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Is Backache Crippling You?
Is tli t dull, nagging backache Mnak
ing it hard for you to get around? Are
you lame, sore and tortured with
sharp, rheumatic. pains? It's time,
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o ten Nature's first signal of kidney
weakness. You may have headaches,
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larities 'too. Kidney troubles, if treat
ed early, are usually -easily corrected.
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A South Carolina Case
B. C. Wells, 91 E.
St., Andersaon, S. C., r*a''
says: "My work re
quires a good deal of
l l f i n g- and this.
brought on -kidney
complaiht. E v e r y
move felt as though
I were struck across
t h e small of my
back. My back was
stiff and lame. My
kidneys acted too freely, but Doan's
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Some Similarity;
Hewitt--"The devil never takes a va
cation." Jewett-"And Cupid always
wears his working clothes."
'Move, Child's Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
Hurry, mother ! Even a sick child
loves the "fruity" taste of "California
Fig Syrup" and it never falls to open
the bowels. A teaspoonful today may
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stipated, bilious, feverish, fretful, has
cold, colic, or if stomach is sour, tongue
coated, breath bad, remember a good
cleansing of the little bowels is often
all that is necessary.
Ask your druggist for -genuine "Call.
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for babies and childen of all aiges
printed on bottle. Mother ! You must
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tation lig yp--Advertisement.
"Little girl, your (loll has very few
clothes.'' "It's a ilapper doll, kind sir,"
she sai(.
Ayoung man who practiced medicine
inPennsylvania became fa'moins and
.was called in d6nsultation in miag
towns and cities .because of his suc
cess In the treatment of disease. This
was Dr. Pierce, who finally 'made un
his mmad to placome of his -medi
,Buffalo, N.Y. pubup whatvh taoe
his 'tFavorite Prescription," and placed -
It with the druggists in evel state.
Dr.Pierces Favorite Presonp~tionshas
long been recognized as a tonic'.for
diseases peculiar to womnankind; After
suffering p ain, feeling nervous; dizzy,
wreak and dragged - down by weak
messes of her sex-a woman Is quickly
restored to health by its use. Thou
sands of women -testify that Dr. Pierce's
-'avorite Perscription has 'entirely
eradicated their distressing ailments.
More recently that wonderful die
coyery of Dr. Pierce's, called An-4ria
(for kidneys and backache), has beet
successfully used by many thousands
'who write Dr. Pierce of the benefite
received -that their backache, rheu
%Datism, and other symptoms of uric
acid deposits in joints,or muscles have
'been completely~eonquered by its use.
Send 10c to Dr. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.,
for trial, pkg. of any of his remedies, or
write for' free medical advice.
-Stonach-KIidn eye--Heart-Live,
Keep the vital organs healthy by
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.ard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uiric acid troubles
'The National Remedy of Holland for
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mina. At all druggists, three aizes..
..e"fw te ".*cCod ed&Ioa oveer n
$1,350,063.90 FOR ONE YEAI
Payments include Items Provided B:
Legislature, Together With
, Federal Aid.
State aid paid to the schools of the
46 counties of South Carolina fron
July 1, 1921, to June 30, 1922, amounted
to $1,350,063.90, accoitling to John
E. Swearingen, state superintendent o
In speaking of this money, Mr
Swearingen said:
"These payments include the elever
items provided by the legislature, to
gether with the federal aid for voca,
tional training allotted to- South Caro
lina under the Smith-Hughes act of
congress. The corresponding figures
for the preceding year were $1,486,
419.36. The difference was due to in
adequate appropriations for the hig:
school tuition, for the elementary
grades of high schools, for publk
school buildings and for the equaliza
tion law guaranteeing a seven months
term. In disbursing the funds undei
these four activities, the state super
intendent's office was compelled to pro
rate the money on a percentage basis
among the applicants.
The "'ures by counties follow.
Abbe% 'e, $16,971; Aiken, $21,432.50;
Allenda.j, $6,636; Anderson, $56,
939.20; Bamberg, $10,129; Barnwell
$14,661.02; Beaufort, $5,099; Berkeley
$8,872.25: Calhoun, $5,954; Charles
ton, $14,938: Cherokee, $10,G11.50,
Chester, $13,012; Chesterfield, $73,
443.56; Clarendon, $16,789; . Coll pton
$32,193; Darlington, $30,867.69; Dillon
$23,848.59; Dorchester, $12,473.88
Edgefield, $12,722.18; Fairfield, $11,
615.50; Florence, $58,524.47; George
town, $10,493; Greenville, $88,703.56;
Greenwood, $13,620.5.,; Hampton, $14,
786.71; forry, $69,369; Jasper, $2,159
Kershaw, $20,528.50; Lancaster, $45,
511.26; Laurens, $13 566.55; Lee
$13,170; Lexington, $45,170.97; Mc
Cornick, $11,351; Marion, $36,733.85
Marlboro, $17,897.92; Newberry, $31,
655.63; Oconee, $73,010.16; Orange
burg, $44,238.63; Pickens, $61,041.69
Richland, $30,718.50; Saluda, $31,930
Spartanburg, $92,852.34; Sumter, $17,
434; Union, $14,188; Williamsburg
$30,729.45; ' York, $31,470.25. Total
Will Experiment in Oiling RQads.
Experiments with oil and tar or
sand clay and top soil roads are to
be conducted by the state highway
department within the next few days
in Spartanhurg and Lexington coun.
ties. Somce oil has already been used(
on roads in Greenwood count-y withi
partial success and another effort is
to be made~l to determine the boneihl
of oil on the dirt highways.
A short sectIon of the Spartaijburg
Greenville highway, state route No. 8
in Spartanburg county, will be0 o~4e1
and a short section of the old1 statt
road will be tarred in Lexington coun
ty. The tar. for this experimertA hai
been donated by the American Tai
Products company.
To inspect BrIdges.
3. L. Parker, bridge engineer of th<
state highway dlepartment, lei't foi
Baltimore, New York and points ir
Maine to inspect b)ridge woigk. Th<
highway department is designing thc
Ashley river bridge to ,be built al
Charleston and Mr. Parker wants tc
get 'some ideas as to the durability
of similar structures erectedl in thc
North. . *
Mr. Parker hopes to find any weali
spots in tho structures in the No'411
in order that the highway departmenl
may 1be able to eliminate these in t-hc
Ashley structure at Charleston, J. W
Martin, Cha'fleston ebunt y highway
engineer, *accompanied Mr. Parker.
AnnexatIon Move to be ExamIned.
Governor H-arvey appointedl S. P
Poston, J. H. Tune, J. S. Altman and
D. A. Hanna as commissioners to ex,
amine into the proposed annexatioil
of a part of Florence county to Wil.
liamsburg. Mr. Poston and Mr. TunE
are opposed to the annexation, while
Mr. Altman and Mr. Hanna are ir
favor of it.
rTe arga desiring to be0 anexed
to Williamsburg was in this county
two years ago, but voted into Flor
once. However, a "change" has beer
brought about and the same section
46.3 square miles, wants to get bacli
to Wflliamsburg.
Approves no More Orders for Coal.
According to advices -to the South1
Carolina railroad commission from th(
interstate commerce commission, the
commission will not approve any more
ordlers for coal, and buyers of coal will
place their orders direct. In a word
the situation goes back to that whichi
obtained prior 1o .July 26. The inter
state commerce omIssion "has es
pendled regulations relative to thc
classifying of coal and the commis.
sion will no longer function as tc
epproving orders," it was said at the
offices of the commission.
Penitentiary May Mpke Shirts.
Governor Harvey, John W. Arring
ton, of Greenville, and' William Tara
dash, represonting the Sterling Con
pany, of Chicago, visited the peniten
tttiry recently with a view to seeing
what could be done toward establish
ing-a shirt or garment factory at the
prison in addition to the chair fac
The governor Is not entirely satis
fied with the work of the chair factory
and believes some additional effort
would be fruitful. He will likely rec
omnmend to the legislature the estab
lishment of a shirt factory or some
garment plant to augment the pres
ent effort. Governor Harvey believes
a good deal of effort is lost and that a
shirt factory would be a paying prop
Mr. 'T'aradash has an excellent prop
osition, his company furnishing every
thing but the labor, which the peniten
tiary would provide. This plan Is
working successfully in other states,
the governor was told.
With' a shirt or garment factory
many prisoners who are now unable
to do work could be placed in gain.
ful employment. Prisoners on tha
county chaingang who are incapaci
tated, could be brought to the prison.
and put to work at the machines.
In connection with the visit.and the
inspection, the governor said he was
against the present plan of having
long tern criminals on the county
chain gangs and favored a plan where
by all persons serving more tha -two
or three years should be put in the
penitentiary. On the county chain
gang favoritism is likely 'to be prac
ticed and escape is easy on a number
of the chain gangs.
Prisoners working in the proposed
new factory could be taught a trade
and when they havb served their time
would be able to go out into the,
world witli a gainful occupation.
The governor also believes prison
ers should receive pay for a part of
their labor and this kept by the prison
officials for them so that when they
serve their time they will have funds
to make a new start in life. In case
the defendant has a family dependent
upon him, the chief magistrate be
lieves part of his labor should be
given to the family.
State Fair Plans Five Days' Racing.
The horse races at the state fair
this year will occupy five days on the
program instead of three as hereto
fore. Excellent cards are being work
ed up for each day.
One of the features of the events
will be the Columbia derby to be held
on Wednesday, October 26, carrying
a purse of $500.
On the opening day, Monday, -Octo
her 23, Mrs. Vanderbilt,, who will be
here to open the fair, will be the guest
of honor and her party and Mrs. Wil
son G. Harvey, state chairman of the
woman's building comilittee and her
party will occupy special boxes.
There will be twenty boxes for sale
in the grand stand which is now be
ing built. There will be seats for
5,000 in the grand stand.
D. D. Witcover will have supervip
ion of the races this year. Entries
or information may be addressed to
Mr. Witcover, Box 393, Columbia.
On Saturday professional automo
bile races will be held and it is plani
ned to bring some renlownedi drivers
The horse races wil be held under
the conditions and ruldes of the Union
Trotting association.
The new half-mulle track Is being
finished uIp in goodl style and condi
,tions i~or' the participants and specta
tors this year will be0 much better
than heretofore.
Following is the program with purse
for horse races:
Monday, October 23:
2:22 trot (closed), $500; one-halt
mile running race, $150; one mile run
ning race, $200.
Tuesday, October 24:
2:20 pace (closed), $50; 2.14 trot,
$300; one-half mile running race,
$100 ;seventh-eighth mile running
race, $150.
Wednesd.ay, October 25:
2:14 pnce, $300; 2:25 trot or pace
South Carolina owned, $300; one and
one-eighth mile running - Columbia
derby, $500.
''hursdlay, Octobot 26:
2:17 trot, $300; 2:17 pace, $300, one
half mile running race, $150; seven
eigh th m ile running 'race, $200.
Not Many Have Sent in Applicatioits.
Of tile 179 high schools which re
ceived state aid for the session of
1921-22 only 73, or about 40 per cent,
haye filled application in the high
school inspector's office for state aid
inl the session of 1922-23. In aill, only
83 applicatsions for aid in 1922- 3 have
been filed. by high schools, ten of
those being from new high schools.
From the following counties, no high
school applications have been re
ceived: Abbeville, Andef~on, Barn
well, Calhoun, Georgetown, Jasper,
Kershaw, Leee, Rich land, Spartanburg
and Union, according to information
given out at the office of the state
superintendent of education.
Asking For Bids.
Bids for the construction of 9.55
miles of hard .surfaced road in
Charleston county between a *point
near Tidewater creek and the At
lantic Coast Line crossing near Meg
getts, will be received by the Charles
ton sanitary and dirainage department
up until neon of October 19, the high.
way department announced.
The department will also receive
bids ump until noon of October 11 for
the construction of 9,792 miles of
IColumbia-Savannahm highway in Jas
per coumty
Pitiful Cries For Help Are Heard Com.
ing From Under Wreckage As
Rescue Work' Goes On.
Spezia, Italy.--The number of dead,
it is feared, will reach 144 in the ex
plosion at Falconara fort, near here,
according to the available estimates.
The number may go higher. Setleral
hundred have been injured. A ma
jority of the victims are still buried
beneath the, wreckage.
Pitiful cries for help are heard
coming from beneath iNumerous heaps
of debris, but though the rescue
work is proceeding it will be some
time before the last victims are ex
tricated from the wreckage of the
immense number of houses which
were razed.
Seventy bodies already have been
recovered from the debri., Fifteen
hundred tons of explosives were stor
ed in the deep tunnels of the fort.
The entire top of the hill on which
it was located was completely blown
away. The work of recovering addi
tional dead is proceeding. No correct
estimate can be made of their num
Streams of injured have arrived in
automobiles, trolley cars, lorries and
ambulances from the scene of the
explosion. Nomerous other Injured
persons are being sheltered in the
schools, waiting rooms of the rail
way stations and private house.t. The
hospitals are filled.
Troops, riflemen and civilians, are
working hard to clear away the
wreckage, but their task is almost
superhuman one.
,Lvery tree within a radius of many
miles of the explosion Was uprooted.
All the windows in Spezia were brok
The Italian Red Cross, inmuediately
later the explosion, sent large (iuan
titles of medical stores and o'her
first aid necessities to the seen.
The wounded were rushed to the
hospitals 1le-re, all of which were fill
ed. Military forces have been as
signed to the work of rescue. All
Fascisti of the provenico of Genoa
have been mobilized by their chiefs
to assist the soldiers.
Solon Rides PJane to Funeral.
Washington.-Representative Bland
of Virginia joined the congressional
"flying squadroon" taking an air route
for a hurried trip to Hampton to at
tend the funeral of a friend.
Representative Bland read in a
NJewport News paper that he had
'tecn selected as an honorary pallI
>earer at the (fueral of Col. Nelson
S. Groome, presiden1t of the Blank of
Tampion, V'a.. and1( a muombher of the
Lirginia legislature. Representa tive
Blland also read that. the funeral would
ic held ini Hamp Iton at 2 030 o'clock.
Fle glanced at his watch, called the
irmy air service hueadlquarters on1 the
elephone and at 12 o'clock took off
romn Iling field in an airplane for
Uangley Field.
Cotton gxports Increase In Value.
Washington .-E'xports of cotton do.
areasedl in volume but increased -in
value during August as c'omparedl
with August, 1921, accordhing to for
3ign tradle reports issued( by the comn
muerce dlepartmnent.
E'xports of the commodity totalled
272,808 bales worth $31,000,000 last
mtonth, as against 423,401 hales worth
Ip20,000,000 In Augusit a y-ear augo. For
the eight months ended with Inst gu.
gust. cotton shipments .totahll 3,480,
M'9 hales, wvorth $348,000,000, against
1 789,236 sales wvorth $274,000,000 dur
Ing the corresponding months- a year
Cotton cloths exported during Au
rust aggregated -50,000,000 square
'ards, worth $7,000,000, as compared
with 50,000 000 against 332,000,000
uquare yardls wvorth $46,000,000 during
he eight months ending Augutst, 1921.
Form Provisional 'Government.
London.-Indicationts of revolution
ury conditions in the Gireekc island of
Drete wvere 'reportedl in a telegram
receivedl in official circles from Canac,
.h chlfe town on the islandl. All the
prisoners housedl in th town jail Cs.
ap~ed and dreated dlisturb~ances
broughout the city. There being no
ocal authorities to (deal wIth them,
~hey wbre rather free in their actions.
Frinally a, provisional local govern
ment was formned to control the sit
EducatIon Week in December.
Washington.-- American education
week has been set for December 3 to
9, inclusive,-it was announced by Gar
land W. Powell, assistant national di
rector of Americanism for the Ameri..
cnn Legion, which inaugurated the
movement last year and is receiving
the co-operation of the United States
bureau of eduication and the National
Education association.
The anouncement followed a con
feren ce between President Hard ing,
Mr. Powell and John J. Tigert; United
States cominsionne of education.
after every meal
adds a zest and helps digest.
One five cent package of Wrigley's
contains a beneficial after dinner
treat for the whole family.
It gives delight and keeps teeth
white. It's a satisfying sweet.
Wrigley's is cleansing, cooling and
soothing to mouth and throat.
Lasts long-costs little-does much.
Wrigley's is made clean and conmes
to you clean, wholesome and full of
flavor in Its wax wrapped package,
WRIGLEY'S P. K. is the
new sugar-jacketed gum.
All Wrigley's benefits
Save the and an extra treat for your
-O "sweet tooth."
They are food for valuaable
-\ C?
for Economical Transportations
f. o. b. Flint, Michigan
cAnnnouncing the New
Again Chevrolet Motor Company has emphasized its admitted
leadership as producer of the World's Lowest Priced Quality
The new SUPERIOR models-one of which is here illustrated.
represent the most sensational values in modern, .economnical-'
transportation ever established.
Quality has been still further imyroved by more artistic design
and added equipment.
Economy has been still further increased by engineering refmne'
ments and gr early broadened production and distribution facilities.
Service is ensured by more than 10,000 dealers and service stations
operating on a flat rate basis.
Prices remain the same in spite of added etiuipment and more
expensive construction, w'hich have greatly increased value.
Some Distinctive Pie .o .Fit
Streamline body design with
high hood: vacuum feed and
rear gasoline tank on alas.Tlrn -$2
models; drum type head lamp.
with legal lenses. Curtains open 2Ps.Rese 1
with doors of open models.
All closed models have Fisher as ea 6
bodies with plate glass PsSdn. 85
T'ernstecdt regulated windows.
straight side cord tires, sun 2Pa.Utiy
visor, windshield wiper and
dash light. Sedanette is equip-CU. 60
World. l~a 2gPass.MRoasTer - 100C
QUALITYAutomobass.TSedan ho- - 86
Deaer anPrt DPs ante 85
pe ith'auto troynar. utl cie
S.fMgg" . Theesee t 00Cevo

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