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are actually demaned year after
year by more people than any other
shoe in the world
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Little Texas
Baby's Bowels
Torn to Pieces
Mrs. Myrtice Maw Calvert, of R. F
D. No. 5, Winnsboro, Trexas, uses a
avery common expression to explaih
the muiserable condition of her littlt
nine-mnonths-old Elsie, at the time 81h4
Drst gave her Teethina.
"But now, you would never knou
my baby had ever' had a sick day,'
she declared. "Teethina is simpla
wonderful. Elsie began to get bettet
right after taking it and she hasn'
had a bit of trouble since. She It
happy as can be, growing every das
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the only thing to use when a baby 1,
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To Have a Clear Sweet Skin
Touch 'lpimples, redntesci, roughnesl
or itching, it any, witha Cuticura Olnt.
anent, then bathe with Ctuticura Soar
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d ust oil a little Cutieulra Talcum to
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I ~ tell you there is no oil here."
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Nig ht
MornIn~ g e
eepOur E.3/e~S
1-Italian model for mother mirsh
2-British troops arriving in Constant
in coniimmiid to th' Mexlenn rebel lead
British Tories Quit Coalition and
Lloyd George and His
Cabinet Resign.
America's Attempt to Dry Up the Seas
Meets With Various Kinds of Oppo.
sition-Doings of the Ameri
can Legion Convention.
letter addressed to Secretary [
of Agriculture Wallace, to be t
read at a Republican meeting,
} said: "Agricultural production Is
very nearly restored, taking the
world as a whole; but agricul
tural prices are so low that it is
apparent to all of us that the
i farmer is not being compen.
sated." Asserting that the ad
ministration has done all in its
power to restore the balance be
tween prices and costs of pro.
duction, he said the trend is
'strongly toward better condi.
tions for the farmer."
Do you and the farmers of
your acquaintance agree in this
with President Larding?
COiAL'iION government in Great
Br'itain has gone to smash. Lloyd
G1eorge ha~s resigned as prime iister
and~ his enit ire enineiltt is out. A. Ro
nmar Law~ hats been asked by the king
to form ai new conservative ministry.
Lloyd George has prompitiy begun a
light to regnini power as chIef of a
new party. The British are entering
on the miost ex('itinig polit ient conitest
the(y hmave hiad for nmany years. A call
for a general election is exted~Ct
The dlownfall of the conlition minis
try was brought about when the con
Rervat ive-otherwise. tory or union.
ist-membhers of Parliamnent and of
the enbiuet, In caucus at the Carleton
clb, deeCilded their piarty should go
to the country as an intiependent
*party, aind, if elected, choose a con
nerv'ative premier. Trhis netion was
taken against the protests of Austen
Chambehrlain,. their leader, and In ne
cordan('e with the advice of A. Rlonar
Laiw, hit herto a staunch supporter of
Lloyd George. It was lirecipitated by
on election in Wales w*hih was won,
surpriingly, by thle conservative enni
At this writing it is not certain that
Ifomnar Law will attr'nilt to form a
ininistry, but he prohahly will do so,
n nd it is taken for granted thant aill
its members will be conservat ives ex
edit Lord Grey, who will be offered
lhe post of milnist er for~ foreign at
fnirs. The life of this minIstry un
doubtedly will be short.
As is said ahove. Lloyd George has
not quit the fight, lie delivered a hot
spoech ait Leds Satuirdaiy and several
others on lis way there, and mnnde it
plain tha t lie won't "'take his punish
I nient lying dlowni." Ile lias the nu
elens of a new and stroing party in
suc'h conservative iendlers as Lord lal
four, Austen Chiamber-lain, Lord Bir
kenhead, Worthington Evans andio othi
era who have stood by hii: in this
crisis. It will be a palrty of mod
erates and imaty be called the center
or niatioinai party.
UTNCLE SAM in the roe of probibi
~ti on enforcer is not hiavinig things
ail his own way on the seas. Federal
Judge Learned Hand in Newi York,
after hearing arguments in the sult
brought by foreign and American ship
ping comnpaniies to enjoin the United
Stntes government from enforcing the
ruling of Attornecy. General Daugherty,
reserved his dhecision and extendled (lie
temporary restraining order. The IBrit
lah government has rejected the pro.
posal of Secretary Ilughes for a treaty
to extend the right of search of ves
sels up to twelve miles off shore, and
has formally nrotesied againat th
C X.
il designed to carry and launch airp
In~lup to 'urb the over-ambitious Ti
er Murgui:a, who has been captured no
seizure by our dry navy of a Canadiar
ehooner eight miles off the New .ler
ey cfoast. France, Ilolland, Italy, tint
pierhtaps other countries, are only
twiliting the niecessity of contesting
the right of the United States to en
rorce a ruling that will mean either
ghat their seamten will he deprived ot
she daily allotment of wine guaranteed
them by their haws or that their ves
4t'ls must refrain from entering Ameri
1n Waters,
In addition to these etbarrassnonts,
the government is being told that the
trade of our insular posessions. espe
chilly the I'hili :ilnes and Porto Rico,
will suffer ureatly if foreign vessels
tarrying liquor are barred from enter
ng their ports. Secretary of War
Weeks is especially insistent on this
point, and it is said to be likely the
govertnient will follow his suggestion
ated ask congress speedily to revise the
V'olstead act so that the ruling of thc
attorney general may be modiled.
Mlr. 1Hughes' note to Great liritain
uitgestitig extension of the right 01
search dealt especially with liquor
stuggling operations. In reply, Am
biassador Geddes said his governmen1
was doing and would do all it coul(
to prevent such smuggling, but that I
has consistently opposed any extenslo
of the limit of territorial waters an
"do not feel that they (an properly at
qluiesce, in order to meet a temporar
e(iergency. in the abandonment of
irinciple to which they attach grey
T iiotSAN)S of former service me
spent last week in New Orlean
lakIing part iIn the fourth annual cot
ventiou of the American Legion, an
they had as guests a number of muel
decorated heroes from the allied n,
lions and some (listingulished( America
civilians. It was a lively gatherin
and woke up the old Crescent cit
AMoreover, it (lid and( said and heat
somle things that aire likely to have e
feet ont governmuental and( cohngressoi
ai l(ctionl. Naturally the bonus, or,
the legion miemtbers prefer to call I
the adljusted compenemsation, caime in fe
much discussion. This wvas very on
sided, however, for thie organlization
a whole was deelideny in favor of tl
bonus, antd a resolutioni, strongly wori
(e(, was adlopted declarinig thatt tile mri
who foughlt the watr were underpal
andl thatt thiere should be tin adljul
iimnt. Former Judge Ltandis, inl a ilet
speech, uiphted this view aind w as8 wvi
ly cheered.
Col. A. A. Sprague, chanirmuan of tI
iegionl'$ rehabilitation 'ommtisi~on, .su
miitted~ a report severely criticizing tl
govermient's acdhievemnents ini that lir
to date and excoriating individual col
gressmnen ando seniators. ''The story
hospital construction by the goveri
mienlt up to datite,"' the report declare,
"Judging biy actual results, is a traged
for tile sick, a disc'redit to the gover:
ment and an affrontt to the Amierien
Legion. There is not a redleeming fe:
ture in lt--politics, promises, plan
failure to prepaire anything but alib
inl ad~vance, red tapje, ('euses and co1
Itnts cottspiredI to (defeat tile acti
providing (of needled beds."
President Illardinig's delay in tI
matlter of naniming co-operative comi
tees onl rehtabilitation in various di
tricts waIs the subject of colimmient.
T1hursdauy the convent ion atfter ti
exciting dlebate adop~l~tedl a resolutir
dlemtantding thle remioval from office <
Gleneral Sawyer, co-ordinator of 11
federail hiospitailizaitioni board. Ti
vote wats (01 to 375.
On WVednesday thle boys hatd the
pairadIe, aind it wats a big one. Sonr
ten Ithoutsantd of thiem were in line, an
they had 25i militairy hands, 2 (dri
corps, lots of tanks ando floats anm
flags andl~ standards, whiile above thiei
ci rcledi two stndronis of airlanimes aun
mtany Heatplalnes.
Gieneraul Pershing arrived In Ne
Orleans on Thursdaiy and was give
a routsing welcome. It waIssi 811 i
was patrticularly leased with the ri
port of the military affairs commnittel
adoopted by theO convention, caullng it
the drafting of industry nnd labor
the event of witr.
One of the diistliguished guests
the conventioin was to have beeni Co
C. 11. Forbes, dliretor of the federt
veteratns' bureau, ie went, with hi
staff, but dlepaurtedi almost ait onlce, bt
cau~se', ac ordling to report, the support
ers of one of the candidates for th
position of nattionaol comlmanlde
charged that he was sent there b
President Harding to play noltieen. ns
) it
Ines, soon to be built by United States. 1J
rks. 3--Gen. Alberto Salinas, second r.
Ai sentenced to s;even years' imprison
the other hand, a Down-East post of fi
the legion, composed of former ta- h
rines, has dissolved because It believed 8
the legion and another organization of ti
veterans were being used for political tip
purposes by their members.
S E'AL recent victories by the
Red army in eastern Siberia over
the White lIussians have caused a W
great deal of apprehension in that re
zion. The Reds are advancing on
Vladivostok with the evident intention 8
uf occupying it as soon as the Japanese
evacuate the city. More serious is the 0
threat of the Reds against the Chinese ft
Eastern railway, toward which other ri
columns of the soviet army are mov- t
ing. Gen. Chang Tso Lin, the Manchu- w
rian military leader, is prepared to re
sist the Reds and, if necessary, will m
make an alliance with the White Rus- W
scans. The Moscow government has 1
demanded that China cease aiding the it
White forces by permitting them to 1)
concentrate in Chinese territory for at- b
tacks on Siberian soil it
M OSCOW also is taking a firm s
stand concerning the coming b
Near East pence conference. The so- r
viet government says if it is not rep- C
resented in that conference any results d
of it will be of no effect, and it espe- t
'tally protests against Its exclusion if r
Rumania and Jugo-Siavia partici
lpat. itussia supports fully all the t
Turkish claims on frontiers and for t
sovereign rights on the coasts of the I
straits, opposes any control of the I
straits by the League of Nations or t
by mandate, and declares for absolute
freedom of commerce in the straits. 1
Large numbers of the refugees from a
Thrace, chiefly Armenians, entered a
Bulgaria the early part of last week, h
and on Thursday the Bulgarian fron- n
tier was closed to them. Half a mi1l- h
lion of the fugitives are in MacedIonia, o
lacking shelter, food atnd clothing. u'
IFrenchs trooips in considerable numblers '1
are arriving in Thrnee to preserve or- n
der, and in somle places, notablly Adri- a
anlople, a big part of their task is to u
- prevent the Greeks from burning tihe fi
city andi slaughtering the Moslems be- c
fore they depart. 1
RI~1lt F"ACTA of Italy apparent
lyhsscesul withstood the de- a
muandts of the F'ascisti that he and his
, cabine't resign. Tfhe minisatry refused
,to yilid and lFaeta made an unexplect
edl showing of strength. Benito Mus- t
5(1lin1, leader of the iFascisti, was so
imlpressed Iwitih tIs that it was said
hle would instruct Is followers, at
their great gathlering in Naples tilsD
wveek, to refrain from aungthe gov'
ernment ainy more trouible. Gabriele '
D'Annunlzio, thle soldiler-poet, has t
slined an algreemlent with MussoliniD
establishing commiton action between o
their forces, f
DORTL~AND, OREC., dloesn't propose
Ito b~e ilestered by "uvobblies." Learn- t
inlg that thousands of memlbers of the t
Industrial Workers of tile Worild were
gathlerintg there to participate in thme
waterfront strsike, the city 'otunell ap-f
propriate'd funds for a lot of extra po- t
lice antd the mayor orde'redl immnediater
raids. Petween two and three hun-t
diredi men~ wetre arrested and1( heldh on
chlarges of vagralncy. It wvas said1 thme
swalrming of 25,000 mlemlbers of the or
ganizai~tion to Portland an~d oth~er Pa
cifie conu;t polints'
W"",'"S reords *"nt by til
board(s in the aviation races at
Mount Clemens, Mich., Lieut. R. [s t
Maughan of the army wonI the Pulitzer ~
trophly, andi later set a new speedh ree.
ord of 248.5 miles an hour with the i
same1 p~~lae. This was not conlsidlered a
(lflial, because no official of the Fed. -
erat ion Aeroautique Internationale
was presenlt, butt liter Gen. William
Mitchllh, assistant chief of the army
atir service, took the samel machine ~
and drove It at a speed of 224.05 mles '
anl hour before official observers, a
Our Ituck with dirigibles continues ~
bad, Last week the big army balloon ca
C-2, wich hlad made thme trip from ti
coast to coast, was destroyed at San Pi
Antonio, Trex., on its return journey. Pl
While being taken from the hlangamr it
wasIl strut'< by a high wind and its gas. SI
bag was ripped. Explosion and fire i
resulted. Several members of the :a
crew were injured, but all escaped 1'
Imes O'Donnell, Mechanic's Helper
Credited With Having, Saved
Nearly a Score.
Now York-Fifteen persons, most o1
em children, lost their lives in a
e, believed by city officials to be
e work of a pyromaniac. The flames
vept with murderous suddenness
am cellar to attic of a five-story brick
nement at Lexington avenue and
.0th street in the thickly populated
ast Side.
The blaze apparently started in a
tby carriage under the stairs in tire
wer hall under almost identical cir
imnstances as the recent incendiary
re in an upper west side apartment
use which resulted in seven deaths.
D luickly did the flames shoot
irough the building that a number of
to dead were found in bed burned or
iffocated without the slightest oppor
iuity to escape.
Nathan Silver and his four children
ore among the victims. Mr. and
rs. Abraham Matilsky and Sidney
ad Catherine Sugarman, brother and
ster of Mrs. Matilsky, also perished.
City Marshal Joseph Lazarus, while
a his way home, saw smoke issuing
om the hallway of the building. He
in to the next corner and turned in
to alarm. When he returned the
hole building, the ground floor of
hich is occupied by stores, was a
ass of flames and exit by the stair.
ays was cut off. Most of the persons
a the second floor succeeded in mak
ig their way down the fire escapes,
ut those on the upper floors had tc
attic through smoke and flames pour
ig out of the windows.
Several tenants perched on upper
tory windows threatened to jump,
ut were prevailed upon by firemen to
emain until ladders could be raised.
)no aged woman, Mrs. Mary Inglass,
lisregarded the warning and leaped
rom the fourth floor, receiving inju.
les which caused her death.
While the firemen were at work on
he second floor and preparing to fight
heir way to the one above, the th,ird
loor collapsed, but not before a warn
ng roar had sent the firemen to safo
Nearly a score of persons owe their
Ives to 17-year-old James O'Donnell,
mechanic's helper, who was eating
t a restaurant in the vicinity when
e heard a woman cry for he'h). Run.
ing to the street ho saw the woman
aning out of the window on the sec
ndl floor of the burning tenement
'ith two small children by her side
'he young man clambered on the sill
f a store window, jumped and caught
swinging sign and pulled himself
p to the window. He led the thre',
'ightened tenants down the fire es
ape to the street and then raced
ack and rescued the woman's 18
onths'-old baby, who was asleep) in
crib. Later lie went to the roof of
n adjoining building and by throw.
rig a board over the alley space made
possible for a nunmber of tenante
'ho had been cut off from escape O.Z]
de roof, to cross in safety.
Industry Shows Big Gains.
New York. - Developments of the
ast week in industry and fina'nce
ro encouraging in many respects.
Vholesale and retail activity in par.
Icular increased perceptibly, being
artly stimulated by the cooler. weath.
r. Continued strength in pricos for
arm products, however, overshadow.
d for the moment other important in
ustrial factors.
Although cotton growers have sold
he stapje heavily, excellent buying by
hie foreign and domestic tradeo has
:lven the market the needed support,
L tardy awakening of spinners to thq
act that a real shortage may have
o be faced later, it la pointed out, ia
esponsible for muclh of the present ac.
lye demand.. Cotton futures at 23
tents a pound or better are selling am
he highest levels since the beginning
>f drastic dlefiation in 1920. The of.
oct in the South is already apparent.
Prevailing grain prices also con.
rast sharply with the recent low 1e.
Is and with prices of a year ago
Vhile fears of a war in the near east
ave the market its first impetus, con
Inued strength since the smoothing
ut of the dlifficulties in that situatoion
ridicato a healthy statistical position
teports of shortage abroad have been
n important factor in the market of
Decrease in Automobile Output.
Washington. -- A marked decreast
the production of bo'.h- passenget
uitonmobiles and trucks in Septembe:s
I shown by figures received by th(
nsnus bureau and made public by
me department of commerce. The out,
at of passenger cars was 186,862 comn
Irred with 249,225 in August.
The September output is the lowest
nee last -March, but sas. considered
aove that in September, 1921, the to
les for that month having been 144,,
19 passenger'ears antd ?8,648 trucke
Surprised to Find Her.
self Feeling So Well
Taunton, Mass. -"1 used to have pains
In my back and legs so badly, with other
troubles that women
sometimeshave t'at
my doctor order A
me to stay in b.
week inevery mm h
It didn't do me it.
goud,soone day ,
talkcingwith a d
who took LyN
Pinkham's Vg -.y
ble Compound for
about the same trou
bles I had, I thought
I would try it also.
I find that I can work in the laundry all
through the time and do my housework
too. Last month I was so surprised at
myself to be up and around and feeling
so good while before I used to feel com
pletely lifeless. I have told some of the
girls who work with me and have such
troubles to try Lydia E. Pinkham's"
table Compound, and I tell them I
has helped me. You can use my
monial for the good of others.''
BLANCHE SILVIA, 69Grant St., Tau
It's the same story-one friend tnag
another of the value of Lydia E. Pink. "
ham's Vegetable Compound.
agging pains cease
when congestion as reheved
Remember: most of the pain
and inflammation of rheumatism
comes from congestion. Start the
congested blood flowing freely
and even chronic, nagging pains
cease. Sloan's does just this
it penetrates without rubbing
straight to the congested spot. J
waris up, stimulates the circu
lation. it stops pain, hrings quick a
crmforting relief. Many uses
all in o'nc 35c bottle.
Kte. Sloan's handy. It allays rain of
all achin" musclesks. n i a and eases
tired. achin~g backs. End:
if alt co in chest. Relicv
of congesition.
Sloan's Liniment-k.
LIFE isn't worth living if you're so
weak and run down you can hardly
drag yourself around.
If the rich red blood, full of health -
and vigor, were pumping through your
vemns, the joy of life would come back
soon enough! Gude's Pepto-Mangan
has worked this magic for thousands
it will do the same for you. Take
it for a short time and see how your
health and strength improve. Your
druggist has it--liquid or tablets, as
you prefer.
Tonic and Blood Enricher
rochiiia h~uat YWbU tom
ciden r ow theth n bleei
ro tiatjn a ote robeI
At All
and i iee Malaria Out of the Systens
gYven i l k acts lke magi I hav
howrnumerouspeopletih my parsh
r nr I ed oagood ton.
orgt kor by Parcelast, ngrepad <, ro4
eatee. pink ye.
PO -duelIe
Comfort Baby's Skin
With Cuticura Soap
And Fragrant Talk ra
Seap 25e, Olatamemt 25 and seTkwa ai~
n'atiful. Cloth llsu Mlty Made ..I 'fl(
~rrgine .P.tternl, plani and aee ipt . 5
W. N. U.. CHARLOTTg, NO. 4..'1f2K

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