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: C- A..:}taer, individually and al
h I ~ .of the estate o;
. ' ' cander. Plaintiff.
z-'.:r, I. H. Alexander
. c 1' E L. Alexander, Jr., the
three children of Frank E. Alexan
der, deceased, of whom Frank E,
Ulexander, Jr., is an infant under
:he age of .fourteen years the oth.
ars be'ng Sul. Juris; H. M. Hol
land, J.: N. Masters, R. H. Alexan
ler, Keowee Bank, a South Caro
.ina Corporation, Pickens Bank, a
Soutli Carolina Corporation, A. R.
Jarrett, Aurie H. Fuller, W. H.
,rane, Mrs. :H. A. Robinson, as Ad
.iinistratrix of the estate of B. S.
'reeman, deceased, Peoples Bank
C Anderson, a Soutli Carolina Cor
oration; J, K. Kirksey, S. A. Mc
all'ster, W. H. Tucker, J. A.
ones, B. L. Hendricks, H. W. Gar
;son, M. C. Smith, O. T. Hinton,
nd others, Defendants.
n pursuance -of a Decretal Order
de in the above stated case by
Honor Judge T. S. Sease, direct
' me, dated October 13th, 1922, 1
1 sell sell to the highest bidder on
terms here'nafter named,
same being November sixth (6)
2, during the legal hours for sal a
Pickens Court House, South Caro
I, the following described lots and
.ts of land to wit:
.'ract No. 1- All and singular that
;ain piece, parcel or lot of land
ate lying and being in Pickens
nship, in the County of Pickens,
in the State of South Carolina,
taming ten and four tenths (10
0) acres, illore or less, and known
the Wesley=Griffin lot, near the
.vn of Pickens, fronting on the
olic road from Secona church to
"kens Court House, and bounded by
er lands of Aurie .H. Fuller, the
ds of Henry Lawrence and the
1s of Jim Griffin, as shown by
thereof made by W. E. Findley,
veyor, on the 5th (lay of August,
), reference to same for full des
ract No. 2 All those two parcels.
:racts of land, lying and being
Ited in Dacusville Township,
ens County, South Carolina,
vn as tracts Nos. two and three
e division of B. H. and Roberta I
itmire lands,
act No. 2 containing forty seven
acres more or less.
ct No. 3'containing fifty eight
e'venty five one hundredths (58
0) acres more or less as shown
at of the same made by Jubal
lliams, August 1919, which plat
eto refered to, said lands being
ed by lands now owned by R.
* per, and the Barrett lands, be
ts of land deeded to
y B. H. and Roberta
h deed reference is
> mplete aicription.
I that piece, parcelI
ing and being situ-1
Township, and hay
*iu~oowmg courseg and distan
-shown by survey made by W.
*m, on the 25th day of January
* ginning at dead pinc, 3x0,
;outh 34., E,12.30 to a Black
* ence North 22.60 to a white
branch, thence branch line1
~. 4.00 to bend in branch,
- N. 56., W. 7.00 to bend in
thence S. 85., W. 2.00 to
tence 'S. 53., E. 8.50 to bridge,
S. 14., WV. 3.60 to Locust,
3. 55., E. 5., to the beginning
adjoining lands of 0. S. Gal
3the wvest by Crow Creek,
.orth by lands formerly own
'. C. Marchbanks, containing
(18) .aeres more or less, and
toi same tract of lanai c.)nvey
.S. Galloway, by P. C. March
*29th clay of January 1917.
- * corded in Vol. X.X. page 47,
* office for Pickens County. S.
I -. No. 4 Also all that other
2%', arceel or tract of land situate.
nd being in Pickens County,
foresaid in 'Hurricane Town
-wat ens of Crow Creek, known
Harrison Powvell tract, the witn~
- ribed tract containing seventyl
racres more or less being
Harrison Powell tract being~
Ibcd as followvs: Beginnmng on1
~ar at the Marchbank corner,
with said Marchbank line, to
thence wvith said Mrichbank
ain to a locust tree, thence to
Creek, thence down said ecee
F. Murphree corner, thenc~e to
i to a rock, thence S. E. to a1
:y eat Welborn's corner, thence
Welborn's line to rock, thence
* traight line to the begining cor
* This being an agreeablp linc
.1 upon betwveen J. C. Alexan.
1. L.. C. Riec, B. F. Murphree,
H. M. Galloway, this being ai
*of land conveyed to 0. S. Gal
-, by H. pl. Galloway. March 3,
dezd being recorded in Volume~
* at page 24Ifh
et No. 5. All that piece, pared
o1 lot of land conveyed to F. E
Alexander by S. 0. Cooper, contain
ing one and eighty live one hun
dreths (1 85-100) acres more' or less
adjoining lands of Thomas Welborn
and others; reference may be 'ha<
to deed given me by S. 0. Cooper
on the 7th day of February, 1921
as shown by deed recorded hi Book
1-1-1., page 127, Pickens County rec.
c rds for a more complete description
Tract No. 6. Also all those pieces
parcels or lots of land in the city of
Pickens, County of Pickens, State of
South Carolina, beginning at an iron
pin where J. H. Gillespie and my
lots corner on Lewis street and run.
ring N. 20 degrees 45 W. 245 feet
to pin, thence S. 71 degrees 50 W.
.318 feet to W. J. Acker's corner,
thence S. 20 degrees 45 E. 245 feet
to iron pin on Lewis street, thence
N. 71 .degrees 50 E. along Lew-s
street 818 feet to the beginning
corner. Containing four lots with a
frontage on Lewis street of 80 feet
each, and containing one anr three
fourths (1 3.4) adres more or less,
according to a survey and plat of
the same made by J. H. Earle, sur
veyor, Feb. 7th, 1921.
Trac.t No. 7. Also all those pieces.
parcels or lots of land lying and be
ing situate in the City ' of Easley,
near the colored peoples fair grounds
and known as lots ,Nos. 11 and 12
on the plat c'f Hill Hudson Lathem.
These being the sanid lots of land
deeded to mc by W. C. Newton on
the 8th day of August, 1919, and re
corded in Vol. B.B., page 324, Pick
ens County records, to which refer
ence may be had for a more complete
Tract No. 8. Also all that certain
piece, parcel or tract of land lying
and being situate in Pickens and Lib
erty Townships, containing thirty
five (35) acres, more or less, as is
shown by plat of the same prepared
by E. C. Edens, surveyor. November
17th, 1919, bounded by lands of V.
H. Herd and Mrs. Ida H. Smith, Gib
son, and others, being made of two
parcels of land and conveyed to F.
E. Alexander by T. N. Davidson and
Hattie L. and W. T. Willis.
Tract No. 9. All that certain piece, 1
parcel or tract of land, lying and
being situated in Pickens County,
South Carolina, near 'Liberty, S. C.,
on the North side of public road lead
ing from Liberty to lNorris, and con
laining forty-seven '(47 20-100) acres
more or less, as is shown by plat
prepared by Klutts & Smith, and
known as tract Number Two, of Hun
ter lands, bounded by tracts one and,.
three, and by lands of' R. T. Allen,
and being the same tract of land
.onveyed by F. E. Alexander to W.
T. and Hattie Willis.
Tract No. 10. All that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land lying and be
ing situated in the State and County
iforesaid, in the City of Picins and
bounded on the North by Cedar Rock
street on the East by J. D. Holder,
W. T. Jeanes and R. L. Durham as
:ate, on the south by Johnson street
and on West by Lewis street a:
known as lots 60 and 70 on the town
dat and containing two acres, more
r less, and being the lots conveyed
y Mrs. Aurie H. Fut'er to "'T. D.
EHarris, December 1, 1'X2, and the
lots on which is situated the "Old
1-ikory Inn" and conveyed to F. E.
AlJexander by T. D. Harris, as shown
>y his deed recordled in Vol. F.F.F.,
page 97.
Tract No. 11. One-tenth (.1) in..
terest owned by F. E. Alexander, do
eensed, in to all that piece, parcel or
lot of land, lying and being situate
in the Town of Pickens, County and
State aforesaid, and is known as lot
No. 5, and being a part of the old
jail lot, and is more fully describe~d
on a plat made by John A. Robinson,
surveyor, containig, Fifty-Six one..
hundredths (56-100) of on acre more
or less, adjoining 16ts of the estate
of E. B. Webb on the East, W. H.
Ciane on the North. Miss Martha
Cure.ton on the South, and fronting*
or. Garvin street on the wvebt, and be
ing the same lot conveyed 'to F. E.
Alexander ond others by Dwight At
taway, and others, March 8th, 1920.
said Deed recorded in Vol. c.e.c. ait
page 208.
Tract No. 12. All that piece. parcel
or lot of land lying and being in the
county and State aforesaid in the
Town of Liberty, containing one-half
acre, more or less lying on the South
side~ of Southern Railroad. andi front
ing on the street, bounded by the
Easley Cotton Mill Co., on the north
by J1. HI. Ramsey. on the west by the
es;tate of Job F. Smith, on the south
by W. WV. Smith. wi.th the following
metes an'd bounds. 5. '74 1-2 W. 12.
1'eds, S. 15 1.2, E. 6 2.3 rods, N. 74
1.2E 2rods, N. 15 1-2 WV. 6 2..3
rodsto the. begd:ming ecrner, being
the lot conveyed by J. H. Earle to
F. E. Alexander. July 8th, 1918, re
co:'ded in Vol. Z.Z. at page 252.
Tlract. No. 13. Also all those 14 lota
situatedl in the Town of Pickens each
fr ontingZ 50 feet on Levis street, be
hig the some lots conveyed by C.
L. Cureton to F. E. Alexander. by
deed recoided in RI. M. C. office for'
Fickens. County in B~ook D.D.D. at
lpage 201. Refe:'ence is made for lo
cation of said lots.
Tract No. 14. All that lot of land
- situated in the Town of Norris, con
taining one and one half (1 1-2) acres
fronting on Southern Railroad, and
i being same land conveyed to F. E.
Alexander by J. W. Bird, by deed re
corded in R.M.C. office for Pickens
County, S. C., in book ).H.-., page
Tract No. 15 All that tract situateu
iH Hurricane Township~Pickens Coun
ty, S. C., containing -fifty-two 452)
acres more or less, being the same
land conveyed to' F. E. Alexahider by
C. W. Parrott, by Decd recorded in
R.M.C. office for Pickens County, S.
Tract No. 16 All that certain tract
of land situated in Pickens County,
containing eleven and half (11 1-2)
acres, more or less, being the sarne
land conveyed to F. E, Alexander by
J. M. Neely, by deed and recorded in
Vol. E.E.E., page 73, Pickens County
Tract No. 17. All thb. certain piece,
parcel or lot of land lying and being
situate in the County of Pickens,
State of South of South Carolina.
Pickens Township, cont'aining Twenty I
nil.e (29) acres more or less, adjo''n- I
ing lands of Sam B. Craig, T. D.
Bates, W. H. Crane, Ada Alexander, i
and others, and being known as the n
old home i,lace of W. T. Bates, and c
being fully described in Real Estate t
Mortgage Book Vol. QQ, page 145.
Tract No. 18. All that tract, piece
or parcel of land, lying and being
situate in the county and State afore- c
sa d, lying on branch of Wolf Creek, t
waters of Twelve Mile river, adjoin- 1
ing lands of G. W. Leslie, S. H.
Brown and others, containing seven- a
ty-three and one -fourth (73 1-4)
scres more or less, fully described c
by plat of the same, beginning at s
3. 0. N. 77 W. 20.50 to chesnut oak, c
thence N. 6. W. 880 to rock, S. 80 W. 12
1520 to H. Y. N. 75 1-4 W. 6 to rock
N. 49 E. 15:70 to bend N. 42 E. 2. j
)end N. 1-2 E 150 to W C S 73 E 6.40 e
;o B G S. 61 E 14.50 to small B G. .
v 74 1-2 E 19.10 to H. Y. S. 28 1.4
W. 14.85 to pine, S. 51 1-4 E. 4.80 to i
'oek, S. 75 1-2 to rock, S. 48 W .2 s
)end, N. 75 W.2 to rocks. S. 53 1-2 'I
V. 7.30.
Tract No. 19. All that piece or 3
>arcel of land, situated in Pickens 14
'ownship, Pickens County, South 2
,arolina, containing thirty-one (31) fi
teres, more or less, adjoining lands ri
>f W. W. Aiken, Mrs. J. F. Cauley, g
1. R. Roark and others, and being t
:he same tract of land conveyed to b
. E. Alexander by F. N. Jones on a
April 22, 1920, deed recorded in Vol. a
HI.H.H. at page 32, Clerks office for
Pickens County. :
Tract No. 20. All those three tra!ds s
arcels or lots of land lying and be- C
ng situate in central Township, Pick n
mns County. South Carolina, contain- I
ng in the aggregate one hundred a
md seventy four (174). acres more or. b
ess, bouded by lands of Morgan, o
Fohna Knight, Madden Bridge, Twelve. ti
dile River, being the same tract of 2
and conveyed to me by Mrs. Mamic r.
). Kelley, January 6th, 1921, record- n
d in Vol. E. E. E. at page 274. 3
3lerk's off ice for Pi-ckens County, S. A
Tract No. 21. All that certain piece. b
>arcel or tract of land situated in '7
Sickens County, South Carolina, C
tastatoe Township, on head waters J
>f Cedar Rock, adjoining lands of J. u
). Crenshaw, B. P. Moore. L. S. Gal
oway and others, containing seventy- pi
ive (75) acres morc or less, and be- ii
-ng the same tract of land conveyed a
o- F. E. Alexander by W. B. Collins, X
ml 20th of December, 1919. recorded t
n the Clerik's Office for Pickens t
lounty, S. C., Vol. F.F.F. at page L
l01. Reference to said deed is made. D
Tract No. 22. All that certain t
r-iece, parcel or lot of land, lying and a
eing in County and State aforesaid f
Sastatoe township, and on head wa-g
ters Cedar Creek. andl knowwas part c
f J. L. Collins home place, contain- I
ing Thirty one (31 1-2) acres, more1
3r less. and being the same tract of E
land conveyed by W. S. Collins, to e
F., E. Alexander, on 17th day of Oe- |
Lober, 1919. recorded in Vol. D.D.D-. t
page 108. Clerk's office for Pickens t
C'ognty, S. C.
Tract No. 23. All that pi'ece, par
cel or tract of land in State and coun
ty aforesaid. Huarricane Trownsh ip.
near Six Mile church, ad joining lands
of W. B. Mari, and others, andl con
taining Twelve and thirty-five one..
hundredths (12 35-100) acree, more
or less, and being part of the Hlagood
Sloan land. knowvn as lots Numbers
10 and 11, i-n a plat of the same made
by F. V. O'Ddell, surveyo, August,
1909. This being the same tract of
land conveyed ta F. E. Alexander by
J. H. Bruce. the deed b'inte recordedd
in Clerk's office Vol. F.F".F., p~age
Tract No. 24. All that certain piece.
parcel or tract of land situate and
being in Pickens County, South Caro
lina, near Six Mile church, containing
s;ix and cneflfth (6 1-5) acres more
er' less. being tract No. 9 on plat of
land at Six Mile. P'ickens, County,
S. C.. as surveyed and subdivided
August. 1909, by F. V. O'Dell, sur
veyor. The above being deeded 't
F. E. Alexander by W. M. Hagoo
and Earle Sloan, and others, and sa
deed is recorded in Volume C.C.C
at page 153, PI-ckens County record
Tract No. 25. All that certain piece
parcel or lot of land, lying and being
situated in Central township, PicJen
County, South Carolina, on main roa<
leading from Norris to Central, 3
C., and containing (50) acres, mor<
or less, as is shown by a plat o' th<
same recorded in the Clerk's cf'iet
for Pickens County, S. C., in Vol,
CCC., page 164, to whicR plat is
hereby %cfered to. The tract :,f
land herein described being bound
ed by lands of S. R. Kelley, A. S.
Johnson, Owens lands, Southern
Railway Company right-of.way, and
Stone lands, and being the same tract
of land conveyed to F. E. Alexander
by S. A. Mc.Allister.
Tract No. 26. All that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land, lying and be
ing in Central Townsh'p, Pickens
county, S. C., and known as tract
,number two (2) in plat made by C.
[. Dean, surveyor, December 15th,
1917, containing twenty-eight and
calf (28 1-2) acres, more or less, and
hiving the. following courses and dis
:ances, beginning at a stone corner.
n Madden bridge road, thence run
iing south 56 1-2 W. 365 to corner
lisignated by stone and pine stump,
hence south 27 E. 1464 to stone
(rner 3xN, thence following the line
f tract number 3. North 61 3-4 E.
1.'00 to stone, corner 3xN back to
orner in old Madden bridge road,
hence following road back to the
eginning stone corner, adjoning
ends of Liston Morgan, John Knight,
nd Madden bridge road.
Tract N. 27. All that piece, par
el or tract of land, lying and being
ituate in the County of Pickens, and
tate of South Carolina, being desi
nated as tract number (5) five in a
lat made by C. L. Dean, surveyor,
cccmber 15th, 1917, containing sev
nty (70) acres more or less, begin
ing in Madden's bridge road at iron
Lake 3XN, 11.1-2 W.660 to stone cor.
er 3XN, thence North 22 W. 1735 to
cone corner 3GN on the bank of
welve Mile river, thence down
welve Mile raver to stone corner 3
N. thence along the line of John
:night and N. B. Moore, South 27 E.
341 to stone 3KN and corner. Thence
)llowing line of tract number three
inning South 52.W.1500 to the be
inning iron pin corner in public. roa-t
> Central. S. C. Said tract of land
eing bounded by tracts number four
nd six, Twelve Mile river, Knight
nd Moore.
Tract No. 28. All that certain piece,
arcel or lot of land lying and being
ituate in Pickens County, South
arolhia, gnd designated as tract
umber six on a plat made by C. L.
ean, surveyor, December 15th, 1917,
ndl has the followving metes andl
ounds, beginning at a stone 'corner
n the bank' of Twelve Mile river,
ience a str~aight line running South
2E. 1735 to stone corner 3XN, in
>adl to Clemson College, thence run
ing south 11.1-2 W.660.- to iron stake
KN i-n public. road, leading from Six
[le., S. C., to the Madden bridge
ver, Twelve Mile river, said roadl
eing the line, thence going dowvn
welve Mile to the beginning stone
rner, said tract of land containingt
eventy-five and half (75 1.2) acres
iore or less.
Tract No. 29. All that certain piece.
arcel or tract of land lying and be
ig situate in the State andl County
foresaid, in Pickens Towvnship on
Volf Creek, on the road from Easley
Pickens, andl about one mile from
he city of Pickens, and adljoining
indls of F. N. Jones, W. WV. Aiken,
'irs. J. F. Cauley, R. R. Roark, e.
sining thirty and six tenths (39 6-10
cres more or less, and having tht
ollowving courses- and d'atances, be
inning in center of bridge over V
reek, thence up the roadl south 56 1-2
.18.18 to the bend, thence south 5~
~. 4.92 to Kirk sey corner, thence
outh 50 1-2 W. 1800 to rock in head
f gully, thence N 31 1..4 WV. 7.62 to
ock, thence N. 34 1-4 W. 6.70 to rock,
hence south 54. W. 3.65, to rock,
hence N.68 1-4 W. 4-.36to center of
Volf creek, thence up the meanders
f the said creek to the beginning of
Tract No. 30. All that certain piece,
)arcel or lot of land, lying and being
ituated in the City of Pickens, and
he State of South Carolina, contain
ng one and one fifth (1 1-5) acres
nore' or less. as is shown by pint
haide by .J. H1. Earle. surveyor, on
the third day of .January, 1920. being
.~oundeltl on the North by Cedar Rock
street. cas4t by Lewis street, south
by J!ohnson street, west by Herd, lot,
bein'r the same lot conveyed by deced
by F. E. Alexander to Mrs. Ella 'New
Tract. No. 31. F've shares of stock
(*f Citizenis Oil Mill, said1 shares One
hurdr<-I dollars each, certificate i
numbher 59, dlatedl October 24. 1919)
The( sw'.dl certificates was issued t<
F. E. Alexander.
Tract No. 32. All that certain picece
parcel or ract of land lying and hein
situate in Picn5 Township, Picken
o County, S. -CO ading lands of
d Porter, tamptogelds, R. L. .H
d dorson and others, containing F
. and seventy-five one hundredtlis 4
. acres more or less, and being p
, of the land conyoyed to F. E. Al
r ander by -deed of G. 'E. Brazeale,
a the 31st day of January, 1921,
I which deed further .ieference is ma
Tract No. 33. AlIthaf certain pie
lparcel or tract of land lying and I
ing situated in Pickens Townsh
Pickens County, S. C., containing t
and eighty..five-o'ne.hundredths(
85-100) acres more or less, adjoinii
the tract of land' above described
Porter and Hampton Fields.
Tract No. 34. All those certa
pieces or lots of land lying and belt
situate in Pickens Township, Picket
County, S. C., being shown on pl
made by J. P. Attaway. surveyc
said plat being made for Picke;
Realty Company, sad lets beit
numbered and known on said plat i
lots numbers 35, 36, 37, 38, 39. 40 at
41. Also that lot of land lying nr
adjoining directly behind lots No
39, 40 and 41. the same being eoi
veyed by deed of G. E. Brazeale 1
F. E. Alexander, January 31, 1921, 1
which (Iced reference is further ia
Tract No. 35. All that certai
piece or parcel of land, lying at
bu'ng situate in the State and Com
ty aforesaid. in the City of Picken
and bounded as follows: On the nort
by the McFall estate and Mrs. Rub
Young, on the east by the Mason
lodge lot and Amanda E. Freema
Johnson, on the South by Mai
street, on the West by C. L. Curetoi
and being the same lot conveyed t
F. E. Alexander by deed of B.
Freeman, June 3. 1920. Referenc
to said deed is made.
Tract No. 36. All that certain piec<
parcel or lot of land, situate and ly
ng and being in Pickens Count.
Hurricane Township, SCitc aforesai'.
beginning at iron pin 3X, in fora
thence S. xx720 W.22 chains to sto'n
?X, D. C. Garrett's corner, thenice E
65 W. 528 to stone 3X. thence N.86.4
W. 657 to stone 3X on east side o
road, thence N. 9 1-2 E. 10 to ston
3X, thence N. 16 1-2 W. 5. Chaim
thence N.74 W.7.80 to iron pin i
road, thence (own said road to bridg
on branch, thence down said branc
te beginning corner, and containin
Twenty-nine and thrce.fourth (29 3.
aci es more or less, adjoining land
of O. N. Garrett, D. C. Garrett an
G. N. Garrett, by Deed of A. I
TERMS OF SALE:.One third cas
on day of sale, One third in one yet
from date of sale, one third in tw
gears from date of sale. The cred
portion to be secured by the bond <
the purchaser and mortgage of ti
premises. with eight per cent interes
from date of sale, The Plaintiff all
Defendants have leave to purchat
at said sale if they so desire, and thi
right given any and all purchaser
to pay all cash on day of sale if the
dlesire to do so. Purchasers to pa
for all papers, the stamps and record]
ing the same. If purcha.ser fails t
comply. wvith the terms of the sal
the same will be re sok(1 the SAM]
DAY at the risk and e!xpense5 o
the former pur11chaser.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
October 17th, 1922.
A. F. Day. Plaintiff.
Raymond Williams and C. M. Folge>
Cashier, Defendants.
In pursuanc of a Decretal Orde
madle in the above stated case by hi
Honor Judlge T. S. Sease, October|
1022. I will sell to the highest biddc
for Cash,
the same being November 6th, 1921
dluring the legal hours for sales, o
Pickens Court House, S. C..
All that certain piece. pareel c
lot of land, lying and being situal
in Liberty Township, State and cor
ty above named, containing Twent
and One-ha!! (20 1.2) acres, moi
or less, and being the balance of i
Forty-Seven and one half acre
more or less, conveyed to Hlarmc
Williams by G. H. Hlaynes, on <
ab~out D~ecember 20th, 1919. referenm
to which deed wvill more fully sho'
andl being the same tract of lai
conveyed to Raymond Williams 1
Harmon Williams. on January 2
1920, and recorded in the office
R. M. C. for Pickens County in (Ie
Book "ID" at page 102. to wvhich deC
and record referen~ce is hereby nm
TERMS: Cash on dlay of sale, pi
chaser to pay for all papers and rt
ne stampirs and recording the san~
if pu.rchaser fails to comply wvitht
terms of the sale the samie will
resold at the risk and expense of
former purchaser.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pick ens County, S. C
October 11th, 1922.
ex- Jas. P. Carey, Jr., as Administrato)
on of the estate of J. E. Robinson, de
to ceased, Plaintiff,
de. against
ce, A B. Adkins, Defendant.
>e- In pursuance to a Decretal Ordez
ip, made in the above stated case by
'o His Honor Judge T. J. Maudin, ov
2- 8th day of June 1922, I will sell to
g the highest bidder for Cash on the
El. day of sale,
In the same being November Sixth (6),
s 1922, during the legal hours for
is sales at Pickens Court House, S. C.,
at All those pieces, parcels and lots
r, of land in the city of Easley, State
s and County aforesaid, Lots being
g Nos. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 16
i. of the Robinson land, as shown by
'd plat of the said property made
Li by S. H. Dowen, Surveyor, reference
s. to said plat is craved for fuller
- dcscription; all'of slid. lots fronting
0 50 feet each on West Main Street.
o Lot No. 9 running back 220 feet
.. on the south and 215 feet on the
n north to Ict No. 32.
d Lot No. 10 running back~ 215 feet
- on the south and 210 feet on the
3, north to lot No. 32.
h Lot No. 11 running back 210 feet
y on the south and 205 feet on the
c north to lot 33.
n Lot No. 12 running back 205 feet
I on the south and 200 feet on the
1, north to lot No. 33.
0 Lot No. 13 running back 200 feet
. on the south and 195 feet on the
e north to lot 33.
Lot No. 14 running back 195' feet
on the south and 190 feet on the
- north.
Lot No. 16 running back 185 feet
I, on the south and 180 fec[ on the
. north.
T TERMS CASH on day of sale.
purchaser to pay for all papers, rev
enue stamps and recording the same;
if purchaser fails to comply with thi
3 terms of the sale the same will be
resold at the risk and expnse of the
i former purehaser.
O. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
1 October 11th, 1922.
0 Prudence Clayton Stratmat,; e al.
t Plaintiffs.
c J. Sam Wilson, Defendant.
t Pursuant to a Decretal Order made
in the above stated case by his Honor
e Judge T. S. Sease, on October 6th,
e 1922, 1 will sell to the highest bidder
s' for cash on
y the same being November sixth, 1922,
-during the legal hours for sales at
Pickens Court House, S. C., the fol
.lowing dlescribed .tracts of land to
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot of land lying and1 being situate
in Pickens County and the State of
South Carolina, containing, four hun
dred eighty-nine and eighty..six one_
hundredlths (439 86-100) acres, more
- or less, and being known as Tracts
Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 11, on certain
plat or survey entitled property of
Silas Watkins "Clayton estate near
Central, S. C.. as divided by The
Southern Land Auction Company, of
Asheville, North Carolina.
Also all that certain piece, parcel
or lot of ind lying and being situate
in the above State and County. con
r taining ene hundred and twenty.two
3 (122) acres, more or less,
'Both tracts minutely described in
r Mortgage recorded in the Register
Mense of Conveyance "Vol. H.H." at
pages ~5l9, 520 and 621. Reference
~to the same is mnade fo'r more com
Splete dlescriptionl of siad tra'cts of
r TERMS: Cash on (lay of sale; pur
e chaser to pay for all papers, revenue
stamps andu recording the same; 4f
purchaser fails to comply in one hour
e with the terms of the sale the same
e ill be resold tiu t ame or
Ssubsequent sales (lay af the risak and
dexpense of the formo- b'dder.
O1 . S. Stewart, '1
C 'Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
October 12th, 1922.
Notice i5 hereby given that I will
Carolina, oni the 4th (lay of Novem
he orel, 1922, at 11 o'clock, in the fore
ha noon, or as soon thereafter as said
aplication can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement of the per.
sonal estate of William P. Freeman
dleceased, and obtain dlischarge an~
executor of said estate.
J. T. Hlutchings, Executor.

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