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The ~1~IsSOililel
ic esPICKENS, S. C.
Ki.50 a Year Invariably in Advanc'. t,
4!ntered at !'ickens, S. C. Poe'.Qflice as U
Sw'ond Clties Mai'. Mttt.
GA\RY IIIOT I, Editor and Mgr. at
bo a s aildi PerSOIIRLs1
'Ti(' l'ara ti' "ti ai w ii! pt' (n nexte
Nicnclay, O)ettdher the Ottth.
MIrs. 'AIrli tA : 14 S ilei :111:1 daughte'r
\ia tl Vv g' 'i t t rl \' t' hVi eksev.n
the -talte kn"ii at ('t:iiin'liia tli, \\''k.
Iitii1,t tt t(it' li'h inst., a line boy.
."le. and 'xii ('laidle Adamis haive'
\1 r. I I. C. Hall f'i'bril Atlanta spenit
'al't w\'t't it the lii' of Supt. Jewel
\. il\11 W". 1). XWilbanks
MI1'. &iiitl '\ir I A fl'V '1'! haLI v 11an
I\tr I' i 'en I' i:'t i: \'i;- it'. ir s. t i
\lilA \\li) :."Ai es(Io r iw
A I, an .\t'i ' i"tied tili
{I it li'i i't I tl.'t11'h itl S il A'
\'t t .\ r . \ ill All's. T .1 I i . 1
t I . f i *i "
'I tl . A .t 1 :i I . I
1I 1t1I~ illA Ii. A t ,e
In :1 l\\t ' !, ' r l (n
Ii et :\ 1
j1 ( . ' .. '., IA ' A''
. t A . .:l ..Al
, ip '' t' l t .'A t t' . : t l '' A I
v i l l t'
A'Il X it 1 ' " j ,tlA
t I i2l' \" 'il 1 A ' . "il .t r~'
y N. A. Christopher Esquire, Pro
bate Judge.
Whereas, A.-0. Bowen made suit
mc to grant him Lctters of Admin
;tration cf the Estate of and Effects
f T. Frank Bowen deceased.
Thesy ire therefore, to cite and ad
ionish all and singular the kindred
nd Creditors of the said T. Frank
owen deceased, that they be and ap
ear before me. in the Court of Pro- I
at, to be held at Piekens Court
Icuse, S. C., on the 4th day of Nov.
1922, ncxt, after publication hereof.
t. 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
ruse. if any they have, why the said
kdn'nistration should not be granted.
Given under my I land and Seal.
his 23rd day of October, 1922, in the
17th year of our Independence.
N. A. Christopher.
.Judge of Prebate, Pickens County.
AllIi persons holding claims against
he estate of the late Andy Bowen,
nust present the same, duly proven.
n or befort the 10th day of Novem
er. 1922, or be (eba rred payment;
td all pers(ns indebted to said es
ate must make payment on or be
ore t he above date to Will M. Fergu
(i). W:11 'M. Fergusen. Executor.
N tir is hereby 4iv a that I will
nac app!itation to N. A. (hrsto
he(r Es .Jud.p": of P'robate' for, Pick
at -mty, in the Statse of o',Soutn
r n the 28th da:y of O:,toh
- r.:', at ! I e'e.lo k'I: in the for'enoon
r' a ' th'1'rafter asp 'aid applica
an be heard, for leave to make
.ail s t.lenient of the personal es
: o E. :1. \ieQueen, leeased,
:,I (btain di-chara ais admnis tra
rix ti' said estate.
.10s ie McQuuen, Adm i nistratrix.
Wet he i niders igned he pb:.' jrohi
'it all perons fr m huntina, ti:hng,
ntttinr: timbler" (r trespassgint,: in any
uninl " ngon I (x!1r l'!nds', unltl'.'r futll
S. S. ChibiL.
S. \\. St.W i ,
.1. 1. ( . ,.
.;. i-:. P ri .
.1. 1. it .
.. 1. Ura I
(1. : 1 i 1.!( .\T!ON
n. Nmt G .G
.1W . \hrl tt a. i rm
t-n . '1.f n ia t . (: : . 'tI
Tor the det'enda:I31.-. \l inntie SarLeent
who i4 cim~ii any~ inti r st ini the lrand of
thei bite Mrs. u.:liz~.aeth Wis.n Gb
ositna11te in P ic'kens (County, S.
l'.Pic'kens Township, and coLntaining
fortyv five (415 aeres, more or le'ss.
You andi each of you are hereby"
41ununoneid and required to anw 'iW e t
'4m)phaim iniii the1 above stated( action01.
vichil wa s, on the lit h dayi ' ctubh
'r, 1922, Ii led in the off'ice of Clerk
of C (ourt of Cenunon Pleas for Piek
'ns County, Sotuhl C'arelina, at Piect
L'ns, South Car'olina, and1( which is
4till on file in said offee. You are
fur ither rir(O~ied to sL rve a c'opy of'
cour aniswer' to the sa id com11paint onl
the subscrilers Martin, Blythe, Craig
& K ithi, at their offices Lat Pickens,
South Cariolinat, within twventy days
'ifter the serice'( herieof, e'xclusive (of
the dayv of serivice, and1( if you fail to
answer' the 'omp~llainlt whhini the timeU
lforeCsaidI, the pllaintiffs in this action
svill apply to tihe court for the relief
lemtanded in the complaint.
Mari1tin, Blythe, Craig & Keith.
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court.
October 11, 1922.
F. P. Ables, Plaintiff,
,V. N. Jones, Dora .Jones. J1. WV.
T,angford(, WV. E. Rush, Defendant s.
In 1'usuance'( of a Decretal O)rder
iLIde in the. above stated case by
is Ilonor' J1udge TP. S. Sease, datod1
I(etcher1 (hih, 1922, I wvill sell to the
rl'c:- :.,..'C fo c'ash, on
the same being November 6th, 1922,
dui .g the legal hours for sales at
Pickens Court House, S. C.,
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot of land in Daeusville Township.
Pickens County, State of South Caro
olina, adjoin'ng lands el II. T. Pace,
Mac Fowler and lands formerly own
ed by Elisha M. Freeman, containing
one hundred fifty and one-fourth
(150 1.4) acrees, more or less, and
being the same tract of lai con
veyed to ,W. N. Jones by the said
J. P. Ables, which decd is unrecord
TERMS: Cash on day of saTe. Un
der the terms of said Decree the pur
chaser will be required to deposit
with the Clerk of C'ourt three hun
tred (300.00) dellars in cash, or by
cheek, satisfactory to the Clerk of
curt to insure rood faith in said
hid, and bin case said purchaser shall
fail to comply w'th his or her bid
in a reasonable time the same will
1-( resold en some convenient sale
thy there-after en the same terms.
et the risk and expense of the for
mer purchascr or purchasers. Pur
chase'r to pay for all papers, revenue
stail: and rececrl.ng the same.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
October 12th, 1922.
By virtue of author'ty vested in
me by a trust deed iv(n ( by 1.
11. Ilole'm.be of l'ikiens County. .
(., I will sell to the highe t hidl.'r
in front of the ('ourt IImw: ,e at Pick
ens, S. C., on sale'. day ill NIVolher.
122. durin'. tht usual him u of srle"
thy fellow;ng dc: rih.i real estate.
:11 th.a it rt.'in pict'e. pare(I or
t a t of !an:l >itu'In , lying and bcin:
ir. Centra i ownsii, I ic-kcns cou::t:
ind inl the State 1' South Carolina,
e'rI.:'inin_ fifty-st ven and one. half I
(37 1-2) acrts mre or lo. , adjoinimr
f . I). E;n1o. 1'n the east, of J.
.J. 1l twell .n tie north. south and
w\ tA, mn!, :s known as a! :! arllt of th~e
WV. \'V 'a t. hn. TO( dt:"t' to
mi the -:i , I. 1. (l itfi:'. 'Trustt .
'''. : i is i m . 1 ini til t ftfite em'
Te1m1 ' t le: Ont -thiid to be pat i
iev, eayable in thre
: ral etual instalni(it. to he st
. - it h1 t i in i . t 1 :: 1,h tate 11'
n 1 t" e lit I a :am m until pail
Sfu!. a - -h. b te al se nify
tht rsad e em'itl -taps.Laa
to i'~ li''hos. iidt'. i,. rintoin. h
( uTrm.u-te (10r . atI. los-: mb.C
iy vii tu of lea t Nf.. :p, etioni
27:~. assed by"the Ge'in~tr A !sembly
<Jl -'., Stte: mi. Southi Canin anti
Ippron deontl't ic . , ! 1917.oli l iuor sel
v !to 11 hi f b sa iddert.info t fth
( eut lous d . Rt iROkRos,S..
BA L iES Dr A Y ( No.F l:lE, seht i.
27i. asdy the aGens ror pusblic
oute. Ste Fod Southn Auomoa, an
i thihetbideravin brentue on h
SALS 19,:9Y h:: NVM BR.i 1an2
Thomas Al t esen in the illegal
Si'anisportat ien tif alecholic liquors in
violation of tesaid act
TERMS: Cash.
Sheriff Pmickenis County.
By virture of Act No. 38, section
27. passed by the G;entral Assembly
(If the State oif South Carolina, and11
approvedI on Feb. 24, 1917. I will sell
to the highest bidder. in front of the
Cout t'House (door,' at Pickens, S. C..
diuring the legal hors for public
sales, one Stodrd Touna Auto-ie
saihi ad Au tomoile having beendo
November Augst, 192, by Le Mcie
dend Alrd cKeeakn in the il legal
trans poIration of alIoechltlic liquors in
vijolation1 ( of tesi act.
TERMS: (Cash.
. . ROARK,
Shetriff ickens Counaty.
Bya t' vitre of ' N. 38,Ili isectioend
approved on Feb.1" i 24, 197 in wl selli
dn uin thisga week. rpuli
ething New" Is ere
flen Models. Graceful of line. An d so smart of style. Fashioned of
and everything.
asantly. Tle favcrites are $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00.
) $20.00 and $22.50,
r, Red Riding Hood and Endicott Joh:
hosiery, Griffon Clothes, Carhart oaids
Iron King Stoves, Chase City buggiat id
its antl ( Geiits' Fur in ishingi Goods it sin
('all for Pictorial Review Patterns
t O. b Flint, M~ich.
Touring Plain. $298.J
Toht-ing.Self Starter $368.00
SRoadster Plain ..$269.00 +
Roadster Self Starter~ $339.00 +
Chasis Plain $235.00
~Cou pe..-----..-$530.00+
SSedan--------$595.00 i
F. 0. B. Detroit
H. P. SIT TON, Jr.
Authorized Ford and Fordson Dealer
Pickens, S. C.
Wednesday, November 1, 1922
I w'.il sell at my residlence to thle highest bidder the followving goods
Ilcle, Cows, Hogs, Corn, Fodder- UI ny, Iarm Tools, Shop Tools, etc.
The "Som
\ icy bringing lot. The new C ri
gcol-to-loOK upon fabries. All wool
Priice taUs, too, that grc et you pkc
Chevi'.vr clothiig fer mcn at $15.0:
The home of Walk-Ove
Stetson hats, Inter-wover
Home Sewing Mach 'es,
Lady Corsets.
Clot hi11r. Shoes, !I
T he bookds for the c(olcct:on o:
.an'! County taxes wvill be Open
"I in c)to be' 15, 1:922, to )ccember
;lt, 1922.
Thrse who pre fer to can pay in
am n iiry, 192:; with J per cent addi
i 'i hose who p'efer paying in
''ebrUary, 1922:, may do so with 2
i (e'it aId iti onal. Those who-pre
ef paying in .larch 192:;, to the L5th <
.fsw.d mo;nth, mlay do so by anl ad
lition cf 7 p'er ent. After said (late
Lhe hl.lks wil.l Close.
These who do not wish to come t:
tho < if'ice enn Wr ite mec amd l will
tirmish th1m w1 the amtlount due
;and they diln remit, me by ele-E k
mer.eV ord or reistee'dt mail.
1''awe <do n tots11:1 money1' w'ithout
r"trin m . ' s it i. liabl" to
State In i'~' 1- ill~s.
1Ifpai flord. :: 1..2* mills.
13?O< ei l2 .:l,1 i e
R(ml Tlax. s::.00.
1 .evy fri it rest on j)'iekens R. 1'.
IPs id1., Iluriinne t(.wiSlhfn, 2 milu
Ihm1d!, . Eastatoi township. 2 1-2 mlils.
l'rI l ix $1.01 .(One D~ollair.) y~
i[vXE m 1:d p jerse.n be3tween' t he a'rs
E' 21 i; :n vius is iabl.' cxcept thiose. i
:xcuised by law.
Commnutation~ Rotad Tax, $3.00. ..\ 1
P ' its (3w.n de 0 is Pr requ'Cliiredi to
PayV a taix of 81.25 oin each dlog. D)og
tax must be pa(d by F'ebruary 1, 1928.
.S;.vrial Schli tax by Districts
D istriet No. 1, 7 mills.
District No. 2, 11 mills.
Di~str~vt No. 8, 8 mills.
District No. 41, 8 mills.
District No. 5, 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
Dist rict No. 7, 8 m)ills.
District No. 8, 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
Ditrict No. 10, 1G mills.
District No. 11, 241 mills.
Distiric t No. 12, 10 mills.
Distr-:et No. 18, 15 mills.
Distict No. 16, 8 mills.
Disticut No. 17, 20 mills.
Distict No. 18, 14 mills.
Di Ltrict No. 19, 8 mills.
Istrict No. 20, 11 1il11.
District No. 21, 8 mills.
Distiet No. 22, 8 milks
Distict No. 23, 10 mills.
District No. 24, 10 mills.
D)istr'et No. 25, 141 mills.
Dis~trict No. 2(1, 141 mills.
District No. 27, 12 mills.
D)istrict No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mills.
District No. 30o, 8 mills.
District No. 31, 20 mills.
District No. 32, 8 mills.
Ditrit LNo. 38, 11 mills. '
Distric t No. 315, 8 mills.
D)istr't No. 36, 11 mlls.
D)isticut No. 37, 8 mills.
DistrictL No. 38, 16 mills.
Distict No. 39, 13 mills.
Istrict No). 40, 8 mils.
DI) trict No. 4l, 8 mnills.
Dist ricd No. 42, 21 muis.
Distriict No. 44. 13 mills
D)istriet No. 45, 8 mills.
Di.trict No. 40;, I l
Dijstrl:et No. 47,11 il.
District No. 48,15nl.
Dii~tri( I No. '19,15ml.
District No 50, mi
District No. 51,8
li ::rict No. 52, Ilnt
Dia~:rivt No. 551, 8m
0 '. 15 mil n. ,

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