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'Ait i5 so interesting on circus
. elephant? And yet there
i- 1o he little known of this an
e average person. The
11 genbeck-Wallace Circus
) exhibit in Greenv le,
A. 26, is to bring a large
herd of elephan.s and in advance
gives information of educa ional value
pertaining to these animals.
There ar'e tyo species which con
stitute the elephant family. They
are the largest of living land animals.
The jungles of India are the homes
of the better known species, while
the other species is found in th for
ests of Africa. The average male is
eight to 10 feet in height and weigh
from five tons upwards. In their na
tive countries they are' estimated to
l for 200 years at times and when
aptivity many reach the century
. ;ts weapon of dofense the ele
nt used its trunks which is s
powerful that the animal can crush a
man to death with it. The natural
enemies of the elephant, besides man,
ere the rhinoecrous and the tiger.
Elephants are. generally caught in
strongly bu lt stcekades. The captors
circle about the herds, chasing; them
3 the openI dcoi way of the stock
de. Once the beist arc in this en
lesurc, a heavy door is closed aml
he process of taming is carricl on.
After being tamed, the animaN are
'asily trainod, this gen11 rally t:a i.
I period of a few 'months. Mlcthd;(l:;
of training vary in details, but aft:.r
the first severe lessons, the trainer
generally finds gentl'ncss effective.
The animals often become so gentl'
that 'childrenl can be trusted to play
'with them.
Thue H-agenibeek -Wanlla '." Circus ha
many novel trained animals acts this
seatson, amo!: slnie of them being
the ridinig lion, 1iinm, M' .r and m:y
others. Tihe etiut1 strin s l'.itures are
dleclared to contain the bocf F'uro
i:ean features and A me rican n1o l
How often at our fairs (10 we look
or the corn exhibit t.nd tud just a
(llecticn ci cori. Big earls and
^Ig ca rs. som11 white aind Some yel
(ow; but .jut Mern. We average
armers go away having lea rod no"h
ig. 'I e purrOSo of the fair has been
vegoied. ~0Now cur Cern club boys
re going to make a dcmonstration,
Or the visitors ' I (. r'*igli' to sti.(. sOle
Sjne eoin, 'and each entry will have a
eard en which will be stite. variety,
two previous crops, preparation, ferti
-.zer used, first application and see
ond; time of planting, width of rows
and sp1acing, history of cultivatio'n,
San exhibit o.
'he card~s accom
show variety,
thi of stalk, num
* , own, e-m of cob, color of
grain, shape of grain and hardness.
Now biys, lease kep this paper
so that at home you may prepare all
this information, and when you get
your carcd you will be pre pa red to
4 ~till it out propierly. Then our farm
ers will go home saying, "Well, these
boys (d0 make it intec esting."
lBut entrys to thcse exhibts are
not confinedl to corn club boys, and
wvould it not lhe a slam if some of
yCurP dadidies should beat you at ypour
own game. We hope they will try!
Howv much loss money can our
farm wvomen do on than they nowv
got? They (10 say that when the
boll weevil gets a good hold farmers
have to economiz~e, and that means
that the women and children must
Hard to (d0 it ? Yes,
be dlone unless
a say they are ,iust not
owv it, andl so put their
. ctr and think and talk
cat can they (do? Just
arc doing in other parts
ot our state. Did you know that
these women. have within the past
year sold1 more than $90O,000) worth
o-f things they have made thoem
relves? and the busine :s is only a
ycar old. Among all the gr'eat
thig Winthrop College is dloing, t'is
wvork stan'ds among the tic st-to make
our' wcmen inderendent, of c'don1.
and a istay to their mcn who now
havo suc(h a fight on hand.
The head of this work, Mrs. Kline,
will during the fair, osp':k to) our
woW ren, giving in detil all the s(ep.
llCeoAnfry to be talken in order to
rech success.
Y ou see cur fa':r is going to hw
nduvntional. that insures it 1o he a
Wees.C. II. Carpenter.
JI. R. Martin J. HT. Earle
Greenville. S. C. Pickens, S. C.
Prntio in all Courts.
o in Court Hlouse.
The Pickens Chapter, U. D. C.,-hel
a most delightful meeting on las
Friday afternoon, at the home of Mr:
C. E. Robinson This, being the firs
business meeting since April, man
items of business had to be dispose
As this chapter has taken a jeund
ership ii t4e Tamassee school, it wa
voted to name this "The Expma Am
bier Gilreath" Foundership in hono
of the chapter's first president.
'The Confederate Museum fund, th
Davis Monument fund, and the Maur
Monument Fund, were discussed b
the chapter and plans made to pay oi
these obligations.
The chapter has the distinct:on o
having one of its memlber.:, Mis
Franecs Bruce, represent South Caro
lina, as one of the pages at the Gen
oral Convention, U. D. C., whicl
me:ts in Birmingham, Ala., in Nov.
Eighty-nine names have appeared
on the roll of this chapter since its
organization. Fifty-five names are on
the roll today, andi several member
uhip 1) paper:, are ready to hand in.
The 1istorian reported that four
teen historical papers had been ob
ta:ncd, :'u i gc(l that others be writ
len and ha nded in at once. This chap
ter" ranked second in the state lase
year, in the number of historical pap
(:rs sent to tle state Historian.
'The(: members answered the roll call
with name:; of Ccnfcderate officers of
army or nvy of South Carolina.
A well-prepared paper, "Lee as a
Commander of Arnies," written by
Mirs. G. R. Hendricks, was interesting
ly read by Mis. J. C. Diggs
An alphabetical rhyme of names of
U. D. C. members of 1908 written by
:ne of the oldest members was read
boy Miss Franucs Bruce.
Sketches of Confederate veterans
were read by Arlls. Vesta McFall, Mrs.
C. E. Robinsorr and Miss Nell Grandy.
After the program was concluded
iu sioun scuij.pei uongs were served,
olloweid by ices and cakes.
Gireenville News.
A marriar e <.f wide int.rest was
olemnize:I in Ditminghan, .\la., on
:he 2 ;rd when Mi>s Icna Williams,
>f this ccunty became the bride of
2ar.ln W. McLaurin, of McColl, S.
Miss Willian-s is a daughter of the
late lion, and Mrs. Fred Williams.
Ehe Wa:; olucated at Limestene Cel
lege and for a numher' of years she
u.":ht in the schcls of the county.
For the past two years she has held
1 positon as Home Demonstration
igent of Hlenry County, Alabama.
The groom is a graduate of the
University of South Carolina and of
?eorgia Peab)ody Cellege for Teach -
rs. He now holds a position as sup)
-rintendent of the city schools of
Delina. Immediately after the cere
nony, wvhich was performed by the
Rev. G. T. Harris, Mr. and Mr's. Me
Laurin left for their newv home in
Delina. The trip w;as made by motor,
;oijping at many places of interest
By Hawkshnaw
Thel only c:bieetions wve have to
mnying a Ford on the installmeni, plan
s that the Foid and the p)aymients
strall about the samie time.
Thle colleges of today thing more
f the p.ig skin than they do of the
sheep skin.
For tho in st time the Sect, of Ag
iculture has an auto instead of a
rorse dirawn vehicle. If it will speed
ip matters any we vote that all mem
>ers of the' cabinet be presentedl with
in reroplane.
The Negro edIitor who received the
h~uman hand from the K. K. K. evi
.ently sees the hand writing on the
Boys thrive on lost golf balls
I-eadilnie. Wonder what Jchn D.
would pay for an appetite like that.
Lect us hope that the Greenville
al1 club wvill have a manager next
ycar' that will put. the Spin in Spin
A rr;'.vway signalman in Marion, Ill.,
will always have a soft p~la'..e to rest.
Hlis name is .John Pillowv.
You niever' hear any one curse him,
but w~hat is lowver dlowna thant a whale'l
We nr.mietimes wonder if' the mar
riuge' vowvs still coanan this: F"or
sake: all other's.
One' hundredl thousanrlilminois 1'"
gint dite~gig. LeWt us hope th'ey dlon't
unc'ove'r the hatchet the:,; have .iu:,
It sems like McTAeod will r'esia
insulte:I with ainything less than:
litxt of Guyler's. Now; she mo(eily ne'
..lON~f 'TO LOAN
On Impr.1oove'd Fanrms in Pick e':;s
Oconee and Greenville sounities. City
R. E. BRUCE. Piekens, S. C.
Office Cver Keowee Bank.
I To the Voters of Pickens County.
t I wish to thank you one and all for
the flattering vote you gave me on
t August 29, for County Commissioner.
J. R. J. Anthony.
To the Democratic Voters of Pie.kens
You, by your votus, again impose
in me Vcur confidence and unswerving
trust. Permit me the efore, to convey
my heart f-:lt thanks, and to assure
ryu that I am (Ieeply conscious of my
duty. Truly, at. n1o time since recon
stiu edn have we found a greater
re'd for sil( unprejudiced element:;
of business in (11 governmental af
fa.irs. Ti- time for thought and the
day for dIeed. Iple~de you the best
wihnme. J. O. Williams.
To the Voters of Pickens County.
I take this method to thank you all
most heart ly for the magnificent vote
you m:ve me (.n Tuesday Sept. 12.
This fin vote will be an incentive t
mne to make y' u the best cipmissioner
tha-t is possible for me to make, giv
ing the reads my best attention. I
I want to beg of you one and all to let
me h-fve your best support for th
next four y 'as when I s:hall be your
servant. Again thanking you for the
coilfidIence ;laced in me, I remain,
Your) servant,
Joe A. Finley.
I wish to express my heart felt
thanks and deep appreciation to the
voters of Pickens county for their
loyal i-up;.cr t in the election on Sept.
12 1 will never forget you and ex
ex- t serve you the best of my
ability as your probate judge. Thank
n Yt y a aln. Respectfully,
STA' 1'.' FN' BY 7.icLE1)
'hc fi lIlino: is the first publi
statemlent isued by :!r1. McLeod after
he ' assured of the nomination for
go vernor 1:
"Iy first impression is a feeling
pro I(Un(l gratitude to the men and
women of South (Cart.lina for their
zealous and unselfish suppomt durin:
the e.ampaign.
"To the ipeople of South Carolina,
I desire to say that the keen intere
shown ini the issues of the camipalzen
makes the result an indorsement more
of the principles that I advocated
than of myseif.
"I shall endeavor as far as wvithin
me lies to see that the affairs of the
state at e economically managed. We
are living in tines of depression and1(
the hand of adIversity' falls heavily*
upon man. There must therefore be
a fair and just distribution of taxa
tion. We must not take a backward
step and a fair andl just distributin
of the burden meanIl~s the maintenance
o( efficiency.
"South Carol ina has no foreign ele
ment, our wvhite citizenship are all
(e1neC peepe, with the same t raitions,
hol:os and Aspirations; and I sincere
ly trusi. there there will be no lines
of division, but that together we may
wvork out the dlertiny of a vigorous
oand valorous ecmmonwealth.
"I realize the great resp)onsibjlity
that I will assume as governor and
I most earniestly beg the cooperation
of all citizens, their sympathy and
thc ir prayers, in my efforts to ad
minister impartially tihe affa':rs of
this state. In the camipaign I made
no personal attac~k up)on anyone. I
amt leaving it, as I enlteredl it, with
out malice. I have no bitterness and
covet the good will and sympathy of
everyone. It -amy purpos-e to work
out our problems for the best good of
all. I will be thc governor of all the
"Home coming day wvill be observed
at Liberty Baptist churech, four miles
from West Union in Oconee county,
Sundlay, Sept. the 17th, 1922. Thle
program)l 's to 1)e a sermo01 nm the fore'
ntooni, an address and singinlg ini the0
afternoon. The Wagener Townashi p
Sinaging Conventien 'will b)e prteen'.
E veryonle is 1 invited to at tend, espt'e
'ally all singers. Bring well-filled
Better '- e I lber!.y of smniall 21ain
ar~d some Clover. Virginia and 'Ten
nesee0 Rye, $1.50 bushlel. Texats Red
Oats. Good Plain Flour, 6.50, per
barell. ~75 pounds shorts, $1.50 Cot
tonl Seed Meal, $2.'25; L~arro Dairy
l'eed. $:1.25. Full line Spartan Grain
Chicken Fced at best prices. Sce us
*whent in needl of Grains anld Feds.
If we have~' not. got it we wvill get it ':f
. MOR212S &, CO.
On Thursday morning Mrs. A. B.
Hagood entertained beautifully at a
bridge luncheon. The entire lower
floor of her lovely summer home was
thrown together and was bright with
autumn flowers.
After the games a delicious lunch
eon course was serv'ed. The following
out of town guests were present:
Mesdames Phelps Sasseen, W. E.
Mayes, Ii. E.. Russell, A. 13. Matthews,
W. W.. Robinson, S. L. Ledbetter, Jr.,
Paul Robinson, C. 13. Ilagood, W. M.
Jiagood, Jr., Misses Emily Robinson
nd Ellen Ma.tes.
Shave--_.-.__ __ _.... -._ __-l. 0e
Ilair Cut (except Saturday).._.. 25c
Glover's Shampoo---- -- ---- .. 40c
Quilnine Toni-- ---- ---------- 15e
l)eLuxe Tonice - ...- -- ......- 15c
M ahdeen Toni.------ -- -- ---- 20e
Plain Shampoo---- -- ---- -- 25e
Singe---- -- -- ------ ------ 25c
Massage-- -- -- -- ----------- 25c
All other work in proportion.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The ;n-fied and reiued
caloml ta31Cts that are fce
fro:: n ea. and dsa ner.
I 'o .It r.cc'r-. sary, as
C,,eta:b'. c. :. k h- calomel
and -a combi-.m.'. De
nand the renuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Our fall goodls are
selecting the quality
atprices you can we
T'he new fall patt,
Tafatas, Silks andl S
21et n latest p
We invite you to
to suits andhts fr
work shirts and ovel
You are always w<
and shoe tals
It is oui~r molt to
- Reduce
Farming, like every other business, must cut
down the overhead.
It is not a question of being able to afford a
Fordson; it is a question of being able to con
tinue farming on the old too-costly basis.
The farmer's problem is not all a sales problem;
it is also a production problem. He must cut
down the cost of production.
The Fordson does more work at a lower cost
and in less time than the old hand methods.
Let us give you. the proof. Write, phone or
call today.
H.P.Sitton, Jr.
Pickens, S. C.
nlow coming in a nd( we have used the utmost care in -
aInd paitterns tha t w ill please andl which we can sell
IlI afford to pay.
erns in Gingham s. Pereales, Cheviots, Shirting, Pongee
atins will pleasev 3ou, for not only wvill you find the
itterns b)ut qlualit y in every pice,.
see our fall 1in e which you will find complete from
p-to-date dress 'i hoes and oxfords, from ties and hose'
om the cheaper d ress goods to silks and satins, from
ails to dress s-hr ts andl suits.
Ilcome and will fi nd bargains on the Reminant table
p~~ls-e you in go .ds and quality and in courtesy.

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