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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, October 26, 1922, Image 4

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To The
.9ig AuctionEa
At. E.L.& . B. Hamilton's
Furniture Store.
Thursday October 26th.
. Friday October 27th.
S-:turdoy, October 28th.
Monday October 30th.
Tuesday October 31st.
One sale each day and one each
night at 3:00 p. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Plenty of seats for the crowd. Fur
niture of all kinds for sale at your
own price.
L. L. & G. B. Hamilton's Furniture Store.
You Will Find Me Doing Bus
imess at the Same Old Place
And paying the Greenville marke
,for produce.
40c per doz for eggs at present.
20c per lb. for hens.
30c per lb. for fryers up to 75c.
Hams 15 to 251bs. 25c,
Hams over 251bs priced according
to size and quality.
Your trade is appreciated.
Yours for trade,
We have opened up a first
class automobile repair shop in
the building formerly occupied
by W. L. Hilton, and are pre
pared to do your automobile re
pairing, re-charging and building
A trial is all we ask.
Lynch and Smith
~Phone Pickens, S. C.
SMITH'S STUDIO iwill give one
8x10 enlarged picture free to. each
person spending $2.60 for photo
graphs during the fair at Easley.
Big auction sale of Furniture go
ing on in Easley this week, at E. L.
& G. B. Hamilton's Furniture Store.
REECE'S GIN will gin your cot
ton and put on good heavy bagging
and ties for $3.00 per bale; will pay
market price for seed or exchange
17 sacks of high-grade cotton seed
meal for a ton of seed. A. G. Reece,
FOR SALE.--Several good mules
also fresh milk cows. R. C. Baker. It
WANTED-To buy milk cow. Ap
ply to Sam B. Craig or phone 39. It
FOR SALE-A 100 lb mule and
one milch cow. H. Y. Lawrence, Jr.,
Celhoun, S. C., R1. 3t
FOR SALE.-Furniture at auction.
E. L. & G. B. Hamilton's Furniture
store Oct. 26 to 31.
STRAYED-From my home Oct.
13th, one Red Duroc sow pig. Finder
rlease notify J. T. Roberts, Pickens
Star Route.
LOST.-Between Se)Ieca and Cen
tral on top soid road $35.00 in bills.
Finder please return to Frank Tay
lor, Calhoun, S. C.. R1, and get re
NOTICE-We expect to have a
car of fine hogs for sale at right
price in Central, Saturday, Novem
ber 27th.
W. T. Earle,
W. E. P'inson.
October 22nd, one male English FoN
Hound, 4 months old, black back and
tan legs. If anyone knows anything
of it please notify. Jim Owens, Pick
ens, S. C., R1. it
One 1921. model Ford Touring cai
with starter, almost new. Will ex
change for 1500 lbs of good middling
cotten. A real bargain if you want
a good car and get 25 ets per lb. foi
- your cotton. see J. W. Stewart al
court house Pickens, S. C.
I will sell at Publ'c Auction Sat
urday, Oct. 28, 1922, my household
goods which consist of Kitchen Fur
niture, ,Beds. Dishes of all kinds
Stoves, Dressers, Tables, and other
articles too numerous to mention. J.
E. Gravley, Pickens. S. C., R1, on
Mrs. B. C. Bakers's place.
t Within the Pickens School Districl
and not within reach of the town
taxes lies an eleven acre tract of lanc
with a good five room house that ha:
three fire places and d well on porch
The house is in good condition having
recently been covered. This place
has running water on it and a pas.
Lure. The rest cultivated. 'This is ti
be sold first Monday in November ir
the setitlement of F. E. Alexander es
On the roadl to Reece's mill lies
four acres of vacant land joining
Sherman Evet's place. This will b<
sold first Monday in November. F. E.
Alexander's estate.,
To be sold the first Monday in Nov.
Sember is a perfec.tly grand little farn
of thirty aceres situatedl on a good
public read wvthin view of the top
soil road leading from Pickens to
Greenville. .On it there' is a well
fir.ished six-room house, twvo wvells,
large barns. pasture, good orchard~
and a tenant house.
All of these buildings are newvly
covered and the house painted.
Th's also goes under the settlement
of F. E. Alexander's estate.
By N. A. Christopher Esquire, Pro
bate Judge.
~'Whereas. G. C. Bolding made suit
to me to grant him Lctters of Ad
ministration of the Estate of and Ef
fects of .fames R. Ross.
These are therefore. to cite and adl
menish all and singular and kindred
and Creditors of the said~ James R.
Ross dcccased, that theg be and ap
pear before me. in the C6u1t of Pro
bate, to be held at Pickens Court
Hlouse, S. C., on the 3rd 'day of Nov
1922. next. after publication hereof.
at 11 o'clockc in the forenoon, to show
cause. if any they hrve, why the said
Administration should not be granted.
G orn under my Handl and Seal.
this ijd (lay of October. 1922, in the
14'7 ,~ car of our Tndlependence.
N. A. Chriertopher.
Judleo of Probate, Pickens ,County.
WVeldon Chr'stopher is a man aifter
our own heart. As soon as he hent'd
that there was an increase in the
edlitor's family Mr. Christopher
promnptly paid his subscription five
.gars in adlvance.
To Be Held At Pickens Court House
November 3 and 4.
The regular fall teacher's examina.
tion will b. held November 3rd and
4th at Pickens, S. C. The examina
tions will begin promptly at 9:00 o'
clock a. M.
Applicants may stand for a Pri
mary Certificate, first, second *or
third grade; a General Elementary
Certificate, first, second or third
grade; a High School Certificate,
first, second or third grade. It will
be impossible for any applicant to
take more than one examination
successfully. Any attempt to double
work and thereby cover two groups
of questions is sure to result ,n
The primary examination covers
twelve subiects:
Friday Forenoon-English Gram
mar and Language, 1 hr.; Arithmetic,
1 hr.; Playground and Community
Activities, 1hr.
Friday Afternoon-History, South
Carolina, United States,,and General,
1 hr.; Geography, 1 hr.; Civics and
Current Events, 1 hr.
Saturday Forenoon-Literature, 1
hr..; Pedagogy, 1 hr.; Health, 1 hr.
Saturday Afternoon-Nature Study
1 hr.; School Law, .1 hr.; Manual
Training and Writing, 1 hr.
Any primary certificate wll en
title the holder to teach .ir the first
five grades.
The general elementary examina
tion covers twelve subjects:
Friday Forenoon-English Gram
mar and Composition, Arithmetic.
Cold We
Good warm cl
tor bills and leave:
your head and bod
need anything in <
rain or shine.
Men's and young men's suits fr
Boys suits $3.50 to $12.50 in bli
Rain coats and Overcoats in all
Ladies' coat and coat suits in
Shoes fer the entire famiily, heam
Our line of all wool sweaters
prices that will please.
Make our store your headlquartel
IT is a pleasure to sell Ce.
it is such good paint.
-Everybody likes it for the
it spreads so easily and<
surface to the gallon. It's
such quality in it.
Our Certain-tE
House Paint
Olive Green (No. 445)
SOutside White (No.4'
900 Universal Varnish $3.
32 Light Oak Varnish Stain
13 Ivcory interior Enamel
461 Barn, Bridge & Roof Pt. 1
States and South Carolina; Geogra
phy, Civics and Current' Events, I
Saturday Forencon-Readlng, in
eluding Literature. Pedagogy; Na
ture Study and Elementary Agricul
Saturday Afternoon-Physiology
and Hygiene, School Law, Algebra
(Algebra required for first and sec,
ond grade certificates.)
Any general elementary certifi
cate entitles the holder to teach in
the first nine grades.
The high school examination cov
ers twelve subjects, with options in
Science and Foreign Language:
Friday Forenoon-Gramatical Anal
ysis and Composition, Literature
Principles of Teaching.
Friday Afternoon-Ameriean - His
tory and Civics, Science (Seven sub
jects offered, two required) General
Science, Physiology, Biology, Phy
sics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Home
Saturday Forenoon-Arithmete,
Algebra, Geometry.
Saturday Afte-noon-Foreign Lan
guage (one required), Latin, French,
Spanish, German, Ancient History
and Modern History, School Law.
A general average of 85 per cent
with not less than 60 in any one
subject entitles the applicant to a
first grade certificate; ' a general
average of 75 with not less than 35
in any one subject entitles the ap
plicant to a second grade certificate;
a general average of 65 with not
less than 50 in any one subject en
titles the applicant to a third grade
Applicants are expected' to furnish
ather Sn
othing and shoes is
3 a better taste in y
y warm, your feet
>ur line we will be g
ani $18.00 to $32.50 !n 'serge, worsted
$18 to $32.50
i e, .brown or grey.
$3.50 to $12.50
sizes and colors from $4.50 to $35.00.
$4.50 to $35
en styles and-colors from $10.00 to $3
$10 to $30
-or light, work or dress, from $2.00 ti
$2 to 9.50
is the best we ever bought and our d r
s and you will be glad.
1s Lumb<
Pickenis, 5. C.
int Headquarter
'tain-teed paint, The price is th
Certain-teed pai
be sold at these i
same reasons- tain-teed cost p
overs so muich saving.
bound to with
See us before p:
ed Prices __s
Per Gal.0
43) 3.50
-1 Quart PintNOUEP
70 $1.25 $0.80 48oma w
.85 .55
Rules and regulations of this exam..
nation are preecrlke ivr the State
3oard of Education. fl sults ,of. the
ixamination to be de0', tate by th .
State Bureau of E
Hioney to Loan
We can loan you any amount of
noney from $1,000 to $25,000 for a
reriod of 33 years, giving you the
privilege of repaying i at the end
>f five years if you want to.
It is not required that the .borroW
ar live on the farm in order to borrow
from us.
No red tape. "
Office Over Keowee 'Pharmacy
Phone 39 Pickens, S. C.
An ugly cut ?
is antiseptic and
cheaper than doc
our mouth. Keep
dry, and if you
lad to serve you
and cassimere.
$98.50. -
as goods are nov
er Co.
a surprising thing nbout
nt. Such quality couldn't
rices except for the Cer..
lus basis. You get the
ainting-.jt wUl pay you.

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