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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, October 12, 1922, Image 6

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Says Indigestioni
Is Entirely,
3 t'kiiH of o'a i i t'. 1rule ftr evll y -~
Rit), 1 'ileI1. adt'l 11x1 1l St
fj l iil 11111 ' I' n ll (((1 4 1 14) r 1.4.i 11y
99 ..(9' of r eief 319,' l m0 11 .uh "I.1.tsi ' I' S
3N1it of 1 u' 19,91' it . I rie '~* I flit!i, v o
(t8tn1 t 1s. I.h "y III r i s) 11:14 f I ll. 111'.
S tII,' .lt lr 1 l ' I11r p. eeu Si ..
ili I'~ ra i. ~ . ..1~ .~ n .9 9t. ,9~ 1I1'
fli4' 1 iii Ii rt 111 1'11 () :t: i; 1
s h e 'I ':11 .1 l I li 1111 9i' W * i' .9
(f i'1 i . I ' It i " "'fi' : r I11' '~
'ft , U 'o .: ,r ' .u 1 l I Ii 1411111
fu rl ItI, .
t;'r t t A!:.. W! w 011, el
1itReChid"r A Thils N ed
9. . .C99 3'i~ i . I.9ihif9 Fig Syrup"
5 1If . "{ .\ . , ;r. 9 . . .,8 Ii . .~II .Ii :t
'Iv9ll 1 IIi, Iij . it' ;l h 1(41-k .I:
.tg 3 l :9, Ii... ; 1.9 aIrI 1:1.1 , .
11) (11;19 t999. I
furo Ii Ii" di.,.i, J19 '1 1, (! ?JL li
NI:8 I 1,gu .' ~ ~ ~ iIiI ,Ite t
CHAPTER XII I-Continued.
"\My sun1 spo4ke. wor.'." of t ruth,"' hei
will I 4111 14s to4) t 1144 'IiniIs with till'
44 1 4t.4i ;141 I. i' W t. 4114 r n ti l hee i s
woI rds1, i11141 so2( hei ibroughlt fthei grea1t
Chil'l' iiiI' the. Lo., 1K4I lV4, who14 Stood)
1)144l1144444.4 1h r 142444 s .11V48 J~tl141 p ke tile'
::11111" 8 \"r l t i llII. \\'e 14 r f414'14(1
11i' In eiLung Knives. My sonis 18he41
'24t i'ir'i'1'i'. 1i'riii u4411 the( fl84 4)1ne
3t11I''1 kIli l plug wld Black 1444g1
\\"111 . 111 " lif't' I2.L my s1111 sh ed thoug
'Ii, \\ il Ihtiii 248 1h 1I42I8P8.'
N :n. i4Ii, Itrav\es Sparan4g willingly
Ill?. *;<.rr an ill-44 I\ 1t441 were't h1ld1ie
11a!1. I '\ I nI Ilit'al a:In4s sat flo1wn. E*rs
iI." 1.." :11111ti sl'uI 111s 4y4 8 sternly
1;1 111, t ; Il,P 1 i 44 ~t i lI~
:11' -i.. 1i 1*v.I* I'''! u.a. 1"'4111 i \vr 'is
! ~ ~ ~ ~ it \'1:1 1.1'111 , ii' 1 1 141014811. tl1i .
:111'1 1.. l?1:ii 1liiti'' t'il1118 tll! jgL44ie.
1 1:11< I'11i~. 11 2.1 Will tie mus gr o.
t..1 I . . ;\1". ;i vi l 2White If l\ii
"\1? I .... , ; ; ' % r. any*' I di anfI
? _? :111 "'r;':1.2 'frr l I ' 1 4. 22. 12-2'
'* l,1: -: ?" -ril \\inir e~
................................... 1 S
" . . . - .l r i -
. . ..: 1 1 11:. !
" . 11 ..i .' 1
2,r :2
g:rounmd, with his bearl In his hanels.
The gil Iratn back1i1 to her tent, an(
the mother, pieering it thie flushied
I'neet andt shining eyes, clove to the
truth. She s11111 nothing, but when
he girl was asleep and faintly smil
ii, 1the white wtoinnut sat staring out
lint'' the nionnlit wontds, softly beat
ini.t he' bretst.
a-tin' had given Blhtek Wolf lls
Ilif'e. .In0 the yoting brave had accept
il tilt- ith iti and fretted untler It sore
ly. .\11i1 whwienI iskine hadl legunt t(
show seine ived to Early Morn it ileree
.ienlousy seized the savage. and his
ol itred was reborn a thotisanda'oIhl
1ng"'e stt'ong-andl that, too. Erskine
now knew. Meat ran low and a launt
iner party went abroad. Hain was
"a'rce and only after the sece'l thay
was there a kill. Etskine hitt sih it
tl a lilre buck, had tinl." a1ti'-kly
:1in'1 at (loise' ruin'e. \\*' minule'l. the
Ill ni hat (hat r rclh. l-',rkhiin's knit'.' w:s
tw'i.te'lu in his helt. an'i the btuik was
upo n 11hi before- hl e'nabl :.' It ')ut.
II' tried ,t' htart for a tre'. t:nnlbllh'l.
turn lv. '1n1 I ::ht ril' ih 1 i urbitil
h. ..st by' th.le li" . t. -re.l no
E it :nou
f haug ht:ily t''
\' '.t. '? ' " .1 1 :
nn ty wit I'skin 1.1A . 111k a '1;
hain litwling
" . r hall b to I . 1,1I
Wof, e ai nsl ntl. '~si
rne hi b luhf-rnney
"Okl ut Bomy and o erbn"
dies ofhiae and Looedeown wnt H
obuti~ ever' t heef igter I lin rasig
on the wite r, t ooin i, WISini
niow aw tn chail . fOnIe sthne had n
d'iii; non selst Ino opp ortunit;
that,' lim in rwold ty toy reik Vn
tcthies, tha hel wasi formi ing agrq
force wih wleihI to hrlut
lsweep''ln t thrg Ketuckly, a lithtiow
then wooden frs adfreyh e
tit oan bnd the gratmuna
wal.' Wl Ersie wald~tt bnt ntede ba
te hitenetewho 's wo live under
ItndI ore ~trust hi ofa he sou d saki
ith the1 Iniansiu).. Allthe she hspokei
ore dy 11 toe srain t(le eJro e
teto te al.i It. face had blnhedr
thet hladalrue passioatly rthtk hie
cmunsg, and Erin was orely apuz
zore Th hi, toha rnrt rebetl
lie ousod iodenfts, 1 forc te han
tclan shehud nth undestad Miorott
ovel, Irakie ' A bnes gewe an(
htel ea tota flm ihi ifth shue stak
wliptdruh the s l hdos ofe dpo.
onde duay to'e spylio the to whee
evers utey oetl h cam oe he r t ngn
day hen otheen was idal tond~
and the dpen osy the lae theocwaer
Copyrighted by Charles Scribner's Sons
came. Black Wolf darted forth from
his wigwam, his eyes bloodshot with
rage and drink, and his hunting knife
in his hand. A cry from Earls, Morn
warned Earskine and he wheeled. As
I lirk Wolf made a vicious slash at
hin he sprang aside, and with his
list caught the savage in the jaw.
iii:ac'k Wolf fell heavily and Erskine
was upoi1 n him with his own knife at
his enriy's throat.
"Stop them!" old Kahtoo cried
sternly, but it was the terriled shriek
of the white woman that stayed Ers
kine's iund. Two young braves dis
arued the falilen Indian, and Kalitoo
looked I ui ingly at his atiotei son.
"'T'urn hiu loose!" Erskine scorned.
"I have itn fear of him. 11e is a
woman atl dr'runk, but next time I
shall kill him."
The white woman had run down,
caught Early Morn. -anti was leading
her back to her tent. Fromir inside
presently came low, passionate plead.
aig fromi.he Woanin and an occasional
s. b fromn the girl. Anid when an hour
later. at i irsk, Erskine turned upward
toward the tent, the girl gave a hor
ritled cry, tashel from the tent, and
aIn rted for ther itrb clitY over the river.
r'at" h her:" cried the mother.
t ik ::- ' 1rskin tie di a fter her, over
ier t ith her hands upraised for
ti' ul:.ie ou11 th very edge of the
i. ant half c r 'rie I her. struggling
::1 . back to the tent. With
n. ;i:1 ..di- Te' in a weeping heap,
.. .e faoe e:overed, and the
'1 :'tie' r 1:ri i skine. ago'nl'.edi.
"I r-1-1 her." she whisperel. "and
nz t- kill herself. You
. u : :11;t : 'urn. the h'y rode
7 1 rh"Iwn' . .i . m, t he
-1.1 1 L '.'i 'v"11 .ru'n ling ; alt i in.
_I'. till '' r 'u o ' brou t. him
S.' . ,'cr li w ')jit n r truih it. The
al?1:11i V maul si n r'.ed in hin wiih keen
X111111w:11n. :n111 i '1 re ntly 1 K Iahtoo),
inc sl owiv. B'ent on him the .. imrie
.111k '1t asgt,'rt no ptsx1tin11. r'kine.
\t1" ! , 'o -t ir "o lier., hirt~ his mother,
,l [ r" 1 i t 1 no t W t'Inwl , unftlw
r.,' fu.' t l' . Qluit'kly sh
-. . .tr , i :.lhl tt hiunsm. it!
-- - - o nsr uBoihtorh
.ill 1",' r~ t . 111 ;ht'' . : 1 111~. V1 ia
ti u t ; . :!t .!. il :re , " rlI
if ;1)6 :1', l~* w iftii'. ' l t ir'.r
. h skla .t '104 ,\ nil !11'1 ;1: '; 1' :::1 1 1 u
-Yo 'v tEn hr" born" isk or]--m r
" I n. l orl tn 1 , l ir . ' i ' rri.x I- :r ,:rn .
" n ul r -11.r rnd irsot o-ey tim.
w i 1tu f' 'O ir k irm " Y.. 1 tlr ... Yo u.
bi t.n n slraid tire roldre and
l'fr'your stayoddrwl rdien for l hr
iSt' . ISImc 'bay--" S tit(he i trned
abupl onlwn takinto heri tont.
-kie whuirled andet iwe.t oe aay
wi1(1 mn. "Younnr shtll havsie hrie." e
brrnk toh t her hirdwf." I ie n
"i : re my st r son andl it old and i
Ijtrls am art holderrnd ut by.h
rskined n1hldan8wn]fr.
horst. VIiliak failin wochd hlit wat
mgr nt eg argrtisn l(' butr ofh nth
kon tredry fne atie lrodes awayl.
wan m.( Mtre nfully shrewavd waser
(hami. tiehwedge aheer an ihan the n
ejcould sOe Earyer Mornih woth
bynd amt hr tret. pato
Th espair. 'h w soig ntur Virgiraat
litte fodirinni ali woildntrst a
tratredglien othrugh athe cene ofuhe
and edee thrght Corwlis a to t
thr mdrivet tweg and nvrd ithe
Eof tre mrentn wasinrontected only
oldienr and]i bfoys. Norlh irid soth
roan dela. Alred toliretr' ad Anoia,
haittleodnd Ioly orild wourneut coats,
tattmered linen1 oerale, and litte bla.
ked, btwe Po'sth etrtc
thmfomwii dritsiring o n. 'eyawind
Evn ite mareat'Wshingro was *near
diespai, arnd intforign tils tise sire
hopie ale onread te tror, Arefld,
had ten vrichmndburedeae
'hussan r~turOCn u ittlehar
Publict PoTimeompuh.y
to'~n'wte otrrgrs weire ihedviig
theand, anLwsatinAe'r otis ame isa
Eorison y inl Arntinmore roeief
I ihPublic docmentmpls.y
colors on your walls to harmon
ize best with your rugs and dra
peries-artistic effects always
come out of the package with the , -
cross and circle printed in red, .
Instead of Kalsomine or Wall Paper
"rT HE name"Allen" on a
. new range represents
25 years' experience in
building good ranges.
To-day, daughters buy
c -Allen Ranges because they
have seen their cooking
qualities proven by long
years of service in their
mothers' kitchens.
Write for otr illustrated cata
log and name of dealer near you.
Careful at Least. 1Ioi)Qsty F, the lW~t licy, but to
..You kin have h lllvvei'" refuse to bel vvets-i-uestltned ha
?ucle Eben. "GI inue a uule. A meit.
nule has seonse enouguRh to halk an' not
t in frot ) a ocomotiv e.''-- In a heated nrgument not mouch at.
Wiashinat-,n Saur. tention is paid to langer signals.
f o. b. Flint, Mich.
Chevrolet -Sedan
In 1922 we led the world in sales of high grade "
closed cars, chiefly because of our Sedan.
This new 1923 Sedan is completely eclipsing its
predecessor because of still greater beauty and
added equipment.
The body is by Fisher, finely finished in black
with gold striping, comfortably and artistically
upholstered, and has dome light and rear
wmidow curtain. This wonderful, five-passenger,
all-year, family car is offered at a price that defies
all competition. The new model includes strearm.
line design, high thood, drum-type headlights,
dash light, windshield wiper, plate.-glass windows
operated by Ternstedt regulators, and cord tires.
Buy no car until you see it.
Prices F. 0. B. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Roadster------ - $ 1
SUPERIOR Five Passenger Tcurinmg - --.--.--.-2
SUPERiOR Five Passenger Sedan - .---.--.--86
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Utility Coupe . . . 8.
SUPERIOR Four Passenger Sedanette--.--.--.-85
SUPERIOR Light Delivery---. ----- ---- 510
Nothing Compares With 1
Chevoletfor Economical' 'ransportation
ChevoletMotor Comigany, Detroit, Michigan
Division of General Motors Corporation
World's Largest Manufacturer of Low-Priced QUALITY
.- olfes. Therc are 10,000 Chevrolet Dealcr n ev
ic tations Troughout the World. Dealers and Parts,

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