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Shopmcn\s S tir1.1 Is Lr';cn [ y
SparatM1 IC tr A nmwi s VWIti'
P,/iui1y of 'tile [a
S'24)ltOrri Lodge, Townsen~d aind P0111.
decxter Rcnonriin.,tcd- -Repu1b ic:uri&
Will Maine E'cction by Fair
M~aity-Dainnri, of New
War' In the B.1"13
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't:: (3414'11i ' 1 1' 3 33.3.r..\. . '
rNT I,
hr's . c f ?
(':11., (II r. h:c i 17 ullners \\'('r(' en.
'1'ur:;a (Irt 1t Ih('n1 colt. :1. Children
1'1,1' lilts I't 1" \'1'1'\' U1' \(1'ti. t.ial'(IIIIr;.
(III( l'1 i1:1:t'xt('r ha(t litllt' (lillicult;
ill 1111t;lil:il:;; It 1'c IN IIIIItllti(,11 1'111" (h ,
c rlat(", The 1)eraocrutic uuntiut'e! i.
C. C. I1iII.
't'\t. tt 1 1 nlnc ratlc ;;nl ern;ttn1,ial I ri
1u71ri, :: 111 tl:(! ti(,Iltli \1'1'1'1- of rt nt"r;t
nto rt :t. In ,tluth c':Iroliua T. (,. NIc
I.t'utl (I('f1':111(1 (;( \'1'1'!!(01' 1:1(':I l', ant
llt" x1;111- is lu 111' ('Ot11L1'allilalt'(l. II
(;1 (1!':;1:1 (;( 1'( 1'llc 1' 11;!1'11\CiCli \\':1, 4 Ilea I
('Iil'i'ur(I' W. W.111:("r. I laI.(IWi(-I
11115 41111)11s(v1 Ililt K11 KIIIx Klan, \\'hiel
:1('<v II!IIK 1,101, his tlel't';It.
.Lt;line's ('le('ti1,11. \\'hi("h n ,e11 to III
c IlIs ltlt'r('tl It ri Ii:!IIe iu(iic'ljlit ll ( 1' r(!
stills In tilt- 11:11i( n gt'n('t"1111y i11 \o
\"4'I1111t'r, t()''I 11!t ' Almiday, and lilt
ltc'il11blit";Ins \Si'n l) \\'hat the 1 nrti
It atlt'rs pr'(,it':st'(I to regard Its sntis
1,:t( 1111'1' 111;1 jut'iiI'S, I11( 11g11 Flattii ItlI
Hwy N'l'1"t' tar below thtst' Of 192U
lt'l,:tt(tr I"'rt'th'ri('li 11a1e's nittj''l'ity ( \"et
Curlis, Dvititivnit. was about 27.004)
:1111! lt 11" Ii:lxt('1" 11:1(1 it s1igl1(1
I;lr::-r nl:lr"::in 1 1er I'IItt;lna; II. 'I'll(
1,11111' l:t'1r11111it'all ta 11:1'ey i1g1:11 elliull'
11;11('s 11't"l'v t'it"t't("ll. I'm ille I)t'lllu('1'Ilts
Ii:1 r( ;1 < ' ! (llt'ir lilt "11111t'r.h11) in the
"t::it ;(.a"rll!tl Tobin lit tit 40 nud in
tilt ";:111" t 1 ::tt" 1'r, -ill 114 lilt! 10 111 Iee.
1:1'i1;i!1i!,.;Ill it-;II!' ill Wash ill t_,t ml
t . 1 1 1 . 1 I I 1 , - 1 1 : . i i i t , I ' 1 r 1 I I ! , all t"t1(It'rse
111 111 t4 1!11" :1'11:1'.11 . I!':tiitIll. \\'h lh." t111'
11( :li11t"t':lIit" ('':11" :4 Itt::t:II r:lI .:art ion
ill 1!:t' tt 111; .'I ,izt! of tilt! R('1tl.ll.ieall
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til: (,:1 " ;: (11';,;11 tt' in .'. :;t .\1 !:or
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ll'uuIts IIif t" ill;!: wt'rpt Ilut 1 l;fetI
- \\ lihtll'a.1'11 t ru;11 LIII"' !:"ll hi:Ithil
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1 I I 11t't'1!pIt"d S;:1;. i"Il;i l:1 ul't1t:I'i\ lilan'
lo.r. '111'!1 i'1t0ii11_ ltrl".it1 Out. it tit] OU
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'it ILc 1 . , . '1 i.1" K 1 1.11 iris uIS(. (,C
1'll1 .'''l I;i",.' ;I. IlIt'll.:tI [IV tilt! tielillt;
-rooks, ..IA that tht!il" (111,i"
Gathered Prom All Parts Of 1
glebe And Told In Short
The American secretary of sti
Charles E. Hughes, was on his v
back to the United States after 1
ticipating in the ceremonies of op
lug Brazil's centenary celebration.
Italian ships are attempting to t;
off the Italian colony of Smyrna t
to tle, fire which is reported rag
in that cily.
Smyrna is burning. The populat
is in a panic. All the wives and el
d(ren of nativ' Am ricans are be
evneunterd to Athens.
'The co::fra tation in Smyrnia v
tart dl by a :rgeant of Turkish re
lars. accoidin, to .lis; .\ills. hi
mlistres of the American colleeS"
Smyrna. a: a tispiiatclh to The Tin
fromt Athins.
King (eorr, in order to effect I
thier economics in the royal househt
is dispensing with a team of stae
ri'aez horses, redtrinig the staff
.h t ting some, servan fts Ol pesion( .
'There wva; heavy fight 'inug at Dul
when ReIpublican I rreul lars attacl
the Wellingi on and Porto h:'llo I
racks, the King's Briige it a' ion
t the I elenihone exchancreo. One i
wa" killed and four others wou'i
in an hour's hattie nt the ('iff'-^n w
less station. The Free Staters h;
ren n'clipie'l Pallina.
A v'rttahl storm of intlignation c
tintie4 in innor monarchic- 1 circles,
pecially among the former hi
court nobility. over the former ltaisl
'tefenfion to marry acnin. Princ
Hor*inie Schnaich Caro1ath, a
vear-old widrow, the ha'ny bridn-t
I! telliner her secre+ to friondl and
tivec e ver,-where and males no c
~1,,I en' of h1r nr1i'1 n' err her "c'a
por1 the fact she will hn cnnte'1 of
i'torv n" .con,1 "-ife of WVim'elma
tln 1'lt Unb en 7n11ern."
Th- 1Tnry Ltionl P-G~eor-Alli1,
""''ak 1nina1ne. \-h ie'h his
''^ - " en: a 1,e" ,.on,,1 ror mar!1ri
'O ' nre ,tt -". annee "r-i 1;' 11n to
for~ f 1n illtoatCi (5ti lVfl far,
"r'e'l Vit h " -Alnne. 'ftnr
tin- A'-rl'r f,. thlip o etr'rt-etin of
trAa=onn. Sh hp e ho(V1wht niss:
4"tt'7*rlne1 nel ,'-ne to leave
once. ir. Stor,""e': cn far as knc
will remain in London.
Physicians announce the itprc
ment so rapidly of Mrs. Warren
-larding that the regular bulletins
nouncing her condition have been
Freight loadings on alt raiire
during the week ending Septembe
reached a total of 931,50S cars, an
crease of 40,760 cars over the pret
ing week during the last ele
months, according to a report reci
ly by the car service division of
American railway association.
Everybodly's cash on hand incre'te
by 46~ cents during August, accord
to a circulation statement Issued
the tr(:aytury.
The hill rec:enltly passedI by con:er
authorizing the creA ion of 25 adtdit
al judgeships to ta'<e care of incr
'-4 court business was signr-d lby Pr
dent Iliarding.
Fourtecrn Americans are missing
the fire-swept sec'ions of the city
Smyrna, the state department was
vlred in a c:abiogram from Rear
mrni Bristol, acting American comi
- slorer at Constantinople.
O'finfai ire over England's
mate or the United States, as expr<
d by Rod:.ard Kipling, contintued
croer" recently. Some coenators w
n t'poken in~ saying tla - poet not c
av' the view of Great Britain,
of all European nations wvhich
United States raved dutrinig the Wc
Ohstrtuct ion ist tactics in the Cii
Co(ngress in (-onnlction wifth the c
.sid-ration of economnic reform mil
ures recommendedl by the Uni
States ar e causing deep concern amt
officials of the Americatn governmi~
*It was declared at the Staee Dep:
Increases in the prices of agric
fural prodlcts as soon as t ranspo
tion again hoomes normal was
dicted by Secretary of Cmmec
Hoover. IHoover explained that
"stricture"e resultnng fromt the str
had kept prices of farm products
low their normal level.
The refuigee situa'ion in Smyrna y
dieclaired to lie "eappaliing"e in disr/t
es received by the state departm
-from Rear Admiral Bristol, at C
e tantinople. .
ilaefrcnelto uCongress will tiurni a (leaf ear' to
of America's $11,000,000,000 worth
foreign debts, it was declaredi by Ie
ers of bioth parties.
*Early clearing of federal court do
ets of the jam of liquor law cases y~
predicted biy the department of justi
Trial for some 20,000 alleged violat
of the Volstead law ill lie speeO(
by the assignment of 24 new fede
district judges. Most of thorn will
assigned to the larger centers of p
u ilation by the terms of the bill Bsi
by the president.
Readjustment of coal proics was
Sbought recently at a general confer
once attended by representatives of
business, Industries, railways and pub.
IQ lie utilities. The purpose of the 'con
feroince, callad at the suggestion of the
Chamber of .Commerce of the United
States, was outlined by -Secretary
Hoover. Ho said the coal movement
E must be greatly facilitate and hasten
E od to prevent hardship this winter
among householders.
h" Mrs. Mabel Gardiner Bell, widow of
Alexander Graham Bell,. inventor of
the telephone, was named as sold bene
ficiary under her husband's will, filed
for probate. The instrument was dat
ed June 22, 1898. Mrs. Bell and
Charles J. Bell, a cousin of the late
te, inventor, were named as executors.
ty The value of the estate was not given.
ar- The tariff bill returned to the douse
en- recently, written this time to express
the will of the house. House and sen.
Ike ate conferees ironed out their differ
Ile ences of the chemical 'lyes and potash
lng schedules, the senate yielding to the
house on both items. Chairman Ford
on ney reporte'l the bill with a complete
ii- a-.reuemnt from the conferees. and
ng house leaders seemod anxious to uoc
it passed -by the house soon.
i The policy committee of the strik
e ing railway shop crafts recently ou
thorized 1B. 11. Jewiell, strike Ieador, to
d sign a se;'arate peace agreement with
d iciiv idual roads. This action, it was
a- stat-cl, wou hl encd the strike on from
( thirty t( fiity-two of the 202 class one
railways of tile country which enomr
ed into direct negotiations with Mr,
Jewell recently at Baltimore, and with
any others who carted to accept the
nd po term
hi l'olnhevisnm is the most active in
iluence in Chinese life, said 13ishop
0-1 Logan 1-I. Roots, of lankow China, ad
tve dressing a missionariy mass meeting of
the general convention of the Protest.
ant Episcopal church at Portland, Ore.
es. l iscoura inig news of increased drill
ing difficulties and an addition of 17
feet to the distance yet to go, reveal
ed by new surveys, came from the
Argonut mine rescuL operations at
Jackson. Calif.
rc- Frank Fag. -5 years old, mine super
s intendent of Madisonville, 'Tenn., and
two neIgroes were killed recently when
a passenger train struck an au' omo
bile in which they were riding at a
grade crossing near Sweetwater, Tenn.
I While reac:ding the death roll of the
13th New Jersey- Veteran Voluntecers'
association at their annual conven
tion, Newark, N. J., James 0. Smith,
- the secretary, was stricken with a
- heart attack and died in a few minutes.
1. Erinquez, of Calexico, Calif., has
announced he and Roberto Norton and
Ramon Ovsven, also of the same city
have discovered in Lower Cal'ornia
n two "vast oil fields where oil lies on
the surface."
Margie Seville, 4 years old, for
whom a nation-wide search has been
nmade, has been found at Long fl'athc
ye- Nassau cocnty, New York, according
G. to announcement by a New Orleans,
an- La.. letective.
t1is- Wood alcohol has claimed a dozen
victims since Labor clay, New York
n.ds police say, and recently sent three
r 2 persons to Manhattan hospitals, two
in- unconscious and one blind; and blInd
ed- ed a woman on States lsland,.
ven An explosion heardl for ten miles
mnt- shook a portion of San Beornardino,
the Calif., w~hen dynamite, estimated by ci
derputy Unite-] States mar-shals to have it
sed beoen about 30 sticks, exlplodled beneath C'
ing a Santa Fe stock car standum~ on tihe
b~y stock yacrd spur betwe'en Sami Herniard.
ino and ('olton.
ess- Uneirredt by reports of a peace
-agreemenut b~etweenl the strikinig shop;. q
nlS- crafts and several of thle railroads,
esi- the !;overnmmenit continuie: to jntroduce a
evidence from all parts of the coutlry
in charging violence andl intimidlation by
of strikers, on the strength of which it,
ad- Is seeking an Injunction against them.
Ad- As a northbound freight train en-t
nis- tered the Louisville & Nashville shops,
Albany, Ala., one of tihe cars loaded
sti- with pig iron was blown up.
ss8- Charles E. Hughes, of Pocainas, r
to Va., and J. S. Hancock, of Norman,
ere N. C., were killed hy a fall of slate
nly in the big veins at Pocahontas, Va.
bumt Tile government recently spendei li, t
eits case against the strikr~.g rail crafts
iId in1 an effort to complete thme evidence
In stiplport of Attorney-General Daugh
)0n or'ty's injunction.,I
on- Trony Dinello. an Italian of Kcnas
'as. City, K~ans., recently confessed to mnur- am
'ed dering his two missing daughters5 and
mng Ibhrowing theu- bodies into tihe Missouri
nt, river,
ui-t- Unitedl States Senator Charles F. cm
Townsend had incr-easedl hiIs lead to ei
mii- more than 7,000 over Herbhert F. takci- ri
-Ia- his nearest opplonenit, for the repub-- of
ire- lican senator-ial nomination firom Mich- ai
ree igan, according to latest mreports. ha
ihe "Miss Nashville" wvon secomnd prize et
Ike in the beauity review recently held at
be- Atlantic City, N. J. Miss Sue Barton w
represented Nashville.
ras Dr. lFern Chlampenois, wife and 'son
oh- recently drank buttermilk for dinner
Int at their hlome in Hattiesburg, Miss.,
on- were poisomned and came very near
(loath's (leer, but are recovering,
all Deputy U. S. Marshal Harry W. Per
On kins recently seized1 forty-eight thou
of sand cans of salmon stored at Augus- t 1
Rd- ta, Ga., and thle government will at
once institute proceedings to destroy
ok- the goods, allegeing that they are net
ras in salable condition._
ce. Charges that -the interstate comn
rs merce commission, through its con
ied trol of empty cars ''is playing into the
ral hands of coal profiteers under guise a
be of regulations for the public good,"
op. were made in statements issuedl by
SHenry Ford from his offices in Deanr.
born. Mich.. a suburb of Detroit.
It also kills rats and mice. It force.
these pests to run from building for water
and fresh air. A 35o b6x contains enough
to kill 60 to 100 rats or mico. nlt it nroh
your drug or general atoro dealer today.
A Bog Spavin or Thorougbphl
ut you n clean them off
prpl with
and you work the hot
same time. Does not blister
or remove the hair. $2.50
per bott!e, deliverpd. Will
tell you more if you write.
Book 4 A free.
W. F. YOUNG. Inc., 310 Temple St.. Fyirinafield, Mus.
X104 cO Is indispensable In a
cases of Distemper
Influenza, Coughs, Colds, Heaves an
Worms among horses and mules
Used and endorsed by leadin stocl
farms and veteran drivers of Uniteu
States and Canada for thirty years.
Sold in two sizes at all drug stores.
Direct from maker to you at re- p
luced prices.
Write for special prices and beau.
tiful illustrated folder.
Lincolnton, North Carolina
; teach tby inan th same bolkkeeping
ur ua is taugh t in our clanasr*oan daily.
I. a1re ias near you as your aiail box. 'l'hin
your chiance to lenr n baook keeping at ninal
at.M ~rite us uniediatelv for fulli parit iculara.
('olumbin, 14. C.
Sport Costume.
'Ksin I Lsit in thIis poker' gamiie?"' in
"~What I's I le iden' orl' lhe hatthin'
It ?"
"It ainl't got 110 pockets ner~l sleeves
1tmp t it man11 to hide out ac (es."'
Wouldn't Be Wasted.
Tilrinig at snowstormi earli'y iln spring
e'k With his shaggy-hatired diog,
irk, (enme1 upion 0our porch to shtovej
the snOow.
Ilr'aring the noise T op -
find 'Turkl sittig upt
rrmhinig, so1 1 asked ,1
"lIie' wa'nts br'e.ad anlil
I said(. "'I)O you 11h1nk nt. winait at
Itf I got it for hhn11?"
Beginning Early.
A city trlooji of girl Hcouts was in
easing 'its~ tr'easuryl. by holding at
ndy iale ini tihe dotowni ~isthrict. A
ggedl little nePwshloy ~ i approalched 01n
the imiformed girl's andl askedi fo'
dilme's wvor'th of c!hi(Oelhtte faudge,' lie
(d down 15 cenlts, too'k Ithe candyv and1
aried out.
"I thouighlt yu' j.ust wanlt ed ia dime's
)lrth," said the little ).coult.
0 younlgster'I, 115 he darilted oult.-Ini.
Just So,
"The peanut maiiiene' doesnf't lookC
percillous when you wanit at penny's
lrt hi."
"Somellt times skinis you, howev'er, at
nt."--Louisvtlhle Comi'ier.ournial.
One chanle in ti thlousandfl la not
ry good. Don't take st.
lefreshe Weary Eyes
VhenYo~ur LEn feel 1.,
sd Heavy. use yv~uin& .
anid Rellevceha Ttedp
-Mjes them Clear, Bili .3.~;.
)arkling. Harmless SoldU
~commended by All Drursn ~eq.

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