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1 I
1-Anthony I-'okker, fatous )ut e
troops of the Elevenlh United States
Cal., to San i-t'ntolsco. 3--Miss 31:
to United States Minister .1. Morton I
Loyd George Starts Campaign
and Bonar Law Forms New
British Ministry.
Threatens Voluntary Bankruptcy and
Reparations Body Hurries to Ber
lin-Daugherty's Dry Ship Rul
ing is Upheld-News From
the Near East.
J-forced out of the British
} prime ministership by the atti
tude of the Conservative party,
seeks re-election to parliament
and return to power. He op
poses the radical demands of i
labor, and advocates the foster.
ing of friendly relations with
the United States and with Rus- a
sia. In this instance especially
British politics affects the world
at large. Is it your opinion }
that Britain would be wise
again to put the helm of the *
ship of state in Lloyd George's
... ............... . * .. .* ... .................... ".......
T OU(;i he has not fulfilled proph
ecy by trying to forit a new
party, David Lloyd (eorge is making
a pret Iy igh t for ret urn to pa rliam ient
and to power, lie dleclares hIs ob
ject is to secure the domninance of a
party or gro()up that w II keep the
gov'ernmnent In al midd' e course of
safety and1( mfoderatlon. Addcressing ai
glttherlng of the NatIonal Ibheral
party, he took a tiri stanud agaInst r'e
cent radicalntlmands of the Labhor
party, and also mnnde it clear t hat one
of his chief claims for support was
his friendly relatIons 'vithl the Uniteu
,Sta tes. lHe asserted tall reasonable
concessIons mlust he' mtade to induce
this country to enter the League of
Nat ins, whleh would he crIppled with
out it. And he saidi Briain must pay
her war debt to the UnIted States in
full. "WorkIng with thet United
States," declaired he, "ought to he one
of the chief purposes of the govern
tuent. If these two nations would
work together, It would be thle surest
guarantee for a jlust peace, and a just
peace Is the only lasting peace."
The ex-premier's quarrel with the
Labhor party is In a way international.
for that party, In a manifesto lssuied
last week, not only demands the crent
tion of n "'war dlebt redemtpt Ion fund
by a slechil graduated levy on for
tunes exceeding ?5.000," but ailso, de
clares for thle revisIon or the peae
trea ty aind GJermain reparins1, for an
interim tional conference to arrange
the freed(omt of t he stria its, for inde
penltence In Egypt a nd sellf govern
A ndrew ilonar L~aw, having beeti
elected head of the UJonservativye party.
fleceptedl the post of pime inIster
and on Tuesday a 'nnoncedl his cabinet.
It Is a resipectatble list of names, with
quite am nuber from lhe peerauge, but
most of the new inuisters are con
sidered rather nonentities. The main
stay of the eabinet Is Marquis Curzon,
secretaryc for foreIgn nlfairs. Lord
Cave, the 10r8 chancellor, and Stanley
D aidwin, the ebanellor of the excheq
ner, are mietn of pr-oved ability. It
is taken for granted thait Bonuar Law
will make many changes In the min
Entry if he is returned to power at the
genierni election, which Is set for No
vebr15. Hec Isa n nnidate for
Ongow, tando Is opposed by a Labor
cantidiate and also by Sir Oeorge
Pashm, noted economist.
The lnst named gentleman fs now
in the United States and, addressing'
te conventIon of the Americnn .\nnu
facturers' F~xport AssocIatIon, gave a
lot of ecotnomic advice conicerning pro
duction apd trade, lie scolded our
government for hoarding gold, and(
targed that the tariff barriers and
other trade restrictions be removed
h airplane inventolr imaking his first gli
ea ilry making practice imarel of 4!0
rgaret Crowley of Columbus, U., who
is the first stele hi the restoration of t
oreign exchange. Sir Gcorge ialso t
Vints Ainerica to throm open her s
loors to unrestricted imiiigration- N
in unwelcone suggestion in view of t
mr experience with certain classes 1
if immiiigrants in recent years. i
BEING refused the cabinet positions
the~y dlentmded, the Italian 1Fas-a
Listi In conventilon in Naples madiiIe
prepara tlou for militant action that
threatened to become revolutionary.
''hereupon Premier Facta and his enih
inet resigned. Former Premier Glolit
ti conferred with Benito Mussolini,
chief of the Fascisti, and It was he
lieved he would he called on to form
a n(ew\ milnistry. ''he Fascisti are now
the strongest organizatlion inl Italy and
have annonnced that they will assumte
c(n1t1rol of the government, legally or
C''i.MANY, whose mark imade a new
o(4w record of 2'/ cents i hun
dreiil last week, is iigain threatening
to go into voluntary bankruit cy by
dlefauiltitt In her reparations payinents
in iniaterial as well as in cash. (Chan
cellor !Wirth, w-hose political life s in
great (lalger, lits begun ledgiii g and11i
now has adopted the slogan of "First
bread, then reparations," and has put
the probleiii up to the eahinet. The
Soclatlists are alling for imore dras
tic mleastires, incluling confiscation
of foreign uoniy in the hands otf pri
vate persons, aned on the other hiand
the hourgeolsie demaid the suppres
sion of the decree against specuhition
and the agriculturists insist ont higher
ollicil purices for (German wheat and
corn. The aeled reparations com
liiission went to Ierlin to consult with
the goveranment. The Biritish commnis
siolner, Sir .ohn liradhury, said he
would vote to declare (eruniiniy in vol
untary default of its agreement if it
should refus to ciiry out within a
reaisonalle t i te reqluests for anternial
re'foirms. TIhiis wvas a conisidherable
COni~'csin to thle French dheuinandus.
It miaiy lie that lii return France wIll
agree to the indelinite post1ponemnent
of thle Jsruissehs tinanciial con ference,
leaving the ent ire reparations~ matter
in thle hand~s oif the commiuissioni.
French, Belgian and1( Itallan ex
chaznge rat es dropped shia rily last
week, going to the lowest pirices oif
the year on the New York exchange.
F D~ltALa ,1UDGE IIAND in New
Yorkh uipheld the rudlng of the at
torne'y generial prohibitIg the carry
ing of liquors on vessels entering
Amnericein waters, and thle cause brought
by a iiumber of stenamishiip compantiiies
Is niow to go before the Siipiremie count,
whieh probably willl not. hand1( dlown a
decision for six or eight weeks. Mlean
Iiime Secretar oi3(f thle Tr'easury MlellIon
has lnfornally instructed his agenits
not tb enfor(e the ordler against for
- ign vessels whose suipplies of liuor
iare sealed when theuy enter ouir poirts.
American ships, however, munst obey
lie ruling. Thie French governiient
has Indieated that it will noit comply
with the reuest, preCsenited tinomllinlyv
by Amibassador Iierr'iick, thcat It eco
operate Ii in eventing Iliuor smuiggiling
from the St. P'Jerre et A.liquelon Is
hiinds1 off thlit southlerni coa st ofi New
foundhliind. Accoirdling to Frnenchi om-I
'lails, the islandelrs tradle Frentch
liquor for fond ait Newfoundaiznd and
Prnince Edwvard island ports, iand do
not t hemnseives sinuggle thme hoc'?e into0
the United States. It is 51aid this liquor
t rading is essent ial to thle fishermen
of the islands.
SAMUEI, 00OM0i1U8, Frank Mforri
sonl aiid .lamues O'ConnellI, the e'x.
eutive committee for thle nationalI
non-pamrtisan camnpa ign of thei .-ivri-I
cani Federation cuf Lzair, hauve iszsued
a manifesto deoefliiing the present
conigress as8 r'ac'tionar i and111( cai lig
on the voters to "liut progress in" at
the Novemuber elect ion. Thle aupieal
says the congress hats performed no
Rervice for the peopile, but ha~s ''tried
by every trick and deviee to serve pred
atory Interests." Its Oct ion In re
moving the exce'ss proitsq tax itnd re
duicing the surtaxes and cnicerning
the soldiers' bonus Ia espueeiaiily con
iCN members of the I. W. WV. are
Ion tr'ial in Siicramnento for viola
lion of the Califoirnia crIminal ayndl.
cahism law, anfd las~t week the State
produced a witness who told a star
der trials in I nganid. '2--Twho
iniile's fromH It)ss Field, Arcadia,
goes t I~gypt las priv ate secretary
lang story ot' "wobblies" plots during
m~ndred other wobbilies were employet
Sthea o
ine res fro tht.W . o
iret enio u topssoie
nd posnu cane fods He. als
t0( of sabotage plots on raIlroads an
nmhares felds ilAcda
N AVY DAY wits celebrated throug
out the United States on Frida
--whieh also was the anniversary c
tle birth of CiE.Theodore Roosevei
The occasion brought forth many al
peals for the maintenance of the eli
iency I the n hatvy p dersonnel, wiei
according to Itear Admiral Roger:
shaiuld tiherw not fewer than 1'.o,00
men. To maintain our ratio und
he Washiigton treaty, said the at
iiairal, we should build fifteenr
wenty cruisers of 10,000 tons each i
le ousrse of pthe next few years, b
sids hir e submarines. Presidei
Nitin in Di lete ea to Secretary Dnl
said: "It is well for us to have I
ii li that under a program of essel
ing nry arinatieits there is a great
ieason for mie aintaining thle hiege.
ellli iny, fliness, and morat ic n t h
lranch of the nat otil defensive s
vlee. I know how earnestly the na
personne is devoted to this ideal, i
want you to be tassure o my he r
p illMIFli l'OIN('AIl1E Is to set
utivitat ions to the N'ear En
peace confereuce, which is to be he
in Liausalnnt., Swi tzerihind, but at th
writing the (ate of the mneeting is u
certaini. Lord Curzton, British forei
ii:nister, Insists that the United Stat
should partiipate. Italy says th
Russia must be plenmitted to sit in t
conference and also to sign the treat
and France may consent to this
view of her improved relations wi
lie soviet government, Evacuation
Tlhr'ace by the Greek eillians to
tirinues mitd considerible disord
though the allied forces are dol
their best to prevent trouble. T
Greeks carry oft' all they can al
often destroy the rest of their posrE
sains, lncluding erops. The Anerih
ied Cross hns announced that it wv
care for 800,000 of the refugees, Tl
press of Athens complains bitter
that the United States is the only r
ton that Is giving aid. George yorth
Amnereian consul general at Smyina,
on his way home to report on the(
struiction of that cIty and the at teil
ing circumstances, is statement
to the orIgin of the contlagrutlon
lawaiitedl eagerly as the paiymeint ofi
surance may depend~ upton it. Mr. I10
ton gave no ad~Vantce informat'on
to hits report, h'et Inl his ennfl"er-ga
there was an hndcation tha:~t he' wo'i
tell the State depart mem ' ':'t t
Smyrna fire was started by loote
andt not by Turkish soldiers.
EN big t ranslports st iaemne (lit
Athet lort of U ladiVOSt ol: Ii:w
nesdalty, bearing a all Ite . a 'aino
troops thait have bel that city aii
mo1(st of thle Ja lunlese clviilins as we
Tiheo forces oif thle iFair E~ast era Repu
lie--thle Chit a governimelt--at on<
eneedte place and( took contr<I
The conaunander of thle Red armay
saidto hve rderdlte Brit ish ani
Amei r1 ietan narinies to lave VI adi vo
toIk and all foreign warsidys to it'
the harbor.
I h coastittion of the Irish Fro
AStat e was ad fopted by' ihe pre
visiorial parliament Wednelitsday an
was takien to London for appiroval b,
the new British ('abinlet, wihieh cer
tainlv will not he withheld us a
changes that could be offensive to th
En;iglish governmnent have been lad
in the dIraft its approvedl in .Jun b
the LIlyd George miniiistry'. Eamiion (1
'Valieru is in D~ublin aigain buit 1s suffer
lag from a serious nlervous disoei
aind the authorities therefore wvili no
maolest him. Hlis condition is so seri
Otis thaut a Priest Is in constant at
ten dance,
O NE' noted Ameriean (died last weel
-D.Lyman Abbott, Che vener
able editor of Outlook. F'or mani
yea -s lie has been protninent as
preacher, editor, author and lecturer
and he was the assocIate and frie?.d 0:
the greatest Americans of his time.
Gathered From All Parts Of The he:
Globe And Told In Short wa
Paragraphs co
Foreign- ' e
Re-echo, 25 to 1 shot, won the Qafft- '
bridgeshire stakes at Newmarket, Eng
land, and upset the talent. It was no
fluke, Re-echo leading all the way and
winning by -a length and a half. -
The little Welshman, Lloyd George, a
invaded London the other day, and the = f
most salient feature of international thi
importance in his speech was his dec- av
laration that Britain and America, sail- $3
ing together, would assure just and last- th
ing peace. co
Moscow has become so overcrowded
that the Soviet government has been
making strenuous efforts to relieve the be
situation by forcing some iphabitants n
to move to nearby towns. The police
plan to rid the city of thousands of
men and women who might just as
well live elsewhere.
Troops of the Red army represent- y
the Far Eastern republic of . Siberia sti
(Chita) are now in complete posses- of
ison of Vladivostok. The Japanese Pl
garrison evacuated several days since, w,
- and turned over to the invading army be
an inventory of th'e arms left behind
and the keys to the warehousing stor- cc
I ing them.
Anxiety is felt in Turkish circles ha
over reports that the Russians are con- qu
centrating in the Caucasus. This move,
apparently directed against Eastern
Anatolia, is believed to indicate the or
Soviet's disapproval of the Mudania th
armistice terms and a determination to
press Turkey not to attend the general ro
Near East peace conference unless Rus
sia is admitted.
0 1 It is announced by Mustapha Kemal, 28
head of the Turkish national govern- in
. ment, that his regime desires to open h
r the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus to
n the world. But it regards the district
of Mosul, a rich oil region comprising
t the northern part of Mesopotamia, as
y Turkish tcrritory. ca
n The Turkish Nationalist assembly w"'
. has agreed to participate in the Near a'
East peace conference to be held at w
L Iausanne, November 13, according to th
word received at Constantinople. The pr
'Turkish peace delegates are to be ap
. ointed later. er
Four miners were instantly killed and of
. two others seriously injured by a cave- sl
in in a pit of one of the minse of the ju
Asbestos Mines, Ltd., at East 3rough- D
ton, Quebec, recently. The cave-in was b
caused by rains and frost which loos- A
st oned rock in the pit. til
i ti
W. P. G. Harding, former governor C
of the federal reserve board, will leave m
It soon for Cuba to survey the financial l
eQ situation wvith a v-iew to assisting in a
y, the installaton of a banking system ,~
in somewhat to the American federal re- o
ith serve. Mr. H-arding goes to the island yi
fon invitation of President Zayas. ils la
-first work probably will be a complete or
er1 audit of Cuban financial affairs. His
ig task is expected to keep him in Ha
me vana for six weeks or more.
1d Tractors can be used profitably on
3- many Southern farms, it has been de-t
In termined by a canvass of the depart
Ill ment of agriculture, which has just is-a
me sued a farmers' bulletin on the sub
ly ject.
ai- Figures made public by the depart- C
nment of commerce recently show that U
is exports of food and food products fell
e- last month $76,306,253, as against $94,- 0'
d- 254,798 the same month the year re
ne vious. O
inStrong pressure is being brought to Pa
n- have President Harding appoint an
>r- other Ohioan to succeed William R. S'
ans Day, who has resignedl as associate N
m justice of the United States s9upreme
Id court to take up new duties as um-I
wt pire in the settlement of war claims Iin
rs with Grmnany. ini
Mrs .Rebecca Felton, the "lady from
Georgia,'' will appear on the floor of C1
the senate when congress convenes wi
I-Iregar-dless of whether she can be sworn wi
in or not. Senator Felton has made fo
this con cession to the wvomen of the J.
country who have been urging that mi
she be sworn into office, even though ho
but for a (lay or so that the precedlent
Lmay be established of having a woman toi
United States senator. . y0
dPending receipt in Washington of Af
the official invitation for American co
Sparticipation in the Lausanne peace
conference, official comment as to the Yt
American attitude is withheld. There m:
is every reason to believe, however, An
that the trend of opinion in American me
'government circles does not ruavor pr<
American intervention in the confer- eff
once beyond the possible appointment no:
-of an unofficial observer qualified to the
give the conferees the American View- 11ng
point on all questions in which the an
United States has a direct interest. St
Adefrom the inter-est payments
onteforeign debt received during tey
month of October from Great Br-itain bel
the treasury is able to credit sonme
thing over live hundred thousand dol
- are to the accounts of Belgium and noa
France, n
Informal coinlmnications from tlje tool
five Central American governments in- twi
vited by the United States to meet in
conference nero in December for dis- ani
cussion of arms limitation projects atid jr
other matters indicato early acoopt- bot
ance of the invitations and appeist, 81i
ment of the five dolatiosms
Enforcement of the natio~lal #tohi
ion law with respect to foreign' ship.
g within American territorial' wa
a will await a final interpretation of
t section of the statute by the su
sme court, it was indicated by. ad
nistration officials. The interpre
ion is expected by government offs.
's late next month hr in December.
A1 woman's rights convention to dis.
so problems of the national wom.
's party, and questions regarded as
al to the progress of women, to, be
Id at Seneca Falls, N. Y., next July,
,s decided upon by t'he executive
uncil of the party in session at
tshington. The place and date were
ed to commemorate the 76th anni.
Psary of the first woman's rights con.
ration in this country ,
rhe average rate of wages of male
m labor for the entire United
rtes, October 1, was $28.97 a month
:h board, according to the first of
regular series of quarterly reports
m 1,300 county crop reporters to
department of agriculture. The
rage rate ,for the year 1921 was
.14. By the month without $board
average, Ootober 1, was $41.58,
nelared wiht $43.32, the average for
1. Day wakes with board, October
were $1.57, compared with $1.68
t. wear, and day wages without
ird was $2.08 compared with $2.15
omestic- .
rhe right of a former convict to hold
blic office and the authority of
Ite courts to question the eligibility
nominees for the legislature to a
lce on the general election ballot
is recently questioned in arguments
fore the Wisconsin supreme court.
The ruling made in New Jersey re
ntly debarring former President and
rs. Wilson from voting in that state
s been reversed, and they are now
alified to vote.
Dr. Lewis E. Mudge of Philadelphia,
rated clerk of the Presbyterian gen.
al assembly, said at Atlantic City,
a other day, that we will soon be
'Ing in an age sans short skirts,
lied stocking, snuggle (lancing, hip
cket liquor and bobbed hair.
Carroll E. Norris, after a search of
years for his mother, found her
St. Louis, Mo., the other day. He
d been told she was dead when he
is quite a child, but kept the search
Dr. Frank Chapman, speaking in Chi
go, the other (lay, says that women
io adorn themselves with gewgaws
I trinkets simply imitated birds,
clih plucked thoir own feathers for
e purpose of making themselves look
An appeals from the decision of Fed
al Judge Hand denying the motion
twelve foreign and American steam
rip companies for a permanent in
nction of the enforcement of the
ugherty bone dry ship ruling has
en filed by counsel for the Cunard,
rchor, French, International Merenn.
e Marine and International Naviga
)m lines.
"What a hell of a place to have a
owout!" said a pseudo-nun, near Fort
)vington, N. Y. This impious excla
ation from one of two women dress
as sisters of mercy caused a revenue
fleer to examine their automobile
bien it stalled on the Canadian side
the border. He found bootleg liquor
lued at about twenty thousand dol
rs, and consequently detained the
Cigarettes can now be smokedl with
ipunity on the streets of Zion City,
inois. Judge Claire C. Edwards of
e Lake county circuit 'court has
anted a temporary injunction re
raining Overseer Voliva from arrest
g persons indulging in a smoke.
Four persons were killed at Mont-.
air, N. J.,when an automobile struck
to curb whiile rounding a sharp curve
mar Porter Park, throwing the seven
!cupants into the street.
The steamer Hiherias of the New
rleans-Bluefleld Transportation com
my is reporledl en route to British
onduras with the crew of the Ida
Brooks of Pensacola, according to
wireless message received in New
Dispatches from Marion, Ill., say $1at
vestigation into the Herr inmine kill
g last Junae has been renegl.
Catherine and Pauline WiYson, two
ilcago girls, who, it had been thought,
are kidnaped by a young man, wvho
is arrested and jailed, have been
Ltnd with their brothers at Dover, N.
It is also shown that the young
in had nothing to wvith their leaving
me, and he has been released.
Georgia A. Harlow, Fresno, Calif.,
mnd his wife in company with another
imag man, and clubbed her to death.
ter listening to the evidence ,the
roner's jury exonerated(H-a rlow.
Irederal Judge Hand, sitting at New
irk, handed down a decision dis
ssing the motion of foreign and
ierican ship companies for a per
ennt injunction restraining federal
>hibition agents from putting into
act the bone dry ruling of Attor
General Daugherty. He extendedI
stay temporarily, however, provid
that the steamship companies file
immediate appeal to the - United
tea Supreme court.
liberty bonds were quoted in New
-k the other day at 99.06, four cents
ow par, the first time in two years.
n the injunction suit to keep the
ne of Earl B. Mayfield, Democratic
ninee for United States senator from
cas, off the baliot in general elec
1, Mayfield lost on .twelve of the
mtyone questions propounded.
len of daring as well as of Patience
I tact ,are .req .Ired for mrissionary
vice, speakers before the American
nrd of commissioners for foreign mis
Ds of the Congregational church,
1 in Chicago the other.day.
Mrs. I. Riersen
Winston-Salem N. 0. .-. t
fered for about eight months with
nervous Indigestion, and had several
doctors to see Ime but found no relief
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night and could not eat, just lived on
sweet milk and bread. I began to.
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Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
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to anyone suffering from nervousn s.
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A-1 condition by go ngto your drug
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- '~w, BOX, Treatise on Asthma,
causes, treatment, etc. e
at drpgglsts. J. I GUILERT'paTn
$ PDon't treat
L sore, inflamed, smart
aQ'V~W n a wit power
tive, safe remedy is
best. 25 Cents
all druggists.$5
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