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Mney to Lon
We can loan you any amount of
money from $1,000 to $25,000 for a
period of 33 years, giving you the
privilege of repaying i. at the end
of ive years if you want to.
It is not required that the borrow
. live on the farm in order to borrow
from us.
No" red tape. .
Office Ovcr Keowee Pharmacy
Phone 319 Pickens, S. C.
You Will Find
mess at the SE
And paying the
for produce.
40c per doz for
20c per lb. for
30c per lb. for
Hams 15 to 25]
Hams over 251
to size and quality.
Your trade is o
Yours I
J. W. HElz
J We have o
Iclass automobi
Sthe building fo:
iby WV. L. H-iltoi
ipared to dolyouw
* pairing, re-charg
IA trial is a
Lynch at
* Phone
It will pay
Store during the
We are off
3 of watches, clock
25 per cent, .redu
a big lot of soli
filled Elgin wat<
ton and South BE
fL ~ Jeweler and
In the District Court of the United
For the Western District of South
In the Matter of B. I. Hendricks,' l
Pursuant to an order made in the
above styled. case, by E. M. Blythe,
Referee in Bankruptcy, on the' 9th 1
day of October, 1922, 1 will sell at a
public auction to the highest bidder i
for cash, before the bankrupt's place :
of business, Pickens, South Carolina,
on the 24th d'ay of October, 1922,
at 10 a. in., all the bankrupt's prop
erty, consisting of automobile su. -
plies, tank heads and various other
auto fixtures.
B. B. LaBoon, Trustee.
FOR SALE-A 100 lb mule and
one milch cow. H. Y. Lawrence, Jr.,
Cvlhoun, S. C., R1. 3t
Me Doing Bus
ume Old Place
Greenville market
eggs at present.
fryers up to 75c.
bs. 25c,
bs priced according
or trade,
)Gened up a first
repair shop in
merly occupied
i, and are pre
'automobile re
ing and building
11l we ask.
id Smith
Pickens, S. C.
rou to visit our
aring a big line
s and jewelry at
ction. We have
d gold and gold
3hes also Hamil- a'
nd watches.
, s. c.,
SMITH'S STUDIO wvill give one
lx10 enlarged picture free to each 8
>erson spending $2.50 for photo
rraphs during the fair at Easley.
REECE'S GIN will gin your cot
on and put on good heavy bagging
mud ties for $3.00 per bale; will paY
narket price for seed or exchange
7 sacks of high-grade cotton seed
neal for a ton of seed. A. G. Reece,
FOR SALE-Blue straw wh'eat
eed wheat. S. G. Door, lickens, S.
', R4. 2t
If you have white multiplying
miens for sale see me at once. I
also can handle a lot of hens, roosters,
h'ekcns and eggs. E. Ii. Craig, Pick
.s. S. C. 3t
Industrious men and women want
'd to retail the genuine Watkins
noducts in city territories. Excep
'onal opportunity to tie up with the
'idest and largest company of its
ind. Our hustlers average income
s $1.10 an hour. Are you doing as
veil? If not, write today for free
,amplcs and particulars. The J. R.
Vatkins Co., Dept. 81, New-York, N.
We. the undersigned hereby prohi
):: all pe'rsons from hunting, fishing,
utting timber or trespassing in any
mnner upon our lands, under full
p:nalty of the law.
S. S. Childs,
S. W. Williams,
J. M. Gillespie.
J. E. Gillespie.
J. A. Hunnicutt,
J. D. Stancell,
L. P. Stephens.
E. D. Childress,
B. E. Porter,
J. P. Lewis.
J. M. Brazeate,
T1' lie I:.d At Pi'kcr'z C-urt Housc
-November :3 and .1..
The 'etgutlar fall teacher's examina
:on will 1) held Novemb r 3rd and
4th at Pilkns, S. C. The examina
tiols will begin promptiy at 900 o0'
clock a. In.
Ajplicants may stand for a Pri
mary Certificate, first, second or
third gradc; a General Elcmentary
Certificate, tirst, .Seccnd or third
grade; a High School Certificate,
first. se.cnd or third grade. It will
be impossible for any alpplicant to
take moire than one examination
succ'essfully. Any attemp~t to double
work and tI he coer twvo groups
(of ques-tions as ar to result in
Theli primiary' examination covers
twelve subjieets:
Friiday F'orencon-Eniglish Gram
ar and Language, 1 hr. ; Arithmetic,
I hr'.; Playground and~ Community
Activities, 1hr'. .
Friiday Afternaoon--H istor'y, South
C'araolina, Uiied Stater , and General,
I hb'.; Geerap~hy, 1 hr.; Civ'ics and
C'uirrent Ev'ents, 1 hr.
Saturdaay F'orenoon-Literatur'e, 1
hr'.; Pedagogy, 1 hr'.; Health, 1 hr.
Saturday Afternoon-Nature Study
1 hr.; School Law, 1 hr.; Manual
Training and Writing, 1 hr.
Any primary certificate will en
title the holder to teach in the first
five grades.
The general elementary examina
tion covers twelve subjects:
Friday Forenoon-English Gram
mar andl Composition, Arithmetic.
Friday Afternoon--IHistory, United
States and South Carolina; Geogra
phy, Civics and Current Events,
Satui'day Forencion-Reading, in
cluding Li teratui'e. Pedagogy, Na
tuirc Study andl Elementary Agricul
tu re.
Saturday Afternioon-Physilogy
and Hygiene, School Law, Algebra
(Algebra required for first and sec
:nmd gradel certificates.)
Any general elementary certifi
~ate entitles the holder' to teach in
~he first nine grades.
'rhe high sc'hool examination coy
~rs twelve subjeects, wvith optionst in
c(ienc(e and Foreign Language:
F'ridlay F'orenoot'--Gr'amatical Anal
.'gis and Composition, Literature
'rinciples oif Tfeaching.
F riday A fternoon-Aynerican Hs
ory and Civics, Science (Seven sub
ects of1'ered, two requiredl) General I
science, P'hysiology, .Biology, Phy.
les, Chemistry, Agricultur'e, Home
Saturdlay Fordbioon-A rithmiet:c,
lgc'bra, Geomtry. 4
Saturday A fternoon-Forogn Lain
unge (orm req~uired) , Latin, French,
pa nish, Ger'man, A ncient LHistory
nd Meoern 11istory, School Law.
A %.enIeraal average of 85 per' cent
vith not less than 60 in any one
Uhjct (ent itle5 the a pplicanut to a
verage of 75 with noti less than 55
Bany one subject entitles the ap
lieaht to a second grade certificate;
general average of 65 with not
iss than' 50 in any one subject/p
ties the applicant to a third grade
Applicants are expected to furnish
aper and writing materials.
Rules and regulations of this exam
iation are prescribed by the State
oard of Education. Results of the
eamination to be determined by the
tato Bureau of FU'
F. V. Clayton,
Co. Supt. of Ed.
. A. Gibson, Sai B. Craig, Bettic
Wilsen, William J. Wilson, Claude
Wilson. Bessie Wilson Elrod, Wes
Iey Wilson, Frank Wilson, Ge9rgc
H. Wilson, and Fannie Gibson Gil
strap. Plaintiffs.
aInybell Wilson Merritt, a minor over
fourteen years of age; Minnie Sar
gent Slaton, James Sargent, John
Sargent. Newton Sargent, Molly
Sargent Cokman, and Logan Sar
gent, Defendants.
To tihe defendants, Minnie Sargent
laton. James Sargent, John Sargent
ewton Sargent, Molly Sargent Cole
nian, Legan Sargent. and to all other;
i ho claim anv interct in the land o
he late !fr. Elizabeth Wilson Gib
on. situate in l'ch:ens County, S
Pickens Township, and containin;
forty five (45) acres, more or legs
You and each cf you are her
summoaed anti required to a nswe- ,
.omplaint in the above stated actior
which was, on the 11th d:ay )' eti h
r, 1922, filed in the ofYice of Cler
:f Court cf C:-mmcn icas for Pie!
ns County. South Carolina, at Pick
ens, South Carolina, and which i
still on file in said offi e. You ar
ftrther required to serve a copy o
your answer to the said compaint c:
the rubscriters Martin, Blythe, Crai;
& K.ith, at their offices at P'ichem:
Boutlh Ca-: lina. within twernty day
ifter the service hereof, exclui!ve 0
Jhe day of service, and if you fail t
unswer the comp!aint within the thn
foresaid, the plaintiffs in this actio:
i.ill apply to the court for the relic
.!eman.Iel in the complaint.
Martin, Blythe, Craig & Keith.
Plaintiffs' Attorrey:
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court.
October 11, 1022.
Friday. a
One- lot of apron an<
hems, 27 in,
I 12 l-2c.
One ot of Apron an<
hams, 27in, Good qualil
Childrens' School Shc
tan, $3.00 value for
Ladies Shirt Waists
with Peter Pan Collai
You will fii
Ladies Coats
Overcoats,. R
least, you will
lated sugar fr<
us Friday or S
4 r
o .
Touring. Plain --------- $298.00
Touring Self Staiter $368.00
Roadster'Plain --------$269.00
4 Roadster Self Starter $339.00
Chasis Plain .-------- $235.00
Truck ---------------$380.00
Coupe.------ -------- $530.00
o Sedan $595.00
F. 0. B. Detroit
'4 Io
Authorized Ford and Fordson Dealer
+ Pickens, S. C.
nd Saturday Speci ls
Dres Ging- One lot'of pecales :'n regular 20c
' 121-2
IDress Ging- Everfasf Suiting in all colors, Reg
y, ular 50c value,
es in black or
. Boys 'rjrk Shoes~ in regular
goodl quality
$1.24 value. Swd ters for Boys, Girls, Ladies
and eMr ranging in price from $1.25
id our stock and prices right- on
and Coat Suits, in 'Mens Suits,
iincoats and Hats. Last but not
I be given ten pounds of granu..
ee with everye $10.00 spent with

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