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?%S I ; t 'ATl4Ji D. D."
Teacher of I:ili4iai. Ao in the Mloody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyrtght, 1922. Western Newspaper Union.
DE''VOTrxONAL R1 iADI NG-I's 60:1-,
GOIA1)E;N TKx'r-'rho Lord !lath done
(1$: whereof we are glad.
)t'[C-Seleetpd Storices lIe
:--low God ltw*toreii 1110
(;, -1 .''2L1tr:, i tihe i~iftorati(xn of Israiel.
YOULNG I'El-OI' ~L1" AN I) A 7I~t 'I' OPIC
-1"(t's: -t12 i'roiii tli Eile tl Itit lltl.
t{''lvo iiitltti(ls (+' re"vIelyway4 he ciii
1)loytl ('I 4 attI :tiiiage.
1. (.1i21 etol t,*S it tly. AssIgnu thle oit
Y Ix:~ lLuI ( 11+i' WVt'l(1 IiloIt~s, t'. . 1:x'
kIdl, the lrtitih(t of (.(; Daiel. , the
:tIttiaitii I; 1"';1a, the I eacliur of (+ od'S
worid. ('t('.
11(12 I eItl to dli iler('it griitlts. 'llTh fl
lowving Is a stig:t'sl eI iiiet hodl
*Lcscon I. IBt'+itrt 1";'xiIit.I vas e()l
ilisi+ iIi as~ a1 jlt~I';it't lie wa:s givein
a vision of the :11lilg lil. Alter tht
lie wa iven V ul 11C Itt'i'illel1 knoiI Itwl
edge of (;((l' wttrt---hte ale tlie Ilotik
(ligesi ed antd 211 I it~ ui tedl its coal ('it s.
Alt (,Xllert~iltl I iiutwelde of (hull':;
1v')1(I is esseit Ill.
lossofl It. 1'.eezilist Dantiell liesllilt
te Lo)rd he' wats aible to ha111ke known
the king's dr~eit l anutIi er( wet It. 'If
any watt1 a hck wlistluiii let himii ask of'
,' (.hkl (.Jam. 1::,).
Lesson Ill. While lt.Islintzzar mald his
+( lordls w'e! (igeuiggll lit 1111 en revel u'y
a Ittysi 'P14)u5 hand iiCl rt et Di vi ne
jutlgiulntt '!'lere Is a1 (Ian' coing1ii
whn Mtn 511:111 he' Julig'tl. 1 lappiy is
such tere Is It() .jtithziiieit (JIohnt 5:2. I).
Lesson IV. I )a 0 e's 'ti tgwtt
vaitt ittli lh t utiiar:t'' 4)1 s eit'ci.
it ('1111tiire. Movel hy Jealiutsy cer
lout oil Ill g.rtuiulof i his foureigni re
ligion. 'l'Iioti:It1 Ils kin., exet'o't'il the
fool ish l ecte D:i11 iillWas dceivt'1':d
11i1(1 Illis act+"i1'rS we're ;'flat ii( toi lie dell
of lionis and (1l(:0 'oy('tl.
Lesson V. 'I'litugli Israel veitt into
(cap1tivity as a tlits( iseln~ent of' the
Lord, in tte t11m1e Ile retC vt'redl hieta.
Cod1's l~oe(llt :1i'(1 a htatn', aii re
sure I'ul Cll m111 11l gtOh ll:tsl n
... t1. ilit'" '"111 ][4.i 121141 good lstiren
51wSt (i'',V~~~ ) i dit
LesnVI. I lil rstoratont ot
theiran h olde slal I th firs~lt to Ilt
Pattern Christian
Extension Department, Moody
Biblo institute, Chiugo.
TEXT-And he, being full of the Holy
Jhost, looked up steadfastly into henven
And Haw the glory of God, and Jestus
standing on the right, hand of God.
Acts 7:65.
The hook of Acts is the history of
a period of transition in which Israel
nationally is set
aside and the gos
<{ pel begins its ais
:: tslon of blessing to
the Gentiles.
It is sit riking
e * ?x+ ithat, just it the
po0lut of turning
front the earthlyt
r.: 1ehiltohipls with
thle chlosen lml
to the reveoatioil
of tit. c'hurbt' , (id
1l'es ils this ex.
ninpl' 01' Ch'lristian
Ity il Stepihen.
Ob~serve the I%)tw ruinunen1tai;1 pn
Ciples of ('ritinlilty, as IiopposteI to
all of inen;'s relig;ion : (1) A 111an1 ia
gloritiv'el In flen~ven anl (;,'} (;od 1st
(llit'niiig in a ina1 on1 earth.
"Jesuis" is our oIrii'l's 1 n1i1e Its 1ia;li,
andl ill every" iustance in which Sctrip
ture sla'alks of IlIl exaltatinl it llit'ii
tiolis siinlyl tat innanlll nltinel l(1
eniphasize' the faig'ct that lie Is exaltet
lii 11 s huinanity. Th'llere is a 11n1an
lin (tI' glor'y It i the 81s1ine u11111n
who dliedl for your1 sins. 11e is thtere
11 int' saine' body of "Mlesh andl hons",
In whlich l Ill dliedl,, saic showed Iliiisell'
alive af1ter thet resurrection, andl Ills
exalta(tion is tile proof of Ills liitished
work: "We lie iaI by Ilihself
pulrged' our sines, lif slit clown\I aIt thlt
rigi hutl of the Majesty on iigi."
(Heb. 1:3).
O soul, no richer interest in the
hieav('ns could you have ! ItI who was
011 t1 ross, b enetlii the load 11' yil'
sins, is now in he:tven withit*. your
siis, having hoitrne their pieallty, de
flvering you fr~oin their guilt aInit put
tilg thlt away froni till' sight of (ol
The sec)n(1 great distinlguiiling
narlk of ('ristilnn1y is thad1 ;0d, by
Ills Spir'it, dwells in the (hristian. in
rt'sp oitlhlse t l lh' praI Iyer of 11:11 l.ord
.Jesus ti' Ilioly Spirit Iikles uip Ilis
abtotle in1 hi1n, mnaking a tentple of' his
brody hull thus fourever sealinig himn asGos %-t4s(sin.Althude
ig in you. lit' yearns to posse~ss yrou
euirely 111d1 to ill youl with liin11self.
Atnd the pirit's ftillness waits for.
your yihletd life-wal11s fo" you to pre
sent wholly 0 GCod that wlleI is ills
by everty right that can he Ilnnied.
1liehold this Spirit-Illledi inan!
Steplien "Dooked stentIfifstly towVardt
he(avenl . . . andl 81aw ,Jesus." Ahl,
this is the Spirit's oflice-work that
le J iys to do ! "lI t shall glorify ite,"
salti Christ, "ile shall take of inine
anid sh'ow it unto ytou.'' It' lie illis
x1/1 lionlinttes your life. II' will do
this one tin ig: lie will turn your eyes
away froin all thitgs else llid fix them
Nev'er inind1 t' "'outl ook." The 'lloly
Siit'l is e'nnc'feene with the "u'liik."'
if' youl(P ar lookIig uip, tile tilu tlook is
('hr ist Ianlity prov'ides lt' hiert wi th
glo~ry. An by1 1a'I thousandllt vo'ices (Gid
Is inilinig us5 to beh'iohll andt to diseenv..
er' wii lit' 51ees' 1 :n iihat lI has121
st'5t1e ofl fhist512init y : 21b s'urpt.ion
In llis gloriy,
Mariik now~'lii thiblessedt results of this
and0 J3.111hey are1. iiissinig, who ha2ve
nolt Ch~i'st b'for'e teirl hiearts.
Ofi Siel:'(en it Is wr'itt'en that1 "'all
the that'112 sait ini the Counello' bhehi hnis
You2 cano lokatChisiad e
ga:e a gitery3 wItt lrt'lietin g ii inl
your22 ie upon11 the' mol20 ghitni
iiroundtt you1. YU ''we all1, gainig las
in 21 2in.i liponl thle glory of' th l ord
(11 Coi'. 8:18).
Oh, Chriistian11, lhe (onls'tantlyi "lootk
il11n1, but1 It can11 see 1111m only as lIe
And 2ee howl% thalt v'ision (1f Chiist
to hnis ('lrcumlist ances. Tr'ayling ciricumit
s11tan5 itcetneed All anigry 1mob1 st on
inig huim t(o death. I hetarl men'i spea'ik
whei(reI hey' be'ong.
Th'Ieji se'i hotw tis Sipirit-flued man~l
spent1i his diying breath 11in itation of'
t hemr," wasl llis l'ry3, ai ISI ephenl's,
the1 1112 mitaiin of Ills ways3'.
A Thought for Today.
TheIrefore, by be'ilved br'ethlren, he
ye steadfas2it, unmovaibleI, alwaWiysi
atbouinding ini the. wor'k of' lie Lord;i
forausmucht as ye know~~ that1 y0our lablor
isefnot in valin inl the Lordt.--I Corin,
t hians 15 :28,.
(@. 1U22. Wosterni Newspapor Union.)
Plower in the crannied wall
I pluck you out of 'the crannies,
I hold you here, root and all, in my
Little (lower--but if I could undet'stand
What you are, root and all, and all In
I should know what God and nan In.
In most fauilles favorite relipes are
halded down fromi generation to gen
ertiion. Some of
us like variety
anrd would enjoy
trying sonetitip
w\hich haes been
.recoininended byl
oth Ie's.
Mustard Pickles.
-1) olte gallon
of vinegr adl one-half capful of dry
illstnrtl, one cuiitI'li of salt, two cup
f'lls of brown sugar. Stir until d is
solved and y~our over' the ecetunhers,
cover with horsern'alishl lenv\es and drop
In the well-wasiheti plekles ats they are
Iliked e2 ach day.
Mushroom Catsup.---wipe carefully
hut dou not wash, fresh inushl'oo'ins.
Put in layers in a stone iair wIih salt
#ln. each layer. ('ove'cr w\ilit n loth
and let st it 11( In a warm plane twenty
fotur hours. W\alsh anti strain by p~re:s
lng thro ugh a sieve; to every (Iurt of
this liquor an( pil ul adl one ounce of
Pe'Ipperco rns un(1 boil thir'y Iininutes
very slowly ; adi(I one-fourth ounce of
whole allspice, one-half ounce of slicedt
ginger root. one lozn'ti whole cloves,
three hlad es (if iace. Cook lift '('11
llndnutes, fake frot the fire, strailn
again 11n1 but into snnial bottles. Cork
and seal w itlh paratllin.
Tomato Soy.-'etl and chop one
peck of riPe totiatoes, ptit over the
heat with one-linlf e('ul of whole
(loves, one-lift' cupful of allsplee, one
C'upf'ul of salt, one tablespoonful of
le'1pper, three re(l peppers, three onions
choppedl. Cook for one hour, add one
quart of elder vinegar; after straining
the cook lt'I milxture, rehent aniid bottle.
Oil Pickles.-Sl ee one hundred1
stmalll green eucumbers uinpeeled t and
three ned iu in or six small oin ins.
Sprinkle thickly with salt an12d let
sta;nd over iighl. lI the inlorting rinse
oft' the snit. and ptine(. in jars. Cover
with1 the following: 'T'wo q iuts of
vinlegar, two-thirds e(upfuls of mus11,t tiid
seel, one 2tables oon full al eh of celery
see({ and groulncl pepper, and one cupi
ful of gool olive oil. Mlix well before
pylinlig over the pl ekl's.
When we cultiatite the power of fo
ousing all our force on aly single act,
we are cultivating also the power of
throwing ouar whole mnind fromn one
subject to another. The power to con
centr'ate is the attribute of genius.
Thus we ann forget worry, grief, dis
courageient in happy work.
EIven during the fall dIys there are
occnslonall watn days whleni the warmi
nethtler dti Is Ii e s
aii r e ac'eptale.
....,.. . /'oolling 1' r ult is
and sl ictd ttun12
toe's tare. del1icious
w'tlt ham11 or' ba
con(li for bretnkfa2st,
antd a ho1t iiuflin
is not refuised.
Sally Lunn.---'ItIke four' ('ulfuls of
the htler andi filour wlih the yea2st
5(11ks (If It' eg'' 221s un i liht , stIr in
I he bltitter' and4 thouri Ith the( yenti
dissolved itn a lItt'e of thle mIlk, an1d
te inil k. 1Hent It' wh'itIes to a sitI'Y
froth tand1(4 thiat t~ae Ist. Set to rist'
p22ns , let t'lse algtij tintcl bakt In a
Danish Pan Cakes.-Sepagrate the
whittes and yolks of three eggs, betft
well, to one cud'ulI of' flour add enough
milk to maitke a thIn hatter, one-(-hif
tlltenoofuil of sodat, 11 tenlspoonftul of'
vlinegarl 1and( the eggs, with salt to
taste. Fry as5 usunl.
Blue Grass Waffles.--Tuke two cup
fuls of' thIck 140121 ('ream11, tw() Cupfuls
of' four, Iitre eggs wt'lI hen ten, onie
halIf tenspoonfuIil of(~ soda sIft etduI nih
the flour'. mix 211nd foltl in thte wh'it es
well heten, thle yolks be'aten hiaving
been added to theP ('ream11. Hatke a
Newport' Dried Beef.--Pepare1 a
11nd( an egg; uhein wvell-cooked 1(41(
one-hallf cupful of' ste(wed st rainbed to
cheese just before takinlg from Ithe
fire. Hen'1t t horoughly uand serve *it
(Ince (in buitter'ed toa12st.
RaIsed FruIt Doughnuts.--eamy to
gethe1r one14-fourt h olf n1 ('ulfil (If sugair
and1( Iwo ta blespoon f'ils of' bitterci. I s
solve one-half (If 21 yenst ('lke fin (lnet
'uipfuil of mil1k tht Imh~s beeni scald(ed
nnd cooled. Adld INE'-half tentspoonf'ul
of salt and1( comine~i, audding two etrp
fuils of flour. Let r'ist tIl double its
hulk, then add1( onel(-hlif cupful of
sugaur, al half tenlsp(oonful of clinnimon,
a granting oft nutlmeg, onet-hlalf ('upifl
(curratst and1( the Sm'e of' raisiuns withI
a little c!itr'on ; add( a1 liach of' allspcee
and1( two anut cupfuls of flouIr. Add
oneO henten egg, knendI~ thioroulgly and(
let rise until1 lIght. ('ut or tear off
liCes oif dough the sIize of an egg,
dIropi Into smiok Ing hot fat 1and whenq~
b)rownl dIraIn onl browni paperC. Rloll In
smgar whlen cool.
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the itedicine you are shout to
take is absolutely pure anid contains no
.ifarnful or habit prod1nting drugs.
Such a medicine is I)r. Kilmer's Swamp.
R1out, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
TIe same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is ma;intained in every bot
tle of Swatny-ltoot.
It is s'ienItifically compoumded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulunt. and is taken in
teaspoonful doses.
It is not recoumetlel for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
and overeoning kidney, liver al bladder
troubles. -
A sworn statement of put ity is with
Pvery bottle of Dr. Kilter's S\amp
If you need a medicine. you should
have the best. On sale at all drug 'tores
in bottles of two sizes. medliitau ;nd large.
llow.evter, if yott wish lirt toI try this
great Irept't'timi wentld ten vent, to )r.
Kilhmnr . & ('".. Itin:wunt 4n, N. V., forit a
enlnple i Itle. \ \hen writing h(" sure
and 1uetionI(hm tai, pitonr.---Advrtiement.
Not to B" Cheated.
( imtalniflitti'h r :ind Itity were ' y
lul it visit to in' sirawberrmy in'ttelh
lie I ieleli s(11' sma:Ill. Insiims Ierries
and I' ed Ihe'nl I te114 little girl. I-'atr
hintself hle t'(om:(1 inneh1 ltr-:ter onIes.
la'lty ; "iwa t' I 17m ( for ,few Il,
Inoil ts. |1110 I11t ) h :n sI i i ravely : "(,rt It|
fBtiler, I tnn out t lar1e (nes, l(1"
Important to Mothers
Ex'amoin en:refully every ho(ttle of
('AS'l'OltlA. th1:ll famoul s old( reutedy
for infan11ts anid hlibilren. :1ni s that it
110aris t he......- e
Signat ure of
In Use for Over 30 \'tars.
Children Cry for 1'ether'sa ( tastorin
Truly Clergyman Had Refrained From
Blasphemy, but He Had Sinned
in Another Direction.
A (lergyrna2n wh'lot years.ng1, settled
in MlussnehtlsetIs (.ice rel'iveI a
workiinan for swearing whIle he wa ts
plhming a new fuili.
"Svt'ar" s2hl the 11111. "I guess
youl'di swen( r !"
\i'hept'tliohn th,' pre:lther tIok th1'
lihw mnl lndhurriied tr'4 it, indili:gnanitl Iy
(1.) e 2n ' In lte elhiarge. 'ITen. ;Is ihe
field 1ee:11 e nre inpa:dde, w ht'
"I never snw the like! I nov'er saw
1he like:!" \V- lht' leItl -,on, o 'nme
1roundt( the fild he stopped, brenlhless,
and aInbledI:
"'li'here, yu see 1 dtin't. lind It nt'ees
stary to sw\ear11."
"No." said the other, "butt yehtt've
told 11n(re'n inl alie. y'ou stajd you
uever (hi see the like, a:tI you saw
it fill the time I was plowin'".
Henry Hadn't Changed.
Mr. 1)ulverion wats reeling rather
pleased with himnself.
"So y1tt: heard 1' miaike Imy spee-h
hai night, Marin."
"Yes." 't nsw ('red his wifle. " n'as
up in Ith gallery."
"\\''ll. you iaveun't ItlhI Time what you
I hought of' i." snih Iloinry, expecting
to be highly praiIstd.
yo'tur i'ourtinug iue. I Ttnry?
"\Vhylieir, I thougiI you)1 wotmh
never' Com~e tt I.he ioint."'
''Gentlemen of the Guard."
hlcd enIvaIlr'y w.as to profEiet Ile lMiit's
iP5eson, am11 i rles 11 522w Ii It t ha
hii.. lift' guahrdls were' recrunlit Iia ta it
and Iiner'm swagger were an i'"t'l i~m
liart of Ite sp)tiltlr ocf \VhimlmsiI
Wh'lat thIs w~orld nieds is fewerm
eedts 2iil lInt re ltr' c'hrity.
Life Partx
T E union of Na ti
ncrship for lf.
In the golden shecn
ing, shimmering field:
elements of Itlhuma p
verts into Grape-Nut
Grape-Nuts with rr
contains all the nutrit
required for making ri
body tissue, sound I
nerve cells.
The 20-hour bakin
digest and develops il
ness that has made th
"There's a Reasons
Sold b3
0 Saves 1eed
Patnmi Fadeless
SClear Baby's Skin
With Cuticura
Soap and Talcum
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc, Talcuo 25c.
Youthful Fijian Proved Anew That
Necessity Is the Fertile Mother
of Invention.
A 1taveler fromnl I-'iji inlI1 the o l Iclay:
re i'n 11Is h11I a114 Iin1es in I ' 11:1 .
w '111'1 the J:in w',s lilst intrislu
th1 re th' 11 -' I.ii;li s us".l I" g:t way'
f11 '111'1('1 1rk 11 I 111"ws . :111'1 i nl 4 n - o11u11 t 11
lI I II v'i111;11e ' whP1i5 it 'a1s . l t 4'
ritl' y slut < Ill by 1: 11. at i11:tteh41 wouh4'I
4he k1p11t up 1 fols r weeC ks. ,n 1 tni. In
cieltntally, the' wo1rnG their Ini1
tr 1 i": 1 ' (i11 411 ' in t i n k , inIthis 1i.
with I ver i eron. I li1 t ev
(' 4 I h tl14 ' 1 1 1 14 4 ' t' I t ' I ij Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 4. P
jt 44 'i. I . 1 \14 t Ii 141 ll . i 11u
d 111114111 e F j In s imve no s s
13iel'1 luIlteo s ('l'o 4r lur t hieher urh
repot rts: ".\nous-tr di -m lhn
lnt4rk that rather144 4 nnus4'l .1111'5 1n11 ui1
M't Vn.ry was when u I nni1se' 1411
I-isat, onineut inl one day gjt is bai
1.n1t'( lW') Iw41ay 1 ne shh-( f, his fit':)'
looking 1 k111. a4 so'( ewhat 4 1 weird4 11'r1
SINg.' for th rem11 nderll ' 11 s4'l t11 141
utsual 11k(' I ImsS broom11 with b1ristlei
five inches lung. I asked him what
(''rhl3' hI' 1111 he'n do)1i1g :Indl he r
1ih(': "Sir, I in now ' un'mher of Ih,
InioE41 "A1" tam, and we ha11"
1..re Snitncc and ., c FI rmhe t. l t .
wheolng ommade aury inte.
ofi W..harl yNthe gretore nc
ovedr ald eotergy wich iene slat
~-h a o hs so:y".\milding fom
il lllors cr?" s~icml tCfo~
on(ldingi the hitter egjem e ir
chirni, re lo- n fr buildin hrl-,
atdiiou'',alswe t vran r
".\foods favorit the worl.. .ovei
ArRidle PN raps
groerSecrw r!
, ombarly- Natur sotlores tih
MADE of the famous
rust-resisting Cop
per-Bearing Iron
tested for over a quarter of
a century. Nearly a million
in use-your neighbor or
someone near you uses one I
-known and sold every
There is an A lion Dealer near
you--ln pour town or close by.
IVrit eus /or cat alog and where
they' map he bouyht.
Buying a New Skirt
Dyes-dyes or tints as you wish
Saleswoman Wanted
'. . an .t y n' ! t I 3 Sliw tun of re3ti' i nu rit
1l5i 3 t 49ti lt ll it.\ 141 ini l'aa i " 1istit 1' lm ki:
Wi i.* t'i ' it; t .'ii i r' iim U til toryt
Is ci .3 1 I'; !I \yl.i. \ Ciir:: t . M i iiot
.If r1tet - tl r e s it'kil l C t*1: you floIw to litld o
34 to :L't1 tIt* :l y . .:1 .. 1" ry f-' r n1c. vie' -
Au.. TI,.. wht'' 1or3 wti Ill. rura ishnt
tIt e ni .adsIe- t , tu . of nitt1il.4 wifti t n
Traen e r S Iitisic of sinHy ial. o tWrin
t>w toi cromtiars h"-fore yotPar erritory
cle 3 T, il. \I \V 'E l il.\ (' I i i'ANY. itoo
'l. 3 i h.\l ttu. iht l . NEi'W YOltiK. N. Y.
Sp~an' rune'.Arlidesui anld N~attins Our M~usic
' t e.N - N3 xpeieI s j33teceg t11~ S u vtitd
IM to t.cve p.a4 arp ,cc. for tusic. tys.~
torniat-3' n.p. icio333..Vn blank..
Astnerican Music Pubtisher.
16 hroad way Now Yo it Cty*
Traveler Satisfied He Had Got Over
the Most Uncomfortable Part of
His Journey.
W. 1.11liI . th 3w ll-now i n oa.r 1 op
Sritor, 11b11 railrs::! Sil story lit i ril
3 rezg'h1 In13, 1113533 *i'S 'h.1 I '3l333 331Il
- '\g3 " t seilt 43i33 1 be4" :1 lit h- I n rol," lie
liit. ";1 br n< Ih liite 11131nt .12 tll1
llt'I .11, 1 uns i t l r. is f'"r i1 h11.1 4, t
Inera111'' 1 <13 '31i n r anli3h' l 1141 (lilrt.
":A trai 1 ,11 tsid I inez 1 1%%%"1e into
t is I us l l it ii 1I: t11 :11 y il p) o1p1
'1W11.1 i i i33 1 .u h'lig Sh('s , the w(tI
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