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A AL a ahmnm . 1
Locals alPorsoils
Mrs. H. A. Neely is visiting in An
derson this week.
Mr. W. T. Jeans is quite ill at
this time. .
Mr. John Foster of the Peter's
Creek section is visiting friends in
Dr. Moore, the druggist in the
Keowee Pharmacy, visited his par
ents at Greenwood last Sunday.
Roy. Keith from Augusta is visit
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Mr. Arthur Craig and Miss' Lula
Smith were married at Central on
the 7th inst.
Miss Emily Thornley of Converse
spent last week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Thornley.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Morgan and
son Stanley of the Praters section
spent several days last week with
Mrs J. S. Stanly near Greenv~lle.
Mr. PAiker and Miss Golden Graft
of Greenville were marrie~d last
Saturday at the Baptist parsonage
by Rev. F. T. Cox.
Besies the different contributions
the women of the Baptist church have
made for missions and all other ob
jects, they sent a box to the Russians
valued at $52, and $15 to help fur
nish a dormitory at Six Mile.
This week's Sentinel is carrying
the largest number of land sale no
tices ever published in a single- issue
of a Pickens county newspaper. These 1
notices will prove ot unusual interest
to our readers.
Mrs. G. A. Martin of Mt. Holly,
wh;; was a daughter of Mr. R. W. N
PiJskns and sister of Mrs. M. C. t
Smith, (lied last Saturday and was
buried Sunday following at Pickens I
char.al. IWv. D. W. Hiott conducting 1
the funeral services. t
A plan is on fect to try to get all
*the mcthers who are interested in
the school to join the School Im
prvement Society. This society
ivill mcet : the school auditorium
on next Friday at 4 o'clock. The
League of Woman voters will meet
in the same room half an hour earlier.,
Rev. F. T. Cox is anxious that
all the people be in earnest prayer
for the success of the meeting which
is to he held 'n the Baptist church.
beginning next Sunday. Dr. R. C.
Granherry of Gafiney will be the
preacher, and he is said to be one
of the very be.=t in Scuth Carolina.
The Pickens colored school will
cpLn Monday October 23, with Prof.
Fred C. Hunter of Iardeville, S.
C., as principal and Mrs. Dora D.
Ferguson and Mrs. Aminda B. Rose
mond, local talcnt, as assistants. All
the patrons are cordially invited to
be present at the opening.
The regular monthly meeting of
the WV. C. T. U. was held on Thurs-]
day of last wveek at the home ofi
Mrs. Vcsta McFall. The regular or
der of business wvas carried out.
Son~e new busincss is under consid
et ation. Mrs. McF'all wvas elected1
dlelegate to the state convention
which convenes at Newvberry in Nov
News wvas receivcd here last Mon
day of the death of Dr. R. A. Lan
castcr of Columbia. The news reach
ing here wvas that he was found dead1
in bed early Monday morqining by h's
wife. who wvas Miss Ola Hlollings
-. worth formerly of this place. He
was loved by all who knewv him, andI
many hearts go- out in sympathy to
his family.
It was a great pleasure to the
Pickens people to have Dr. D). M.
Ramsey, wvho for eight, years wals
th,. beloved pastor of' the Baptist
church here, to preach on last Sun
(lay night. Altho it was not general
ly known that he would be here, a
large congregation iniard him. He
spent. Saturday and Sunday nights
with friends in town, goig lo the
Association at Oolenoy on Sunday.
- Mrs. R. A. Forest of Toccoa, Gai.,
was here last Thursday in thE in
terest of an organization~ of young
girls into a Bible study class. She
met with sixteen girls at the I~ome
of Mrs. Ernest Folger, who, ith Mis.
Clarenec King of Easley are tihe local
leaders. These girls'will meet ' ery
saturday afternoon with Mrs. Ernest
Folger ad commonce I.
with an analysis of the Old Testa
mont. Mr's. Forest wvIll'come over
once. a month to meet with and in
struct them.
Mesdaines J. P. Carey, Jr., and G.
R. Hendricks entertained the Pick
ens chapter 0. D. C..-Un last Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Carey.
Beautiful pot plants Ahd been placed
thruout the rooms in tasteAt pro
fusion and added much to the plea
sure of the occasion. The president
being absent, the meeting was pre
sided over by the vice president. I
Mrs. Frank McFall. One of the im
portant objects of this meeting was
to -elect officers for the next year,
which resultcd in the re-election of
all the old officers. Some other
matte:s of importance were disposed
of, one of them being the election
of delegates to the general U. D. C.
convention which meets in Birming
ham in November.
After this several of the best pap
ers that have been read during the
year were had. Mrs. Hortense Les
?sne read one on "The Southern born
soldiers cf tlc wcrld war," which
vas great. Mrs. Carey read the
ery thrilling experience of Clarence
orter written by himself. Mrs.
Iendricks read an account of Ernest
ones' war tecord which filled all
vith sorrow because he was klled
n battle, and last Mrs. ic.F'all read
in article written by herself telling
>f what terrible things Slierman
Kvatt endured during those awful
Bountfully helped plates of good
hi.ken safad; black coffee and raisin
cake constitutcd the refreshments
vhich the hostess served to the
arge crowd which assembled at this
We were glad indeed to hear last
vc k that 'the ra lrcads are willin:
md ready to carr'y all Confederate
soldiers to the Fair at Columbia
ree of charge and that they will
s admitted to the fair grounds by
heir Crosses of Honor. This is a
ioble net on the part of tho-se who
ionor the old soldiers. We realize
hat as the sunset of life approaches
lc thinks and talks of "The War" I
nore than anything else, and it be
icoves us who are younger to listen.
rust a very few more years will be
eft them and let us try to make
hose years comfortable and happy
m(d thew our appreciation and fealty
.o those who fought for us and who
n the dark days of reconstruction,
vhen the Southerner was shut out
rem all participation in natiL
ife, when he was regarded as' a
heelp to be sheared for the profit
rf the masters of the fold, and when
ie was treated for a long time as
in alien. These men are the last
f those whose brain, faith in truth,
n God and in themselves, at last
>rought victory complete All honor
o the Confederate Veterans! May
.hey enjoy this trip to Columbia.
Revival services will begin at the
3ickens Baptist church Sunday im rn
ng at 11 o'clock, wvhen the pastor
wvill preach on the subjeect, "The
ssentials to Victory.'' The afternoon
vill be dlevotedl to prayer andl to
his end all who are interested in
a a real God-sei revival are invitedl
o attend this call to prayer. Preach
ng again at 7 p. mn. by the pastor,
ad from Mlonday night on Dr. R.
3. Granberry, pastor of the First
Baptist church -of Gaffney will do the
',reaching twice daily. Everybody I
is invitedl tio attendl andl pray for
these services.
Miss Eunice Mil of Spartanburg
was the charming visitor who spent
last wveek-end with Miss Eva Holder.
Prof. R. M. Bolding is one of th<
best singers in the state, but he i
as timid as a sixteen year old gir
iwhen her beau comas into the par
Tor for the first time.
if you want your soul stirred, jus
have Bro. King or Nalley or Clarl
lead a lesson. They sing you right
up to the gate.
The climax of the convention w
reached when Prof. Weams sai g on(
of the old time gospel songs i. thc
church book.
"Hark the Song," will never weai
Rev. Liner and Mr. Phillips, of
Spartanburg county, spent some time
with Prof. Cassell in Easley son
clays ago, and while here they visited
the county singing convention and
expressed themselves as delighted
with the visit. Prof. Cassell and
Mr. Phillips sang a song composed
by Mr. Phillips which he said we
suggested by a sermon he heard Rev.
Billy Sunday preach. "Let the world
see Christ in you," was the thought.
Prof. Cassell was frequently call
d on to play at the convention. He
s an expert musician.
Can't MeD. Weams sing?
Prof. Grkham, his wife and little
aughter made a hit with everybody.
Prof. Geo. W. Sebern understands
John F. Lesley is all the bass you
Prof. Crane is a wonderful organ
Bagwell, Chapman, Riggins and
Stokes will slay in the background
f you don't pull them out.
Duncan and IHughey are fine so
Thomason the soldier is a sweet
Vaughn, of the Vaughn quartett
s bubbling over with joy.
liss Stevens can sing like a night
Miss Gertie Finley spent the week
cnd with home folks.
Mr. Grerham Rorer spent Satur
day night at the home of his friend
Mr. Ralph Childress.
Mr. Wreman Mauldin and 'family
spcit Sunday afternom at the home
cf his sister, Mrs. Charlie Steele.
Mis Loyc F inley spent Sunday
afternocn with Miss Nannie Craig.
Say, Boys, what's so attractive
at Nine Times and Pickens.
Master Claude Roper spent Sun
day with his friend little Jim Fhley.
Mr. and Mrs. Denney Garrett and
family of Six Mile have been visiting
the latter's parents, Mr. Mack Fin
Mr, Ray Childress of Anderson
spent Sunday with his mother Mrs.
Bob Childress.
H. P. Sitton, Jr., receivedl a tele
grain from the Ford Motor company
'at Detroit yesterday announcing a
reduction in Ford cars and trucks.
Tenew prices, wvhic~h are fifty dol.
lars lowver on each model, becomes
effective at once. This new pricc
lEst is the lowvest f. o. h. Detroit price.
level in the history of the company
and Mr. Sitton expects to do t
"land office" business during the
next few we'eks.
All WVoodmen in good standing in
Pickens county andl surround ing~
country are invited to Central to W
0. W. meeting the 21st of Oct. ai
7:30 m. m. J. M. Martin, Clerk.
Im'r -
.... .... By Hawkshaw .. ....
Wonder why they still have the
anti-saloon league ?
Lady gets seven dollars as verdic.c
in court after sitting on chteving
gum in seat at miovie. Bet she felt
stuck up.
The mnajor'ty of Turks have the
name Bey but none have the much
needed ilclix 0.
A fund is being raised in Greenville
as a reward for sufficient information
to convict (log poisoners. We would
raise a fund as a reward for grati
tude if he would visit some (logs we
You can't hear the 1r~sh harp for
the gobble cf 'Turkey.
Near Ea .t issues cortinue grave.
but it- i4 a ce:tainty they will never
1 each the grave.
As far as the Gr( (' are eonccrncd
the Bosphorous dors not seem to be
So !)horous.
Pride does not ne'essarily go be
fore a down fall. You may step;Eon
a banana peeling.
No cases of broken bone fever here
but there are plenty cases of broken
pocket fever.
It is not an income when you pay
out all the time, yet the government
calls 't income tax.
Turkey ash-Two swords and a
Some people worry about every
thing they know and others warry
about everything they don't know.
There are some guys that think
they are so slick they could slide on
barb wire.
Said the Flapper to the Tea Hound,
I have kisled every; boy iln town.
Said the Tei H1o'mnd to the Flapper,
You had better not tell yonr Papper.
The Grecian throne :s Hellenic all
Times do change. Some years agvo
wontn had babie. cf six that used
a three shoe. Now women have a
baby six that usCs :34x4 shoes.
;ile iolk5 retire after a blow out
and the next morning have a doctor
bill instead of a garage bill.
President Wils-cn fixed Ka.scr Bill
and President HImlding fixed Bonus
Father says that (laughter knows
more- abcut needing dough than she
does about kneeding dough.
Volstkad has fixed it so a man
can't get too full to play fullback.
On last Thursday, Oct. 12ti a
large number of relatives and friends
of Mr. and Mrs. John Evette gathered
at his home to celebrate eleven b'rth
days. In fact it was a consolidated
birthday celebration, there being pre
rent about 70 people. Each one seem
ed to enjoy their self in a social way
until about 1 o'clock whe, the good
ladies spreadl one of the best dam11er.s
we ever enjcyedl. The afternoon wvas
spent in singing, talking and picture
taking. Sure we all enjoyed the
occasion very much and hope to at
tend many more such annual gather
ings at this house.
The people of this section enjoyn'l
a singing at the home 6f Mr. A. K.
Evette's Thursday night. Also an
other wvas given at the home of Mr.
C. B. Grant last Saturday night. EacIa
one reported a fine time.
The little (laughter of Mr. andI
Mrs. Dean Stancell is quite ill at
The people of this section art
proud of the work that Mr. Gu~s
Nealy has been doing~ on the roads,
Fall Turnip.
/40Th LIV S C SM-C
Picnic, Basketball Game and "A
Perfect Day.
The picnic at Liberty Ilgh School
on last Friday, given by the Parent
Teacher association, was 'more than
a mere acquaintance occasion, as was
evidenced by till present.
The good friends and parents of
this institution showed their love and
devotion in a material way when it
came to unloading baskets for dinner;
and to the host of little hearts, this
was the hour of the (lay. The chil
dren were served first upon this oc
casion too. 0
The basement of the building has
recently been fitted up for the do
mestic s:ence dejit., and she an' her
the agricultur department. M is;
Lillian Deck is again the much loved
and efficient instructor for the do
moestic s:- enle dept., and she has her
class kindly lent to the success of
the day. A new Col)per-clad range
has just been placed for the benefit
01 this department andl was much ad
mired by all present. 'This range
comes by way of the P. T. associa
tion, half the expense of which is
their first aid for the new sch, 01
year, the other half being borne by
the Stave.
When diinnr was over, a short
busine s s essign of the association
Was held in the auditorium. Miss
E'tnel Cromer") very 'kindly responded
for t reading whiich was highly en
.*myed, aid ;l'.s Anna Wile \atklins,
traeiciusly pleastii the auitence by
inging that ever new (old song "The'
End of a Perfect Day." At. voice of
s- R. E. Howen this assemblage
vwas dismismised by a rising vote of
thanks to the president, Mt s. W. C.
O'l)ell, for her untir:nlg efforts inl be
ha.lf of our schools.
Presently these mother:, together
with the rest of the crowd. were wit
nesting t iiin::keh ll game betwo"n
the Easley and Liberty high school
boys. It was a hot contested game
Paliey- winning out by a score of
1540a, 11. Mr. Z. L. Foy, Principal
Easley high schcol and brother of
cur Supt., L. N. Fry, refereed for
the )oys. After this game thest
boys were all invited into the com
miunity room where a festive board,
awaited them. Tirese gutsts express
e. ithmselves as highty pleased and
a joiy good time prevailed.
'flim5. camle the end sof seemingly a
"Perfect Day" for all iat Liberty IHigh
schooU1!. "
The C''ntral 'I'ownship S'nging (on
ventich1 will meet with the second
Baptist church the fourth Sunday in
Oeteber at Central. Everybody come
and lets ha:ve a good time.,
The Pickens Township Singng
Convention wvill meet wvith Mountain
Grove church next Sunday ali (lay.
We have the promise of some goodh
singers let cveryhrdy come and d~n't
forget your bask-ets.
There will be a Mother's Day at
Rices Creek the fifth Sunday in Oc
tober (Oct. 29.). A Mother's Day
ptrogram will be carriedl out in the
morning anid a singinag ni the after
noon. Everybody is invited to come.
Don't forget your we'll-filled dlinner
baskets andl song books.
S. S. TIeacher.
SdO -S
2928 E
Doing Goed Work In Community .
Says Prominent Man
The Long Branch Community Club
in PicJens County staged another
one of its successful meetings in
August. This time the club was
honored by having as its guest Dr.
C. B. Smith, of Washington, D. C.,
Chief of the Office of Extension
Work. Dr. Smith did not hesitate
to compliment the bo5ii for the suc
cessful work which they are doing.
The regular monthly program was
carried off in fine style, each mem
ber contributing his full support in
making it such. One by one the
boys told the condition of the corn
and pigs being grown under their
m'lanacmcnt. It was unanimous that
the ecr1 club corn in the community
was better than other corn growl
side by side.
A strilking feature of this clib
1t1eei w \C:,:; the presence of fifteen
of the chlb boyF' pruents six or
eight of whom spoke very enthusia
tially :n tavor to the goci wor!k
being dn' by the club, saying that
it was nXt. to the church and the
school in the de "elopmtent of the comn
munity. The falther~ (f Ahe pres=ident
stated that the club work had been of
great value to himself, as well as to
His boys, two of whom are members.
14 is encouraItig to obtser.ve the
lrogress an11d growth wh:el the Long
Branch Club has, made i) two years
time . It. i1s d(oubicl iin membership.
The att e.dance at the meeting is
100 per cent. better than last year.
T he oIicers. ha.e beo;tme more pro
ficient. The m emib'ei.rs are keeping,"
thi i rc (or(1 booksi, : i' -t o -date, and 4
m1lany ouiLer thi-1'2s at:tni ( ut as ev
\1c':1e (:1(f f . 'i ('5 . (couity Agenit T.
A. I.wen was full (,f Smiles as he
e;bservted the pIrocdire of thiS meet
ing. Tel( Club is the produt t of
hi. handiwork.
At the cr m-lus ion of the progran,
the Osifdnt f t c chb cnlled on
)r. Smith for a'.n a dl-e. Some of
the .things wh:ch the distinguished
visitrr brought. out here fellow:
"I am d'.dghted ti mtcc with you
Ste th (arolina club boys. Is is -m
iospirationi to be he and to observe
)o n1ny of the parents. here. I .oti
inl South (arol'na to become bet'.'r
atcquaited with your ag;ricuilture.
IL isa pleasure to me1c to l'atrn that
you boys grow corn better than the
other folks around you. It is my
impression that you should grow
more legumes.. This land around here
vTcppars to need humus.
"One of the things which I would
like to emphasiz is the need- of
edicltion. I am glad to see this
nice schoolhouse here. The study of
books is the short route to educa
tion. E';xperience s t dear school,
for it requires too much time to
eanin it. What we need, not only
in our farming, but in everything
else, is more system. That is why
the Ford automobile plant can turn
outt So many cars. They have a well..
dleveloped system. Trwo men within
my acquaintance started out in life
with about the same opportinities.
One purseud en education, fthe other
did not. At tiie pro'ent ti'me the
educaeted man has attainedl success.
The other mian is a failure. This is
the di fference betwveen being educat
e'd and not being educated. Of course
it take~s effort, but I beClieve you boys
are willing to putt forth the effort."
First Grade.-Velma Durham,
Louise Gantt.
Second Grade.-John Kennedy,
Thelma Garrett, Martha Boroughs.
Third Grade.-Mattie Jo. McWhmor..
ter, James Whiten, Virginia Gantt,
Roy Entrek in.
Fourth Grade.-Clemson Billings
Iey, Furman billingsley, Frank Clar..
dly, George Clardy, Thomas Boroughs
Roblert .Johnson, Ireno Gilstrap.
Sixth Gradc .-Austin Clayton.
Seve'nth GradI(( Helen M'cWhor..
Icr, L~amee McWhorter, Whlie Grace
IEighth G rade.-Jay Clayton, Mary a
Cock, J1. C. Bolding, LI.zzie Blackerby,
TIeby Couok, Pauline Gaineo, Hughes
Trhe jdir' of 'the Pickens High shoo'
Lhave organ.iaed a Basketball team for
the~ winter. T[he officers are: Miss
liuoby Berrymnin, coach; M isi Kather
it." Cur'tep. atptin; Miss EhteI
Porter, manager, and( Mie-s Luisa
Diggs, secretary and treasurer.

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