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.Ill strated by
CHAPTER XV-Continued.
'Tle boy had been two years in ti(
lids. W1ihen he left the Shawnet
my winter was setting In, that ter
le winter of '7--of deep snoW tn(
unger and cold. When he reacher
askuskia, Captain Clark had gone t(
:entucky, and Erskine found l'a
ews. limilton and Hay had takei
incenes. There Captain llelim's Cre
les, 1s soon its they Saw the reel
wits, slipped away from Iini to sur
i'n'ler their arms to the British, ai
his dieserted by all, he and the twi
r three Anericans v ith him hud ti
\i"e up the fort. The french reswer.
Ill-ginne to lBrita in. Ilamilton 'on
sitdil their liquor 111(1 broke up thel
illia1rn tables. Ile let his Indlin
Batter t~ their villages. anel with lii
idulars. volunteers, white Indiai
aulers and red auxillaries went 1int
inter 1iuarters. On. hand of Shaw
i'ts lie sent to Ohio to Scuat a12
take stalls in the settleinents. In thi
pring he wotlid sweep Kentucky ano
estroy all the settleiments west 1
he Alh'glanies. S4) Erskine and Ilav
ent for (aIrk ;ad t at trilP neithe
ver forgot. Storms had followed eael
then -ince late Novemnber and th,
ni" lacy deep. Cattle and horse
cr1-itshed, dleer anti elk wvere found demni
a t12' wvoods, anti buffialo einlle a
ilt fall to oli .Jerono Sanders' for
or ftotd andi Corniinionslip with hi
tarvinig herdi. There was no salt 4
leetale fot 1: nothing but the lies
of le'' wih gaine. Yet. w hil'e hi
'rotl iers (iien 1. reI I Ined y lie (24d i
he stoLkles aind thi' 1en11 hunted :1d1
he w\ ~11,'1 made clo thes of tannl'
ther hhes, utfaltt-wool 41 loth. attlIne ht
le-imrtk linen'iandi both hollow\edl "no;:
,dns" out of the knot of at tree, Clari
1n12d his nisazingr tttreh to Vir
2ennes, recaptured it b y thle end c
Fehrtary, and se'nt ylltll to WlV
*lltturg i prisoner. I lrskine plead.I
to 1h' allow\edl to take hints there, ht
('1-rk wouhd not let him 'r' 2. 1'41-1rm
nitlint garrisntis ('were ted lit V'i
(tnt s Is ('abh kia, and at K1 taska'ki
IrSt irm stayedl to 1help) Imailke l ia,
wit 11 he 1 114lians. 1 unish maru I l ( Ide
arnl hlntine hand:, Si)oi nt tt by aI
end of the y ;rear (a'111rk itit sit
ahn' tall. of1 the 1litihi : :a 1) ie 1'
the W\".-t :tol 11 sure gu arlo ue f th
thte whites w(' nh)i i-v('er he for.
al fen t ih liht a II iti k".
hadkll le t hrt fr ond ,-rkine. Si
wa's' talil, len fwat hyI 1' ii l dun , a
yt watheTee was not altodinnl
le'l oIlieers211 in te Norses, wh1o4 It
C(i'. Inved edi Itrench and ('ra1llied Il
pteltI' wi h fhitit, 'e si lt' hi ivio
sente hIs mothfr he hinad. o e
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andi,111m wasgreportta (l'se ir l ,
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Ifte the 211gh18 atihina, wlith iai
ofwat e. Th21)r' Ier ws n(teon
icotlrn nle heaut whta, tto11
pumpksst, tooip, melons. Gameel rel
pltntofl tnd toch.le here, talnd hoU
ler Intahed twa omaal
pdwn tie rimr ErskinCre tior
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general, was ,uii tillwith Tahngto at28I
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113 eton'is getion, oft rangers tin t
wite unliform211( s ert beouring wi
~goiiaas foreybod scourged thvae rag
linas.oThrough the Jarlnes ofiva
Le Dale
Fox, Jr.
R.H.Llvngstone ?
barn's horne-his home, he thought
helplessly-and perhaps those chtim
neys were all that was left. And
then he saw the roof and the upper
windows and the cap of the big col
utans unharmed, untouched, and he
pulled Firefly li again, with over
whelming relief, and wondered at the
miracle. Again he started and again
pulled in when he caught sight of
three horses hitched near the stiles.
Turning quickly from the road. he
hid Firefly in the underbrush. Very
quietly he slipped along the path by
the river, and, pushing aside tjirough
the rose bushes, lay down where un
seen he could peer through the closely
matted hedge'. He had not long to
wait. A white uniform Issued from
the :reat hall door and another and
another-and after them Barbara
stailing. The boy's blood ran hot
siijiIne at her enemies. Two Qlivers
howed. Barbara co .urte*sied, and they
wheeletd on their heels aind descended
the steps. The third stayed behind a
in'oment , howed over her hani a and
kissed it. The wat(her's blood turned
then to liquid tire. Great (God, at
what price was that noble old house
Left standin'g' , Grimly, swiftly Er
skine turned, sliding through the
bushes like a snake to the edg e of
the road along which they must pass.
lie wo uld tight the three, for his life
was wo rti noithing now. He heard
th'utin laughing. talking at the stiles.
r I' heard themis speak Barbara's
name, and two seemed to be banter
ins; the third. whose answering laugh
emed nequiescent and triumphant.
Tty were coming now. The boy had
his pistols out. p'im'd atnl coicked.
. li' was rising on his knees. utit a ibout
to leap to his feet and out into the
rad, w hen he fell hack into a
startl-d. paralyzed, inactive heap.
(.;limpsed through an opening in the
it r"He F O
htses.helaing troe in/ th/u
nItr hea t.-Ti a ytr
il h tiuth ovdb fr i itl
e.spke ieroecruci, s h
oncemor hhnt idango
m H ouhtd Onen Undr Bendinct Ar
froHm thNoa.
"MrIEsknt.h gse.I
r bash , t hle ei troype who hd led
r- forbarf a'swhte ois lgout wong oine
,r anie ebony facte r and zlin Ieeth.
a ii yhad wrkne pointer than hik.
tight by thatr tree.wa a' hmter
I. thet tlstle ndlved Im."e i ~s l
y, The. lero soochinheasd.,
leato hi.eTly wheyredhe wts messtn'
ym i~ml found'ha Ywuhiettart I degack
d day-td lya mgtsee yh."elpso
a jus rode lw andr toante Grey?" ,
e fTothe eronheitaed
3.'"Yautsuh." te! legapd.
Ir iThe hoyinlu hiebyh his ethold
r- uneat'tty wand pnsu looked lsong
"Igo do' aknowl, ish- lnt knodw
dnut in'. euti ltYligteh
hi s in yh4 knhe was lyingo butore
3.Ili stabedfed him.''
6. The egr Mshoo Barir I'merean
-i thnsilIltaed feed dnyhawtu
Ephraim went swiftly and Erskino
followed along the hedge and through
the, rose bushes to the kitchen door.
Barbara, standing in the hall door.
way, heard his step.
"Erskine I" she cried softly, and she
came to meet hit, with both hands
outstretched, and raised her lovely
face to be kissed. "What are you do
ing here?"
"I am on my way to join General
"But you will be captured. It is dan
gerous. The country is full of British
"So I know," Erskine said dryly.
"When did you get here?"
"Twenty minutes ago. I would not
have been welcome just then. I wait
ed in the hedge. I saw you had com
"Did you see them?" she faltered.
"I even recognized one of them."
Barbara sank into a chair, her elbo'y
on one arm, her chin in her hand. her
face turned, her eyes looking outdoors.
She said nothing, but the toe of her
slipper began to tap the floor gently.
'T'here was no further use for indirec
tion or concealment.
"Barbara," Erskine said with some
sternness, and his tone quickened the
tapping of the slipper and made her
little mouth tighten, "what does all
this mean?"
"Did you see," she answered, with
out looking at him, "that the crops
were all destroyed and the cattle and
horses were ill gone?"
"Why did they spare the house?"
The girl's bosom rose with one quick,
defiant intake of breath, and for a
moment she held it.
"Dane Grey saved our home."
"He had known Colonel Tarleton in
London and had done something for
him over there."
"flow did he get in communication
with Colonel Tarleton when he was
on oflicer in the American army?"
The girl would not answer.
"Was he taken prisoner?" Still she
was silent, for the sarcasm in Ers
kine's voice was angering her.
"lie fought once under Benedict
Arnold--perhaps he is fighting with
him now."
"No '" she cried hotly.
"Then he must be a-"
She did not allow him to utter the
"Why Mr. Grey is in British uni
form is his secret--not mine."
"And why he is here is-yours."
"Exactly '" she flamed. "You are a
soldier. I.earn what you want to
know froni him. You are my cousin.
but you are going leyond the rights
of blood. I won't stand it-I won't
stand it-frotn anybody."
"I don't understand you. Barara
I don't know you. That last time it
was Grey, you--and now-" ie
paused and. in spite of herself, ter
eyes lished toward the door. Ers
kine saw it, drew himself erect,
bowed and strode straight out. Nor
(lid the irony of the situation so much
as cross his mind-that he should be
turned from his own home by the
wmiatn he l've'id and to ,whom he had
givein that hoin'. Nor did lie look
Ia.:k---else he ight hae seen her
sinlk. soi ng1)'., t l - tliour.
W\'hen he turned the e'orner of the(
iphra':imI wr waiti ng for him at the
kitenu dloor'.
"'Eiphr aimi."' he said( as lie swumng
upon Firetly, ''you and mnammy keep
a close' watch. anil it' l'nu neededt here.
entel 1o tie youriself .and comie fast.''
"Yassuh i. M[arse t'y is sutn'ly up
to s'oime dlevilimnint noi which side lie
fight in' fer. I got a gal oveh on the
a ige o' de' Gr'ey llanitat iom an' she tel'
mei dat Mlarise I itane ( ir(ey dion't wear
'dat whlit e iunif'orm al lde tiine,"'
''Ni, suhi. Shie say lie got an udder
uini fortu, same ats yose, amn' he keeps
it at her uncle Samii's ca bin ani' she's
seedl bini go dar i in whlite' ana' come Out
ini our uintiftorml, ain' ahl'ays at night,
Mlarse Erskhie--al'atys at unight."
Th'le ntegro cocked his ear' suddenly:
"'iTake to de woodns quiick, %arse
Erskine. H orses comnin' dlown' the
But thle sound of comning hoofheats
hand reauched thle vWoodsman's ea rs
some0. se(ondsl bef'tor'e thre blac'k man
lieardu liem.i andl alrei"ary Erskinie hiad
whee~'led away. Aiid Ephirairn saw
Firetly skim along the( edge of a
blamckented iiruldw binlid its hedge
of low tr'ees.
"w:"said the black boy, and
lie stuod wat'lhing thie road. A hand
of whmit'eonted tr'o(opers was comiing
in a cloiud of diust, and at the head
of t hem rodte D anie Grey.
'"H as t 'apt. Er:iskinie IDale been,
here'/" lie demiandied.
Epi im had hiis own reamson for
being oni tih' good shle of theit ques
tioner, and (11( not even buesita te.
"Yassh--he J(es' lef' ! Daur he goes
now !" With a curse Grey whieeledl
his troopers. At that nioment Firetly,
with somet hinmg l ike the wavt ing tight
of a blumebir'd. was leaping thme imadow
feunce into the woods. The latck 1boy
looked after the troopers' diust.
"G;awd!"' he said again, with a grin
that showed eve'ry magnificent tooth
In his head. "J.est as w'eli try to
ketchi a str'eak o' lightning." And
qiuite iudistturbed he turnedl to tell the
newvs to old mammy.
A Tip to the Wise.
It was the b~eglining of the second
Semtester, and we wecre to have a new
Inst ructor' in the English depiartmient.
I rushed into the classroomi amid, see1ng
at supposed fellowv studen'mt ini onte of
the seats. said: "W~eil, I guess we'll
hiave to give the old girl mu good mglJ.
come thlis tmrning, butt he rathier dtmb
so slhe won't expect too mauchi." In a
mnoment the y'oung woman began call
lng lie roll, proving to lie thme instrue
tor herself-Ciinen Trn-.~
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New Person I
of Her
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Doctor Advised Use
ham's Vegetab]
Happy Results i
S.seh, Missouri.--"Both of my ]
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Mrs. W M. LocKMAN, 513 N. 4th St.,
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pain that I could hardly walk and the I
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ydaE. Pinkbam's Private
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A North Carolina Case
Mrs. S. B. Short,
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C., says: "I had
dull ache all -r
through my back
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rest. I had nerv
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my kidneys were
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