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1$r a erso Invarleby in Advane,
etered at I icken, S. C. Posto e ga
Se'ond ChanU' MaI Matter
-GARY HIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
Just becaur. a man ha' a b
to 'Jo a thing i : no reasong w.
always a g''.' thing tj d'. t
If. C. "els make -
S-me farm t a J: vf
is The Nr .ar n , .";., r.,,
too nar.
causes e ' -:. --.'r
Anti-Sal +a u -
out Unr:le livi.1 in -
o'rv.:rnrn n:it t '. - t
thy youth, ar.d rna
rid aige.
the world :- : I
worhj war.
du;Jrir' t r.. rai:- .:. W e
}.adl 't''1!n h f .d
T Ihe .r - :, f r tariff, b'r' tu.re
/:t o doub b . ",t t a lv.0" arif
W are a ..for. ! :i o, Ge
wo~uldl hlar r :-' .r" fer Li:no o
W henr you. ar' l:n l:,rne. d;r :r li;',::.
does. And] v.}r, yo',u are i', Tur
you }-have t', t,-,bbkl ik u b..-.
A sn cat ! a1r.X ba'i.:'.. .a''i :i'.r. t,
have tw in': :0::. iut v.4: do',t kn ,-.
of any that :'wuld like: to have six
So far we. haven't noE'.i:''dI anIiybody~I
, referring to it as the "wori seriou:.
yet s. ct j:eople ray the wurldl is
not getting better.
If we W(' re imal 'ge'r of a his h-aI r
base~ball tam we would Ii.-:t hav'
a weak piitchingI. safT I~ the Ne
Yoi k Giants lave.
You are luicky to ve,4t a Senrti (e
this week. .\iss I i jtt an vd .1 rn
day for w.hat we tru. t will prove ani
e (xtend' d arid jI !"asanft stayV.
Old moan Holl Weev- l h'f just a"
well give up now. A repmit of the
'meeting e f the Georgia State Demn
hle chairmn, "denouniced the buoll
c" wevil in no uncertain termis."
Prohihitionists say 90 Ip'r sent of
alIl crime is caused by whiskey.
Prhibition c nforcemnt officer' s say
thre i's les- whiskey now than ever
before. Couart re'ords say t heret iK
more crime no(w thani ever before.
How 01ld is Ann?
Seven citiz~'ens of Sojuth Carolinn
paid t~ox on incomes of more than
~10,000 last year, but the govern
nent says it cantfl(t make the names
ublic. So far as weare personally
* oncerned they need not keep our
Jime secret.
Avery edifying dIiscussion of the~
ear East situation took pla1Ce beC
Feon Messrs. Ilanisell Blivens and
ouglas Yongue Sunday. Ilansell
'inks the Dardanelles is a phono
ph record, while D~oug says its the
mne of the most prom'.enit Turki:sh
mily and that he can prove it by
Edid Fisher,
4nd Crap-Shooting in~ Anderson
~ tate.'
uth Carolina seasonable openings:
R ak in Abbeville, siuir'rel-shoot
.jW Pickens, oyster-roasting 'ponl
elgn Fr-om the Snake Business.
&tor,. Hlott of the Pickens .Sen
has heretofore loomed most
'by as candidate for snake
tthe douth Carolina press,
*e4rk' horse appears in Judge
pf~ the Abbevile Press and
~:whose leading editorial of
0'27 is on the deliciousness
ap~titlegnake, especially at a
SMITH'S STUDIO will give one
gx10 .enlarged picture free to each
person spending $2.50 for photo.
graphs during the fair at Easley.
- REECE'S GIN will gin your cot
;on and put on good heavy bagging
and ties for $3.00 per bale; will pay
narket price for seed or exchange
L7 sacks of high-grade cotton seed
neal for a ton of seed. A. G. Reed,
FOR SALE-Blue straw wmsat
feed wheat. S. G. Door, Pickens,, S.
"., R4. 2t
FOUND-In Pickens Sunday, man's
:oat. Owner may get same by call
ng at Sentinel office and describing
t and paying for this ad.
FOR SALE.-Nine-year old mare,
veint )3Y) pounds, perfect qualities.
) T. Ilintn, Pickens.
If you have: white multiplying
.niens for s!le sec re at once. I
tlu' can handle a l't of hen:4, roosters,
h:kens and eggs. E. I. Craig, Pick
-ns, S. C. 3t
For Sale or exchange for Jersey
cw or cord worr', cak cr pine, Regis
.ered I3crkshire boar eighteen
nonths old, well developed. W. A.
Mlathews, Pickens.
Industrious men and women wanc
ad to retail the genuine Watkins
roducts in city territories. Excep
*:jnal opportunity to tie up with the
>ldest and largest company of its
:ind. Our hustlers average income
s ?1.10 an hour. Are you doing a:
well? If not, write today for free:
iample:s 'nd particulars. The J. R.
Watkins Co., Dept. 81, New -York, N.
N-tice is hereby gi'.-en that I will
make: application to N. A. Christo
rpher Esq., Judge of Probate for Pick
ens county, in the State of South
Carolina, on the 28th day of Octob
er, 1922, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon
or as soon thereafter as said applica
tion can be heard, for leave to make
final settlement of the personal es
tate of E. M. .leQueen, deceased,
and obtain discharge as administra
trix of said estate.
Josie MeQueen, Administratrix
Notice is herc y given that I wil
make applicati(.n to N. A. Christoph
er, Esq., Judge of Probate for Pick
ens County, in the State of Souti
Carolina, on the 4th day of Novem
ler, 1922. at 11 o'clock, >N the fore
n''n, ror as s'oon thereafter as sait
pylc'ion can L~e heard, f rrlev
to mnake final settlemocnt of the per
I sonal estate of William P. Freemiai
dceeased, and obtain disc:harge a;
Iexe:-utcr of saidl estate.
J. T. Ilutchings, Exe-utor.
G. A. Gibson, Sam B. Craig, Betti<
Wilscn, William J. Wilson, Claud<
Wilson. Bessie Wilson Elrod, Wes
Iey Wilson, Frank Wilson, Georgi
II. Wilson, and Fannie Gibson Gil
strap, Plaintiffs.
Maybell Wilson Merritt, a minor ove1
fourteen years of age; Minnie Sar
gent Slaton, James Sargent, Johi
Sat'ent, Newton~ -Sargent, Moll)
Sargent Coleman, and Logan Sar
gent. Defen-lants.
To the defendants, Minnie Sargen
Slator, .James Sargent, John Sargent
Newt' n Sargent, Molly Sargent Cole
man, Logan Sargent, and to all other
wocamany inee nthe land ci
the late Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Gib
son, situate in Pickens County, S
C., Pickens Township, and containing
forty five (45) acres, more or less
You andl each of you are hereb:
summoned and requiredl to answet 'h
complaini, in the above stated action
which was, on the 11th day' M 3eto'h
er, 1922, filed in the office of Cler$'
of Court of Commen Pleas for P'ick
ens County, South Carolina, at Pick
ers, South Carolina, and which is
still on file in said offic. You aft
fvrther' requiredl to, serve a copy of
y'our answer te th(' said comipaint eni
the subscr ii.ers Mart in, Ellythe, Craig
& Keith, at their offgces at Pickens.
Southn Car'lina, within twer.Ly dlays
after th:' service. hereof, exclusive of
the day of service, and if you fai to
answer the complaint within the timle
aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this action
will apply to the court for the relief
(emaniled in the (omiplaint.
Mart'n, DWyth(e, Craig & Keith.
Plaintiff.i' Attarneys.
0, S. Stcwart,
Clerk ef Courit. -
Octtr.er 11, 192
The ansourccmint that Senator
elect John E. Craig is going to offer
prizes amounting, to more than $500
to members of our boys' pig and corn
clubs :s one of the best news items
this paper has ever published.
This offer is bound to prove an in,
(:r.ntive to the farmer boys of every
S'i'.n of Pickens county to work
r.ard ri'J intelligently and manage
-.:t..I. Good managcment and hard
dit teligent work will bring suc
.t. . A :u':cesful perion is pros
I tr and crntefnted, and a pros
peru and mcontentedi citizenship is
t..e gr.atest asset and best insurance
a-ny country can have against law
kn - =Bess, te lhevism and revolutions,
Sir; b-:gin -g with the youth of the
Wrd Mr. Craig has got to the very
tjoundatijr. n of things..
Supprn e :s'sre person in every coun-!
t.in th-: !:r.ite-j States made an of
fIr :i:.il. r to the tne Mr. Craig has
'a.. Within a decade we would
f-tm life and methods revolu-,l
:.:r.d, t .m farm would become the
.'deireb: piece in all the land
rnl o.r country would bubble
- w h p r.:r.erity.
V''. unre:::tar.d that Mr. Craig is
th'. prizes pef-sonally an-d
w .i ot be paid from pubi:
fun-=, a ithout'h we cannot think of
A L' tr way to, use public money
t.hr. - irt ve:2. i'. in good citizenship.
The plan of Mr. Craig is of a
truly constru:ti:v' (haraeter and h:s
wi:dnm an-] ;be(rality rcrits the
;.!audits of the v:ople.c
But while v. are encouraging the
be y. t'-.: girl: inust not be neglected.
Who will offer :.iaaiiar encouragement
to our girl-?
There :(r(- probaby rnore la'wyers
na the worl than any other cla:s of
. ,pl':. :-:r s t d'o-:t',rs. These two
jrofPi-..L- lead the world in numn
be r. Ho.er, onaly very small per
ten t. (f (1(,(tors and lawyers are
ie-e rel to practice.
The n(ext. tiine you have a bad
;-!ld. an ache in your body, or any
''.h.r ' aiir t l, rnintion this ailment
e, thel fa < '!s yoU corn' in coritact
with? a n r.ary vr: 'rne of them
'.....r...rib. r r( me-ly. A large
Sajr it; of the peop:e are dlor:tors.
'I a"rn d' uring court we' k discuss
with fritrnds srome important law
uit or trial whi-:h is leinag tried or
wh 'ic rh has jus.t been tr';ed and you
will bt. urprised at the number of
your friends who are lawyers.
It take:, considerable study to he r
SU(:cce(s in any profemion or trade,
and it is at lamentable fact that a
great many people neglect their
cht-st:a ptfes. s .jins in orr to dabl
ira etherrs.
"St:--l t; your bu'h"
.oe.Sam B. Craig and 0. C*.
iKtitha of Pi:ckens annfounlce that thvy
hav\e bcome the a epresentatives 'ra
I-ickens county, along with General
Sam Wolfe, for the First Carolinas
Joint Stock Landl Bank.
IJn dliscussinag the matt'er Mr. Craia
:;ays: "Thet First Carol~anas Joint
Stock Landi Ba nk cptrates in North
and South Carolina, and loans money
on farm lands. With this institution
it is n''t rneces~mary that thre sole busi
ness cf the appl icianrt shall be farm
inag- it is only necessary that he be
actually farming. This bank has
hadvqua rt ers in Coumbia and the
president of it is former Congress
main Levea , who is well known
throughout the country as a leader
in agricultural thought. I thin't
that the connection we have made
with this institution is goinag to be
of especial benefit to the agriculture
of this county.
The compulsory school law Ell go
irnto effect in Martin school Distr ict
No. 40 on November 15, 1922.
J. 't. Durham,
Chmn. Board Trustees.
The compulsory school law will go
'.nto effect in Fraters School District
No. 28 on November 13, 1922.
R. M. Bolding,
Chmn. Board Trustees.
WVe wish to thank our friends aand
neighbors for their untir'ng efforts
and much kindness dluring the sick
nes-s andI death of our little girl, Jea
sie Lee. May the Lord ble.ss you
all is our prayer.
Mrs. r.nd Mrs. G .T. D~orr.
Although cotton has been opening
fast ard the picking is furious, ac
cordling to tho government census
r rout theare had been nl~y 2,094
bales yinnedl in Pickens county up U
Sep~tember 25, against 4,645 bala
einnedi t the snmr. dante lat ennry
Ready .To We
A complete new stock,' embra
from 2 year% to 18 years, startin
different colors, latest styles.
Ladies cloaks starting at $6.0'
ens county to select from.
Coat Suits at $12.50, $15.00,
and French Serges. Every suit E
The prettiest line of ladies I
Serges at $10.00, $12.50, $15.00
A full line of Skirts, Shirt
The r.ew Tariff law that has
stock, as we bought our entire sti
they w:11 be sold accordingly.
Look through our stock. Corr
special sale ever day.
The home of Walk-(
Stetson hats, Inter-wc
Home Sewing Machin
Lady Corsets.
Clothing, Shoes,
The books for the collection
State and County taxes will be op
from October 15, 1922, to Deceml:
31st, 1922.
Those who prefer to can pay
January, 1923 with 1 per cent ad
tional. Those who prefer paying
February, 19223, may do so with
per cent additional. Those who p
fer paying in March 1923, to the 11
of said month, may do so by an 7
dition of 7 per cent. After said d;
the books will close.
Those who do not wish to come
the office can write me and I s
furnish them with the amount <
and they can remit me by che
money order or registered m.
Please do not send 'money with
rerstering same, as it is liable
get lost and it is at senders rislh
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills.
Ord Co., 10~ mills.
Const. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Boml, ; 1-22 mills.
Special Roads, 5 mills.
Total, )1 nills.
Road Tax, .83.00.
Levy for interest on Pickens R.
Bonds, Hurricane townsh'p, 2 mill
levy for interest on Pickens R.
Bonds, E~astatoe township, 2 1-2 m
Levy for interest on Pickens R.
Bonds. Picke'ns township, 2 milh
Poll tax $1 .00 . (Orne Dollk
Eve ry male persren between the a
of21 to 630 year~s is iable except thi
excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax, $3.00.
rersrns owinte dlogs are required
piay a tax of $1.25 on each dlog. I
tax must be paid hy February 1, 1t
. Special Schcl tax by District
District No. 1, 7 mills.
District No. 2, 11 mills.
Distiict No. .3, 8 mills.
District No. 4, 8 mills.
District No. 5, 12 mills.
District No. G, 8 mills.
IDistrict No. 7, 8 mills.
IDistrict No. 8, 20 mills.
IDistrict No. 9, 20 mills.
District No. 10, 16 mills.
District No. 11, 24 mills.
District No. 12, 10 mills.
Distict No. 13, 15 mills.
Distict No. 16, 8 mills.
Distici.t No. 17, 20 mills.
District No. 18, 14 mills.
District No. 19, 8 mills.
District No. 20, 11 mills.
District No. 21, 8 mills.
District No. -22, 8 mills.
District No. 23, 10 mills.
District No. 24, 10 mills.
District No. 25, 14 mills.
District No. 26, 14 mills.
District No. 27, 12 mills.
District No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mills.
District No. .30, 8 mills.
District No. 31, 20 mills.
District No. 32, 8 mills.
Dirtict No.' 33, 11 milys.
District No. 35, 8 mills.
District No. 36, 11 mills.
District No. 37, 8 mills.
District No. 38, 16 mills.
District No. 39, 13 mills.
District No. 40, 8 mils.
DWstrict No. 41, 8 mills.
District No. 42, 21 mills.
District No. 44. 13 mills
|District No. 45, 8 mills.
District No. 46, 15 mills.
District No. 47, 14 mills.
District No. 48, 15 mills.
District No. ^19, 15 mills.
District No. 50, 8 mills.
District No. 51, 8 mills.
D'strict No. 52, 8 mills.
District No. 65, 16 mills.
District No. 56, 8 mills.
0. T. Hlinton,
e County Treasurer
Cora Griffin, 28..year-old daughi
of Dr. B. P. Griffin, colored, died nc
Greer tn October 2 and was burl
near that place the following di
Acut-' indigestion was th.. cause
r---ri And WI
cin g all the newest styles, at lowest pr ice
g i n price at $3.50 up to $18.50. Valu es
, u p to $30.00, in Brown, Navys and B lac
$2 0.00, up to $35.00. All new styles ; n
w onderful value.
)e sses we have ever shown, in Triccot inc
an d $18.50. One half the price of a y cat
Wa ists and Sweaters. All new goods a t i
ad vanced the price of wool will not ef fe<
)c'% of fall and winter goods at the lc we
pa ie quality first and then prices, a nd
)ver, Red Riding Hood and E
ven hosiery, Griffon Clothes, (
Ds, Iron King Stoves, Chase (
'tats and Gents' Furnishing 1
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
en A most successful revival meeting
er closed at Salem Methodist church
. Sunday after two weeks' duration.
n While there were only four additions
in to the church the entire community
2 has been revived. On the closing
re- day the fourth quartet ly conference
th was hcld. Presiding Elder Steadman
Id- of Greenville was present rnd in his
ite business and spiritual manner p'resid
ed over the conferenec. Good re
bill ports were made by every church,
lue some paying an overplus on salary.
ek, Resolutions of respect were offered
u by the stwads to the presiding el
der and pastor f j hoir faithful .
service during their quadrennial
reign in this field. Salem has one of
the best Sunday schools in the upper
.ection of the county. They have
just put up curtains and made four
nice Sunday schocl rooms in their
The Sentinel having the largest cir
R. c~ulation in Pickens county is natural
ly.l the best advertising medium
Two Yer
During the balan
Sentinel will accept
subscriptions at this
No subscription v
this rate for less t]
more than three yer
This is a special o
expires the price of
81.50 a year as her
- A. A. 1\
Wednesday, No
er I w 11 sell at my residence to tU
e:l -lls.os flogs, Corn, Fodder- H
of T W B. ALT
nter 1922-23
s. Ch~idren's and Misses
you haven't seen in years, in 4
ks and the largest stock in Pick.
Velours, Triccotines, Peroit Twills,
.8, Jerseys, Peroit Twills, and
r ago.
new low prices.
t prices on our fall and winter
st mark that prices touched, and
you will think we are running 'a
ndicott Johnson shoes,
arhart overalls, New
3ity buggies, American
roods a Specialty
Dr trade for conntry
produce as follows:
Eggs, 35c doz.
Fryers; 25c lb.
Hens, 16c lb.
Butter, 22c lb.
Hams, 20c lb.
Bring your produce
to me aud get the
highest market price.
I am still doing busi
ness at the same old
E. E. LUSK, Pickens.
-s for $2
ee of October The
new and renewal
; rate.
rill be accepted .at
ban two years or
ifer and when it
the paper will be
etof ore.
15 Days
vember 1, 1922
ec highest bidder the followilng goods
y, Farm Tools, Shop Tools, etc.

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