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Christ's Deepest
Director of Evening Classee, AMoody
Bible Institute. Chicago.
TEXT.-Lovest thou me?-John 21:15.
A strange question for a man to asli
It sounds like the plea of a Wolua
Yet there is n
trace of effeml
nacy, for it is th
heart hunger o
a strong, princel;
The asking pre
sumes the ex
pectancy of love
and also Intl
mates its disny
pointmtent. T h e
consistent expres
s!ons of a deep:
and unchanging
affection will
s.ever provoke an Inquiry of doubt.
The man interrogated was the fore
most apostle, distinguished by wonder
ful experiences. A rough, uncultured,
profane fisherman, he was one day
introduced to Jes':s. Ills life was never
agtain the same. A mighty, tenacious
love went out of Peter's soul towards
this wonderful new-found friend who,
though he had only seen, held him
with an irresistible charm. le had
not long to wait before the opportu
nity to indulge his love was presented.
Jesus came unexIpectedly upon him
and his fishing partners, washing up
after a night's toll, and called him to
be an evangelist in the words of this
pronouncement: "Follow me, and I
will make you to become fishers of
For iore than three years Peter
kept most intimate company with
Jesus, devoted, energetic, faithful in
the work of winning men. Again and
again his love breaks through all coqy
ventionalities and displays its irl
descent beauty and strength to won
dering fellow disciples. Love admits
himl to an inner circle of mystic word
and deed. Love intensifies his soul
vision, until he beholds the Son of
the living God, clad in the homespun
of a Galilean peasant, hidden behind
the form of a sinful man. With strong
est aflirmation he confesses his faith.
Love went up the snow-capped height
of Hermon to look upon the glory of
the promised Messianic kingdom. Love
penetrated the dark, awful shadow of
Gethsemane where lie saw the pro
Ihetlc agony of the cross. Oh, what
ove pouiredl out of this great, rugged
oul upon Jesus. Then came a tragic
cene. It were inexplicable had we
00 not been guilty. Years of won
Irous felowship and faithfulness are
followed by moments of denial and re
nuneiation. How can it be? He who
had loved with intense devotion, with
burning passion, with sacrificial aban
don, now strangely declares: "I know
not the man." Why, Peter? How
can you say such a thing? You have
just boasted of your love-that if all
the world should forsake Christ you
would die for IHim. lie meant it, too. It
was no idle speculation, but he made
that profession in the company of his
Master-now the scenes have shifted.
It is Pilate's court roomi-Jesus is on
trial. Enemies suirroundi Him, not a
friend in sight. Peter is seized with
fear-horrible, deadly fear. Hie is ter
ri fled, lpanicky, disorlent ed. Sudden
ly he Is accused of consorting wvith
the prisoner at the bar. lHe hardly
knows what hd says, but weak and
cap~tive to impulse, hie denies any
knowledge of Jesus. Three times in
a few brief, passin. moments, lie pro
tests any assocition wvith Christ.
Could any conduct be stranger? How
could a man really love another and
act as Peter? This is why Jesus asked
the question of our text.
The trIal before Pilate wuas ended.
Condemned as a blasphiemier against
Gad~ and1( the tempilhe, Jesus was led
away and crucified on Calvary's lonely
lill. I have alwvays supp~losed Peter was
there lurking somiewhere in the shad
ows. Love dlrewv in to that awful
sp~ectacle. We kniow lhe wvent to the
tomb in Joseph's gardlen and saw the
pla1ce where the Lord had lain, but
Ile had risen. Almost bireathlessly lie
wiltedl for that promised nieetiug In
Galilee. It camne. The disciplles, the
Master no longer withI thlemi, go fish
ing. Iilack to boats, nets aund the sea
aufter alil the thri'illing e'xperiences! they
Ihad shared. A night of fruitless tol
skiill fishermen though they were,
mioiring daiwns upon t hem, hunigry,
tiredl, pe'rlexed, close to despair. A
st ramnger on the shore breiaks the si
lence. Tie asks for lishi. They think
I limi a chauce customer. Altis, they
have no stock in trade. Oh, but hold(
ii imhmilte, . lihn has recognized you,
traveler. '"It is thle Lord." Quick
as ai ilashi Peter is overboard swim
ming mashore-hove couild not Wait the
drag of onrs. lie iiust see Jesus. Face
to fame, Miaster amnd diselple, Jesus
thri'e aisks this searchiing question:
'l30 you love mei(?" Peter, in peni
tencee 81nd huiihty professes his lovtu:
"Thou ktnowes't thait I love thee."
Tihree limes lie was permiitted to de
clare his love. Jesus gave him a itro
grmm-it is thaimt of thle shepherd. 'Iiw
question of the text is answered in
two ways:
1. A PriofessRion. Jesus1 wanited Petel
to say that lie loved I iim. lIe hiat
denied luam with false andl blasphe
mous11 aiiguiage. now ie longed to heat
htiim declaire his love.
2. A Program. Love's language it
dleeds, as well as wordu, The purofes
slion must be tested by a fwpt rain. 40
you loev tme, keep imy comima m~ ients.'
"Obedience" is the attitudle ofi love
"service" is its attestation.
Teacher of English Bible In the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Opyrirht. 1922 Western NAwspaper Unilo
LESSON TiOXT--Isa. 61:1-9.
GOIL IEN TXT--JItlghteousness ex.
alteth a nation; but sit is a reproach
to any people.-Irov. 14:34.
Ill~hl11:Nillc: MATEltIAL-Matt. 7:1&
20; Itom. 14:13.
PItIMARY TOPIC-liow Four Boys Be
came Healthy and Ilappy.-Dan. 1:3-20.
JUNIOIt TOPIC-Destroying the World's
--The Next Step in the 14'ohibltlon Can
--Progress of 'rohibition Throughout the
The lesson ' coimmiittee has gratui
tously named this lesson "World-wide
Prohibition." Neither the text nor the
context, directly or implied, says any
thing about prohibition as we under
stand the use of the word. however,
when Messiah shwll reign upon the
earth the 'rum traffie with all otler
Iniquitous practice:: will be abolished.
1. Messiah's Gommission (v. 1).
He was appointed by the Lord.
God's plan for the world is a time of
peace and blessing.
,lI. Messiah's Program (vv. 1, 2).
Messiah's program is twofold : to
"proclaim the acceptable year of the
Lord, and the day of vengeance of
our God." The careful rending of
Luke 4:18.21 will show that Jesus
suspended reading of tills passage at
the comial, in Isaiah 631:2. Ills first
coming opened ftp the day of "grace
and the acceptable year of the Lord,"
and ills second coming will usher in
"the day of vengeance of our God."
(II Thess. 1:7-10; eO. Mal. 3:1-3).
1. Proclaiming the Acceptable Year
of the Lord (vv. 1, 2). In His ministry
of grace le preached (1) "good tid
ings to the meek." "Meek" here
means not only a grace, but a condi
tion, that Is, those In poverty and
afllietftu. (2) "Bind up the broken
hearted." "Bind up* signifies healing.
(3) "Liberty to the captives." ThoeI
figure of deliverance from the Baby
lonilan captivity is used to describe
deliverance from sin and death (Heb.
2:15). (4) "Opening of the prison to
them that are bound." Messiah's
work was to give deliverance to those
who were enslaved by the conse
quences of their sins. (5) "The ac
ceptable year of the Lord." This
nians a space of time in which God
would accept all who repent of tJelir
sins and come to Hiru.
2. Proclaiming theI day of vengeance
of God (v. 2). While the day of mercy
is lengthened out, the time of Judg
ment will surely come. Tle day of
vengeance will break upon the world
when the Lord shall be revealed from
heaven (II Thess. 1:7-10). The period
of mercy is called "year," while thei
pleriodl of vengeance is called "day,"
showing that tile period of mercy is
mughl longer than the period of wrathl.
Ill. The Blessings of MessIah's
Kingdom (vv. 3-9).
1. "C'omfort all thlat mlourin" (v. 2).
The (lay of ven~gean~ce will bring sor
rowt to ninny, hut thley shall1 be comk
forted wvhen they shtall see the King
onl tile thironie.
2. "GIve unto thleml heauty for
ashles" (v. 3). Tis plecliarly applies
to Israel.
3. "011 of Joy for MournIng" (v. 3).
Israel has1 b~een itournling for ceni
turk's. Whlen the Messiah shall reigfa
as King they shall be0 gladi.
4. "Garment of PraIse for the Spirit
of Heaiviness~" (v. 3). Instead of
wearing tile symbhol of the burden of
sinl they shall be clothed so as to in
di(aIte their joyfulness.
5. "Called Trees of Riighiteousness"
(v. 3). These trees rep~resent Isr-ael
as plainted by God and blearing fruit,
not as reeds bowed doewn withl sor
0. "They shall Build tile Old
Wastes" (v. 4). Isralel shlali return
to their own 11and( anid shall reh~uild
thle city of J~nsalenm andl the cities
of .Juldah wich'l lie ntet.
7. "Stranlgers4 Shall Stanld and Fecd
Your lFlocks" (v. 5). In tihe tIme of
tihe kingdom tile Gentliles8 shall renlder
volulntar'y service unato Israe so that
Israel miey devote lor whole~tie to
8. "Ye Shall Be Named thle Priests
of? the Lordl" (v. 6). God ('hose Isr'ael
to be tile priestly natiionl to represent
hilm to the Gientihis.
9. "For Your Shame Ye Shall Have
Doutble" (v. 7). Insiead of tile shtame
anld confusion whlichi Israel' has expe
rIenced for centuries sile shall have
dlouble hotnor and r'ejoicltng.
10. "I WVil Direct ThleIr WVork, and
Make a Covenant With Them" (vy. 8,
9). .God will vlidicate Ills people and
c'ause the Gentiles to see the divine
favor upon themn.
Palse Prophets.
Believe not every spirit but try the
spirit; if they be of God, because many
false prophets are gone out Into the
world.-John 4:1.
Unjust 1fhings.
He that speaketh unjust thingsi
cannuot be hid(, neither shtall thle chastis.
lng jud~gmienlt pass him by.--Book of
Wisdom, 1:8.
In the Sight of All Men.
Provide things honest in tile sight
of all mien.-Rotaans 12:17,
Has Never Felt
Better .in All
Her Life
Thousands of frail, nervous people
and convalescents everywhere have
testified to the remarkable power of
Tanlac in bringing back their health,
strength, and working ,efilciency. It
seems to quickly invigorate the con
stitution and is a powerful foe of
1akness. irs. Mary Chloklat, 1415
N. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.,
"Before I took Tanlac, I was so
weak I had to be helped from one
room to another. My nerves were
shattered and my digestion so poor I
was almost afraid to eat anything,
but now I am in perfect health and
will always h grateful to Tanliew."
There is not a single portion of the
body that is not benefited by the
helpful action of Tanlae. It enables
the stomach to turn . the food into
healthy blood, hone an:d muscle, puri
fies the system and helps you back
to normal weight. Get a bottle today
at any good (Mumist.--Advertisement.
A Hint to the Hens.
Abbie, the lit tle girl of the fnaly,
was seated at the break fast table one
morning. As usual eggs were served.
Either she was not hungry or she
had grown tired of the bill of fare, for
very earnestly and soberly she re
"I do wish Iens would laiy some
thing besides eggs." - Progressive
10 Cenis .
It is foolish to strive with what we
cannot avoid.
For many years druggists have watched
with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit and
it should help you. No other kidney medi
cine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparartion send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.-Advertisemrent.
Truly, the Female of the Species Is
More Fortunate Than the
Inferior Male.
Two cases in .Judge Chesebro's court.
First, the gracoless nmle arrested
for speeding aifter having Imbibed two
glasses of claret, $250 or 180 days in
Second the graceful maiden wh~o
drove her limouslie into a nmsn, failqd
to stop amnd rend~er assistanice, bumped
Into ai cab and hit a flivver. And all
withput a drop of claret. Ten days
in jaIl-suspended.
The graceless male might hav'e done
a lot of damnage, of course, but actual
ly lis guilt was confined to "reckless
The graceful female did( do a lot of
damage. Buat, of course, she never
meant to, and she couldn't help it, and
she was nervous, and there were tears
in lher eyes instead of claret on her
breath, so there you are!
Votes for womeon. The ladies, b)less
'em !-Los Angeles Trimes.
grocer to a
and bright
complete a
You v
Postum, al
Irritation fi
test today
While the,
2NX ernize
Do your decorating with
the nationally accepted
wall tint in beautiful
nature colors--artistic,
Sy r sanitary, economical,
rand durable,
.circle printed
in red.
Instead of Kalsomine or Wall Paper
It ut..Idbr soar drusslat.. w Wtoiadw U (As... a a. . iui.4e,,..
sures Fresh Charm to Old Shawls
ITNAM FADE.ESS DYES-dyes or tints as you wish
New friends and old enenies are not
above suspielon. ( ' ' L
Important to Mothers
Examine cnrefully every bottle of
(ASTOItIA, that famous old remedy GET READY NOW=
for infants and chtllren, and see that it 1: season-pveer atOnce
Bears the " ree."-.
Signature of "ar
In Use for Over 30 Years. ""a e I
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria *
weWrn e sa a "oe a Wsa
Durability of the Metal Has Made it w E YORKN.
Almost indispensable for Variety --_ -
of Purposes.
The ininy usies of copper mny be
tints gined fromn the ize of the output.
It is said that if the United States
were to ease prolucinig. (tter all the
trolley crs or all the urniles of ther
world would Conse opierating, for 11t- Wer. One ears Lost (n
s!<de of Miii'iiini IHJ nittu i UI I s Stroicb Guaranto od.
sideoatani tof ptleh' and enotan fhere
not enotuglh (opper in exist ence( to sup- ierawear. Husycndor. 11 .
lily both.
In the building trade coppor is in diec l t
great dealmd on account of Its dlurtn- " n ook for
buc M~ Aooopt no uubetutre.
bility. At first glance tie nsnosint of Nu.WayStrechSuspenderCo,
copper Seets to he negligible in colnt DeptE5310 Adrian, Mich.
psrisoithi iron and stc. It is usedGuara
for suctithings uss roofing. tibutiisg, Bright Idea. r. en
cornices, gutIes (Ira in iii s, l('zi(]erts A ''i~il osngssw.ws~e
anid( vent ilators. These -it-(- nearly1, all An h.t n\tifI l c gy Ii 0511 f rit t+)a ee
opr on the gity, r l.se, l l o0 ri. e o
copper n the largoiworts building it e111 o and. She ra-. fst t.
11(11 pun~ ofcoier ued 'ss rof- i~lNu-Way tr(ch1 Sser.
Isis. leutos fl~ lii rlr dc'rntot. 4)rc o ep s30 diea Mvtch. th
for A.ic thng P aer rhofor fineahingslhitto hslsll f 18 Ti te
(orifP, guttIliers an ips, lr'eadpers s"stlnledtl (51lysn
and ent iAtsn'. These are1.9 hnon- a Ill vheislo )51i' idht a
vopper on thme large' ll if biigsr land sudnvrI'lt119f
whhys. tdray theorld s tsti bfr sky- s Is-fp'ssieml'-!nAsm
rscainr there ils poxtl.-efl mibiNe
in pous of pe sd o of
iDto A.1 CL. Pie whos lo ie years 'til) 'sstedivr b
hby conduetedrinkigs on rqur bxta clo h
eenvo boh a la rgllo sthdocor.e
, instesdto cffeen nhasrnoeughp- fu igt
edyed o thosads of e op -tgehe wt
reachenjo the ll des ichn. leflvradaoao
nd nerveAnwillnbvifreefrompanynpossibilityeo
routcoffee'edrug,,cafeine.dYou cwrbegin th
withbetan orderseto hyoureryrfwcda.
sie ntofrm:isatP st (in hin read bat fi ohrg
pakaes fr hoe hoprfe o nae of e thireset o h
from iobein pfepred)sedtrbyboiligdfumlde0 moute
Eposimnfo H ea th ishbto i."h te
"T eesdRa o" .I' xeniead
Mad. by Postm"Cere"l Co.mitted Dthelcandyksench

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