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Durham Firm Will Build Four and
One-Half Miles of Hard-Surface
Contracts for the construction of
the Savannah river bridge near Sa
vannah will be signed within the next
few days, the state highway depart
ment announced, bids having been op
ened last week at Savannah.
When the bids were opened Olaf
Otto, of Savannah, was found to have
submitted the low figure on the build
ing of all the bridge work, substruc
ture and superstructures, with the ex
ception of the draw span. -1is figure
was $313,667.17, and while no award
has yet been made Mr. Otto will likely
get the contract, it is indicated. The
work bid upon by Mr. Otto is largely
concrete and the length of the trest
ling is about 5,669 feet.
A. J. Twiggs & Son, of Augusta, of
fered the low figure on the embank
mont and f111-in work, approximately
244,000 cubic yards. The Twiggs fig
tire was $165,422.94. In this bid Mr.
Twiggs agreed to care for all settle
ment of the fill-in due to the marshes
and highway authorities expect a cer
tain proportion of t'he embankment to
settle, causing extra work.
The entire project will be approxi
mately four and one-half miles in
length and the cost will come within
estimate of the Georgia and South
Carolina highway department, esti
mated by a narrow margin. Additional
contracts are to be made for the draw
span, estimated to cost $25,000 and the
wearing surface for entire project, es.
timated to cost $50,000. This will
bring the total cost to around $600,000,
the original estimate.
Jasper, Beaufort and Hampton coun
ties are to pay $150,000 towards the
building of the structure, South Caro
lina $150,000' through federal aid,'and
Georgia the other $300,000. The work
is expected to be completed in about
two years.
The highway department also an
nounced the award of a four and one
half mile hard surface contract in
Sumter county to C. D. Rigsbee, of
Durham, N. C., at $117,329.05. This
road completes the highway to Mayes
villo and will be asphaltic concrete.
Governor in Favor of Better Homes.
Governor Harvey is;ue(d a proclama
tion (esignating the week of October
9-14 as "htter homses demonstration
weel" for Sout Ii Carolina. The proc
lOmation Was issued in an effort to
stimlliate. better homes, a campaign
with this end iln view being in p~rog
"W~hereas: Love of the hearthstone
is one of thme gr'eatest virtues of tihe
1people andi when :it is owned( it is
moerticed( by labor and striving, giving
to the possessor a clearer vision of
citizeshl~ip) with its aspliration and its
responsibillities, tihe people dlrawv from
their own soil that nobler love of state
--thme fert iliziation of patriotism. Th'le
countrIes who hav-e shown the most
strength in any crisis are those which
have been knitted togethler by tihe fact
that thle groat mass of people own a
little pliece of ground wvith a home on1
it. A homle owning people0 is a state
loving people. Strive to own your
"Whereas: Those thlings being true
-the heightened vision of America has
thought wise to .bring to the attention
of the people1 to the strength of better
"Now, therefore, r, WVilson G. Hiar
vey, Governor of Southl Carolina, desi1g
-nate the week of Or t01ber 9-14 as bet
-ter homes d1emaonst ration week, and
call u1pon the people of thle state to
participate ini this (campaignl amnd ask
- every family inl the state to seek an 01)
portunity to see and study 0one of thle
modell hom es to) be ti tled up andio open
ed for their inspecti oll, and I hope for
thoir inspiration."
Will Get Coal in Short Time.
*A quanltity of coal, plrobably 40 or
50 cara, will arrive in Spar-tanburg
within a few days, FranImk W. Shea ly,
chairman of the0 railroad commission,
announced. 'ils will lhe divided ump
*am'ong the emergency dlelmnds inoet
classified, the chairmanI added.
No chlange hlas 1)01en(1 nted in tile
situation wvithlin the last few (lays,
Mr. Shealy said. A number of the inl
duIlstries are ulsing woodl and comnmis
Sion indlorses thlis plratcice whole
Reject Road Bids.
All bids for the construction of nine
and one-half miles of tho Savannah
Charleston road in. Charleston county
wore rejected b~y the sanitary [and(
-(drainago commission whlen thley
were receIved recently, the state
- hilghway dlepartment was advised,
Prices were too high, J. W. Martin
Charleston county engineer, advised
the state department. it is unlikely
that this w~orkc will 1)e readvertisedi
until better freight conditions exist,
TPhe Public Seryico Construction comn
nyof New J..... w - lo bidde.
Palmoto Fair to be 6ig Event .
Plans are rapidly maturing for th
staging of the annual State Fair t
be held in Columbia one' entire wee
commencing Monday, October 2
Scores of workmen at this time ar
rushing to completion new and ne<
od exhibit buildings and transferrin
the 'old grounds into a beautiful plea;
ure park. The new race track an
grandstand are already practical)
complete. The management gives a;
surance that overything will - be I
readiness for the opening day an
no doubt visitors will be both please
and surprised at what has been as
complished since the close of the lay
State Fair. Educational exhibits thi
year will be much more extensive tha
in the past, including a mammoth di:
play from the United States Deparl
mont of Agriculture. Livestock an
poultry exhibits will be more nume(
ous, while such interest has been (h
played in the women's departmen
that 5,000 square feet will be neces
sary to accommodate these dainty die
plays. Leading manufacturers o
farm machinery are intensely interest
ed in the State Fair and ten acre,
of ground will be devoted to display,
of modern farm machinery.
The amusement program of the
State Fair will be the most elarobat<
over presented in South Carolina. I
will include fast harness and running
races daily, band concerts, free circus
acts, and each night a stupendous dis
play of fireworks. On the Joy Plaza
the famous Jenny J. Jones Shows wil
afford entertainment of the highesl
class. As an extraordinary featur
professional auto races will 'e stage(
the closing day, Saturday, October 28
Arrangements have been made for the
appearance of Sig Haughdahl, chain
pion dirt track driver of the world
Other noted dirt track (lemons wil
compete for the liberal prizes anm
records and sure to be shattered that
On the opening lay of the fair la,
(lies will be admitted without charge
On this (lay will occur the laying of
the cornerstone of the new Woniana
l building. Elaborate ceremonies wil
mark this event. Mrs. George W
Vanderbilt will be the guest of hono
and she will be attended by sp'eia
committees from each county in t:
Silver Service Back to State.
The silver service from the battle
ship South Carolina has been returnee
to the state and is now in the hand:
of tile Daughters of the American lUev
olution as custodians, having been de
livered to this organization througl
Governor Harvey, the chief executiv<
announced recently. The service i,
directly in charge of the Rebecca
Motto chapter of the Daughters of th
American Revolution, Charleston.
When the South Carolina was junik
ed the silver service was retained h:
the navy department and when nega
tiations wore begun to have the ser
vice returned to' the state departmen
officials expresse(d a willingness to ih
so if the governor would accept it, hw
were unwilling to turn the servic
over to a private organization.
The) Da ughters of the A mericar
Rm olut ion int er''t ed themselves .r
obtain ing the.service and as a result
of the work of thiis orga nization thn
navy departmient finalhly agreed to
turn the service over to Southi Ca ro
lina, the golverntor' to accepit it. Gov
ernor H arvey gave Ithe naivy dlepart
ment hiis receipt for the silve r.
Mrs. Frank (1. Cain, of St. Mat
thews, state regent, accepted the ser
vice and the organization will lie tha
custodian until the state wants it. Tlhe
governor will inform the legislaturin
of his action and this body will finally
determine what is to be done with
the service, if any chapige is to be
Welfare Board Secretary Resigns,
Governor IHarvey, as chairman o1
the hoard, announcedl the resignation
of G. Croft Williams, secretary of the
state boaird of public welfare. Tihe
resignation has been accepted by thie
board, the governor said, effective ast
sOOn as somleOneC cani bo enigaged tc
succeed Mr. Williams.
Mr. Williams, it was announced, wvil
be adjunct professor of sociology at
the Univ~ersity of Soulth Carolina and
in addition to this work wvill become
rector of St. .Johin's Episcopal Chburchi
Mr. Williams has beeii secretary of
the board for a numbeor of years and
his work has been highly comimended.
ils resignation ha~s been accepted
Wvith regret as the board feels that to
replaae hinm will b)e a difficult task.
Harvey Revokes Parole.
Governor Harvey has revoked
the paroje of Grover Crooks, of Oco
nee county and ordered the Oconee
authioirities to place Crooks on the
chaingang or in the penitentiary to
complete his sentence. Crooks wvas
convicted of assault and battery with
Intent to kill in 1910 and was paroled
during good behavior by Governor
Cooper in December, 1921. H~e was
serving a six-year sentence.
Five New Charters.
The Chba rleston Palmeotto D~rug coin
pany (of Charleston was chartered with
a capital stock of $10,000.
Authuorit y to decrease Its capital
stoc'k from $30,000 to $20,000 was
granted the Apalache Loan and Secu
rities companyt1i3.
The Carolina investment corpora
tion was chiartered with a capital
stock of $10,000. Officers are: Moses
Greenewaldh, president; Max Greene
wald, vice-presldent; Chester D). Ward,
treasurer, and I. HI. GIreenewald, so
Others in Assembling Plants Through
out Country Also Ordered to Lay
Aside Their Tools.
Detroit, Mich.-lilenry Ford's indus
trial strike against what he charges
are excessive coal prices is inl full
swing and approximately 73,000 of his
workmen In the Detroit district at re
out of jobs for an indefinite period.
Thousands of others In assembling
plants throughout the country also
were ordered to lay aside their tools.
In addition a score or more of small
industrial concerns here dependent
.upon the Ford Motor company for or
ders were preparing to close. 'Theso to
employ upward of 30,000 men. N
The Highland Park and River Rouge n
plants of the Ford Motor company, tl
Omploying about 60,000 men, were do- it
sorted save for a comparatively small il
force which will be retained to keep a:
the coke ovens warm. d
Although many of them were smil- w
ing, the majority of the Ford workers It
who passed through the gates of the al
Highland Park plant after turning in in
their tools expressed concern over it
the shutdown. Their foremen hr-i a
handed down to them advice from M 01
Ford to buy as little coal as possib. aix
and1( cut t heir lii ng e3xpen~ses to a
minimum. Many of the workmen were
met by wives and children anxious to ii
learn how long the heads of families vi
would be unemployed. In
Dead Fill Streets of Smyrna.
Smyrna.--Smyrna, which the 'iTurks I
have called the "Eye of Asia," is a
vast sepulchre of ashes. Only the
shattered walls of 25,000 homes and
the charred bodies of countless vie
tims remain to tell the story of
death and destruction unexampled in
modern history.
The ruins are still smouldering like
a volcano which has spent its fury.
No effort has been made by the TIurks
to remove the dead and dying. The
streets are full of the bodies of those
'who sought to escape, for the most
part women and children.
Every building in the Armenian
quarter has bn burned. with Ih#'
dead lying about. The bay, which
covers anl area of 50 acres, still ar
ries on its surface the poor .emnatnint:1
of those who were iass-:erecd or
sought to escape the rutlelss.,.=n-:;a of
the fire. One water front holds thu
salds of survivors who fear death
at the hands of the esldiery; there
are no lboats to take tIeim oft. o
One shui)p ctptai (le d to tak
any of the wvrotehleid su1ftferer., but"
in cointraist to hiis jil:fference ,Capl
ta in Walt er, 0f thle Amiterican11:t ~ t
er WVinona, reCscued t1300 andti look
ttem to Piraeus. Amelrican satilors n~
of the dlest royern Li Ieht iield sntch Uited I'
450 orphaned bloysi from tile pier andtil
('arriled t hemi satfely to Constanittilloiple.
The jack talos slept on t he ironl (leks t
or und ter Itorpedo1 (tubecs wh ih the i
yountgsters o(cupiedl their bunltks. ti
Fight By Moore on Frecight Rates.
A tlata, Ga.-Enitn lg htis attIacek on f
the freightI class rate syst em proposed e
bty thle railroads for the Southeoast,h
I larry TI. Moore, secretary of tile At- fk
icatta freight bureau andlt witne('5 s'b
fore the Southlern class rate investi- ti
gation of the interstate Ccoimmerc(e
conmmission lhere, began tihe pren- e:
tation of thle siiplpers' plani for thle (I
futtutre rate structure of' the Southeliast- i
era saotes. d,
Mr. Mtoore ind(lhrsedl the un iiform i
mileage class rate scale as heing thle
hest solutionI to the freight irate mutd- t I
die which ihe sa id existed in thIiis ter'- tt
ritory, buit he adimitted that the Sothi- 0'
ernl Tr-affic league, the sihipper-s' or- hi
ganlizat ion, takinig thle lead( ~in th1 figh t
aga inst the carrier s' p~rt)1oosIs, dlii nt
take a uim 1iltouts 511and Oil the inile- f
age system.
Presenting exhibits compaiiring shill
per1S' andt -, rrieirs' propol)Oi s an d ex
Istinug rat's, thle witnites-s cihartgetd the
railroadcs wvithI inconlsistenccy in I that
their proptosed long hl i rateis exct-ed
tile r'ates lthatI~oiI wo l tain if ty a
carr'IedI out to fiturter itancltes th Ii .
mnaximnum mileatge s-eule they aipplied(I
in d1istance under 1(1- 4100 miiles.
Not Planning to Move Spencer Shops.
Gireeitsboro, N. C'.A report ciirirenit
here that the Soithercin rail way is prc- g
paring to move its shotps at Spoecert
to this city wats met wvithi the state
ment of 1R. L. Avery, super(intendenit
of the Itaniville divisiont. bi
House Declines to Buy Swamp Canals.
of tile Cap~e Cod anti lDismal SwVampl 1y
canals wm: ren-ted by thle houis. iii
The Caj.'i (",t cnnal, which was to si
have cost Ih goverinmeint $!i00,000 was t
over'whelnt ngly defeated without roll !it
c-all, ini
The Dismail Swatp propositiont.
-Ixting $500,000, was beaten by a vote l
- '' 77 to 29. iHotht projects wore pre. b
V'ited to thue house by the 5('tlite' us ii
'metcnditeints te Ii' trivers and( tharoirs
btll. The htouise s-parated tihemt romu 3
the genteral bill, wiche passed:;
I 'Ii
I. Iai. Vt' fln P',J'4j I* V. j
vluiny Owners Consjdev the Best Meat
Attach a Steel Lock and Cl
WVhat 140I811 i'e aini 1111 fleI' Eie
pr)4'(4t(l4 Ils 21141OIu~l(4)41 from tie lves?
11ny3 (Iliitgs wlih Nwo1lll 11l4-1Q11 4('('r
t4vvei'y are' I Iiig.s Iholil. which Ile its
1 Inividal ha 11451411liiig t4) s243. 'l4(
inks th2at h14 (;I4 1111d ShouldI4 doi
'2. so 81411 Ile442 ht I hey 21c P05'I f-i'~ -
't. Fi'si, In IiiriIlg al ('211' iiIuiIe
hetlper' u1' 114t it? 4is (4-t11 4414 with it
('kIlig (l('t'1('e 21141 ( c'i'4 '1 143 thle lI241i1
4('0 people. I 411 '' a ll' i ii II tig i
'11 lock (111 7111 old ('2411' tlI1:4- 11w4 .'aiIl
(11111' when'I yin hgle 14 'ek. 'I'neto'
'0locks anld I ot'its ;sconel o)1 tlhl'41
Iin Ile h'to~ei an1111 1ii114-4.4 by3 111
pert' thief ini :t 414i0110e u1, Iwo.
Many Stand;,rd Locks.
Ollici's really3 ilr4'4le''l 1(, ('flI, Anti4
(sere P4 :11400lt11 (4-4-1 si 24121:1 'l do
(('s'. Of1 thense, 1 l4rer lo(ck thle I iaiis
12252014, thr e '(t he11 sI '&'i'i11: R Ig '' :[fid24ll
lost Machinecs Are dearly Ake
and Only Exrerts Can D~stin
qutish Diff el'cnt N lakes.
VRI AT~N!:To [E~
ne Goad Way Is to Oasei'vc Namc
PI.'te on Fr'ont cf Cal--lut) C;-ps
Offcr ld 'aiis of dlificto1,
as They Are N.arked.
"'11~11" c':411 I i'll1 1'1' dIi i'i's4 n -iI't'
N4't I'v I'14 t I.:I w4 ' i it t I: :1
t < )1 S t $;
is to Prevent the Thpft of Cars Is to
tin on the Steering Knuckle.
oethe~ manfol)d. 1Iho cthers are
:aioixs type.s of' Igi!tion Iocl.. One
1(01(5 1104( 11d ( I n il iIont and another
gasxolinet 111( Igition Aa
Make Record of Numbers.
Fi'nally, if you huvc~e holies of1 gell Iig I
.yO ll' 11421('114 14:1'1 afte (PIt hasw Iu''ia
stoalenl *"'at shld~~l have it reco0rd of t
1111 the l' 'agiiand211 factory numbii1ers
slititil he 1 a4 secre'('t ltltnt I hea111n 111111)
ladt ~;eo 11111 ha. (taeI~( or t'aa~' u )'Iwo
it 12)o1(1 i h(' I t (;1"(":1 hha I,' pif more it it I
~t 1011 (" k v iiaw k ii, all 4 4'l2 a'1?!, iI 1
ilut :as It 1.4. loll"] hilai't c'an oilerI
:111(1 I the o4w1ne' 111151 0Ela'I'inc larigely uoo
toil II iis'1I'
* You Auto iKnow
* 'i' 14.lth Ii i 114' ti'iji 1V114' i 'o4
* Ito' I'ilii1t Inithe roil 2111)1w teel,
wil e:\1lII " tire 111\i wear t iu
* WitI'ir I h :111 4l.. i 'e l o .11.ea
11'. l h r.~ s( tt I. '21'111:;I 211o'liv
is usually d121 2411 o4 124' ;;1 1 Itun }
OI t('4 ailure to) I t")t hole,'! 4
f lo ' uli; nut.S41 :1144 1 the. Il} l
V 'l ei4 I l a r e I l t t a ;o t f t re11 1 il ( I si 4) l 84 14 ,1
I4i4' t. 42) :'I); 4t '.'ilt l this, toll'
* 2 " ta' t 114:241. I r142:!41' lie ' 'r~l
I 24) II' S V2)2221Otta il' II.'-! 1!)444tut
441' e Ii. ' i) I i l z: 2 21 . .
12 44411I. :111(1,.i .44'( the 11 ir
* il io'l It' bi Is)14 1 o 11:11. I'i' '434
* I lo' r" ht. !'1 .': a.)' l pi i '2 1Iii}
':Itl toI II) 122o ;1 S (n"Ii Ill)' I t
Cheek that Cold and s;f
Got Rid of that Cough
It is dangerous to themn tuo.
A tonic laxative o oat and
ive acton2
upon thonnu
our mORD
bsnos is
need. . f
.. Generations
of a lectrrasosse
It aide digestion, .tlmnu.
lates the liver and boweI
aetion, enriches the blood,
rtones p the nervous eye.
tem and soothes the Intlam
ed and congested muoos
-" Honeet and dependable
to the verdict of thousands.
- - o3id Everywhere g
Tablets or Liquid
Waited Long for Fortune.
UiI tmight hive been rich 15 years
go, but i lielgint will) purchased a
an1i lit 1903 ldn't. appiled for the
ist of nuihers drawn in .state lot
erles in 1)07. A poor nnus from the
onit)ry h alspening to ho in Antworp
or the flirst tine for mnny years, era
etrel t he 4lltees of the ('nase Comt
iituile to see if the hond whilh he
tad takenI (lit in the loin o1' 1903 land
'ona at prize in the yearly lottery.
fter waiting lnpiti1ently while the
ashler seairthel the recorl1i he was
afomti that. Is number haid been
Irnwn in 1}11)7, aid that he was en
lhe'd to it bon. of 200.000 franca
$40.00t) at normaIl exchnigt' rates).
Substitute for Radium.
A young mnun! who hall heatrd that
milltitm was going to cuire the wrorld oif
11 Ii s III eitel'd n hi lI st's shop
nill asked:
"Ildfw imuch Is radluina an ounnee?"
The ehemitist tnitled 111m1 name11d nt
Iglll4' whleh Imar'le lhe yoiiig mnoti
Mlnk. "lietly T' ohnerved the cusq
omenr". '"TIhen give mne an ounce of
otigh lzng/es.("
Sure elief
..(.. Hot water
_ r y > re Relief
254 and 754 Packages. Everywhere
Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi
culty in urinating, often mean
serious disorders. The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
bring quick relief c.ed often ward off
'.lcadiy diseasecs. K~nowvn as the national
remeody of H-olland for mnoro than 200
rears. All druggists, in three sizes.
Look for the name Gold Modal on every box
and accept no imitation
Chilre s Regulator.fa, vee a ver l ab
Guaranteed n.on-narcotic, non-alcoholic.
The Infants' aad Children's Regnlator
Children grow healthy and froo
from colic, diarrhoea, fiatulenmcy,
connttpation and other trouble if
given it at teething time, -e
Bate. plenanunt-alwaysarng o
mnarkabloa and gratifying results.
At All
quIckly relIieves the distreas
lng paroxysmsl. Used for
6.5 years andu rellt, of long
r.. erience in treatment of
rII~CO,4IPI throat and lung diseases by
Dr. J. HI. Guildi. FREER TRIAL
, BIOX, Treatisue on Asthma, its
eaunes0, treatmenit, etc., sent
t druiggsts. J. U C . Pnd lO
IA -La 49
4 6
W. N U., C ARei,.O T nmE, eye. 3 -192

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