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1-Scene at openting of rmot Ional
to steel target in gunt tets it Alerdi
Elcano tade first voyage around the
Mudania Protocol Is Signed and
Greeks Are Fleeing From
Turkish Territory.
Attorney General Daugherty's "Dry
Seas" Order Creates a Stir-May
Help Ship Subsidy Bill-Great
Britain Pafs America $50,.
000,000 Interest.
TTORNEY General Daugh
r1 1 erty has ruled that no in
toxicating liquor may be. Served
on any American vpcsel any
where, and that nc, vessel what
ever may bring liquor within the
three-mile lit.'it, even though it
be seale;..;' bo you agree with the
OPiP:'ion that this ruling will in
TLrease the chances of passage o4
the ship subsidy bill; and what
do you think of that measure?
TURKEY for the Tntrks-that in
word will be the effect of the pri
tocol signed by tile ail led comminler
and the Kenalists 'Thursday mornin
at the little village of Mulaia, if Iih
Near East peace conferece soon ti
be held follows :along the saute lines
Something like a million and a lial
Greeks who have been residents o
Asia Minor, Constantinople and east
ern Thrace are fleeing westward, fair
ly panic stricken at the thought o1
massacre and1( out rage whieh Christ iar
peoplies have been tauight to( expecl
from the Moslem. An added lncentlve
to their flight is aifordedi by the fea:
of Turkish reprisal for thle acts of' th
Greek ar-my in Anaitoih and the Greel
civilians int Constannt inople).
Truly the p)ight of these refugees I
most seriouis. Abandoning their long
time homnes and3( sacrileving their io"
sessions, they are struggiling in disor1
ganized masses51 to get out of Turkisi
teritory, and3( the meanIs of' tranlspor
tation are pitifully scanit. Pestilene
alreadly is appearing ini the crowded coti
centration camlps, and food is scarc<
Of course they '!re all tr-ylng to get t
Greece, but what will becomet of' tihen
there, Ia a problem. Th'le governmnen
at Athens ia striving to devise meam~
of carIng for them, but the country ali
ready Is crowded and hats neither thi
food nor the money to provlide foi
these hundreds of th~ousandls of new
Comners. In easttern Thrace the Greeka
are working feverishily to eave all then
can of their harvest. 'Therec is a loi
of wheat there andc the Greek gov-ern
Ifnent may purchase it to hell) stav(
off at famIne. Tfhe Thraelan delegates
in the Greek partimnent have cabled
to Secretary lloover for aid( fromt
Another throng that Is trying to get
out of 'iTurklih territory is composed
of' the mlaniy thousanids of' Itussin Iiref
'ugees. Thea(y hlelleve that iKemal hats
secretly milsedl thme soviet govern
inent that he will send them baick to
Rlussiai, and1( then recor-d of tihe liolsihe
vIkIit'eaves themIt int 1no doubt as to
what their fate would be there.
COMPLETION of the armIstice pro.
o'clock Thursday mornzing and1( the (doc
umnent wats signled by Generals Haring
for' Great Blitnt 'rance. Italyan
-the T'urklsh Nationalists respective
17, l1'uhl agreement was reached only
after many anlious5 (lays during which
Ismet's excessive demnands were met
by General Hlarington's cairm and uin
' afraid firmness. Thie Englishman told1
tsho Turk plaily that his government
had sald its last word, and that if its
terms wvere not accepted tile Turks
snust take the consequences, le re
aninded Ismlet thatt England had1( a
strong navy, a good army and( an
*bundance of guns. "WVhile the l3it
Ish. peopje want peace" said he, "'they
- ate equally, determined to have fair
play and are dangerous opponents
honu aroused." Meantime General
uventitloll of Aterlean ted Cross in V .
ecin proving ground, Marylanid. 3-Itepli
world, built for tercentenary 4:elebration
(harpy received instructions from
Paris, where Lord Curzon had been
in 'otil'erence with, Premier Poineare,
and announced that France adhered to
the termns proposed. Istnet Pasha,
losing thus the support he may have
counted on, had no alternative but to
yield, and this he did with good grace.
The Greek representatives sent a note
saying they could not sign the pro
4ocol, but the Turks were assured that
it would be effective in three days
despite this refusal. "Let's sign," said'
Isiet, and the signatures were append
ed and the threat of war faded out.
Later Greece decided to sign.
The terms of the Mudania conven
tion are substantially as given in this
column a week ago. Greece is given
lifteen days to evacuate Thrace as far
west as the Maritza river, handing o"er
the civil powers to the allied authori
ties, who will itmediately transfer
thena to the Turkish authorities. Turk
ish gendarmerie in limited numbers
will control the territory for the time
being, with ailied troops on guard to
prevent 'lsorders, but within thirty
dilys after Greece gets out 'Thrace is
to be turned over wholly to the Turks.
New netitral zones in the Chitnak and
Isnild atreas, fin the Constantinople pen
iusula an it Gallipoll are to be de
fined by mixed commissions and are
to be respected by the Angora govern
It is understood the peaces confer
ente will open on November 1 in
Scutari, or possibly In some city in
Italy. It is probable that Butl
garia, Georgia and the Ukraine will
h le invited to send representatives, but
not (lie Moscow government. Other
nations that are likely to have dele
gites, in addition to Great Britain,
iFrance, Turkey and Italy, are Jugo
Siavia, Itumania, Greece, 1lungary,
Austria, Czechoslovakia and possibly
H AVING avoided war with Turkey
without losinag digntity, and re
tainintg for tihe piresenit the actuatl coni
trol of' thte Dardanielles, thte IUrifish
governmtenit sems once miore solidlly
enitrenchted, andio the talk of retiring
L'Prime Mintister Lloyd George, whlich
broke out furiously a few (tlys atgo, is
dying downi. is opp1onients atl home,
inideed, now have no fit mnu to sug
gest as his suc<:essor, for IBonar Law~,
-tuponi whomt they hiad counted, has re
-newed his fealty to the Welshmtan, asq
has Lord( lirkenhlead. Thte Untionists
are satid to have decelded to stick by
-(the coalition ando make it practically
e a permiatnent patrty when the gentiral
-electiona comies, whleh pt~robaibly wIll be
.atbout Chtristmtais. The piremtier, aifter
a weekc of retirement In the country,
madet~l at niottale spe'chI Saturdaty ini
tMantchester, telling his opponenits
what lie thought of thetm and demtand
lug (lie sup~port of the country for his
~UCHAREST was eni fete Saturday,
I )when King Ferdinand and Quceen
Marie were formally crowned as rulers
of the kigdomt of Rumania whtich (lie
war enlarged by the addition of B~es
sarabia and Transyl van In. The cere
monies were gorgeous~ aind many other
nationis were representted by princes
antd high dignitaries, lIn view of the
fact (liat soviet Russia still threatenis
Itumniia, it is worthy of note that
France senit Marshal Fochi and1 wIth
lini General Weygand, who organized
P'oland's successful opposition to (lie
Btolsheviki two years ago.
A TTVORNEY General Daugherty
lcetainhy stirred upi the animals
when he barred liquors not only from
all Ameriean vessels, but even' from
all other sipis while within the Atmeri
can thtree-nile limilts. At first there
was a storma of commirent punctuaitedl
with excited predh'etionts of what for
(ein goveritnments would (10 to us5 int
the way of retaliation anid with pre
(dictions thlat all foreign steamship
lines would dlivert their ships to Cain
adin ports, leaving New York, Bos
ton, P~hila tdelphiai, San Francisco, Sent
tle nad our other coast cities to go to
wreck and ruin. With (lie subsideitce
of thie tempest these facts appeair:
The Blritlsh government says it has no
interest in the domestic hegislaution of
(lie Uniitedl States, which it hat, a per
fect right to put into operation, and if
British subjects break United States
law they will have to take the conse
send a protest to Washington, but will
wait to see how (lie deee is enforced
and howv It nfect. n.en.h in.e-st.
___ I
:illuglonl. ' 11 - u im h shell, did
Ott of' vessel inl which Jun1 Nebastian
pit' that event at Guetaria, Spain.
Freilch labor circles are concerned he
cause the French law provides that
sailors lutist be given wine dally. All
American vessels, notilled by wireless,
at once sealed their liquor supplies and
are turning thema over to the authori
ties oil' reaching port. Many foreign
vessels sailed with their usual supplies
of booze, in order to bring about test
cases, and the Cunard and Anchor
Steamship companies began proceed
ings in the United States district
court in New York to restrain govern
ment officlais from seizing their ships
or the liquor aboard them. These
companies :ittack the legality of the
Daughehty order on the ground that it
is in contravention of the general com
mercial treaty of 1815 and a misinter
ijretation of the Volstead act.
The International lercantile Marine
corporation obtained from Federal
Judge Handl a temporary restraining
order enjoining New York officials
from molesting the liquor on the steami
ers "inland anzd St. Paul.
The Ameriean Steamship Owners'
association decided to abide peacefully
by the ruling provided the prohibition
ists will reciproeate by giving their
support to the ship subsidy bill. It
cannot be denied that the attorney
general's dcisiloni met with general ap
proval throughout at least the Middle
West and1( South, and it is believed its
effect will be greatly to improve the
chances of the ship subsidy measure
when it comes up for passage in con
G ItIAT BRITAIN, through tmbas
sadior Geddes, haits just paid to
the United States $50,00t),0, which
is approximately the amount of this
year's interest on the British debt to
America. Sir itobert Iliorne, who is
coming to help adjust the termis of the
debt, is delayed by the unsettled state
ot' foreign and domestic policies and
may not arrive before the end of the
It is stated in Paris thailt France will
not be able to pay anly part of 11er
debts for four years, since all receipts
for that period mlust be devoted to re
construction of tihe dlevastatted regions.
Wihen the initerallied flinanciall congress
mleets in Brussels tile French govern
mlent will probably sulbmlIt a plan
drawn up by Premlier Poinceare. It
calls for a revision of Germany's ini
dlebtedness Onl a basis of actuail rep
arationls only, -wiping out all charges
for pens5ions, war allowances hand the(
like. France's claim would thlus be
reduced by almost 25 pter cent.
T HE Irish hierarchy last week de
ilous Itepulblcanls in the form of a palS
toral letter strongly condemning guer
rilla wvarfare against the Free State
governmllent and1( declaring "tile killing
of National soldiers is murder before
J APAN notified WVashington last
week thalt tile official documents of
ratlllcationl of the WVashlington treatles
were oni tile way and1( that her em
bassy haid been given full power to
exch-iange raltifieationsR. Tis was most
gratifying to the admninistraltionl, which
is beginnling to get a bit annoyed by
France's long delay in ratifying tihe
pacts. Paris dispatches BIay actionl by
the French parliamlent is nlot likely
during tile forthlcoming session be
caulse of theO g -eat nlumIber of domestic
issues and tile Near East affairs.
R IESIDENT Harding hlas appointed
Sseven nationlally promlinenlt men
as members of tile coal fact-finding
commission createdl by congress. They
are: John Hays Hlamamond, Califor
n111 and Wahin~l gtonl, m1in1ing engineer.
Thomlas Riley Matrshlali, Indiana, for
mner vice president of the United
States and formler governor of Indiana.
Samuel Aischluler of Illinois, judge of
the seventhl United States Circuit
court. Clark Howell, Atlanta, editor of
the Atlanta Conlstitultion). George Otis
Smith, Maine, director of tile United
States geological survey. Dr. Ed
ward T..Devine, Iowa, now of New
York, editor, teacher and publicist.
Charles P. Neill, Illinois and Washing
tonl, commissioner of labor in Roose
volit's adminIstration.
N EW YORK Giants, chlampions of
Nthle Nationlal league, won tile
world's series in dlecisive faslhion, den
feating the New York Yankees, chamn
pions of tpeO American league, in'four
games out of five, the fifth being~ a
draw called on account of darkiness,
Numerous Exhibits to be Shown In
Department; Old and Young Will
Be Served.
The woman's departmlent at the
State Fair October 23 to 28 is being
given special attention by the fair
officials. The women have taken a
prominent part in the recent eanvass
for meim hers and by fair week of 1923
there will be a handsome woman's
building on the grounds.
This year, pending the erection of
the woman's building the exhibits of
milady will be quartered in a large
section of the lower end of the stool
The executive committee has added
a number of classes in the woman's
department and have increased the
amount of premiums heretofore offer
ed in the other classes.
One of the prominent parts of this
department this fair week will be the
"Old Ladies' Work" class, the com
petitors in this line being over 70
years of. age at the time of making
the exhibit. Included in this class will
be knit bed spreads, crocheted bed
spreads, afghan, quilt patchwork, silk
quilts, sweaters, socks, cotton or linen
embroidery, silk embroidery, tatting
and special articles.
The youths will have their chance,
too, for a large class of needle and
fancy work articles are included in
the line of premiums offered for chil.
dren 14 years of age or under.
There will be no entrance fee in
the woman's department. The ex
hibits will include dainties and deliea
cies made in the kitchen, needle and
fancy work, fine arts and various
other articles at which the feminine
sex is particularly skillful. Women
will vie with one another to see who
can tempt the judges most with their
cakes, cookies, pies and candies. Can
ned goods, vegetables, sauces, cat
sups, relishes, jellies, preserves, jams,
marmalades and dairy products, will
all offer ample opportunity for the
women to show their best talents.
The experts with the needle will
have a full line of articles coming un
der that class for which to compete
for prizes. In fact, just about any
thing that milady can do will offer a
field for competition in the women's
Premium lists and full particulars
can be had from the office of J. W.
Fleming, manager, 704 National Lib
erty Bank building.
Judge C. A. Woods Named Chairman.
Judge C. A. Woods, of Marion, was
appointed state chairman of the 1922
Christmas tuberculosis seal sale at a
meeting of the executive committee of
the South Carolina Tuberculosis asso
ciation at its quarterly meeting.
The announcement that Judge
.Woods had accepted the state chair
.manship was enthusiastically receiv
ed. Dr. L. A. Riser, a member of the
board of directors, was elected man
aging director of the sale. It was due
to the successful campaign directed
by Dr. Riser in 1917 that the South
Carolina Tuberculosis association was
enabled to employ a full time staff.
Tlhe central committee chosen to act
,with Dr. Riser in the campaign con
sists of 3. Nelson Frierson, president
of the association, John P. T. Thmoas,
IJr., Reed Smith, Frank A. Pierson and
Mrs .D. McL. McDonald,
An approximate budget of the comn
Ing year was considlered and adopted.
The principal item in the budget was
an aprpopriation for the conducting of
various counties in the state. The
executive secretary reported that
since tje last meeting of the commit.
tee clinics and surveys had been held1
in five countieA. More than 1000 per-.
sons had been examined aend more
than 200 cases of tuberculosis (118
covered. Th~e state boardl of health I
co-operated in this work by furnish..
Ing the doctors for the examinations. t
The patients were instructed as to
treatment and efforts made to secure
their admission to sanatoria. Many
were referred to local doctors for f
home treatment.
The members of the executive comn
mittee of the state association are: I
J. Nelson F'rierson, Reed SmIth, John 1
P. Thomas, Jr., Frank A. Pierson, Dr. t
L. A. Riser ,the Rev. F. WV. Gregg, of I
Rock Hill, and Mrs. W. W. Scouten, of
Charleston.' t
Three New Charters,
The Caddin-Moore Lumber company
of Sumter wan charteredl by the secre
tary of state with a capital stock of
The Carolina Products company of 1
Sumter was chartered with a capital
stock of $3,000. A general feed busi- r
ness will be done. Otticers are: Rob- s
ort Baker, president and treasurer, E
Isaac Strauss, vice-president.; James
C. Bryan' ,secretary.
Trhe Philfips Dairy company of Co.
lumbia was chartered with a espital. q
stock of $6.000.
Sheriffs of State Meet at Columbia.
The sheriffs of South Carolina will
invade Columbia Wednesday of fair
week, coming to the capital for the
second meeting of the South Caro.
lien Sheriffs' association, dccording to
the announcement of T. Alex Heise,
sheriff of Richland county and secre
tary of the association.
Complete details for the' session are
yet to' be arranged, but a full attend
ance is expected for the gathering,
which will be the first session held
since the organization meeting in
Greenville, July 3. Sehriff Heise mail
ad out invitations to all members of
the association, urging their attend
ance upon the meeting and practically
every sheriff in the' state is counted
upon to be present when the conven
tion is opened at noon, October 25.
Sessions of the convention will be held
In the Richland county court house.
The program, it is announced, will
combine business and pleasure, and a
number of well knowl speakers will
be here..
Superintendents of Education Meet.
Thirty county superintendents of ed
Lcation assembled in ,the library at
the state house and discussed with
Tohn E. Swearingen, state superin
tendent of education, various school
School 1'!ances, consolidation of
schools, the education law, adult
schools and night schools and various
other problems which county superin
tendents meet with in their work, were
considered and discussed. The meet
ing, which was in session a good part
of the day, was similar to those held
by the county superintendents in the
Among those attending were the fol
lowing: Aiken, C. H. Seigler; Allen
dale, J. R. Cullom; Barnwell, H. J.
Crouch; Calhoun. George W. Wanna
maker; zCharleston, H. H. McCarley;
Cherokee, W. C. McArthur; Chester,
W. D. Knox; Chesterfield, W. F.
Young; Clarendon, E. J. Browne; Col
leton, H. S. Stricklaid; Dillon, H. M.
Moody; Dorchester, J. A. Parler;
Edgefleld, W. W. Fuller; Fairfield, J.
L. Brice; Greenville, M. C. Barton;
Greenwood, T. E. Born; Hampton, W.
P. Bowers; Horry, E. C. Allen; Jas
per, R. R. Tison; Kershaw, Allen B.
Murchison; Lee, B. T. Brown; Marion,
S. J. Wall; Newberry, E. H. Aull;
Oconee, L. C. Spears; Orangeburg,
W. A. Schiffley; Richland," G. M.
Eleazer; Saluda, F. O. Black; Spartan
burg, J. B. Lancaster; Union, F. M.
Ellerbe; Williamsburg, M. F. Mont
To Get Buildings at Camp Jackson.
The war department is no* ready to
turn over to the state highway de
partment about fifty acres of land
and some twenty-odd buildings at
Camp Jackson for shop and other pur
poses, according to a message received
here from officials of the department.
In the meeting it was stited that
the only detail to be settled was ar
rangements with the National Guard
of the state and a conference with an
officer of the highway department
was suggested to straighten this out.
In response to the suggestion, N. S.
Anderson, equipment engineer, left for
Washington to confer on the matter.
L. H.. Thomas, secretary of the high
way commission, said that no conflict
was expected over the turning over of
the land and buildings because of'
the National Fuard.
Legislature to Visit Fair,,
The members of the legislature will
be guests of the State Fair October
23 to 28. Invitations have been mailed
to the members to attend. With the
idlea of making the fair a state insti
tution the officials believe that they
will be able to offer a show this fall
which, with the Improvements being
made and to be made during the next
year, will so impress thie legislature
that they will readily recognize the
importance of the fair and the fair
society to the life and development
of the state.
The legislators wil be taken over the
grounds and through the buildings and
shown the exhibits and told of the fu.'
Lure plans of the fair society.
The state board of public welfare
Is preparing a creditable exhibit for
Lhe fair which will emprace varlong
ines of its work.
ro Walt a While on Magistrate.
Governor Harvey announiced that he
w'ouild take no further action against
Wtagistrate Leslie B. Godahali of Union'
intil a proper hearing could be held,1
Is being at the request of the magis.
rate, his attorneys and friends.
Reports reaching the chief execu.
lye have been to the effect that God
hall flas not been in sympathy with'
aw enforcement and has not exerted'
iny efforts to co-operate with the of
leers. After getting these reports the,
~overnor wrote Godshall that unless a
atisfactory showing was made by him
eofore October 15, he would no longer
ec a magistrate. The chief executive
old1 the official that he would revoke
is commission unless he would show
ause why such action should not be
a taken.
ones Returned to Reformatory.
J7. Willis Jones, a Sumter county
outh, who escaped from the Florence
eformatory and joined the army, has
een returned to the reformatory to
ervo his sentence of three years for
saTslaughter, Governor Harvey was
dvised by J. H. Martin, superintend
nlt of the reformatory.
Jones escaped and joined the army
fter serving a shor time and when he
eturned to Sumtei on a furlough he
ras seen and effprts begun to bring
im back to po~lete his time.
Mrs, Ruth Williamson
Birmingham, Ala.--"After becoming
a mother my health gave, way. I suf.
fered severely with a lain low down
in my right side. My sister-in-law,
having been cured of a bad case of.'
feminine trouble by taking Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, advised me to
take it, which I did. I am now starting
on my third bottle and the pain has all
left me. My husband said to me1 the
other day, 'That Favorite Prescription
must be a wonderful medicine, I don't
hear you comipleining any more.' "
Mrs. Ruth Willianon, 4016 First
You should obtain this faimous
Prescription now at your nearest drug
store, in tablets or liquid, or write Dr.
Pierce, President Invalids' Hotel in
Buffalo, N. Y., for free medical advice.
Her Military Aunt.
Mrs. Smaliwaist , was annoyed. Her
maid was always going out.
"Sarah," said Mrs. Sinallwaist, "I
cannot have you continually going out.
Next Sunday you must stay at home."
"Oh, but ma'am.. I've promised my 4
aunt to spend the afternoon with her."
It was just then that little Jackie
chipped in.
"Do let her go, ma !" he said. "Her
aunt has been made a sergeant, and
he's got a new coat with stripes on I"
-Minneapolis Tribune.
Brought' Joy
to Babies for
Fifty Years
What mother doesn't know the
value of Teethina?
For nearly fifty years this wonder
ful prescription has brought joy and
happiness to countless thousands of
little suffering children.
Teethina is absolutely harmless and
indorsed by the medical profession.
It Is wonderful in relieving bowel
troubles of babies and little children
such as Diarrhea, Cholera Morhus,
Cholera Infantum, Dysentery and
Constipation. It is also invaluable in
breaking upi a cold. Remember-it's
just a baby, so be careful what med
icines you use.
Teethina Is sold by all druggists,
but if you can't get it. send 30c to
Moffett Lahorator'es, Columbus, Ga.,
and get a package together with valu
able Baby booklet.-Advertisement.
Not Beauty Parlors.
"Smokers" for women now make
their appearance on British trains.
Women have been crowding the men's
compartmennts to an uncomfortable de
gree-not, officils say, because they
want to ride with the men, blut be
cause they insist on smoking whtile
travelilng.-Selent ifie American.
Sure Relief
& Hot water
- -'m Sure Relief
25end 754 Packages. Everywher.
Mrs. Anna Clover, of R.Fp. D.
WnedKans., says: "I
~gnto suffer somte months
ago with womanly troubles, and
l was afraidlIwas gon oget
in bed. Each monn ufered
wittmyhead back andsidesa
weak, ahnnervous feeling.
I bogia to fy medicines as I
knew I was.gettn worse. I
did nt see to nd the right
reeyuntilsomeone told mecof
The Woman's Tuoi
I used two bottles before!I could
well and strong. I can recoin
men Cadul,,,or it certainly
I on boure witl kinso
drnaet remedies, better et
Wonmen about which you have
abwaysh Iarwchhas helped
manthossds f thesand
1*r sale erw r.

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