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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, September 14, 1922, Image 6

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Commlittee subm 1lltli RecommfienldatIins
fler i rliYear and One Wi'var
u II h ' t in .
N .1tn afo s I iil ' :.il ia in
of 8 , lii t ', rIIi II Iti1ted by
lthe11 tur er.. 'i ~ tI in un lt n .tirnu.l
Ntit of edng t ion:4*tl 1.
The il 1.t- Ie' in Iit' ll ot the c - el
m111.ttee ere sut ull i ed q III 1to i rt
Th114, IbA parft cont;,uwdI ' n e rt1 n:
to 14 tahe~~ re ir' i ( xn y arI wholar
I o It I I I 1a.. i11. (4 ' )11 r a 1 :1
hit1 , w ith .t. r : I I r l; s41 il InI
4 t1aI t N 111 i tIit I T t: d prtu1 t
iiont:rt:d nonut~ n to h till4 ehloa t f
1 th 23 ta1: v. #,-. i: ofa-,I .% tr ' ppo it I
Ill 111) 11; a 1 1:1 :*f I IhoI 1:: o.. I I' v Iv I
I lb r wi-,? no 41h' pl~itints t 1 all I
ill Ilo aAp l fl!
. 'o inl i-s Iin %%hh'it there wer no a - S
piin'" wer : t 'tu lf rt i'e tr .las.'
0, mid N uu . 1 I\ Thoi llt Wo It i'4
14 111, (141.1" d t :1 1d , 1 Ala tr :litso t i l,
414rannt an't \11 I s here wa i
filw spo : : n :fl ton :I.. ltt frot.
4 11 I ;I IV f: it .1 11t 114 ll 11
t In (I listl I'm l it ' state ha rd I
of' publd wtt~o o I hait dlo
with ~ fll Ih i~ .to it o f m stden
to nne h~i ty '.: I v A.a d t t
J aNt, ' .''.. '
A1 I' ,NI 1. :
Idn :lo nv Ni \Yd o the ppli
MA r, It . Rgi~
A 1 ann.
4.) Gary ''. llanka,
A b i, 1 4
\ N 15 \ l i tim t 0th1.11 N
0-N,\ \\or~ rnYiqr
An h L h ea r Atf l . S
0 n'i r: Mari u.'s t)llin at r
*to de N irt llet, ~
lan unta be , ~lloer Woodwardmt
r..Floenn. Moni. I ltt ~ites If. He
dy.ttfl'wt t ewrn ate. wlorn
assst t'Ih unty Ialph tis pa
i Arntur1-ursei.
* l~th f tuea ne iI22'w Os. lto
$oth C1oiuawl Ar cu'l:u
eEasteWrk Wilb uhd
non). ofamseonaIi.fcrurwh
teN ar anl itreiowa kI 1i tt'
Mr. of Tlsti er nae hi uont -
ofi YsorkIu~ o ct td
MHY le Oin-cal Ad thturses~(i'ui
drt'nfo fnds pti:ipr o rut'
Ahese nur"'. wou .omn tht aea
*A aos the h oignotiu a e
MisI, h sb e
Governor Hears oigatlon.
(lovornor lirI rvo tferredit action on
thoi pot4 It tln forI 4.1i1101103 for jlIey
MIitdiin (0314 im it vihl (4 it delega.
(I on fr'om ( oww 11-4. M-1-11 1.4Ii i unider a
0% 4)-y'' , v(et si lmice for i vo lititry mnalt.
hiuglifi- li i4 .4110111 IWOe'1-11r1 Its boinlg
brourg1h to Iu" UPO )1'r1))11110 governIor' to
,:':ialItut 11111 Oliloul('3.
Sotb' ()O i OSul0 IM-1 d4l(VIoped to
Owit ple~l :111d1 Il. Ii i x)vrno4r him tiocli110(1
14) 414) 1111Y111 u11111 II IM1 i (o-H wero
rW 1 iy iI'l 1[0~II:~ 11:0 1 . i t ] iin tod
ith olI1' 0 1( 1 tlo will grtnlt dni mell
,~ o rani o41 r :ualt 1 1; iI a lit I lit
:iu "if i i i iit u1111'Mi1111 Cowpoin;
'1. 141111-'111 m 'M liiN. A. Moxeloyq
1 P11,, Il o i'l ir
\% SpVcial Juigcts.
41V('loI10l .1 Ii) rvty to) I)( spoc4i.tl
llI~lb, 1110ll forinor to IblId thet coil It.
I' 9 1''li'il so!iitiolw for I lorry coilni y
('glillg tilt' 1 011111 Monday i St-p
"1l1ll"r -k41 10 ha1ttor to 110141 tiho (,ourlt
(' gOllor1 umn.inioni for. 1)11101 counlty
l111111011111g tilt! moco011( Monday lit
t4'Ptolnbvr. i3oth poitmoti
l t " I ' t pI l l t h o U r 1 ' C i 1 1 1 0 ) hll O)f h
OAt 1)1 of Judge Silipp.
ificial Visit to Penitentiary.
OiWOI'110or llarvoy3, Nirs. IHarvey .1tid
(". Coft Wtlliil, lto(roli nr of tll,)
tWe boa.)rd of puliie wolfirme, mlado 'ma
italVis4it to) I ho P01 ll',I *j N
larvoy to Rt'e' thlt, woia's hiuildinig
it''to hl.p 111;1 f01, 5111 Sm 1)1a1
4011to'110Cl~l of the woInlimI
i iT e I ,gi t rt. ~
0 19 hd h i e 11 111 n gih r it o f p ra s it a g i . 4
0' fite iod to t1111.i t itle-,(i or ' . -lit,'
Oyfllor 1.4 anjxioulj to (t do 0l )il1)g I
or tilt,,101 Ill 11)4' lrXOuI "lIld -04o for
1)(45Q Whio t'ollIiAPto thou' i'l* tiix
11,is INworkilig m11 pl.111s 1141w t l:
11'ViO (il1d it 1011'Ii I fl '41r Io 'ra
1041. 2 lihstc'n1l't S. tt'.
1u ai1 aftol tilt, \ usut that1 4'v4'l'
1;ii 1 b oe on 1711141 ill goodI voadi
I- n S to Oconee.
At til- h -O r4'q14t of Dr. M~ .I ilos~
1Of c'1''l1 o hild 1 . ~'1i 11141 Ilbi
n' th 1ursing "'ill sc.i11'ii!. i
WCIO-1 1 111 'i hIi(-- 11)p( O fe orit :l 1b1li ii)
wfb 11:1Nlt ' 111 *
H )* it's is .1 111'fllbor of tilt,
ItiVil o'oln11l1100. O~f tilt s1:lti .% adO
toNIltll 11,i.,; isc :1iirinii Or Iho 0110
:i'011'i i '41i Of Olt of iiii lild has 4'
',f child e'v' 4r n h tb
;.'ler For1 Ni , ''ha f1l4'I he.
'.1'' :V~ 'a L s s\'iiI in.:ft
a' V "N i 14' 4t'1 o~~e.
.41 4 4.1 iIA a~ lii8-ll 1 41:i\4 11vt
Mud Should Never Be Allowed to
Remain Over Night as It Is
Injurious to Varnish.
Guard Against Excessive Use of Soap
and Let Hood Alone Until It Has
Cooled--Go Ovcr Entire Body
With Hose and Sponge. ,
There Is a proier time to wash an
itiottlieloi4% :tad1 Ihe work shoultl he
lhoroughly lonie. If Iiud is allowe-l
to d.v on thle ear It Is hardler to get
)IT and! stains the varnish. Mud should
ONev'r he PermitteI to remualn oil i eat
miny longer than absolutely necessary,
by un3 n1ieainis niot over iight. All mud
contains alkall, and In sonme parts of
the country is almost clear alkall. Al
ki- It has the sine relation to varnish
us muriatIc or nitric neid has to steel.
The alt ilot e Is water; !svn't It simple.
pliiii every-dlny watAr right out the
If one expects to keep a fine car
looking tine Ve must he willing to flush
on, the ld at night no matter how
hite it Is; the work need not take
inore Ilian half an hour atd the work
enn11 he don.. thore'tg'ly in the morning.
The chief faults to guard agaimst are
lt i('es.-sh'e uIse of soap, using water
with too much force, and washing the
h1ood before It Is cooled.
in the old days no coaehman would
pIermit a tine eniriage to go unwnished
no matter how late lie eatme into the
stable at night. You iust treat n anu
loiobile tle saeit way if you renih
Ilhe saie stanlard that the old-fash
lonl eneh'd rellchel.
Soap Injures Varnish.
Therm' are Iwo tIings that should
bit, retn mbere . l''irs( tIt Son , " gals
I'litte. lir an1ythling 1like themil inittled
to eit gr.:sm will attack vtriish if
nih iwed to st l n t h41 oi i r. hweaiuse
oil is :ii ituportant iart of vairnish.
'econol i. ho wa t er I akes t he I Ist e*
frein varn1ishI.
it'st ol' all a: ear should iot he
washl onut in he stin. beeniUse the
sui Will dry off tIe water too QuiiIkl,
lensl: waier mlarirksi ehoose a sliany
plie with 4Plenty of light.
l iio :i a Ith1 gooud soap in a pail
ot water s as to nmke a soap sol
Iion. lave a sort carria ge sponge
r Qtl1y. Start with the right hand front
wheel :11-l th' unei'r side of the fen
Aler a :l! iliat part of the chassis near
hy. Le the water flow from the lose'
in, a :geitlt' stretali so tlat it wil carry
:lht x ic1hes from lithe end of the
he ). o ever the wvhecls. et c.. irst
wit \water fron a 1o. 'AI. is I of the
unl will tnile Toff. The're m1aiy he rontI
oil or mne:1ihinet oil. witIch reg1nires
IOp. In th1:at (st put sone of the
01 a I r ot i Ir n11 th1a1ese parts. sol ping it
o: a f Ireel V.
Afte ir that has been done start ri aht
in ethl ni hose andi sponiLe and w ash
off. 1l0n't let the soapy water si:na
tmore' thani t\ 'ire imes On thei varish.
N0ow wash off thaorouachaly with elean
wvrter heeanse. all of the mnud and
Lre's. shouililld hnve COme' Off by this
tie.I'nre 1t aoe to dry. That comn
pltes :he rit-h an:ad f-rnt i'nrt of the
sA;.. and the' same wYork should he
done onI the three other whee-ls nnd
a dini (1n Ur: s. That 'omlel(tes the
woirl oni the chnaesis.
Use Hose and Sponge.
Takhe anot('her (lea:!: 5Iponge anid with
the waitet stil floiwing gentry from the
hose si: i a .hle l eft-hiand frcnt of
the bmody and flow nllim.e dust (off.
Thor,'e wVi' he nio ne(ed for SOta hieenuase
mitiehitn oil or ron d oil Is iieve.r spaft
teredO( ion lhe bodyi. After! flowVing the
witer 0a, ther. go over the ent ire biody
naazaini with a~ hose atid a wet spongce
14nd( waflh I. GOou ni'ly narouund the
c-, itnciiig thei top of t he fenider
ii thei left idelr. but don't wet the hood,
it mn3w stil be wairi.
N ow alt .hi dirt hias. 1heen flowed
off 414d :the sponige4! shou11 tlie 5queezed
?eiin or inioutdoags or~ inl ereices
suome1 hie Jic(ked up.
A fter il: 1.n i. donei. wvash: the hood
ni 1.h1e t(op. of the aiator lI i. There
m14 3 hie someii shatters~ of mnachaine o0l
n. the hoin aind if there are use a
I: t 0 so i:t I ("anljy. wahin g it off soonf
aift e': iis pu: 0'..]; It:' (y se, don't
let the wait en ruand moi~re t han five
huue~ On the Iiood beel:use it has he
'-on.. 102nted ly the enginie and the Ilua
tre wi b drnaged.
The we-ira: car" shown in thie illuist
nuade in 'aris and now Is startling~ the
ias it runs through the streets of the ha
The elgfit-horsuepower engine is gena
3n1 within a cirenlar gnarA. while the 1
You Auto Know
That at simple test of whether
the carhuretor i I)roperly ad.
justed is to run for a short dis
ttnLce-sy a quarter of a mile.
With tho throttle practically
closed. 'lhen. picking a space
Where the roadway is clear, stop
Sharply upon the neelerator,
thus opening the throttle wide.
If the car speeds up smoothly
and rapi(iy, tilere is mnothiIg
wrong with tile cenrIuretor. 1ht
if the pick-up is slow, this is an
indiention that the mixture of
t gasolne and air is too rich. If
the engine spIilutters, spits an(1
bilk -firVes, the Iixture is too
ti-a Coldition w% hclh .nn he
elipornrily. remedied by the use
(of the "choker" or priming le-er
(1n tlit dsillhoard. In either case,
it is disable to have the ear
h ur1i1etor adljuste(d 11 s0011 g pos
sible, for, uiltti this is done, the
ear %will not develop the power
4 wleh it should. This adjust
melit, however. should he hi1n.
died 'y nll expert, for "ionkey
nlog with the carhuretor" has
pro1-41:hy been tle cause of more
4 eniintI troule than any other
infgle pice of alliateur exieri
(copyright. 1922. by The Wheeler
syndleate, Inc.)
Invention of Florida Man Insures
Proper Distribution and Appli
cation of Lubricant.
The Selent itc Amerienn in illustrat
Ing and detscriing a mu(1otor-vehicle
lubrincating system. tilie invention of
P. 11. Gal skills of .lneksonlle, Pin.
snys "The Inven011 n re-fltes to liiri
Motor-Vehicle Lubricating System.
entin.: systetusl; spial-1211y adapte'l for
111414) Vei les. The' o4 jhiect is to pro
v1idle a Syst whith 1liitli iT'S a proel
di IstIbl1lutn and14 a pplh'ii1 on of hllbri
enn1t to the various elements suh as
the '11n1sss. sprint's, steerIng lechaln
1-111, 1110 Other leebzIa and1101 el.t
Illelnts thereof. .11nd is tspteially aldapt
ed to utiliz1% tilt forces presented ha
the exhnust of tile power plIlant of thi
I"' p the 0::3 dean.o
e l1 e 'o 2 e~i. at in
.t e2e
F'. tr 1 Ir1ti not in r5-e on the en
Ie sure the .inek is Secnre and I
worl:. f are blet oeeptn
1'e(ep n en:refu: re-cord of the nurr
her of miles run, anid compal~nre- it wit
the rtcor4?dS of echl i month1 pa 4Est f(
gas'line and treS.
r'rt enrry spnre tubes loose'ly I
the to(o1lbox or unlder the sent ; kee
hiem 22in th speiai tub hn hivs or wvra
thlemi enIirefully in ioft doloth.
Whein a spo(t. I: is used on Th
snhoul b e fic'usec. : n 's: ra:e ThIe ron
irnmiulate'y in2 fr.2t :ite riebt han
o e a
(lirte shou10ltihe (~er(n.-: i. :.. USe (I
Itle l1nehinlist's hlnitij'r. u l. form
n part o'f the t oo eq :Jj nit. *f evera
A driv-er of an 22n:a> 2-e shoult
neQver pas ai 'ei( k ( - - , n.2g i
the same direction ut b'- e roa
for ait leas: 3t0 yads
raTIon, the "EOIIa.' wa invented and
staid andn stolid inihnb tunts of London
ig metropolis.
n-d to a small airplane prop1e~ller revoly
tOdy has a lonc itpr to avoi "drif..
Whole System Is
Benefited by
Thousands of frail, nervous people
and convalescents everywhere have
testliled to the remarkable power of
Tanilac in bringing back their health,
strength and working efficiency. It
seems to quickly invigorate the consti
tution, and is a powerful foe of weak.
ness. Mrs. George 4. Owen, of Salen,
Oregon, says:
"My nerves were upset and the little ~
I ate wasn't enough to keep up my
strength, so I lost weight and lecame
so weak It seeied I had no energy at
all. Taniac restored my health com
pletely, and I gnined twelve pounds in
There is not a single portion of the
body that is not benefited by the help
fil action of Tanlae. It enables the
stomach to turn food into healthy
blood, bone and muscle, purifies the
system and helps you back to normal
weight. Get a bottle today at any :
good druggist.--Advertisement.
Couldn't Steal His Thunder.
Little 'Michael had been on a visit
to his grandmother, who had not been
very well.
lls father had come to take him
home nod Michael. as he was leav
Ing, felt that he must be polite.
So he looked up at his grandmother
and said:
"Good-by, granny. I am so sorry
you have been Ill!"
"And Pm sorry, too!" his father
put in.
Michael felt that this lessened the
merit of his remark. So he con
i"Blut mly sorry is much bigger than
his sorry, granny !"
The Cuticura Toilet Trio.
FRving cleared your skin keep it clear
by niaking Cuticura your every-day
toilet preparations. The Soap to cleanse
and purify. the Ointment to soothe and
heal. the Taleum to powder and per
fume. No toilet table Is complete -
without them.-Advertisement.
The Traitor.
Georgetteiabel is an ati-IetIve0 C
gil. isn't sie?
Corn-Yes, but you ennit trust her.
Ge'orgtt te-No? 'I
Cora-No. We girls out at the ten-,
nthlub all bought kike~rb'oekers at
the same time. but no tone had the
nerve it wear 'em ut on the cou rts.
So we got 'ogether and agreed to come b
out in kniekerboekers Ill at tIhe same
time on a certain Sunday-safety in."
limlbers, you know. And they all a
stuck to the agreement except Ainel.
Georgette-Unieked ou. d.id hi ? r
Cora-.-No, she camne ou t in herei' the
day before.-anses City Sta n
"De&a Shm." Tor. ---it
* n t a zengc- or ta "syrup" but a rean.
oM-favhi* . , d C c-f :nmedloInet. which
-t Ut - Z,. TSpewco-rr with a1
s~rx r 6i--e Nl.,ey taci . not satisfiea,
Commercial Arbitration.
pr''ress in l'tnland .\Acout er
-trhen a: llieiingftrs. (N:in:' * by
b'u snesstohiyensinw g
threce-quart,.'s of the ecases turn on
r t rade disp ut es and the~ L:hr ltrd
Nition' Business.
Might Have Been Accidental.
o, "T speak of mry p. emt as an 'ef
"Wh n' rot ' snarled the edit or. {
. I wroete it laboriously. It was not g
bi dahed off."
r "Pmt willing to osimt tht ;t shows
some evidence of thought and applicn. ~
tion (in your r'aart. in twe*lve stanzais
ri of four lines each you made Twenty.5
four alttempnrts to rhyme, in two Ins.
stanlCce you sucee.-Briga
New York, N
Dear Friends:*
*I want totellyou as.a
ratio has done for my baby
awfully constipated all the i
SBut now he is a big, fat baby,
~, ~? VI know there Is nothin
W fItelarn ohr wt it
With all good wishes t
Diarrhoea, colic,
4'troubles are relieive
preparation. Non-n
The infant.' and Chi
Open formula on every label
50L B YEARS -- A FE)
.e59 t a r r(I
fp Bronse Rustlesa 8 s givetw a
ASKYOUR DEALER. If heea'tsoppyyou sed
Lrett giving daer's name. A pt no substot.
on~~ bak . tory Aae
S60hi*e MAt-W~fersvw of Nu- Way and Xae.U. U.M
soto M diri Mlh
Direct from maker to you at re
duced prices. ..
Write for special prices and beau
tiful illustrated folder.
LincoInton, North Carolina
Young Men to Learn
Best college in the South. Write
harlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N. C.
itor. Ten: .i r Irb N 1. .al ] ra . .
J. Lt Ru'sia 1cr. ly Cc.. %Vy W. Va.
Young Man of Discrimination.
My first comid'itnnt1 wa givn me
y a little newshky. lie was telling
w nhout his schol tveacher an(l said:
Yu knovw, this is the kind of a won
i she s."
"Don't yo.u mean amdy?" I intero
"No; I me-rn woma." he answaore.
t.4 th, n. -':11h :I! h h" - b o
Sure Relief
~\\ 6 BELL-ANS
(..- H ot waler
- Sure Relief
254 anud 754 Packages, Everywhere
Dr. Salter 's E ye Lotion
elleves and cures sore and inflamed eyea is
4 to 48 hours. Helps the weak eyed, cures
~ihout pain. Ask your druggist or dealerfor
LTER'S. Only from Reform Dispaa~
V. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 37-1922
A Grateful
Mother writes:
Gulveeo . en
Mastan ofrwha ur 192.
ne when I started to give 1t to him'
anc ] cannot Speak too highly of your
p that can come up to Mrs. Winslow's
hat it 'a a Go~et blessing to me.
3 you and yourpreparnton,
(Am a u c reusf)
liatulency and teething
d by this safe, pleasant
arcotic, non-alcoholic.
Idren 's Regulator
At All Druggists.
15-217 Fulton Street, New York
f Agent :
ork, Toronto, L~o~nan~~w
S14It igg

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