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Locals auPersols
Mrs. John Carey :s visiting her
mother, Mrs. Green, in Greenville.
During the month of Oetober you
can get The Sentinel two years for
two dollars.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hlerde spent
* last week-cnd with their daughter at
Honea Path.
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Pr:nee visitedl
the latter's father, Mr. J. M. Neely,
last Sunday.
Born unto ir. and Mrs. Edw.n
Stansell, Septenber 2(, a fine b'>
Edwin Haskell, Jr.
Mrs. AIf 'Tanner and children of
Da(; .usville spent lat Thursday with
Mis. J. L. 0. 'fhoinpson.
Mrs. A. C. Whiten of Salem is
spending a week with her sister, Mrs
Manley, on Cedar Rock street.
Miss Luelha Nichols of Greenville
is nursing Mrs. Tirzah Newbery
whose (onl:lion doit not improve.
Mr. T. J. MJ.lildin will leave for
Columbia anId (ther points South in
T few days. She wj'll b gone several
We my n que-te' to a niunee that
Rtv. lI'h- G. i itd w ill preach at
Secona next Sunla\ ni.nin: at 11
A ce:'dlI from eir 1 inn ra townsn'tan
.J lR. A*\ :lm ei', nOw <iI' l-tistis, f'i..
a t'';at . n'riist r'aaties are noiw tin
Mrs. II A. Itichcy is with her
(ai ghtr in l'ikeins n1w, after sev
Sral n:1: it hs sp nit with relat:'es in
G r< env ille.
Mr. :'ni Mrs. Roy Neel y from Eas
-y :a i mpainie.l by M iss Sadie and
Alton ', ly spent Sun hay at Keowee
in )n,tt ctuty.
A\ rei("v:I nUt(t'n(; w\:ll beg-in ate
the I'ickins Mill c'huirh Sunla,
fight, Octelht r Sth. itev. .1. W. Guy,
will do the prt aching.
Mr. and Mi-s. J1. N. M.rgan a"
t wt thdUters, M b- s'e .1 :s'e a'
dennl'i( tf eitii aal v.i:'ited: tht( fail
c Mr. R. A. hiew n last week.
l r. Roy (i istra ip of I'iek ens an
liss Mary (t rtner of Salen w'.i
rcent ly mararied1 at t he rt 'idlence .i
Mr. I3 n Fiaser by Rev. .1. W. Ilea(
Scilege spoe:al ist in miariketin g, wi
pr-~ :k to the l.'dties atI l':ash'v at
c.'lkek in t' afttrn'a.n of O'riobe
31is .Jessit I .te .1ennai ngs, who ha:
ha n in ('ilerado ftor the last four
ten mn t hs, co'me u 1l'iekens las
Sunday. She will work for the tele
Th<l following gu('st s enjoyed a de
lightfutl dinner given at the hoSii3'o
M1r. a nd Mrs. I". WV. Simps~on) on Ias
Sunthey: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jamies
MI r'. a lid Mi's. lk n Dillard WaI chil
drc n, l 't ry' mal Lee Dil lar'd, all 0
Mr1. J1chn WV. Brock, prominent citi
'.en of neari Central, was Cauried b:
Dr,. Petetr las week to a Spartan
burg hospital f'or treatment. Mi
Brio('k is suffering- froni stomiae
tro'(uble and underwent an oper'atio
about two years ago.
The' family of Mr. and Mr's. WV. 'I
Dayux <.f the Gritfin seL'tioni hold
ione' -reord. Mr'. and Mr's. Da
aetePar'enlts of tein t'h:ltdren an
-six of t 1.t children wtert hioin bet wee
Janiuary 7 and JIanuar i10I. All th
children are living.
Mr'. and Mrs. J1. '1. Tlr' of Pitk
cns and Rev. I). WV. Il iett. Rev'. hF
C. Watsen and( Mr'. A-\. 1. Taylor o
'asicy left last Friday to v'isi Re\
Pat Withr'ow in Charleston, '. ni
The people of Sasley gave the tri;
to Mr. Hliott and Mr. Watson.
D. B. Finney has ty:eepted thi
position as nightwatchmnan at Pick
ens. Finney has just closedi a mos
successful season as a baseball play
or. The first p;art of the season hi
plalyed with the St neea team of th<
Oconee county league and lhe playe<
wvith the Waynesville team dlurinr
the sce.ond half of the Western Norti
Caro'lina league, prlov'ing one of thc
stars of that organization. At third
base lie made only four' errors during
forty-twvo games, batted .365 and was
the leading 'home run hitter of the
league wvith 23 circuit drives in the
forty-twvo games. .Ho has been of-..
fored contracts in' higheri class league,
for 'next season but so far' has not
signed with any club.
Mrs. Lou Uirt'- is visiting it Lak
Junaluska, N. C.
Miss Maud Maroney of Greenvill
was the week end guest of Mrs
Harry LaBooh.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, Mr. Wesley
Garrett and M ^ss Florence Garreti
visited in Walhalla last Sunday -
Mrs. George Hall and childreni
spent several days lasc week with
her aunt, Mrs. Cora Martin, near
Dr. Glymph, the leading eyesight
specialist of Anderson, will be here
again next week. Read his ad in
another column.
Rev. and Mrs. F. T. Cox, their
children and Miss Winnie Stewart,
visited Mr. Cox's mother at Founta'n
Inn last Sunday. j
Miss Annie K. Armstrong of Flor
ence is spendind some time with her
brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Thompson re
turn(d to their home in Charlotte
.\onday after spending several day.
with the forner's mother, Mrs. J. L.
). 'I'hoimpson.
A1 all-day singing was held at
'et( r':'i cek chu ich last Sunday.
I'mi. IlIt BItld:ng, assisted by a
qum tr itt ' f''rinm Grtenville and others
It'd the- siin'ilg.
'Th crl Auxiliary (f the Baptial
(hi nch will meet next Friday after
; (nn with Mrs. C. E. Robinson. Al
-irls twelve yeat s (1c1 are invited i
1.. tart sent.
Rev. J. E. Fester of Pt ters Creel
wi'as a' welcome visitor to our tow1
en last Monday. I-1( enthusiasti
in his praiss. of Supervisor Me
Kinney who has had the icads o
Iis sMtetion put in first class conditioi
.\lrs. Ilenty Towm(s' name did nc
a ppea(=r in the 1Est of th. ladies wh:
v.'rt appetinted <:; the cecmmittee t
on the court htue tarcanlds i
inut wt ek's Sentinel. 'T'his was a
overii:ght which we reg~'ret.
It was I g1-reat ileasure to spend
It w hout's in the home of Mis. Joni
fiett ef the Cross Roads stctio'n h,
y. 1rily afterncon. She is .gh
yeara <.' age, but hi0s a ibright, ele
mind, :3nd( sZweet and( tnttle dispo
de t ion. It is indetl a leaIcua to
(' in1 h." r co1m ny .
. Mr. and Mries. J. C. Jennings I
utLtite a1 homi:e-gaithierinig of ti
1bildren! hist Sunday. Mr. aid MI
3I rs. Wyat t J)ennings~ of Columi
a'ndIN air. aind Mr s. Dick .Jtnnings a
.\ urs. D~aisy D~odson of Greenvil
were allI with themi.
A pretrated meeting began
Gr'acet. Methodist church last Sund
mnorning. Rev. J. C. Di'ggs is doi
th~e preaching. Prof. B. F. Fow]
-If Greer is leading the singing a
is ably assisted by Miss> Broyles
Anderson. Everybody :s invited
attend the meetings.
MIr. Cling Bowcna, v well-knoa
citizen of the Eastatoe setin, w
run over and consideratbl y bris
-by anl aiutomobile TIuesday in Gre<
ville where he had gone to altte
Federl~1al court. He wi's rushed to
.hospital and later brought to t
ihome of Mr. Wade Chastain, wh<
a lie is now restang fairly well but ve
sick and sere. Mr. Bowen is ala
75 ytars of age.
-An Inaspirat ional (Confereri'e 20v
b h held in the P'ick iis Ha ptis t churi
F i ida'y ight of this week to dl:ser'
i lorsfcr cotinuin t'ollectin
pledga madnroe ini iht 'i' an 1iico en
i ha 't' the chulIih wvork i.- dt sit
alt iach church in the Ph-.kens
-ser ia' t jeln is ur gt nt ly requt. sted
havte (ne er nit;re re presen tat iv
ati the mn(et ing. Inverybotdy nvit<
.A ree~c(ption was givten the teac
i's of our town cn last riday afti
notn at the school house by the geht
coimmittee of .the League of Wonm
Voters, Mesdamets Earle Lewis, Jo:
- Crialg and1(Hoveyv Nely. Trhe enti
tewn and surr'lounldin~g country weC
inviitedl. Mesdames T. J. and WV.
Mauldi nc reived at the door al
Mrs'. Frank McFall introduced t
Iteachers. A contest into wvhich
enteredl proved very interesting ai
just wvhat ourl town needhs. It w,
"'Loyal Cooperation.'' Miss Knight
or'chestra furniished del ig'htfulI inus
playinlg many o1(1 time nmelodlies,
wvell as some newv ones. Dteliciti
block cream and cakes we're ;gern"
and a leacsalnt tImhe wals p~assed.
register lay on a table near the c1
trance containing the names of mentl
bers of the league, and many ite
na sweeddd
S Miss Berryman, one of our teach
ere here, spent- the week-end wit:
Miss Bertha Cantrell.
3 -
- If anyone knows of any persona
or local news that would be of in
terest to the publie, kindly phone No
Mr. Jeff Moon and childreg Mrs
M, O. Looper and Mr.and Mrs. Rosa
Moon left this week for a trip t<
Theo Smith and his friend Joc
Rcbinson, one of the feachers at
Norris, -.. ere at Mrs. M. C. Smith'r
the past week end.
We regret that our Liberty newt
letter and the Piedmont W. M. U
program arrived too late for publi.
cetion this week.
Mrs. Norville Oliver and childrer
have returned to their home in Char.
lotte after spending several week;
with her sister Mrs. Guy McFall.
Many Pickens people attended th<
Clemson-Center football game at
Clemson last Saturday afternoon
Center, champion football team of
the werld, w'as victor by a score of
21 to 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Morris havt
moved into the-r new home on Hamp
ton avenue. It is indeed a lovely
litL house. and shows the excellent
workmanship of the builder, Mr. An.
derson Babb.
We were glad to note that the new
school auditorium was used last Tues
day morning. The pations, teacher
and pupils were all happy to nme
:n this large well arranged room an
all are prutrd of it.
Mrs. A. E. Jones and daughtel
Miss Azalie, have returned to Pcck
ens after a lcng visit to hce son i
the lower part of the state. The
are pleasantly domiciled with he
(laughter, Mrs. II. E. Davir.
S 'Tht Afternoen Bridge Club was (1
0 lightfully entertained on last Thur.
d day a fternconi by Miss Frances Bruc
h Bowls of bright colored zinnias ar
n other autumn flowers were artistical!
arranged :n the living room. Aft
the games a delicious salad cour:
was served. The highest scue w:
le made by Mrs. G. G. Christopher.
ty Further pr'oof that Piekens coup
ar is a natural apple growing count
i- is furnished by Mr. J. T. Massing
be who lives near lath coanty scat
rout(: 5. This w ek he brought
The Scntinel office four Seama:
wine:ap apples whieb are beaut?
aT Ihey measure Iren 11 to 13 incl
r arun and the four weigh 3 pour
rs. and 5 ounces. Mr. Mdssintgill stal
rad that in his orchard are four trr
sa full cif similar apples.
at fycu have white miultiplyi
a itons fer sale See me at 'once.
"ri also can hanidlc a lct of hens, rooste
ler chickens and eggs. E. H-. Craig, Pi<
of S.C
REEC-E'S GIN furniahes gi
he avy bagging and gins cottOn
,v'n $3.00 per bale; will pay highest ma
as et price for stedl, or .swap) coti
ed1 seed meal at $1L67 sack for se
m. A. G. Recce, Mgr. 21
he Fcr' Sale or exchange for Jer:
he ecw or cord wood, cak or pine, Reg
re~ teredl Btrkshire boar cight<
ry months old, well developed. WV.
ut Mathiews, Pickens.
FOR RENT-Mrs. Florence Gt
ilfini's re s-idence, opposite Presbyteri
ehurtch in Piecns. Apply to ii.
GS(r'iffinr, P'ickens. - .3
of_____ -___________
I"FOR SAI E.--Nine-y'ear..old mai
quattl~ties grfeet; soundl as a doll
weight about 900 pounds. Also to
toscatedl trap buggy. TIhis outfit is
tobargain at $1 10. Would sell separa
. T.___ Hinton,____P__ .':kens.___
h-LOST-On streets of Picke'ns, Oi
rland Six automobile crank. Find
>d please r~turn to J. T. Taylor at Pic
E-en? deplot.
re Inidustrious nmt'n andl women wvar
re ed1 to retail the genuine Watki
F. products in city territories. Exe
id rioonal opportuity to tie up wvith t
he eldest and largest ecmpany ofi
ill kind. Our hustlers average .incor
id is $1.10 an hour. Are you doing
ras well ? If not, write todlay for fr
'a sampIles a'nd particulars. 'The J.
e, Waitkns Co., D~ept. 81, New -York,1
A: --Br htecolors and1 . I- l pric< s. St..
1- 19. omegetyours betfore they ai
p1- 'IdGtv B rin m ie your 50Vi j
w~ Mr- 'Lol!a Ma!ink y, rear P'ickens dI
The Easatoe Township Singing
convention will mc.t with B-g Easta'.
1 toe church the third Sunday afternoon
in October at 2 o'clcek.
Court of commorn pleas convened in
Pickens Monday norning and is ex
petted. to continue throughout the
week. Judge Sease is presiding.
i often caused by an inflamed condition
of the musl ining of the Eutachian
Tube. When this tube is inflamed you
have a rumbling sound or imperfectF
hearing. Unless the inflammation can
be reduced, your hearing may be de
stroyed forever.
do what we claim for it-rid your system
of Catarrh. or Deafness caused by
has been successful In the treatment of
Catarrh for over Forty Years.
Sold by all druggists.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
or trade for conntryi
produce as follows:
Eggs, 35c doz.
Fryers, 25c lb.
Hens, 16clb.
Butter, 22c lb.
Hams, 20c lb.
Bring your produce
to me and get the
highest market price.
I am still doing busi
ness at the same old
E. E. LUSK, Pickens.
We want 500 doz
en fresh hen eggs, 100
frying chickens, green
beans, some good clear
bee honey, 25 bushels
of Keifer peat s (not
y bruised). We are clos
l ing out our shoes, dry
goods and notions, it
? will pay us-to see us
before you, buy. J. P.
McCoy & Co., Main
Street, Easley, S. C.
Cl'1 Mechanical pcerfec
I struction assures a 1
can be obtained frI
- regardless of' price
a Without qualificai
finest automobile ti
1> turing skill can dev
Bulbs Planted .. Now Will Make
Beautiful Flowers For Thanksgiving.
Marl Orders Given Careful Atten
R. E. LEWIS, Prop. Phone 24
You Will Find Me Doing: Bus
mess at the Same Old Place
And paying the Greenville market
for produce.
40c per doz for eggs at present.
20c per lb. for hens.
30c per lb. for fryers up 'to 75c.
Hains 15 to 251bs. 25c,
Hams over 251bs priced according
to size and quality.
Your trade is appreciated.
Yours for trade,
nd the cfiieeIl
TheL PhaetonI.
to i Lmcoln con~
iutonize Liord con iei oir

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