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,athered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short .
Winston Churchill, British colonial
minister, recently underwent an operar
tion for appendicitis. He is reported
progressing satisfactorily.
Development of dissatisfaction OnL
the part of the conservative peers and
the rank and file with the alleged
packed character of the proposed Carl
ton club meeting was the only new
feature in the political crisis. There is
increasing regentment over the limita
tion of the meeting to members of
the house of commons and the exclu
sion of the conservative peers, it be
ing contended that such a meeting
would fail to be representative of the
party as a whole.
William Boyce Thompson, intimate
friend of President Harding and
"angel" of many a republican political
campaign, is in Europe on a "special
mission of inquiry and observation for
the president of the United States."
After holding the office of prime min
ister through seven of the most critical
years of British history-three years of
war and four years of reconstruction
David Lloyd George went into the wil
derness. This was the description in
his Manchester speech of his position
it the unionist wing of his followers
should desert him.
Lloyd George, according to those in
timately associated with him, will re
main in public life and probably lead
the most dangerous opposition ' any
British government has encountered in
a century.
Former Premier Lloyd George,
cheerful, bouyant .and smiling, told his
friends that he is preparing. for the
greatest battle of his political career.
The premier and all his friends be
y , lieve that he will "come back" without
difficulty. Lloyd George has rear
ranged his plans for a vacation. le
is not going to take a rest, but is go
ing to Leeds and make a political
speech there, opening his own polit
ical campaign.
Finding no rooms reserved for her
at the hotel, Ganna Walska McCor
mich refused to sing at Poitiers re
cently, continuing to Angoulemo,
where she was scheduled for a con
cert. In her spare time Ganna is
.'htmlimg wedgewood and Sevres china
- to add to her collection. She tells her
friends this distraction serves to pre
vent her "thinking too much of her
]Four persons were wounded by a
. bomb ei.plosion at Belfast, Ireland, ro
Aim : ('rocker Gourand has settled
out of ourt for $5;00 the suit brought
aga inst. her on appea)..1l by Coun t Fesri
Pisani, whlo alleged liupaid slary as
her secretary.
Alabama coal mine 'operators, Fed
eral F'ue! DistrIibutor Spens announc
pd, have agreed to limit the prices on
that part of their output destined for
domestic use to a scale ranging fronm
$3.45 to $6 peOr ton, according to qual
ity, and to cease charging on interstate
shipmuents prices which have ranged
from $4 to $7.
Two steamships, as the result of ac
tion takeon, will leave seen from Amer
kcan ports filled with food and cloth.
(ng for refugees in the Near East.
Seizure by prohibit ion enforcement
Dfficials recently of the Canadian
schooner Emerald off the New Jersey
toast has been made the ground for
formal protest by the British govern
ment, the contention being that the
vossel was otutside American jurisdic
tion. Pending detailed official advises
from the officers who made the seig
tire comment as to the probable atti
tude of the Washington government
was not available.
Secret ary or War Weeks called a
nuational conference to discuiss means
of correcting p~hysical defects in Amer
tea's young men. Civilians connect
ed with educational institutions, aith
letic association, the Y. M. C. A., Boy
Scouts and welfare organizations have
. been asked to meet at WVashington and
form a permanent organzation.
The Civil Service Commission cer
tified to the Post Office Department
that the eligibles for postmaster at
H-artwell, Ga., resulting from the ex
amination on July 18, are James L.
'Teasloy, John G. Massey and Paul P.
Harrison, in the order named. This
is a second class post office with sal
ary of $2300 annually. The dlepart
-ment has asked the Geor-gia Repub
lican leaders to recommend one of
the eligibles for the appointment.
Edward Eyro Hunt, wvho served as
.secretary to President IHarding's con
ference on unemployment, has been
named secretary of the United States
Coal Commission.
*A committee from the United Mine
Workers will meet the United States
Coal Commission at Washington for'
the first conference of the newly creat
ed government fact-finding body.
President Lewis expects to meet with
the commission later. H-b is engaged
at the annual meeting of the Inter
national Board of the Mine Workers'
Uinion a Clevl.
Despite the- destruction by fire of
he hydrogen-filled , dirigible Cs, the
rmy's immediate plans for the devel
piuent of lighter-than-air - craft will
ontinue, Secretary of War Weeks has
nnounced following aiconterence with
dajor-General Patrick, chief of the I
rmy air' service.
The American farmer, who for two
rears has borne the brunt of the post
war falling prices, will be approxi
nately $3,000,000,000 better off this
rear than last, according to statistical
axperts of government departments.
Lhey figured that with bumper crops
md increased prices the farmer will
xave a successful year.
Growth of the narcotic drug habit
nd of bootleg drinking was indicated
)y the prohibition unit of the Treas
ury, in reports from all parts of the
United States. Arrests this- year of
12,000 Volstead law offenders is an
increase of 10,000 over the year 1921.
Aggregate fines imposed upyon viola.
ors amounted to $3,000,000.
Rev. James Matthew Maxon, rector
>f Christ church parish, Nashville, was
,onsecrated bishop-coadjutor of Ten
lessee recently.
Crime though incurable can be min
mized and controlled, and capital pun
shment is a deterrent and does reduce
nurder, Henry Barrett Chamberlain,
)perating director of the Chicago crime
,ommission, declared, speaking on the
subject, "The Importance of the Death
menalty for the Murdered," before the
merican Prison association at Detroit,
Wabash train number 2, fast pas
enger train east, was derailed near
Mest Lebanon, Ind. It is reported that
Dngineer Charles Schmuggee, of Deca
ur, Ill., is buried in the wreck which
a burning.
Despite efforts of conservative lead.
rs, the American Legion has come in
o open conflict with the administra
;ion on eve of a national election thru
ts demand for the removal of Briga
tier-General Sawyer, chief co-ordinator
,t the federal hospitalization board.
kdded interest attaches because Saw
er is the president's personal and life
ong fripnd. Rank and file of the leg.
on got up on their legs in convention
it New Orleans, La., and ran away
Prom the leaders who had been fol
owing docilely.
Brig. Gen. William Mitchell, assistant
chief of the United States army air
:ervice, set a new official world's speed
record when he flew over a one-kilo
meter course at Selriclfe, Mich., at an
average speed of 224.05 miles an hour
in four heats.
Efforts of the American Public Health
association to prolong the expectancy of
life at least twenty years within the
next fifty years was set as the goal of
the association in a resolution adopted
at the annual convention in Cleveland,
Notice of a motion to (issolve the
interlocutory injunction restraining the
striking railroad shopmen and union
officials from interfering in any way
with rail transportation was served on
the federal district attorney by the
tounsel for the shoperafts at Chicago.
Mrs. Ivy Giberson was found guilty
of the murder of her husband, in Lake
THurst. N. J1., and was immnediamtely son
teed to life imprisonment. She killed
him on the 14th of August. The jury
dleliberatedl more than four hours. Mr-s.
Gibersonm kept a calm dlemeanor- when
hearing the sentpnce, as she had done
throughout the trial.
Francis Schlatteir, nationally known
"mh'acie man"' andI "divine healer," is
(lead in St. Louis, piresu~mably from
pneumonia. A woman claiming to 1)e
his wife notified a physician of his
illness, and stole away. The physician
refused to give a death certificate.
Herbert Wilson, Los Angeles, Calif.,
gnown by police and federal operatives
as a "master criminal," convicted of
the murder of his pal, escaped from
jail with another convicted murderer,
Adam Ward, and Guido Spignola, held
on a robbery charge.
A memorial to Miss Belie H. Bien
nett, consider-ed by Methodists as one
of the lending figures in the religious
woi-ld, will be erected, it is announced
by Methodists in Nashville. Tenn.
Jud~ge Walter F. George was selected
as the Democratic candidlatoe to succeed
H-on. Thomas E. Watson in the United
States senate from Georgia, pilingI
up a large majority over all the candi
dlat es, among whom was the governor
of the state, Thomas WV. Hardwick.
Cotton warehouse receipts issued dur
ing the current year in Memphis, Tcnn.,
by thme Memphis Terminal corporation
areo being checked over by federal in
Five bandits, said to be armed with
sawedl-off guns, bound and gagged three
guard(s at the Rugby dlistillery at Lou
isvillo, Ky., and. escaped with three
truck loads of whiskey.
Thg National Poultry, Blutter and
Egg association, in session at Chicago,
predlicts cheaper turkey for Thanks
giving this year. The current turkey
crop is said to be0 unusually large and
the supplly of egga the greatest in
mnany years.
Mrs. Harry [Lachman, who was with
Max Moser. New York jewelry sales.
man, previous to the time he was rob
h~ed of $15,000 worth of diamonds, told
the Chicago polie she warned Moser
that a touring car was following them
when they were walking along the
sit-eet a short time before the robberyI
Thren unmasked men held up the
Security National Bank at D~ewey,
Mich., locked tihe cashier andl book.
keeper- in the vault andl escaped in an
automobile with all the currency in the
b~ank(. several thousand dlollars
J. C. Redmond, Plaintiff,
J. P. Ballenger, et al, Defendants.
Pursuant to an Deccretal Order
made in the above stated case by
his Honor Judlge Tr. S. Sese, dated
October 6th, 1922, to me dlirecting, I
wvill sell to the highest bidder for
the same being November 6th, 1922,
during the legal hours for sales at
Pickens Court H-ouse, S. C.,
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot ,of land lying .and being in the
above named state and County, on
both sides of Garrette's Creek, wa
ters of Oolenoy river, and containing
three hundred nine andl half (309 1-2)
acres, more or less, adjoining lands
of Temnpy Chastain, James Keith es
tate, and others andl more p)articu
larly described in. Deed from David
Lawson Benjman Masters and Re
beca Masters by H. A. Richey, Sheriff
of Pickens County, South Carolinn,
on 4th (lay of November, 1885. This
being part of the land conveyed to
me by 0. S. Stewart, Clerk of Court
of Pickens county, South Carolina, in
Vol. L.L. at pages 359, and by Mrs.
Margaret Elmyra Miasters by her
deced dlated May t1th, 1921, dind re
corded in office of Clerk of Court
for Pickens County, South Carolina,
in Vol. I.1.1. at page 320.
TERMS. Cash on day of sale, pur
chaser to pay for all papers, ievenue
stamp~s and recording'the same; if
the purchaser fails to comply in one
hour tho same wi'll be resold the
same (lay or sonme other convenient
sale (lay at thee rilii and expense of
the former purchaser.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens' County, S. C.
October 12th, 1922.
Ernest Folger, Plaintiff.
against ~
R. F. Looper, A. J. Looper, and Sadie
B. Craig, Defendants.
In pursuance of a Decretal Order
made in the above case by his Honor
T. J. Mauldin. the 7th day of JTun
1922, I will soll to the highest bidder
or the terms here':nafter named on
k to 15
*, D elco-L
Model 84
other sty
At the
install D
time witl
can buy
Seet th
the new
Light plh
the same being November 6th, 1922,
during the legal hours for sales t.
Pickens Court House, S. C., the fol
lowing described tract of land to
All that. certain lpice: , plarce r1.
tract of land, lying and being situate
in the State and County aforesaid,
in D~acusville. towVnship), contain ing
forty (46) six, acres, more or less,
being known as tract No. 1 in the
division of the lands of B. 11. and
Roberta WVhitmire, bounded by lands
of J. L. Looper, Tract No. 2 and 3
of the Whitmire lands, and being the
Same tract of land conveyed to R. F.
Looper b~y B. HI. and Roberta Whit
mire, Dec. 31, 1919. Reference be
-ng madle to saidl deed for a complete
TERMS: One- third cash on clay
of sale, with purchaser to have the
right of paling all or any greater
portion' on clay of sale, and the re
maindler payable in three equal an
nual instalments, of one, two and
three years, said credit portion to
bear interest at eight per cent per
annum from date of sale and to be
secured by first mortgage of the
premises. Purchaser to pay fo?
stamps and all papers- and rm~ording
the same. If purchaser fails to com..
ply in reasonable time the same wvill
be resoldat the risk andl expense of
the former purchaser.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
October 11th, 1922.
The Bank of Commerce, a corpora,
tion, Plaintiff,
E. W. Tate, D~efendlant.
By vi'rtue of an execution to me
directed in the above entitled case,
I will sell at public auction, for d*sh,
ini or in front of the Court House at
Pickens, S. C., on Monday, the 2nd
day of November, 19,22, between the
hours of 11 o'clock and 4 p. m. ninety
six shares of the Capital Stock of
the Bank of Norri-s, situate at Norris,
S. C., represented by certificates Nos.
34, 35, 40, 52, 58 and59, or so much
thereofr as shall be necessary to sat
isfy the.,,judgement, interest and costs
in said., case.
-This property having been levied
on a' d to~ he sold a. the property o'
~E. W. Tate to satisfy the aboe sitt
ight Price R
Now in E
an now buy the m
ic plant ever built,
6, for
7 5 less thar
two yeas
r reductions have b(
les and sizes of Del
se low 1917 prices, y
elco-Light for less t
in the past five yeas
it on easy payment
e local Delco-Ligh
price and terms on
At best fitted to yoi
Made and Guaranteed Bi
idiary of General Motors Cot
Greenville, S. 4
e'd executlin a ni Costs.
R. It. ROA lua.
Sherilf Pickens County.
Bank <.f I lodges, Phlannilf,
John DJill, et al, Deofendan ts.
11n p)ursuance to a de4.cre'tal ordier
maide mi the~ above stated case by3 his
Honor .Judge T1. J. Mlaildin, Junte 7th,
1922, 1 will sell to tho highest bidder
on toe termrs hereinafter named,
the samec being November 6th, 1922,
during the legal hours for sales at
He~kens Court. llouse, S. C., the fol
lowing described tracts of land, to
No. 1. All that~ certain piece, lpar
eel or tract of lanid lying and bemng
situate in the State and county
aboved named, and being netter
known as part of the Silas Williamrs
place, econtaining one hundred and
thirty (1;0) acres and for a moure
complete uescripticn of the said tract.
of land reference is craved to deedls
mane by John Diil to Clara Beile
Payne, daited Fecby, 9th, 1921, anu re
coried in Vol. K.1K., page 172,
wh~ich will dlescribe the metes anid
bmuds of the above tract o1 land.
Tract No. 2. All that cer'tain piece,
parcel or lot of land lyinrg and being
situate in the aboved State an~d Coun
ty, conltaining ninety-live (95) aces
as showvn by dleed recorded in Vol.
j..K, age 174, reference to said
deed( for fil1l descriptioni as to metes
and bounds.
'Tract No. 3. All that certain piecej
piarcel or. lot of land lying and being
situate in thre above State and CJoun
ty', and being part of thie bilas Wil.
hams tract of land, contaima~g One(
hunzr'ed (100) acres; reference is
mane to deced of John DJid to A. G.
Morris, dated Oct. 8th, 1921, recorded
in Vol. K. K. K., p)age 17.1, re.er'encc
t(o said deedl for coaiplete desc.ription
ok mectes and bounds.
TViRMS~: One-thnirdl cash oa the day
of sale, and the balaince in two equai
annual in~talments secured by tnet
bond of the purchaser and mortgage
of the p) ~inises sold, the credit por
tion to bear interest from day os saL(
at the ride of seven (7) per annunm
and the prchaser shall be required.
to) in~,urec the buildings on said premi.
ses, and to keep the same insure.
rices' i
ost popular
es ago.
sen made in
Du can now
han at any
-s. And you
s if desired.
t dealer for
the Delco
ir needs.
ayton, Ohio
a ainst. l:s by tire dttrain- the ..lif
of said mort'tgagc in a sun,.. ' les
ti hn thr ee thousand de||at **
in the polic~y to the said Clerk o
Court :ts additional security.
P'urchaser to IaY for all papers
revenueI stat- s and r'eeerinjg th<
samIe. Should thle I.Uuehmser fail t<
e(mlyi with the terms of sale ir
rePasonable~ time the samie will be re
sold at the risk and expednse of th
former purchaser.
0. S. Stdwvart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickenis County, S. C.
October 12th 1922.
Ella Newton, Pla-:ntiff,
J. L,. Burnes, Djefendlant.
In pursuance to a Decretal O:di
made in thie above stated case by H
Ihonor Judge T1. J. Mauldin, Septer
her 16th, 1922,
the same being November 6th, 192
during the legal houtrs for sales
Pickens Court House, S. S.
All those two peices, parcels<
tracts of land1( lying and being si
vte in the State and County afor
said on waters of Rices Preek,
Tlrac*t No. 1 containing thirty- acr
and adioining lands of Elbert We
born. M'ss Sula Hall, W. T. Bowe
e't al;
Tr'act No. 2 containing Five a:
seventy-nine (5 79-100) acres, a:
adljoining lands of Miss Sula He
Mi s. Lida Iherdricks, Mack P. Fari
er, eL al; both tracts beingsthe sa:
land con)veyedl by W. C. and E
Newton.' to J. L,. Burnes. Refere
to saiid (leeds for full deCscripti-oi
said lands.
Timl'MS: Cash on (lay of sale, pN
chaser' to pay for all papers, roed
stamps and recording the same
purchaser fails to comply -with
terms of the sale in reasonabje I
the same wlli be resold at the
arid expense of the former pureW
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Coutt
Pickens County, (,
October 11. 1922. U
Gc.-me Occupy Little 8..*, t,
illu finiut or gerhou en '."e 4

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