('hildre~n to be sad. Continued
mouirning wi'll not atone for the sins
thait aire pa3st. It uiits One for pres
('nt t asks anid dishonors at patrdoing
(God(. IBesides, joy has a salutary effect
uponi one's entire being.
3. Shaired Their likessings \Vith
Others (vv. 10-12). ChristianIty is niot
hiaiving a good time alone; it is shtar
ing our pr'ospierity wIthI others. True
fby maiiiifests itself in givinag to oiters.
hl'ure. religion ges outt to mini2 st er to
the pioo'r(.las. 1:'27).
4. The l'eoiule Obeayed (vv'. 13-18).
In thieira acquintaniiie nith thle Serip
tures t he(y '(food tha thi Ile leaist of'
Tatbernaches had been' Ilong neglect-ed.
As so01n as they under('lstood0( the Scrip
tures they went forth to tio as tiihey
had been told. Theay wenIt to work and
kept this sacred feast ini a way that
It had not been kept since Ih( th ays
of JToshua (v. 17). If the Scriptuires
wuere readt anid made plain miany things
t'ouild be found n'hilch htt;e not been
complied with. In the keeping of tiris
featst tey dIwelt in boothis, thus11 typl
f'yiuig their pilgrhit character and
briinging to their r~imemibranzce the
days of their wilderness journey.
The Eyes of Others.
It is the eyes of othier people that
ruin us. If all but myself were blind,
I should neIther want a tine house
nor fine furnituse.-Franklin.
Our Fault.
WVe confess small faults, in order to
insinuate that we have no great ones
Man Is a reasoning rather than a
reasonable anhunal.-Alexander Hamil
"1 was weal
used Ple-ru-na
returned. I
It a wondorf i
Po-ru-na at In
' the many
which a
stiffer. 1
antee beh
Tablets or I
If not 00 a t-y your druggist. write N
I O Makes 0h
C Putnam Fadeless
Dr. Salter's Eye Lotion
relieves and cures sore and inflamed eyes it,
24 to 48 hours. Helps the weak eyed, cures
without pain. Ask your druggist or dealer fot
SALTER'S. Only frofn Reform Dispensarys
P. O. Box 151, Atlanta. Georgia
Here's the Secret.
"You gt. a lot of ice creaim fri I
gallon of milk."
"I turn the air pump ilto it."
Freshen a Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cuti
cura Talcum I Powder, an exqulsltel3
scented, economical face, skin. hab3
and dusting powder and perfume
Renders other perfumes superluous
One of the Cuticura Toilet Trio (Soap
Ointment, Talcum).-Advertisemient.
Quite Impossible for Glutton's Ideas t
Rise Above Consideration of
His Stomach.
"Hlenry 'Watterson," said a Loui
Ville editor, "was a gou rim itd-a il
goirumet, as the Frenach put it-bi
he hated gluttony like sin.
"Gluttons, he lihimed, couldn't kec
their minds olY their stoiimalhs. 1]
said lie once visited tan English lor
and the smoking roon of the easti
wias crowded with trophies of the lord
skill in the hunting ikld.
"A fat glutton was among the pnrt)
He, with the rest, admirei the fin
display of antlers-horns of the imoik
tain sheep, the elk, time antelope, th,
wild goat, nmoose anad so (on. Thi
there were skins-bear skins, bisoi
skins, tiger skins. And stuffed birds
iDhejtsants5, woodeock, wild turkey
wild (duCk.
"'My lord,' said thie glut ton, 'tell mn
-did you eat all this yourselfr
A modest high school girl in m
Oregon town while copying a p~assmag<
from Sir WValter Scott, 'nmes to~ thie
line: "The horses steJpp'(d into th<i
stream up to their hldlies.'"
And this is how hier' teach~er foun<
the lIne written when the copy wvm
turned in:
"The horses st eppled into the stre:an
up to their watists."
Lean not on a reed.
to <)
the corr
which si
and slowi
Hlow s
that hill
and tired and could iardly eat anything until I
, ooni my aelptito w*as good and strength
to"d ,ny iielgiors and every one of them found
I mnedilno You canl always get a dose of
r house no matter what the war tax."
1i. T. N. WaoxA0oN,
Box 23, Bragg City, Mo.
of the stoinach and bowels Is among
forms of catarrhal diseases (roin
argo number of people needlessly
'ifty years of usef ulness is tho guar.
(quid Sold Everywhere
Latersmitl, Chemlcal Co.. LouisvIlle. Ky.
I Waists Like New
Dyes -dyes or tints as you wish
The Quik unt! Sure Cure for
It In n Poverful Tonie tad Appetizer
Will cure thnt tired feeling, pains In back,
limbis and head. Contolnn ro quinine.
arsenic or hitit-foritlmng Ingredient.
Satisafaction guaranteed. MaidI orders receive
prompt nttention.
The Charlotte Laundry, Charlotte, N. C.
Iloo1liliVlING. ilY MAilI,
We teneh by ount I thle hsailue bsuokkea.3epitig
et triee na. 1. taughit ins vur i rten nty
Iui it li ' r l'u ro it til ly.
%e are as nenr you is your munil box. 'hn
is your chance to learn Io oikelal tig it staill
COst.write usN inimo11dinitely for fuill -articulitra.
loWEN'S H1'tu N IS Ct (ol.il.E(1
Columbia. S. C.
Once at Least Golfer Had a Chance to
Turn in a Score His Opponent
Could Not Beat.
Iigene (G. rn ,prs-sidnti of the
ellitlelein Steeu-l comianiy, plays n
- irst-class gainll of golf. etf.(ween h11im1
and Ills "hi chief." ('Iharles M.
Schwnih, exists a kein fritidly rivalry,
r the two playing reguhlasry togetier.
In the steel traide, they tell the
story (if a mtit t oince phayed between
the two. on the first hiole, the story
goes, Schwab, Wlho was keeping score,
aiskted Grace how uny shots le haiti
t taken,ll and was tol five. "I took n
four," sild Schwab. At the next hole,
P Grace had it four nud Schlwab1) eI*'uedl
i three. As lie hol'ed (ioul lit Iie i..rd,
Schwab itsked: "Vene, how a:ny did
0youl have?"
. "One, replied iGrice. "Now beat
hait If YoU (nn !"--Wal Street Jour.
An Intcrested Onlooker.
"Ilve you seena Zeke )awti'dl 11t1e
" 'No,"'' i S qu1( (11Ire Wit herhee. "buit
Zeke's mtaking hsis hseadqlluartercas downi
*where t hey're Dutting up at ne~w storie."
"Is Zeke working lat hisst?"
"No, it ainj't Ithat serIous. Zekc-'s
ktider superinteniden' lth' JIob, anton
wIth aeveral other genits whose wv es
rtui honrd In' houses. If thi' workm13(1
wvere' to lay n brick or raiilse a girder
wvithuout Za'ket s('e'ln' it doneii it wvosil
sp~oII hits diay."--IBrinunghlami Age.
To Come.
"Yis, hn'it 1 fear their dliores1 ill
hie sensilail."
MIslslei that tfnov(syo i' s not nec((es
- after
' often thc hill we seem Begin
climbing is made out of Grape-N
mon mistakes of diet --and fr
arve tissues and nerves added if
down energies.
mooth and level the path .Keep<
to be when~ we were cious, str
of heav:
break fas
, natural food may level - ig o
to a smzooth path again, the old
tot try it? come ha'
Postum Caet Crm...y T. n..... Cree
When Baby Frets
Dr. Tho rnton 's Easy Teeth
er Will Remove the
Cause of Pain.
Watch carefully, mother, for fever
ishness, sour stomach. coated tongue,
cold and colic, or stomach and bowe
disorders. Give the crying, restless
child a few doses of Dr. Thornton's
Easy Teether and note the immediate
improvement. This old reliable baby
remedy comes in the fort of a sweet
powder that infants take more read
Ily than sticky syrups or liquid med
icines. It Is composed of powdered
antiseptics, digestants and granular
stimulants. contains no opiates or
harmful drugs.
For fifteen years this carefully pre
pared prescription of a successful
aby specialist has won hundreds and
hundreds of unsolicited testimonials
from doctors, druggists ant! apprecia
tive mothers. Time and again its
efficiency has been proven beyond
questior of doubt. If it falls to help
your child your money back imine.
dintely without question. Twolve pow
ders in a package with full directions,
25c at your druggist.-Advertisemento,
that make a horse Wheze, Roar, have
ThIck Wind or Choke-downcan
be reduced with
also other Bunches or Swell
ings. No blister, no hair
gone, and horse kept at
work. Economical-only a few drops
required at an application. $2.'O per
bottle delivered. Book 3 A free.
W. F. Young, kc., 310 Temple St., Sprin-,f dd. Ma.
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 36-1922.
Dr. Rathenau, German Statesman, Had
Dread of Saturday Which His
Tragic Fate Justified.
'w'o weeks be1fore' his iriI'der M.
leIatlenatuz w.as dhat t ing with It few
friinds after dinmer ill th1. living room
of hIs villa it ', GI'Inwal. Th Italk hid
ben 11b111 Iho loolinthar sulpers-tilion
wlich atintahes to Frithly, it day of
evil replute.
"My unlucky day." M. Itathienit re
inarked, "Iis a lways belen Saturday.
Twit'e it ny life I htave nentily been
killed. Onc, wen it ohihi, I was
baidly injured in it runaway. 'Ih is wst
oin Study. Then years htIter I
wvas ahoSt killed In At 1al down a
stir'ay--on 1 Satu1rth1y. It's tiy ba1d
M. Italtennu1 w11. aissassinnited on
Situr 'diy.--Le Petit Pirislen, I'riiils.
Wilt Clean Historic Edifice.
WVest ninasteri'i abbey, Iiindon, is goI ng
to have its tirst baith for imauny n year.
1PiorniinentI ex pts In old wiohd en rv.
tngs ofi thle Goh it ant No ranan perl
(1ds, hiave' dis(ove'redii a 'piat iIon
whih Cnn lhe riin iiver'i thlie wood Ot'
lie old chiolir sIalls andt otn Ithe ins..
ter' of' tornbs, wiheh wilt take off the
dirt, witout biuriing the honuitiful
wo'rk, binaging to light thle wtonder'iful
thei dlirt hyeris.
give the' hi stor~li(' iibbey the ( eit'et of
sltone'~ work~ ofI te nlbbey, t. lenn the
gi'aiy d(tone bnek'l to its oriiginal ('olors.
>e that hill
today with a dish of
uts with cream or milk
csh or preserved fruit
you like.
)n with this crisp, deli.
engthening food in place
v, ill-assorted, starchy
ts and lunches-and see
-time zest and speed oni
imne level path doesn't
~k again.
?s a Reason"

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