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SMadam, Raisins
Cost Less Now
So Get Their Benefits and Their
Flavor in Scores of Attractive,
Money-Saving Foods
UE to greatly increased crops, even
though production costs are- still much
* igher than in pre-war days, raisins now cost
almost as little as before the war.
Use .this luscious, energizing, healthful food
lavishly, therefore, in scores of "plain foods"
like rice pudding, boiled rice, bread pudding,
Indian pudding, and in cake, cookies, pie, and
with the children's cereals, to give the'n "lux
urv flavors" at "plain food" costs.
Raisins are both good and
good for you.
So take advantage of these
lower prices now.
Not Marc Than Raisins
Your retailer should Seeded-Seedless-Clusters
sell y'ou Sun-Maid 9
Seeded Raisins in 15 oz.
blue packagge for not
more than Z % . Packed under most sanitary conditions
in fresh, clean cartons. Very highest quality.
Insist on Sun-Maid Bland, the kind that
you know is good.
New 11 oz. Package
a ~ Your retailer should sell you Sun-plaid Seeded and
Seedless Rasins in II oz.* packages for not more
than 1Sc.
Not More Than 18c
SYour retailer should sell y is
Sun-Maid SaddIeu, Raisins in TS
oz. red package for not more
than 18c.
Ungallant French Saying. The gauge of hop- is the long-din
A Minll in love Is like at sptrrow tance sight of success.
caught with hirdlline; the more he
strives the muor he is entangled.-- The' diligent says "Today," the slug
l' r o m t h e Il ir e n c h . g a r d sa ys " T o t o r r o w, " ,
million men
have turned to
-One E leven
-a firm verdict for
superior qyazlity.
Ab (Patent A pplied For)
* 1b gadoschool dnansk a ilhdu In Bo irna oa Adds beaut to an
II'1--~~.-' anay. Itol p e th to 1 ollt lrnorls eThous eands sold at year.
Big saying to schools. 'Write at once for catalogue and pricos.j
ThI1~l1~ffl~ SOLD
Snges Last Year's Frockdo Newi
~ $ im Fadeless Dyes-dyes or tints as y i~I.
Gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
"The British government," it is semi
officially stated, "is taking steps to
pay fifty million dollars into the New
York federal reserve bank on October
16, on account of this year's interest on
Great Britain's debt to the United
The prince of Wales has passed up
so many girls suggested to him as eli
gible as future English queens that
King George, Queen Mary and Lloyd
George are getting tired of it, and a
royal row is in prospect within the
royal family, according to Lord Claud
Nigel Hamilton, who is in British Co
lumbia to hunt big game.
Five members of the crew of the
Gloucester fishing schooner Marshal
Foch, which was reported ashore on
'Sable Island, arc still reported missing,
according to a wireless received at
Halifax from the island. The schooner
carried a crew of 21. Sixteen have
been accounted for.
Lambros A. Coromilas will probably
be appointed by the new Greek gov
ernment as minister to the United
States. , He held this post from De
.ember 1907, to October, 1910.
Admiral E. E. Anderson and officers
of the Asiatic fleet of the United States
navy are to be feted extensively upon
their arrivalin Hong Kong.
The Greeks authorities in Thrace re
port that Turkish soldiers garbed in
their arrivals in Hong Kong.
Reports from Athens, Greece, say
that thousands of persons are terribly
emaciated from lack of nourishment
and suffering from exposure and the
unsanitary conditions in which they are
forced to exist. The refugees, a ma
jority of whom are women, children
and old men, are sleeping in parks, in
cellars and in attics, and generally
about fifty to a room.
Numerous ambushes accompanied by
heavy outbursts of firing are reported
to have occurred in the streets of Dub
lin, Ireland, one night recently.
At midnight recently a bomb was
dropped on a bridge near Dublin, Ire
land, as a truck full of troops was
passing. Rifle fire was also opened
on the Fr: State troops, who replied
with machine guns and rifles and dis
persed the attackers.
One of the questions on which it is
expect(el there will rbe important differ
ences betwen the Turks and British
is the cost of the British occupation
of Constantinople and other areas in
Asia Minor since 1918. The British
have kept careful accounts of the ex
penlditumes which are regarded as an
uit imate chm go against Tutkoy. It is
believed the bill will run into a hun
drned million pounds(1 sterling, without
regard to what (lainms might be ad~vanei
edl by France, which maintained twenty
theonand troop)s in those regions for a
year and a half.
A strong earthquake shool, Rome,
Italy, the other day, causing great
alam among the population. No dam
age, however-, hma()d bee reor)tedl up to
last rel:or-ts. The appr~iehension among
the lppl was stimuilaltedl by the col
lect ion of sun milamr shocks, although
much less violenit, which occurred in
1f917, aund conitinuedl a whole month.
Coal produtct ion started off recently
at a marked and almost record-break
lng rate, which Fuel Distributors
Spens (declaredi in a statement was an
indlex to tihe effective railroadl co-oper
ation obtained for the industiy in the
attempt to make up deficiencies in the
country's fuel supply due to the mini
er's strike,
Washi ngton
Disturhed cycr reports that a valua
ble0 collection of Goethe relics is to be
selti at ruction by the authorities at
Lyons, France, the American Peace So
ciety, through its official organ, the
Advocate of Peace, is instituting a cain
paign to lprevent what is regarded as
an imnpeinding calamity to the world
of literature,
Tme allies' heroes passed through
Washington en route to New Orleans,
whore the federation of inter-allied vet
erans will be held prior to that of the
American .Legion.
October 9 was "decision (day" in the
Supreme court. No decisions, however,
were rendered.
Secretary Fall is off on a tour of
inspection in the WVest of interior deC
par'tment activities on pubilic lands.
Vessels departing for the Yucatan
channel and the Florida straits woie
adlvised by the weather bureau to ex
ercise caution on account of a disturb
ance over the noirthiwestern Caribbean
The ocean liquor ban recently issued
by the chairman of the shipping board
iB now up to the. courts. The author
ity of the government wvill be tested
and definitely decidled.
Total rye pi oduction of 1922 for eigh
teen counitries for which figures are
available, is estimated at 770,152,000
bushels, says the diepartment of agri
t'ultm-'e. Production ini the same coun
tries last year \was 770,603,000 bushels.
('ouny'ies for which reports are avail.
ablec arme Russia, Austria,. Denmark.
Greeco, Nor-way andl most of time coun
tries of the southen hemisphere
Ambassador Pezet of Peru denied
the report appearing in a Santiago
newspaper to the effect that he had
notified Ambassador Machieu of Chile,
that Peru would not accept amend
mont$ or reservations to the Tacna
Arica protocol.
Representative Theodore E. Burton
of Ohio is going to lot a little thing
like a surgical operation interfere with
his campaign duties. He went to Bal
timore the other day to undergo an
operation for removal of a growth un
der his left eye. Arrangements had
been completed and Burton was in a
wheel chair on the threshold of the
operating room when he suddenly asked
Dr. John Finney: "By the way, Doc,
this isn't going to keep me in here
very long, is it?"
One of Solomon's problems was pre
sented to the supreme court for solu
tion when it was asked to determine
who was the mother of Thomas W.
Atkins, a Creek Indian, to whom was
patented lands in Oklahoma of great
value because of oil.
The giant dirigible C2 arrived in El
Paso, Texas, making only one stop,
from Ross Field, Calif. The dirigible
will proceed to San Antonio.
The chairman of the committee on
fraudulent advertising of the American
Association of Investment Bankers has
issued a statement in which he advises
to investigate before they invest.
The trial of Mrs. Leila Humber,
charged with slaying her husband at
Seales, Ala., has been postponed.
Mrs. Janio Griffin Hand, Chicago,
has been divorced six times from the
same husband. She is seeking divorce
for the seventh time. She says she
doesn't want alimony, as she can sup
port herself.
Frank Treat, of Fargo. S. )., a
former potentate of the Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine, is dead.
Clifford Hayes, a youth arrested in
the New Brunswick, N. J., murder, in
which the rector of a fashionable Epis
copal church a member of his choir
were killed, has been released, because
of lack of evidence connecting him in
any way with the homicide. The af
fair is still a mystery.
Little 13111 Hayes, Chicago, was a
ragamuffin yesterday. Today he is a
perfect "Beau U3rummel." A barbers
supply house used him as an example
of how quickly their face creams, etc.,
would restore the bloom of youth.
The passengers arriving in San Fran
cisco on the President Cleveland steam
ship were "all excited and everything"
because the traditional last nighi on
board ship had been prevented by tho
order of the chairman of the shipping
board inhibiting the dispensing of in
toxicating liquors on American ships.
Dr. M. V. Murray of Decatur, Ala.,
en route from that city to Nashville,
Tenn,. to have his eyes treated, fell
off the train at Columbia, Tenn.. and
was killed.
J. 13. Gordon, a night watchman at
Dyersburg, Tenn., was burned to death
when five or six lhousand bales of cot
ton were destroyed in the plant of the
Churchill comprcss.
A $170,000,000 combine of A merican,
li-itish, German, French and Argen
line r-adhio plants, giving Amer-ien con
trol of wor-ld alir commnintions, was
annIloun~cedl rece'ntly by Caiipta in Pow
hatan P'aige, of the l'an-A merican
Wireless company, anld officials otf
other gigantic cor-porat ions inv1olve'd.
The price of gasoline was r-educedi 2
cents a gallon, from 23 1-2 to 21 1-2
cents at Standar-d Oil filling stations
t hroughout St. Louis, Mo.
W. D. H.earington, feder-al proihbi
tion enfor-cement agent at New Or-,
leans, is in the toils charged wvith brib
Newv Orleans was visited, the other'
day, with a $150,000 fIre. The cause
of the fire is undetermined.
A Stockton Calif., woman swallowedh
a needle three years ago, and the nee
dIe was found in tihe arm of her 22
months old1 baby.
William E. Wheeler-, Rocliester, N.
Y., grow despondent over inability to
find work and drowned his threce cil
dron and thopl shot himself to death.
Deportation of so-called undes9irable
Anmerican citizens fr'om JaurezA, Mexico,
which was begun recently, in a cam
paign' to rid the Mexican border- city
of vice, continuedl as resorts were raid
ed uindler orders of lgnacio Enquirez,
governor of Chihauhau.
Tihe dead body of Malone Thurman,
a farmier, living near Melvinle, Tienn.,
in the Sequatchie valley, wvas found in
the kitchen of his home by a neighbor
wvho was attractedl to the lace by not
having seen Trhurman for more than
a week.
During the major portion of four
years lie was hunted by depar-tment of
justice officials, on the char-ge of enm
bezzling $85,000 of the shipping board
ftunds, Joseph Pierot F"ortuny, has been
working on shipping board v-essels as
oiler, clock hand or seaman.
Mrs. Doris Birunen was to be arraign
ed at Mount Hlolly, N. J., on charges in
connection with the murder of her
hiusbanid, "Honest John" Brzunen, prom
inent showman recently.
The Mining Congress in session at
Cleveland, Ohio, has issued warning to
tihe ptublic that there is likelihood of
another coal strike beginning next
April. it seems that union and non
tuion op~erators cannot reach a basis
of agr-eeme'-nt.
J. Ogden Armour, Chicago, meat
packer', admItted in court that lhe had
played the future mai-kets, but refused
to say to what extent until he had
consulted his counsel.
John Wynin Barton of Nashville,
Tenn., has been elected president of
the Southern Methodist Universit.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Aeeebehpaaia~al Always
Aimaieoo- ran
Bear the
Tli nos Signature
sfteM E N Wsaente Of
.asifO~h o
' In
Oonstiaonad DiarrnD oea Use
and Fvrishnesan
Los ...L~ For Over
rac-Sltie Si;nstateot
RThirty Years
OR 25 years CAllen
Ranges have given
dependable service
and proved their economy'
in operation.
To-day they are vastly re
. fined in finish, but the real
E.. reason why they sell more
quickly is the reputation
established by old cAllen
Write for our illustrated cata
log and nameofdealernearyou.
Evidently Chr!stians. F 14110T
An .\nelriengn t'::mtily living in Chin
rfeetl y hirpedl *trvanit s fromn Nan- e
hing. il iisiiiai' cen'ter.AcAiriding. o nehin eya roi id. bod
ly. th une1w servants w ere t'bristio n. Iry nl a oremoves Irrita.
Aot her' n'~hies ser'van in t h'ee faily "d"""'"-"
discovedthe i new'~co~mers' religion andi HALL & RUN ork
reporte id thle fuel1 to hs misktreIss. Askaei _________.,......____________...______..__
tlians. lie sai: "Oh. t hey knowv :,I i 7Wvry.lo~r
abouitl ;od. .iesus~ ('birist, andi Santa,
Cuticura Soothes Itching Scalp
On retiring gently rub spotst of dIan
druff and itching with Cuticuira Olnt
ment. Next morning shnampoo with
Cuticura Soap and hot wanter. Make -----_______
them your everydIay toilet preparations aitlititt-i~'e*,~ln ~t~
andi have a clear skin and soft, white
hands.--Advertisement, 11 aMs )13' fJ~atiigv
Then She'd Hear Them.
"Oh, )it Jusit love fir y tatles'" iiee wr 'tnl itIctm kr
"TIhen'I'd adtvito yotu ho ge t mtrried,tiositd YtlI'beremttis
Unlssouseethe"B yerCosys" olets, yfIouh ve
physcian ove 23 earsand red saf ae millions aer
ho ads Hfeadachefrmahe
my ar"-ondn nne. Nerlgia Paiene , Pi
~ oly pakag wichcnanErpe ieto
Uandeyo sth "Bayer Cross"ofon tabletslobtle f2 n yo-Duggare.
not getig te genui qran au Bae proeaidut. iesibe by

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