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After Every Meal
helps the stomach.
After a hearty meal,
try its friendly relief
and comfort to the
over-burdened stomach.
- It is the beneficial and
satisfying sweet for old and
And the cost is very small.
SCe r r
Try the
New P. KC.
*et C 8
Adds a Zest-Helps Digest
f. o. b. Flint, Mich.
Chevrolet Roadster
This car averages the lowest operating cost per mile.
It has style, finish and equipment that completelyvut
classes all competition in its field. It is the ideal car for
daily use by farmers, salesmen, business or professional
people, and all who want the most economical trans-.
portation for one or two passengers, with ample rear
compartment for samples, luggage, etc.
QUALITY has been still further improved by more
artistic design and added improvements.
ECONOMY has been still further Increased by engi
neering refinements and greatly broadened production
and distribution facilities.
SERVICE is now offered on a flat rate basis by 10,000
dealers and service stations.
PRICE remains the same, in spite of added equipment
and more expensive construction, which have greatly
increased value.
Some distinctive features of the new line are: stream
line body design with high hood and crowned, paneled
fenders; vacuum feed and rear gasoline tank on all
models; drum type head lamps with legal lenses. Cur
tains open with doors of open models.
Closed models have Fisher Bodies with plate glass
Ternstedt regulated windows, straight side cord tires,
sun visor, windshield wiper and dash light. T[he
Sedanette is equipped with auto trunk on rear.
See these remarkable cars. Study the specificatrons.
Prices F. 0. B. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Roadster--- -- -----$510
SUPERIOR Five Passenger Touring--- - ----525
SUPER IOR Two Passenger Utility Coupe - - - - 680'
SUPERIOR Four Passenger Sedanette - - - - 850
SUPER IOR Five Passenger Sedan----- -- -----860'
SUPERIOR Light Delivery--- -- -- -- --- /- 510
Nothing Compares With
for Economical Transportation,
'Zhevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan~
Division of General Motors Cor poration
World's Largest Manufacturer of Low-Priced QUALITY'
Automobiles. There are 10,000 Chevrolet Dealers and Serv
ice Stations Throughout the World. Dealers and Parts
Depots Wanted in all territory not adequately covered.
Sna Cool
(By REV. P. . B. FITZWA'TElt, D. D.,
Teacher of English Bible in the Moody
Bible institute of Chicago.)
Copyright. -1922, Western Newspaper Unton.
LESSON TEXT-Luco 4:1-18.
GOl,DEN TEiX''--For in that IIo Him.
self hath suf'erei being tempted, lie is
able to succor them that. are tempted.
-leb. 2:15.
lil'2FRitENCE: MATIO RIAL-Phil. 2:G-11'
Heb. 2:ii-1S; 4:14-16.
PItItAl tY TOPIC-Jesus Overcomes
JUNIOt TOPIC--Jesus Tempted to Do
-Overcoming 'remptation.
-What Christ's Victory Means to Us.
I. Tho Place of (v. 1.).
The wilderness of Juden. The first
man, Adani, was tempted in a garden
with the luost pleasant surroundings,
The second muan, Jesus Christ, vas
tempted in a barren- Wilderness stir
rounded by wild beasts (Mark 1.:13).
II. The Purpose of (v. 1). He was
led Into a wilderness by the Spirit.
Christ's temptation was Messianic.
Though le was "tempted in all pointed
like as we are," we are not temipted
as le was in this Instance, but tho
same methods, are employed on As.
During the eighteen years of retire
ment Satan surely tempted Christ as
he tempts us. Satan, no doubt, would
have gladly escap'ed this hour, but the
time had come for the Redeemer to
enter upon His mediatorial work ;
therefore He went from the place of
anointing and heavenly recognition as
the Son of God to meet and despoil
the arch enemy (Ileb. 2:4).
1. It was not a preparation for I-Is
work, but rather its first conflict. In
baptism we have the symbolic act of
dedication of himself to the work of
redemption through the cross-the
making full a righteousness. In the
temptation, the strong man is spoil
ing the enemy.
2. It was not to see if Christ would
stand fast-would fail under the most
crucial test. Christ could not fail.
To so postulate would make God's
scheme of redemption to have been
unsettled until after this temptation.
and would have made God guilty of
setting forth a scheme of redemption
on the basis of a possible overthrow.
3. It was to show Christ as an ob
ject upon which we miav rest our faith
with unshaken confidence. le came
as the second Man, the head of a new
race, Its very source hend life. It was
a demonstration of the inseparable
ness of the divine and human natures
in the incarnation.
Iii. The Method of (vv. 2-12).
Christ as the world's Redeemer
sustained a threefold relation-Son of
Man ; Son of God; and Messiah, there
fore Satan made each one a ground of
1. As Son of Man (vy. 2.4). Satan
madie his first assault upon Him as
a man by3 app~lealing to the instinct of
hunger. Satan urged Himm to use is
dlivine~ power~ andI convert a stone in
to bread. Hunger is natural and sin
less. The temiptation was in sattis
fying a right hunger In a wrong way.
To have yielded In this case wvould
have beeun to renounce the human lim
itations which- He had taken for our
sakes. To use divine'power to satisfy
hunman needs would have been to fail
as Saviour and Redeemer.
2. As Messiah (vv. 5.8). Here the
temptation was to grasp Ils right
ful dominion lby false means. The
devil offered to surrendler unto Him
the worlitf' He would worship him.
The force of this temptation was in
the fact that the kingdoms of the
world are Christ's by God's covenant
with Him. God's method by which
Jesus was to possess the world was
the cross. 'lihe temptation Satan is
pressing upon the church today is to
get possession of the world by other
means than the cross.
8. As Son of God (vv. 0-12). Here
Satan tries to induce Christ to pre
sume upon God's enre. He quotes a
Messianic Psalm to Induce Hlim to soa
act. To do the spectacular thing in
order to get notice Ia to fall Into Sa
tan's teinpiation. For Jesus to have
placed himself In dlanger in order to
get God's special help in dielivering
Hlim would have been to sin. To put
onie's self in moral and spiritual peril
in ordler to test God's faithfulness is
to sin. Satan is never quite so dIan
erous as when lhe quotes Scripture.
IV. Christ's Defense (vy. 4, 8, 12).
It was the Word of God, lie met
and rep~ulsedl the enemy with "It is
written." Our defense is God's Word.
May every Sunday school teacher
know how to use it i
V. The issue (v. 13).
Satan- is vanquished. If we will but
trust God antd use His Word wve too
can overcome.
Hop-Scotch Ancient Game.
Hopscotch is a ganme with a very
long history. It is even said that some
of the pavements of the ancient forum
in Rome, are marked with the saint
diagrmns as those which boys andi
girls drawv on the pavements ini 01u
streets toda~y. So JulIus Caesar and1(
Nero and all tihe Rloman emperors may3
possibly have played at that, tool
Who knows?
One out of every 25 farms In thme
United Sitae is onPated by a womn
After Thorough Ti
Mich., Man E
The following letter written
from Detroit, Michigan is no snap
judgment expressed on the merits
of Ie-ru-na, the well.
knowncatarrh remedy,
but rather a niature
sober opinion ibrmed
after a full year't trial.
This is the way Mr.
Michael Fako of 900
East Palmer Avenue,
in the Michigan Metro
polls, writes: "After
using PE-RU-NA for
about one year will say
I have found it a very
good medicine for ca
tarrh. It has helped
me a great deal and I
am very well satisfied. I have
gained in weight, eat and sleep
well, my bowels are regular and
better color in my face.
Lone Surviver.
"'hit sailor must have had a wild
niglt ; he looks ia wreck."
"'rolbahly struck a hidden har."
if You Need a Medicine
You Should Have the Best
Have you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so niny products that are ex
tensively advertised, all at once drop out
of sight and are soon forgotten? The
reason is plain-the article did not fulfill
the promises of the manufacturer. This
applies more particularly to a medicine.
A medicinal preparation that has real
curative value almost sells itself, as like
an endless chain system the remedy is
recommended by those who have been
benefited to those who are in need of it.
A prominent druggist says, "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a
preparation I have sold for many years
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every ease it shows excellent re
sults, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy has so large a
According to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of 1*.
Kilnier's Swamp-Root, is due to the fact,
so many people claim, that it. fulfills al
most every wish is overcoming kidney.
liver and bladder ailments, corrects uri
nary troubles and neutralizes the uric acid
which causes rheumatism.
Yo-; may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root by parcel post. Address Dr.
Kilmer &. Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and
enclose ten cents; also mention this paper.
Large and medium size bottles for sale at
all drug stores.-Advertisement.
Writer Thinks Practice Might Miti
gate the Horrors of Tooth.
Pulling Operations.
A new idea for dentists.
If you've never had a tooth pulled
don't read this suggestion, for .'s be
yond the compreliension of such. Far!
One certain friend of a certain dIeni
list in this city, having read a
delicious dissertation on ah pulling
of teeth via the novocaine method.
happened upon the end of the story,
in which the dentist said: "That's
all. Perhaps you'd better have a lit
tle stimulant."
By way of suggestion to thle local
dentist his frIend wrote: "ily intro
dluclng this innovation there Is no
doubt but, that you can soon take over
the entire hullding for your pract ice.
Of course, the technique of extraction
will bo lengthened. One pull by the~
denitist to beC followed by one 1pull by
the patient, and then, I suppose, a
long pull all togeth~er."-Wasingto~n
Air Mall.
A twventy-eight hour: air mail service
is prrgnisedl between Newi York amnd
San l'rancisc-o. Air mail to the in
terior of Alas-ka wvill soon be a fact.
Air routes are now being muapped out.
In postal service 2,000,00O0 miles haive
been flown wvithiout at fatality.
4 Why.
~T HE path of t
drinker is be:
gers to health
1 These dangers
irritant, caffeine,
active principle
and tea.
For those who
made cup of coff
find that it makes
wakeful and irr
satisfaction and
discomfort in deli
rial. a Detroit, }
ndorses Pe-ru-na
"PE-RU-NA has done wonders
and to me is worth its weight in
gold. I shall continue to use A
PE-RU-NA as long qs
live and recommend FREE' uawo.. oi
to my friends who are Movies. Iirt t h '6r.Io,?ir tt.4ri'
broubledwithcatarrh." Wt'' 9' set w P951 tt too"
Nothing can be more
convincing than an en- RX
dorsement of this 'a- PT R
turo from an actual
user. There are many h
people in very n- UNLUCKY?
munity whose Caperi- dcamgtt
* pirl., Sickac,,. spells. andt sjas.
ence,in using Po-ru-na, bol of good suck indove. buniain,
has been identical with "'m'* i W47515 ni
Mr. 'ako's. It is the jCrgUaranteV Ne and arma
standby coughs,
colds, catarrhstomach it in ?ei 5Iu (NYo.
and bowel disorders and allca
tarrhal conditions, A G E N 1 8--1(I MONEY -EAR JIOUND.
Put up in both tablet and liquid New buwlo .,. Lnsqu' proposition. CILO
forme. SOL~D BVYZYHnZ. 1 a(. CO. Shta. K0, Box 61, TOLiJOO, 01110.
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 42"-1922.
Zolfor Springyv, Fla.
March 5, 1920
Anglo-American Drug Co., 215 Fulton St., Now York.
Dear Sirs:b
I amn using Mrs. Winslow's Syrup. It saved moybb
from dying of colic which she had for three months.
Some one advised we to get Mrs. Winslow's Syrup
and I did. Yours truly,
(Name on requesu) Ik
Colic is quickly overcome by hspes
ant, satisfactory remedy, which re eves
diarrhoea, flatulency and constipation, keeping baby
healthy and happy. Non -narcotic, non- alcoholic.
The infants' and Children's Regulator
Formula on every label. WritZ for free booklet containing letters from mothers.
At All Druggists.
ANGLO-AMERICAN DRUG Co. 215.217 Fulton Street NEW YOR
Genwre! S.lUng Agent.t aoIgswd F. RItchi & Co..Iosc.. New York, Toront.Londos.SdswV
World a Mystery.
IaI a uiny world to
live inl." loes-"Yes. 1111(1 so) few~ of
fr get out of It helive." fo t h
For sSeody an m oltectivo action Dr. Peerys W *islow' Syrup
"Dead Shot" ba an o qual. On Y dose at
night on going to be( will clean out nvor re
or Trapeworm by morning. t you cannot A safe, dand
ob(an It In your ntigh rhood sei 60 effective remedy for
d -nt i to 372 Pearl ft.. New York City.--otipto, k epe b
Advert senient. CuhCls itmeIfuna
y ad h N Henavcs and Worms among horses and
TIRED OF THE "OLD STUFF" mules. Absoltec'.iharmless,and assafe
Polyndran QeenWelcmedImpot-'geldings. Give "Spohn's"' occasionally
ThlyndrinQu en Wd Chlrtn'as a preventive. Sold at
ed Novel for the Reason That
It Struck New Note.
The queen of the iolyandrian Isl1s DESIGNED FOR HIGH PLACE
reclinedI lazily uplofl her~ thronie of iTuis- _______
culine skuills. 11er seveni litIli Sanfiy'a Prediction for, Son's Future, I
had all gone n-hunting, and tite ly CIowever, Contained One Rather
In-avily 111is hr hands. Ininy g li' a Unfortunate Proviso.
tiook" sie on-inade, and sevf
virgins rain off' to do tier bidd(inlg. Ilk Scol land thberte is told it story of
The queen thumbed t i tgcs f o Sandy Meltosh, who stal 0(1 to
the seven native notvls. Build ato Dr.Pr outhouse of rick. After
'Bad " she etIaclate afer r time. et., plan or ' r r l
Poinganra Quen Wlcomied iot- h aeil(ls eiehm h
eteda Novlgo h Ruieson eTchat al ee iigfs we onr
one ~ thse rcY, ~stlle, mpored Coug.hsl, olds Dihi isepe, Jnfuema
novls h~re ne iiizian on W~il~rtiHaves a Wors dmongehren
an li'a~'ethe orld nti hs wies munles. hotoest ne harmliee, anf
dimeto oveeachciter lC~lte ur fo okt at ois for stae~llon ares o
lioyah~liiut (olveit lilli y. i'ie geldi anggved aSons casd ll
a lttl lit umorl..peritia, ut "i as' load prevetI. Soda aln drgn tor
11ti(ft tc lewhaalt Note. Fne ahr; o tey e
"Leger O* lancea around . 1m showe
Thet lyethaofhisesnPolynndighn ;slet
ecint fazor Amater Ptrs, lokfga mas-idl~he8111
culie skullag Her vensli hsfndsu y'ego gadhed
hadO~l alvy one pa-hnint, two th aye,.onIY'lh nneetyt
shelac upn etry ands. "liig nsmr' 'rfy hrsablte '
booter sure omane, andoil seveneadferg bn n ad
Thcofe oure ta hedths fragran armofdrih
"Bawih dan-h fja ull-bodifed faorarimlihtul
"The Comfordtf. EPgtn ismdefomr-se
lur.inoewmn the whetired cotthis Cfeie
whic is the noyrisany moterdamuigein
an boath coffee asowver.an
aOlittfrhityomurnr..prhaps.yut wha
aenjoy aro wel e banatumo ome w frs
Hinrtfor butmateu antrs u i s)peae
tabe tahereng oanishon bolnf ae.totm*
weeodlwy frm an tea w(id pakaesthrth
-thea tabdle whil bfoe ptemang engpe
thre pts adgie muthreran
"T er n aclhnR tereaso hn astryo
Mad byPoeurnCeral om nen. Sandy Cnto, whostrl.t
buil a sall uthuse f brck. fte
the santpla of ricinyes 3h
wored romtheinsdeand a he ha

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