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State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
General Election for State and. Coun
ty officers will be held at the voting
precincts prescribed by law in said
;. county, on Tuesday, November 7,
1922, said day being Tuesday follo*
ing the first Monday in November,
as prescribed by the State Constitu
The qualification for suffrage:
Managers of election require of
every elector offering to vote at any
election, before allowing him to vote,
the production of his registration
ertificate and proof of the payment
of all taxes. including poll tax, as
setsed against him and coellec.tble
during the previous year. The pro
duction of a certificate or of the re
ceipt of the officer authorized to
collect such taxes, shall- be conclu
sive proof of the payment thereof.
Section 237, Code of 1912, as
amended by Act. No. 6, special ses
- s''on of 1914.
Section 237. There shall be three
separate and distinct ballots, as fol
lows: One ballot for Representatives
in Congress; and one ballot for Gov
erner, Lieutenant Governor, State
officers, Circuit Solicitors, members
of the House of Representatives,
State Senator, county officers, and
one ballot for all Constitutional
amendments and special auestions.
each of three said boxes to be ap
propriately labelled; which ballots
shall be of plain white paper and of
such vMiidth and length as to contain
the names of the officer or officers
and question or questions to be vo
ted for or upon. clear and even cut,
without ornament, designation, muti
leiticn, symbol or mark of any kind
whatsoever, except the names or
* names of the person, or persons vo
tcd for and the office to which such
persen or persons are intended to be
chcsen,.. and all special questions
which names or names, office or of
ficers, question- or, questions shall be
written or lintcd cr partly written
or partly printed thereon in black
mnk; and such ballet shall be folded
as to conceal the name or nam.s.
question cr nuestions thcreon, and
so folded, shall be deposited in
a box to be r:cnstructed, kept
and dsposed .c as herein pro
vdc'l by law. and no ballot of any
dsci it:tien fcund in either of
cxes shall be counted.
all special questions the
shall state the question,
.iestions, and shall thereafter l
the words "Yes" and "No" in
c1 so that the voter may ind- ]
his vote by striking cut one or
cther of such words on said
ot, the word not so stricken out
e ecunted.
.:efore th. hour fixed fcr opening
liells, Managers and Clerks must
:e and subscribe the Constitutional
:h. The Chairman of the Board of (
nagers can administcr the oath
the other members and to the I
Creek; a .Notai y Public must admin
4st(-r the cath to the Chairman. The
Managers elcet their Chairman and
a e P olls at each voting place m ust 1
lbe cpned at 7 o'clock a. in. and clos- I
acd t 4 o'clock p. in. except in the
city of C'wrleston, where they shall '
be opened at 7 a. in. and close at fl
p. ml.
The Manages have the power to l
fill a. vacnancy, and if none of the
Managers attend, the citizens can(
ap~poinlt frem among the qualified vo
ters, the Managers, wvho, after being I
sworn, can condluct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed
publicly to open the ballot boxes andc
ecunt the ballets therein, and con
tirite wilthiout adjournment until the
same is co'mpleted, and make a state
ment of the result for each *office 'l
arnd sign the same. Within three
clays thereafter, the Chairman of the(
Board,' or some one designated by
- the Board, must deliver to the Corn
missioners .of Election the poll list,
the boxes e&ontaining the ballots and ,
wvr~tten statements of the results of
the election.
At .the said elction qualified elec
* ters ,will vote upon the adoption or I
rejection of amendments to the. State
Constitution, as provided in the fol
locving johnt- resolutions:
A Joint Resolution to Amie-.d Ar
ticle X of the Constitution so as to
Authorize the Town of Greer to As
sess Abutting Property for Perma
nent Improvements.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 5 of Article XVII of the Consti
tution Empoweriig the General As
sembly to Regulate the Printing for
.the State.
A joint Resolution to Amend See
tion 5, Article .X, of the Constitution
, -elating to the Limit of the Bonded
'V -Debt of School Districts, by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to thle Due
West School District No. 38, Abbe
ville County.
*A Goint Resolution to Ame~nd See
ticn 7, of Article VIII and Section
5, of Article X of the Constitution,
so as to Exempt the City of Beaufort
fiom the Provisions Thereof.
A Toint Resolution to Amend Par
a graph 5, Article X of the Constitu
tion Rclatinlg to Bonded Indebted
ness of Counties, Townships, School
Districts, Etc., by Adding a- Proviso
ag to the cunty of Beaufort.
K Joint Resolution to Propose an
Amendment to Article X of the
Constitution by Adding Theret a
Section to be Known as Section 13-A
Empowering County Authorities to
Assess Abutting Property for Per.
manent Impriovement of Highways
The provisions of said Section shal:
apply only -to Beaufort county.
A Joint Resolution to Amend
Section 5 and 6, Article X, of the
Constitution, Relating to the Limit
of the Bonded Debt of Townships
by Adding a Proviso Thereto as to
the Township of Christ Church Par
ish, Charleston county, S. C., as
now Constituted Embracing in Area
of Said Township the Town of
Mount Pleasant, S. C.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 6, Article 10, of the Constitution
Relating to Limit of the Boided
Debt of School Districts by Adding
a Prov'so Thereto, as to School Dis
trict No. 10. Cherokee county.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 7, Article VIII of the Constitu
tibn, Relating to Municipal Bonded
Irdebtodness, by Adding a Proviso
Thereto as to the City of George
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
t-on 5, Article X of the Constitution
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts by Adding
t Proviso Thereto vs to the School
Disci ice of the City of Florence in
Florence County, South Carolina.
A Joint Resclution to Amend Sec
jion 5 of Article XI of the Constitu
tion Relating to the~Formation of
Schcol Districts, Etc., by adding a
Proviso as to Certain Schcol Dis
,ricts. in Pickens County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
Lien VII o" Article VIII, and Sec
tion V of Article X of the Consticu
icn so .s to Excempt the City of
Spartanburg from the Prcvisions
A Joint Resoution to Amend See
:ion 7, Article VIII, and Sect:on 5,
Article X. V ;e Constitution, so
to Exetmpt the City of Union
From the Provisions '2heecf.
< Election Managers
The following Managers of Ele
lien have been appointed to hold
he election at the various precincts
n the said County of Pickens:
Alice Mill-A. B. Stokes, L. J.
ennelly, Roy R. Smith.
Antioch-E. C. Bowie, A. T. Win
hter, E. M. Gilstrap.
Calhoun-C. W. Boggs. J. 1.
rowthcr, Jr., J. C. Goodman.
Cptecchee-W. W. Ccbb, L. L.
Leopard, J. C. Davis.
Central.-R. G. Gaines, Jr., J. H.
RFamseur, E. L. Henderson.
Croswell-J. 0. Hughey, -W. C.
Kay, Frank Garrison.
Cross Plains-S. M. Hestcr, B. D.
Zathem, W. A. Looper.
Cress Roads-A. T. Simmons, J.
V. Ligcn, C. A. Julian.
Dacusville.-J. A. Robinson, L. P.
Chcmrs, N. B. Williams.
Easley-R. G. Wyatt, J. M. Smith.
V. D. Griffin.
Eosley Cotton Mill No. 1.-W. R
)ats, F. F. Williams. W. F. Evatt.
Ead1ey Ccttcn Mill No.. 2-L. L.
.ackey, H. A. Kennemorc, J. M.
Flat Rock.-M. J. Boggs, H. G.
Pcwler, W. F. Young.
Glenwood Cotton Mill-Sam D.
reeman, Sam T. Smith, D. T. Go
Iolly Springs.-John. A. Chastain.
[. W. Townes. R. Leo Cantrell.
Isnqucena Cotton Mill.-.. W.
AVallace, Thurston Kinsler, -W. P.
Liberty.-J. L. Hunter, H. M.
Thapman, J. L. Reeves.
Lcopers Gin.-Joe L.. Looper, B.
.Hendricks, R. M. Hill.
Mile Creek-J. L. Murphee, T. A.
~towart, J. E. Nix.
Norris.-D. C. Garrett, C. C. Bor
Peters Creek.-J. E. Singleton, J.
.Foster, L. S. Edens. .
Piekens-B. F. Freeman. J. A. H-.
cwnes. J. C. Jennings.
Pickens Mill.-J. S. Bagwell, A. J.
~lark, H. E. Jones.
Pleasant Grove.-D. A. Talley, 1H.
~. Cisson, J. S. White.
Praters Creek.-W. W. Seaborn,
.M. Entreki-n, M. F. Bo-ling..
Pumpkintown.-J. D. Simmons, S.
I. Edens, J. R. Keith.
Six Mile.--W. B. Mann, R. P.
rince, John A. Roper..
The Managers at each precinct.
amed above are requestedl to (dee
ate one of their number to secure
oxes andl blanks for the election on
iovembecr 4th. 1922, at Audito/.Ua
driice in Court House.
A. J. Boggs,
H. A. Townes,
W. T. Bates.
dommissioners of State and Coun
.y Elections for Pickens County, S. C.
)ctober 23rdl, 1922.
State of South Carolina,
Coungv of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
Gem-ral Eletion for Representatives
in Congress will be held at the vo
ting 1rte nets fixed by law in the
County of Pickens on Tuesday, Nov
ember 7, 1922, said (lay being Tues
(lay following the first Monday, as
prescribed by the State' Constitution.
The ouvliations for suiff-rage
are as followvs:
Residence in State for two years.
i- the Count' one year. in the poll
ing precinet in which the elector of
fers to vote, four months. and th"
payment six nmonthis before any
election of any poll tax then due
and payable. Provided, That minis
ters in chaige of an organized church
and teachers of public schools shall
be entitled to vote after six months'
residence in the State, otherwise
Registration.-Payment of all tax
es, including poll tax, assessed and
collectible during the previous year.
The production of a certificate .or the
receipt of the dfficer authorized to
collect such taxes shall be conclu
sive proof of the payment thereof.
Before the hour fixed for opening
the polls Managers and Clerks must
take and ..subscribe to the Constitu
tional oath. The Chairman of the
Board of Managers can administer
the oath to the other Managers and
to the Clerk, a Notary Public must
administer the oath to Chairman.
The Managers elect their Chairman
and Clerk.
Polls at each voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock a. in., and
closed at 4 o'clock p. m., except in
the City of Charleston, where they
shall be openen at 7 a. in. and closed
at. 6 1). m.
The Managers have the power to
fill a vacancy; and if none of the
Managers attend, the citizens can
appoint, from among the qual~lied
vt ters. the Managei s, who, after be
img sworn, can conduct the election.
At the close of the election the
Managers and Clerk mnt proceed
publicly to open the ballot box and
count the ballots therein, and cen
tinue without adjournment until the
same is complete, and make a state
ment of the result for each office,
and sign the same. Within three
lays thereafter, the Chairman of the
Board. or so.ne one designated by
the Board, must deliver to the Comi
missioners of Election the poll list,
fire box containing the ballots and
written statements of he result of
the election.
Managers of Election
The following Managers of Elec
tion have been appointed to hold the
election at the various precincts in
the said Cr'mnty.
Alice Mill--A. D. Atkins, J.. A.
.Marrell, J. King Massengale.
Antioch--W. Henry Gran t, A. F.
Wtight, C. Rhezt Thoma..
Caloun-Carlisle Newton, J. I-I.
Lawienc.e, S. C. Boggs.
Catechce-J. S. Leopard, Thos.
G. Burgiss, W. L. Goodwin.
Ccntral-Thos. A. Robinson. W. T.
Errle, W. B. Morgan.
Croswell-M. L. Leggings-, W. B.
Robinson, L. R. Kay.
Crcss Plains.-John P. Farr, G.
W. Lathem, Ernest P. McAdams.
Cross Roads.-W. L. Capps, R. F.
Loc'eer, J. B. Findley.
Dacusville-Jas J. Ponder, J. P.
Jones, K. M. Williams.
Easley-W. C. Smth, C. T. Mar
tin, L. B. Freeman.
Easley Mill No. 1.-O. M .Page.
J. S. King, R. L. Harris.
Easley Mill No. 2.-Ebb Smith,
Claud Gilstrap, A. A. Pressley.
Flat Rock-O. M. McKinney, C. L.
McWhorter. C. II. Kelley.
Glenwood.-J. L. Davis. W. E.
Mayes, E. C. Martin.
Holly Springs-Elijah Chastain.
J. C. Gravley, J. N. Jewell.
Issaqucna-J. C. Tarrant, C. C.
Bowling. Claud Elrod.
Libuty-Basil A. Chapman, W. T.
O'Dell, A. D. Attaway.
Lcopers Gin-E. L. Jones, J. I.
Williams, S. W. Hinton.
Mile Creek.-W. R. Cutis, W. R.
Dalton, E. C. Galloway.
Ncrris-R. A. Johnson, Ralph W.
Bcorroughs, T. M. Garrett.
*Peters Creek.-J. Earle Foster.
Jr.. Thomas Sammons, W. E. Hunt.
Pickens--Byrd Carey, M. F. Hes
ter, Joel I. Allgood.
Pickens Mill-Eva G. Holer, A.
J. Jewell, Sam L. Adams.
Pleasant Grove.-F. L. Burgiss, 1.
A. Whitmire, J. S. Fortner.
Praters Creek.-G. C. Bolding, J.
H. Higgins, C. C. Gillespie.
Pumpkintcwn-E. F. Keith, A. L.
Edens, H. E. Hamilton.
Six Mile.-A. D. Mann, 0. L.
Craig, G. N. Garrett.
The Managers of each precinct
named above are requested to de
legate one of their number to se
cure the box and blanks for the
election. The boxes can be had at
G. G. Christopher's office, over the
Postoff ice, On and after November
-G. G. Christopher,
C. L. Cureton,
A. C. Gravley.
Commissioners of Federal Elec
tion for Pickens County, S. C:
Dear Editob Hiott: I find that it is
impossible to keep up with the prog
ress and news of the "State" of Pick
ens without having in my possession
every week The Sentinel. I find that
a considerable improvement has been
nmade in your paper recently. The
October offer is a good one and one
wvhich every citizen of Pickens coun
ty should' take advantage of.
Enclosed is check for $2.5 in pay
ment for two years subscription.
* ~ Yours truly,
J. G. Lee,
Knoxville, Tenn.
Enclose please find check for $2.00
for 2Tyears sub'se.ription to Pickens
Sentinel. The most I have bought
for $2.00 in a long, long time.
. . Jewm1.
Pickens School Building Doubled In
Size This Year.
Last year the patrons of the Pick
ens High Schodl came face to face
with their schcol problem, met ii
fairly, and as was expected did them
selves proud. As a result of a $12,
000.00 bond issue being floated the
congested conditions that existed in
th school have been wiped away and
become past history. Today all faces
are turned to the future and the pros
peet is bright.
An addition has -been built to the
old builiding that makes the high
school a credit not only to the town
and county of Pickens, but to the
State as well. This addition consists
of six class rooms and a spacious
auditorium with a seating capacity
of about 500. Water and sewerage
have been installed, which makes the
sanitary conditions 100 per cent bet
ter. About one acre of land has
been purchased for additional play
ground, which grct vly helps this
phase of the schoel work. With the
playground space now owned by the
scho-cl district a splendid athleti
field can be had sufficiently large
for a track meet or a football fiell,
and with the material that is at
present in the high shocl there is
no reason why the peo'Plc of P:ck
ens ;hculd not see someu very inter
esting athletic sports.
One of the main factors requiring
'tne enlarging of the Pickens school
is the' influx of outside school chil
dren. Last year there wei e approx
imatcly 40 country children taking
advantage of the Pickens school.
while this number has about doubled
for this year. This is very encour
aging, for with the influx of these
children comes their parents with
the'r produce and trade. So the mu
toal bentfit that is derived from this
condition, is most satisfactory.
The standard of the school has
been raistd. A scientific and clarsi
cil coulse of stu(dy is cIfer-el that i.
55 g(e(l as en Le found in th,
State. Next year domestic scienctI
and agriculture will probably be ad
ded, thereby strengthening the
course of study still more. At pres
ent when a child fin'slhes the Pich
ens high school he is emls itled to a
State certificate to teach. provided he
attends a sutmm(.r school of six
The school this year is- under the
management of Supt. F. W. Simpson.
He is a man thor oughly familiar
with schocl work, and with his com
ptent corps of teachers this promi
ses to be the best year in the history
of the Pickens High School.
The town is indeed awake on the
school question and is requiring one
of the best schools possible. A
parent-teachet asseciation has been
organized. and the ladies of the town
are backing the teachers in every
way possible. They arc to be con
gratulated on this progi 'tss:ve step.
The credit for the building of the
addition and other substantial im
provements, at so reasonable a price,
is largely due to the splendid man
agement of the Chairman of the
Board of Trustees, Mr. W. L. Ma
theny, who was ably ass'sted by Mr.
R. E. Yongue, another member of
the board. Mr. Yongue being a con
tractor saved for the school the usual
contractor's profit. Mr. Matheney
and Mr. Yongue are to be congratu
What wve have just accomplished
means a solid fo'undation for further
dlcyclop~ment. In spite of hard times,
the work of the school cannort be
curtailed with wisdom and sa,fety.
Public education in all Its forms is
one of the greatest needls of Pick
ens. Out' boys andl girls ar'e our
greatest joy and our greatest asset.
They are worthy of the best and we
cannot afford to give them less.
First Grade.-Angie Pae(a, Sarah
Ligon. Oscar Reeves, Agnes Medlin,
Cora Lee Crumpton.
Second Grade.--Mattie Lou H ot
combe, Courtney McKinney, Lauria
Turner, Clarance Parker, Lee Chas
'Third Grade.-Lois Davis. Stella
Lowe, J. C. Rampey, Bessie Mori.
Susie Lowe, Dora Noble. Fred Bar-t
re'tte, Maisie Gantt, Leslie Crumpton.
Fourth Grade.-v.Verner Pace, Ber-j
nardl Holder, Eula Powell, Beulah<
Powell, Jessie Ballew, Vivian Spear
man, Mary Medlin, Ethelyne JIohnson,
Martha Aiken, Nellie Pace, Pearlene
Fifth Grade.---Theodore Spearman.
Lois Reece, Loe Pace, Grace Durham,t
Margaret Oliver, Tot Cannon. Inez
Sixth Grade-Lois Stewart.
Eighth Grade.--Mira Dodson.
Seventh Grade.-Nanni(e Dodson,
Bertha Dodlson, Erneitst Davis.
Sixth Grade.-Monr'oe .Gilstrap,
Mc-Ewecen Meece, Sarah Stewart.
'Chloe Tewns-, Pansy Towns.
Fifth Grade.--Ernest Dodson, Roy'
Garren, Hula Gravley.*.
Fourth Grade.-Claude Garren.
Third Gr'ade.-Hfomer Meece.
Scnd Griade.-John Cantrell, IHo
voy Canti'ell. Charles Chastain.
F'rst Grade.-Jcff Mecce, 'Lewis
Mor-c. Dnvidl Chnstnin.
Program union meeting of the
Twelve Mile River Association to be
held with Concord Baptist church
Oct. 28 and 29. -
10:30--Devotional service by Pas
tor It. A. Hudson.
11:00-Introductory sermon by F.
S. Childress.
1:00-Discussion: The Bible plan
of finaneing the Kingdom wor'k. Open
<'( by I). E. Garrett.
2:00-Discussion: The best musie
to use in church and Sunday School.
Opened by I)r. J. 11. Mitchell.
3:00--Discussion: Tie need of an
enlistment worker in our Association.
Dpened by R. P. Prince.
10:00-Devotional services led by
10:15-Discussion: The work of Six
\lile Academy, by Dr. J. H. Mitchell.
11:00-Sermon by Rev. J. W. Guy.
Afterneon given to music.. Ait sing
:S are invited to be present.
R. A. Hudson,
I. P. Prince.
J. L. Murphree.
The Sentinel's special subseription
>ffer will positively close Saturday, ]
\ovember .1, after which the price
if the hper will be $1.50 a year to
dll. .1' ic'e <f the paper will not
>' reduced again. This is fair notic.'
o all., so don't wait until after Nov
'mber '1 and wallnt the par e for less
han regular price.
D :(d at. his home in Pickens, Octo
>er 12. 1922, Andy Howen, colored.
ge 74 years and 4 mion1ths. "Uncle"
\n(ly was nn honest and industrious
leg o and had the respcc t not only
f the memhrs of his ow' nace, but
he whitt lIele as well. l'r many
ears he was employed :n the dining
'oom at Clemson College and for
ight or ten years he conducted a
rc tauran(. for w\hite people in Pick
1nI. lI. was married twice and his
last w'.fe died about a year ago. I.
lev.ves no children, but one brother.
Funeral serviets were enductcd the
day fo-llowing death at Griff'i n Ebe
nezer Baptist church and wer c con
ducted by Rev. Gandy, 1). I)., of
Greenville. There wer iany beau
tiful floral tributes from both white
and colored people.
T'here will be an, (1(1 folks all-day
nidna at Smith'. Grove church be
ow Easley next Sunday. Evt ryboly
nvited to come and bring ol singing
>(.oks. especially Christaini liarm iony
111d 1e'(11.le Stars, also leo'skets of
All members of Ri.cs C('re 1 ap
.ist church are urged to he Ipresent i.1
i-atm(ay tafteiloon at. 3 oeelock. Oct.
!8, for the Iist'Od'Y of Calling a new
mastor for the coming year.
Church Clerk.
The conpllIsory school at tendlance
awv will go~ into Qffect in D~aeusvlle
school district November 18, 1922.
W. M. Po0nder,
Chmn. Bd(. rutet(es.
Have you seen E. L. & G. B. H1am
Iton's ad in this issue ?
\n or dinance to raise money for p~ay
ing interest on the bonded ind~ebt-I
('dness of the City of Picekens, to
cmicate a sinking fund to retire said
bonds1. and( to raise money for euri
rent expenses.
He it Ordained, by the Mayor and
ity Council oif the City (of Pie.kens.t
outhI Carolina, in Council assembled
md by the authority of the same.
See. 1. That a levy of cighteen
0.018) mills is hereby levied on all
axable proper'ty in the City of Pick
ns for the purpose of paying the
nterest on the Water works ando 1
ewer Bonds, andl to create a sinkingt
und to retire sa1id bonds.
Sec. 2. Trhat a levy of twelve (0.012)
nills is hereby levied on all taxable I
roperty in the City of Pickens for
he purpose of raising money to meet
he current expen5ss and pay past
nd~ebtedness for the fiscal year he,
~ining Novembor 1st, 1922.
Sec. 3. That the Tax Books for the
Eity of P9ekens shall be (openedw in
he offiee of the City Clerk on the
st..d(ay of November, 1922, for the
mnrpose of collecting all taxes (d
mn that (late within the City (If
'iekens and shall remain open eon
*ir.uoud~y fronm saidl date without
:enalty until the 1st day of .Tanuary,
1923; that on and after .January 1st,
1923, a penailty of five (5) per cent
shall be assoessedl or levied against.
tll taxes not then paidl.
Done and ratified in council as
lembled, this the 16(th dlay of Octoh
er, 1922.
C., L. Cur'eton, Mayor.
. (I Carktonhe Cr.t
Dr. Granberry of Gaffney Preaching
Powerful Sermons Daily
The meetingg in progress at the
Pickens Baptist church led by Dr.
R C. Granberry, pastor of the First
13aptist church at Gaffney are increas
ing in interest and attendance from
day to any. Dr. Granberry is a very
eloquent il(d forceful preacher of the
gosi.;l aid (he large audiences hang
Onl his words-. Hle visited the school
hsday mtrning and spoke at their
chapel hout t' the very great (lelight
of the entire school. Dr. Granberry
has had lar ge experience with our
seh'cols and colleges, having been
Pastor for 5 years at Macon, Ga.,
College church. and 3-years at Gaff'
i( y, where Limestone college is situ
Ited. le takes espee-al delight in
s hoolI boys and girls and is loved
Id admired by them, and his preach
ing is taking deep hold upon thema
it this plhce.
The services at theQ.aptist cniurch
vill he held at :i every afternoon
01nd 7:15 at night. Thtre will be a
1Teial -ervice Saturday morning at;
l) <.'ete for the boys and giris nuf.u
e requleIIsts that each bey and girl
n town and community will bring a
mail of sonic kin-d , to that, service.
lust cite nail each for the Saturday
norn.Ilg service.
The subieet of the first sermon of
r1". Gr unberry at. the church Monday
ight was "Bluilding the Wall.'' Tues
lay afts:i ncon the subject, "T'ihe 'Sup
eme Gift"; Tuesday night, "The
ciate 't Batt lc Ever nght". The
ub iet fer tcnight will be "The Roll
all of the I)cad." It has been many
(lay since l'iekens has had suen
plendid 1 rcaching and everyone
hIoul d avul themselves of the privil.
ge of hearing him for the few days
hat he is heie.
Fr11iEnd, in PIicktus have been no
tilled( of tle rectul de. lath of Ales. J.
A. I'eek at be hm( Rite in iDaIde City.
anl the news 1brin'. s solrow to
mwiny hn-ts. Ilers was a sweet,
pttl, b.in:. ( r'1 is in charac ter,
:1'id ImadIe itsetli' felt ill tilt e.:cmmu in
ity. During thei i c. % m-e t.f a f(ew
yn in ielu i1 Mr. aid \lv:. Peek
we re ace~tivl inte"rtetd ill its c'\vi:,
s( (eini a nd I r tligious lit. andt it was
' Stiu' c e t' d t eoi ti. whetn they
me(i'd(( away. 'i he breaved famil)y
halve tie ya I atht y cf mniiy frieids.
The S: mi eliltr has heard that
the late r) . I'1i!d (,f this coounl~ty pre
p:red a.nd had publishtI at slket chi of
the life and exploit.- of I.ewis Rted
nond. alleged cutlaw, whose optral
tiens in (h's section during the 70's
made his name known throughout
the United States. We have tried to
find oce of these pamphlets published
by [)r. Ficld, but without success. 'If
any reader of The Sentinel has a
copy of it we would be glad to havQ
I te pi iv':lee r rea(ding:
We are pleased to note the fact
Ltat some of the young folks of PicK
:ns (ni jy lniwa lks. Novt.hin'ig is
.,ore ie::Ith-giving or invigorating
hAnu a three or four mile walk. Th:s
what 'ivill bring brightness to the
lull eyes anI roses to the faded
-h(ks. Instead of a ride ,a long
.rani up) "The Black Snake" road,
to "Old Glassy" or some other of
the beautiful points in the country
wouhil be far more beneficial.
The Routhern Railway is Rlling
-eduIcedI price round-trip tickets to
'(Olumbia and return this week on ae
-ount (of the state fair. This railway
.ill also run two special trains to
lol1RubIa Tfhursdlay. One special
rain will leave Spairfiinhurg at 6:30
P'hursday morlning anii leave Colum
>ia on return trip at 10 thlat night.
Aneithier special traLin will leave
Ireenville at 4:30 Thursday reorning,
enivin~g Columbia Oni return1 trip at
:30 p. mi.
The Eastatot, section is growing in
>opulation. We are glad to hear
lhnt, berause we have always loved
his beaiutiful part of our pounty and
m'ih all good th'ngs for'lit. In the'
ast week there havebe'en .several
low arrivals. Amoeng them .a little
laughter came in tihe home of Mr.
nid Mrs. Brue G;ilstran. On Sun..
lay a little son to Mi-. and Mrs.
aewis Kelly. and on IMonday a son
o Mr. andl Mrs. Ed NIX.
The School Improvement club met
it the school house on last Friday
Lfternoonl. Owing to tihe fact that
jite a number of our people were
ittendling the Easley fair, there were
mily a few present, but this did not
irevent this work going on. -M was
irraliged to have lunches sold on
J'uesdays anid some other days a;
he school house in order to raise
un ds.
Mesirs. Ray Lynch andl Frank
smithi have openedI an automobi'le re
>air shop andl garage in the building i"
rormerly occupiedI by W. L. Hilton
icross the street from the Metnodist
-hurch. Both thesti young men are
3xperiencedl mechanics and should (10
xvell with the'r new business.
This is the first week this fall that
we. have had cool, brisk morningd
H-ow .the re-new our energies and
make us feel young again.

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