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Locals and prsonlals
Alln IIv(nu kit.r'for lialley Mill.
tiry Ir,, iist i' lat. weetk,
MIss1444 ~ itinrlut I pert h g oni Or
a vis4it 1o Mrs4. luiitit Ifester lit,
-N il . Minulelin went (.4 Seneen
"Ilesdaly (to atteIld thet (lpy Smlith
Rtev. W'. 'T. ox and M r. W. P'.
I'ini y 1ttt't h I it eri l it at ti ' r If
MiRs. L.ouili igrr has been (II It
dobliht f l visit it, Aloz:, E*:vn 1.411
yi1 14 r v I I vib
iv lubh Ge. of ( the Salenm
V ti pe1 e l I aIll st. t we44 k enlt with
l hi.E ry lielv't; MN ey.
Ni '. tiil ilenderson of 'a lt on
Imd 11 INI1 .< 111 1.414Wperl 41f 44vienville
it -e vistliinir I elat ivest *'n town,.
it. vu y 11'' 4\ 1e hi11hy,1 .1it'e1,
' h. n (11woAI.vt I V irrin ill, 3tn-1. v isit
int he . mot incr. r, 1'r.. .1 akt. ( osnit 11.
Nit'. vid I .ynn ill nt - t 1
hi binn mic :ec,'\Vt:-'t1w I.t ,.
d'y ier ha:n -111'n. Iho summer
R . . V 1.-t lru arl. m , % mpo1:1lit-4
I l i tl aii 'it, ei e V '.i y. N .
. V t d ht cis di : r, r. \ ri h.l 1;:n
ll . I n t I.
* \vrv 1'i' t lgl' , of fly1, * l' '' ; .l
. . 1 tuidt ttend flte meeting
of~~~~ ibthp I ente\1 F'riday lifter
l I ., , t, \h
. w h . \ . : Io d ;
'a-t 4 t ur a o a 't of a te
Sle s t t e I it
I''\and pahil ' t.
fo l (IUQQ.va de o o g
HUt namsoer 15 toeh 2enhe
\v4* IHamn , se OV s 25]
to4 sie avi, alt
Your trade isue
U . W. e HE/N
Nw fall rnow daily kr
riving at the re of Edwards &
Mlrs. M. A. Hoyrga went honic with
Mr. andu Mrs. Carlisle Newton ltt'
Air. Marion 17(111lAmesnte goes to Wof
f0rd to 1ak 1up) hi stud ies againl
this weekt.
Aixs Oliv logmi Ntv wton leatves
filr ( Cio next Wednesday Where she
will rete'll14 lii duties as4 temlher.
'\-e l~ Kutic Cuvroto and salr--t
.\in Keiulh leave forl Rock 11111 to
ter '' Vjl W intoj Co0lltgel this we'ek.
Plugene PIdi ubw loenited inl
Pickenis to h. -.rv4itio for thle
Tay~r-oht tt if mItd Pole Co.
MIr. Andu Alrs/ Orank Ilemidrieks,
16n1d chihiren Hat -. O(ra NI ublin
viited :11 C it i b in n'nl Sulittr latx
Miisses iry Frlinet ,. Catherine
111141 Ni It er Robert at Id II ugh 1 C.th
tair of Chrlst 1 r1 e gulest a of rs,
It. A . I Iitgood.
The I itnI' s tilTI ilhuem-ball teami de
iented a Itll Iea Aim Central till the
local mill diamoild Saturtly by a
Mb-s \lary liallum i.,. in t
t ll t ilt 11(l\ AU.
:4in.ema ethry intenx few
daysl wIhltr zho will take up het
.Atuie (or anlother, yea.
Mes.s. Claude mid Igu eniv Alex
:n1111er, who have beenl vis:H ng rein1
hv li h r, all1 the Snmmler, will r(%
t urn ti o irm1minham. A bama, th
'h eCo. will ho
the:- fall lhtowin' tic un l xl -to-mlea
.m t h thin; filt' nu n this w ek. Mr
I uim I will betl he tore tkho yon
u '. usur (lad ad the dinthis p
I 't . \1\r. ma M . . .1 . 0. F asev
11nd no. MNt 11. 1l, Mrs. G". V. Nehi
a !stated b1 1.ast we 1'astpap , whi
w m thOSe AttendinMg:in t
Girel unvl l ar11 e mi ni k At Clen
. n eeng tiv.s nt
'nbIll.% is pl c \ few m ri iah
V'h wins het has 11%b1n0 t it tIivverl mi
will be inl histfievr a
usual, ~ ~ It 1,d111sev11eyn r~
b-is hul.
pp recira ted. met i will bee
drt unaymonio ill 0" il)
I1' t 'e I
er t l ,.IDRIOKS
J me Taylor, of Pickens, has b n
decl red the winner Qf the Pi kens
count scholarship in Furm Uni
versit , Th's scholarship is ovided
by the rusteef of Fpurnan U) iversity
and 11 a ardedsin competet)-te exam
It will e of .,ateren to soic to
hear that Ira. Mary / Larks, who
taukht schoo near Cntral and Ut
Pleasant Hill and Sjk Mile back in
.he seventies, as jved to see her
84th birthday a d is hler home, in
the Waxhaiws rla - 'lhe birth place of
Andrew Jaekson.
Mr: Mack Chi'itqlher of Pickens
halts accepted a $osition with McLean
l'ortor Co., wgol(sale dealers in no
tions, gont-a frynishinmrs, etc., of Spar
tanburrg, as traveling sesman. Iis
territory is itpper South 'arolina and
he will colitinue to make is home in
P' ekcens for thel presenlt.'
A iionumient erected to th memory
of Sov. N. L. Chastailn by th Wood
mV'i (tf the World will be i pveiled
at the Pickeis cemetery th' third
Sundhay afternoon, in SeptembWdy at
:3 o'clock. All Woodmnen urged ti sit
tend and the public 's cordially inivit
l'OSTl'ON El).
Thlt' Piekens 1:gl School will lieginl
its next sessioti on Septeiie- 2.'. inl
stead of Septeiber- 18 as has be n
previously announleed. The building
and etquipment will nt. het ready by
the first. date. E xaIinations will b
lit Id On thn, 25th. All patrons of thl
scthet'l and evryonet who 's intcresttd
in havitg t he best sthool is u rged to
11ttemd the openline. It wouldhit in
courgihj' for everylt to stop wer1
anid give one houllr to the good o'
There will bo a1n ice tvenm ftsti
valI nt Pa-lestino school houlse Fri
day nighlt. Septemberol 1.;. begilnim
at S utitl t'Iock. Asidt tiem sellimu
thit teveli. an i ntrest ogeIiii
tonsisting tof .u1i :md 1rtlinen
spenht irs, wv:Il lit' a'rrite:i out. Tl
publit' is cortiity invitt'd to lit pr
somi tin thlis O .nsion..
The Peters Creek Literar11y soc-t
will give a pibli ime'et nigl Fritl
nilht. Seminbellr l.". beitmiga
o'cl k. Pubil i cotially :nvitetd.
FiKnor.a Singlettin. Presidelit.
Sl'T ROWC SCh001. C1.0811
T he Fl-' 1oc sx'h ''ettl closedl Se,1
ten'iber 8th, maruiking. the endt of
work. hiuring the Inst week t he a1
te\Ve ws gretatly red~neetd on a
s''Uin' ci' Viper:' i tihlds ef foddel
pen i.. ctdtet ein. M any were i
werds 'oft childish farewell and mmn
pas-'-g' tary t meor'pae man
Itwto months :ust past.
rie ain Suniday afteoion uthi
wasi nit Oted verVy badly.
Mrs.li :. E ae n ite s
*Hug' ~ hv~ f Tonille : Stu avii1
* elim . c cl taltof iUtitday i
ds.d to te churchi. Rev.y Rotbert Neli
n 10pa ster . did t he 1'reachingm.
-1 t'U t' rn hewe~n
Mrs' Pa': 1 .'.n and twoc chi'drc
of Get'.i'~in me~ ont aviit to her pari'
n ersu. of ~ alday . Th sc andj da
Asr l Guy' Nefui tt and fus hs
tano Goec .Enehd the pa~rtv.
mte a't M'ar'iin scho,'l, sret thewe
tnd w :th htimefolks.
Mr'. and Mrs. \V 1E Prhud and se
II n~sa N-.amiNI ~i e9
Pickens Luiber Co.
Pickens, S. C.
Headquarters for Paint
Our Certain-teed Prices
House Paint Per 01. No. ) - Per Per Pej
OOat. Quart Pint
Olive Green (No. 445) $2,80 900 Universal Varnish $3.70 $2.25 $0.80
32 Light Oak Varnish Stain a5'
Outside W hite (No. 448) 3.50 I vory, Interior Enamel 1.25
IT isn't often You get the best quality at th
best price-but you certainly do in Certa,
-:1 #teed paint.
-z. The reason Is the Certain-teed cost plus basig.
No arbitrary profits are added to make color
prices uniform. Certain-teed makes each color
from the best materials and then prices the color
- - according to the cost to manufacture. You get
the benefit of both quality and price.
It is a pleasure to recommend Certain-teed,
it never disappoints.
See us before painting-it will pay you.
M anW
knew him when he was a b
What one is there of us that has nrt felt dheo o a bo"isfaction
over the outstanding success of a life-long friend ! Oiten (i stir
prise-sceminigly "till of a studlden." Yet neither surprifing nor -
stdden, when you stop to think back ocr each step of hi. pro rcss.
HE United States Rubber Company-makers of U. S.
Royal Cords-were first to conceive,nake and announce
- the balanced tire. A tire in which there is s'ich corn.
Iplete mfiitYv of action in treadl a-id carzr.ss tha.: necidher
will give way before the other.\
First to conceive, make and announce a com;le:c
line of tires-a tire for every need of prlcc t.ad use unuer one -
standard of qiiality. --
First to tell the public about the good and bad in -
tire-retailing. (ou remember the phrase "Go to
a legitimate de er and get a legitimate tire.")
First also to arouse industrial and trade
minds to the need of a new kind of tire --
competition. (Competition for better and - -
better values. Greater and greater pub.
li contidenize.) -4
T1ESE high spots along the U. S.
road to leadership indicate the
intent-the will to win by the qual.
i-y route in a price market. -
Now that so mnany car-owners -
have given their verdict for qualityp
tires in general, and U.S. Tires in
rarticular--a humbLer of dealer
and cpir-ow1ners whose vision
has been clouded by "dis.*
dcounts," "sales" and what- -
not. arc beginning to re- -~~~
-member that they "knew -
him when he was aboy" --
Uniteid StatesflTias a
Ierfl Tm 4~~k'' '
PICKENS CHiU RCH Dl RE~CTORY. Sunday~ It 7:00 p. mi - ~~~I(lA
Prayera Mee'ting- every Tllis-n -R'- ...LATON'S APP'olNT
SAPTIST Cli cilC ait S :00 p. m. M lENTS.
e.F.T Co. Past or. -is Sid----I~p t 1a
udySchool at 10 p. mn. AP'POlNTM~lFNTS FOR~ii(i PICKNS~m Dtil :0p
1 reahing very se'on~d and fourth ,,.,
'fuiddaydy-TatLI 11Mia.1 am.n
Preching evr una igta *irs Suda ..Porter' capel~l 11 Fut udySlmi .n.
:0 .m 'lan. m-i Tabnor ~::p. m. ~ thhm :0~m
Prayer Me :ing every Wed - Secon Silunday - Rethl 11 o'cloc'k
at 8:00 p. 'm. a. m: Salem :::0 p. m.
T1hini Sundayi -. Tabior 11 o'clock a. ONE'r(LON
in; Pa'rter-s c'hapel ;::10 p. mn.
Ii~F~lYTFRI N ChURh 1Fourth Sunday-. Mchinniey's chap. OnI'rvd arsi Pcer.
~~ 30: 1." a . P.lhidsonu. Pastor. j~pry
.1,. .l. W.Pir pastor, announces
n' \.r:s charge as follows:.Matn. .Erl
F. K t E THODIST CHI. R l First Su:nday.-.--Fairview at 11 a.Greje.SC Pcn.S..
- .: Twe&v Mile at 4 p. im.MA.TN& AL
Firstin Sunay-N. opaaw 1 a
m.: Bethe 43:0.p. m
Third atnday-----Telve:Mile 11 a.*m

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