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t~4k4? a Your Invariably in Advane,
,dIntred a~t r'ickena, S. C. Potoac, as
Sec~ondClass Mai Matter,
GARY IMIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
The 1t (}< , :1 etch of Thomas G.
dcL (i t: ii;.: from Snowden's His
I: h :. ti t 7':t ,. McLC'Pd. In his
bor' ~: 1. ...Thomas Gordon
Ml.. I( r. 1,t >: ishedi his pre..
bet .2itsof hi"
} 1"~fe. 7 r, :;."~i 1 l and
11 . :
Ii1. !
1thir lift.
th -i . '. : t:
In 1916 he was appointed a trustee
of Winthrop dollegc and is still on the
board. Fraternally. :ho' is affiliated
v;ith the Masons, Knights of Pythias
and Woodmen of the World and is a
member of the Kappa Alpha college
ft tcrnity.
December 31, 1902, he married Miss
Elizabeth Alford, daughter of W. McD
and Sarah E. Alford, cif Marion coun
ty. Mr. and Mrs. McLeod have four
I'h:liren: Alford M1cD.; Thomas G.;
Lu: y WCod and Yanecy Alford.
"To the Dem< r.tie voters of South'
"Aithough I failed to receive a ma
.icrity of the votes on yesterday, ac
ccrdine to available returns, I am
deeply grateful for the loyal &nd un
(elfi-h de votion of my fi ie:-ds.
"Thr( u'hout the campaign I st res
c.i the et that I was making my
1 iht fts the pe2ple cf the state ana
tfory pei.] nnml amrbittcn. I ha:.e
}<c ver 2"t'(:nor (i Scuth Carolina fcr
.~ :-ms. I am ai oud <f the fact
n .tt\vst.andjing the bitter per
- ? n l d .clitical fights and attacks
t h: cc n waged against me( dur
t cam:paign an:] especially in
t ter. days, 85.000 Democrat.s
uth I:rolina voted for m- and
r ildemocracy and the I:r:-n
w\hich I fought.
.arent di feat n- the ll!
1rea l regr(:s. my ol,
t that I will n 1t have the
u .. as go'veIlrn.r to be Of
otio t:sed :axpayers of
htpt that. reief may
tr from: some sour'.ce.
s \ 1 .. 1 2r~ i I !.r.('U'h 1 ?
-1. t ' n.:m1ths (,hi. : (.
t.(' 01 NV Wt:n]l Pro
( lad (-ity terrior .t:: (pen,
t 1.y. The .. R.
no e n n in good coidit on,
? : V t',.:.. s? 1' ?t -i
CARRIDE for sale at A. A. Moen's
tIre thea.pc r than you can order it..
FOR SoALE-O.Q o r w
t\'Ine three eraijior.s :rik, also on-.
I fer talf ninre mn ths (I. A
n2 a cou ar : ca f<. .
D . Maui.c::1n. C.et ral2.. S. C.
IRf SA1-Twr 've white thorough
L..' Lhrn. Cocrals Ordered
- .fromL Ohio. Blue ribbon strai.
13 .0 each. L W. Nat ions, C'en
Blue tem heat.Agle ndl e-u
ofats flr sal:-z. Cinrtral Mer~lcant ii:
Als-o D(ut.tt2'. Prolific se corn.
FOR SALE-One n(ew Olive~r nm
heline tyrewritler at a bL..rL-ain. Ce,.
tral MeIrcan1t il( Co(., Cential. S. C.
Pure( bred' R. 1. Re.:] March hatch
c((kerels and pullets for sale. Limi
ted number $1.50 each. Mrs. F. B.
Morgan. Central, S. C.
FOUND-A hunch of keys in a calr
jin f r: nt of the tabernacle last Thurs
* ayI night. Owner may get them by
<alline at the Sentinel office and de
s-(ri'bing~ them.
A\ stray .lersey <- (1 er(e to my
n eet the cow by py n fer this ad
2.nla2 I'a,'.ure. Fren221 IBrai ilo.
WANTE'V.---A yr.~ wor n-ui(.
a. nIti: 2 . i.d. 1. B. -'mith. W es
FORl SA1 -
Red ru t proc'f O:.ts .... . 7
Fulton Oats.---..- ...- ..- ...-_- .7
Applite-n Oats....-..- ..- ..-.-....-.
Blue Straw When:....-.-....-.---12.
Good Seed Rye-...--.-.._-.--11
F. 0. B. Central.
Centra, S. C
-." . . y , .. . . . ..
The books for the collectaon of
State and County taxes will be open
from October 15, 1922, to December
31st, 1922.
Those who prefer to can pay in
January, 1923 with 1 per cent addi
tional. Those who prefer paying in
February, 19223, may do so with 2
per cent additional. Those who pre
fer. paying in March 1923, to the 15th
.of said month, may do so by an ad
dition of 7 per cent. After said date
the books will close.
Those who do not wish to conic to
the office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due
and they can remit me by check,
money order or register d mail.
Please do not send money without
reg-tering same, as it is liable to
get lost and it is at senvlers risk.
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills.
Ord Co., 10 mills.
Const. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
Special Rcads. 5 mills.
Tetal, 31 mills.
luad Tax. F3.00.
levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
P'(ins. Hurricane townsh!-p, 2 mills.
Li vy for interest on Pickens R. R.
E>t r,>i. East.Ptre tc(wnship, 2 1-2 mills.
Lr-sy for int rest on Pickens R. R.
Bn?. Pickens township, 2 mills.
Poll tax $1.00 . - (One Dollar
Ev , y mnie person between the age:
of 21 to ii yer.rs is iable except those
- b y law.
Commutation Tioad Tax, $3.00. All
I- isn(s owin2 ('s are required to
a tax of $1.25 on each dog. Doe
t x must be pa:d by February 1, 1921.
Spe.ial Schoc I tax by Districts
District No. 1, 7 mills.
ri strict NO. 2, 11 mills.
Di .:t N . .8 mills.
District No. 4. 8 mills.
DistrLct No. :, 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
District No. 7, 8 mills.
District No. 8. 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
I)i=riet No. "0, 16 mills.
DE trict No. 11, 24 mills.
Distr:cit No. 12, 10 mills.
I:1 :et No. 1:>. 15 mills.
District No. 16. 8mil::.
.' \t o. 17, 2 in is.
ict o. ,14 mills.
Dis-trict N". . mis.
D:strict No. 2 , i 11 .
District Nc". 21,. m l
5-ir '\i. 22 ii . .
D istr et N\ 2::. 1o mn .
Ti N2. : . n ...
i . 1 N1oi.
r i No .1 11
Diti' N 21.
District No.
I -: No 41 N,.
..tri;:'t No. m
Distric N , : 1 , nil
District N. :.1 lls
DF)tict No.* l
Distiet No. (if~l
:': '1 T m II .
1';s.1 s ,N,..12, t Treamule. .
N . 4. 11 mills
:"=. t > \io.r .1 (eun f he ni e
h i'1 ;", Nc : _7. 1- m ills.
i st I.! ( it No. 4: , 1 t mills.
]:- >,rit h . 49. 11 m ills.
Drit \r1evdijck. Au milsy.
Neti. i herh0.ven thil ors. h
aD~icaied an up aG, thmil th.
fir~insc(t~ o hi. cHeitonwllb
helI t. ~i~ fCounifthy Treasrer.~
(n theri trict Curt the Undtedo
Fo tie We.nOCfl rn ~ Ditltime Soth
nthe mad atrl of . ar. trndrictksucdo
other bu.sinass Hendpioilck Garagie
Banrup .( r ~rkui~
To the cr(eitor~s if C.F enrickDru
Compastric aforesl~iatid,. a banrsbupt:
Noie at Centb ga en Sothaor.ith,
Tht 1.e7h day ofSifmerA D.t 192".,
held in t oic''iitit of the ree ,i
Greencil:t, S. C. fo the pu.': da of
Septe~nber . D. 1922at. 11 'clock'
saidcredtors ma attend prv the~iir
clain-s,~l appointa tut. xmn
the sid bnkrup. an trnP t V surch
o ter buies a: i may pns ;.terly come
beosa~id meet ~("inO iiuj.eyo
!21. a cou.e Thl. ULYTH rE,~~h
t.~m re nl in ankuptcy
Fall and Winter Oxfords for Fall a i
'Oxfords for this fall and winter a']
a back seat.
We have just received our new fa]
. All the new cuts in Brougues with p]
Brown Russia Calf, reasonably price<
always be a member of the Walk-Ot
Cheaper grades in womens Oxford
The Red Riding shoe for children ai
shoes. The Red Riding Hood shop fl
market. Every pair guaranteed.
W e'rk shoes for boys, men, women
We hav' always had a reputation o i
h'we'vetr we are going to open your
togk of work shoes that has ever be c
cent. See us before you buy your f 1
. The home of Walk-Ove
Stetson hats, Inter-wove
Home Sewing Machines,
Lady Corsets.
C'lot h i I, Shioes 11
Qu:'tt f (4n1.
with th. . .:ct.- f I ia t Rf ' i .
rof thx: e ;!.t; auditor of saii (t
"i:.:- i to . i t i n r
:lit tlUstec of s:id s:hool diltri t
C Yder1 an t"e~etionl to deterine whet
(r rsi boinds in the sum f Two
I i'usand Dollar- $2.001) shall be S
s ucd by the said school dist rict for
the purpos~e cf school implrrove'ments.
Ani it further appearing by the
m'1t:c~iete cf the county auditor of
cad ee'nty that the proposed bond
sue of Two Thousa.nd Dollars doe.
not e-xeed eiLht per cent of the as
-:-sso-l valua:ion of property for tax
at:n in said district, including out
st:a-ding bor.ds.
It is thei (f:.re erderedl by the boar- I
(If ti ustee(s of Flat Rto.k School Dis
trict No. 4 that an election be held in
th~e said school district at the school
hcuse (:n the 28rd da~y of September,
1922, ('n the questia~n whether s(uch
bo:-.ds shall be :-ssued or not, said
bonds toi be issued in denom inatin
of One H-undr'ed Dollars each to run
for a period (If twenty years from
the date (of issue and bearing six
pler et nlt intecrest, payable annua'ly.
At such election only qualified v'oter'
resir~ng in this school district shall
be allowed to vote.
The polls shall open at 8:00) o'
:lock a. m-., anid close at 4 o'clock rp.
m. The ballots to .he voted must have
written or printe'd on them- the wordls
'For Bonds" or "Against Bonds,"
The' following names arc' hereby
appuinted managers to hold said
W. F. Young, C. H. Kelly, H. C.
By order (of the Board (If Trustees
>f Flat Rock School District No. 4.
Mv. J1. Boggs,
H. G. Fowler,
*M. C. Brooks..
Board oif Trustees of Flat Rock
Sc'hool District No. 4.j
Notice is he'r'eby given that I will
-nake application to N. A. Christo
pher Esq., Judge of Probate for
Pickens county, in the St-ate of South
'arolina, on the 28ird day of Septem
er 1 22, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
>r s soon thereafter as said appli
ition can bie heard, for leave to make
Snal s ttlemn~t of the real and per
les-.ate or WA. L. Entrik-in, de'
:1 (Iwl ota~n d ischlarge'c as ex
JasonIf M. Erntriil: in.
1 r c ::ntee time subscribers maiy t
'7-' th' At unta Tri-Weekly ( onst i
t Iti( In an'; he Pickens Sentinel both
for 705 yar'.
We ar'- al-> ffering the Green- I
l" l'aiy r'wn and Th'e 'irI-m
Sn' itel b~'~h for the pri('e (of The
~d Winter 1922-1923.
re the style for the well dressed worn
I and vnter Valk-Over oxfords, and
ump heavy soles for fall wear, in Pa t(
I at $6.50. $7.50 and $8.50. Try on e
er family.
for fall at $2.50, 3.00 and $4.00.
id growing girls. We have lately add(
r chidrien and growing girs. On.. of
and children.
selling one of the best line of wor k
yes. We have bought the largest. m o
m shipped to Pickens. Lower i pric e
ill and winter shoes.
r, Red Riding Hood and I
hosiery, Griffon Clothes,
Iron King Stoves, Chase
ts andI(1 Gelts' Furnishiig+
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
The Greenviile Daily News and The
;n., ri ear each for the
r oce (f The N ws alone.
The P'h ;;e. - n:In' and the .At
m Tr.~i-N fr':\r ConsttulUon One
ana C( ( i L. E. ehinscn, pi
I W. DuckwoCrt.h. Snllie Duckworth
and R. C. Robiinson, Defendants.
In pursuance of a Decretal Order
nade in the above stated case by his
donor Judge T. J. Mauldin, June 7th.
15!22. ! will sell to the highest bidder.
"Y. the term5 hereinafter slated,
):e same being October (econd (2).
!122, during the legal hours for sales
a Picker.s Court House, S. C.
All that nicee, parcel or tract of
and lyingr and Ieing in the Counm;
:nd Stat~e aforesaid, in Central town
hip, adjolning ia nd1 of th~e estate
f Jot1I R. Gri~in. Mladd(en or Fuller,
ud others, anid cntaining Fifty (50>
*cres, mo're or lesss, and being the
same tract of land eConveyed to J..
W. Duckworth by M. F. Btolding.
Al]so all that other piece. p'are:l
)r tract of land in said Couray an p
~t.ate and adjioining lands cf J. F.
?hild, J1. F. Williams. Norris Cottc n
Vl ill land and ethers, and containin:
rhirt y-five (85) acres more or le -.
mdl now owned by Sallie Duckworth.
Terms, to-wit: One-third cash ('n
lay of sale. and the ha lance in two
-qual .annuedl instahets. 5ecu red by
he bond of the purchaser and a mnort -
rae of the premises sold, the credit
>xrt ion to bear interest from day of
;ale it the rate oif eight (SR per
-ent per annum, and the purchaser
hall be required to insure the build
ngs on said lard in a sum not less
han five hundred dollars and assign
he policy to said Clerk of Court as
dditional security. Should purchaser
ail to comply with the terms of sale
n a reasonable time the same will he
esold the same day at the risk and
xpcnse of the former purchaser.
0. S. Stewart,.
Clerk of Court. Common Pleas.
:opte~mber 7th 1922.
idla C. Alexander, lndividu'lly an']
as. admiinistratrit, etc., Plaint ii>.
D. A lesxander', et. al . Defe(ndlants.
la pu rsuanlce (*f a D''cretal Order
ud e in the abo 've rated case(~ by hi
Toner Judget! T. .1. Mauldiu. dated
uro 7th. 192, 1 wil! roll to the h igh
si. b idder, enf the terms hereinafter
(e same be(ing October second, 1922.
tiring the lecal hours for sales at1
'ikens Court H-oure, S. C.1
All that piece, parcel or tract of
md lying and being situate in thei
tate and County aforesaid, in Daeus
ille tonwnship, being desicribed as
an, while h'gh cut shoes
are showing many pretty fall styles.
nt leathers,. $lk & Bro Kid; anti
pair of Walk-Overs, and you will.
-d to our already large stock of
the best shots for childra 'n the
shr.es in the country. Th's f
:t complete. and we think the be
thnn last fall from 10 to 20 Iv -
a-re's a reason.
:ndicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New'
City buggies, American
GUoods a Specialty
foliows: Kncwn as the \alvar place,
n:easuring and containing one hun
ore:l and fifty-nine (159() acres more
or khs. and having such metL S and
b) und s t . cr icily s'; -nf c<n a-plat
naace by John A. Ril'en, rurveyor
dated F" -ruar. :. 'th, 1i. '/.am bi
the Samrile tract < mi com d b1 '
-Mai y E:. Ale'x:adtr.ett.tFedN
J 0. b St t, in ;.:,( d At ip,
adlicinin:g the .:! l" t: act i, ., Cutners
and con:ain: y. aert
meICre' er !e--. :,d . :- the - t
c' land ('e< f ti .. E .. l'ex I ander
(f sole and th (e (; a credit
f t1wo ycar i < a3] Iaynent . wVit1
] . v t in ; ja" pu "E .e to , a a ,,:ll c-as-,
at aiiy tilme befe' m tr ity. Th
<.redit prtn t( be ecuared by bond
cf the p:" -'C' .'( a mortgage o:
th.: P'm . 6:e same to bear inter.
th f(~ore
Clerk oif (C'urt Common Pleas.
?(;bmber. 7th 1122.
EasleyV Loan and Tr'ust Co., a cor
a gamfstI
In puris Uanc'. of a Decretal Order
made( inj the above stated case by
Iuis Honcr T. J. Mauldin, Judge of
l3th c'irc(uit, on June 7tLi, 19R22, I will
e'l1 to~ the h'ghest bidder, on the
'rmsl iJ.reafter named,
lhe same being October 2,
rug tEnl( legal hours for sak
ns Court House, S, C.
All that piece, parcel or
and situate, lying and beji
-ounty and State aforesaid,.,
ey township, adljoin~ng lands of M~on..
-oe Ellison, James smith, it. E.
*athem~ and others, anRd ('ontainin-?
orty--eight and e'ne-hal!f (48 1 2')
irres, mfore' or les; th. (crops are t"
-c'xcept ed and the ren'lt.s t~o be paid
*' J. Il, Earle, rece'iver, duly appoint -
'dl by the couirt in the abiov'e stated
Terms of the' Rial On)re--third (1-.0)
:ts~h onl t he day of salIe, with fenne
,o the purchaiseri to DC y el en'~Irsh , an'!
heC balncie in twoi (iquail anniiual pay.
n'nt ', the edu!i I w" (rion to be se.
'ure(d by the bend oif hbe pu rchtwene
nd mnortgaier Cf t he iin mis5'; sole!
md; the citI pe 'tI.n t hepr in to es'
-onm day of sae. )nni pailifl,
. the rate ( ofr ie~ht I : e'ent per'
If purchaseri fails to comply 'with
he terms of sale in a~ rea'sonable~
imeuu~ the same will be resold the
iamo day at. th'e risk and expense (M
he former purec.has-er.
0. 5. Stewart,
Clerk "tf

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