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Up the James rode Erskine, hiding
in the woods by day and slipping cau.
tiously along the sandy road by night,
.ircling about Tarleton's campfires,
)r dashing at full speed past se
mroless sentinel. Often he was fired
it, often chased, but with a clear road
n front of him he had no fear of
!apture. On. the third morning he
ane upon a ragged sentinel-an
kmerlcan. Ten minutes later he got
uls first glimpse of Lafayette, and
hen he was hailed joyfully by none
(her than Dave lanudell, Capt. Dave
(andell, shorn of his woodsman's
Iress and panoplied in the trappings
If war.
Cornwallis was coming on. The
moy, lie wrote, cannot escape me. But
he boy -Lafayette-did, and in tIme
)ursued and forced the Englishman
nto a cul-de-sac. "I have given his
ordship the disgrace of a retreat,"
aid Lafayette. And so-Yorktown!
Late in August came the message
hut put Washington's great "soul in
trms,." Itochambeau had landed six
housand soldiers in Connecticut, and
tow Count de Grasse and a French
leet had sailed for the Chesapeake.
:ienteral Washington at once resorted
.o cauiouflage. lie bid out camps os
lentaitliusly opposite New York and in
plain sight of the enemny. lie made a
reigned attack on their posts. Ito
'hamheau moved south anti reached
the Dlelaware before the British
grasixped the Yankee trick. 'T'hen it
was: too late. The windows of Ph'il
Inlelphin were filled with ladies way
Ing haidkerchiefs and crying bravoes
when the tattered Coatinentals, their
Ilothes thick with dust but hats
i't.lmed with sprigs of green, marched
through amid their torn hattle flags
and rumbling vainnon. Behind foi
loweed the French in "gay white uti
forms faced with green,'' and martiai
music throbbed the air. Down the
Chesapeake they went in transports
anid were concentrated at Williams
hurg before the close of September.
Cornwallis had erected works against
the boy, for he knew nothing of Wash
ington and Count de Grasse, nor Mad
Atithony anod General Nelson, who
were souL hi of the James to prevent
esca1e Lmbo North Caroiina.
"T'o your gooiness," the boy wrote
to WhashitIgton, "I am owning the most
bea)4muii fli prospuect I inay ever behold."
Then ('Rinie 1)e Gras.se, who drove
oft tlie BritIish fleet, and the moutl
of the net a'us closed.
('ornwatllis h1eard thce enntnon and
sent Clintont to appeal for help. but
Ith a nswer was Washington hinsel f
at the hed of his army. And then
I *th' .ioyou.4 n ha; li.
"'is ''1ur Iirst. ca iuia 1gimign " grieil
the French anyly, csul the (ioninenl
ials .Joyfully anhswi ered:
" "I'is our hist !"'
At Willit ns:inirg t he allies gat lired.
anti wtith Wast hingtonI's nrinmy '.sint'
('iloneii'l Dl ', illw a gelw':11. :inli
yolung (':4111. Ilarry Dole. who hld
t ron ii'l news fr I 'i il:ahi lpli Ihat
wa'ms of gr'teait jint 'rest to Erskin'e lne.
n 1 tow'a I htin' (Grey i.al een a
close I intiCe' IAndre51, aril that11 in
ti 5an0Cy aluut'een the14 ('0use4 of niaiuch
siurenulatihon since'i. liie had1 told( I huve
ofi his 11no te an:i Early toni, iad
Illave hid told himsi gavely that Ihe
mullst go get them'Il a fier thle c-ampa ign
wias over andiilbriing them to thle tori
Iain Kentucky. IfI Earl'y Morni still re
fused'C toi come14, t hen lie mnis. bing
hIs mot01her, and lhe re(ckonied grimily
that no miouthi wonl openi hi a word
flint omulI offemii lhen. Erskine also
toldi of Red ( asks and D~ane Grey, h111t
Dave must tell nothing to the Dales
not yet, if ever.
They marched next mornIng at day
brea'lk. At sunset of the seconsd day
they blivoualcked witin two miles of
York town and th~e slege began. Thle
lliedi line was ai crescent, with each
tIp restig on thie watuier-[Lafayette.
comndiiiiing the Amerlea-sns on thle
right, the French on thle left under
Rtochambeau. D~e Grasse, with lis
fleet, was ini the bay to cnt off 'fp
proach bly water. WVash ington h im
self put the miatch to the first gun,
and the imutuail cafnonade oIf three
or f'ouri dalys blegain. The scene was
"sublimie and stuspendouis."
Twu~o Br-itishi mnei-o)f-war lying in thQ
river were st riuck with hot shot and
set (In fire, and1( the re'sult was full of
terrible grandeur. Thiesatts caught
masts, resemilbig imm ense torchins.
One fled likec a mountaIn oif fire to
Iward the hay aind was burned to the
waiteCr's edige.
And then the surrender:
Thue (liy was the 1th of October.
The victorsi were drawn upl in two~
lines a mIle long on the rIght uiad
left of a road that ran through the
autunin fields south of Yorktown.
WVashington .stood( at the head of hIs
army on1 the right, Rochamubeau at the
head of the French 0on the left. lne.
hind1( on both sIdes was a great crowdl
of People to watch the ceremioniy.
Showly. out of Yorktown mlarched the
r'tish colors, (cased dIrums beating
a' signifieant English air:
"The world turned topsyturvy.'
Lord Cornwallls w',as slek. General
O'Hlara bore my lord's swvord. As he
approached, Wa shington salutedl andh
poinitedl to General Lincoln, who hiad
been treated with IndIgnity at Charles
ton. O'Ilara handed theu sword to
Lincoln. LIncoln at Once handedl it
back and the surrender was over.
Between the lines the British marched
on and stacked arms in a nearby field.
Some of them threw theIr muskets oni
the groundl, and a British colonel 1)1t
the hilt of his sword from rage.
As Tarieton's legion went by, thr(ee
nairs of eyes watched eaerly for. one
By John Fox, Jr.
Cs'Iuxst 13Y t~bark &cri'r's Son's
face, but neither Harry nor Capt.
Dave Yandell saw Dane Grey-ngr
did Erskine Dale.
To ' Harry and Dave, 1Dane Grey's
absence was merely a mystery-to
Erskine it brought foreboding and
sickening fear. General Dale's wound
hiving opened afresh, made travelliWt
impossible, and Harry had a slight
bayonet thrust in the shoulder. Ers
kine determined to save them all the
worry possible and to act now as the
head of the family himself. He an
nounced that he must go straight
back at once to Kentucky and Cap
lain Clark. Harry stormed unavall
ingly and General Dale pleaded with
him to stay, but gave reluctant leave.
To Dave he told his fears and Dave
vehemently declared lie, too, would go
along, biut Erskine would not hear of
It and set forth alone.
Slowly enough he started, but with
every mile suspicion and fear grew
the faster and he quickened Firefly's
pace. The distance to Williamsburg
was soon covered, and skirting the
town, he went on swiftly for Red
Oaks. Suppose he were too late, but
even if he were not too late, what
should he do, what could he (lot Fire
ily was sweeping into a little hollow
now, and above the beating of her
hoofs in the sandy road, a clink of
metal reached his ears beyond the
low hill ahead, and Erskine swerved
aside into the hushes. Some one was
coming, and apparently out of the red
ball of the sun hanging over that hill
sprang a horseman at a dead run'
black Ephraim.
"Stop I" Erskine cried, but the ne
gro came thundering on, as though
he meant to ride down anything in
his way. Firefly swerved usidhe, and
Ephrain shot by, pulling In with both
hands and shouting: "Marse Earskine!
Yasstuh, yassuh ! Thank Uawd you'se
come." When Ie wheeled he cane
back at a gallop-nor did he stop.
"Come on, Marse E0rskine !" he cried.
"No time to waste. Come on, sub !"
With a rew leaps Firefly was
abreast, and nick and neck they ran,
Rie ee tukWthHtSo
"Yasu, MisBraygiet
ruf aa wi da menwht. mn
Tw"D uIsmn'.WHe Lyige n oten
Rer Weaden Strud Wh Hot Shota
and etn crnerhatubt
whilmth saysh's ewve wrid hon.
'Puers tike iihtcnt he'1( rese'tha
ha"eIs sie vir he awone?
iNo, away whd (ot an whter man.ou
sjsi (him."r ngh.
"llown did liey get awa?"
she saeu ya hder wa outasciut
in'artny an' s'sped." ihbn)
"oeas lie know tat Cornwalis'has
''oh, ysuh, e tanol Ms arbary
"away 1( tihtny ange gtwoyg? w
"id e say anything wasbnsout-nea
iD art an Mr. 'searry?"
"Doesuh le say~t tdat dor'swalli riht
an'hda dyisti li' o' i b hoti'onrhi
(ta. at's why lmamys l mot toi
Did liee sayanhin ab ut youon,
siuh. DIs arternoon," the negr$ wvent
on, "lie wecnt ovah to dat cabin I tol'
you 'bout ano' got dat American uni
form. lie gwhie to tell folks oin de
way dtat dlemi uddiers Is his prisoners
an' lie takin' dlem to Richmond. Den
(iey gwine to sep'rate an' lhe an' Miss
lBarb~ary gwinie to git marredh some
whur on deC waiy an)' dey goin' on an'
sail for Englamd, fer lie say if lie gl
captured folks'l won't let him be
prisoner o' wvar-dey'll jes up an'
shoot hIm. An)' dat skeer Miss Bar
bary mos' to death an' he'p make her
go wvid him. Mammny headi'd ever'
word1 dey say."
Ersklne's bralin was working fast,
but no plani would come. They wogi~d
he six aigalist himn, but no mnatter-he'
uirged Firefly on. The redl b~al fiqtn
which Ephraim had leapedI had goire
down flow. The chill autumn ar..
less was settling, but the moon was
'ising full and glorious over the black
)xpanse of trees when the lights of
led Oaks first twinkled ahead.
The - negro turned from the road
hrough a gate, and Erskine *eardl
he thud of his horse's hoofs across
he meadow turf. He rode on slow
y, hitched Firefly as close to the edge
of the road as was safe, and crept to
he edge of the garden, where he
(ould peer through the hedge. The
intl door was open and the hallway
ighted; so was the 'ining room; and
here were lights in Barbara's room.
rhere were no noises, not even of ant
nal life, and no figureg moving about
Or in the house. What could he do?
)ne thing at least, no matter what
mlppened to him-he could number
)ane Grey's days and mlake this night
is last on earth. It would probably
)e his own last night, too. Impa
lently he crawled back to the edge of
he road.- More quickly than he ex.
)ected, he saw Ephraim's figure slip
uing through the shadows toward him.
"Dey's jus' through supper," he re
orted. "Miss Barbary didn't eat wid
em. She's up In her room. Dat ud
:ter orflcer been stormin' at Marse
Grey an' hurryin' him up. Mammy
been holdin' de little iuissus back all
she can.' She say she got to make
like she heppin' her pack."
"Ephraim," said Erskine quickly,
"go tell Mr. Grey that one of his men
wants to see himt right away at the
sundial. When he starts down the
wath you run around the hedge and
be on hand in the bushes."
"Yassuh," and the boy showed his
teeth in a comprehenling smile. It
was not long before hie saw Grey's
tall figure easily emerge from the hall
door and stop full in the light. He
saw Ephraim slip around the corner
and Grey move to the end of the
porch, doubtless in answer to the
black boy's whispered summons. For
a moment the two figures were mo
tionless and then Erskine began to
tingle acutely from head to foot. Grey
('nlmie swiftly down the great path,
whlieh was radiant with moonlight.
As Grey nearedi the dial Erskine
moved toward him, keeping. ini a dark
shadow, but Grey saw him and( called
in a low tone but sharply:
"Well, whiat is it':" With two paces
uore Erskine 5tepltled out into the
inoonlight with his cocked pistol at
Grey's breast.
"This," he said quietly. "Make no
nilse-iiani(d don't move." Grey was
startled, but he (aught his control in
stantly anda without fear.
"You are a brave mian, Mr. Grey,
and so, for that matter, is--Henedlct
"('ptain Grey," corrected Grey in
"I do not redegilze your rank. To
lit' ou titnr! iileel''ly ri' tr r'i y."
"'oi lire elitile to unusuil fr(e?
(l')in o f spe(echl-undller thel circumll
Stinn ties." 9
"I shiaill giruiiit you the saimie free
dol," l'tskinle rep'liedi guIekly--n it
mtomlent. Twic .(yu have' "Aid timt
you woubl light mae with allythiug, any
lisne., any phan'."' Grey ho(wed slighit
1y. "'I shll ai~sk yt:u to maizke I hose
wordsh g''od andi~ I shall I ne'odinigly
chouose thle wea~ipons!l." (Gre'y how0~edl
again. "'Eihniitu!"' Tihe boy steppled
fromi thle thsick't.
''Ahi," brynulthsed Grey, "t1hant bilck
"A in' yout gwlne to shoot him,
Marse Erskine?"
'"Ephrtlmi!"' said( Ersklino, ''sill) into
the hall very,~ quietly anid bring sme the
two rapliers on the wvail."
Ers'k Inc adldressedl Grey. "I know
more of yOtirE care'er than you tink,
G rey. You have been a spy as well
as a traitor. And now you are, crowvn
ing your' infamy by weaving some
spell dver' my cousin and1( trying to
carry her away in the absence of her
father and brother, to what unhappi
niess God only can know. I can htardly
hope that you app~recte the honor
f am doing you.".
"Not ais much as I app~reciate your
courage and the risk you are taking."
Erskine smtiledh.
"The risk Is perhiaps less than you
"You have not been idlie?"
Shave learned m~oreL of my fa
ther's swoirds thn I knew when wve
uised them lust."
"I am glad-It wvill be more inter
estinag." Erskcine looked toward the
house and moved Iumpatiently.
"My brother officer has dlinedi too
well," noted Grey lplacidlly, "and1( tile
rest of my13-er--r'etinue are gambl1)1 ig.
We are'. qulite secure.".
"Alh !" Erskinie breathled-hle had1
seen the black hoy run downi the steps
wvith something iuider' onet arm1 and
presently Ehraim was In the shmadow
of thme thicket:
"Give one to Air. Grey, Ephraim,.
and thme other to me. I believe you
sdidl on that other occasion thlat there
wais no0 choi0ce of bladles?"
''Quite right," Grey alnswered, skill.
fully testing his hit of steel.
"IKeep well ouSt of the~ way, Eph.
',lm," warned Erskhne, "and1( take this
lphstoh. You may need it, if I ani
worsted, to protect yourself."
"Indleedl, yes," returned Grey, "and
kindly instruct him not to use it to
protect you." Iloir :inswer Erskin4
sprang froma the shadoi(w--disenridinlg
formial co)urltesI(es.
"En gaurdle!" he en lIed sternly,
-As It Often Happens.
"What's the rowt?" ,.
"The members of the coammittec are
scrapp)Iing violently over the selection
('f a loving cupi."
WVith many chhidren In, one famnIJ
no one of thmn ges. -,.rett
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gets to work and revives you quick.
Full of energy and iron-both good
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Little Sun-Maids
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Iron Today?
r~it. o. 6'N k/at, Mach.
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