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j Something More Needed Than
Being Able to Stop, Start and
Guide Car Along Road.
Among Most Common Practices That
Result in Accidents Are Starting
Ahead it, Second Speed and Re
laxing Vigilanco.
Ti'ho test of a gooid driv.'r Is 1111
w~hethaer lie Is aile to st il1, stunt andut
{ guide that csar M i O wa lii rod, l ii!
Whether lie Is9 lii ~a isibl coas idera t
of the iii('Cli ofiiu h1 ais 41mV~ ll 'laleI
5411( of tlit(' faa'"i liiLs,'i4ci'i t1)I Ife.'j 5 ul
safely of a Il ot her isat1's of th aoreadl.
If t 11,1 (bsaisdevs %%v(If lIn eveRr 'ie~
CXceJ it I lisat lie CX j~'it5 1ill Iieilmrltili
to k~naa ow o Li' %' fl, all (lquest iaitas
to hLi w ho4w to ide, trial fill aultorists
to kniow ho0w to rti it ear, hae is Still
It a1iaii ~aof the I 'hihway.
Thlere tare so1me had4( driving riecs
which tire (lhiCt-e1~rect every SI a~tae y101
goi out-- ignoring Ihio ii alit 'of- wvay rulie,
cutting Conneris, swi a igi sg ii ri ea isi a
corivrwihou frst w1i ill a cl se Ii) the
cur'b, cut lug n lo fi~all wro1ng sideJ of
a ear,
Th'le cairele'ss, titaisa asaieiy udriver' Is
a poor alrii'ar, (even tlaiiuga lie! tiny be
lio rt III (tar con 111)i.
t'he 8111-,.111'1 ii'i:iiiii', ofI dri'vingL
theL('oi'laag, 5sll iassiisijliiissios if geisar
shaift lever, Pl~lsl :11a11 ,If ~-iii re'
enrily Iisatsi t'ii'i. 1:111.file ri'i'i1ai o~f
vrsaiailile'l f,'isii'i's, tia ii isagi' Ii;aailtiS ianal
U'54111~ ec~iik- I ill til li,ts '- i' h asts it
'whad, lii f iiiitt i f1 "d Ira 4il.\4ls tit) not
kaioit' leiw Li) drive1'.
Result in Aeccdr~ts.
Ai.iiuia~ lit iii '- c~~iissaii j taticl e's
thast '4>5511 Ii1 11 iill'l1ix. sali 11 111 1ti nsa*y
iui'iill I"Il' (44 csr',' sii'1i'1i'lif lit l'opuip
hul'L1. *\15 ' lii ii alli till lby cioi
: l's11uil ii'alii' I1"' sIl':iv s1:s-iaS'l Ina
8i'i'iiiil and lIca:v'; ga iig I Ov a'iily milts
anl hsiiiir 1014,10i'e suivr c.1ns- hll goit
(1111 day' Iii: 1-';1:1.11e his i'ieliilaasiiy
v'lgihiasi'i. i:il.11111la'i.iialu lo
rear 41f iiiltii'a v:r':. F I'st r1'':1i1
t'.i~vi 1hilt. 4ti 111i' o (:a1- aii s :4u1,silhglss
1119 hIt 1'11 11 AJ tI i.'..11 1 , 5\\ 11 ii 1iii'''
H'ariar :(Iil 1'14101 Ii s4li g 144 iii' ii ei sal;.
hag :i i4'e'1i'sali' -';4' $12.'aa.g "~:sI i''r
1 1 1 1 ti l l i s l i l [ 1 1t i .'i n s ('a l i tg i ' 1 1 a1 0 a ''a l'r ,
fini 5li' i":41- \\iih issiinhiel 11114 front lil
laiau. I h'tc11U15' la i 1111-il i1115aa 41111 l i
hianil iioil hsii1jiia, \ir C.. ' iA>slitIiiii1 re
S~io11iasIhlily~~ fortill 1cc ita;g' toi til
ove'tc'aii1"a 1 "'ii--:11111 It ii airst li0igi asit
a iisaaailrai ~Siva'i' dllaras toi 1i'aaa-a1 tia
li0ell1ii1a'l L Iai'u hao" t dr iaive'.
It Iin Iinigi i'itiaa' Nil. it. Ili' \c:1
Sucho lit good us ive. iIi:I' Icatl'i ("1111111 II
ford kaI~vil n i'ii"ti! Ill s~idil it lt'ji
, OU uto ialluWj
That if engine trouble devel
ops which is not easily diag
nosed, the chances are that the
piston rings are at fault anrd
it is therefore always well to
examine these before dolving
further into the more delicate
parts of the ,nechanismi.
This nuty be (one in a muanner
sullieleitly acurate for all prac
tical piirposes by cranking the
engine up to high pressure anti
their allowing It to stand for a (
minute or two before opening
the pet or priiiinei-cock to see
if there Is any Col)rpressiont left.
By tr ying in turn, piston ring
troubles inay uisually be locat
ril in this inanner, for the coin
pression will leak out pinst faulty
piston rings, while it will be
held by hos-e niich are properly
fill l. Iti this connection, the
valves must also be considered,
for if they leak it is almost i
porssible to get good Coipressboi I
in the cylinder. Both the valves
ane the piston rings should be
tested, however, before one corn
inences to tinker with the dell
onte tneclhinisnl of the carbu.
retor, which is Csually blamed
wheti other parts are at fault.
(C.,.yz-ight, 1;22, by The Wheeler
Syndicate, Inc.)
Implement Makes it Possible to Reach
Almost Inaccessible Places on
Almnost Inacerssible places can be
ronchelp by this grease gun which
ii u1 p t 500-4)po~uti pressure by
ole turn of the handie anid ejects its
contents into the grease cupl) by the
High Pressure Gun.
opening of a check volve at the nozzle.
A sinall pin iII the gi'ase cup opens
lie valve. The ha irlle of the gun
need not he turniled when the grease is
ic(ted. Special cups are furnished
with the gun.
'l'est. the valve sipring s f'or strength.
* * 'p
i 1\ 'l u t k cvi'I aVto imil itnld save
* . .
.81l watler at' ('lent raini watler is
. 'lIa Iu n I l he cooing Sy stea of
. lii- a ng1i4c.
* 4 *
li ii 11 r1 tili itd by n wi s'aig b it It
lar lie ('lhl. wa.tr.
Anl 1 x4ellen01 inrtiennl iht fr tml P0.
* * *
Whe gr 18lingO~ avs hden 1arefu
nt toe lettIrtcles oflu wmily get it
the ciylindrst 44'W ir
tie heat mor tohu tV~han a prop
atl lat 01ed I Y or'popel~ o inhte tire
ofl any 11( sediment 1)r water.l',i o
fle and wor pt r 4use'.o
* .
inventedl by Hlerr' Karamnol of lierin,
1 successfl test. The carI lhas three
r In tile water and a steering wheel on
tor or foot power'.
u5 automobIle entering the water.
housands See Greatest Array of Q
Carolina Products Ever Shon; f
Amazed at Progress Made.
Charlotte,-Promptly at 3:40 o'clock
[onday, Governor Wilson 0. Harvey I
f South Carolina and Governor Cam- 1
ron Morrison of North Carolina, for- r
nally opened the great "Made-in-Car- t
Mina:;" Exposition. Thousands of r
uests were present at the opening ex- (
reises. (
The governors were introduced by
lerlot Clarkson. John L. Dabbs, the I
iresident of the exposition company, 1
)resided at the opening. Exercises I
vere begun with a short proyer by I
rev. Joseph A. Gaines, pastor of St.
amnes Baptist Church.
Many thousands of dollars worth
f products of the Carolinas are at- I
ractively and conveniently arranged
4o that they might be inspected by
he visitors. Those attending the
pening were amazed at the variety,
luantity and quality of these exhibits.
.The exposition, which is to extend
or two weeks, is divided into special
lays for the accommodation of the
rowls that are expected from given
Localities or who will be singularly in
terested in some particular feature of
the comprehensivo program that has
been arranged. The opening day was
known as Governors' Day, by reason
of the presence of the two governors
of the Carolinas.
Other lates arranged are as fol
Gaston County Day, Sept. 27.
Mrs. Vanderbilt Day. Sept. 28.
Calarrus County Day, Sept. 29.
Educational Day, Sept. 30.
Davidson Day. Oct. 2.
Merchants' Day, Oct. 3.
Iredell County Day, Oct. 4.
Lincoln County Day, Oct. 5.
Winston-Salem Day, Oct. 6.
Farmers' aind Agricultural Day,
Oct. 7.
The musical features of the exposi- I
Lion are outstanding. Approximately 1
$15 000 has been spent by the diree- I
to's in procuring a variety of artists
and musicians for the entire two weeks I
who are pre-eminent in their respec- l
t.ive profelssions and who enjoy na- s
tional reputnions. Tho feature music
will begin with the immediate open
ing of the event. 'i'le Monday night
program called for special concerts
by the Russian Syimphony Orchestra
and Good Flows Club octet, as well
as indiv4idVIaI soloists who have bee'n
fingaged for the ent.ire exposition,
tle-sr. Ileilig .J'4(ngette \'r-pein, so,
1'no 114j:udson lioise, tenor; I 1010n
hatne 114, and1 04 Ola Gllege, aIcomfpa
ni st.
Thei (ood Fellows' (liib octet is (om-'
posedt ofi Miss5 er'tru'ide ( o wer, Mary:.
L ove Hia wkins, soperano1; Ina Itarri
501n 1lood and11 Itachel Summiierronw,
cointralto; .John C. Hiairey and \\'illiamiii
C'. JTones, teiioi's; Italphl Jenkins andl
E~rne-st Hell, bassos. Mr. Heath Nis
b~et is the ac('ompanist andl Howard'(
Unarlow the general musical (director.
Want Committee on Veterans' Bills.
Wash ington.--Conentati'4on1 of all
legislationi r'elatinlg to the welfai'c of
ox-servi'e 111en ini tihe hands of a new
nothing else, wililibe dlemlanded iti the
next congress bly \Vor'ld war veteranis.
ltepresentuive sM'fer's, demcr)Q1at, of
Alah)namaj, and1 Johnson01, r'epublican, of
South Dakota, both1 of w~homi~ rec'eived1
woundl~s andl decorations in France,|I
are behindI tile plan1, anid t hey cla im toI
havye thle blacin g of all the 28 ex-so)l.
diler's in the house.
Armament Meeting November 10.
New~ Y'ork.--A\ nat4lo11iona t~fm'emc
to study impar~lt illy theii advl~isability
oIf and( extent (of Amierli-an par1t 4-ipa-1
t ion in initerni onal4111 af1fair1 and1( of r
dulction) of Amii''cani 4I'~armaments wvill
he held here ('n No'embe-r I 11and 11
und(er' thle a1usplies oIf the Natiobna It
Civic Feer 41ion, (of whichi AIt on it.
Parker Is prPsident, h
Pharmacists to Ask for Legislation.
Ashleville, N. ('-' J. A. (loode, pi'5'
ident of thle NorIthi ('41riolina~ P lir1m-~t
('eltiCall a1ssociation. Will lealve foi'r
Rlaleigh, wihere tile 'eecutivye and1( ii'I0
nanlce comm1 IIittee o0 f the assocht('~ltioni or
wvill imeet foi' thei lpurpo of (()15id
wring somie r'emedial1 legislation to be
4ouight t Itile ne(xt Isesslon (If ihe gen
England Sending Troops to Levant.
TMalIta. - -- 'urit her I militar1y dletaneh
1l(nts4 for' lie retin foce-menlt oIf 1the
trit ish forces ini411 1the Dadli(Iles are ke
'x pect edt to leave soon11 for ('onstalnti- tit
101)10 and the preparatIions for their pa
(epartulre are ac(tively proceeding. I toi
I nits oif the secoind dtestrIoyer- flotilla 'm
Letac fiiromi thle Atlant11ic fleet to rein
1)rCe th1e 5(Iiadronl nlow In tile straita
ar e be(guni to ('om11 in. 'The battle
hip ('enltuiion, which is raturninR ih
ore fromil Enlglandl, is 'xpected to til
ro(-eed1 to Constanltlinople immlediate, mT
4' afterl taking on upplim. j--..
Sissouri Expert Teils Just What t
Look for in Buying High
Producing Cattle.
"The man does not live who cat
Ick the good cows from the poor one
Ilthout ever making a mistake," say
V. W. Swett, of the Missouri Colleg
f Agriculture. "Even the best judge
ometimes make a mistake. But ther
re certain points about the dairy co%
hat are almost alnays associated wit]
igh production."
The udder should be deep, wide and
ang with good attachments. It shod
e evenly developed, level on the floo
nd equipped with tents of good an,
niforma size, symmetrically placed. I
hould also be soft and pliable, indi
ating that it consists of secretin;
ells rather than flesh.
A good set of milk veins Indicate
hat the udder is well supplied wit1
lood. Long, crooked milk veins er
erin~g large wells or openings througl
he body wall are usually associate<
vith high production.
A cow cannot be a maximum and
ontinuous producer unless she ha
t strong constitution. Vitality an
strength of constitution are indicate
)y broad, open nostril, and a chef
yhich is deep and broad.
Feed capacity is essential. In orde
!o produce heavUy a cow must col
me large quantities of feed an
,yater. A barrel which is long, -broa
mnd deep indicates a large capacit
Money Is Made Where Cows of Thi
Type Are Used.
nd good production. A large coy
early always has the advantage :
r oduction, provided she is not de
Icient in other points.
Alertness In temperament is an af
et, and a sluggish cow Is seldom I
sigh producer. Dairy tenperamen
ncludes those characteristics whici
ndicate that the cow's feed is uses
or the production of milk rather that
or body fat. Angularity, prominen
oints, lack of heaviness and flesh
mnd the presence of the triple wedge
tre good indications.
Quality refers to the handling o
plibaility of the hide, the refinemen
of buni', and the charactetr of the an
maI, whlih cannot he described bu
which have to be seen to be apprE
0f a Total of 250,886 Examined 8,81
Reacted, Disclosing 3% Per Cent
Tuberculous Cattle.
1 !)2., fori tubera'icuiosis anilbered, 'A>0(
880S, lc'cordling I t atli suinar i' ssuea
lhy t he baureau of' iaal imiustry
Unit el Staites D~eiart ment of A gricu:
I ure. Thlais figuare cx veeds thle no rma
amount of' tubierculin testinag by sev
eral thoicusanad. O( all ithiIle aen t ested
B,810 reacted, thus dlisciosing iabou
3%/ port tcnt of tuberculous cattle.
T1he r'enloval of such animals fron:
herdls otherwise heathy1i is grad~ual I
bringing abaouat better health tamoni
farm live stock, safer milk supplies
rndl many economic benfefits5. The pop
ithitraity of tuberaicualosis eralldicat ion I
~videnced by thea lengthi of thle list o,
ucalds waitinag to lie testedl. At tin
2nd of Jfume there were' appliention
01 file for thle testinag of 35,239 herds
:Qntiaiing me(:'e han' half a mailliorl
'at tte.
(cops Better During Hot Weather
and Makes Better Butter-Keep
Skim Milk on Farm.
If It's to keep) best during the w-t am
cathe and'ii)t to Jmake thle highest qutal-I
y' but ter,1 crea'im needs to0 be skinnaiiiod
osely. Betther bat ter' Is mtade fr'om
'nieri (creami~ us thle fine', sandlike
'iiIla that a ire preciitatedl in cliur n
g arc niore solid than. the bulletr re
aling from thin craim. AlIso It will
ry' to shlip thte heavier cream, as
ei'e is no( useC to payt3 shipping chiarges
a skim milk. It will make better feed
the farim.
Tester Is Big Aid.
Nothing compares to a good cow
stor in helping get the herd in the
3' of biriiging profits.
Get Rid of Poor Cows.
D~alrymnen are now realIzin~g more
enly than ever the necessIty of get
g rid of the cows tat' are scarcely
ylag Ithelr boar'd. TIhese cows place
> heavy a tax upon the herad to
ike the (dairying go as it should.
Cows to Keep Up Fertility.
Teii cows hki miilkl wouheb he about
a logle'al numaber to keep Up the fer
Ity on a 100-iare farm where-com-.
~relal fertIlizers are used, and
mere there are three dry cows, somel
ung sto'ek, sand somem hre.
Father, Found Guilty of Extreme
- Cruelty, Declares She Would
. Not Behave.
Long Confinement Nearly Deprives the
B Young Woman of Sight and Speech
e -Causes Big Sensation
V in Community.
Bucyrus, Ohio.-Jacob P. Menges,
c charged with keeping his twenty-six
j year-old daughter, Irene, in a dingy
r smokehouse for two years because she
"wouldn't behave," has been found
t guilty of excessive cruelty by a jury
in Judge itumnels' court.- The girl,
said to have been driven insane by the
long confinement, is now an inmate of
s the State hospital at Toledo.
The case grew out of the fact that
on May 5, Sheriff Edward J. Knappen
h berger went to the Menges home, mid
l. way between Gallon and Crestilne, and
found the girl, partly nude, in a smoke
1 house near the barn. The -shed con
s tained little but a cot and blanket.
A Irene was brought- to Bucyrus, where
1 she was cared for by Mrs. Knappen
t berger, wife of the sheriff. She was
reported to show signs of long neglect,
r May 10 shy' was sent to the State
- hospital and Menges was arrested
d on a state warrant charging cruelty,
d Family Fought Raiders.
y Chester A. Meek, Crawford county
prosecutor, states that the case is
brought under state law, making the
finding of the justice court final.
The release of Irene attracted wide
spread attention, as the statements
naude by county ollicials at the time re
vealed that the girl had been a pris
oner in the shaek for a long time, re
ports as to the duration of her cap
tivity varying from two to six years.
Members of tiht party ralding the
Menges home met opposition and inter
s forence from members of the family.
The girl was passive, accepting relief
without a syllable.
% When hwas brought to the Craw
ra ford coity jail! here she remained in
ert, and her only words were a few
brief acknowledgments of thanks for
- the acts of .kindness shown to her.
fReleased From Asylum.
Under the care of the sheriff's wife
she brightened noticeably, but showed
little reslponse to attempts to induce
her to explain her captivity in the
State records obtained by authorities
here revealed that Irene had been con
r fined in the Toledo institution in 1914,
but released as being mentally compe
tent June 30, 1015.
At tihe T rial of .\ienges his wife (le
nied testinon y if .\ rs. Kn nmppenbwrger
as to the condition of Irene at the
Kept in a Dingy ,Smokehouse.
time of her arrival at tihe jai: On
the stamnd Mrs. Menges declared that
thme sher-iff's wife ilad exaggeeith
facts. Menges was linedl $J.00 and sen
tence of six months in julisusp~enmde. 3
Doctors Mount Ladder to Scaffold in
Attempt to Save the Lrre of
injured Laborer.
Londlon.--Thmree doctors had to
amount a ladder- and wa-mlk a pliank 40
feet ab)ove the groundl to perform an
operation in a vain attenmpt to save
the life of a man entangledl In some
nachinery at Burton-on-T1rent.
Thme mian, Thmomas Phillips, at work
on a scaffold, had one of his legs
trapp~led in a grain conveyor and the.
ing shaft with projecting blades. It
was limpossible to extricate him fromn
his posltiomn, 410 feet aboye gr-ounm. g:a
The leg was removed at tihe thigh h
and the .patient lowered to the ground -
and rusahed to a hopna.
Read This Letter from Mrs.
W. S. ~
Greenville Del.
mpression that my
to quit school once
for a week. I always
take Lydia 11. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound myself so
I gave it to her and
she has received
. great benefit fromit.
You can use this let
ter for a testimonial if you wish, as I
cannot say too much about what your
medicine has done for me and for my
daughter."- Mrs. WM. 8. HuoHsa,
Greenville, Delaware.
Mothers and oftentimes grandmothers
have taken and have learned the value
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
pound. So they recommend the medi
cine to others.
The best test of any medicine is wha
it has done for others. For nearly fifty
years we have published letters from
mothers, daughters, and women, young
and old, recommending the Vegetable
Compound. They know what it did for
them and are glad to tell others. In
your own neighborhood are women who
know of its great value.
Mothers-daughters,why not try it?
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pas
sage of urine; you will find relief in
The world's standard remedy for klany,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles and
National Remedy of Holland since 1696.
Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for the name Cold Medal on every box
and accept no imitation
Whaderean, "Absent.Mlinded?"
"Flppers in Floppers," l1. us neat a
bendline as we've seen this senisoll.
By the Way, a corresponlent sends us
the following, which he found in the
writings of Joinathuan Swift: "Absent
mindied pel iole always kept a flapper
In the family ats oie of the domestics,"
-Hosto'n 'Trtiseriipt.
Her Old Habit.
Aledia n-'"I hear tle knock ing of
your Iate wife." I'atroni-ThI11at so?
Who's She 1 n c now ' e
h d rs ir t: r 'a h ieo
i I(t p- itehL s, m r Lz ti etc Aw..d
DR. C H. BERR CO 2975 MIcigan Avenue CHICAGO
"AI? mwu w $ YRUP
TBe lnants' and ChIldren's Regulator
Pleasant to give--pleasant to
obleand absoutelyh aIes
o ther like disorders.
The open Dublished
forrmlaappears on
At AllDnuggis
Restores Color and
Beauty to Crway and Faded Hau
fnx Chem s. ln,* acimoTe-.
IINDE RCORNS nemove. 'enal
uss et.,atg altp, eurscomfors 4o
CUtiCura Soap
For the Hands
Seap .25c, OIntment 25 and 5c, Talum 2c.
d~es, D~o Your owna Hematitchlng and
ltig-Attach100 inet s any mnachino. $2.60;
tonhoie, $8; hand embroiderer, $2.60, Agents
intedi. stephenson, 22 Qulncy, St.. ChIcago.
'.N. U.. CH A Tn 19-a i ola

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