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Gathered Prom All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
it is possible that the crown prince
of Japan, now regent to the mikado,
may visit Canada and the United
States next year.
The joint committee appointed by
the Mexican senate to examine the fi
nancial agreement signed by Secre
tary ic 1a luerta and the international
bankers in Now York, has reported fa
vorably. The Mexican tipper house has
recommended its ratification without
King Constantine, bowing to the will
of the Greek at my and navy, has ab
dicated, and Crown P'rince George. who
married Princess Elizabeth of itouma
nia, becoinies king of Greece.
When Crown Prince George ascend
(3d the Grecia n throne, he said: "Un
til the people1' say they want mne no
more, I shall hold my throne." He
accepts (ho swift revolution as the
voice of ihe ie'ple.
Revolution Ill Greece, determination
of the G reek revolutionary committee
to cefeiid 'Thirac', relported abdication
of Sultan ;\loihmed VI of Turkey,
nad the siiiiturni attitude of the Tur
kish Nationalist. inl occupation of the
neutral Zone on the straits have coin
Jllientel the Near 10ast situation so
dangerously tl'at it is impossible to
make a decisive forecast of peace or
war. Mohammed VI is said to have
abdicated in favor of his cousin, Prince
Abdul ledjid Effendi, the heir ap
parent. The sultan is sick and in se
The Kemilists have occupied nearly
all the neutral zoie and have the
lirtish at Chanak surrounded on three
sides. In some places the Turks ad
vanced with white flags to prevent the
Blritish i'romii firing upon them. It is
relported that a fow shots were ex
c hanglled.
The anxiety of the liritish cabinet
Iover the Near East situation has been
heightened by news that the Russian
Soviet governen'lit is roorganizing and
St reniighenintg its sotluhern army with
the possibility of Joining the Turks.
It is tated in London that few lBrit
ish officials have any faith in Musta
pha Kemal Panha. They suspect he
is delaying his reply to the allied peace
.not.e to gailit timhe to tirengtlen lhis
forces around the allied neutral zone
n the Tur kish straits.
Consideration of the new Irish con.
stitution is progressing steadily at the
Tarlament sessioln at 1)ublin, and al
roady ton articles of the total of 78
have pased the comm11iitteo stage of ap
Cuban tobacco production for 1922
wa-s p lace'i at 30.000 hales as comlar
ed1 with 1155,000 baloes ini li21, in at re
plort recenlly sent to thet ('ommei)rco de
partmenoit by3 ( . Ii. HuIrst, Amierican
counisel at IIi iolna. Stocks on hand
are estimated1('( at 30)0,000 bales as coim
parel withl applroximlately 450,000 bales
at the samie timet la1st year.
Electrical (energy generattedi at the
gover~inmen)t steam lanl~tt at Sh~effieldl,
Ala., one0 of t he .\uscle Shoals pilanlts,
is being relayed to indul~stry as fas
as8 60u miles away, Thomas W. Martin,
ptresident of thle Ailabama Power comt
pa ny.
The "l'rohiit Navy," restricted
to thle th ree-mtile limit by niew treasury
orderis to iprevent. (1urthe r initernuational
diisptes~ over foreign ship seIzures,
will not be reducedi in strength, it was
declared officially. All boats in serv
Ice will be0 used for platrolling wvaters,
although a few may do."-observation
dutty' beyond the three-mile zone. Those
vessels, however, must. observe the new
ardors not to molest foreIgn shipa.
Preliminary steps were taken by in
erstate conmme'rco commission at Wash
inlgton to restrict sale andl resale of
coat by individuals on one line of dis
tribution between the mines anud i~he
ultimate consumer, Black and forth
setg has been held responsible for
some1 lpyramiding of coal prices5 atnd the
practice is said by officers to be sus-.
ceptible of e'liinlation thrioutgh r'egu
lations pre'ventinug eartloatds of coal be
ing re-consigned from onte shipper- t(
another after each sale.
Presidlent Hanrding will name the
mnem)bers of the 'oail (eommisslitn un
der the liorah fact-findin-i bill, It is
announced at the whlite hiot'e. Butt it
is emph~lasized at the wite house that
the Presidenlt is not bound by3 any
law to appolint any of theo nominees.
The Association of Raillway Execu
tives anouinces that repots f rom the
railroads of the country show that
*working forces in the carriers' shops
have reached 85 per1 cent of ntormal
Taxation is to 1)e the dominant issue
of the congressional campaign from
the Democrastic standpoint, it is an
alounced from D~emocratic headqular
While asserting that weathor condi
tionh were "exceptionatlly' favorable"
to the picking and gintning of cotton
during the past few (lays the weather
bureata reports a "steady dleterioration"
i n the enndition of the crop in the
uortheasteni section of the cotton belt.
Persistent 4ry weather and the wee
yIlI are recorded as the chief factors
1M the amage renorted
lecretary -Demby' ordered' two, .
stroyer divisions, comprising twelive de
stroyers, ' to proceed as early as 'bos
sible from Norfolk to Constantinople
with an extra supply of provisions in
response ta,.a request from Rear Ad
miral Mark' Bristol, American high
commissioner at Constantinople, that
they be sent for the protection of
American interests.
Edwin B. Parker, Vn attorney of
New York, and Houston, Texas( has
been appointed by. President Harding
to be the American commisioner on
the American-German claims commis
sion, it is anounced.
Employment-conditions improved ma
terially In thirty out of forty-two im
portan* industries of the country dur
ing the month of August, as compared
with July, the department of labor an
The production of firearms at private
plants in the United States showed
a decrease of more than 58 per cent
in the year 1921 as compared with the
year 1919.
A canvass of San Francisco bankers
and brokers shows that San Francis
cans have lost at least $25,000,000 spec
ulating in German marks. It is esti
mated that Californians have lost more
than one hundred million dollars as
a result of the fall of the mark.
The first marine and navil aviation
detachment for the Pulitzer air 'aces
which will take place at Detroit in
October have left Quantico, Va., in
a Martin bomber of the aviation ma
rine force.
Five bandits, heavily armed, rode
into Eureka Springs, Ark., in two au
tomobiles to rob the First National
bank. The bodies of two of them are
in an undertaker's establishment, one
bandit is so badly wounded that his
deathi is.momentarily expected, and two
other members of the gang are in the
guarded jail, slightly wounded, as the
result of the reception given them by
the citizens.
Mrs. J. C. Tolbert, who shot and
killed Matt Green, an innocent bystan
der, at Oklahoma City, Okla., when
she went gunning for her husband,
who, she claimed, had sent her to a
hospital with a broken rib as the re
sult of a beating, was exonerated by a
coroner's jury.
David E. Carlson, former cashier of
the Cottage Grove Avenue State bank,
Chicago, missing ten days, cleared -him
self within an hour of his return of
blame in what was reported to be a
$100,000 deficit in the bank's accounts,
according to the state bank examiner.
The army dirigible C-2, after arriv
ing at San Francisco, sailed gracefully
on towards the landing field at Pre
sidio. Three army airplanes escorted
her. The C-2 began the flight from
Ross Field, Arcadia, and made the
journey none the worse for the trip.
Prohibition officials in Philadelphia
say that a certain type of photogra
iphers are getting rich by selling pho
tographs of prohibition officials to sa
ionkeopers in the City of Brotherly
Tales of a phantom iceberg which
agreed in only the most superficial de
tails were told by many of the 800
passengers on the Caronia when the
steamship docked in New York from
Chierbourg and Southampton.
flaldwin, Brown & Co., Inc., dealers
int hard(ware and,1 building material,
Richmmond, Va., have gone into volun
tary bankruptcy after operating unin
terrupitedly for 120 years. Business de
lprossio~n andi other reversals are respon
rible it is stated. The petition filed in
federal court listed the liabilities of
the concern at $5-t,-i78 with assets of
$1 3,234.
Reduction of street car fares from
eight to seven cents and gas from $1.45
pcer thousand cubic feet to $1.30 were
announced b~y the New Orleans, Rail
way and Light company, effective Sep
tember 27.
Representatives of state railroad and
utilities commissions of Kansas,' Mis
souri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska,
South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin,
North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas and
Louisiana are in conference at Kan
sas City, Mo., and are discus ing the.
wvays and means to support the com
plaint filed by the Kansas public util
ities comnmissioh recently against the
freight rates on grain products and hay
in the western railroad group.
Lige Cumban wvas instantly killed
and T. H. Padgett seriously injured
wh'ien a freight. train crashed into an
automobile truck at DeFuniak Springs,
Five workmen wore injured, one per
htaps fatally, lives of forty others im
p'eriled and windiows in neighboring
skyscr'apers shatteredl by an explosion
of an alt' compressor in the new 1111
nois Mer-chants Trust Danik building
in Chicago.
"Antothier national bonus bill will be
passed within the next three months,"
HaI!nnford MacNidor, national comman
dier of the American Legion, said at
Davenport, Iowa, the other (lay.
According to reports from New York
wholesale diry goods men 'aro having
trouble sellinig long skirts in the South.
Soutliern women swere slow in adopting
short skirts, an'I .probably will never
change the style,
Thomson, Ga., is palled by the loss
of its most dlistiniguished son, Senator
Thomas E. Watson, whose funeral is
regarded as the most remarkable in
the history of Georgia.
A large section of, Pittsburg fog was
completely .put out-of iusiness the oth
er day by scientists, weather officials
experts from the United States engi
neering department,
Suspension of Edward Brady & Co.,
New5 York kind Boston stock brokers,
from membershipdin the New Yorkc curb
-market, is announced. Failur, to meet
obligations is alleued
1--Captain Porter, chiet of et
counterfeiters uncovered in that cit
N. C., when Daniel Carter Beard,
Jackson, Cal., laying flowers on coil
Allies Ready to Permit Turkey to
Regain Her Former Terri
tory in Europe.
Greek Army Compels Him to Abdi.
cate and Declares for War to
Keep Thrace-Federal Fuel Dis
tributor Spens Gets Busy
Death of Senator Watson.
WING to the military and u
diplomatic skill of Musta
p pha Kemal Pasha and his col- "
leagues in the Turkish Nation
Salist government, and to the s
* strong determination of 'the :
I people of the allied nations not .1
to embark In another war, It is *
practically certain that Turkey
w will regain the territory in Eu- "
rope which she lost in the
* World war and probably a con- "
siderable part of Mesopotamia,
a now under British mandate. Do U
you and your friends think the
a Turks are entitled to this resto. I
a ration and are really no worse
I than most of their neighbors? I
Or do you believe it is worth
6 another great war to keep them "
I out of Europe?
1 I
C ONCILIAION and concession were
the order of the day In the Near
lIist. The allies, in formally inviting
:he Turks to a peace conference, as
)uredl them that they "will take ad
vantage of this opportunity to de
elare that they look with favor upon
thie desire of Turkey to recover Thrace
Ip to the Miaritza river, and Adrian
ople." It was even intimated that
Russia nould1( be admitted to th~e con
ference, and M1. Fran kln-Bouillon,
who last year negotiated, an agree
ment between tihe Nationhllsts and
tihe French, was sent to Smyrna with
a mandate to deal wIth Kemnal. The
st-ipulation of tihe allies was that the
Dardanelles, the Sea of Mlarmiora and
the Bosporna must remain free and
open'to all nations. The British also
insisted that the neutral zbne, which
emblraces the straits and Constanti
nople, must not be invaded by the
Nationalists daring tile peace negotln.
Early in tile week Kemal gave a
long interview to a correspondent of
the Chicago Tribune, In wvhlep he said
that he had ao dlesire to provoke hos
tilittes with Great Britain, b~ut thlat
he irisisted on complete independence
of the Turkishl empire andi complete
freedlom of tilestraits to all nations.
lIe said( Turkey had2( no, wish to for
tify tile D)ardanelles. hut that sheo
mu~lst control tile Stea of Mlarmor-a and
tile HiOSiporns to scurIe tile safety of
her ca&pital-Constantlinople. On WVed
nesday the Kemnaits annl~ounced thley
would r'espect the neultrallty of the
straits pending an armistice confer
enee with tile. Br'itish generals, Thley
thlen) formulated thleir reply to thle
allIed peace proposals. Not given to
the public at tils writlng, this answer'
is undierstoodl to provide, amiong othler
things, that the Nationalists shal11 Oc.
culpy all strategic p)osltiOnls prior to
the opening of tile conference; that
all British forces en route be recalled
and the British shall not fortIfy tile
neutral zone: thlat the NationalIsts
shall occupy Thraee before tile confer
ence. at which RussIn, Ukralnla and
all oountries hordering on tihe Black
sen shall be represonted; that if thlese
conditions are accepted., theO Nation
alists agree to an armistice confer
ence at Mfadanla, whlich is to he fol
lowed in three dlays by the opening
of tile peace conference In Smyrna.
3Meanwile Kcmai, whlo has freely
expressed is distrust of the British
and especially of Lloyd George, sent
varIous uIts into the AsiatIc part of
the neutral zone and occupIed strate
gic positions from w-hich he0 vIrtually
contretIle ard..,e..e. The Br..
y. -Scneat atina confrenc of
nsee of 40 vit m~ft e r o a t m n
mand for;: theC witdrawL p of th
iTurksecbut Kevea rende thatgo hed
kne 2-Sfn no neutroal onene Tof h
Freinlchoheiexplaned, that hesehad -
cupied tse paes becuse roat Brin
ish hadmdiserdemde neutralt def
mnsfrthe wtrahdrbyawrmttin the ek
tours have freasg roughd them.h
kewtd cam nonseule tme. T he
troops that hxpaduned frthehorth
were concentratedes bncthe arhepelago
ani d dsryegrde ase trnsportsaliled tof
the mtainland aen~tu move onAten
undhaere leaershog rearo.
Rs VOT there army avyistr
a trhae dopedmen whenws prx.n
mecteons daeandng tchel adtion of
minopsrreyt thahdreallnes frnd the
sendin of resanforcemnt AntolThrace.
Onr Wensdaye the abinet ege
and Costoeantrnsforll aicaed
the thrninn favor mofe Cown Prince
pnree aesuioglr comitte
inr cfhare ofm the govm. Mlthey
nouplnsped I thens aprus onl
stantionsdnmordrg th nlectountry
ing Cmoppsatinto the foraion cnfer
minasay aindl to ge aiedst and
agesive waf reifentaino Thrnee.
Army Coann foeadesflly suppotc
the thronean war and theyn saythe
Tge HOUho wtad beern rep or tht
prulgta r was oreay to snee the
paret of thae whoch set cis a.
tEand Inodere thuiteh "Bulgryi
firm rested -to avoi Partsecpateon
eny' diared, btralso becusthe ewu
Pularha ns tn wagr Ilturat countr
andgdesnot wish to ri arThrtion
ofhr prevy midsforues." or
SOe TrRussnar frandthy declared
herel thke Caminofslmas
week.Shest a oe to thie te
deanding thrae retoaion ofe cTurkey
Diin" urpeandof warnigateworldthat
conerndge thrish strari take
ithout ervd-i i participation rie
nited Siltaes ad ; Jaa, the, nta
tina tehia oto fteCi
shal sces tofuncin upl(llo comle-~
tn ohevtionionsinrw of pant'l ese
trs fro vctmsf tbera Theau Chine
governmntiis to be made svrasponsi
blea~l for the ontinudoratialon tnd
p'rtectio of the railwyondd tit ht
kine of nntetral contro, The
otherh alled epwied are hn accod wih
thisplan. T lsehate hCis l the wst-a
comestfroms~ Washigtn tFrom Irekn
tomhae freot thatsg putherg fa1ce o
teVmTr byThe presidentm afgainst
an h otgovernment, in Wits re
scly of protest intmae Ahat- it wlill
Joh nc Seenhe ihe arcf hielo
missaion, areb ngltd an,,ig corresndent
Ga~ RIEATry BRTI as trjoffersaied to
payril $l0,d00,00p of rnegr duel
thpies nitied its nd then Wolil-a
debtis ftmdingcomiss inhiasii bee
considerngsthiee oposation. Atf the
rate oftrypfrenyto the interest adu in
tenextm tof rinforallments Otoberra15
On0 but tsa hefdn clwnuthres ie
tober Consantindjustmalls hworked
toing tiioveinor ooon. Crssmn Bur-ie
to of ho who iswor iembe Fof the
fuentngouoi coimmitsion is i odn m
financherge ofdpil theaet. The
Unjitdf Ste Cexpe (reat Bitain
toayi in ord. e toited ti ctht
the rlposition ty tielen erC er-o
gesivt oft an oerotin traury
bt waracrianar .ll te U.te
4 7
uis money factory of big gang of
oy scout executives at lilue Rtidge,
fth gold eagle badge. .3-Girls Qf
culty, by loans from the Ameriean
people, who had no -reason to expect
that they would not be repaid. Ile
also drew attention to the Ameriean
.suspieion that if the loans were for
.dven the money thus released might
be used In new wars.
CONRtAD N. SP'ENS, railway ofi
elal of Chicago, who was appoint
ed federal fuel distributor under the
act passed by congress, started In by
warning the Various states that his
powers do not extend to coal mined
and sold withJn a given state and
their ofillelais must look after that
end of thie proposition. Ile then asked
eight leading railway executives to
serve ats an advisory committee In the
fuel transportation emergency and
named 13 prominent business mien its
members of an advisory committee for
industry, to keep in touch with the
distribution of fuel supplies for In
dustries in their respective districts.
Large industrial consumers are atskedl
to confine their purchases of coal un
der present conditions ats closely to
current needs as safety permnits; to
suspliend accumnulation of advance
stocks of coal until the present emler
gencey pressure on production is re
lieved ; to unload coal cars immiedi
attely andl return them to service and
to promiptly furnish material required
for new railroad equipment or repairs.
T HE: grand .fury in Alarion1, Ill.,
Which investigated th'e Ilerrin coal
mhine massacre, indicted '76 men for
participation In the outrage, 44 of
them for murder. All of the latter
group have been put under arrest, and
of the total 20 are still at large. Eight
of those accused of murder are held
Wvithout bail. The others were re
eased on bonds, which were furnished
ty the leading citizens of Marion.
Thme defense of the men, as already
Julined,,, by. thiri ,.awyers, wil be, in
/reta hsi piaepreu
'Chiago fomly nee thtem
ney moneya aoryt afbggainst the
tongl p os bade. proceeirls wer
peuctoy oans the atorey Anorthe
union did nhota noncersn toexseve
wth they fom ot the orepar. lhe
sa1id threy hio to e Aeritedican
court leofl tha Unte Stats wer appeal
he Ciuwasebed in Deswrs
encamp e Sf teNraiwAry of he
fourh'sof tesegrizedwarrs, 'eslOii
cortfedra fytw trimenuto ther tregu
lact arms~ely, coarch stred in the yeal
waradin tevarint tategrowatmors
WTey dor riextend ty thear cm
mander-ol in-chief Lwa gi.e Ptche and
byi anordcil Mstder, naterna 'com
mnd of the Amerpolta eion. ne
etragedigarkilwyhe cci. to
serenasn aiory cohite in Lake
naf~ ma1hng Judgie J. W.~ Wmlento
mmr of. wan etlected3 committeer-fn
dhieftfriton om n f el ar.Pi5fo n
utt es intor fromctieorgticone
ofathe mo~lstfiery cosumersalfgreasked
th conie thid s)uddely of caltha
(leuesy nWsigton.a cloel to
yet eewas astafetyn pertesn na
tionapolesnd h wiuati s the Paduanct
ntinee ofol until hePeent in1896 an
forc P~rese i 1rod.Tioe Pouistrs
itelce i rtur thiem oseofrepre
sta ~oti fn8h1,atial92 e wasre
forcted realtoadr. u H ewas orpirs.t
TWood raWn andr i piies and
wasiespelall iaetgatnst the ILergu coal
Natiation h urae 4o
the CfORDN tor All of theeman'er
ournaelcn pof Dulne Earstond
Vafr tiose aced f leder aof he
wiutee bhi. The otewrpapere say
ythe earoyg hope of rtoa Maioe
ht o deene ofte en. The arepub
licnse bypnu their guerrr, ill i
vrfa, that the isaFrivSaterseae
taig cranian the lusionspe-f
lorar injucmtio otai,..y ttr
Y Can Cf
Your, Gr. L:.
Healv .
Persons suffering -
.rouble and who are derweight
find an ever ready friend in Tianlae
This celebrated medicin) has ended
indigestion and .ingreased tle. weight
for thousands of people everywhere
Mrs. 0. D. Flaherty, 1905 Grace St.,
l nehburg, Va., says:
JMy son's health was dully restored
by Tanlac and he actually gained
twenty -pounds in weight. After every
meal he ,suffered terribly fromi severe
pais, pglpitation and shortness of
breath, and had awful headaches. He
was terribly nervous, too. He is
working now every day and Is' -
good health as he ever was."
Under nourishment is the ca
most cases of under weight. T.
enables the stomach to extract
healthy nutriment from the
builds up tle whole body and in.
creases the weight to normal. ill
lions of people have testified to its
great benefits. Get a bottle today
at any good druggist.--Advertisement.
Paradoxical but True.
"The hunm anatomy Is a wonder.
ful hit of mtechanisin," observed an
t aplrntile. "Yes," agreed the fore.
Haan, "I putted Charles on the back
N,nd made his head swell."
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on 4
package or on tablets you are-not get
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
scribed by physicians over twenty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumligo
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets o. Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken packe ntaIns-*
proper directions. IIandy l' a of
twelve tablets cost few c s. Drug
gists also sell bottles of 24 and 100.
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Afonoaceticacidester of
Pleasure's Pen-4"
It Is fine to recline in
shine on the sands, oh
sisters; ut we find, ala
laogrs pass~ that all i .
b'listers.--Boston Tras
_Important to W 1
Esxamine carefully e'
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
As We Grow U~p.
About all the dlifference b~etwven
children and us grownups is that we
I weigh more andl ain't so happy.
-,Atchison County (M14.) Mfail.
All men are. born helpless, and some
,never outgrow it.
"I was pale and thin, hardly (
able to go," says Mrs) Besse
Bearden, of Central, S. C. "
would sufifer, when I stood on (i
my feet, with bearing-down,
pains in my sides and the lower "
part of my body. Icdid not rest
well and didn't want anything
to eat. My color wap bad and'~
I etmiserable. A friend of
mine told me of
The Woman's Tonic
and I then remembered my
mother used to take It.. -. Ater
the first bottle I was better. I
began to fleshen up and .1 Ve
asndmy strength and ood,
I took-twelve btt ling fine
and haven't had a btof trouble
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have had similar experiences in
the use of -Cardul, which has
brought relief where othet
medicines had faled..
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mients, take Cardud. It is a
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j'.ast what you need.
AtyounedenuM'- en+-*

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