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1 --11.
A clalci hi ' Ii cll' the 111#ii 1 Il ii l
jttst befoe the t 1 beh r t
wtrn wi o o < 11 ' 1 : 10 Il l i l t
Jiu t Ie'u'l 1b1n i 0011 :11! ofl n WII
'elin i 1 : 11,1 :.'y n1 o en
1111141 :11 1: I'' It: .:1 4. t I;l\' :11 11(/'1
S1(11 l 4 11 (4 :1111 hn rl. :!1 11 . 1 i}Iite
! 11' l i 4' 1. :4241 :, 2' '11 c'
1i1d f li t i 1 11.4..'.1,1(
I11111! I' l . I' l t
'1 1 41''. I ll ;; : . " t 1 1 1 '
h I ,
Il) I' ~ '' \1 ''1 24! 14 ' \, 1
4~ lr",t '411 1' 11 i r:i '..4 1 .I 1 'il I : 1\' "
1 ' ' l i u ' '. \ 1 :'t I - .": I : 2 ' 4' 1.i
(4) 111 1 t':1 'i 11 ;' it:' 4 ' ~ 4t lie +'"::
tiIi 'i e. ' 4 4.4 1: ' I 1'.1 6. .1 :11 '.1 ; ! 1:
1' I ('1 ' 1 ,;11 14 t!:1 4) ':41!6 11':1:
I hai1'l th I,11 1"i'\ ' ~ I i: ir i
lwc 1'il {' , I 1 '. ' I : '( { 4 1 ci \'1
111 1 1 % 14 44 .:.; i I.~ 1', I 1:'1161:1 I!,
fiIl' l1 \11I2'14 11:111' I t, :.; 112).. .\ : '1;t, :
w l l'1i i it:\1.' 1 44 ca ' l! '. I 1 114' 11111' 1 '1
t4'' i me l I'I ' ll. I . I. \\: 1 ' 1 111' . b
1''. i'll 1... '11 li t lI dS1I 1t i .11'1I' I1111
1g4 'i ni I' . b1 d4 14' 1 ' '11: I 11 41 t ic ' :r1
'111 4'Ii '4 1 ' 1'1'1 111;:111 :111 1 ' 4' 1 1 c1'1!'; I 1.'
ii h, Ii ' ' :'.1II ", 111'' {j 1:111', IIi
j lil:4. 1 ,' ' Il: 'I,1 4t ll l 1 11U 111 4 4:t' l
1ii14 '' 1 1 ' 1 1 114:1 I\1 fi l 111''' ,
1; e'(4 14 li4 ' u . ,I tl l li li'1. II f4r4
hail s "'' ..lt . l i i 43 |h i-j ' * . j
11 I 4l a ' t ':''ll .l';: l' i i l d w i
I1.ri 2 t- I ' It' Ills ', I1 ' ; \ 1" I . ii?1
111111t' w111Iili |1 n11 ! ' h, L It'"1 !,'6(1 ;t w l(.
h i t l in'' . 1' 1r .11 .\ re
1'11 f s 111 1 11'\\'
I144 e ler'n' i I ' 111 b46 |1;!12 1'1 j1 1 ;1
Il i i l l f i ll' 1 0 .| |\' It e : 1 .0 I';II '(: .
1171424 :'1i s p In 1 I' I n 1 1 1 ';
for h i : i 6-p ?ww . 1I. traI 4
11 I'II'll \-H' 11 '' :117'
"1 ;': ;,' \ \ I ? E I 1111 1a : 1 .1:, 11 , 6' '
1::1141' 1:16! ' ' '. .11 :: :11 " I 1t.!1.Il
.\1 , \, I ' ' I . \V 4 w ' l 1'
t| Il ' i il 14 |2 ' 4u 'a 22-1 n
!liftc'It l??!.4. 44 I
11 111 ' . * .' ' a?' 11
{.1 .1 .I. 1 :1 4 4 1 14 1'
1 \ 1' ' 111 1;4, t ' 1 '' I II .
VI'il} l 7
ii 4'' d i h -'' h'. .
lii. 1ti 1. (61)4'.
(!till, 122 . . , .7 .14 \'. , ' ;. ! ) 1 -
41'1 11"1ic 1 ,.:1 ., 4 1
41':1I \2 11 "l. 4. . . . . .'I c Ia":! 1
1111c1 4211 .I 1 : !Iit . 1 1 1 ! 1 ! 1
: l l''. 1 ' '. . ' ' '171 11 ':1
1111 ~ ~ i 11'1 ii .1 141cX11
14:1'1, 141 . 1'1" .~' .i ;I' 1:! 11I 4 I 1e',
41Ir i' s''. 2la i"' ' , .1 "''4 ''1* 1Ic21
il ~ I \ I ' .
c'11(1 2116,1'. (I'. I . 2) ~ c
I,',11, ;ic , , 42 .l t. 1 : 442' ::i cl ul cicc
jl h 'i 4 'I24 "'l12 2 4'. I 4 ' , , .4 6;, I ' 11 l
4 ch i1
I,:iel ulc ))11''1 :1 IIi .121, 1)
19111c 21 d )i '''. .! li 424 i I
iivr 'c' -14 14:1
th"llu 'I 'c -~'12cI h w .:. 1)1 z'c..
lliIc4l Wih4'sj '24'iI. I W s!
A iery Ieccic ~1lc $l'ic cc I
ild lC Iflg. ci '.li'''c 212 l yilcr I
p'onti t e g l ics .111 sii ';a
.12'. ile 3'OI h l)4lil I ig 4'.c'I h'c '.1 I -
4) m st ror('l hg 24 cd c')ilci' 11 .
wusDite Oey.ond(li' I':ci - 't '
Wt~C~ert Ii~'( lcc'l -i sjlit.
2, A lon t 1 1)4 Ii~'2'I2 li)' S.) ilie) ccui.n
~v nd r~g vii t III('1 i -) l at1)
nevhr iedfti c.d(l4' ) I
.-:edv -i ol aetouk .'~~
seoiedbu ehd(114'cnnI
Nqxt ; -1 h~~fe oar hma
44h4l eil.
ifl 'j411 l44
tin 4 a'' '~ ~ 4
By John Fox, Jr.
COupyright By Charles Scribner's Son's
did toward (tIi1 (laldy tiil('inig upthat
N beautiful broad luath. \\' it little
r grunt he turn. 1Iaiel along thle path.
I-'relly whinnied lo hitt and nipped at
- hit)) w\ith playtful restlessness as
IhiI.lh <'age'r to be oni his way to the
barn1, and1( he sto ot l awhle w\itht one
arI :n-r'i s his sac(iiIle. (Once he reneiiid
ljw:iard to (til' the ir'eins, and with
1 lulI il' :nt'll strodle back :aud went
ra1i1 ly" tup thet puth. Grey andl iarhara
ha L ii-ap*p'ea'iril. but a tall youth who
+ 'h'1in'I 1,ne1 of the big pillatrs saw\\
h11in' ct' in:: 11nd ros;e, how\\ih1lred, h4(11
.: " far 1('n::., 1.::n-h/ ecvgniz(e(t he otber
I - iiiyi anl ii ugh ctant.' with11 st il'
i'nn t"\-erwar. Isrskcine' sliite -
Yoiu d'o'n't kino' mrt+?" Ilugh
hr: i:
.t w1'e.' 'he woodsian thi'en
in '.p wi itI littick breath-taling
wit .1 1 tt in ting wiithin-iut Itfore he
," ":!!: - ",-1; there wa:s a quick Step
:111'1 In I *s'b'nished cry within the hall
1:I li r:y '.'rang ilout.
"Isr-him-: l',rskinle!" he sho uted,
aInd h4( I'lepd down thle steps wt
loth1 hunl-Is ~mistretched. "You( here!
You,1 . "!do Indian-how dlid you get
her,' Ile Taught Erskinte by both
1:11,:Is :: !1'11e fell to shaking himu by
11' !ubb! r',. "W\herep's yourI horse?'
.\ndi 1141 L:' notlt'et(I the boy's tale
unii e:barrass'l fact and his eyes
phii t' 1111; i 14h who Stood, still cold,
iland hie ch ehked soee
h " i n t alin:. rlt his lils.
I':I :ha1 .son've c'oine, and1( I'm ghld
.nui'v oi riht now\\--w\her~e's your
1 1,_ . i'~li.ii".t hils i h
"I le'f hin hitched at the la ndIing.
h-rkn hde to answer, and4 larry
+ I I I lul.: I i i t' 111 lt U h w it4
"iTh :11ining Why, \'itt-" lie
w \h'elect :1;:1 sho"tl to a darkly:
S"1'11 .'1laster l':rskine's horse tn the
ba:ri:s it hini" Atlii n h l'dl i':rs
n"1 uitlin-- 1) Ithe SaIn1e renttull wher'e
lao h:11! s11eIt h4eft're, atnd ploured out
~I wat\ r in a bl .
'"T' e }I Ir tinte." he sid, and he
\l(I'-: '' ; 1( a e ito throttahl l'theiit 1atile14
" 11"4' -__l1, t ld in a low,_ c b
\'"i'".. "1 :1::n hi1"" and if you lon't
lil( i \ . II- : I It that l th."
"NYouMyriht." ear th san"er
ini .u wa1 it tut i l 'e le 11 arry gets
T 1 mtti(" 1 1 'r ai s ciilt' plaint to 1-:rs
lt' w it1hi . 'li' ul r eti l 's h 1of' )an1'
lt:n it ptlaine, ath 1s irsihnes
It il~l t' 11, 'if Ilitti into nlo i col d water
' 1"a I'll \t' llt' ".4'l ;. '' "t1 iv ,'. 1Itshtt
"Nver 1't. Iou My Dea gC" sitnl."l
he~tii inh'iig lihis tidito luninn/ler-th
e It't'dpalg ittleat atli elgeiein
thai' waiti bet cotteand titual. took
o ith 5slile wasread when heI~c andi liarry
wer it ont pioch again iiii' 'lir
*i haraitltL' Gryof ge rn thei Oi5''~(( t roise
liarrloed oried bt ~t'I Isin 'attit
firti and kse id It. rs orad
Inst'ede stopyou, weirh wbie, e,
.a 5:1tiglla try, and( ling one hoand o
ward hoeGrey hat Greiaw to, lshed
"Oried.rs "Iuh dkinow seem to'know me',
Seitr." elitlvoice iiwas tay, findy
t'en iaftoetiote bullythis wied danced
pwithii stane ('lightsWIli thatluzzled thelii
v irt'cous a doing you, well Ifai'
e S'eedt pling at lttle, bt with iertuingiher
. pitt tome ni t to opite. "Youi gio'ok
-~ buit is don't frntow hn tl hou. -Te
.s liOnilibanc of init thitosed wod pass
' O reI'ko r ry"T
"Come on," chlled 1liarry. "I lima3gin3e
youl're hungry, coulslin."
"I 1n," said 1 IrsIne. "I've had
nothinig to eat since-since ear3ly
mrn.'" Halr 1hlrn's eyes hashedt tipwairi
anld Grey was: plainly startled. Wa'1s
there it slight stress' on those two
wordls? I';rSkICne's face wast ats expres
Sionl('ss 11s( br1onze. Iharry had boltedi
Into the hall.
Mrs. IDile ias visiting dowI tie
ri 'ver, So 1larlmra salt in her mother's
1:aise. with I r 1l'skitie at her right, Girey
If) her left, Ilugh next to himt, and
I iarry at the head, liar1'y did not wilt
"Now, Full W\'hite Arrow, you Big
'hiet', tell 1us the story. Where have
y411 Ibt''n, wIa1t ha1 ve You been doling,
1I10 what- do y ol ie11 to do? I've
he;,rd a1 good deal1, but I wtint It aill."
(0rey begalnl to lo'k uncomnfortzhle,
and11 I liltr h, did Iial'Iairl.
"'1h:1 liv:i'e' you heard?" ak3lSed1 I'r.s
kinie ti 'lt'ly.
"ver miind," inaterposed Ba1rbarn
IhluilklyV; "you 1eli us."
"WelI." beganI rskilne slowly, "you
r'enlember that dlay we mnet Some In
dhiins who told miie that old Katloo,
mny f'osterl- fiather, wa-Is tIl, and1( that he
"anted to See ie before he died? I
went ex:tl'Iy as I would have gone had
white me0n given the same message'
froin Colonel Daie, and even for Iet
t'er reasons. A hal prophet was stir
Iig Iu t rouhle in the tribe against
the oil chief. Anl enemy of min
('rooked Laightning, wa-Is helpitig him.
Ile walntedl his son, liht1ek Wolf, ats
chief, and the old chief wanitel 10.
I hieard the Indians were going to joint
the I1ritishl. I didn't want to be chief,
but I did want inflluenc~e in the tribe,
3o I s tyed. ''het'e was18 at white won
an In the ('tmp and anl Indianl gli
llnel Early MIlorl. I told the old chief
timt I wotild tight with the whites
agist the Indians and1( with the
whiles agai st ithen bolh. Crooked
Lkiihtflllg Verh('ear( mUe, 3(13( you cal
linnuinlie what;1 luse he mad141 (if what I
said. 1 took the w mlpu1mJi hell for ite
old hief to tle powvow betweell fle
IIliialts 'a110 thei lIritish, and follnd
I 'skald do nothilll. I m3et .ir. (rey
Ihere." .11 Ihowet'd slightily to Dale
tand then looked at hm steadlily. '1
Was tld that ht' was there in the
nOterest of :11 InEglish fur lo13panly.
\\l'on I 1'ound I couildl 11do nothing with
Ie Itlalls. I told the co ne l ll l w it
I hi t11 1h the old chief." Ile pause
liarlhara's fae was palte and she \%-.I
breathing h11rd. She had not looked at
Grey, l1t irry hadi been 'watching
hi1 3'nvetl'y ;11i1i he didl not look con
tortabh-". 1":rskcite paused.
"\\'h1t :" shotled llI:rry. "You told
1o4th t et V431 w'ould1 light witli the
while, agai11s both ! \\'h3at'd they do
to you 1?"
lirskione smiled.
"'l, here I am1. I .lumped over
1h1' h1a'is 1f tilhe outer ring a1n11 ran.
l1'1i 31!'' he 13 13lilt. e31lin3 g hint. 1 1)11(1
1'I,:. 1u;ho1er hoo:;e. lie brke away,
ur' l"'3 1 1 in.111, :1u111 you k nowel o( th
'a Ill 11c h Firet11y"
i 1 ' I theV hil l m 1 at you?"
1 ' 1''jur l" Again 11 pa I lipp(.
\3l, sai 13arr tntaidmtietly,
n 't he gein 'lero Flr."'.
ni Ie t1o lthe4' Iap Cro ioked
bi t a fo lwl 00slodhe.te
were~!3( donwto'brsie a"'t the.
\lr. (a3t1away?"
- J hat an terl. Iirl Mor, sipped~~v
- -i'ky 113 imoll t y g i,' tneln bie-l
"l n brawa o the ''ut nil1'(tl(on of
h-lIy Harry33 was't mphnt had Grey
f. I yIt wat o1nowwht a
now?" 'iQI 83rskin" went( on.~iie
"31( 11in' wlith Cap8t." ore fis Ie
That'ifes a eI're," hiesled 01 ooravly,
"11( I f-t 18u knm'w WClaer," and Haheeds
Asiky.ebtwud not eave~ them( be-1(
"11(1t Inthe whit wom111nian ot ,itd
Ilary "\'Vhye Wt 11 dosn'she oeav he n
da'.t'isd ersal i t Ikin a simplt~y ul
"Oh'I !"4 i s 1)(8 and larr y Iusionerno
"an the0 brvitsm. oldrthe firt Ehkne
Gri~l'ey it lialyr a tirhara. ath 1133ved
myl I eltfe," Sirskine erknt Wnl orae:y
"and hane i hers wh1enevlirs ho were
it( . IIr r ahe ve.ndgipe
"Ao yetnotlone roiha bee said
disdain mademthed and hotn, andy'
in3(' her eyes wa the sorrow1 t tfhecrsn
. Gstce ttIsing. I Stihta.wyh
xcusd hlerslvewithi tiuresy veugh"
w"Nto ie ltabes, cnrr hisahered
lIto hem ayouhae. benausn
Armless Man and Legless Friend
Collaborate in the Holdup
One Spills Victim With Crutch While
the Other Goes Throug:h His Pock.
ets and Relieves Hint of
New York.-John liozw1ell, thirty
three ye:ntw old. of 1!)1 Allen street,
wvas behl by Alaitstraite le'ttras in E~s
sex hkil! court in $1.(0) ball for
tihe alon o( ti(he gratd Jury oil charges
of rohhlery aint feloniouRs assa1ult.
lizwell. who 19 n111inus his right leg,
is so hi to hav~e beld up :11nii robbhed
.iJohn Ntel. frt aty-tlVi', i house wrek
er of "I. Allen ::t reet. with flit' assist
atncet of another t'ripl )e. a ian with his
left arm'II iiiissing.
K1'tel st( lit' t1s passhig th rotgh
Ilester street when. liO.wt'll thrust a
crutch bt'!w 'een his legs. spilling him
on tI,t' pav'emt'nt. As he te'nlt down, lie
says, tihe toth'r cripple )I ponlneed o h11im
11nd inuit' a nar row gauge search of
his pockets, bringig forth a consuing -
tive roll of 11.
Beats Him With Crutch.
In the Iteintiine li'ozwt'll, as i
leaits of (istoua'llging Ketel firom1 arls
iag, was;i heatin;g; a devil's tattoo on h!is
skull with the half-t'ion entd of a
W ien Kt'tel felt his roll slipping
fromi lii. lossibli' foi'ev''er, hte optei'
his inolttthi and r'leasetd ne of the
lustiest str'Reaims heard in nP:it y 11 lone
day iii lieter street. where the ld
1LR111.ed st'cech buils its nest anld
reta's its young.
't'e aizttilel accents hroluzht 1'a
trOli':RiR I2ai laynch on lie run. As
Ileniet breezedI into the pitur11e, the
1111n with the one aria andl the taking,
(ways dlroppetl ont of it.
1{lozwtell. lio, itou.rht it wtas tinte
that he.was going. . le started atw;y
tIll till' 'itt'h, at i'a'R tlirkatbtlt' st'ee' atill
was ia~tkin good het'adtaI' iltn his
crutch skihhei onl lul etupty letnoun skin
1n1 411 tteretl across the 12v(et'ient into
the gutter.
Goes After Hop Record.
With Fa"to' enIl n the odds on him11
at a thousnitd to one. .lohnny llozwll
ttk i2 ('1ibtt'. Mein have11 seatled their
wI y to victoary. (thers havei vittted,
rtn' t le , both crutch e s gon , .il ohnny
steppned out ;tft er ;t new record. lie
was oing to Ip to 1redom.
It was :i Iinenutorable (?Ven;t fort the
loll-'b of' a bbk. Not one wsonl
hat; i to timet him or to scale thet
swtii% of iih" arts he de'.:(rihted. Had1
th'ere beecn Ithere's sltali dotubt thtt
Searched HI-s Pockets.
JTohnnyi~ toay wouttldt be atccliai the
chamtipittn 2all .n m ElOut thi tii.
leggedl hitpptr ofC Ithe ci viliz'da wor'ld.
Wh'il o 1)21 Lynch wast'l 111 onvei 'tyintg
.Johnnyii~ It(/weil Ito ji an 11 utnhuutilee
phinRg 11 Sl~it (hes0 in Keter t sc'al(21p
('ne slit ch foi' ev'ery dollar211 he hadt lost.
Pareont Sees Body of Son, Two, Who
Lagged Behind, Float Helplessly
Down River.
er' tanldo lightr saI nt id1ly til the hank
of the XliwiiillI river at. Tihornwood,
ai few 1mil1es fr'oim hetre, a~wiing the
retur of at'hei two-yrol'd soil (of the~
faily3, wholt hadt loggtd behiind dluring
2a wlk th llrough lie wtotds, t hey saw
ai bodyi~ floating dowin wIth Ite tIde.
The lmtither, Mirs. Itose Veseul, New
Yorik t'ity, scr'eamied, waded'( Into the
river' tt tic'r waist, anld brlouight thle
lI oth moathler an(do <hugh tei' worketd
a1vaRiI. A\ ihysleilain wais tenlled and het
ased a ptuhiiotor, buIt e'for'ts tto reviveO
the 1)oy filetd.- 1' ti thiouight thaut the
child1( slipped whuleo playing on the
Relief Is Found
From Stomach
Trouble .
Hope for the millions of unfortunate
men and women who are victims of
stomnach trouble is sounded by WiI
lin Iloylen, of 16 Spring St., Bristol,
Conn. 31r. Ioylen was a victim of
stomnah trouble in its worst form, but
was completely restored to health by
taking Ttailac. lie says:
"For fifteen years I had attacks of
stomach trouble, and had been In bed
for three weeks when I got Tanla,
but three bottles built me up fifteen
pounds, and made a well mhan of me.
I' amt now eating steak and onions,
and feel just fine in every way."
Undigested food ferments in the
stomnach ad1(1 soon the entire system is
filled with poisons. Tanlac was ((e.
signed to restore the stomneh to a
healthy condition and build up the
whole body. Millions everywhere have
acclaimed its wonderful power. Get a
bottle today.
atnlae is sold by all good druggists.
"I'm sorry to See yol are deaf !"
hbawled the synlutthetic gent leauman in
it hotel lobby.
"i'mt not deaf," replied the ol gen
ieman who had an ear trumpet in his
"i'iel why do you crry that thing
arollmml ?"
"Ter' It convenia on of tapli ftet's
going on here. WVhenever one of the
glad-eyell (elegat ('s corners me1t 11111
starts to tailking about the 'cause' I
hoist this horn aid he backs off."
Ilmitgitn Age-IIerald.
Each package of "1)ianond Dyes" con
tains (ir(('l 6on)s so siniple any woman can
(lye ora tint her old, worn, faded things
new. Even if she has never dyed before
she can put ia new, rich color into shab
skirts, dresses, waists, coats, stockings.
sweaters, coverings, draperies, bi ngg;.
everythng. I uy Diamond Dves-au ot'hea
kind-t ien perfect h1omiie dyeing is guiar
anateed. 'Just tell your druggist. whet h1
the materia1 you wish to dhye is wool or
silk, or whether it is Iinen, cotton, or
mixed goods. 1)iamonl lyes nevel' st realk,
spot, fade or run.-.A vert isenent.
Helped Him Off.
They found him lyling 'on the shle
walc, both eyes were blackl an11 blue.
and ole altnost closed, his nose was
bleeding. several teeth were missing
andl his 1u11p was (lecoratuil with c'ts
a1nd bru ises. lie looked like t t wreck
of the Ilesprus.
"h' a lt Iap n dt'?('(I'" asked th' (.()I
Who was app1lying first alid.
"I jlust tol a big booh where to
get olf'," he( whispered, --.Mi 11m said
it wIsn't his station, hut it: was
aine."--('ineiuma t Lii 1, uirer.
Cuticura for Pimply Faces.
To remove 161i matIes'; aid blacklids15
smena them with Cu(ua tir intment.
W\'ash oil in live mainutes ialt Ci
uran $oap :anidi ha.. t yn i .ir. OInce clea
keep youra skinm 'le~ar by3 asin. themri ior
Another Darne~d Cynoc.
"Why1a is .i6)hnson)i looaking~~' '..' ar,- Ia
in lov'e."'
"' t' 6f 'iourse itlO 'ever dloes coiaie iily
'I o on4's t'X 00t'ot ins."'
Instst upon having Dr. P'eery's "Detaci
shot" and theo druggist wvill not Iindist auponm
your having a"omething eise. A singln doae
of "Denali shot'" is ail y-tu need to rid the
ayatoam of Worms. A h0 cent bottie saves
you lime, m~oney anid inlconvenai'uene, 79
Pearl st., Now York City-Ad vertisement.
P'eggy-" I have you ever heard thle
tree-toada slng?" (Glory-"Noa, flint is
a1 tremat 6w(ed ime by naature.'"
These Letters R~ecomm
ham's Vegetable Comp<
For Your Own Good
Youngstown, Ohio.-"Last fall I
began to feel mean and my back hurt
me and!I could hardly do my little bit
of housework. I was played out
when I would just sweep one room
and would have to rest. I would have
to put a cushion behind me when I
would sit down and atnightI could not
sleep unless I had something under
my back. I had awful cramps every
month and was just nearly all in.
Finally my husband said to me one
day, 'Why don't you try Lydia E.
Pinkham's medicine ?' and I said, 'I
am willing to take anything If I could
get well again.' So I took one bottle
and a second one and felt better and
the neighbors asked me what I was
doing and said, 'Surely itmust boe -
Ing you good all right.' I have just
finished my eighth bottle and I can
not express to you how I feel, the
way I would like to. If you can use
this letter you are welcome to It and
if any woman does not believe iwhat I
have written to be true, she can write
to me and I will describe my condi
tion to her as I have to you.'"-Mrs.
1!LMER H EASLEY. 141 S. Jackson St,,
Youngstown, Ohio.
"I was very nervous and run
lown," writes Mrs. L,. E. Wiese of
706 LouIsa St., Now Orleans, La. "I
Lydia E. Pinkhuam's Private
Peculiar to Women" will be sen t
to the Lydia E~. Pinkhamn Medie
Stop That Backache!
Those agonizing twinges, that dill
throbbing backache may be warning
serious kidney weakness. Serious -
negklcted, for it might easily load to
(travel, Dropsy or liright's Disease. If
you are suffering with a bad back look
for other proof of kidney trouble. If
there are dizzy spells, headaches, a
ti'ed feeling and disordered kidney
action, get after the cause. Help y."r
weakened kidneyvs with Doan's Kia.
ncy Pills. Doun's have helped thou.
sniads and should help you. Ask yon,'
ueighboi I
A North Carolina Case
Mrs. J. 1,. Clay
well, 232 Steel St.,
iStatesville, N. C.,
0 says: "'I wits ruxn
fown with kidne1y
trouible. My back
\ ached and may
- . Mor igs my
-+ .; " back ac'he tax if
t would break.
ove.-r re. aill spec s al)i J(' d bere
ly. e Ci' K sa tI 'Irregular
l. llu, ~tnyP11 i eof
kidney trolle.'.
Get Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Box
0 A ' : PELL v
No More Peace In the Country.
""lin' Sabbatlh <luy." reinarked l the
"IDon't I know It?" growled the vil.
fagre gro~neh,
"And you do not rejoice, my brotl..
Ci' 7"
"I do not. I 'eiiven't b np t) more
thorn ril lour atnd it dozenl ntrutoolia
patrties have alr~ently whirledl througth
ou' icm-n, ralsing a list, wuaking nt
racket antl .reading terror among (lh1
pigs anti luoultr'y. That sort of ling4
will be going on till day long. (Iasi
ding It I wish It would rain l)tt
forks "---li.iriilhanm Age-I ler'ald.
Tnet Is not assrl lnz one's rights,
when it <loain't amat 'rtt' mn-lh.
So live. timt ii youii etnnot inher-it
moneyv, some o)1 your kin will.
"i suffered with chronic
constipation that would bring on
very severe headaches," says
Mrs. Stephen 14. Kincer, of
R. F. D. 1, Cripple Creek, Va.
"I tried different medicines and
did not get relief. The head
aches became very frequent. 1
heard of
r T
and took it for a headache, and t
the relief was very quick, and
it was so long before I had
L anoiher heac-he. Now I just
kepthe laick-Draughlt, andr
4 do~n't let myself get ini that
Thedilord's Dlack - Draught
(purely v'egetable) has been
/found to, relieve constipation,
and by stiunulahing the action of
Sthe liver, when itis torpid, helps
to drive many poisons out of
your system. lBiliousness
111di gestion, headache, and
sm tar troubles are often
relieved in this way. It is the
tnatural way. Be naturall Try
Sold everywhere.
00 L ? ray, tun. atraggy
L 00K OLD? t Iames ar
qcki4 -ntIp nidtrui. At a i goou d riggista,
75c, or diirect, from Hessig.Elis, Chemit. Memphis. Team.
ending Lydia E. Pink.
>und Will Interest You
Please Read Them
would of ten sit down and cry, and was
always blue and had no ambition. I
was this way for over a year and had
allowed myself to get into quito a
serious condition. One day I saw your
advertisement in the daily or and
began to take L'ydlia E. Infham's
Vegetable Compound at once. I have
improved ever since taking the third
bottle and find it is the best medicine
I have ever taken."
Benefited by First Bottle
"I was completely run down and
not able to (do my housework. I just *
dragged myself around and did not
ha ie energy to get up when once I sat
down. I read advertisements of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Ve etablo Corn
pound in our paper 'The ndiana Daily
Tmes,' and learned all about it. i re
celved results from the very first bot
tle and now I am doing all my own
work, even washing and ironing and
I never felt better In my life. i tell
all my friends it is due to o.'-Mrs.
ELIzAngrrn REJIU0Lo, 403 N. Pine
Blt Indlianapois, Indiana.
1ou shoul pay heed to the experi
ences of these women. Teknow
how they felt before takin th Ve -
stable Compound, and arterwar,
too. Their words are true.
Text-Bookc upon "Ailments
ufreupon request. Write
e0.Lynn, Massachusetts,

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