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of th*s section are busy
dder and picking cotton.
Mrs. P. T. Nelson visited
a e, Miss 0. V. Roper, wh',
w with typhoid fever, one
-arly Rogers spent several
days last week with her cousin Miss
/Annie Mae Crane of Liberty.
A large crowd attended the bap
tizing there last Sunday. Eleven
Were baptized.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rogers, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Bolding and Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Waldrop and fantilies
were the spend-the-day gucta of
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gahtt Sunday
On last Saturday afternoon many
little Vivian Davis gath
ter home to help her cele
fifth birthday. After play
al interesting games they
iled to tho dining room
-where ice cream and cake were serv
ed. Those present being: Nona Lee
and Ruth Attaway, Nellie Rogers,
Ray and Willie Cartee, Curran and
Larrian Davis, .We are glail to say
Vivian, who is afflicted with infan
tile paralysis, -s doing fine at this
writing. May Vivian have mainy
more happy birthdays. '
Mr. and Mrs. D. Z. Pressley have
moved from our midst to live with
their son Luther of Soneca. We are
sorry to lose them but we hope that
they will like their new home.
The many friends of Mrs. L. V.
Gantt regret to learn she is confined
to her room with grip at the home
of her daughter in Liberty, Mrs.
Lula G. Crane.
Mr. and Mirs. Cliff Gantt wer'e the
spend-the-day guest's of their moth
er, Mrs. N. E. Hughes, Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Collins are oil
a visit to his parents.
Rcv. Nicholson will p~reach at
Rice's Creek the 4th Sunday after
noon at :3:20 o'clock. On the first
Sunday afternoon at the same hour
Rev. Owens will i'rvach.
Wc are g1d to welcome Rev. Jack
Stane'il and friel.ds~ to our chur'ch
Mi. adl Mrs. Butler Reper vnd
*mIliily v;sited home folks Sunday.
Mr. and M rs. EI. 0. Gilstrap visi-t
cd in Senc a one (day last week
Mr. J. P. Gantt spent Wednesday
night with his family
By an invitation, between fifty
and sixty of the relatives and fr 'nds
of Mr. and Mrs. Thenms Pilgrim of
Central :cute : met at the >aice
of the latter on Sunday, Sept. 10, and
enjoyed a dinner given in honor of
the 6th birthday of their little En,
Virgil, who has becn an invalid from
Gives to its readers the worthwhil e
and the wvorld, hot off the wires, fa'r P
corps of special correspondents andl L h
gatheringagency in the world, supple n
port and Newspaper' Enterprise As si
A-iiaper p~ro'ducedl by an organiziatai
needs and (desires of Carolina people a n
wvant in gener'at news,sports, market
newvs and views, and numerous speci a
tit and entertainment of the whole f a
A few of the many features that
njake The Charlotte Observer the
ideal newspaper 6ttho Carolinas are:
Editorals by able writers.
he only complete Fraternal Order
ion published in the South.
oekly articles by Frank H. Sim
4, the world's greatest authority
on international politics.
Weekly Bible Talks by America's.
Great Commoner, William Jennings
Forward Observation Port-A
wee~kly story of the World War, by
Cale Burgess.
y Weekly Book Reviews, by William
Trhornton Whitsett, President of
WVh'tsett, Institue.
The Hlisory of the South's Famo'us
Songos, by Hienry E. Hlarman.
Petpsh andl Perlmutter. a weekly
story by Montague Glass.
A departmenat of Radio News. cdi
4 trd by A ~e world's hest authorities on
the subiect.
TI'e Woani's Prage; a rection con
taining geneiral householdb hints ond
receipts for' the housewife.
Daily a nd Sunday...
>tionsi to Circulation Der'
infantIle paralysis" 4 the: past th
years. After a sumptuous dinr
which was good enough.for a ki
and enough of it to 'have fed
elowd again, most of the gue
gathered around the organ and me
sonic of as good music as it v
ever thq writers pleasure to els
at, which was lead by Mr. and M
A. N. Bolding of Norris. After sir
ing for some time some of the you
folks took a truck ride and wll
out visited the water melon pat
of Mr. A. N. Bolding of Norris a
brought back some of the finest m
onls we havq seen this season. 2
ter a melon slash, at the request
the writer some more songs; w<
sung and then the audience beg
to leavo for their respective hon
It was a day of enjoyment long
be remembered for the man'fest
tions of the spirit were visible amo
many of the guests while those so
stirring hymns were being sur
May littlo Virgil lve to see scor
of more birthdays and may his i
flictiots prove a blessing to him
the end by making a useful mia
i.; the prayer of the writer.
Lillie 'Blease, the little daught<
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Alonzo Brow
celebrated her 10th birthday on Sa
urday, Sept. 2, from 4 to- 6 p. r
About thirty of her little friend
11c11 of whom were older than sh
helped to make the evening pleasan
After Iplaying various games th
little ones wecre served wsvth a swec
course by Mrs. Br,own who seemed i
(enjoy the oe-casion as much as ti
children. Many valuable and useft
presents< were presented Lillie Blens
on that day for which she feels vet
grateful to her little friends. B.
The stock men of Easl:ey hav
agreed to put on the biggest and be:
three days ef trading, beg:nnin
September 18th, that has ever bec
h0d in this section. They hav
yree d to go to coniderable expcm
in advertising this trading event i
order to re-establish third Monday ii
salesday in Easley. The Easleyjlea
crs are looking' for a bi serowd <
pColplc and they want you to brin
your stock.
W. D. Sp-arman, Sitton & Smit
and F. S. Hendricks and others hav
a large ameunt of stock on hand fi
trade or for sale. We have also nm
arrangcmc-its for buyers from A
lanta to be he'e and buy both hors<
und mules. This will be the be
a(lvertised thing of its kind ever he
in this section of the. state. It wl
be extensively advertised throup
several newspapers and with cire
lars alnd Che stock dealers Will 1
Remeniber the dates, Septemb
18th, 19th and 20th, Easley, S. C.
te Observei
news of the Carolinas, the nation
and accurately reported by its
e Associated Press, greatest news
ecntedl by the Universal Service re
>c ia tion.
mn that keeps constantly in mind the
rf seek to give them just what they
tcws, soial news, fraternal order
I articles and features for the benia
mily, including daily and Sunday
One Minute Interviews, a page coi
taining expressions and exchanges<
v'iews~ of the subscribers.
Pithy Paragraphs, a page full <
laughs and chuckles. Prizes are o
fered each day for the wittiest sa:
ings submitted by the subscribers.
Society of the Carolinas, a sjectic
featuring the social event of the tu
The most complete and detailed ra
port of Sports publishied in the stat
A Colored Conic Section on Sundt
and1( several (dailycomic features, il
eluding th~e well-knowvn "Bringing 12
Father," by George McManus.
Frijtion, Scientific Writings, at
.t her feature articles.
A. (Church Dire'ctory, weoekly Sun'dt
1es ons, Real Estate page, et
al atte'nticn~ is called to tI
S-H-Catr.li na's Sr:-tion, the obj(
hk39to enr('trage, adlvance at
.o* thc industrial, commercil
- -.r r~o intcress of the stat
er Nortt arri S:'uth Carolina.
1Mo. 3Mo.4. GMosi. 1 Yr
.T5 $2.23 i$4.50 $ 0'
.<15 1.73 3.50 '7.0'
.1( IM,0 1.75 3.5
etment The Charlobte Observet
er, (Political' Advertisements)
he To the Voters and PeoplQ of Pickens
sts County:
ide I take this method to thank you
as all most heartily for the magnificent
en vote you gave me on August 29th.
rs. This fine vote will be an incentive
g- to me to make you-The best Supervi
ng sor that is possible for me to make,
ile giving the office my undivided at
ch tention. I hold no ill feeling against
M y one that vot(d agailst nile and
01- assure' them that I will ti v -ani make
f- them as good Supervisur as if they
of had got their choice.
re Again thanking you, one and all,
a I am,
M. Yours to serve,
to J. T. McKinney.
I thank the people of Pickens coun
ul ty for the little vote they gave me. I
g. will be in the race two years from 1
. now. County Commissioner's salary,
S100 each with $3 per clay for each
n day's work not exceeding 150 days,
under direction of county supervisor.
-Act of 1922, page 910. W. P. Long.
I thank the people of Pickens coun
ty for the good vote they gave me on
August 29. Good men were running
against me, and although I was de
feated I still love old Pickens county
t. mnd will always be found ready to do
what 1 can for her upbyilding.
t W. E. Stephens.
To The Voters of Pickens County.
I want to thank you for the vote
you gave me last Tuesday in the race
for Congress. Sam 1. Sherard.
To the Voters of Pickens County:
It !s with a heart brim full of
e gratitude that I extend thanks to the
;t gocd people of Pickens County for
g the cordial reception and beautiful
floral tributes given me during the
U campaign and for the wonderful vie
tory in the seiatorial race last Tues
jda.y You, my people, have conferred
s a signal honor upon me in electing
m to this hWgh trust and as the
mantle falls upon my shoulders, I
uulde you, God being my helpc. it
stall ever be kept unspott( al an that
at all times I shall be rcady to serve,
you faithfully.
Again I thank you ene and all and
beg to remain, Your servant,
John E. Craig.
;t To the People of Pickens County:
d I wish to thank ycu for the hand
11 some vote you gave me -n last 'rTues
h day Aug. 29th, and when I attempt to
I express my appreciation, but frm:.
1big heart full of love for you, I cer
tainly do thank you.
As you know however man is never
~ satisfied, so I want to beg of you
to iet me have your very best supoort
for the two years wviiich I shall be
your servant, God being willing; and
I most earnestly ask the~ pr-ayers of
those who go to our God- for comfort
in time of need and trouble and 1
knowv that we are all needy creatures
daily. W. E. Findley.
To the Voters of Pickens county:
I wish to thank my true and tried
friends, who so loyally stood by me
coh thc 29th and gav-ei me such a flat- .
-tering 'vote for probate judge. I
promise you one aind all that I will
always he to ycu what I have alwvays
been (this speaks volumes). To my
comrades, the Confederate soldiers. '
who were so loyal to me, wvill say
thgat I will stand by you to the iast
d-tch. To those who votec[ againstA
me on account of myi white hair and
old geandfor other- reasons best y
known to themselves, will say that I
am the same fellow and stand readyA
at all times to aid or aecomodate
you as 1 have always clone. When it '
Fuits you, coltmand me, and I wvill
do unto you as I wouldshave you do
unto me.
n I also thank the ingrates, which I
o were so many. I will say that the
word ingrate is one of the meanest
wvords in Webster's dlictionary.
- Farewell, farewell
a. Elias Day.
- Te the Voters of Pickens county.
'I wish to than'- you for the flatter
9' inrg vote I reccivedl fo~r ecunty com
missiener. I was not elected but re
eeived' a handsc me vote for .which I
am thankful.
Yours very trulv,
.Tas A. Smith.
I7"ry Ford in an" o n:n Sat
e:rday that h'is rar wo''ldlh beclosrd
Septemnber- 16 because of conditions in
Sthe ccal industry hrgran au fight for
what he believes is gro at principle.
YThe Associated P'ress; was informed
today in souirces elose to the manu
Mr. Ford, it was stated has startedl
what he declares is a fight attainst
"lleed profito erinr in coal and th-it
he helie ves hn is in a better nosition I
r.rmhars to do so than any one else.
He feels, it was stated, that. by tek
Ing up theo'fight he is doing"'every
other manufacturer, as well as work
ing man, throughout the cou, ry, a
real service.
Mr. Ford denies there is a coal
;hortagc., The investigation has con
Irmed, it was stated, that coal brok
,rs of the country have an enormous
wpply of coal on hand. The Ford
lotor company could obtain enough
-ond to cover a tract. ten acres square
f it would submit to being victimized
profitcers, it was declared.
For several weeks, it was asserted
he Ford officers at Dearborn have
>een flooded with offers of coal with
lelive ies guaranteed. It was de
lared the prices ranged from 100
o 300 per cent above the normal cost.
1have--___.-...-__-_.....- 0
lair Cut (except Saturday)...-- 25c
lover's Shampoo--.--.--- 40c
juinine Tlonic -- ----.. . .--------.-- 15C
)eLuxe Tonie -- ---- -- ------ 15c
vahdeen T'onic------ -- - ---- 20c
)laiii Sham poo-.. -.. ---- 25c
inge---- __ _ ------ ------ 25c
4assage -- -- ---- ----------- 25c
All other work in proportion.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The xpu;fed and refined
'a1om.-; tY>en that are free
No .cz- n ary, as
Calcis.1-1 .1 :o calomel
an I. caiis cornbine. D..
rnand the cnuine in 1 Oc
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Our fall goods a
- ' elAtngthe quailii
atprices you can
The newC~ fall pi
TaaaSilks and
newest and latest
Wec invite you
work shoes to the
to suits andI hats,
work shirts and o
You are always
It i.-; our miotti.
F6 dsW.
Farming, like every other business, must cut
down the overhead.
It is not a question of being able to afford a
Fordson; it is a question of being able to con
tinue farming on the old too-costly basis.
The farmer's problem is not all a sales problem;
it is also a production problem. He must cut
down the cost of production.
The Fordson does more work at a lower cost'
and in less time than the old hand methods.
Let us give you the proof. Write, phone or
call today.
H. P.Sitton,Jr.
Pickens, S. C.
re now coming in a nid we have used the utmost care in -
y andl patterns tha t will please0 and which we~ can sell.
wvell alfford to pfay.
tter'ns in Gingham s. Percales, Cheviots, Shirting, Pongee
Satins will please' . ou, for not only3 wilI you find the
patterns b)ut qua lit y in every pie0ce.
to see our fall 1:*n e which you will Ifnd complete frm
up-to..date dress a hoes and oxfords, from tics and hose '
from the cheaper dI re'ss goods to silks and satins, from
eralls to dlress shir ts and suits.
welcome and will 11 nel bargains onl the Reminant table
Lo pilease you in go~ {ds and1 goaly anid in couritesy.
rd& are

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