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CHAPTER XI-Continued.
"Proeisely," answered EIrskine, "and
"At the first opportunity."
.Is moment I shall be wait
hing else."
reappearing, heard their
and she came forward pale
lercing eyes:
"Cousin Erskine, I want to apolo
gize to you for my little faith. I hope
you will forgive me. Mr. Grey, your
horse will be at the door at once. I
wish you a safe jourpey-to your con
.mand." Grey bowed and turned-furl
Erskine was on the porch when Grey
came out to mount his horse.
"You will want seconds?" asked
might try to stop us-no 1"
11 ride slowly," Grey said.
I not."
d he. Within half an hour
Barbara, passing through the hall, saw
that the rapiers were gone from the
wall and she stopped, with the color
her face and her hand on her
oment Ephraim
dy gwine to
in de ole
in' to
ne went
uple o'
c too
had found
while their
hors her father
"It's m arry, "anm
gey knows I . nows noth
Ing ahnu; ;; rapier.
Without a W6'd Colon~el Dal(
nywieelei his tired horse anyd soon
'ilfarry and IIugh dashed after Almi
Marbara walke(l hack to the house,
wriinging her hands, but on the porch
Rhe sat luietly in the agony of wait
n ug thai1t was the role of women in
those days.
Meanwhile, at a swift gallop Firefly
kas skimmning along the river road,
Crey had kept his word and more: he
had not (oly ridden slowly but lie had
stopped ani was waiting at an oak
tree that was a cornerstonc between
two plantatlions.
"'That I may not kill you onl your
'n hind." lhe said,.
Iinc starti'ed. "The considleraltlon
an you knowv."
:1 their horses, and( Ers
.1 into a pleasant glade
lade through which mur
natle stream. Erskine dropped
the ra1,. s on the award.
"Take yoiir choice," he said.
."There is none" si ry ikn
them bhiii."- Grey tdoI% (M is coat
while Er'skine waited1. GrOY #ddde the
ulsual mioves of courtesy and fin Nr
klne waited, wond(eringly, wvith (i&
point of the rapier on the ground.
"When you are ready." he said, "will
you please let mue know?"
"Ready I" answvered Grey, and ho
lunged forward. Erskine merely
Whipped at lisa blade so that the clang
bf it whined on the air to the break
tng-point and sprang backward, Hie
Was as quick as an eyelash and lithe
'ia a lpanthier, and yet Gr'ey almost
haighed aloud. All Erskine did was
to whip the thrustig blade asidle and
leap out of danger like a liash of light.
n inexpert boxer flail
to rules unknown
cc flatmeid an 1 act ually
S. Thn as. a kindly
IavO it, Eiskinie's blaide
3y's guard by accident,
ful wrist behind it seek
.o wrench tihe weapon
u~y' raplier from his grasp
andl~ hurled it ten feet away. Th'lere
is nio greater humiliation for the ex
pert swordsman, and not for nothing
had Erskine suiff ered the shiamre of
that long-ago day when a psrimritive
. instinct had led him to thrus: fag his
knife into this same enemy's breast.
Now, with his sword's point on tire
-earth, lhe waited courteously for Girey
to recover his weapon.,
Again a kindly fate intervened.
'Even as Grey rushed for ihis swordl,
Erskine heard the beat of horses'
hoofs. As lie snatched it from tile
ground and turned, withl a wicked
'sile over his grinding teeth, caine
*Harry's shout, and as bie rushed for
E~rskine, Coloneh Dale swung from is
horse. The sword-blades clashed,
Erskcine whipping back and forth in a
-May to make a swvordlsman groan--and
-Colonei Dale had Erskine by tile wrist
Rnd was between them,
"[How dare you, slr?'4 cried Grey
"Just a moment, young gentleman,"
Said Colonel Dale calmly.
"Let us alone, Uncle [Harry-I--"
"Just a moment," repeated the
lColonel sternly, "Mr. Grey, do you
Fox, ir
R.H. Livn 6stone
think it quite fair that you with your
skill should fight a man who know:
nothing about foils?"
"There was no other way," Gre)
said sullenly.
"And you could not wait, I pre
sume?" Grey. did not answer.
"Now, hear what I have to say, and
if you both do not agree, the mnatter
will be arranged to your entire satis
faction, Mr. Grey. I have but one
question to ask. Your country is at
war.- She needs every man for her
defense. Do you not think your lives
belong to your country and that it is
selfish and unpatriotic just now to
risk them in any other cause?" lie
waited for his neaning to sink in, and
sink It dlid.
"Colonel Dale, your nephew grossly
insulted me, and your daughter showed
me the door. I made no defense to
him nor to her, but I will to you. I
merely repeated what I had been told
and I believed it true. Now that I
hear it is not true, I agree with you,
sir, and I atn willing to express my
regreis and apologies."
"That is better," said Colonel Dale
heartily, and lie turned to Erskine, but
Erskine was crying hotly:
A nd 1 exipr;.; I" .'d
"Very well," sneered Grey coldly
"Perhaps we may meet when your rel
atives are not present to protect you.'
"Uncle Harry-" Erskine Implored
but Grey was turning toward his horse
"After all, Colonel Dole is right."
"Yes," assented Erskine helplessly
and then--"It is possible that we shal
not always be on the same side."
"So I thought," returned Grey wtil
lifted eyebrows, "when I heard what
The Sword-Dlades Clashed, Erskine
Whipping Back and Forth in a Way
to Make a Swordsman Groan.
(d1( abaotit you I" Both Harry and
Irtugh had( to catch Erskine by an arm
then, and threy led him strugglinig
away. Grey tionntedl his horse, lifted
his liat, and was gone. Colonel Dale
p~lked upi the swords.
"Now,'' lie said, "enough of all
this--let it he forgotten."
And lie laughed..
"You'll have to confess, Erskine
he has a quick tongue and you must
.think only of his temptation to use it."
Erskinie did not answer.
As they rode baick Colonel Dale
spoke of' thle war. It was about to
miove into1 Virgini, lie said, and when
it did- Roth lI arry and Hugh inter
ruptedl him with a glad shout:
"We can go I" Colonel Daule nodd~ed
Suddenly all pulled their horses in
siimultatneously and raised their eyes,
for till hetard the coming of a horse in
a dead run. Around a thiicketedl curve
of the road caime Barbara, with her
fa('e white andl her hair streaming lie.
hind her'. She putled her pony In but
a few feet in front of them, with her
burtning eyes on Erskine alone.
"I hive you killed himi--have you
killed himt? If you have-" She
stoppled helpless, and all were so
ttmarzed t hat none could answer. Ers
kine shook his head. There was a
lashi of relief in the girl's white face,
Its reclessness10 gave way to Ruddh~en
shame, anid, wVithoit a word, shte
wheeled tandu was taway again-Harry
flying afier her. NI) one spoke. Colonel
D~aie looked arghast and Erskine's
ihe'rt again turned siek.
The sun wvas close to the uneven
Sweep of thle wilder'ness. Thtrough its
slanting rays thre rivetr poured like a
flood of gold. '[he negroes were on
the way singing from the fieldsi. Cries,
Uiddered others wers mooing and eia
to bIawling (nlves. A peacock screarmerl
frotn is 'iktanrt tree arid qalied folh,
fUW,9pri"iuj a great glearmin voirned
jewel of ti hltir. In crise the nserve
tighte.n lik ' violin stringr, the rn eme,r r.
platr-s tiu abaorraal1ly seni ii. e ) '(3
Irskin, w:', hint to forget that lrl.
uth bO''. wtas still ard not a -
Was in ?igh 1.5s the three, still 'iI'r, t
watlkrr up tie great pnfth. Whrt, t!'.7
were niear the. portleo flarry r'rne. r,lt
lie lool:r-d wkorriel ani anxi',,l
"W hiir',s Iarbara?" ask-1I he-r
fat her.
"I-or-kri in her room."
"L't her alone," savi (:lor .I Is,
gentsi:. 1.1ke brother anr'l ro.Mi. 1H;,r
r~y aned ilugh wec~re rur-rely irpG-lby
the late revehition, btut the. fa he"r was
sh cke~rd that Ils r-blb)l ws to> I",r,;'rr
a chilirl. Erskinit rErnir-eluhiri th Hi. girl
as she waiterd for (;ry's 'ottltig :: the-w
.suIlnal, lrrr fare as she, wurk.,i with
him up the lath. For a inor:--t the
two boys stood in nl,,,rly sih ne-e.
Harry took the rapiiers- in rind put
them in their lplace on ilt. )wall. hugh
guietly rilsaplierar'i . i,rskIine, with a
word of alpology, went to his room,
and Colonel Dale stt Town on the
porch ailine.
As tlhe diusk gathererd, Erskine, look
Ing gloomnily through his window,
saw the girl flutter like a white moth
last the box-hedge aind down the
plth. A moment later he saw the tall
form of Colonel Dale follow her-and
both passed from sight. On the thick 1
turf the colonel's feet too were noise- I
less, ani when Barbara stopped at
the sundial he too paused. She was
unhappy, and the colonel's heart ached
sorely, for any uialisppineS of hers ail
witys trebled his own.
"Little girl !" he enlled, and no
lover's voice could have been more
gentle. "Come here !"
She turned and saw him, with arms
outstretched, the low 111001n lighting
all the tenderness in his fine old face,
and she flew to him and fell to weep
ing on i'; 'e tt. In ' 2e i;ence
lsh'oke(l her h-lr until she grew a
little calmer.
"What's the mntter, little daugh
"T-I-don't kniow."
"I understand. You were quite
right to send him away, but you did
not want hil) harmed."
"I-I-didn't want anybodly harmed."
"I know. It's too bad, but none
of us seem quite to trust him."
'That's it," she sobbed ; "I don't,
either, and yet-"
"I know. I know. My little girl
must be wrise and brave, antdti maybe
it will all +".-g rjnl he will 1ie glad.
ut 'h1e must he i5'1t. giha hu hat
well and she must not be made un
happy too. She ltust not know. Can't
my little girl come back to the house
now? She mu1(st he host( ssx andl this is
Erskine's last niglt." She looked up,
brusling away her tears.
"His last night?" Ah, wise old
"Yes-' e goes tomorrow to join Cap
tain Clark- . Williamsurg on his
foolish calpaigii f; he North)w)est.
We might niever ses hiui ngaif."
"Oh, father! "
"Well, it isn't that had c, bunt my lit
tie gIl must lie v-er-y ni1ce to him. Hie
seemis to be very unhappy, too."
IahIara looked thlought Iful, but
there wias 1no pretense of nott undcer
"I'mu sorr-y," shea said. Shle took
her fathier-'s alrmi, and iwhen) thedy
realchetd the sieps Ersklne satw hler
siling. And)( 15smi1ling, almost gny.,
she was att suplper, sittin~g with e1x
quisite dlignlity in her- mlothier's pineeC,
Of E-rskine, wh'io sat ait her r-ight, shio
askedl maniy questions about the com-)
lng camp)laignl. Captain C'lark 1had saild
he wouldi go wilth a h)undred 11en1 if
110 cophid get no more. The ralilying
I polu wold he the tor-t in Kentucky
wh~er; lie bag~ fG'gt come back to his
own) people, and( Dat " andell would
be capltain of a companfl1y. 11 i.lRl
was going as guIde, thlough he .O
to aet as soldier as wvell. Per-hal,.
thecy might binlg back tile Hair
Buyer, Gener-al I lllmilton1, a prisone~r
to Williamnshurg, and( the hel10 would
join Hlarry and HulghI in thle militia
tf tihe war enme1 south and1( Vir-ginia
were invadetld, as soane pr1ophiesied, bly
Tar-leton's WVhiite Ttanger-s, who l had1(
been1 ravagling the Carolinnas. After
supperl0 the lIttle lady excuised herself
with a smiling courtesy to go to 1her
mloither, andlt ErsIkineC found hlimlself
in the mloonil iht 01n tihe big portico
with1 C'olonei Dale alo.
"Eiskine," he0 said, "'you malike it
very diflicult for moe to) keep your
secr'et. IHugh alonie seemls to suspect
-he mu1)st have got the idea from
Grecy, hut I hatve warn-led him1) to say
nothing. The ot hers seemii not to hav'e
ti~ouighit of' tile mat ter- at all, It wats
a boyish imllise of geinerosityV whlech
you 1)ay3 regret-"
"Never," inter-rupt ed the boy. "I
hlave no0 use--less than1 ever now."
"Never-thcl ess," tile colone10 Wenlt on,
"I regard mlyseif as mter-ely yourn
steward, and I must tell you 01)e thinlg.
Air. Jeffersonl, as you know1), is always
at open) war withi people like us. His
hiand is against coaeh and1( fourl, silver
Jliate, aind aristocrnt, le is fighting
now) algalist tihe law that gi-es prop
erty to the eldest son, and( lhe will pa~ss
tile hill. H-is atrgument is rather amus11
1Ing. He saysS if yOU will sho~w him) thlat
tihe eldest son eats more, wetars more,
011( (1008 mlore wotrk than his br1othlers,
he will grant ,thiat thait soni is en
titled to more. He 'ants to llot out
ail distinctions of ciass. lie can't
do that, but 1he will pass this hill."
"I 1h0p1 he0 ill." muttteed Erskine.
Probably Had.
Ile-"i-en't I seen you somewhere
some1 timle?" She--'Oh, very likely. I
was there at the tiam. wa mentio&0
lathered Prom All Parts Of The n
Globe And Told In Short ir
Paragraphs p1
Although many days have passed
In(e fire obliterated Smyrna, 75,000
urvivors remain exposed on the quay,
estitutr, distracted and abandoned.
o allied vressel has offered to salvago
his last wreckage of human life. I
A dispatch from Smyrna says that
r. Wilfre'l Post of New York, medical
Jrector of tlh, near east relief, has
rged the Turks to bury their dead,
n order to prevent pestilence. Ile has
iso appealed to them o vaccinate ev- in
ry one in order to guard against chol- w
ra and snallpox. in
The house of Hlohenzollern has for
nally given con ient to the marriage of
x-Emperor Wilhelm to the windowed
princess Jiermine von Schoenaich-Car
dath, which will probably be solemniz
1d in November. w
Fourteen persons were killed and r(
7 injured, two of them Americans, in d,
he wreck of a northbound passenger
rain at Empalma Gonzales, it was
Innounced at Mexico City, Mexico. a
The Dublin correspondent of The p
3elfast Telegraph asserts that nego- It
intions are proceeding Itamonn do a
Valera, the republican leader who is
n Dublin, and the provisional govern
Greeks are reported to be massacre- 2
Ing Turks in Thrace in retaliation for
the alleged atrocities in Smyrna.
The attitudq of Foreign .jnister
SniMj / ri oppositionI to any military
expeditlon to' TuIrkey, with the idea of
supposedly defendin,g the freedom of
the state thereby, has been confirmed
at a meeting of the Italian cabinet.
Barter replacing the use of money in
various parts of Germany as a result
of the serious dopreciation of the
The Sussex regiment is reported to
have left Londonderry, Ireland, with its
destination, it is understood, the near
east. An advance party of the North
Staffordshire regiment, the other bat
talion of which is at Constantinople,
traveled by the same steamer.
The identity of the s .'l g0 g,
ti. ;o. Bi 11 t; Wei lcted u by the
steamer "Ileffron" in the Chiiit sea
during the recent typhoon, has beeol
established as the Kino Maru, owned
by the Tokio Steamship company.
Turkish nationalist forces haveseiz
ed the wn gf IEz-Ine, on the Asiatic
side or th 1 t.ardtunlJs and are now
threatening J\tn tialesi, an imnpor uu
key position to tho southern side of
the straits. The Kenalists were no
where opposed.
According to (ispitclles from Lon
don, aitlhotih it is concedel France
1# inlavor of muoral p)ersuasionl anent
tid Turkish situzaion, all eyes of the
allied( nations are~ tuIrnedl toward Con
Dtisltiptche show that the Turks con
tinmue to concenltrate at Ismid. Great
Drita in is undc -tood to haveo calledI
upon01 Ju go-Slaria and R oumnan ia, as
well as her own dlominionus, for aid, in
preventing anu alttack up~on1 Constantino
It is announced ini Toronto that Can
adau is prepared 111)on a week's notice
to send a prepared air fleet of five
thousand men to operate around1 Con
stantinople in ease it becomes neces
sary or if called upon01 to (10 so by the
mother country.
An emergency approprlation of
$200,000 for relief of American refp
4 in tihe Near- East. was reeOOm
mlendea' to the senate by President
Presiden1t Harding~ Jmas signed tflo
Lariff bill of 1922, making~ the new rate
sffective at once.
President Hlardling has issuedl ai
proclamation designating Monday, Oc
Lober 9, as national fir'e p~reventionm
lay. Tihe fire waste in tihe United
States, year' after year-, the presidlent
[llclar'es, reaches appalling figutres.
Uniformity of action was dlemanded
>f tihe field officers of the veteranls'
biurean by Director Forbes in an ad
iress to tihe conference of officials of
the fourteen regions district, meeting
In Washington to discuss closer co-opl
ration in the work on behalf of for
ncr service meon.
Pr-emident Harding vetoed tihe sol
:ller's bonus bill, informing congreoss in
I written message thmat wilie ho was
n1 aecord with "thle avowed purp'losg"'
>? the measure- lhe did( not subscr01ibe
:o its p~rovisions5. It is tile conceensus
~f thmrse "in the knowv" that tihe house
wvill overridle the veto andl the senate
vill sustain it. It takes two-thirds of
boith houses0 to override a presidlential
A constitutional amendment giving
2ongress powver to regulate child labor
In the various states has been proposedl
In a resolutionl introduiced b~y Represen
tative Glraham (Rep.) of Ilinos.
The Cable bill, designed to equalize
nlaturalizallon and~ citizenship rights of
women with those of men has boen
app~irovedl by tile president. Uinder its
p~rovisions an American wvoman will not?
lose her United States citizenlship on
marriage to an~ alien, andl an alien I
wvomnan will be0 requlired to qualify for
naturaliza~tion ind~ependlent of her hus
g followed with much interest in
'ashington because of indications that
e Itysts!in groups, d9miinated by Joffe
d is Moscow associate?, are making
cry effort to obtain full political rec
Uiaion of the Soviet government by
tifl. Those attonipts seem to have
fled at evif ugint.
The new rates ,of the tai'fi r; 1922
w apply on the flow of AmerIcal
sports. The law, marking a new
lase in the history of American tar
' and making in its provisions a del
ation to the president of broad pow
s under the elastic rate provisions,
mnt into effect at midnight, Septen
r 22.
Declaring that the "transportation
tlook is ominous," the National
nber 'Manufacturers' o,ssociation an
unced that scarcity of cars and slow
ss of forwarding those which have
en loaded had cut lumber shipments
the week ending September 16 to
nly 82 per cent of the production."
lipments that week were only 17,000,
0 feet greater than in the correspond
g week of 1921, although production
is 73,000,000 feet greater, the state
ant declared, and added.
A stick of powder, 20 inches long
is exploded in the Burlington rail
ad roundhouse at Aurora, Ill. Win
Iws were blown out and the report
as so loud it could be heard for
Iles, yet not one of the twenty men
work was hurt and no equipment
as damaged. A second stick of the
nwder which had not been exploded
ter was found in the roundhouse by
railroad special agent.
Bituminous coal operators and repro
mntatives of the United Mine Workers
ill meet at Cleveland, Ohio, October
to open negotiations for a 1923 wage
As the result of foreign ships racing
> American ports in the past few days
1 an effort to heat the signing of the
ew tariff hill, Boston war"houses arc
ow jammed with wool. The amount
ow in bond here is estimated at G5,
00.000 to 70.000,000 pounds.
Dr. Arthur D. Jaques, Wi) 0MUmit9iii
he body of 'Miss Edith Lavoy, free
>ort school teacher, after she had beet
hot, declared at the trial of Willian
Q. Creasy of l'ort Thomas, K\y., charg
d with the murder, that th woun<
vas not self-inflicted. Creasey claim
d, upon his arrest, that Miss Lavo;
;hot herself.
hen d corpse sat up in stretchc
and argued with an embalnmer he wa
taketnt court aigl . Qh ica.gc awcj '
(or' disofi' obChiei
2.-: Wlas (oild ly(ng' on the rail~re
trai(ks and 1umlrned over to the 1mde
takers in the 1betef that he was dea
When he came td ife, however, 11
undertaker turned hiin, over to the I
llike Rancher 1s gloating over I
pay. He work'; in a mine at Ro<
wood, 1'a. lie drew $291.15 for t,
woeks' work. IHe worked only eig
hourds cachc day. lie turned out oite
thanii 250 tonls of' coal with a puick
twelve days.
Two m11n and1( one woia n were
rosted and1( heb1( in connection with ti
iest igat ion illio the theft of' reglste
od miiail vairiotts:ly valued1( at from $54
(000 to $ I00,000. fr!omi an3 expiress an:
ba.'ggage r00om at 'Tri nida d, C:olo., un11o
depot0, 01n M\ay 1st, las;t.
The fire whiich1 1O'l reetly dlostroye
w'o hbusin~s's houses antd fourj dwelvo
ngs at Newi Orleans, I a.. ('autsed
oss of approximlately $l05,000.
Hiarriowing accounits wereo given h
lhe Krueger brothiers, Bert and I Ta1
>ld, wh'lo have just reached t heir 11011
it Stuart, Fla., of their at tempt t
ly the Blluebird, from New York t
Mrs. Cora Llilley, \v'ho was divorce
'j9Ql 4Pgert A. kijley, East St. Louli
1I., admitted it was her ninth dGvorco
C. \y, Austin former dlir'eft,- I
ras conivicted at Orangeburg, S. C
>y a jury of violating the state banl
ng lawys.
A JUn1ited States nlaval balloon whicl
ts ofl'iers replor'ted, was fired upo)
lear Monr 1o0, N C., Ianded0( ne~arI Roe
1111, S. C.; It was learned.
Miss Ev'elyn1 (almanm, lDepere, WVis.,
oenher in the Rtacino publ)1Ic school
iod as the r'esult of an alccidenta
low de11ivered ( withI a golf stic(k h:
llan S1im1pson, atssistant district attom
,0y~ of thiis ('outy, whol was dlemlo
trating1 thle scienco of druiv'inug a gol
all ont a lawn.
Henr 1y For'd's intduistrtial 5 sti ha 1
nod. TIhe great aultoobilel plant:
1Detrtoit emp1loying upjwar'd of 70,001
10en, which wiere recently3 closed fo
n Indellfi nite period1 (1u1 to the (:0n
ituatIion, as tile manu11fneturzer's prp'
Fest aga inst wha;t, ho t drmed "exeos
lve ('(al( prices,"' are again the scene:
f industriaI act ivity.
The Capper-IFincher bill, providilnI
>' regulatlonl of tradinig in future:
n) gra in mtarkets has been1 sitgned b:
10 pr'esident. It b~ecomfes effective 01
ovembler' first.
Return of striking shlopmen at thu
oster' shops of thle Southern railwal
t Knoxville, Tenn)., was marked by t~h
rorst outbrheak of thie strike periot
P1hen non-union03 workmnen were drive
ff, It is .alleged, in a free-for-all bal
le in which 14 meln received minor ii
Senator IBursum (Republicaft~ of Nem
loxico) has introdluced into the sor
to another bonus melasur'e, de(fined( ii
s title as the "veterans' refunld an)
djutsted c01)omesationl ac(t." No hprc
ision is ma'.le foi' financeing the bc
D, spepsia Are
Soon ed
Victims of stomaclj trouble' and
rheumatism often find that when their
stomach Is set In order,- tjia. rheuma
tim disappears. Thousands of people
everywhere have testified that Tanlae
has freed them of both troubles almul
fahtoun". ,; nobert Trotter, 148
State St., St. Paul, Minn., says '
"About a year ago I began tQ go
down hill. Sour stomach and rheuma
tism in my arms and shoulders kept
me In misery all the time. Since tak
ing Tanlac all my aches and pains
have gone, and my stomach is in fine
shape. I'm glad to endorse such a fine
Badly digested food. fills the whole
system with poisons. theumatism
and many other complaints not gen
erally recognized as having their ori
gin in the stomach quickly respond to
the right. treatment. Oct a bottle to
day at any good druggist.-Advertiae
Enterprising Twins.
Gustaf and Wilhelm Dyresen, twin
brothers, were horn in Sweden on
March 26. 1850. They entered the
Naval academy when of age together
and ever since have been running neck
and neck for navnl honors. 10ach has
held nearly every important post in
the Swedish navy. 'T'hey are now vice
admirals and have only one more rung
in the ladder to climb before reaching
the grade of admiral.
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else hut. kidney trouble, or the
result. of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidnetys are not in a healthy com
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
Pain in tiw. back, headache, loss of am
bition, ntrvout~sss, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilner's Swampt- lIot, it physician's pro.
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
.e just lie remedy needed to overcome
autjt cotdit ions.
GM ?r mediun qr large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
Ilowever, if you wish first to teat thi
great preparation send tign cl" D
Kilmer & Co., yin .to Dr.
tioN. Y., for a
samipl bot' \'hen writing he sure and
ue .on this p:per.--:Advertisement.
Sweet Young Gardener.
r Numblere'd ang Iny neeptaintannces
is it very sweet young womini who, like
mnty other tunaldiens., tutriug this year
ilet obi'xs'lsessedi wit the desire to
itnve a little g rteni of tr own, and
Ibe ting like tst etml yting wonen, very
11omt+ tt' pitlles, shte tripiped gayly one
d ty Into it store whore they sold gair.
de and flowt'r steeds na1l walnted to
ktnow if they keit any lickle semh.
t 0 .\gri'tnlit'tre \'alnee,
h'i laase tank. .. - h ilan,1 M att.
ach pelmige of "'Diamn Dr01(~ es" con.*
lains direttfioni.a o sitaple anty wvomtan canl
ert or Iint her wotr.ntl thibv drtesses,
even if site has tnvert dved be'fort'. Unhy
"iamtitond I y)es"'--no (Ifther kindl -t hen
pe ~trfeef t:tome dy~eintg is sturet ease Dia
m tomti D~yes ar to aanteed ncot . to spot,
.ade mukrealt ortrun. Te'(ll yotur tdruggist
whether l t he flit' eriatt'l 'n wishi to dve in
wool oir silk. tl r e wheter it is hnenot, cotton
''t mixed gttods...--Advert isement.
Tiny Township Has Mighty Thirst.
litunturut i, a t inty t ownship int Kentya
STimes' ut rre.sptonden'lt at Niriotsi.
3 et tletment, which hasi nuo foiur liquor
i lenses anid is planin tg to haiive ni
-Watch Cuticu-ra Improve Your Skin.
OIn risitng and reti ring gently smetir
, he fnee withi Ciiiieumrn Olntmenit.
i Waushi off Olimelt In fliye minutes
c with Cuttieuirnt Sonp andl hot wvater'. It
is wonderful whant Cutictirn will dou
for poor comptileux lons, daindtruff. liching,
andit redl rouIight htands.--Ad(Iveirtiseent.
English Daily for Jerusalem.
.ltttsailuemt stont Is fo hamvt at daily
wviilbe owtted andl 'ti odiledby itn Amter
icenn wiontmm. .irs, illing of Newv
in l'itlost inuei std.\ng loeni coniditins.
Mrs. I atlintg hats paidi $250,000 for a
bumililing lo lie ttsed for her vetur ie.
The .re'sses andiu other meichieti c
equlilipenit. foir the palper are now~t ont
their wn t.t fronm t' Uitled Sltate.
Dr. Peooy'n "Dearh shot" hi Ipowerfut ht
umnfe. 75. years of success lhan p'rovel It.
With ono' single dlosn, WVormse or Tapeworm
enn be expelled froum the systemn tnnd no
oaator oft or othier puirgnfive sthou~mld he used
In addititon. Money backl If niot satisfou.~
Wichita Women Like Hats.
WVomen of Wiuchiftt, Kan., buy an
nyerage of e'ight ( to tet hut s a yeart,
a is revealoud bty ai enn IivaSS of the miii.
itery shoieps- In hant city.
. We must all pay for experIe'nces;
. l'hre ate no pailSes.
.sb Morninfg -~
ee iYu Ey/es
ltears - Cilemm- .nd Health
e.. . r.. Cy' c... n-a. ur. Co m- i auA

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