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I \'ia-w: of (iCh :ank, fr nll .-. hi i
rnw withrJrnwv. 2- -1fIsir-tu"lrt: o~f
11nenrt to MT~isseur'I l tllir rh(-nel to,
Allies and Kemalists Decide on
Armistice Plan, and Then
Comes Disagreement.
Insists Turkish Army Must Enter
Thrace immediately-Greeks Want
American Help--Reginald McKen
na's Advice on War Debts
Woman Appointed Sena
tor From Georgia.
RI s rbt thul :t1 Ito bet a
llc i ~li-l to) li e .l:i' -lc o-: t
pary-t th p-n"c'e :alnfer-i
1 n1I e uf iht r-x -:n :t. 'ili'r ,o
x1y1 8 Ciu'-I nh i iall othr -
, lios h oryourtign thisink st-w d
bust and r lr isetrI in th roer-t
i vict Rusra's- les he sofr
recede f'romu teir5 ex-'I~~~tre poi
li th he Nar no) - ntit
Idt-oreren with t in coferene I
an therefogg;- lprbly fpvowrs
I U" :ix ni' si-on 4f the 4 s iiext gov-i
- n4aiil to I ht- c oIftere e it.
r Do you think this would be
both just and wise, and that so
viet Russia's rulers have so far
receded from their extreme poll
cles that they are now entitled
to eprresentation in conferences
of the powers?
lIi', 1 1 ( n o w Si t-st- t I llt- ly , th3(e c I 1is In
1 thzieel far 1 i:nxt 1)31sse s withoi-ut war
(farne between Turkey( &-iiaGret ciir
nin e lren-t Inityl be, gie biig toe
'wo3i1-kli Nsit t oit IiIh I (wn! J 10 g n -o
Itll(hdr it % i o ef in i i it giving f iteit
'Pi unton,) li 'i i er of i t he lairi ti shClt
forces1114 the ltal lx. ranklin- it -
t-ni the Isk ilul i Frni nn w- I tthot- neg
lIc- 11e 1 iofeecei tAlt hi n t. Incaetween li
1horn theyll405 i are iuteing in br-iig(ingliI
ibt a it' peaceul setten' 1ent and i-t the~4
sato lie "xnvling ll ace"' i foru lithe(ir
te NetSly needid fo l ance, bi E- ut iiig
tland it hadh to~ re ictafro Slae piIoxiion4
a tln e f or hl er byi 14 airlntler I fict
Ghog nel 'la now ' I 4 ennlid to- doI istao
iince514 ai' 'axhn represitngIi t
* llilHtory, a laree:innt waxl Isp4eedly
?''Trnlti l to h Turks and~e plngiiH 11o
stitinl e underill114 dua itrl. of the
Sjil andIcii~ P the onnIsi - Thelt
Iter (re to'l exinbtlisJihi lv it saut oil
il the enitIavl, bto agtre that the o ai
ineihisitel. reiatlter and cotol theI l6
po"' irtuntilxa defi-nii et nrragonenits
remd.Ivntn.y heTuksar
- tohe ul iiiar 3114ly 3nd ) tvl con
trol ofiiTe'uk. ish 'ritory ile .nnwhile
thke Nthir oVnaltitgree togt t ofei
lirthettnr zon 1141 iiiiteo lrthy re
tie frog (ht in ali i-t (it liii(-lt Greece
up torthe Ait zutl r-ive, nitlIt' she1
alinto o the aodesatllies wuti-l boliele
theyionlsuc ce ntll troops netroxxt lh
oftuit teroryush the 'Iiils Pur.Thi
Ulpeedy tdttleen of theiizi whonir
bu1ationg Ihrty (lt met l'tltsar sot.
dafe l chanesbe tit codernd Ivehe
~p *arty of allhed t1ok enter iTrni in
Tnraitely. lie woud noitnothe
th e~sulntowa areet tetorary rUiteo
the confperenad. The allesdt gler
ase hi gvrmns o ute
n-truct?in ndmnwhl he e
Th' ihigsii o eGekam
1, hr Br'itishr haves been controlling thle
"J :: :,r., 1 troops evacuating Siberitf, ern
ber : nveilerd at C:hep;py, France, Novert
'-, re, rotec(t those Greeks and to
pr- - t Tuirksh truoips frorn, crossing
to, T auntil the Chtristians there
1.:,tirer be -% e acuated. Alreaidy there
ars s.or IrbliesH of Turkish Irregu
lorrs In Th lrafro ard, to prevenit atrocl
ti("s :'r,#! jro)tect prolperty, three mnill
:rry n ;;-ens Comnposed of British,
F"r(-ne-h :ned Itallitn officers have gone
t'' A'lranole, Lulue Burgas and" Ro
DII; 'ire-l States has senit 12 de
Mroe-rs to the Neatr E~ast to re
. n ''000- 'cur riaval flee~t there and help
ir pron'-cring life anid property, but
11h("-r: Is not the rernotest chance of
\rnerien1's beying dr-awn Into wear there.
I'hopI .farne;s Caninon of the Metho
hist 0r-laic, South, senlt rather hysterl
i'al fenbes to the State departmnt
fromi ('>n.-tantinople urging mnliltant
intervenition to save Christianjs In the
Eanst from Turkish rmassacres. In re
Illy Seretary Hughes salid the govern
rnet-nt hatd done will wars doing all It
rwoult In this way throneh r(-pr("-(nta
tions andl by hevlphur, :n the; evacua
t Ion (f the~ reftugees : r rn S1: Y '1
Use'i' t no utheeri'y to g~o b -
he- i(-1bas ber-"n nio ac
rien 1 ,n which wouldl justify
tis ti ..arnernt In fin aittemplt by
arrteti fores to Ipaelfy the Near E~ast
or to rn;rage In aects of war In order
to nee(OrnpIlisht the resulls you desire
w%-il'h tvspec(t to wh in1ha1bitants of that
te'rritory and1( to de-terinilne the p rob
l'-ins wic1(h have vexed I~urope for
? 4jIOt':II lhe revoluftionists In
f ireec"e are' havinrg considerable
tsrolble hI gc"ttiing together 1 a ehl,P,
they are( mnaking p~rogre'ss In other ways
wtidl the. new% gmverr~nent :fify be con
shiebredI as a stalisheel. Actual recog
nition of King George If by the ralliedI
...wer.. and the.. U t t- tate- l ex.
/etdso.Fre Kn osatn
western' Tracse, butie Serianr men
gov~': ~ernento isit at theaplane o same
time statingtht hlisE corysat ol
likel to be~ asure fre porl~t ighs te
SaIk. a li t*~ e said Greece clrd thunt
nte l hat, th'dE!o Turk Is t afarrhas
brouh tIn I o siughto a rppoemen tzi
bet weenii~J e Franc and leus, wheadih
hav been, la (eh iutter~ o enemishc
thei'i adven : lit ofe oier rehne. Aos
wassire above, lthyfn theirn Nelr
Illaset a''lInel lfs r citinl Jirdet ea, and
no l'thei Fenc he bllteingli gie ao
suriance that b the (ltuians iit wil Ireg
I TheIj nufelin of f tdlies Mtibe
tljie'rr , maori of, ynt and ph r ytesi
'an Iof ll.~ the ica scst epartyeot
France, whato tlo sis" vi'tting lissi
J~ A froitm iksh saved firm 9 dinas rer,
j at EOle'ast ry thle psa ntb theen
tl'od ffeive hyJ('~is week lien l'tCant
t llao 81 ts1 andie rersnivei o
loissu anIelhnsfrnal
$13'o,00,00, nd h thre alld pow-tt3
ii'iErEs nae,c tojeter wthe Czecho'list
ain, areliip1I? t be gurato fore
WI (r cjnt o it; Autri a pledgeso hier
I usrtmst' receipto adt'tlhIh e acco'
sl'tana ofreomb at l a~evx E cmission fof
th lei aue.Th furgantig
owes delare hewiltrespects Aun
tiai~ teri rieg'ityiEi lndeend
tentilei and soverigntyg.'rae~ii
sueedalised Iis I~iibtois as: titprecden
al o i the reparaton commssb o th andle~
tench'l' member the board. d S Ht may ~ x
biets a litte moret, 1en1ent townsadGe-1
ny .th his prediulyoesso TreI
doesn'ctiiee to eany povmn
in Germ~na' fiancinee cnditon. The
hoile hesteigndust(We rrtry in lw
Fort~'t in 'iance, abut hal ofi thef Soin
Amter Ica Ahnwth has bieen theavo
1 >
Dardanelles, but froimi which they
barking at Vladivostok. 3--o1nu
ber 11.
cancellation of orders with entire Ia)
sence of fresh demands. On th~e Lon
dun maarkiet Wednesday German marks
struck a new low level. .About 2,0(X
of themn could be bought for a dollar.
S:Ii American Bankers' associa.
11(m, hn annual convention in New
Y'.rk, was addresse'd on the subject of
the aillied war debts by itt. lion. Iteg
inald .McKenna, former chancellor of
Great Britain, and now chairman of
the largest bank in the world. lie
said England was able to pay her
debt to the United States in full and
would do so, but he suggested that
the bankers use their influence in
favor of postponement of payient by
any others of our creditors. Mr. Mc
Kenna warned his hearers that an at
tempt to enforce payment of the war
debt beyond the ability of the debtor
nations to r': would be fraught with
the rn.t wraus consequences fl' time
1flted 'tat -, :,s well as IIlhe countries
of !u'." - ' ivould be an inev
lt:ah!e. - *y to the international
'Tradb o -- whole world, reduced
pr.! I ,r wages, and unernloy.
:ii nt, lower standards of liviag.
As a solution of the problem he
Suggested that "it full and friank" con
ference between the dciitor and cred
itor nations should be called in order
to discover the exact amuounts that
could ultimately be imid by the na
tions unable to lueet their debts in
A fter a warm debate, the assocla
tion adopted by a viva voce vote a res
olution dectring that "it viewed with
alarum" the tendency toward the es
tablishing of branch banking In the
United States and expressed Its oppo
sition to any branch banking In any
rorm by either state or national banks.
Vhe banks of the towns and smaller
pities were far too strong numerically
'or the big bankers who protested that
tranch bunk system must prevail. John
I l'uelicher of Milw~aukee was elect
d presid~ent of the association.
-JGeorgia was desirous that his
tate should b~e the first to have a
v'oman United States senator, so he
h1pointed to succeed the late Tonm
Natson, Mrs. WVIliamn H. Felton,
eighty-seven years old and dis
inguished for her work in the causes
)f temiperance and woman suffrage.
At the samte time Mr'. H~ardwick( an
riouniced himself a candidate for the
Lmexpired term of WVatsoli. The elec
tion is to 'be held Novemb~er 7 nnd
there is no chance for Mi's. Felton to
rjualify biefore that dlate by taking the
riath of oflce in the senate chiaiber.
Authlorities in WVashilngton are wonder.
lng w'hether or not . she will be en
titled to the satlariy and to the frank
lng privilege and other prer'ogatives.
Anywvay, she has the distinctIon of he
ing the first womniul to be appointedl
United States senator with cr'edentlals
huhy nadue out and sent to Washington
by a gover'nor,
IIAT the proaphecies of another
coiiat itrike next spring will hie
fulfil led was made fair'ly c'e'tnln by
the act ion of' the policy commit tee of
the Unitedl Mine ~Workers of Amnerlen
Wediiesday. it renllirmed the diemandsiu
of t he Feru-ary, 19122, conv'ent ion of
thle an ion in Inianaoli0 s, demnanidinug
thei coiitinlunce of' thle priesenit waiges
lin coal miine's unltil 1925, and, in addi.
than, thle six-hour' daiys anid fly'e-day
week, tine and( (ine-ladlf for over'timue
w~or'k, andiu dlouble time omn Stindays
anzd holidays.
According to a bulletin sent out by
fl. M. Jlewell, 83 raIlroads, opei'ating
about 05,000 tmiles of line and employ
lng between 125,000 and 130,000 amem
bers of the shop crafts organization,
have settled the shop~men's str'ike with
heir system federations. T1hie latest
r'oad~ to john the pence ranks Is the
Dlhicago Great Western.
F4"""ES fire I" norther Ontario
Lhve dlestroyedl the mining towns
3f Hfaileybury, North Cobalt, Charl
on and Healip, and several other
owns have been pairtly burned. More
han 5,000 persons were rendered
tomieless and there wvas considerable
loss of life, Rlefugees from Halley
mry arriving at North Blay said be
ween 50 and 100 persons were
1rowned when they were crowded
from a (lock while trying to board a
rescue ship.
Northern Minnesota also is suffering
Reverely from fotest fires, somer small
settlements have been 'wiped out and
manyv morn are teat..e
Gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
Thirty-three persons are known to be
dead and possibly fifty lost their lives
in the brush and forest fires which are
burning in the cobalt district in north
eastern Ontario and in the St. Maurice
valley in Quebec.
The forest fire refugees went to
North Bay, Ont., and reported that
scores had been injured and several
tramplled to death when the flames
swept the Catholic church and caused
a ;ai!c aniong hundreds who had
gatheru_] there for safety.
Abruptly, though -not unexpectedly,
thy .uudauia conference came to a halt.
Brigadier General Harrington, comman
der of the allied forces and head of
the allied dele'gation, returned on the
battleship Iron Duke, and the Italian
delegation s.lIo came to Constantino
ple. It is understood that the allied
generals will go into conference with
the high commissioners on certain se
rious differences which have arisen.
Floods in northern Bengal, East In
dia, have taken an enormous toll of
life, according to passengers on the
first train to reach Calcutta from Dar
jeeling in several days. The floods are
said to he the worst in the history of
Dr. Serge Voronoff, famous as the.
monkey-gland specialist, stated in Paris
recently that he has discovered spe
cies of anthropoid apes and chimpan
zees possessing glands more closely
resembling those of mankind than any
that have heretofore been experiment
ed with.
President Pnrras of Panama has is
.ued a decree forbidding the sale of
liquors containing more than four per
cent of alcohol to Panama policemen
and American soldiers and sailors.
Irish Republicans made a surprise
attack on the Nationalist garrison at
Oneath the other day and a sharp
three-hour fight ensued, in which it is
reported that ton Republicans were
killed and many wounded.
Indicating renewed confidence in the
stability of the sugar market, direc
tors of Onomea. Pepeekeo and Hon
olulu plantations authorized special
dividends which, coupled with regular
dividends, will make an aggregate dis
tribution to stocklolders of $135,000
this month.
Fears of ward in Asia Minor again
blazed fort h in the wake of the col
lapse of the Turco-Allied armistice con
ference at Mudania. Downing street
officials admitted the British fear an
offensive by the Turks against the
British at Chanak, on the Asiatic side
)f the Dardanelles.
Two "gland babies," together with
several agile octogenarians, failed of
presentation to the world, owing to
the actio nof the Surgical Congress,
which barred Dr. Serge Voronoff from
delivering his scheduled lecture on
monkey glands. It was charged . that
the gland specialist had given prior
publicity to the results of operations.
Optimism* over the success of the
league of nations plan for the restora
ton of Austria was voiced at the clos
ing session of the third assembly of
the league of nations at Geneva, Swit
zerland. It seemed to be the concensus
of opinion that the league would see
to it that no special interest would
lay its hand on Austria.
Washi ngton
The federal trade commission has
dismissed its complaint against Mid
vale Steel andl Ordnance company, Re
lpublic Iron and Steel comp~any, and
Inlandl Steel company, in which it was
alleged that the proposed merger of
the companies was an unfair method
of competition.
Government revenue losses next
year, because of the higher tariff dlu
ties, may i-ease the expected (deficit
by $100,000,000, according to treasury
officials. Stocks of foreign merchan
disc have been accumulate1 In such
large volume by Americani importer's,
esepcially on goods which were given
higher levies by the newv tarif' law,
that tradle experts predict a falli ig off
in revenue from customs source.
Senator Carawvay of Arkansas, who
has just returned from Europe, says
there are five things the Unitedl States
must (10: Extend immediate recogni
tion to Soviet Russia; (10 rome plain,
straight talking to Europe; see that
somo international undlerstandling is
r-eached at once with regard to stabil
izing foreign exchange and reducing the
land armaments; gdard against being
misguided by whatever Clenmenceau
says when he visits us in D~ecember
keep a sharp eye on the Versailles
A non-atop flight from the Gulf coast
to the Canadian border will be attempt.
ed about October 8 by ieuit. Leland
S. Andrew, army air service, it is an
nounced at the war department.
President Harding's coal conmmis
;ion, which will delve into all phases
f the industry, will be annouinced by
he White House. It will be composed
)t seven men Prominent in puiblic life,
md who are not associated directly in'
he industry in any capacity. John Hays
Elammond, noted mining engineer was
eported to have acceptedl a place o
ho commi.san.o
Prohibition Agent John V. 'Waters;
of Dade City, Fla., was shot and killed
from ambush while conducting a raid
on moonshiners, Prohibition Commis-.
sioner Haynes was advised. A deputy
sheriff also was shot and killed in the
Railroads of the southeastern section
of. the United States and brotherhood
organizations of conductors and train
men signed an agreement recently set
tling all outstanding differences be
tween them and extending present
wages and working regulations until
October 31, 1923.
Enactment of a law to penalize cot
ton gambling just as the Capper-Tinch
er act prohibits grain cambling, will be
urged u'on Congress by senators from
Southern cotton-growing states, who
will hold a conference, before the Sen
ate -agriculture committee begins the
investigation of cotton prices and
shortages ordered by the Senate to
ward the close of the last session,
Senator Heflin, Democrat, of Alabama,
The Federal Trade Commission dis
missed its complaint against the Mid
vale Steel & Ordnance company, Re
public Iron & Steel company and the
Island Steel company, in which it was
alleged that the proposed merger of the
companies was an unfair method of
competition. The complaint was dis
missed upon the filing with the com
mission of a formal statement by the
attorneys for the three companies that
the merger had been abandoned.
The "ferocious man-eating lions"
that have been terrorizing the natives
in the vicinity of Mount Victory are
two Aire dale days, according to the
keeper of the Toledo, Ohio, zoo.
On his return to his hotel after hav
ing been booed, hissed and jostled be
cause of the calling of a recent world's
series ggme, Judge Landis issued a
brief statement completely supporting
the umpires in their decision that it
was too dark to play longer.
Douglas Fairbanks, posing as Robin
Hood for a publicity stunt of the Ritd
Carlton hotel roonel shot an arrow into
the air, and Abraham Seligman, fur.
rier across the street, received the
flying shaft just above the heart and
was taken to a hospital.
The finger printing, of every person
in the United States was recommend
ed in a report prepared by the exec
utive committee of the New York state
chamber of commerce for submission
at a meeting of the organization in
New York City.
First test of a new tank, described
as a smaller and more mobile than
any hitherto used in warfare, will be
made by the United States ordnance de
partment during the national conven
tion of the Ameri'.. Legion at New
Orleans, October 10-20.
Over an area of more than 100 miles
square scattered forest fires blazed in
northern Minnesota, whi-le forestry and
state military officers made efforts to
subdue them and hopefully scanned
the skies for forecasts of rain, accord
ing to reports from St. Paul, Minn.
President Harding "believes that the
railroad worker is of such importance
in our national existence that -his
wages and the conditions under which
he works should be such as to make
his employment so attractive so that
strikes will be impossible," Secretary
Davis of the labor department declar
ed in an address at Detroit, Mich., be
fore the convention of United Brother
hood of Maintenance of Way Employ
ees and Railway Shop Laborers.
Mrs. W. H. Felton has been appoint,
ed to succeed Hon. Thomas E. Watson
to the United States senate until a
successor is duily elected by the peo
ple of Georgia.
W. B. Cox, said to be a resident of
Quincy, Fla., is in a local hospital
with his throat and wrists slashed with
a razor, it is believed he cut him
self while suffering from temporary
mental aberation.
'Forest fires raging through northern
Minnesota for several days have done
considerable damage, and at last re.
ports had not spent themselves.
Lions have been terrorizing the vi
cinity of Kenton, Ohio. An aeroplanist
has been trying to spot them, while
possoa are living in the woods in the
hope of killing them.
Isadora Duncan, the granddaughter
of -Gener-al D~uncan, who was on Gen
eral Washington's staff, demons-trat
ed to the satisfaction of the immigr-a
tion auithor-ities at New York that she
had not turaned Hloishevist while ming
ling with the people of Rtussia. She is
a classic dancer.
Dispatches from Monroe, N. C., say
that because a negro farmhand was
killed in, a cotton field by lightning,
tho negroes in that section have be
come so superstitious that they refuse
to pick cotton. They believe the wee
vil is a curse, and that it must be
removed b~y a superior power.
The army (dirigible C-2, after arriv
ing at San Francisco, sailed gracefully
on towards the landaig field at Pre
sidle. Three army airplanes escorted
her. The C-2 began the flight from
Ross Field, Arcadia, and made the
journey none the worse for the trip.
The Greenwich (Conn.) Cab compa
ny claimed Mrs. Hanton, a New York
society woman, owed it $421 in, fares,
She got "funny" and sent a keg con
taining 42,000 pennies and a card say
ing "Oo Ia la."
Co-operation between the insurance
agent and the insurance company as
an essential to the success of both,
the need of educating the public in fire
prevention measures and uniformity in
rate making featured the sessions of
the twenty-seventh annual convention
at Hot Springs, Ark., of the National
Say"Bayer" Iib'.
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package or on tablets you are not get.
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
scribed by physicians over twenty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
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Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirln'l
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proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug.
gists also sell bottles of 24 and 10(."
Asperin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of
Woman's Rights.
"So you are in favor of long skirts
"I am," replied Miss Cayenne. "
bowlegged girl has some rights tiu
ought to be considered."
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Jewelry,WiF'th Prices, Sente Free on Request
Art Jewelry & Novelty Co.
611 W. 158th St. New York City
FOR SALJ'r-Generalj truokcing and farming
lands. Good1 locations. If interested, write
for prices, 0. C. SIIRRILI. Archer, Fla.
W. N. U., CH AR L

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